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Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2006

28th September 2006

Morning Darshan:

On this holy auspicious day of Brahaspati Vaar, dedicated to the Guru (Thursday), the Nadaswaram music began at 8am to welcome the arrival of Swami.

To the delight of all the devotees, Swami came out to give the darshan at 9:25am. Swami was in a wonderful mood, this was displayed by the fact that He stopped his car a number of times to take letters from devotees and also stopped in the darshan line to speak to few devotees.

Swami also spoke to various people on the Veranda whilst blessing the prasadam, which was to be distributed immediately afterwards. The Vedam boys received instructions from Swami to commence the walk to the Yagna in the Poornachandra Hall in the usual manner, by encircling the Mandir. O Dear Sai stood in the middle whilst all the students and the UK Grama Seva boys also walked around the mandir.

The Grama Seva trucks and cars began the journey at 10:30 shouting 'Bolo Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ji ki JAI!' The joy of travelling in the vehicles whilst singing devotional songs was the most beautiful feeling one can have! As we drove past the villages on our way to Mahilasamundram, all the children stood on the main roads with gleaming faces, shouting Sai Ram Sai Ram as they waved to all the boys.

Mahilasamundram village has approximately 400-500 houses with a population in the region of 2000. The villagers prepared our welcome with so much love. The entrance of every house was washed and decorated with colourful rangoli (decorative flower paintings).

All the Grama Seva boys reciprocated their love towards the villagers for the welcome by working very hard in the hot heat with selfless love. It was a most heart warming scene to look at! We are extremely grateful to Swami for allowing us to witness and be part of the wonderful experience.

Jai Sai Ram!

Afternoon Darshan:

Swami came out for darshan at 4pm and allowed both the sisters and brothers to receive His darshan.

The UK Grama Seva group were fortunate to receive eye contact from Swami as his car passed by for darshan. Swami was looking as fresh and radiant as ever. Swami took letters from few devotees and proceeded towards the veranda. Swami went into the interview room at 4:15pmTo the surprise and happiness of all present, Swami came out of the interview room 10 minutes later and sat down in the chair on the portico. Immediately Swami instructed the Vedam boys to chant the Sri Suktam.

Within few minutes Swami stopped the Vedam chanting in order for Sri Anil Kumar to announce the speakers for the day.

Sri Ajit Popat, the Managing Trustee of the Heart Valve Bank, was the first speaker. Sri Ajit Popat spoke for more than 30 minutes in his usual impactful manner.

The theme for his talk was three fold - Knowledge without Action, Action without Love and Life with Swami's grace. He spoke of His immense gratitude towards Swami for allowing him and the UK Grama Seva boys to participate in this year's activities. He also said "Grama Seva is Ram Seva" and narrated his experience while performing the Grama Seva. Swami was enjoying the talk immensely and also smiled at various points during the talk. As Sri Ajit Popat completed his talk, Swami also briefly clapped in His sweet divine manner.

The second speaker of the day was Sri V. Srinivas. Sri Srinivas spoke regarding the Navaratri festival. He explained in detail the different ways the festival is celebrated throughout India. He mentioned the significance of the Vijaya Dashmi day (the 10th day), the victory of good over evil and that victory is GOD. He mentioned that this day is very auspicious to start something new. Sri Srinivas concluded his talk by requesting Swami to bless the audience with His divine discourse.

Swami immediately answered his prayers by standing up to begin His discourse. The Sai Kulwant Hall was filled with a thunderous applause.

Swami spoke in detail about Education and Intellect. At one point, Swami mentioned the importance of Purity and that He himself does not consume polluted water, food or air. In fact, Swami made a very beautiful statement. The air that Swami breathes is a reflection of the prayers of all His devotees. He continued by saying Swami has no problems. Not even in dreams. He is full of joy. However, He feels bad only when His devotees are waiting for darshan. Swami said Be happy as Happiness is union with GOD.

The Pandvas did not worry as they had Krishna with them; Swami said you have Sai Baba. At this point everyone clapped. If you keep your parents happy Sai Baba will be happy.

Swami continued His Divine Discourse for 40 minutes. Swami ended His Discourse with Sai Naam Bina. song.

Swami indicated for the prasadam to be distributed and the Students sung lovely devotional songs. Swami took aarti and returned to His Divine Abode.

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2006

24th September 2006


With the Divine Grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Heart Valve Bank (HVB) Gram Seva Group arrived early at 9am on 24th September 2006. The group consisted of 19 youths from across the U.K. lead by Sri Ajit  Popat.

