How Swami changed the weather for his dear students


This is one of the many experience I had when I lived in Puttaparthi for eight years. When Swami was about to begin the water project (I dont remember the year) and drenches were to be digged for the pipeline to be placed, we were all in Puttaparthi. It was getting extremely hot as it was nearing summer.


We were quite excited because we all waited for Swami to leave for our beloved Whitefield where Swami would be closer, things were lighter and easier for us to handle than Puttaparthi (which could be quite challenging for us living there).


Rumours began spreading (and boy, do people like to spread rumours! But at least these were innocent ones) that Swami was not leaving for Whitefield this summer which was very unusual.


Living in Puttaparthi for long with millions of people coming and going from all levels of life, we were used to many crazy rumours and mostly took it with a grain of salt. But sure enough, in the next two days he gave a talk to his students in the Poornachandra auditorium. He told them he was not leaving for Whitefield but would stay in Parthi during the digging of the drains. He then asked the students whom of them would stay behind to help digging. Note that the sun is merciless during the summer season and I am sure they were quite horrified at the thought of long-hours of work in the intense heat.


A portion of the boys lifted their hands while the others kept quiet. In his unpredictable but funny way Swami had then said, "Good" and that those boys who lifted their hands could go home for summer vacation, while those who did not lift their hands could stay behind and help dig the trenches...! He added that he would "keep the temperature down" so they wouldnt suffer too much from the heat.


Well a few days went by and Parthi was becoming hotter and hotter. It was so hot, that walking merely a few feet between my chappals and the darshan line was a challenge and would burn the soles of my feet. I had to throw my Darshan cushion as a walking pad for each step I took. It was so hot that we begun to joke about Swami's talks to the boys, "Oh well, it has finally happened, some of us would say. Swami has become old and senile! The divine has finally lost his grip - doesnt know the difference between heat and cold!".


Of course it was only jokes but some people in Parthi were far too serious than what is emotionally healthy. He must have heard me (Swami has very keen ears. NEVER assume he doesnt hear and see EVERYTHING that happens in that ashram!).


Suddenly the same evening, I stood talking to some people near the garden when we noticed, to our surprise, a beautiful but pit-silent lightning playing across the nightsky. I rushed up to my secret rooftop - the only one I had found that was not locked and which had allowed me some privacy from the constant crowds now and then. Up on the roof this beautiful lightning spread like a persian carpet across the Puttaparthi skies. Followed by a cool wind. The next evening the same thing happened; this vibrant but completely silent lightning without any sound or any rain played across the nightsky. Again cool breeze would blow across the ashram grounds. The third evening, the same thing. But from then onwards - and 8 years in South India I NEVER came across this, ever - we had the best weather I had ever known in India. It was like a crisp, cool Scandinavian early summer, in the middle of the hottest month in Andhra Pradesh!


Surrounding villages had horrendous heat waves and some of the farmers had been quite perplexed of the change in wheather they had noted in and near Puttaparthi. As sometimes happens during Indian summers, some elderly people had even died from the heat in neighbouring Tamil Nadu. That will give you an idea how hot it was. In Puttaparthi that particular summer was the most pleasant summer I ever had in India. Known for the heat, visitors abstained from Puttaparthi and it was heaven for us, with small crowds and our Swami amongst us every day!


How I prayed it would last for a long, long time! As mysteriously as it had arrived and without a moments delay, when those boys were finished digging the trenches for the water-pipes, the heat rose extremely fast and went back to normal and the soles of my feet were burning again... This is how great our Swami is. I can only feel pity for those few that have been influenced by the sad rumours about Swami.


Swami is DIVINE. Do not doubt it for a second! Not only about our own Swami, but let us not believe in or indulge in false or demeaning rumours about anyone - for often we are wrong in our conclusions. Spend an hour or two at night before sleep, and concentrate on Swami's features. Dont think of anything else, dont 'chat' with yourself in your mind. If your concentration becomes strong you will tap into Swami's energy and be filled with intense bliss. It is not easy to do, but with practice it possible.


I tried this many times and had tremendous bliss if I was able to achieve the right concentration. Swami's whole body is full of amrith. Swami is the magic of love, he is divine, he is the avatar of the age. Never doubt this for a second.


emailed by KM on 22.06.2007