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Courtesy: K M

Sai Shirdi

Sai Ram Embodiments of Shirdi, Sathya and Prema Sai

I've just now returned from an awesome birthday celebration! about 2 weeks ago a devotee told me to keep the 28th of October in memory, something to do with honoring the ancestors and Shirdi. This morning, partially recalling the devotee's words, I said to Swami mentally, well I don't know what this is all about, but I am not going to bother with it. Later after evening Darshan, I met up with my buddy, Lalitha, we had a cool drink and went for a walk, later she wanted to circumambulate Ganesha in the ashram, so we orbited Lord Ganesha after which we were about to go for a walk towards the rear of the ashram, when an acquaintance approached Lalitha and excitedly described a function going on over by the General hospital. Hurriedly, we dashed over there, discovering that it was actually a birthday celebration for Shirdi Sai Baba!

A thousand captivating candles illumined the beautiful Shirdi Mandir near the General Hospital. Crystal waterfalls cascaded down an artfully sculpted, faux mountainside. In the center of the waterfall was a golden Om composed of many flickering flames. At the apex of the mountain was a marvelous statue of Lord Shirdi Sai tenderly overlooking the devotees and at the base a five headed cobra, the Nag, it's hoods fanning out over a white Shiva Lingam......... an absolutely breathtaking vista! Thank You Swami!

This afternoon Darshan our God of the Universe entered the Mandir His divine hand raised in blessing. I was seated facing the entrance in the middle, island section. Swami gave us all ultimate bliss coming in His Royal Chair.

I have been nursing the idea that we should really try and give back something to the Universe everyday. God takes care of us all so wonderfully, we should share some our blessings with others. On one recent occasion, I bent down to give some food to a person on the street and had the unique and amazing sensation of milk flowing from my heart, it was a very intense and vivid impression.

Well my dears the hour grows late. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 28.09.2007

Sai Ecstasy

Sai Ram Embodiments of Pure Love

This morning Darshan, our Baba came at the very last minute, we were all mustering up the strength to face the day without His blessed appearance, when the sun broke thru the gathering clouds and everyone's face lit up with the rays of His heavenly chair darshan., I was seated in the middle island section. Swami went down the main aisle then made a sharp turn up the side of that section coming very close to us and on to the veranda. He stayed briefly, bhajans finished and Lord Sai exited the Mandir.

This afternoon For the third time this week I had a wonderful front row position facing the entrance of the Mandir in that middle island section that I love. He came in His car and again turned up the Ladies side to the veranda. He sat outside with us enjoying a performance put on by youth from Uttrakhand, India. It was entitled, Mahasu Ki Mahimas, a collection of folk dance and songs describing the leelas of Lord Shiva and Gram seva.

Swami distributed white cloth to the Youth and also allowed photo moments, afterwhich prasadam was distributed.

Lately, I have been reflecting on how very important Seva is, the world is so full of discord and hatred, Love is the only way and Seva is the direct expression of Purest Love. That's why our Baba places so much emphasis on service. Love all, serve all and feel the expansion from within and without.

For the moment the crowds have subsided, these sweet interludes with our Bhagavan are so precious, I try not to miss any Darshans. Sai Avatar, an incarnation of God greater than anything the world has ever witnessed is here amongst us, what more can I say?!!!

Lots and Lots of Prema
sonya ki

courtesy: Saibabanews 26.09.2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam : 

Neti Yashoda Karanam Subbamma:


It is not a story untold. It is not a description of an unknown. Yet it had a great impact on the minds of the audience and captured the heart of our Sweet Lord. The portrayal of the story of Karanam Subbamma by the children from Mahaboobnagar district was a phenomena by itself.
The theme of the dance-drama was the relation between Yashodha and Karanam Subbamma. The story began with the scene of Akrura coming to visit Krishna to take him to the kingdom of Kamsa. In the dialogues that follow, Yashodha is made to understand that she is not the mother of Krishna and that Krishna is not an ordinary human, but the divine incarnation. With Krishna revealing his identity to Yashodha, He also promises her that his relation with her as mother and child will not be taken away and that he will bless with one more such opportunity in the kaliyuga when He is born as Sathya Sai.

The scene now shifts to Parthi village where Karanam Subbamma is lovingly feeding Sathya and his friends and she is always immersed in his thoughts. In the later scene, she declares that all her property will be written in the name of Sathya for His work. She prays to him that when the last moment comes, He should be with her and feed her the tulsi water such that she will reach His Feet.

When the time comes for her departure, Swami is not in town and when doctors declare her dead, people comment that Sathya has not kept his promise! Well, we all know that Swami did go there and revived her, fed her and made her leave in peace.

The major highlights of this program was the wonderful telugu dialogues. Full marks to the script writer(s) and music. Digitally recorded tracks was pleasing to the ears. Clarity was the hallmark of the program. Acting, well, no words to describe. The cute young Sathya captured everyones attention. The girl who acted as Subbamma was crying in the end. She was so much involved in the role she played.
Another nice thing was that instead of really showing the scene of Karanam Subbamma lying on her death bed, the scene was just narrated, to avoid making everyone become emotional! Towards the end, a big portrait of Subbamma was displayed.
The entire program was well organized with good settings. The dances in between were good with colourful costumes. The program brought back memories of those beautiful days in Puttaparthi. Subbamma was truly Yashoda of those days!

Swami came down and spent time with the children. Gave them some gifts of love and also group photographs.

The Mahaboobnagar people had arranged for distribution of tricycles, computers, sewing machines, etc, for some deserved people. This was announced before this program commenced and swami blessed those.
Om Sai Ram
emailed by KM on 24.09.2007

Sai Compassionate

Sai Ram incarnations of Love and Bliss

This afternoon's Darshan was just too exquisite for words!!!!

Due to the massive crowds, it was all on a first come first mad dash basis.

I was able to find a really incredibly blessed place about third row in the exit aisle.

While we were waiting for the Lord to arrive in all His Divine Splendor. We noticed a young lady and (I am assuming) her Mother. The young woman had a robe she wanted to have blessed by Swami, all the close seating had been swallowed up and the elderly lady tried desperately to get the Seva Dals to squeeze the young woman into a front seating.

Finally, the woman directly in front of me called her over and graciously gave up her seat. What a magnificently kind act; most of us are particularly possessive when it comes to any chance of being close to Baba. The kind lady went to the back but no one wanted to move and allow her to get a seat even there. I called her over and she squeezed in behind me. Then another loving lady in the first row promised to exchange places with her when Swami exited.

Our Illustrious Baba made His splendid entrance seated on His Throne and gave fantastic darshan, roaming around the Mandir, showering Bliss on everyone.

There was one occasion when He came down on the Ladies side and once again, I called to Him imploring Him to come over to our side. He faced us and permitted some V.I.P. ladies to come over, and sit at His lotus feet for an extended time allowing us to breathe in the vivid, endless beauty of His blessed form. After which, once more He wavered as if being pulled by the invisible magnet of our Love, but turned instead and gave attention to the crores of blue scarved devotees from Andrah Pradesh.

These devotees put on a lovely performance in Telugu, Swami sat enjoying thoroughly, blessing the performers with sari cloth and photo moments.

When our Lord exited the Mandir, as promised the lady in front row exchanged places with the young maiden offering the robe. She was sobbing uncontrollably. Our merciful, compassionate Lord, turned His Heavenly face towards us and as He passed her lifted His golden hand in Blessing. Paradise!!!!!!!!

It is sheer madness outside the ashram, I can't imagine anymore people fitting into this tiny town, but our Lord has predicted that 2/3 of the world will believe in Him before it is all over!!!! all I can say is WOW! More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 23.09.2007

Sai Immeasurable

Sai Ram Atmic beings

This weekend bus loads of devotees arrived from Andhra Pradesh. The Mandir was filled to the brim, nevertheless our Sweet Lord gave me very wonderful Darshan yesterday evening and this morning.

Yesterday, I was able to secure a spot very near the entrance of the Mandir, the crowds went willd as our Baba entered the Mandir in His chair, He smiled, beaming joy and resplendent rays of Light throughout the hall. Swami circled the Mandir, and then went onto the veranda, sitting outside awhile with us before going into the bhajan hall. After bhajans I was able to see Lord Sai facing my section while exiting. As He turned the corner, I said softly, turn, turn, please one look. What delight! what bliss! Swami turned His Divine Head, Zeus hurled a golden thunderbolt in our direction.

This morning Darshan I arrived late, all the wonderful spots were taken and I was shooed to the back of the overflowing Mandir. I watched for an opportunity to come forward again. The second bhajan token line cleared out and I dashed to that section, I was able to get a perfect place on the left side of the wheelchair section. There I sat with other devotees waiting for a glimpse of the Lord of the Universe.

Bhajans started and shortly thereafter Bhagavan glided down the main aisle, orbiting the Mandir, thru the throngs of white dressed students, as He neared our section, I again whispered "come here, come here, Baba looked over towards us wavering like He might come, as if the magnetism of our Love was overpowering Him, then He resisted and sailed onto the podium. Bhajans soon ended and Swami exited royally in His vehicle.

When I left the ashram I had the good fortune of running into a very special person, a former Baba student who lived in Florida for awhile, now residing in Canada, Sathya. He introduced me to a Mr. Ventakesha, whom he said was responsible for all the sports events in the Ashram and played a principle role in the construction of the new International Sports center. I invited Sathya to come for satsangh at my new place.

The rains have ceased and the weather here has been beautiful and bright. Sending you all crores of Sai Love and Peace.

