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Youth Conference – Yavatmal 23 -24th Dec, 2006.




The Youth Conference of the state of Maharashtra & Goa was held at Sathya Sai Vidya Nagari Yavatmal - a huge college campus of Dr Nandurkar. The conference was held in the main auditorium of the college.


The Theme of the Conference was titled “His Vision, Our Mission


A total of 668 youth (183 Sisters and 485 Brothers) from all districts of Maharashtra & Goa participated in this conference. This conference was conducted as per Swami’s instruction to conduct a state level youth conference. The scheduled youth visit to Prasanthi Nilayam will be held in the near future. 


The youth speakers expressed themselves brilliantly on a range of topics from, what is Seva? Spirituality, Reliance on Sai etc and also on the discipline and the participation of all the delegates.


Apart from a host of speakers who took the stage, the programme also had group discussions and inter active sessions, wherein the delegates who were grouped according to the badge colours, asked tough questions which if could not be answered by the group leader, was referred to the panel who provided the answers. Delegates were also encouraged to put any further questions in a box kept on the stage, and 25 such questions were addressed by the panel.


Shri Raviraj Narsey, a noted bhajan singer delighted the delegates with a two and half hour musical extravaganza of sai bhajans to the accompaniment of the sitar, tabla and dholak. His interpretation of the Sai Bhajans with jugalbandis thrown in between had the audience asking for more.


The recent hectic training of youth speakers done over the last month paid rich dividends with all of them performing par excellence. The speakers were:


  1. Dr Vivek Itankar: Bhandara.

  2. Satyajit Bhalerao – Kolhapur.

  3. Laxmikant Sharma (Ashish) – Mumbai

  4. Narayan Rao – Goa

  5. Srinivasu – Ambernath

  6. Anil Sharma – Vashi.


They presented their speaking skills with great authority and more importantly spoke from the heart, and connected with the audience so well that some of them used humor very well to drive their message home.


Shri Murali Jaju gave some interesting insights into the Athi Rudra Maha Yagna, What is the significance, the technical details, etc.


The Action Plan for 5 years decided by all the coordinators was read in the main hall before the conclusion of the program, which was well applauded and accepted by all the participants.


Inputs: Mahesh Goklani

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