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1st October 2006 Darshan Update

Om Sairam to dearest Sai Family,

Wishing all the noble souls a very happy dasara,

Hope this day will pave way to destruction of evil qualities and light the lamp of enlightenment. Puttaparthi is witnessing huge crowd as the Holy festival of Dasara is approaching and many locals have thronged to Puttaparthi to celebrate the festival in the immediate presence of our Lord.

This afternoon marked another beautiful day as Swamy blessed all of us with His divine darshan and also divine Discourse. This afternoon as the car was parked at the verandah Swamy went into the interview room and after 15 minutes He came on the stage. Today Swamy preferred to be wheeled and as He came on the stage He was shifted to a much better chair that was already placed on the dias.

This afternoon there were 2 speakers blessed by Swamy to address the gathering the first one was Mr.Sanjay Mahalingam, Ex student of Swamy and presently doing his Phd on the teachings of Sri Adi Sankaracharya. He spoke elaborately on Detatchment. He reminded that Detatchment is the best Sadhana. He narrated a conversation with Swamy where one ex student of Swamy (Swamy?s institution) complained to Swamy that He was not able to control his mind and Swamy replied.. "Is that so?. Tell me where is your mind and I will control it" Brother Lingam, continued, we should have total control over mind and move forward in our spiritual journey..

After about 30 minutes of his talk, He bowed to Swamy for giving him the opportunity and when he went back to Swamy to take His blessings, He was asked to continue his talk and brother Lingam enthusiastically obliged and narrated few epics from Bhagwatgita.

There was another Speaker blessed this afternoon, Mr.Ravi (?), who is a alumini of Swamy's college. He narrated very interesting miracles, one of which is worth mentioning. It so happened in the year 1966, Mr.Ravi's father, fell sick and he went to the doctor, the doctor said he has cancer and needs to be operated. He was operated and after few months when he went to the hospital for another checkup the doctor found the cancer was still there and recommended another operation which was performed and after few months, when he went for another round of check up, the same thing happened and he was operated again? and this went on not twice, thrice or 5 times? He was operated 25 times!!!!

After being operated 25 times for the same disease, his body was getting weaker and weaker and Mr.Ravi's sister, who was in her final year of her doctor course, went to the doctor to enquire the situation of her father. She was shocked when the doctor said, he will live hardly for a month, you better take him home so that he can die peacefully amidst you.

Mr.Ravi, who was barely 9 years old was crying to know this and he had lost his mother when he was just 4 years and he would be a orphan in a few days according to the doctor. Mr.Ravi's sister was very dull when she went to the college the next day, one of her classmates, who was Swamy/s devotee asked what was wrong with her and when she said her sad story, she asked her to come for Swamy's darshan (Who was in brindavan then). They both went to Swamy's darshan and nothing happened.

Later, the sister, told her father about Swamy and she asked him to go for Swamy?s darshan appears Swamy infront of him and says.. "YOU HAVE BEEN OPERATED 25 TIMES.. YOUR CANCER HAS BEEN CANCELLED". This gentle man was stunned and Mr.Ravi went to say that, "My father whose days were counted in 1968 went on to live till he was 89 years old and he died due to old age (not due to cancer) and just 2 years ago. His father left his room one monrning saying that he is going to darshan and just when he came down he fell on the ground his head facing the mandir and left his body and in no time there arrived two people with stretcher and ambulance.. It seems the ambulance was brought there to park and Mr.Ravi said an interesting point here.. Swamy take care of our welFARE and also FAREwel". How true!!!!

This story is so touching and only Swamy can do that and what we need to have is UNSHAKEN faith

Later it was our beloved Swamy's turn to take on the stage. As the discourse tableand mike was brought and as Prof. Anil Kumar was ready taking his position. Swamy looked at all of us for a minute or so and slightly rose from His seat, as we all joined our hands for Him. The sweet nectarine voice was heard saying

Embodiments of Love,

Students have got lot of education in science and technology and the subjects they are talking is not followed by any India, even in China Rama's name is famous. The whole world is full of Rama's name. We have to have the desire to chant Rama's name.

Dasaratha had no children but had 3 wives. He was hoping to have ateast one son from on of his three wives. While doing penance, God appeared before him and gave him a container consisteing of Payasam (rice pudding) and asked to distribute the same amongst his wives.