Afternoon Darshan:

The group eagerly awaited the arrival of Baba for first afternoon darshan. For many of the youth who had previously attended the Grama Seva  function, it seemed  like returning back home. Swami arrived at 3pm for  Darshan and did the complete round in His silver car. Swami graciously  gave darshan with a lovely smile to one and all present in Sai Kulwant  Hall.

As soon as Swami's car approached the portico, He signalled to couple of people to come to the car, this also inclu the UK Grama Seva group  leader Sri Ajit Popat.

Swami spent most of the time in the interview room, coming out only for a couple of brief moments.

Just before 5pm Swami emerged from the Interview room and entered the Mandir to listen to lovely devotion songs (bhajans) sung by the  Students. Swami took aarti and entered the His divine abode just after 5:30pm

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2006

25th September 2006

Morning Darshan:

On this auspicious Monday morning the group met to pray together in one  of the rooms in the ashram, which was temporary converted into a prayer room. The early morning session started 5.10am with 21 Omkaars followed by the Suprabhatam. The group leader gave a beautiful on talk on various spiritual topics and read the thought of the day.

Swami came out to give darshan at 7.50am this morning. His car moved amongst the sisters and brothers who were eagerly awaiting Swami's darshan. All who had the chance to see Swami in the car witnessed a wonderful smile on Swami's face. Soon after, Swami entered the interview room and came out later to bless gifts, which were to be distributed to the sisters from the Anantapur Campus.

Afternoon Darshan:

Due to Dashera celebrations starting tomorrow, the crowds in Prashanti Nilayam seemed to be increasing quite considerably. Our dear Swami has been very kind to all those who have come to Prashanti by granting them the blessing of darshan from his car. Swami entered Sai Kulwant hall at 3:40pm and then continued into the interview room. Swami signalled to the boys from inside the interview room to distribute gifts to some of the students present in Sai Kulwant hall.

The lovely devotional songs (bhajans) began at 5.20pm, which continued till 5:40pm; Swami took aarti and returned back to His divine abode.

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2006

26th September 2006

Morning Darshan:

Today, the holy and auspicious celebrations of Dashera began by commencemenr of the Veda Saptha Purusha Yagna. It also marked the start of Grama Seva 2006. The Sai Kulwant hall was buzzing with the auspicious sounds of Nadaswaram and Veda chanting. This continued as our beloved Lord arrived for darshan. The way in which Sai Kulwant Hall had been adorned was a treat for all our eyes, and this added to the joy of all the devotees present.

At 7:50am. Swami came out to give darshan in His car to all the sisters and brothers assembled in Sai Kulwant Hall. The Vedic chanting continued with Ganesh Atharva Shirsham, Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam and Medha Suktam.

At 8:50am, Swami signalled to the Vedam boys to commence the Vedic chanting whilst encircling the Mandir. The UK Grama Seva group were extremely fortunate to participate in these proceedings. Upon completion of the "pradakshina" around the Mandir everyone made their way quickly into the Poornachandra Hall.

The atmosphere within the Poornachandra hall was permeated with divine vedic chanting by lots of priests who had arrived especially to perform the yagnam. They were accompanied by students, who were also chanting Vedas in unison. As soon as Swami entered the stage, the priests began to light the holy fire for the Yagnam. Swami blessed the burning flames as the Yagnam commenced. As the chanting of Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam and the Rudram continue, Swami watched the proceedings very intently.

Thereafter, Swami gave instructions to commence the Grama Seva. This in itself is a huge task, undertaken solely by Swami's students. This year was no exception. The sisters from Anantapur Campus had began preparing the food consisting of Pulihora Rice and Ladoo, at 10:00pm the night before and this continued until the early hours of the morning. This will be routine until Gram Seva finishes. This year 700 hundred students will be taking part in the distribution of the sarees, dhotis and food packets.

The UK Grama Seva group were privileged and blessed to carry out the Seva at the Super Speciality hospital. As their vehicles left the Prashanti gates, chants of "Jai Bolo, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ki Jai" could be heard. The Seva work began with Vedic chanting along the roads within the hospital quarters. The hospital consisted of 400 households, who were given Swami's prasadam.

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Om sairam to the Sai Family,

Hope this email finds all of you in good health and happiness by the grace of our beloved Lord. The Dasara celebrations are in full swing combined with the Grama Seva by Swamy's students. The Grama Seva started Yesterday 26th September after the Divine darshan and guidance. About 50 trucks (407s as we call in India) were readied and all the trucks were connected with a wireless radio set with a control room in the ashram to monitor the happenings and of course, Swamy taking keen interest and concern for minutest things for this stupendous DOOR DELIVERY seva which is unique and only ONE of its kind any where in the world.

