PREMA JYOTHI, the 10 day exhibition organized by SRI SATHYA SAI SEVA ORGANIZATION, KARNATAKA, ended on Sunday night the 21st SEP. at PALACE GROUNDS, BANGALORE. It was not only a crowd puller with thousands of school children coming in practically everyday in their school buses apart from adults, but also several VIPs coming to see with 'awe & reverance', SWAMI's LEELAS & HIS MIND BLOWING WELFARE PROJECTS.


Not to forget the relentless SEVA such as NARAYANA SEVA, GRAMA SEVA, MOBILE MEDICAL VANS that goes on through out the year. The golden jubilee of SANATHANA SARATHI was also exhibited in a breath taking photo exhibition that had countless number of rare photographs of SWAMI captured during the past decades.

There were also film shows, book stall , HEART2HEART SUBSCRIPTION, WORLD SPACE RADIO, & even a 'feedback' section that included live random interviews with the audience!!!

On the last day, a truck was sent to BIHAR loaded with materials to provide relief for the 'flood affected' victims at BIHAR.

PRASADAM was distributed to everyone who came.

Our heart-felt thanks to SWAMI for having given us the opportunity to do SEVA at the exhibition from morning till night on all the days. It was a pleasure interacting with a varied audience day after day.


Premasai Gurukulam


Prasanthi Update -

Wonderful Drama by Devotees of Medak District in A.P

Props had risen up in the marble blocks of the Sai Kulwant hall. Little boys holding flags stood in front of them to welcome Swami. That is almost a penance these children do. Every time when there is a programme by the children from a district in Andhra Pradesh, the basic stage framework is almost the same and it inevitably has children holding banners and flags, standing and waiting for the Lord's arrival. At 4:00pm, the regular daily Vedam classes began. It was around 4:25pm when Swami came out for the darshan rounds. Swami moved through in His natural sweet and graceful manner. As He passed by the props, He seemed to carefully study every bit of it. His eye for detail and perfection has not changed one bit.

Today also happened to be the concluding day of the Cardiac conference being held in the Super Specialities hospital. This conference held in collaboration with the Indian Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons boasted of the best surgeons in the world giving live demonstrations. . Notable among them was Dr.Valluvan Jeevanandam. A few words about the man will not be out of place here.

Dr. Jeevanandam has a special interest in treating patients traditionally considered inoperable. He has repaired damaged hearts in several patients awaiting transplant, enabling those patients to forgo transplantation. He also has successfully performed transplants involving patients who do not fit the standard criteria for transplant. Dr. Jeevanandam is a pioneer in the field of mechanical circulatory assist devices. In October 2000, he was the first surgeon in the world to successfully implant the CardioVad, a revolutionary, permanent circulatory assist device that boosts heart function in patients with severe heart failure who are not candidates for transplant. And most importantly he feels that the future of health care is in the way Swami's hospitals function.

In his own words, "After being given the privilege and honor of working at the SSSIHMS many times, my answer to all questions is unequivocal - not only is patient care absolutely superb, but this institution is unmatched by any other in the world. If my experiences are any indication, SSSIHMS is truly a Temple of Healing. Not only is there treatment for the patient, but there is also the 'Presence' of the Caregiver as well. Everyday now, I spiritually give Him my patients and He takes care of them - I am an extension of His Hands and just do the duty that Swami has put me on this earth for."

All the participants had seated in front and Swami blessed them accepting letters and speaking a few words - words which mean the world to the recipient - to some of them. It was a wonderful sight. Great surgeons and 'aspiring-to- be-great- surgeons' taking the blessings of Dhanvantari Himself! Swami moved on to the stage where the other surgeons too sought and received His blessings. Swami then sat on the stage and presided over the classes.

After the completion, Swami asked for the drama to be staged. The coordinators came up to Swami and offered flowers and the details of the programme. Swami blessed the district president with a gold chain. It all happened so simply that the president was just dumbstruck. With a sweet smile, Swami put the chain to his neck and blessed him by placing His hand over his head. Then minister Ms.Gita Reddy and another lady moved to the stage and offered the program at His lotus feet. Swami accepted groundnuts that they offered and quickly popped one into His mouth too. That act was followed by a gentle smile which was actually a reflection of all the smiles that beamed at His act. Swami blessed a marble Shivalingam and silver padukas that were brought for His blessings. All the office bearers made most of the opportunity as they fell at His feet joyfully. Then after a brief introduction, the programme began.

The drama, based on real life incidents, centred around a young man, Bheeshma who has been inspired by Swami's Love and teachings. He acts as the center of serenity, peace and harmony in his village. Being young in age, he still displays admirable maturity and conscientious thinking. He inspires the children of the village to go Godward. He wins the respect of the elders and inspires them to work together and build a much needed bridge without any external help.

When some of the foreign-resident members of the village arrive there with ideas of constructing factories to exploit the natural resources, he transforms them to construct a school and hospital instead. Having done all this, he says that he has to move on and share the wonderful Love he has received from Swami with people in all other villages too. The drama had its share of dances. Little boys and girls performed with sweet synchronisation and devoted dexterity to highlight the points the 'hero' of the drama was making. The grand finale song was the theme song shall we say and its first line was "Sai Rama Nauka". The dance featured a boat being rowed by the hero and the lilting melody was one that would transport the listeners to a traditional sleepy village. The tune itself was so relaxing and refreshing.

The drama concluded and all the participants came forward into the final formation. Swami called out for a little boy and patting him asked, "Whats your name?" He replied, "Aravind." Swami smiled and blessing him, told him to return to his place in the formation. Swami then moved down and sat amidst all the children. He told them to come close and cluster. When that was done, a beautiful group picture was the result.

As Swami moved up the stage, HE granted permission for a music programme too. The time was already 6:05 pm and it was indeed an act of Grace that Swami decided to shower love on the singers. Since it was a programme that Swami scheduled on the spot, the singers and artistes had a difficult time trying to move ahead and tune their instruments.

Then, Swami so understandingly went into the interview room for 5 minutes! That gave them sufficient time to arrange everything and get ready. Immediately, Swami came out, a smile dancing on His beautiful lips.

The performers - a vocalist, violinist, keyboard player, a tabilist and chorus singers among the ladies comprised the team. After they sang two songs, Swami blessed them and promised another opportunity the next day. It had already got quite late and Swami received Aarthi after blessing the prasadam to be distributed to one and all.