Lots of Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 23.09.2007

Sai Amritam

Sai Ram Dear Ones

Our precious Swami has not come out for the past several heartbroken mornings, we have had to focus hard and feel His invisible Presence in, around, above and below us.

Thursday afternoon Darshan was magical. I saw my friend Lalitha in the token line and we sat together. Suddenly all Heaven broke loose. It was around 2:45 or so and our Lord of mischievous pranks appeared, we all darted to the fence and gates outside the mandir, straining for a glimpse of Him, the Seva dals trying fruitlessly to maintain order. The men were already seated inside the Mandir, Swami entered slowly and turned up the Ladies side of the hall onto the veranda. We watched from outside as He gave Darshan to beings not visible to the naked eye. Then we all returned to the discipline of the token lines. Lo and behold Lalitha and I received token numeral 1 !!!!!

We dashed to the main center aisle receiving front row right before the VIP lines. Swami was inside the interview room, after which gorgeous Sai Krishna sat outside and allowed us to sip from the celestial cistern of His form. We all swooned in that sweetness, as our beautiful God cast holy looks in our direction.

One of the VIP's directly in front of me was called into the interview room a little later, and another left after Swami went inside. My loving friend gave me the front row seat, and when the lady who had received the interview returned, I was seated next to her, she exclaimed that Swami said, "she never expected me to call her," One lady from Singapore asked her how to go about getting an audience with Lord Sai it was her first trip to Parthi and she didn't know the ropes. Everyone set about telling her it was totally Swami's Will on who to call for an interview. She then asked how did Swami know everyone's name and what did He do inside the interview room. The devotee who had obtained this boon, graciously told her that Swami knows everything and that He speaks to us under those intimate circumstance like a very concerned Parent to a child.

Bhajans started and the Bliss continued.

Yesterday Darshan, Swami came in His car and gave more interviews then sat inside for bhajans. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 22.09.2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Krishanaashtami festival this year was a unique experience. It was very special, especially because i got a chance to participate in the key programmes. thus i could have many insightful first hand experiences.

A few days before the festival, Swami expressed His wish to have a cow procession led by students on the festival day. It has been a custom for decades for the students to get the cows to mandir on this day and then Swami would feed the cows with fruits, then bless the students too.Thus it is one of the sought after chances for the students here. but slowly, the many chances that we get on this day have been reducing year after year.

So, this year, none of us expected this event. It was Swami who mentioned it to an elder and asked for the programme. for days, i had been thinking about how all of us used to enjoy getting lots of chances on this day, in the past. i felt sad that those wonderful times were a thing of the past. Few days later, a student brother came up to me and said that Swami asked for the cow procession and that i was selected as one of the cowboys! my joy knew no bounds.

The next morning, all the selected students assembled in Gokulam for getting a practice on handling the cows. Myself and another student brother were assigned a cow kept near the Samadhi place of Swami's parents. this cow (Gayatri) is special, since the milk given by her (approx. 16 litres a day) is supplied to Swami's residence. She was one of the two cows selected from the Samadhi place for the procession (the other was her mother). Gayatri was four months pregnant. She was very cooperative when we took her for the practice walks, unlike other cows who took the boys for a ride.

After two days of practice, the D-day of festival arrived. We got up early in the morning and proceeded to the cow shed to decorate our cows. The procession began at 8 am. It was truly an amazing sight as the little Krishna Gita was leading some 20 cows. also, there were other animals like the deer, peacock and doves which were being brought by the students. The baby elephant was at her cheerful best.
We we entered the Kulwant Hall from Gopuram gate led by the baby elephant and arranged the cows in rows on both sides. Swami was just arriving to the Hall in car. He was wearing a beautiful yellow robe. He stopped near Krishna Gita, got down and fed Her fruits. KG was ready with her amusing pranks. First, she prostrated before Swami with her forelegs stretched and trunk raised.......

The Krishanaashtami festival

The Krishanaashtami festival this year was a unique experience. It was very special, especially because i got a chance to participate in the key programmes. thus i could have many insightful first hand experiences.

A few days before the festival, Swami expressed His wish to have a cow procession led by students on the festival day. It has been a custom for decades for the students to get the cows to mandir on this day and then Swami would feed the cows with fruits, then bless the students too. Thus it is one of the sought after chances for the students here. but slowly, the many chances that we get on this day have been reducing year after year.

So, this year, none of us expected this event. It was Swami who mentioned it to an elder and asked for the programme. for days, i had been thinking about how all of us used to enjoy getting lots of chances on this day, in the past. i felt sad that those wonderful times were a thing of the past. Few days later, a student brother came up to me and said that Swami asked for the cow procession and that i was selected as one of the cowboys!.....(to be contd.)


Sai Ram, I must apologise for my prolonged absence from the blogging world. during the past 20 days, so many interesting incidents have occured that one or two posts cannot capture them. well, the phrases like "interesting incidents" are a cliche here. But then,listening to any number of these do not quench our thirst enough.

These days, Parthi has been seeing a lot of rain; feels like the monsoon has just begun. Our beloved Swami has been equally unpredictable in His darshans and interactions. Recently, we witnessed the Krishnaashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi festivals. Generally, the mood is upbeat during these times but when we see that Swami too shows a keen interest in celebrations, our zeal knows no bounds. This is what exactly happened this time.

Before Krishnaashtami, Swami expressed His wish to have procession of Gokulam cows led by few of our students. There was a lot of excitement on that day, which i have dealt in detail in my next post.

The Ganesha festival was equally wonderful. As a custom, the students prepare Chariots for Ganesha to be taken to Swami during the immersion day. This year, the students showed a lot of skills in their innovation and design. There was a Dragon chariot by 12th class students, a chariot in the form of a huge ship prepared bu class 10, and many other beautiful masterpieces. Even the Hoggwarts school design was not spared!

Swami came very late, around 5 pm to see the chariots with Ganeshas. He went around and looked at each of them. we could see that he was very impressed, not because the chariots were good, but because His students had worked hard to impress Him. This is what happens in any programme. And this is what keeps us going. The bond with our mother is so deep and strong that both of us compete in making each other happy.

Well, keeping competition apart (After all Sai`s love has no competition) the entire evening was filled with joy. the chariot boys took Swami`s blessings and left for the immersion. even before the bhajans began, Swami went back to Yajur mandir. we were surprised. No sooner di we think that the session was over than our Lord sent a message: "All boys must return to mandir for bhajans, i want to see them." Can we measure the love of our Lord?

Each day, He makes it a point to come to the portico and sit for some time. it appears as if a shepherd watches over His flock of sheep. And His sheep can only wish that such times may last an eternity.

By a Sai Student

Prasanthi Update - 19th September.

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Parthi :

Today was the day when Swami had said that all the Ganesha statues must be immersed. Heavy preparations were on by the students and staff of all the institutions at Parthi. The Vidyagiri stadium had become home to the students who had become artisans designing vehicles for Lord Ganesha's journey. One could see the Harry Potter influence on school children as the main chariot was shaped like that of the Tri -Wizard tournament cup! There was also the Hogwarts shield as one of the palanquins. Apart from these, there was a chariot that was aptly named "Ekadanta Express" and was shaped like a train engine. A huge urn (sacred pot) was the theme of the Institute chariot. There were flowery chariots and the Ganesha temple at Prashanti Nilayam entrance had been beautifully replicated as the Central Trust chariot. (The descriptions here are only a few of the numerous chariots and palanquins that wended their way to the mandir.)

The roads had not only been washed by the heavy rains, they had clogged too! Everything everywhere was wet but nothing seemed to dampen the spirits of the students and staff as they walked in the procession singing bhajans and chanting vedas in full gusto. Within an hour, the mandir had a transformed look.

It looked like the divine forces had gathered on some ethereal battlefield - battling to win the Lord's Grace and Love. Swami came out at 4:40pm. He preferred to come on the wheel sofa rather than the car. He went around slowly looking at all the assembled chariots. The labour of Love seemed to be paid back in full with the look of Love. The head priests of each chariot went up to Swami with an idol of Ganesha and Swami blessed them. Swami also blessed the prasadam at many chariots.

The whole exercise of making these chariots is so spiritual. The central theme of the Bhagavad Gita is Karma Phala Tyaaga (renouncing the fruit of action - action without expectation.) This chariot making seems to embody that philosophy. Everybody sweats and toils- days and nights -to get beautiful chariots ready for Ganesha. The glory and grandeur of the chariots lasts only a few hours during the procession. Once the immersion ceremony is over, the chariots are just forgotten. Nobody seems to cringe or cry that such a mammoth effort is not being preserved. It is often missed but a real powerful example of detachment and renunciation. And all the effort is just to make Swami happy. It would indeed be an uplifting experience if we make our lives into one big chariot making ceremony.

Swami completed a full round and then took His place on the stage. He said that it was getting late and the idols should be taken for immersion. One by one in a disciplined manner, each chariot was brought front and displayed before Swami. Swami would bless the chariot and then they would be taken away. Each group seemed to adopt its own unique way of offering obeisances to Swami. Some of them, fell fully prostrate on the floor. There was a lion dance by one group, loud bhajans by another and a U shaped formation by some others. But the love, devotion and enthusiasm were all the common factors. By about 5:15 pm, all the chariots were on their way to the immersion pond. Boys rushed in to fill the place that had been kept vacant to accommodate the chariots.

