Funeral Snap shots of Sai Geetha

Sai Ram.
Herewith few photographs of sai githa.


emailed on 26.05.2007

About Sai Geetha - email from sister Monika

My dear brothers and sisters

visiting BABA with my daughter for healing in early April 2006, having arrived from Germany, our Swami in His great great Love waited for us in Prashanti before departing to Kodai three days later!!! On His departure day we went over to meet Sai Geetha waiting eagerly outside on the road for His Presence, Fairwell, and His Darshan. The sweetness of BABA's pet elephant and our joy can be easily taken from the enclosed photos.

The other photos were taken on the occasion of BABA's 80th Birthday in November and December 2005 when the Mahout gave me the great honour to stay very close to the elephant which BABA and we all love so very much. When I first visited Parthi in 2001 and when for the first time I had met Sai Geetha I was taken aback by her serene beauty and wisdom. As we were crossing the main road side by side during her afternoon walk I was blessed with a large teer dropping out of her right eye falling into the sand beside me. Sai Geetha has always been so very special and dear to my heart that on one occasion the young keeper gave me the opportunity and great great pleasure to accompany her all along during her daily round through the Stadium right up to the Chaitanya Museum where she was eagerly awaited by many fellow devotees giving Sai Geetha fruits and fondlings.

She was a great soul - and according to our Swami will be a great human soul again soon

Om Sai Ram and all my best regards

Monika Sotern


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