There was a plethora of Aarthis performed today and that was also a wonderful sight. Camphor and the holy fire was being waved from all sides. The fact here is that anything done in the Lord's presence becomes so wonderful because He is the source of all that wonder and grandeur! Swami asked them, one by one, to place the Aarthi plates down and then retired to Yajur Mandiram.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM posted 23.09.2008

Prasanthi Update - Onam Festivities

Onam Function - Morning Programme:

The Kerala festival of Onam dawned in Parthi with a lot of expectations from the devotees. Swami had been showering so much love on these devotees for the past two days and everyone expected a grand closing ceremony for the festival period!

A procession had been arranged from the Yajur Mandir. Traditional posts in black wood for holding lamps had been erected at various places in the Nilayam and one decorated even the main stage. The mainstage lions had been housed in bamboo and floral decorations covered the roof and floor of the mandir. The Pookalam, the traditional flower decoration, adorned the marble floor in the centre. As Swami came out, the procession began. A band and the Vedic contingent led Swami into the Kulwant hall where small girls with lamps in the hand flanked both sides of the royal path through which the Lord was being welcomed.

Swami was not collecting letters but was all the while raising His hands in benediction to the thousands who had thronged the ashram to be with Him for the most important festival of their year. He completed the darshan rounds and then moved on to the stage. There He lit the lamp to mark the formal beginning of the celebrations for the day. As the Veda chanting subsided, Swami blessed three gifted singers, Sri Kavalam Sreekumar, Sri Yogesh Sharma and Sri Sankaran Namboothiri to sing on the occasion.

The first among them has been a regular singer during Onam at Puttaparthi and he seemed to mesmerise the music lovers with his honeyed voice and near perfect rendition of Carnatic songs in the praise of the Lord Vishnu. Sri Sankaran Namboothiri, a child prodigy, was all fervour and grace as he seemed to almost dance to the tunes of his notes! Sri Yogesh Sharma, specialising in Kannada songs, thrilled the audience with songs of a fast rhythm and power. Swami also pointed out to the people by his side that the songs were in Kannada. He seemed to pay attention to every word being sung and as He swayed His hands in that divine manner, it seemed as if He was drinking deep into the meaning of the songs. As the songs concluded and Aarthi was sung, Swami threw in HIs surprise gift for Onam! He had it announced that in the afternoon HE would be addressing everyone in the Kulwant hall. As the whole hall burst into applause, Swami asked the students to sing two bhajans.

The now famous and popular numbers, "Sri Raghunandana" and "Ram Hare Hare Ram bolo" were then sung to the energetic clapping and singing of all the devotees gathered. Swami then went back to Yajur Mandiram.

Onam Afternoon Programme :

In the afternoon, as per His instructions, the Veda class began at 4:00pm. In ten minutes time, Swami made His appearance. It need hardly be said that the chanting levels went up at least two notches! Perfection is what comes in the presence of Perfection. After the day's "vedic tuition", if we may call it that way, the sole speaker for the day before Swami was introduced. A student from the Sri Sathya Sai Vidyapeeth, Sri Sailam, spoke about his great fortune for about five minutes.

And then, to the greatest joy of everyone, Swami rose to deliver His Divine Discourse:

Khanda Khandantara khyati narjinchina mahaneeyulanu kanna mathru bhoomi,
Paschathya veerula para drolinchiyu, swatantramunu kanna samara bhoomi
Sangeetha Sahithya sastreeya vidyalandu, dhee shakthi choopina punya bhoomi
Itti Bharata bhoomi yandu janana mundi
Bharatha mata dharma bhagyambu kapada bhadya tantayu meede bala balika lara

Meaning :

India is a land which gave birth to many noble souls, who were
renowned in all the continents.

Driving away the foreign invaders from their land, this land has gained

This land has shown scholarly excellence in the field of Music and literature

Being born in such a holy land.

To protect the spiritual riches of this holy India, it is the responsibility of you Boys and Girls.

Swami continued :

India is not an ordinary country. Bha-Rathi means one who has love for God.

Inspite of this India is facing lot of difficulties. Don't be afraid of any difficulties. One should have self confidence and immense faith in God. Time waste is life waste.. Don't crave for worldly education. Advances in Science will not help you know God. Science may fetch you some money but will not lead you to God. Under the name of science, we learn delusion and impermanence.

You may have faith in science. It will help you get wealth but not value! Big names and big terms may come in science. But that does not help even to control ones body! Why learn science that makes you insane? Use all your learning for the welfare of the community. Strive for the Truth. Spirituality is the path you should adhere to. So students, develop self confidence; control your senses and keep the mind in check.

Develop intellect, have pure mind and serve your mother land. All your education should help the society. only then your education will have any value. develop morality. Struggle hard to know the truth. Who is your true mother? Dharma is your mother, Sathya is your father. When you have both you will have the child Shanthi. Shanthi will give love and where there is LOVE there is no scope for hatred (non-violence) . Love is God live in love. But humans have zero love today. Today there is no love among siblings. Love is not to be seen any where.

All the love has been routed towards power and money. Even in a tiny ant there is love. When ants go in a row, when they meet another ant they share love. Even insects have love. it is very sad that human beings don't have love. Love for individual is useless. have love for the society.

Bali is a person of great sacrifice. But Bali doesn't just mean mere sacrifice. He has sacrificed everything. It is the good fortune of Keralaites that you have an emperor like Bali. Bali was conducting a huge Yagna. Vamana, the dwarf comes to the yagna. He was only 3 feet tall. Everyone wondered, "How can such a small child come for this big sacrifice?" Bali's daughter, Padmavati, however was in love with Vamana and set heart on marrying him. That did not happen however. Bali went to him and asked, "O sire! What is the purpose of your visit?". Vamana replied, "Emperor Bali I don't want any money, I just want only 3 foot steps of land." Emperor Bali was surprised. Even a dead body need atleast 6 feet of land.

So he wanted Vamana to ask for more. But the Lord did not relent and so emperor Bali agreed to his request.

The first step of Vamana covered the whole earth and the second step covered the whole sky and there was no place for the third foot. Vamana asked the emperor where is the place for the third foot. Emperor Bali removed his crown and asked Vamana to put His foot on his head. If you see it spiritually, the emperor gave up his huge ego. All the people who came for the Yagna were crying. They couldn't believe that their emperor was no more.