The Veda chanting went on. It now seemed to be resounding as all the boys chanted with renewed vigour that comes when God sits in your midst. Swami was very insistent that the boys who had gone for the immersion be back in Mandir soon. What could be seen on His face was motherly concern and care. It had been raining very heavily the last few days in the evening and Swami wanted to be done with the immersion as soon as possible. He blessed prasadam to be distributed. Seeing the sweet packets in the hands of the students in the first row, He signaled them to eat them and have fun! Then, saying that He would be back soon, Swami left for Yajur Mandir. Bhajans began.

Messages were sent that Swami wanted all the boys back in mandir soon. A steady stream of boys began trickling into the Kulwant Hall. As per His word, Swami came out at about 6:00pm again and went into the bhajan hall. He once again came out on the wheel sofa as if to confirm whether all the boys had returned. He went around wearing a beautiful and fulfilling smile. All present were indeed fortunate to have God coming out to have their darshan literally for He wanted to ensure that all were safe and happy.

There are so many things that God need never do at all. He has no duties or responsibilities. He is complete freedom. And yet, when out of sheer Love for all of us, He goes out of His way to do things, one cannot help feeling touched. That same sensation welled up in anyone who sat seeing Swami going around at 6:15pm. Swami never tires of doing the same things over and over again - year after year. Ever-fresh - that must be one of the foremost qualities of Love.

Then at about 6:20 pm, Swami received Aarthi and then retired.

Courtesy: KM emailed on 19.09.2007

Sai Eternal

Sai Ram embodiments of Lord Sai

The Monsoon season is in full swing.Throbbing rains drench the roads and village of Puttaparthi. My friend Padma from South Africa, went to have the Darshan of the Chitravati River, she told me the river is so swollen and full there are huge fish leaping and playing in the holy waters.

This morning, our radiant Baba, the true Sun, broke thru the gray, cloudy skies flooding the Mandir with His Love. Swami, "Heaven on wheels," came in His chair granting us all the Bliss of His full form.

I was seated in my special island spot facing the entrance of the Mandir in the first row. Sai Avatar was all smiles, glowing from head to toe. As He looked in our direction, I felt that instantaneous divine switchboard connection. Swami continued down the main aisle. As we all scrambled to the other side of the island section to get more darshan from that angle, Swami abruptly turned up our side towards the veranda. I looked up just in time to see him flying along the edge, I thought to myself "Oh there You are,"

Again gazing fully in our direction, He chuckled and smiled giving us all glorious, copious looks. It's amazing that no matter how many times you see Him it always feels like the first breathtaking time!!!!! Such a beautiful darshan so unexpected, like a celestial butterfly alighting on one's extended finger.The skies may be dark and somber, but for all of us today, the Sun is definitely out.

Past few Darshans Swami did not come out in the Morning. At the close of the 3 day Ganesh celebration, He came and blessed all the beautiful, ingeniously constructed Ganesha's created by His students. We all had excellent Darshan.

The crowds have quieted down considerably after the Ganesha celebrations, allowing us all heavenly proximity to Bhagavan Baba.

Just now I also went with another friend Lalitha from South Africa to have the Darshan of the Chitravati River. It was indeed brimming and overflowing. Lalitha said that for many years it has been so dry and parched, it is only the blessing of Bhagavan Baba that has restored it to it's pristine glory. We both prayed on the banks of that sacred river, the same holy waters that the Lord of the Universe played in as a boy. The twilight shadows settling on the rippling river and the majestic hills in the background filled us both with a sense of beauty and awe.

More bliss later....

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 19.09.2007

Prasanthi Update - Ganesha Immersion Day

Today the 17th was the Ganesha immersion day. It is the tradition of the Prasanthi nilayam students to prepare chariots for carrying Lord Ganesha to the mandir and then take him to the lake for immersion.

This year also students had prepared different models for carrying their class Ganeshas. Colourful and innovative designs marked this years ceremony, like every year. Swami came for evening darshan in chair around 4:30 P.M and then took a look at all the chariots. Then, sitting on the dias, Swami ordered the groups one by one to come in front of him and show the same and exit. One particular model by the Ist pG students was really good, it was called "Ekadantha express" a train engine!! Similarly the charoit design by the Central Trust boys was architecturally fantastic. Swami said that all the designs were good and the boys had put in lot of effort to please HIM.

Swami blessed all the groups, sat there patiently till every one exited, then he went to his residence and sent message that boys may come back to mandir after immersion procession is complete. He came at 6 P.M and bhajans were there. He was gracious enough to come out in the middle of bhajans and go near students and allowed them to touch his feet as a mark of acknowledging their good work.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM emailed on 16.09.2007

Prasanthi Update - Ganesha Chathurthi Day

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

The Ganesh Chaturthi festival was a silent affair in Prasanthi Nilayam.

In the Morning Swami came very late and there were a Few songs and Bhajans. Swami blessed the Ganeshas before and also Swami instructed that the Pooja in the hostel should commence 10:30 A.M .

In the evening there was no Divine Discourse by Swami.

In the morning The Seva Dal of West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh had undertaken a service project of providing artificial limbs to handicapped people. The Sevadal and the handicapped persons had come to Prasanthi Nilayam three days back and were waiting for Bhagawan's Divine Blessings.

They were sitting in the front of the Dias and when Swami came at 9.00 A.M Bhajans were on, but Swami came straight and went near all these people and Blessed them. Swami first went the to the Ladies side and gave them Sarees and Vibuthi prasadam and of Course His Divine Blessings and then Swami went to the Gents side and spoke to quite a few of them, and also Created a Wonderful Diamond Ring to one person, and then blessed the handicapped people with dhotis and prasadam. They were all already on their artificial limbs. Then Swami gave a small but a Wonderful Speech in Telugu for about 10 Minutes and later asked Prof Anil Kumar to speak. Swami was very happy and told them that He is always with them and that if they all are happy HE will be happy. Bhajans and Mangala Aarthi followed.

In the Evening , the 2nd Year Under Graduate Students of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning put up a Wonderful Programme on the significance of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival and its significance. The Wonderful Drama recalled as to how Lord Krishna had to suffer on seeing the moon, and other stories, and also the story of Lord Ganesha winning the race by Going around His Parents the world were wonderfully Depicted. The Program also included a couple of dances. The costumes were rich and colourful and the students had put in enormous effort to make the entire program a big success. Swami spent time with the students before the drama and also after the program. He took some Group Photographs with them. Then Bhajans and Mangala Arathi followed.

Today ( 17th September ) is the Ganesha Idol Immersion day in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Courtesy: KM emailed on 16.09.2007

Om Sai Ram

Prasanthi Update - Drenched by Rain outside and by Divine Love inside

On Thursday, Bhagawan after 4.00 P.M which was quite late in the evening, But the Divine Lord sat outside for quite a long time and Blessed many Boys and also took letters from many Boys and one lucky Boy got a most Wonderful Gold Chain.

On Friday in the evening it began to rain and Swami did not come till 5.00 P.M . When Bhajans started and to the happiness of everyone Swami came in the Car and after Blessing everyone with a Full Round and also Accepting letters from many people, Swami blessed a few boys who were having small Ganesh idols for the Chathurthi Festival . When everyone was thinking that Swami will go to Bhajan Hall, Swami came onto the Portico and Blessed Many people.

Swami then took one full round on the upper portico, and instead of sitting in Bhajan hall, Swami came out again! While the outdoors were drenched by the rains from heavens, the indoors were filled with the grace of the radiant Lord, who chose to shower His love on the devotees who were seated there from afternoon. After spending sometime outside, Swami finally went to Bhajan hall, and in the meanwhile Prasadam was Distributed and Aarthi was taken at around 5.50 P.M .

Courtesy: KM emailed on 16.09.2007

Sai Ganapati

Sai Ram Temples of the Living God

Our Divine Baba showered His Golden Grace on us this afternoon Darshan, sitting out and enjoying a performance put on by the students in which the true meaning of Ganesh Chaturti was revealed. This morning I skipped Darshan but my friend Lalitha an artist from South Africa told me Swami gave a mini discourse and roamed around the Mandir giving excellent Darshan.

This evening as I was leaving the ashram I heard "Sai Ram" and a young man popped in front of me. I recognized him immediately although he had shot up tall as a beanstalk and matured considerably since 2003. The young man was Rajiv Adatia, I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2003, during my 6 month trip to Baba. He was introduced to me by a member of the Texas group. This young man has had numerous amazing experiences with Lord Sai. Swami has given him many interviews, and empowered him with a special vessel that fills up with vibhuti every time it is emptied. Baba has manifested himself in London where he resides and his house has become a mandir with vibhuti manifestations everywhere. Swami has blessed his website.

and in a 2003 interview has told him He is pleased with the work he is doing, his mission is to help the youth to develop faith in God.

Rajiv and I chatted briefly and then I asked him if we could meet later, he said that he was leaving tomorrow. So I said perhaps another time and then we said goodbye. Then immediately after that I ran into my friend Margot a long time Parthi resident and my friend Jalpa. I related what had just happened and they became excited and wanted to meet Rajiv. I said well I don't know where he is right now, a few seconds later Rajiv passed us on the street. I asked him if we could come right now and have satsangh, he graciously agreed.

Margot and Jalpa told me that they were just going to offer coconuts and garlands to Ganesha, we all went and offered our divine pranams at the feet of Lord Ganesh and then went for a lovely satsangh with Rajiv and his cousin.

Rajiv showed us a dazzling green ring Swami had materialized for him recently on the Darshan line. He spoke for a considerable time on the events of his remarkable life which if you are interested are available on his website.