Dasaratha distributed the same in equal quantities to three of them. Sage Vasishta blessed them and said may you be blessed with children very soon.

Sumitra was not interested to partake. When Dasaratha married Queen Kaikayee (one of Rakshinchina Sri Raghu Rama Rama Rama Sita Munduga Hanumanthuni Deevinchi Chendina kinukuto Valini Drunchi Cherina Vanara Veerulanu Brochina The whole gathering was resounding with Rama's name.

Swamy continued His discourse, "Inspite of all the science and technology you can never have peace of mind.. Only God's name will confer bliss. So Happiness is union with God..One can experience Happiness only with GOD".

Later the students sang a beautiful song Rama Kathanu Vinarayya -  from All time Hit Telugu Movie - Lava Kusha.

Tomorrow 2nd October is the last day of the Yagna and at 9:30 am the purna huti (final rituals of the Yagna ) will be conducted at Poorna Chandra Auditorium in the immediate presence of our beloved Swamy..

With Lots and lots of Love....

Satish Naik

Courtesy: Saibaba News

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2006

30th September 2006

Morning Darshan:

Today is Durga Ashtami (the 8th day of the Navaratri function). Today throughout India people do Aayudha Puja (Worshiping of Vehicles and instruments). Swami also carries out this ceremony every year. 

Swami arrived for darshan at 8:20am, Vedams were chanted for the  arrival of the Veda Purusha Himself! Swami did the full round of darshan and blessed everyone on this auspicious day. Swami's car stopped at the edge of the veranda, at which point Baba walked to the portico. Swami then headed towards East Prashanti where all of Swami's vehicles had been parked, including the Golden Chariot.

Our dear Sai first approached the convertible red mini and blessed the vehicle with His divine touch. P performed to the toy-looking car by breaking the coconut in front of it. Swami then proceeded to all the other cars. One of the UK Grama Seva brothers was fortunate to witness the proceeding at very close proximity as he would been given the unique privilege of taking photographs.

Swami then returned to the veranda where He blessed the Grama Seva Prashadam and gave instructions for Raam Seva to begin.

All the Vedam and Grama Seva boys followed the normal routine of circling the Mandir, whilst Swami sat in his chair and looked at every boy as he went pass.

As Dr. Gokak mentioned in his talk yesterday, the two villages Swami visited are His eyes. With this thought the UK Grama Seva Group visited a village called Cherolapalli. This village is about 12 km from Puttarparthi. This village is regarded as one of the poorest in the area.

The trip to this village was a real eye-opener. The villagers lived in mall confined spaces with very bare essentials. They livelihood was based upon subsistence farming and breeding live stock. One particular lady villager stated that 'We are happy with Swami's prasadam alone, there was no need for the clothing'. It became evident very quickly that Swami's love was enough to sustain them through their difficult times. It was heart breaking to witness villagers living in such conditions.

One brother asked a villager, 'Where are the shops in your village?', and he immediately replied?, 'Sir, where is the money to buy anything here?' Even the toughest man would shed a tear, seeing such plight of these poor villagers. Swami is there only hope.

Swami then slowly made His way to the interview room until 5pm and thereafter attended bhajans in the Mandir. Swami took aarti and retired to his supreme abode at 5.30pm.

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Dasara Veda Saptah Maha Yajnam Day 4 (29.09.2006) Images - Above

Offering my humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord.

A warm Sairam to all. This afternoon was another  memorable day in the land of our Lord with few surprises, materializations and also bonus bhajans by Swamy.

This afternoon, the Kulwant Hall, the holy place, where devotees from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, assemble to see our sweet Lord, was full by 3pm. As all the devotees were eagerly looking towards the car parked before Swamy's house, Mr.Chakravarthi, Secretary of Sathya Sai Central Trust, comes out from Swamy's residence and walks briskly towards Kulwanth Hall. After few minutes He takes over the stage ready for an announcement. As all of us were eagerly waiting with ears wide open wondering what the news would be? a good news or a sad news?. As he came from Swamy's residence there would be a definite message from Swamy.