They prayed to Vamana, "Swami can't we have our Emperor back", to which Vamana replied that Bali would come to Kerala once a year and it is this day when Vamana comes to Kerala that is celebrated as Onam. Vamana came to confer liberation to Emperor Bali. Vamana was the first avatar that was fully human. It is Bali's merit to get that chance.

This is a very holy festival in Kerala. The people take a bath and prepare good food consisting of 10 items! There is payasam and banana dishes along with lamps and poojas. All join in the prayers and the feeling is that emperor Bali is with them. They wait for long for this day. "Yatha Raja, tatha praja" - as is the king, so are the subjects. Bali is an example of complete surrender and thyaga. "Na Karmana Na Prajaya Dhanena Tyagenaike Amrutatvamanashuhu" . Bali did not go back on the given word. He gave himself up. The three steps are those that are physical, moral and spiritual. Whether the Lord puts the hand or leg on the head, it means the same that He confers blessings.

In Kerala, there is no shortage of anything. The monsoons begin in Kerala. It is a land of merit, righteousness and sacrifice. Charity and dharma exist to this day in Kerala. Prayers begin there and the land is filled with scholars.

Keralites celebrate this festival with utmost devotion. They don't even

Whomsoever invites Swami, Swami will accept. It is a state of scholarly
excellence. It is a state of God .There is sincerity and devotion dancing in the hearts in Kerala. Kerala is a place named after God. There is no one who don't sing the glory of God in Kerala but they do not publicize it. It is not a Communist state.

When any child of any drama comes to Swami, it is full of smiles and love. Today we have the drama Savitri. Savitri is wife of Sathyavantha. She stands for truth. She could bring back her dead husband to life. She followed Yama where ever He went. After 6 days of severe fight, she could bring back her dead husband to life. Only in India such a thing can happen. Savtri was a role model for womanhood.

The women are very powerful. Their power will work to any extent. And it is only in Bharat that such things happen. Chandramati put out a forest fire and Sita went through a fire! And so if anyone asks you where you are from, do not reply with Bangalore, Bombay or Delhi. Say that you are from India. Anantapur, Puttaparthi etc. are all in Bharat. The prosperity of Bharat is seen fully in Kerala. The past two days, dramas have been very good. Yesterday, Sita and Rama excelled in their roles. And before that, Krishna and Sudama did very well.

{This was a very touching thing. Two days before, when the drama was on, Swami went into the interview room at exactly this scene. The Krishna and Sudama in the scene were visibly disappointed! But Swami never misses a thing and Swami wonderfully Proved yet once more!)

Kerala always maintains high standards in their plays. The dialogue delivery, the music, action and even the dress are very nice. Keep up the high standards for years to come. The ladies from Kerala stand for heights of devotion. Because of the support from the ladies, the presentations were very good. Now get ready for Savitri...

As Swami completed the discourse, all the students cleared the performing area for the drama. The drama began and moved along the lines of the story that Swami had already narrated.

The Drama had an impressive opening dance sequence with Shiva and Parvati. Then the story began. Savitri chooses Satyavan as her husband knowing fully well that he has only an year of life on earth left. She performs penance and when the fateful moment comes, she bravely follows Yama, the Lord of death, almost till His abode. She selflessly asks of boons to benefit everyone and finally when Yama wants her to leave He asks her to ask one last wish. She very intelligently prays, "Lord, may I be blessed with righteous children." Yama gets outwitted as He grants that boon for the childless Savitri could not bear children without Satyavan coming alive! The whole drama was well interspersed with beautiful and graceful dances.

Everyone in the hall celebrated the joy of Savitri and Swami blessed all the children who participated in the drama with clothes. As bhajans went on, prasadam was distributed and finally Swami received Mangala Aarthi and retired to Yajur Mandiram thereby ending another wonderful Onam Festival.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM posted 17.09.2008

Om Sai Ram - Sahara Chandra Darshanam

The fact remains that when a man completes 82 years of age, He would have seen 1000 full moons in his life.

Accordingly for Swami this is also an occassion to celebrate HIS entering the 83rd year.

Based on this there is a Programme " Sahara Chandra Darshanam" in Prasanthi Nilayam on 15th,16th and 17th of November. Further information is not available except that Swami is keen on all the Students chanting Vedam and Rudram on the wonderful occasion and so the Veda and Rudram classes have began in Kulwant  Hall for the past few days.

Will keep you updated on any information.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 12.09.2008

Prasanthi Update - 11th September

For the past few days Sai Kulwanth Hall has been Reverberating with the wonderful Chants of the Vedas and Rudram by the Students. With Swami giving wonderful Darshan and with the Onam Festivities going on the Atmosphere is wonderful and Electric filled with great Spiritual Vibrations.

Yesterday in Kulwanth Hall there was Vedam Recital which includes teaching and learning the Vedas. Swami came very early at around 3.30 PM and Swami himself commenced the class. Swami then went inside the interview room while the Rudram class continued. Later at around 4.10 PM Swami came out and told the students to stop the Veda Learning for the day. Swami also got the message announced that every day students should be present in Kulwanth Hall before 4 PM so that the Classes could begin by 4 PM Sharp.

Another great example that Swami does not like Time Wasting of any sort.

Also for the past two days the Onam celebrations are going on in full swing and there are Cultural Programmes everyday which has kept everyone enthralled.

Om Sai Ram

From: KM Friday, 12 September, 2008 9:01 AM

UPDATE_10th_Sept_ONAM celebrations begin at Parthi

Today marked the beginning of the three day festival of Onam. Onam is the biggest festival in the Indian state of Kerala and it falls during the Malayali month of Chingam (Aug - Sep) marking the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. The carnival of Onam lasts for ten days and brings out the best in Kerala culture and tradition. Intricately decorated Pookalam (design with flowers), ambrosial Onasadya (the traditional feast), breathtaking Chundanvellams (Snake Boats) racing through placid waters and the exotic Kaikottikali dance are some of the most remarkable features of Onam - the harvest festival in Kerala. Most importantly, wherever the Malayali people are located, they return home for the festival. And it is this homecoming that sees thousands of devotees from Kerala flock the abode of highest peace at Puttaparthi.