He also mentioned in his narration that Swami had told him at age 21 his third eye would open and touched that area in an interview. I asked Rajiv what was his age now. He said he turned 21 this past May.

It was an exciting and uplifting satsangh a really beautiful gift from the Lord of the Universe. Well my kind friends the hour grows late, more bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 16.09.2007

Sai Ganesh 

Sai Ram Embodiments of Pure Existence, Awareness and Bliss

It's Ganesh morning in Prashanti. Outside my window I can hear the sacreds sounds of nagasankirtan cleansing the atmosphere.The local population of Parthi throng the streets, singing, chanting and praising the many names of God. I marvel at the spiritual vigor of the citizens of this holy land, Bharat. It is no wonder that God, himself, takes birth here time and time again throughout the ages.

As I enter the Mandir and sit to wait for our beloved Baba. The shining faces of devotees from every crook and cranny of our planet sit packed from beautifully adorned pillar to post.

Hours go by, it's 9AM and still no sign of Bhagavan, the crowds are growing anxious and restless, some have even nodded off waiting for Swami's wonder filled form.

Finally there is a stir of excitement emanating from Swami's residence. Our Lord of the Universe ascends His car chariot. As Swami enters the Mandir, brilliant reflections from the multicolored streamers and decorations dangling from the Mandir ceiling, danced across His silver vehicle like thousands of jewelled garlands.

Sai Avatar, resembling iridescent moonlight waves rippling across the ocean, moves gently and tenderly across the sea of devotees. Shiva Sai orbits the Mandir and ascends the podium. He goes inside briefly, then comes and sits at the front of the veranda allowing us to sip deeply, the nectar of His presence.

The students present a lovely musical programme and some other special offerings to Baba. As the music and ecstasy reaches a crescendo, our Loving God, the crest jewel of Krishna's crown, blazes forth like the sun in all it's glory bathing us in unalloyed bliss.

At the close of morning darshan, Swami raises His right hand in Divine Blessings on this most auspicious day. As Swami's car exits the Mandir golden reflections of the crystal chandeliers quietly mirror the beauty and splendor of the moment. More bliss later.

Lots of Bliss, Shanti and Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 15.09.2007

Sai Enigma 

Sai Ram magnificent embodiments of Baba

Our Lord has been playing hide and seek this week. Three times this week He skipped Morning Darshan. Yesterday afternoon Darshan was lovely. He sat out on the veranda, and showered us all with the blessed rays of His Love. Again, He materialized a gold chain for one of the students. I had an extremely good view from the island spot near the veranda even though I had a distant token, Swami managed to bring me close enough to witness this.

This afternoon Darshan, we were all on the verge of a stroke, thinking He wasn't coming out.

Bhajans had already started before He came in His vehicle answering all our fervent prayers.

Baba roamed around the veranda and thru the Bhajan Hall, then sat out on the veranda allowing full view of His exquisite form. The holy music of bhajans mingling with the refreshing sound of rain pouring down outside the Mandir.

There is usually a daily lecture in the ashram, different speakers for each day. On Fridays, Mr. Ventakesh gives the talk, I sat for his lecture this morning. There was one point during the lecture where He discussed the recent Lingam Swami materialized. Interestingly, I had been asked to confirm the fact that Bhagavan did indeed swallow that Lingam and was wondering who to ask. Mr. Ventakesh solved this problem completely. Swami did swallow the lingam. He said so many people have been asking him, why did Swami eat the Lingam. Mr. Ventakesh went on to say that Sai Avatar has said that He is the Lingam.

He also said we should not try to analyze Swami's leelas just enjoy Him.

Yesterday we enjoyed my house puja. The priest was very thorough and had a very sweet aura, we really felt Swami's presence during the prayers. After the blessing we distributed packets of food to the poor, it was a very elevating and happy day.

Tomorrow is Ganesh day, and will get a very early start, so off to bed. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 14.09.2007

Sai Leela 

Sai Ram precious embodiments of Lord Sai

First, I want to thank everyone who was so kind to send me the lyrics to the Sri Ragunandana bhajan, it has been a big help for my sadhana.

Today our Lord came in His silver vehicle for both morning and afternoon Darshan. This afternoon He came me a good token # 2, after having a few distant tokens for past few Darshans.

I was seated along the main aisle, His face turned in our direction, with a gentle, cool moonlight gaze. Swami circled the Mandir, and went onto the veranda. A little later He came out and sat in front of the students, blessing plates they were offering Him and throwing rice on their heads, He materialized a gold chain and pendent for one boy, I had a good view as the chain emerged from His Divine hand.

Later Swami went inside for interviews and Sai business.

I am getting read for my house puja tomorrow. It has been very exciting time, decorating and preparing the apartment for puja and satsangh. I would like to share a cute little leela with you:

While fixing the altar in my flat. I bought some spiritual items and also needed a chair for Swami. Since the space for the altar is somewhat limited, instead of a normal sized chair for Baba I thought a children's chair would be nice and compact, with a beautiful covering over it. I joked with the salesman that Swami is small anyway, He shouldn't mind, he agreed and said "yes He is lightweight."

I also had on my altar a very tiny Baba throne, those red, wooden ones you can buy for 25 rupees, with little padukas. Today when I was cleaning up I had to move the altar items quickly, since time was runnning late, and it was nearing Darshan time. I had placed the little Baba throne on my bed, forgetting it was there, I accidentally sat on it and heard a little crack from my weight. Immediately, I felt this was Baba showing me that the little child chair I had bought for Him was too small for Him.

While sitting in Darshan I said mentally, Swami if you want me to exchange that child's chair for a normal sized chair, give me some indication, maybe look in my direction, or, the thought flashed perhaps a bhajan that I sing often, then I said well maybe that's too hard, I'll just settle for a sweet look.

Right after these musings, the bhajan "Om Shivaya, Om Shivaya" resonated thru the Mandir, this was a bhajan I had sang often at the Sai centers in USA.

I felt for sure now that I had to exchange the chair. But in addition to this lovely acknowledgement, after exiting the Mandir, I could see Swami alighting from His car, He looked in our direction and raised His Holy Hand in Blessing!!

What joy! What wonder! our dearest Swami hears and responds to our every wish, as one devotee put it, "We are all really His children," yes and He loves us with the Love of a thousand Moms and Dads. Well, big day tomorrow, more Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 13.09.2007

Sai Chalice of Bliss

Sai Ram embodiments of Ananda

"Man exchanges the chalice of Bliss for a mouthful of dust" ~Sri Sathya Sai Baba

This morning our beloved Bhagavan allowed us to sip deeply from the calyx of His Holy nectar. Blessing us with chair darshan, He flowed into the mandir. I was seated on the main aisle after receiving a very good token #3. He came directly in front of us , stopped and talked to a women in the first line. Then I saw His Divine right hand orbit the atmosphere, extracting vibhuti from an invisible, ethereal source. Again that wonderful fragrance pervaded the air and we breathed in it's beauty and splendor.

He then gifted the vibhuti to that woman and turned and gave some to the woman next to her; (funny, I was just musing the other day on how He used to give vibhuti to several people instead of just one as He has been doing)

Swami continued circling the Mandir offering us all the sacred prasadam of His Presence. He also walked into the inner sanctuary for Bhajans, allowing full bliss of His form.

I have been singing the bliss of Rama's name, repeating the bhajan, "Sri Raghunandana Dasaratha nandana ~" I am not sure of all the words to this bhajan and would appreciate someone sending it to me, if possible.

Then yesterday afternoon Darshan our Lord of Prashanti, sat outside briefly with us and roamed around the veranda before going inside for bhajans. I was thrilled when that same exact bhajan resonated thru the Mandir, our Baba hears and fulfills! I have to dash for an appointment now. More bliss later.

Lots of Premananda
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 08.09.2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother in Prasanthi Nilayam :

Krishna Jayanthi - Morning :

Today morning was the celebration of the birth of the charming and sweet Lord - Sri Krishna. The music boys of the University had got ready with a programme. There was also the cow procession that had been scheduled. Swami, coincidentally, arrived exactly as the cow procession reached the Gopuram gate. Swami came in the car and as He neared the marble block area, He stopped to look at His devotees from the animal kingdom, so to say!! He was dressed in bright yellow and looked as sweet as ever. Leading the procession was Krishna Geeta, the new baby elephant. She had been decorated and looked like a miniature of Sai Gita. Swami said that He would get down near the animals. There was an anticipatory smile as He got down. He first fed bananas to Krishna Geeta who wolfed down everything very hungrily. First she came straight to Swami and making a customary salute, began to eat out of His hands. But soon she was attracted to the trays laden with fruits and her trunk went towards them more than towards Swami's hands. All observers tried to push her towards Swami, but it was a bit difficult. Swami just smiled seeing what she was doing.

God is such a fulfilling and elevating goal in life - in fact the only goal worth having. When we see God in all majesty, we are so overcome and rush straight to Him. Still however, the veil seems to lie so thick over us, that giving up the nourishment at His Divine hands, we hanker and clamour after the loads of "fruits" the world has to offer for us!! And the Lord just smiles. Animals have no discrimination, but what about us?

Swami then went ahead and started to feed the cows that had gathered. He didn't seem to mind the copious saliva from the cows that fell on His robe and hands. He went through feeding bananas to all. He also blessed the deer at the end. All the staff members at the Sri Sathya Sai Gokulam came to Him and offered roses and sought blessings. Swami blessed all and gave padanamaskar to some. Then as He went towards the stage, He once again blessed the elephant. Swami gently dipped His delicate hands into a bowl of water and wiped His hands dry. Aarthi was taken and Swami went to the stage. There two boys took white doves. Like He always does to anybody who comes into contact with Him, He "released" the doves to their "freedom". And just like anybody who has been "touched" by Him does, the doves returned and sat in front of Him on the railings facing Him. There were smiles everywhere and a burst of applause too.