'Om Sairam.. with blessings of Swamy and His consent, Swamy has blessed two speakers this afternoon to address the august assembly Mr.Gokak, the present Vice-Chancellor of Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and very familiar speaker for years now, Mr.Venkatraman, eminent scientist and a long time devotee of Swamy'.

All of us were surprised with a big Question mark on our faces, as why Swamy didn't come out (of course He explained that in the discourse). It is very rare for any programme to start while Swamy is still in His Abode.

Mr.Gokak explained the importance of Navrathri and threw some light on Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi and just after 5 minutess of his talk, Swamy's car enters Kulwant hall. Swamy stopped by ladies side and accepted letters from 2 ladies and also spoke to them for a while. Swamy took a full round and the car was parked at the usual place just next to interview room and the door slowly opens giving a full view of the blissful form of Swamy; as the chair slowly lands on the ground. The boys slowly removed the foot guard under Swamy's feet (they do that when Swamy prefers to walk). One of the boys got up to help Swamy and Swamy signals him to take his seat.. Mr.Gokak was still continuing his talk and Swamy still in the wheel chair. After the talk Mr.Gokak went to Swamy and took His blessings and Mr.Venkatraman followed him. Prof. Venkatraman spoke on the value of eduction and reminded the students as how lucky they are to learn education from the source Himself. He also remembered a visit by Swamy to two villages which coincidentally, is scheduled in tomorrow's grama seva programme. Swamy had said that those two villages are His two eyes. He showered lots of love and blessings during His visit to these villages. Swamy was still seated in the wheel chair and the car parked behind Him. Prof.Venkatraman continued, considering the distance between me and Swamy, I would take some courage and request Swamy to bless the august assembly with His divine discourse even though Swamy's discourse is never preplanned. Swamy responded with His Sweet smile making our hearts jump in joy as we were going to hear the golden words from Swamy 3 days in a row, Hatrick as we call in the game of cricket.

Prof.Venkatraman went to Swamy (who was still near the car) took blessings and later Swamy rose from His chair and walked the few steps to reach His throne placed in the center of the dias. One boy was holding His right hand and Swamy walked bit slowly.

Swamy signaled the boys to start Veda chanting and the primary school kids were in the driver's seat with their characteristc full throat chanting. After about 5 minutes, Swamy signaled to stop. It was 4:45pm by then and what next Swamy signaled for the discourse table - the moment of the day atlast came and hall was pindrop silence. Swamy slowly rose from His throne and as Prof.Anil Kumar was ready for his interpretation, and as we all were eagerly awaiting the first word from Swamy - will it be a verse or Prema Swaroopula?.

Excerpts from the discourse:

It was the second one 'Prema Swaroopulara' catching the audience pulse. Swamy started to explain why He came late for darshan. This afternoon, as I came late.. Many people had their own conclusions, doubts (Apohalu) I have to satisfy every body.. there were few devotees waiting for me at My residence, I spend time with them and made them happy and here I am to make all of you happy (applauds). What ever I do is for My devotees. There is nothing I do which is personal. Even the food I take and the water I sip is for the sake of My devotees (loud applauds again). Today's world is experiencing many troubles and worries and also there is so much pollution all over. Even I am affected by this pollution!!

All your worldly knowledge is of no use. You say I have a MA degree, MBA degree but what are you giving to the society? What seva are you doing?. People should think of EDUCARE. today there is no EDUCATION there is AGITATION.. Because of there there is unrest in the world. There is no peace its all pieces.. pieces.. Even a millionaire come to Me and says.. Swamy I have every thing. But no Peace. .. Where from this peace comes.. its within you.

Students you should know why you are here. Many are not doing what they are supposed to do here. Enhance devotion within you. Read only good books. Don't read CHEAP novels and become CHEAP...instead become CHIEF.

God's incarnation is mysterious. When Krishna asked Narada, How is the world? Narada replied Krishna, People cry when some one dies and rejoice when some body is born. Is this world not a strange one?

Swamy continued His talk till 5:40 almost one hour talk. He sang Govinda Krishan Jai bhajan with full strength and also repeated all the stanzas twice, and just as we thought He is finished. He picked up another bhajan Vahe Guru Vahe Guruji Bolo. He sang about three lines of the bhajan and suddenly His voice was sounding bit weak. Swamy stopped there and continued to speak. I am speaking all the time, in My house and also here so my voice has become weak and to add to that because of this pollution, water and the food are polluted and so my voice has become much more weaker.