A central stage had been set up in the marble block in which the acting area had been demarcated with flowers. The sets were in place and wonderfully costumed children sat awaiting the Lord's arrival. The staging area however had been filled with students. Swami came out for darshan at around 4:35pm. He was all smiles and so were the devotees. To see Swami is really a very special feeling. But that feeling seems to get enhanced especially when you see Him on a day that you consider as very special. And so, while the people in Kerala waited in eager anticipation for their king Mahabali, the Kerala devotees in Puttaparthi were welcoming the Lord Vamana Himself!

Swami moved through the ladies side and coming to the centre saw the elaborate stage that had been set up. Seeing the tiny tots seated in regal costumes, the smile on His face widened. He asked them, "Are you doing drama?" All He got for a reply was hesitant and cute nods from a few kids and absolutely blank looks from the others! Smiling to Himself, Swami moved on. As He moved through the gents side, which experiences greater freedom for devotion due to the looser rope of discipline being imposed on them, the devotees rose to various heights to catch a glimpse of Him. On His part Swami blessed all of them and His hands kept moving up and down, reassuring and calming them. Moving through the students area, Swami finally came on to the stage. He asked all the students to clear the performance area so that the drama could immediately begin. He called the Kerala state president and asked him to introduce the program.

The Balvikas students from Kerala would be performing a dance drama called "Dashavataaram". As that announcement was made, "microscopically" (!) tiny children came forward with flowers to present to Swami! Swami also seemed to be amazed at how little the children were. Full marks to the children for the exemplary discipline they exhibited and that discipline seemed to invite Swami to interact more with them. Swami blessed them and then told them to return to their place which they did so in the most reverential manner. Then the programme began. It turned out to be more of dance and less of drama - a wonderful proposition when it comes to the children from Kerala who seemed to have learnt dance even before they were born!

The programme traced all the 10 avatars of MahaVishnu. Each avatar was introduced by the dance and then made its brief appearance. The avatar was then celebrated with another dance. The dances were such a pleasing sight and musically so rich and resonant. The choreography was perfect and it was incredible to think that children so small were capable of feats so big! The Matsya (fish), Kurma (tortoise) and Varaha(boar) Avatars were well depicted with "manimals" shall was say! That is, people in disguise as a fish, tortoise and boar were seen on the backstage. The story of the Narasimha Avatar(half man- half lion) was briefly depicted and the actor donning the role of Hiranyakashyapu performed superlatively. The significance of Onam and some of the festivities were beautifully depicted as the Vamana Avatar came onstage. The Prashurama and Rama Avatar arrived together and the greatest devotee Hanuman too got his share of the 'limelight'. The tiny toddling Krishna won everyone's heart with his sheer presence on the scene! He looked so sweet and cute. The famous episode between of Krishna enriching Sudama's life in every way was depicted. Then going the Buddha, the programme turned to Swami.

Swami went briefly to the interview room and returned having arranged for sarees which He wanted to gift the children with. On His way back, He stopped for a minute at the bhajan hall. Representatives of the students working in Central Trust were seated there. Swami, in all Love, had granted everyone bonuses and hikes in salaries and they expressed gratitude to Him. Swami blessed them and told them, "Continue whatever you are doing in the same way. That's enough for me!"

He arrived at the stage and asked for the children to arrange themselves in a compact manner so that He would pose for group photos with them. As the boys and girls seated themselves separately, Swami moved down from the stage and posed for photographs with the children. He then asked for sarees to be brought. He personally gave all the girls sarees and along with each saree came a free smile too! The same procedure followed with the boys too, only that they were given white cloth pieces. After blessing them thus, Swami moved back to the stage and asked for bhajans to begin. During the bhajans, He blessed prasadam to be distributed. Later, receiving Aarthi and blessing everyone with beautiful smiles, Swami went back to Yajur Mandir.

Trust God with your everything

Courtesy: Surendra - emailed on 11.09.2008

Prasanthi Update - Divine Instructions by Swami

Starting from Yesterday Swami announced that there will be Vedam Teaching and Learning daily at 4 PM in the coming days in Kulwant Hall. Swami also announced that all the 10th,11th and 12th Std Students of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, Prasanthi Nilayam and the Students of the University will have to learn the Rudram daily and also chant it to perfection. Swami also wonderfully selected 4 of His students to teach in the Kulwant hall in the Divine Presence everyday.

Swami sat yesterday and listened to the teaching learning process of the Rudram. This exercise, as we all understand, is a preparation for the Celebrations of Sahara Chandra Darsanam in November 15-17th.

It is a once in a Lifetime Blessing and Opportunity for the Students and Staff in Prasanthi Nilayam to learn and chant the Sri Rudram in the Divine presence of Our Divya Sai Shiva-Sakthi.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM Wednesday, 10 September, 2008 10:45 AM

Prasanthi Update - Programme of Devotees from Kadapa (A.P)

Puttaparthi has become on of the most fulfilling pilgrimage centres on the face of earth. And this is sheerly due to the living presence of the Lord. If we just examine the history of the world briefly, we will notice that men of God came quite often to the earth. They have huge devoted followings today but very few had the good fortune of recognizing their greatness and spiritual splendour when they lived in flesh and bones. Swami is special in this sense that so many have been privileged to know His divinity and have been blessed to see Him, speak to Him and work for Him. And today, as a part of their spiritual sadhana, all the centres undertake an annual pilgrimage to Puttaparthi to recharge their spiritual batteries. So, the devotees from Kadapa district of Andhra had arrived in thousands for Swami and they had been permitted to put up their programme today.

Wet grinders, sewing machines and iron boxes had been placed for distribution to the poor from Kadapa. It is a very special chance for these people who have to think twice even before getting into a bus whether they have the necessary fare required for even an inter-village journey. The members of the Sai samithis identify such poor and as a token of Swami's Love gift them with articles to carry out their livelihood. And when Swami graciously agrees to Himself gift away those articles in His Divine presence, those people are brought to Parthi so that they too are blessed with the wonderful gift of Grace-Darshan.