Swami called Mr.S.V.Giri and told him to announce that the morning session was now over and that the programme in the evening would begin at 4:00pm. That being done, Swami received Aarthi and retired for the morning.

Krishna Jayanthi - Evening Programme :

The evening appeared to be a long one. Swami came in the car. The Institute Brass band had come dressed up as Gopalas. They had a programme unscheduled originally but scheduled by His Grace!! Swami completed darshan rounds and sat on stage. The band programme began. It was innovative in the sense that it aimed at depicting the birth and childhood of Lord Krishna through small skits in the foreground as the band played in the background. They played the piece, "the Tempest" to depict Krishna's journey to Nanda Gokulam. Then they played two more bhajans to show the rejoicing at His birth and thye subsequent butter leelas. Our dear Sai Krishna too had some plans of His own. He told the boys to stop the programme. Then He asked the drama scheduled to begin.

The drama was in Telugu and revolved around a lad Sri Hari who is called Anna by all in the locality where he polishes the shoes of school children. The father of one of the students condemns Hari and tells him that he better not associate with his son. what follows next are scenes where Sri Hari teaches profound lessons in humility and 'in'dependence as he reveals how Sathya Sai Baba with the gift of a tricycle and the spiritual gifts of faith and self confidence, has made him whatever he is today. The play was interspersed with dances to highlight the theme and these were very tastefully choreographed. Swami blessed all the participants with Abhayahasta at the end of the play and said that He was very happy.

Then came a bolt from the Saffron shall we say! Swami asked for the discourse table to be brought out. He then rose to speak and there was excited applause at this unexpected shower of Love!
The Divine Krishnastami Discourse:

Sathya (Truth) alone is responsible for the creation, sustenance and mergence of the whole universe. It is all pervasive. It is the Shuddha Satwa (Pure Principle). It is like the pure golden linga that Swami often takes out during Sivarathri. (Waves His hand and shows a golden linga for all to see and there is applause.) All the forms here also are manifestations of that pure principle itself. That came as Vishnu in the Krita Yuga, as Rama in the Treta and as Krishna in the Dwapara. Seeta always had one pointed attention on Rama. She kept seeing the one in all beings and had Rama in her thoughts always. For her, except Rama there was nothing else in the world. That oneness is the Suvarna (gold).

Gold has 24 carats and then alone is it Poornam (complete). It was during the times of Morarji Desai that 14 carat gold too came into existence and thus the gold value diluted. God has 16 aspects and then alone it is the Poorna Tatwam . Others do not have these 16 aspects. In Dwapara yuga, none recognised Krishna's divinity. He was barely 7 when he did the leelas with the gopikas. It was like playing with one's mother but people criticize him telling that he went after women. He is the ideal. Krishna was the ideal man in Dwapara yuga while Seeta was the ideal woman in Treta yuga.

God incarnates for the sake of devotees and to set man's mind right. In Dwapara, Kuchela was a poor brahmin but was always immersed in the thoughts of the Lord. His children kept asking him for food as they were hungry. But he always kept his faith and sang out, "Vaacham gocharundani." ( You are beyond all word and description. You protected Pandavas , satisfied Kuchela and even Kubera.) Krishna and Rama are the only two avatars accompanied by women. No other avatar has been so. But God is always One and has no second.

Dasharatha is one who has ten senses. He has three wives, Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi. The children were Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna with Rama's sister, Shanta. Dasharatha did not get a child from Kausalya and so he married Sumitra. In those days one had to take the permission of the other wife before remarrying. So when he asked Kausalya, she said, "Go ahead by all means. It is necessary to have an heir to the throne." And so he wedded Sumitra. Sumitra means a good friend and she was a good friend to all. When there were no children, with the permission of both the wives, he married Kaikeyi. She was from Kashmir. She put a condition,"

Since you are marrying me to get an heir to the throne, promise me that my child alone will be the heir to the throne." He promised her. There were no children again. And so the Putrakaameshti yagna was done. The pudding that emerged from that was distributed to the three wives.

Sumitra was heart broken. Kausalya's child will have right over the throne by the virtue of she being the senior most queen and Kaikeyi's child too will have a right as she has elicited a promise. What about mine??" Thus lamenting, she went to the terrace to dry her hair with smoke. Those days there were no electric fans or hair dryers! As she was doing that, an eagle came and took away her share of the pudding. It carried it to the hills where Anjana Devi was praying. She partook it and gave birth to Hanuman! Sumitra then went to her co-sisters. They both then gave her a part of their pudding. Thus the children were born. Lakshmana,born out of Kausalya's part was always attracted to Rama and Shatrughna was attracted to Bharata.

Even when it was so, while passing through the forest once, Lakshmana began to scold Rama as to why they alone had to suffer for no fault of theirs? That was because of that place being the home of many demons. Once they moved out of that place, Rama lovingly explained that to him. That is why one must always keep good company. The three of them settled in the beautiful forest. The Sarayu river too was nearby. At that time Sita saw the golden deer. After having renounced all the pleasures of Ayodhya, was she the one to run after the deer? No. It was all part of a plan. it also shows that if you go after Kama (desire), you will move away from Rama (God). That is why, less luggage, more comfort makes travel a pleasure. Lakshmana faithfully guarded her till she taunted him and flung insults at him at not going to Rama's aid. He drew a line and advising her not to cross it, left. ButRavana in the guise of a begging mendicant, kidnapped her.

In the war on Lanka, Lakshmana fainted. Hanuman went and instead of a single plant, got the whole mountain! As he was fling over Ayodhya, Bharata saw him and wondered, "Who is this flying monkey?" When Hanuman came down and related all details, even Sumitra and Mrs.Lakshmana, Urmila were also present. The noble Sumitra said, "If Lakshmana has fallen, then take my other son there. Rama will take care of everything I know. I am so happy that my son is of service to Rama." That was their nobility!

Finally with the killing of Indrajit, the war almost came to a close. Vibheeshana told Rama that the secret to kill Ravana was to shoot at his thumb. The fatal arrow brought a lot of joy to the monkeys. They all began to jump up to have a glimpse of Sita. Rama told that they must all fetch firewood. Sita had to undergo the trial by fire. The Lord of the fire himself came and testified to Rama that Sita was pure. He said, "Oh Rama! You are all knowing. Do you not know about the purity of Mother Sita?" Rama replied, "I never doubted her chastity but I wanted to prove to the world what an ideal woman she is." At this all the monkeys applauded. (The whole Kulwant hall also applauded!!) When Rama returned to Ayodhya, all the people sang joyously - Rama Kodanda Rama. (At this point Swami sang the whole song and there was a very energetic following for the bhajan. )

Rama, Krishna, Sai Rama, Sai Krishna - all are one and the same. Take any name. The Ramayana is a very sacred story. What I narrated now is true - all other versions have a lot of imagination too. Sing bhajans.

After the discourse, bhajans continued. Swami blessed prasadam for all. Then after a while, as He sat, He took the lingam in His left hand. Then, He slowly put it into His mouth and sipped water. After a short while, He turned to those seated near and said, "It has gone back in." Then He want to the car and retired for the day.

The Whole Day was a Divine Celebration of the Glory of the Divine Lord - Sai Krishna

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 07.09.2007

Recent Updates from Prashanti Nilayam, sent by a Devotee 

31st August Update

For the past two days, a banner heralding the Conference of all the office bearers of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations in India has been fluttering in the mandir premises. Half a dozen plasma tvs have been set up to act as add ons for the presentations to be made. But somehow, the conference has not yet been held at the Mandir in Swami's presence though the office bearers have met and achieved some constructive and fruitful ends.

Today afternoon, once again, Swami came out on the wheel sofa. But He was not accepting any letters. To any person who stretched out a letter, Swami just signaled for them to keep it. He was a picture of contentment just looking at everyone. He completed the ladies side and as He was among the boys, there were many eager beavers trying to give letters. Swami continued with the gentle signals and gentler smiles.

For once, let us trade places with Swami and occupy the wheel sofa!! As we come out every morning and every afternoon, there are a thousands of people waiting to relate their psychological problems, medical ailments, financial difficulties, relationship mismatches and yes, some are present even to offer their gratitude for favours received, to express their Love for Him. We are in that position where, by just reading all the correspondence received daily, we would have read almost every word that exists in a dictionary, and that too not the English one alone but many other languages too! And then, we are expected to smile as we receive yet another letter!!

But wait a minute, God is not supposed to be affected by the fatigue and ennui that affect us mere mortals right? Correct, but then God does not need to be informed of everything like mere mortals right? He knows everything. Well the problem arises if we make someone God for some reasons and mortal for others!! And as the famous episode goes, Swami told the genial Prof. Anil Kumar, "So many want to give letters to me." The professor replied, "Swami maybe they have some emergency and so they want to give letters to you." Swami quipped, "Once anyone comes to me, will they ever have an emergency?" When we write to Him, it is only for our satisfaction that He receives the correspondence and not out of His need to stay informed and there is no theorem or axiom that says that problems presented to Him on paper are faster resolved than those presented via prayer!