Yesterday, morning the seva started with students going to the streets of Puttaparthi town. There was bit confusion especially in Chitravathi road,as people were rushing towards the trucks stretching their hands less for food, more for sarees.

In the afternoon of 26th September Swamy drove towards the new indoor stadium construction site to monitor the developments. The 120 days project is shaping pretty well and there are 40 days more to finish the stadium which is estimated to cost 11 crores rupees which will have tennis court, shettle, badminton, basket ball and also running tracks with a seating capacity of 5000 people. There are also reports that the first match will be played by the Indian tennis starts, Mahesh Bhupathi, Leandor Paes and not to forget the teen sensation Sania Mirza.

On the way to ashram, 100s of devotees were waiting along the road side to see Swamy as there is a good chance for all of us to see Swamy when He comes outside. He seemed to be very expressive and was looking towards His left side more. I ran with His car from the stadium site till Ganesh Gate a 2 km distance, having a great darshan and few eye-to-eye contacts and one Abhaya Hasta.

Swamy's car was now near the Planetarium and our Sai Geetha who now-a-days is living in a temporary house behind Planetarium came on the road and when she saw Swamy, ran up to the car and the car almost came to an halt as she said NO for the car to move forward. If the driver's window was open, she would have snatched the ignition key with her long trunk. Swamy who was sitting on the far side, had to pacify her and let the car move forward.. As all this was going on, we devotees had a great chance to witness this DIVINE ROMANCE. which we have seen many times during darshans but its very special when you witness this from so close.

As the car moved forward, the devotees started their jogging. There was one more boy running with me and he seemed more desperate than me and with a letter. The security boys were equally desperate to avoid him from getting closer to Swamy's car but he didn't give up. There were tears in his eyes and any one seeing him would just melt like ice and our compassionate Swamy is no exception. I too prayed Swamy to answer his request and atlast the boy was noticed by Swamy as the car approached the arch just before the general hospital and exactly before the general hospital gate, Swamy signaled the driver to stop the car and as the window glass rolled down, the boy with tears and loud cry handed over the letter to Swamy. There were tears in every one's eyes, how comapassionate you are Swamy!!!!.. NO SEASON FOR LOVE. NO REASON FOR LOVE. NO PARTICULAR PLACE FOR SHOWERING YOUR LOVE.. All these days we thought we can hand over the letter only in darshan halls but Swamy always has His bag of suprises, and this is one of them. That's why you are loved by millions Swamy.

This morning (27th September) Swamy's van with goodies came to my village (brahmanapalli thanda), (the photos will be posted later).,0,19,0

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27th September

In the afternoon, Swamy came to Kulwanth hall around 4pm as thousands were gathered. Swamy made a full round towards the gents side and later Swamy walked to the interview as He was helped by two boys.

At around 4:30 Swamy came back on the dias and asked Mr. Giri, the former vice chancellor of Swamy's university to address the audience and it was 5pm by the time he finished his talk and just as we thought, the bhajans will commence, Swamy signals the boys to bring His discourse table. Another Surprise!!!!!! Sweet surprise and there were no words to express our happiness.. Swamy slowly raised from His chair as the two boys hold His BODY.. Swamy adjusts the two tiny mikes. Adjusts His voice and the world's sweetest voice with much more sweeter smile is heard.

Swamy's discourse was mainly based on giving up bodily attraction and realizing the Atma. Swamy said, we should not have a narrow mind. We should have a broad mind. We should not have a physical heart, which needs a surgery one day or other.. have a heart full of love then only you will be true a human being.

Students, don't waste time.. time is precious and sacred. Make use of time and experience the happiness. Human being is full of bliss. Remain happy always. Never be indifferent to others. Happiness is union with God. Always KEEP SMILING.. In any circumstances don't stop smiling. Even during your exams.

I am always smiling and happy. The more enthusiastic you are the inner divinity will manifest. For all the things happiness is very important.. why do you worry. Its God who takes care of you.. If you study well, you will be successful. Work for the upliftment of your country. Dasara festival is celebrated to fill happiness amongst you.

You are NARA. (human) understand your true qualities.. have good company, and you will have detatachment and ultimately you will have mukti. Be in good company. Say good bye to bad company. Be happy always. Always say Namaskar to every one. Its not a mistake to do namaskar. Do namaskar even to your enemy. Say how are you Brother. Then he will also say, How are you brother. Never run away from your enemy if you come across him. Where there is love, there is peace. Once there is peace there is Dharma. Then comes truth. Truth is one not two. Speak truth. Follow dharma and remain in Peace. Love is God, God is love, Live in Love.

Jai Sai Ram

Satish Naik

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