Swami arrived to Kulwant hall and it was filled. He moved through the ladies side blessing the girls from the primary school who were seated there. Then at the center of the hall He looked keenly at all the items placed. Moving to the gents side, He received the adoration and devotion that was laden in the air as the devotees 'rose to different heights' to see Him and then stood even 'higher' with the sheer joy of just seeing Him. Swami completed the rounds of the gents side and then moved through the students and into the interview room. After a while, He came and sat outside listening tothe Vedic chants. He called the district president and enquired into the programme scheduled. He also called Prof.Anil Kumar and gave him some instructions. Then as the chanting ceased, the district president spoke for a few minutes outlining all the activities being undertaken at Kadapa. After him Prof Anil Kumar spoke on why Kadapa was so special for Swami. It played an important part of His "education" and hence has got embedded in all the leelas and mahimas that little Sathya performed there, years ago. The famous fair and Pushpagiri that Swami attended too are in Kadapa. After a beautiful 25 minutes when Swami seemed to become very nostalgic about what was being spoken, Anil Kumar concluded his talk.

Then the names of the recepients of the articles of Love were read out and they reverentially came forward to receive the tokens of Love. There were volunteers to help move the heavy gifts! The distribution went along very quickly and without much fanfare - the way it always is when it comes to Swami. Swami, all His life has been giving and giving. Never once has He stretched out His hand to ask. And people who have seen and experienced Him even once are in love with Him forever. In a world where publicity, pomp and show rule with all regality, they have no place for a foothold even in the thoughts of the people at His lotus feet. And that is what makes Swami so divine- not only because of what He is but what people are once touched by Him!

As the distribution concluded, the next programme, a dance ballet entitled Annamaya began. It consisted of the compositions of the saint Annamacharya and dances tuned to their rhythms. The children participating in this programme had been drawn from the poorest strata of society. Some of them were also children of people who had taken to begging as a means of living! But on the stage, they were such wonderful performers that they won everyone's hearts.. They were all extremely rich in their love for God and simple in their faith in Him. Swami sat watching the dance providing the rhythm through the beat of His hands. There were about 5 dances in all and different sets of children performed them. The most prominent among the songs was "Adigo Allidigo Sri Harivasamu" for which every member in the audience also began to clap rhythmically. Every dance was received by rounds of hearty applause. As the final dance concluded, all the children came forward and in a very disciplined manner stood in lines. Swami was very happy. He had sarees and white cloth pieces distributed to the girls and boys respectively.

As the distribution concluded, He said that He would move down to bless them all with group photos. He slowly moved down and smilingly sat amidst the children. As the photos were taken, Swami told the photographers to move to the right and then to the left so that none of the children get left out! That was a very sweet gesture from Swami. He asked the names of a couple of kids and blessed them. Moving back to the stage, Swami asked the devotees to sing some songs. They were ecstatic! It was already late and they never expected that chance. But with Swami, it is joy always! He always wants everyone happy and will always go out of His way to ensure it. And so, the group songs began. Though it was late, Swami sweetly satting tapping His hands rhythmically for one song each by the gents and the ladies. After that, He received Aarthi and left.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM Tuesday, 9 September, 2008 11:10 AM

Prasanthi Update - Lord Vinayaka Immersion Function - 5th September

Teachers day was welcomed by most of the residents of the Sri Sathya Sai institutions like one would do for the New Year's Day - by keeping awake through the night! Swami had notified everyone that Ganesha immersion - an event of great significance in the Indian annual calendar would take place on the 5th. The act of taking the clay idol of Lord Ganesha to the nearby water body and immersing Him in it has a great spiritual meaning.

The clay idol is symbolic of the human body composed of the five elements. It should spend time on the earth in a manner that it is worshipped! After its worshippable stay on the earth, it finally merges back with the elements. Though the idol is gone, Ganesha lives forever! And that story is the same for the true being, the soul, too. It is in this spirit and fervour that the immersion is celebrated all over India, more so in Puttaparthi. And everyone is fully immersed in making either chariots or palanquins for carrying the sweet elephant Lord Ganesha!

At about 3:00pm, all the chariots from the school and Institute and the various institutions were all lined up along the main road at Parthi and what an impressive sight it was! The procession began to the singing of bhajans, enthusiastic rhythms of the chants and the musical beats of the drums. The beeline towards the mandir was ready and it began. As the chariots entered the mandir, they were led to the bays that had been earmarked for them to park. Soon the entire array was ready and what an impressive sight it was! The mandir resembled a cosmic battlefield where the Lord pervaded all the chariots!

To add to this was a contingent of little Ganeshas from primary school waiting in front of Swami's residence along with the nadaswaram and the Veda chanting contingents. There was a peacock chariot and another one that had the Golden eagle. A palanquin and a chariot had been inspired by Adi Sesha, the serpent which forms the bed for Lord Vishnu, and they were designed like that divine snake.

There was a "Harry Potter" cup inside which Ganesha sttod as the prize, a huge Hibiscus flower had Ganesha as its centre, a castle and a mountain added to the variety. An elephant with Ganesha seated atop in the howdah also paraded in the procession. A "navaratna ring" chariot too was present and there were chariots from the indoor stadium and from the Sri Sathya Sai airport too.

It was about 4:00pm when Swami came out for the darshan rounds. A little "Ganesha" immediately moved forward to his "father" and offered a rose and that instantly brought a sweet smile on Swami's face. He asked for all the procession to begin as He sat watching from in front of Yajur Mandir. Representative members of each group that had gathered there went forward to Swami and offered flowers before embarking and joining the procession. The procession entered the Kulwant hall and so did Swami, behind it. He slowly went past each and every chariot and as He went by, there were people holding out fruits and various articles of worship.

Very patiently, Swami blessed each of them and looked at the chariots. He went for a full round looking at and appreciating the creativity and devotion embodied in the vehicles for Lord Ganesha. He then came and sat on the stage. As part of the programme, a dance on the glories of Ganesha had been organised. The children from the school did a wonderful job and there was a loud round of applause for all of them. As they concluded, Swami called the warden and blessed everyone to go around for the pradakshina.

There is a very famous story of how Ganesha went around Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati and claimed that He had circumambulated the entire universe. When questioned, He simply replied that his parents were the Universe for Him. In that similar manner, all the students and staff went around Swami and the mandir. After that, each chariot was brought up in front of Swami as the announcers introduced them and explained the significance of their vehicle. Many boys tried to come up front to Swami to get fruits, flowers, cards and Ganesha idols blessed. But Swami told all of them to stay back. And seeing that more than 150 people had various objects for blessings from Swami, it was right that Swami told them to stay back. There was a schedule that had to be maintained and it would take simply too much time and effort.