Swami completed the gents side too and then went into the Mandir portico. He took a round there also granting darshan. Then He came out and sat on the gents side of the stage. None had guessed that Swami had planned something grand. He called the co-ordinators of the Office Bearers' Meet and presented them with His robes. So many devotees the world over send robes to Swami as offerings of their Love and gratitude. Swami was now offering them back to His devotees as a sign of His Love and Grace. What happened next was truly special. Swami said that He would personally give robes to all the 500+ devotees who had gathered for the conference! There was so much excitement and joy!

All of them began coming to Swami in an orderly line. Up front, Swami continued to present them with robes. Many offered letters (!) to Swami which He now accepted. A few of them broke down in gratefulness and made no secret of their dedication and Love for Him. Swami sat thus distributing robes from 4:10pm when He sat outside, till about 5:00pm. Midway through, the organisers felt that they were tiring Swami and they even suggested that Swami could stop and just direct the distribution. But Swami continued. He appeared tiring, but the smile never faded. How does 50 minutes of continuously giving affect someone who has been doing it for the last 80 years!!

After the distribution, Swami went into the interview room. Bhajans began as scheduled and at about 5:35pm, Swami received Aarthi and left.

Sunday 2nd September 2007

In the morning all the students who have been students of Swami and presently serving in various capacities in His institutions were assembled in the Prayer Hall. There was an atmosphere of Joy and every face was shining. Swami came for darshan at 7.55 and came inside the bhajan hall. He asked why were all seated inside when the programme was outside.

A teacher said "Swami the programme outside is in the evening. Elders will be speaking. Swami should please speak to us." Swami then went on the wheel chair to where the lamp was and lit it. He also cut the cake. He then came and sat and asked,"What news?". and calling the co ordinator asked what the program was. There were some songs that had been prepared and Swami listened to them. One could see that He was very relaxed and enjoying the songs. One person from those who had assembled would come at the beginning of each song and give Swami a flower and a sheet of paper on which the songs were written. Swami received these and went through the lyrics as they were sung or closed His eyes enjoying the song and the full throated singing. Swami asked it to be announced that there would be a public meeting at 4pm in the Sai Kulwant Hall in connection with the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust's 35th anniversary in the Divine presence of Bhagavan. The announcement was repeated in Telugu also by a member of the Book Trust and Swami smiled when the announcement was completed. He asked, "Did you not eat any breakfast? So weak voice!!"

Swami then asked what was next. Two speakers were to speak. And so Mr. Ruchir Desai, a lecturer at Brindavan campus, came forward and spoke. He spoke of our gratitude to Swami and said "Why is one grateful to the Sun? it because it rises everyday bringing light and joy to the world ? or because of it the bees and birds sing or we get the warmth .. these and many more and so then what to speak of the one who has put the sun in place- our Lord?" The speech was very apt and at the end Swami rewarded him with a smile and a pat on the head.

It was next the turn of Mr. Satish Babu to speak. He spoke his heart out and narrated incidents . One of these was about a student who was sick and so he gave him a set of instructions like - be careful about what you eat. Do not go out and play and many such things. The student agreed to follow all these instructions except the one in which he was asked to pray to Swami. No I will not do that as He will cure me instantly but He will Himself suffer the illness. Such pure thoughts can only come even to such small children by the blessings of Swami. Another incident was about how one day he was told of a sick boy and being busy went off for darshan forgetting to attend to the boy. Waiting for the darshan he suddenly remembered the student and was torn between his desire for darshan and the call of duty but convincing himself that it was the lord who was actually looking after everyone he sent a prayer to Swami to look after the small student. When he returned from darshan the small boy came up to him and thanked him as he had given him medicine on time and he was now fine .. revealing that it was indeed the Lord who is the doer. Swami was also very touched with his speech. He blessed him with a Padanamaskar and a pat.

After this Swami reminded us that there were two songs and asked us to sing them. So they sang 'O maa, O maa' and "why fear when I am here."

Swami then asked how many boys were there and when the reply came as 155 boys, He smiled and said "anthe na." (Is that all?).

Swami then asked Subramaniam ( research scholar) what he was doing. Swami then asked Praveen "Nuve kada America Poyindi?" (Was it not you who went to America?) "Yes Swami" was the reply.

Swami: What did you do?

Praveen: I did hospital management swami

S: What are you doing now?

P: Administration work in Bangalore hospital swami people are not able to believe that we are doing free surgeries in our hospital swami

S: We are not doing for them to believe...we are doing it for our happiness

P: In our hospital we are able to do operations which even big hospitals are not able to do Swami. Even hospitals like Nimhans send patients to us.

S: They don't send for that sake. they send because we are doing free operations

P: We do all kinds of complicated surgeries swami

S: How many doctors are there?

P: 60 doctors swami. Doctors who are less qualified than Dr. Hegde himself are offered 5 crores outside swami, even Dr. Hegde got so many offers, he rejected all of them saying he wants to work in swamis hospital.

S: Money has no value….

P: Yes swami money has no value

S: Money has value but the people who take it lose their value

P: Swami in our hospital we perform 8 brain surgeries each day

S: How many heart surgeries?

P: 6-8 swami, Angioplasty etc are 20 per day swami

S: Those are small. Who does them?

P: Dr. Das swami

S: Oh Orissa man

P: He is also getting so many offers swami. But he also tells that he is born to do only swamis service. In one of the fields of brain surgeries called Aneurisms our hospital is world no 1. One of the boys doing P.hd in our hospital also got all India gold medal swami.

S: chaala manchidi (Very good)

P: People who study here and go out are taking care of patients very well Swami. From our hospital one Mr. Keshava Murthy joined Apollo hospital, they were ready to pay him a huge amount, but he said to give that to poor patients

S: That is not Apollo hospital it is appulu (debts) hospital..If you get admitted there you have to incur debt.

P: Many foreign doctors are also are wanting to come and join here Swami.

S: If they are good give permission. If they are not good and then they spoil our name, don't give the permission.

P: Seeing that the facilities in our hospital are good, they want us to start courses so that they can learn here and earn outside. Outside each MRI costs 10000 Rs and X-Ray 500 Rs. And we do 20 MRIs per day Swami.

S: Money earned like that wont stay

P: Both our hospitals in Parthi are doing so much work Swami. Swami is doing what govts are not able to do.

S: Government does not do any work

Student: Politicians just come for votes and promise that we will give gas stove, tv etc.

S: They give only GAS (we all laugh)

P: Because of Swami's water project so many could benefit.

S: Yes in Chennai small children were drinking dirty water and spoiling their health (there were tears in Swamis eyes). Now they are getting good drinking water.

In Redhills there is lot of wastage due to the mud there. We told Karunanidhi to tell us when it is dry and that we would do desilting. We have put polymer there in order to curb wastage. You may believe it or not every Monday I sign cheques for distribution towards various projects. Kondal Rao and L&T Ramakrishna take good care and do these works without bothering about rain and sun. That's why I gave each of them one car. I gave Chakravarthy also one car so that he can go round and see that every thing is alright.

P: Swami all our students are getting a good name outside

S: Yes before it was not like this but now they are good. They all came with their wives and children in aeroplane. They say that they get peace only here.

When the conversation turned to the music college and it was mentioned that " Swami our music college boys sing well…Swami interrupted and said "they sing well but are always scared as to when they may fall!" provoking laughter. (It was a lovely pun reminding all of us that we need to not only ensure class in our talents.. singing or whatever it is but also our behaviour).

Aravind of Super Hospital Bangalore asked "Swami please give us all a message on this occasion." Swami said "Chese pani tho trupti padandi.. atla unte ne repu thanni baga cheyyochu." (Be happy with whatever work you are doing and don't think that you are doing for some one else then only you can be happy.) Mamaivaamso jeeva loke jeeve boothasanathanaha.

They expressed our gratitude to Swami that He had blessed us with the opportunity to serve Him.. Swami said smiling," Meerandaru cheyyagalaru. thani valla ne meeku ee avakasam icchanu… andariki istunaana?" (I know that you are all capable of discharging your responsibilities. That is why I gave you this opportunity. Do I give it to everyone?)

It was already about to be 10 o clock and Swami asked for the Aarathi. He Himself lit the camphor, and blessed the basins of sweet prasadam which boys showed to Him. When boys asked for group photos and paada namaskar, Swami said, "I will give it to you in the evening."

In the afternoon, Swami came out at 4:00 pm. He had said in the morning that 4:30 onwards would be the Rahukaalam. All the students working in various places in the Central Trust (CT) had assembled by 2:30 pm itself. Swami went directly on stage and took His seat in the centre. Four respected seniors working for Swami were part of the panel to discuss on the role of Sai Institutions in transforming lives. They were, the All India President, Mr.V.Srinivasan, the Secretary of the CT, Mr.Chakravarthi, the former vice chancellors, Mr.S.V.Giri and Mr.G.Venkatraman. First there was an introductory speech by Mr.Rameshwar Prusty. He gave a brief outline of the formation and functioning of the CT. There were two speeches by Mr.Sudheendran and Dr.T.Ravikumar. Sudheendran with the aid of the vedic lore narrated experiences as to how Swami had come to become God for him and how he had slowly but surely shaped and moulded him.

The second speaker said that though he had lost his mother at a very tender age, he never felt the lack of a mother's love in his life. He narrated his experiences where Swami had shown him that Loving him meant more to Him than anything else. Being deeply touched by His love, he spoke with that conviction and his emotions slowly percolated the fibre of every listener till the whole of the third block seemed to be in deep emotion of gratitude. The for elder speakers spoke on the various ways in which Swami was inspiring every Trust and every member with His Love and His example. After them, though it was 5:35pm, Swami rose to speak.