Swamy later asked the boys seated in the front. 'What do you want?' the boys replied in one voice Swamy!!! Swamy with His sweet smile replied.. I am always there for you. Take me. (there were loud applauds and some even cried). Swamy later continued and what He said, just made me cry. I am there any time for you. You just have to tell me when.

Satish Naik

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2006 ? 29th September 2006

Morning Darshan:

Everyday is a festival day in Prashanti Nilayam (The Supreme Abode of Peace), and today was no exception. The usual Ashram routines of Suprabhatam and Nagar Sankritan continued as it has been for decades; however the Dasera festivities added to the holiness of the place.

Our Dear Lord Sai blessed the eagerly awaiting devotees by giving His Divine Darshan at 8:15am. Swami's face was radiating with extreme brilliance as He gave Darshan to all. Swami's joyous mood was pleasing to all (especially) those who managed to give a letter or speak to Him. Swami fulfilled the wishes of all by sitting on the portico immediately after darshan. Swami remained on the Chair for 15 minutes and stood up to walk back to the interview room, this action of Swami pleased all (loud claps!)

The UK Grama Seva group were given instructions to visit a village called Pedaballi Tada (colony), which is located 25km from Puttarparthi. While all the students had gone to do Grama Seva, Swami came out and allowed the little children to push his chair in the Sai Kulwant hall!!

Swami's message of Love can be seen to be reaching out to the world, as the villagers were waiting with broad smiles for the arrival of the Grama Seva groups. The one unique quality of all India villagers is their hospitality and love towards all visitors. They regard visitors as GOD! At this village the residents offered the group beds to sit on whilst the boys were awaiting for more food stock. It is only Swami's Love that can bring the humanity together.

Jai Sai Ram!

Afternoon Darshan:

This afternoon two speakers were blessed to address the gathering in Sai Kulwant Hall by the Divine command.

Sri Chakhravathi introduced the speakers, the first of whom was Sri Anil Gokak, the Vice Chancellor for the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Sri Gokak spoke about the deeper significance of Navaratri. Swami arrived during the talk and we were witness to a completely unusual situation of the speaker continuing with his talk, whilst our beloved Swami continued to give Darshan and pausing to take letters from a few ladies. Showing the most utmost consideration as always, Swami descended from the car and remained seated on the edge of the veranda, whilst both speakers completed their talk.

The second speaker for the afternoon was Dr G Venkatraman, former vice chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He delivered an intellectually stimulating talk revolving around the importance of value based education. He highlighted the differences between Outer Text (knowledge & skill) and & Inner Text (balance & insight). Dr Ventakraman quoted the first line of the Purusa Suktam, which describes the Lord as having numerous heads, hands and feet. He then related this line to the Gram Seva activities by giving the example of two villages which were honoured by a visit from our beloved Swami in 1985. During his visit Swami gave joy to the villagers by proclaiming both these villages were His eyes, demonstrating as always that His each action can be related to the Vedas. Before closing, Dr Venkatrman requested Swami to address the August assembly.

Swami built upon the theme of the previous days discourse and focused on the importance of Education & Educare. Swami highlighted that in order for the intellect (buddhi) to illuminate the mind, bad thoughts (analogous to clouds) need to be swept away through self enquiry. Swami gave the example of how Swami Vivekananda overcame this struggle by constantly asking 'Who am I'.

Swami surprisingly concluded his discourse at 5.40pm with two bhajans?'Govind Krishna Jai' and 'Vahe Guru'.

After Swami finished, he asked the students 'What do you want?' The students responded in unison 'You Swami, we want you'. Swami responded by saying emphatically that 'I am always ready, take me'. If you can't take me, the mistake lies with you!'

Swami unexpectedly materialised a chain for one of the students.

Swami instructed the students to continue the devotional singing, which lasted for further 20 minutes. Swami yet again came back to the portico and sat there for few minutes before taking the aarti. What a wonderful way to end the day.

Courtesy: Saibaba News

Grama seva by students of Swami at Brahmanapalli Thanda village - 27th September 2006.