A small thought here. It may seem a little out of place, but when many of us keep wondering what we did wrong if Swami physically keeps away, maybe this thought will help. Swami, after He came out of the operations a few years ago, said, "This body is all for you only! Treat it as you want I am not in the least attached to it." And now the body that Swami was referring to will soon complete 83 years. Since then, like a candle that burns itself down to spread light and warmth, Swami is just going on and on. We devotees are very unfair towards Him! We want Him to feel our joys and pains but do we spend some time to think about His? We brush it away saying, "C'mon! He is the Lord!" If we truly feel and believe that, then we better shut up and accept all that He does. But on the other hand, we want Him to keep smiling always and keep reassuring us like an ordinary human does. When it comes to Him thinking of us and feeling for us, we think in a human fashion and want Him to respond in a human manner, but when it comes to us thinking and feeling for Him, we shrug away all responsibilities and say He is Divine.

The programmes that are put up in His presence are increasing exponentially and Swami sits through all of them. Everyday in Parthi is becoming a festival! Nothing wrong in that, but let all of us think from the angle of Swami's physical body too. And because, while He is constantly thinking of the joy and happiness of everyone all the time, He never for a moment spares time or cares for His own body. It is the responsibility of we devotees to atleast think of His comfort when He thinks, says and does everything for us. And maybe we can start doing that for Him by not rushing and falling over Him. And maybe by ensuring that when we put up programmes for Him, we keep it short and sweet and put Swami to the least physical strain even in the end when Swami showers all His Love and Grace on the participants. Its all about empathy thats all.

The chariots slowly made their way to their final destination as Swami very lovingly blessed each and every chariot with Abhayahastha. Strains of "Jai bolo Sai Baba Ki" and "Jai Bolo Ganesh Maharaj Ki" filled the air. The whole atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and energy. Swami sat viewing till the entire procession moved past Him. As it left the mandir, Swami went into the bhajan hall. There He interacted very lovingly with one of the students for quite some time and materialized a gold chain for him. Spending time speaking to him, Swami then asked for bhajans to begin.

Bhajans went on for about 40 minutes after which Swami received Aarthi and left to Yajur Mandiram. Again there too were students who offered roses of gratitude to Him. Swami accepted them and blessed the students and retired for the Day.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM sent on Saturday, 6 September, 2008 5:30 PM

Prasanthi Update - 31st August - Part - 1 - Update CT Day Celebrations

Sent by Dear Sai Brother Shri.Vidyasagar :

Today was a special day for all the students working at the various institutions that Swami has personally set up. September 2nd is the anniversary of the formation of the Central Trust and it happened to be a Tuesday. To enable all the students from even places like Bangalore to assemble in His divine presence, the celebrations were advanced to the 31st of August, a Sunday. And it turned out to be very apt for indeed it was an 'August' gathering!

In the morning, all the student-staff, 165 in all, gathered in the bhajan hall. The ages ranged from the early twenties to the late fifties! It was indeed such a wonderful brotherhood that has united under the fatherhood of Sai! Swami too seemed to be very eager to make the occasion very special. He arrived at 9:10am and then sat in the bhajan hall for bhajans till 10:00am! He promised that He would speak to everyone in the evening and then left receiving Aarthi. In the meanwhile, the Lord, divine Mother that He is, arranged a sumptuous feast for all the children that had so lovingly and sincerely gathered at His feet.

All of them were escorted to the South Indian Canteen premises where a meal of more than 18 items had been spread over regal plates royally for the 165 gathered!

It was around this time that all the chief priests of the Tirupati Tirumala Devastanams arrived at Swami's residence, Yajur Mandir.. Very graciously, Swami permitted them to enter and chant mantras in His presence. The new Chairman of Tirumala Tirupati Devesthanam (TTD) Shri.Adi Kesavalu Naidu, had also come along with his wife to offer his obeisance and great sense of gratitude to Swami. Swami blessed them and told them,"The opportunity to serve the Lord is something that people do not get even after intense prayers. You have got it so easily even without asking for it! Indeed it is a great blessing conferred on all of you." Everyone fell in full prostration at the feet of their living Lord and left after Swami very smilingly and graciously blessed them.

As He had promised, Swami enquired at about 3:30pm whether all the students had gathered in the bhajan hall. He wanted to make sure none miss the bounty that He was about to confer. At exactly 4:00pm, Swami and His dear children had all gathered inside. Swami took a round and enquired sweetly from everyone as to whether they were all happy with the food! When everyone responded with joy, Swami was very touched and happy.

Moving to the front, Swami lit the candle and cut a specially made cake. Then Swami settled comfortably facing all the students.

Prasanthi update - 31st August - Part - 2. Divine Conversations

Sent by Dear Sai Brother Shri.Vidyasagar: 

"What do you want me to speak about?" Swami said , "Ask your doubts."

A research scholar from the University put forth his sincere shortcoming. "Swami, how do we control the mind?"

" Mind has no death and none can control it. It is forever. Without that consciousness, man cannot live. Mind should be there. Mind is the nature of man. When you are a man, mind will exist. When you become one with God alone, mind goes and all become One. Only in the Advaitic state, mind vanishes. As long as I & We and Mine and Ours exist, mind will exist. "This is mine", "that is mine" - such thoughts lead to the persistence of the mind. All this is Dvaita or dualism. Mind will be fickle as long as duality exists. Advaita is I am I. If you think you are the other, the materials etc, mind continues. If you say, "This is mine", you are different from the material. The physical world removes spirituality. Reduce your desires gradually- less luggage, more comfort.