The Divine Discourse-

Embodiments of Love,

Our students have sacred hearts, pure minds, selflessness and innocence. A few of them may commit mistakes but they correct it on their own. Therefore students are our Central Trust. They do all the work. The elders are there as elders alone and the students take care of everything. Sometimes however, elders commit mistakes due to the students. Students are not to be considered as small children. In fact, I stood up not to talk to you but to describe the glory of their selflessness. The work done by them is really wonderful and unique. These students are the future support of the Central Trust (CT) also. The CT fully depends on them. There are students working day in and day out. One cannot single out who are those and specifically name them. All work very hard. None can describe their abilities. So students, you should put the CT on the proper path and show the ideal to the world by being leaders. The Ct will progress because of you; the future depends on you.

Not only the money here but all the Pani (work) too is yours. Outside everywhere it is only money, money and money. Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. Your morality makes your status high. So uphold the morality. Being human, we have our imaginations and expectations. But these are all to be considered as illusions. They are not permanent but like passing clouds. Do not submit to them and be victims of your imagination. For the purpose of keeping up the character, all other forces must be resisted and all other things be cast aside. Dear students, your effulgence, your future and your work must all be ideal and then alone will the world emulate you. Science has advanced into "Trick Knowledge" instead of Technology these days. Only the feelings that arise from your heart are True and Permanent. Discriminate between Truth and Untruth. All the unnecessary things must be cast aside.

Spend all time in sacred duties. How many students are there working in CT? (Answer comes as 155.) All come and sit in the front. (Swami tells the boys behind Him to go in and get watches for all) Sanctify the time, utilize it properly and achieve a good name. not only the CT, other Trusts too depend on you. But do not depend on any Trust. Have Self-Dependence. Atmashakti must be the basis for that. Have self confidence and that will confer everything on you. Faith gives you power. It is responsible for the flow of Love. No Faith- No Love. Only out of Love can anything be achieved, big or small. Faith and Love are the two eyes without which one is blinded. Truth is God. Love is God. Live in Love. Truth and Love are the two feet on which I walk on. I achieve everything with this confidence.

The British promised drinking water to Madras but faltered on it. I sanctioned it immediately. You may not believe it, but every Monday, I sign cheques . Chakravarthi knows about this. It is his job to distribute it. Swami can do everything but some help is needed. I have kept some as Trust members and through them I send the cheques. For Madras, the Godavari water was not enough. So water from the Krishna was diverted via Bhadrachalam and through taps has reached every hut. Every child says there, "Sai Baba has given us nectar!" But for that I never extended my hand even for a naya paisa. You all know that if Swami asks, so many are ready to give. But I never desire for anything from anyone. My Will is the power.

Never worry about money. It is the virtues that are more important. Have Love and with that anything can be attained. Never expect anything from anyone. Love will supply everything like a current. Dont worry for anything. That Love will give everything. Never tread the wrong path. Do not utter untruth. Don't resort to injustice. Don't be intolerant. Sahana (Tolerance) is of utmost importance. Bharatitas have everything but only lack in Unity. Unity leads to Purity and then to Divinity. When that Unity Love exists, all desires are automatically satiated.

Never feel bad that Swami is not talking to you or spending time with you. My mind is always on you children. Without you I cannot exist. when you exist I exist and when I exist you exist. I and you are one. With that feeling, do your work happily.

Swami then out of supreme Love personally gave each of the 155 students a beautiful wrist watch. It was a beautiful sight to see the Mother blessing her children in spite of the time being so late. Till about 6:15 Swami distributed watches. He also personally gave prasadam to many of the students. After that, Mr. Harishankar delivered the vote of thanks. Swami then received Aarthi and left.

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 08.09.2007

Sri Krishnastami Divine Discourse - Excerpts

Sathyambu nandude sarvambu shrustinche,
Sathyambu nandanage sarva shrusti
Sathyambu nandanage sarva shrusti
Sathya mahima leni stalamedi kanugonna sudha satwa midiye choodarayya

Meaning :

Every thing is born out of truth
Each and Everything Merges in God
There is no place without truth, Every thing in this world is born out of truth
Truth is all pervasive. Truth is present in every one of us, Truth is one and not two.

All the Swarna lingams(Golden lingams) that I manifest are the Truth.

At this time Swami's Right Hand rose a little and after Two Divine little circular motions, there emerged a Brilliant, Wonderful and a Most Dazzling Golden lingam Which was almost Thrice the size of a normal egg. Everyone folded their Hands in Namaskar.

Swami then Continued as everyone were still keeping their Eyes fixed on the Golden Lingam:

This is the Divine Truth, Depending on the time, The Divine Paramatma has been manifesting in Human form to teach this Divine Truth. In the Krita Yuga it was Lord Vishnu. In the Treta yuga it was Lord Rama and in Dwapara yuga it was Lord Krishna who came in human form in this world to correct the whole of Mankind.

Many still do not understand the Divine Avatar like many misunderstood and to this day misunderstand the love of Lord Krishna, They think He was after Gopikas all the time.. How many of you know the age of Lord Krishna when He was performing leelas with Gopikas? Only 7 years old.. Many of the Gopikas were much much elder to Him. They all enjoyed Krishna's Divine company and so did Krishna. That is what is meant by Pure and Divine Love. Krishna had more than 16000 Gopikas with Him. The role of Sathyabhama was also a Very Significant one. Krishna wanted to tell the world how devoted she was and thats why she had to come into His life.

Rama was also another avatar who always adhered to truth, Rama always stood for Truth and Love. Dasaratha was also a very Devoted man. What is Dasaratha. The one with 10 chariots. He had 10 senses. Kausalya was his first wife. As she didn't conceive Dasaratha decided to marry another queen. In those days, the husband used to take permission from the wife to marry someone else. Kausalya was a noble and pious lady. She gave permission and thus Sumitra came into Dasaratha's life. Su- Mitra (a good friend).. As the name, she was a very friendly person. There is very less mentioned Ramayana about her. There are no words to describe her devotion.

Dasaratha then decided to marry Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi was the daughter of King Kaika, the present Kashmir. Since the king already had 2 wives, Kaikeyi's father had second thoughts about the marriage. He put one condition to Dasaratha. Since you are marrying my daughter for a heir to your kingdom " I will give my daughter in marriage in one condition. You should give your kingdom to the son of Kaikeyi and not your other wives' children ".The king after due consultation with his queens agreed to the condition. Dasartha along with his three wives performed Putra kamisti yaga. the priests after the yagna gave Payasam(rice pudding) as prasad and asked the three to partake the prasadam. The prasadam was divided into three equal parts in three bowls.

In those days there were no fans or electric hair driers. So Sumitra climbed the terrace to dry her hair. She put the bowl with the pudding on the terrace wall and was adjusting her hair. In no time there came a eagle and took away the bowl. Sumitra ran down and narrated the incident to her two in-laws. In those days in laws were not like the present day in laws. They were very friendly and co-operative. They both contributed half share of their pudding to Sumitra and three of them partook the prasadam.In no time Kausalya gave birth to Rama and Kaikeyi gave birth to Satrugna and Sumitra gave birth to Lakshmana and Bharata. Since she had shared the pudding with both, Lakshmana was close to Rama and BHARAT was close to Satrugna.

Sita, who married Lord Rama was woman of character. Even after being abducted she always had Rama's name in her mind. They had to go to exile in the forest. Greed came in the form of a golden deer. The moment she saw the golden deer, in spite of knowing that it just can't be a deer as there is no deer made of gold in this universe, her mind started to ask for the deer. Lord Rama, obliged because, that was for the first time that Sita asked for something. Since she came all the way with Him to the forest, setting aside all the royal comforts, Rama wanted to make her happy. The moment she had desires, her husband went far away from her.. In the same way THE MOMENT YOU HAVE DESIRES... GOD DISTANCES HIMSELF FROM YOU.. Less luggage more comfort..make travel a pleasure.

As Rama went in search of the golden deer, Lakshmana stayed with Sita.As Rama didn't return back, Sita got worried and asked Lakshmana to go search for Him. Lakshmana was bit hesitant to leave her as his brother had ordered him to stay with Sita till He returns. Not knowing what to do, Lakshmana drew a line with his arrow (Lakshman Rekha(line)) and says to Sita not to cross the line come what may...In no time comes the demon Ravana in the form of a poor beggar. Sita goes inside and gets some food grains and tries to give it to him standing within the line but the poor priest pleads to come out and give and Sita pitying at his condition obliges and in no time Ravana abducts Sita.

Swami then narrated how Hanuman and party helped Rama to free Sita from Lanka and how Hanuman saved the life of Lakshmana by bringing the Sanjeevini from the mountain .

Swami Then continued " Just to let know the whole world how pure and true Sita was, He asked her to jump into the fire. All the people of Ayodhya were very happy to see Lord Rama after more than 15 years of exile. They all sang and danced ( Swami then sang the bhajan " Rama Kodanda Rama, Rama Pattabhi Rama, Rama Kalayana Rama.

A Discourse on Sri Rama on Krishnastami Day

Swami then said " Today is Krishnastami. Krishna and Rama are one and the same.Always chant the name of Rama and it will confer you bliss and happiness.You can achieve anything by merely chanting His name.Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, chant His name"

Swami then said Most Wonderfully " If you have more love for Sai, chant Sai Rama or Sai Krishna.. Always sing the glory of the Lord and it will give all that you want"

Thunderous Applause from every Single Devotee.

Swami then said which bought tears to everyone eyes "Am I giving you trouble? Am I straining you?" for which there was a big NO from the devotees.