Many people take to meditation. What is it? It means the halting of the mind. Ask for anything, but be detached. Thoughts and desires come. As long as ocean is there, waves are natural. You cannot get rid of waves. When waves merge in the ocean, they disappear. The waves are physical in natural and they have stayed from the birth. They do not reduce. When you get the oneness with God, waves reduce. Till then desires keep attacking. Physically, mentally and materially, thoughts arise. The thoughts are the saplings. Courage is necessary. Seeds of Love and rain of devotion mixed with feelings, lead to good crops. If worldly thoughts arise, they keep growing. You say meditation, but no one does it. One just sits but does not focus the mind even for a moment. When you say to yourself that, "I and God are one" with full faith, the thoughts will cease. "God is not separate from me. I am not separate from God." Have firm faith. There is no place without God. Everything happens from thoughts. People say they saw things in meditation. That is only imagination due to the thoughts. There should not be any thoughts. Even if you think God has come and stood, that's also imagination. It is an aberration of the mind. There is only one- no other! Have no feeling of 'I' or separation. As far as possible, crush the feeling of 'I'. As long as 'I' exists, 'you' also will exist.

The mind, brain, Buddhi, Chitta- everything will go. Only the Atma remains. To think that you will achieve through meditation is a mistake. Indrajit was Ravana's son. He had conquered the senses. But he too died when Rama came. Vibhishana's son was also there. If he is won over, Victory is assured. He came to fight.

Formerly, Hanuman had gone around all the streets of Lanka. He got himself caught by Indrajit only to see and study the place. After that was served, Indrajit got killed. Vibhishana's son, Buddhijit, was very fearsome. If he is gone, Lanka too shall be gone. None knew where his life principle was. Vibheeshana told Rama to shoot his right shoulder. Then he died. Then the father began to cry and Rama came to know the Truth. Lanka will be gone. The war was as good as over..

The father gave up the life of his own son. Even among rakshasas, such people are there. He was a man without feeling of mine and I. When he gave up these, then only victory was achieved.. Vibhishana was coronated. All were happy including his wife Sarma and children, Shakini and Dakini. They had protected and enthused Sita. "Do not worry, Rama will surely come and kill Ravana and remove all of his ten heads." Sita then became courageous. Lanka was full of demons but Rama made even that place also peaceful. The reason for all demons getting killed was because they all had the feeling of I and mine. If Vibhishana had the feeling of I and mine, then Lanka would not have got redeemed. Even demons helped God.

In the world, Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa will come only if you tell, "I am man and not an animal". Animal thoughts must go. Human qualities and human values must arise. From Sathya, Peace comes. From these emerges Love. When Love is there, you hate none and all are equal. This Love has to be developed. It is there in everything. You see ants moving in a single line, talking to each other, kissing and then moving ahead Ants have love. When a calf is born, the mother may go to forest to graze, but she is always thinking of the child. The calf too keeps telling "Amma, amma" till she comes. Even animals have Love. The love is same in all. So you cannot give up one another. Therefore develop human values.

The first is Truth. It is everything and everywhere.. There is only one Truth. Not two. From that arises Dharma. From that comes Shanti. Then everything is so serene!! Love emerges then. When peace comes, you have feeling of Oneness. In ancient times, people meditated even in forests with vicious animals. All animals would come and sit with them. Why? Because of pure feelings and absence of ill-will. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati. If you harm none, none will harm you.. If you try to harm only, problems arise. There is a dog sleeping if you just pass by, it'll just remain. Even if you bend to pick a stone, it will get up. Thoughts are there too. When you take care of thoughts, nothing can happen. Do not harm others even in thoughts. Never pain or hurt others in thoughts too. It's a way of cheating yourself, to trouble others in your thoughts. Everything is in us. The whole world is in us. Good and bad reside in us. When bad thoughts arise, bad actions follow. The connection between thoughts and actions is like the switching of a light bulb. The action definitely follows your thoughts. If you think of all as brothers, all will be that way. But if you develop hatred and anger, they too will feel like beating you up. Do not have bad feelings on others, for it is what you are feeling towards yourself. All that happens to you is because of yourself alone. The thoughts and feelings do not affect others, they affect you only. Be thought-less, then you are pure. Lest, the thoughts come back and trouble you!

A small story.

A dog went into a house of mirrors. It saw many dogs coming towards it. It got fearful. So it attacked one dog. The mirror collapsed and broke. Now, thousands of dogs began to attack it! The dogs increased. The dog resigned and left. As many pieces you break, that many dogs come. But if a human enters such a house, he will know, "I am only getting reflected everywhere." So, if he sees any fault, he sets himself right. For everything is but a reflection. Ishwara sarva bhootanam. God is not separate from us. He is within us. That feeling must be there. Help ever hurt never. If you hurt anyone, it'll come back to you. Even if you help, that'll come back.

That is the secret of God's creation. In God's creation, There is God alone. Truth, God and Consciousness are all one. Everything else will change. What is consciousness? That is Myself. That is self realisation- to recognise oneself. That animal is me. That dog or that lion- all are me. The dog barks at elephant not knowing that both are the same. If you look within, dog and elephant are same. Names and forms are many but Conscious within is the same. It is changeless. There is only one sun in the sky. Same is seen in Russia or USA or Italy. But it is day here and night in USA. Does not mean that the sun is not there! It is only due to the changes in the earth. There is only one sun. S-u-n not S-o-n! (all laugh) The countries are different but feelings are same. Put in efforts to realize the unity. Work for Oneness.

Don't meditate to see God. You are God. Why do you struggle to see Him? Daivam Manusha Roopena. When the artist draws, naturally he will draw as a human form. Be it Rama or Krishna- because God takes human form, He has human qualities. Because of this, those human qualities act as a screen on His divinity. That is Maya. As long as the screen exists, one is deluded. The dog is confused as long as the mirrors are there once the mirrors are removed, no problems! We are only increasing our attachments and not destroying them. "Mukkalu"(divide" ) cheesthe Kukkalu vosthayi (dogs will come)! There are not many dogs but only one. But reflections are seen in all. No need to fear that there are so many dogs. Do not feel that we are facing so many sorrows and obstacles. The trouble is actually you. You alone are responsible for them. We develop and keep only the photographs of the feelings. Remove all the images and keep the negatives - the basis. If you keep taking photos, they will go one day. Keep the negatives, you can get any number of images printed.

How does God look? Peacock feather implies Krishna and trident is for Shiva. None have seen Him. This is all imagination. You say Swami, we saw Krishna. You are Krishna. Why efforts to see yourself. It is only when you forget your nature, you desire thus. So do not forget yourself. God does not have many forms. They are all like Ravi Verma pictures! Its not that God came in that form. It is the imagination of the painters. People without wisdom alone stick to forms. These forms are all for satisfaction alone.

But when you think you are God, you must have God's qualities. But if you consider yourself anything lower, lower thoughts arise. Everything arises, lives and merges back into pure Truth. Your Self is the Truth. Everything else are copies. There is only one original. Creation is all copies. Everything is born from love, depends on Love for sustenance and Merges into love again. Your reflection is seen on the water bubble. But the bubble bursts in moments. You are eternal! All reflections will die down one day. When Sita was taken to Lanka, she always kept telling Rama Rama. If you want to see Rama, keep his form in mind and his name on the lips. Same is the case with Krishna. The name and from are one and the same. If you see form, name comes and if you chant the name, form comes. So whatever bad feeling comes, it is you. You cannot say that it came from this or that person. All are born of you. Bad thoughts arise in this age. Where did it come from? That woman I saw. But if she comes in your thoughts, did she enter you? No, because you think of her, her form came in mind. Both good and bad arise out of us. The belch depends on what you eat. If you eat mango, cucumber belch does not come. Whatever you think of only comes in your dreams. You may think I did not think of it before sleeping. You must have thought of it sometime before then! Nothing can come from outside and get into you. Is it easy for a lady to come and get into us? Because of your feelings the form arose in the mind. Feeling has no form and she too is formless. So formless always remains formless. When you develop the thought of a form , that will appear before you. Everything comes from within you. You are the cause for everything. All the good and bad is in you!

Think of bad, bad comes. Good gives good So understand everything comes from thoughts. So think always that, "I am the Atma." What is the form of Atma? It is Purity. It is true consciousness. Develop the purity first. Unity arises out of purity. From there comes divinity. Therefore get purity and you can reach God. So when you want to see oneness, move from the multiplicity to Unity. When you see Swami, you think only of Him and then only He will come. Some think, Swami is not speaking with me. Not only you, Swami is not speaking with anyone. Now I am speaking. Tell with whom I am speaking? To all. I always speak to all. Never think, Swami is speaking to me alone. Swami is close to him and far from him. Swami never goes far nor goes near to anyone. Swami will never give up anyone. It is all the fault in the feelings. So set right the feelings. That is meditation. Get the feeling of oneness. As is the feeling so is the happening. Nothing comes from outside. It is all from within. Even the child is born from within It does not enter the womb from outside. Only physically differences exist. Truth is one but described in many ways. Do not go by the descriptions. Did you all understand?

From this moment realise I and God are one only one and not two. It's not the bodies merging, but in the I, Swami exists. Even Jesus declares, "There is only 1". Cut the 'I' of the ego and only 1 remains. Even the Muslims say,(here Swami said "Alla-o-Akbar" and told the meaning of Akbar also.) "Allaha". Aa- means I and La means not this. It too says to remove the i. There is only that sound of Akaara. Joining different consonants, many sounds are created..... What is the time now? 5:00 pm!

After the bhajans, you sing, Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu It means let everything in this world be happy. Don't say that. Say, "SAMASTHA LOKAHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU". It means let all the worlds be happy. It is very broad based and expansive. Let all the worlds be happy. Start it from now or from Thursday.

What else? Remember that God's work is real work. Swami's darshan is true Aanandam Swami's words are your meditation and joy. Body is for work and mind is for contemplation. If these two are there, all merge into one. Contemplate on any name. Gods are not separate All are one and they differ only in pictures. In Uttar Pradesh, peacock feathers are easily available and so all children put it on their head They will not become Krishnas! Peacock feather alone won't make you Krishna. Think of the beauty of God. Everything is God. So also, all work you do, it is God's work. Do not think I am working in hospital, college, hostel or Central Trust. Everything is God work But you make it bad work by thinking of differences. In book stall you tell this is Rajan's work. That is neither Rajan nor Central Trust work. It is all Sai work. Be united in every small thing too. Then you will get true meditation. But you close eyes and search for mosquitoes biting you! All work done by this body is God's work. Then no need of any tapas or penance. Many are doing japam and instead of forgetting the world, they forget the rosary! Whatever you think in the heart, that will happen. That is everything. Any more doubts?

How to be spiritual following the Gruhastha Dharma? That is also divine! Think that is divine work Do not separate things as worldly or spiritual. Everything is God. In and around God! Is it not being boastful telling that I am God I am God?

NO. That is the correct. Satyam. If you think you are God and do mad things then its wrong. When you think you are God, work like God If you do something, think "Will God do like this?" Search yourself. That is true. Whatever work you do - home work, office work- do not separate them. You are important. Nothing else exists and you are there everywhere. Keep the I. Forget the differences of work of all sorts. That is Oneness! So in everything, get rid of I and mine. If these two are gone, all is achieved. This is my towel. If I give it to you, how will it be mine? There is nothing called mine. Have no sense of difference.

Swami we are all very grateful to you! Then You should not tell that! Treasure and keep it! Its all God's Grace. Grace alone gives you gratefulness. Without Grace, everything is grass! You cannot divide and chop Grace. You can cut grass but not Grace. All are happy? YES SWAMI!! All look forward to such sessions with you! Very happy. I'll give one more opportunity. (claps)

Swami then permitted a senior brother to speak a few words. He beautifully recounted experiences with Swami that had touched him and in turn everyone gathered at His feet, very deeply! After that, Swami asked all the students to sing songs. Two Telugu songs narrating the unique love between the Lord and His devotee and a Hindi song expressing the great joy at being in HIs presence praying that such things happen over and over again were sung. Swami then looked at the clock and said, "Even bhajans time is over!" After Receiving Aarthi and blessing prasadam to be distributed to all, Swami retired for the day. ... 

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy Mukesh Patel -  03.09.2008

Courtesy KM Thursday, 4 September, 2008 12:55 PM

Prasanthi Update - September 1st :

In the morning Swami came to Kulwant Hall at around 9.00 AM and after taking a long and complete round of Kulwanth Hall in His Chair, Swami went into the Bhajan Hall and after a Few Bhajans, Swami accepted Mangala Aarthi and then surprisingly drove outside to the bypass road. Swami came out in the evening at around 4.30 PM and gave Wonderful Darshan on the portico. Swami then spoke to a Few Devotees on the Verandah and then went inside the Bhajan. At around 6.30 PM, Swami accepted Mangala Aarthi. Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM Tuesday 2 September, 2008 10:49 AM

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