Swami then asked the Boys to sing Bhajans while Swami Blessed the Prasadam. Swami was watching the Prasadam Distribution and after Being fully Satisfied with the Distribution, Bhagawan took the Divine Mangala Aarathi at around 5.55 P.M .

A Wonderful Krishnastami for everyone.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 06.09.2007

Sri Krishna Janmasthami Darshan Update 4th Sept 2007

Offering humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

Hearty Janmasthami wishes to all the Krishna devotees all over the world... The holy birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated with devotion, faith and happiness. the main part of the festival was in the afternoon where in Swami had lot to give and make our hearts dance in the Krishna leela....

Puttaparthi witnessed yet again huge crowd about 7000 devotees are here from Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh and few thousands less from Vizag..... Swami blessed the devotees by permitting them to perform in His immeditate presence...

As thousands were waiting for Sai Krishna,Swami out of His immense mercy emerged from His physical abode at 3:45pm in His dazzling orange robe.. Giving due consideration to the huge crowd, Swami preferred to come in His Mobile throne right from His abode, thus giving a clear view even to the last person seated in the Sai Kulwant hall... Swami took few letters from the ladies' side and also some in the gents side.. There was a huge cutout in the centre of the hall signalling a probable play..As Swami came on the dais He came directly to the center of the stage instead of going into the interview room.

The Sri Sathya Sai University brass band was ready with their instruments. There was a very short play on baby Krishna as the brass band rendered two bhajans on Krishna...

Now it was the time of Nalgonda district kids to perform before Swami... After taking blessings from Swami the play started. The play was about a handicapped boy who with his devotion and dedication supported his family and rendered few devotional songs and also changes a stubborn and proud father into a noble man.. The whole play was well written and the only draw back if at all was the language. The play was well written but non telugu speakers would not have understood.

Now a days very rarely we are seeing regional language plays in Parthi...

It was 5pm by then and devotees from Nalgonda started singing bhajans.. While the bhajan was going on the bhajan group boys were seen bringing their instruments and after the first bhajan the students started their bhajans.. As all the devotees were immersed in the bhajan and just when many of us were thinking, so there is no divine discourse today, our sweet Lord, asked the boys to bring the discourse table... In few minutes the bhajan stopped. After a very short visit to the interview room Swami came out to the dais.....There was a pin drop silence in the hall, Swami slowly sipped few drops of water from His tumbler and slowly rose from His throne.. Prof. Anil Kumar, in no time got next to Swami.. After a brief talk with Swami both were ready as thousands of pairs of eyes were focused and equal number of ears eagerly waiting for the sweet nectarine voice Swami started His Janasthami (Krishnasthami) discourse with a sweet verse...

Highlights from the discourse: (Based on memory... I sincerely apologise for any grammatical mistakes) Sathyambu nandude sarvambu shrustinche, (Every thing is born out of truth) Sathyambu nandanage sarva shrusti (everything merges in God) Sathya mahima leni stalamedi kanugonna sudha satwa midiye choodarayya..There is no place without truth... and this is the pure and unsullied truth)

Every thing in this world is born out of truth... Truth is all pervasive. Its present in every one of us.. Truth is one and not two. All the swarna lingams (golden lingams) I manifest are TRUTH.. (at this stage I had a strong feeling that there would be some manifestation because Swami started with the same verse on the closing ceremony of youth conference and materalised Golden lingam by waving His hands. I was very attentively glaring at His hands and in no time.. the right hand of Swami rose a bit and after two small circular motions emerged a dazzling Golden lingam, twice the size of a normal egg. As all the devotees joined their hands, Swami continued.. THIS IS THE TRUTH....

Depending upon the time, God has been manifesting in Human form to teach this truth.. In the Krita Yuga it was Lord Vishnu. In Treta yuga it was Lord Rama and in Dwapara yuga it was Lord Krishna who came in human form in this world to correct the man kind...Many misunderstand the love of Lord Krishna.. They think He was after Gopikas all the time.. Does any one know how old was Krishna when He started performing leelas with Gopikas? Only 7 years old.. Many Gopikas were elder to Him. They enjoyed Krishn'a company and so did Krishna. That is pure love. He had more than 16000 Gopikas around Him. The role of Sathyabhama was also a significant one. Krishna wanted to tell the world how devoted she was and that's why she had to come into His life...

Swami then narrated about Rama and He almost narrated the entire Ramayana in a very simple and easy way and I am sure any one who are not acquaint with Ramayana now are aware of this holy epic....

Rama was also another avatar who always adhered to truth.. Rama stood for truth and love. Rama's father Dasaratha was also a devoted man. What is Dasaratha. The one with 10 chariots. He had 10 senses. Kousalya was his first wife. As she didn't conceive Dasaratha decided to marry another queen. In those days, the husband used to take permission from the wife to marry someone else. Kousalya was a noble and pious lady. She gave permission and thus Sumitra came into Dasaratha's life. Su-Mitra (a good friend).. As the name, she was a very friendly person. There is very less mentioned in Ramayana about her. There are no words to describe her devotion. Dasaratha then decided to marry Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi was the daughter of King Kaika, the present Kashmir. Since the king already had 2 wives, Kaikeyi's father had second thoughts about the marriage. He put one condition to Dasaratha. Since you are marrying my daughter for a heir to your kingdom, I will give my daughter in marriage in one condition. You should give your kingdom to the son of Kaikeyi and not your other wives' children.

The king after due consultation with his queens agreed to the condition. Dasartha along with his three wives performed Putra kamisti yaga. the priests after the yagna gave Payasam (rice pudding) as prasad and asked the three to partake the prasadam. The prasadam was divided into three equal parts in three bowls...

Swami continued.. "In those days there were no fans or electric hair driers. So Sumitra climbed the terrace to dry her hair. She put the bowl with the pudding on the terrace wall and was adjusting her hair. In no time there came a eagle and took away the bowl.

Sumitra ran down and narrated the incident to her two in-laws. In those days in laws were not like the present day in laws. They were very friendly and co-operative. They both contributed half share of thier pudding to Sumitra and three of them partook the prasadam.

In no time Kowsalya gave birth to Rama and Kaikaye gave birth to Satrugna and Sumitra gave birth to Lakshmana and Bharata. Since she had shared the pudding with both, Lakshmana was close to Rama and Bharata was close to Satrugna....

Sita, who married Lord Rama was woman of character. Even after being abducted she always had Rama's name in her mind. They had to go to exile in the forest. Greed came in the form of a golden deer. The moment she saw the golden deer, inspite of knowing that it just can't be a deer as there is no deer made of gold in this universe, her mind started to ask for the deer. Lord Rama, obliged because, that was for the first time that Sita asked for something. Since she came all the way with Him to the forest, setting aside all the royal comforts, Rama wanted to make her happy. The moment she had desires, her husband went far away from her.. In the same way THE MOMENT YOU HAVE DESIRES... GOD DISTANCES HIMSELF FROM YOU.. Less luggage more comfort..make travel a pleasure.

It was more than 30 mins since Swami was speaking and now He got back to His throne and continued "As Rama went in search of the golden deer, Lakshmana stayed with Sita. As Rama didnt return back, Sita got worried and asked Lakshmana to go search for Him. Lakshmana was bit hesitant to leave her as his brother had ordered him to stay with Sita till He returns. Not knowing what to do, Lakshmana drew a line with his arrow (very popularly known as Lakshman Rekha(line)) and says to Sita not to cross the line come what may...

In no time comes the demon Ravana in the form of a poor beggar. Sita goes inside and gets some food grains and tries to give it to him standing within the line but the poor priest pleads to come out and give and Sita looking at his condition obliges and in no time Ravana abducts Sita....

Swami then narrated how Hanuman and party helped Rama to free Sita from Lanka and how Hanuman saved the life of Lakshmana by bringing the Sanjeevini from the mountain.. Swami continued..Just to let know the whole world how pure and true Sita was, He asked her to jump into the fire. All the people of Ayodhya were very happy to see Lord Rama after more than 15 years of exile... They all sang and danced.. so saying Swami sang the bhajan ... Rama Kodanda Rama... (Rama with the bow and arrow) Rama Pattabhi Rama(Rama, the coronated King) Rama Kalayana Rama... Raghava....Swami sang the whole bhajan.. .and as I was wondering today is Krishnastami and how come a discourse on Lord Rama.. Our Lord Sai, who is residing as ATMA RAMA,in us continued, Today is Krishnastami.

Krishna and Rama are one and the same... Always chant the name of Rama and it will confer you bliss and happiness. You can achieve anything by merely chanting His name.. Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, chant His name..

Swami further continued, amidst loud applauds, If you have more love for Sai, chant Sai Rama or Sai Krishna.. Always sing the glory of the Lord and it will give all that you want... After saying so, Swami touched everyone's heart by enquiring "Am I giving you trouble?.. Am I straining you?" for which there was a big NO from the devotees...

Swami then asked for Bhajans while He blessed the prasadam. After fully satisfied with the prasad distribution, Swami asked for Arathi around 5:50 pm... After bowing down and thanking Swami for letting me witness yet another beautiful day of His glory, I waited for the car to reach the Abode and then I left the hall....

Thus ended another beautiful day of my Prasanthi dairy....

R.Satish Naik

from Kaliyuga Mathura PUTTAPARTHI.....


Sai Bliss

Sai Ram Heavenly Brethren

Sai Krishna, our beautiful Swami gave us all chair darshan this morning and also in the afternoon.

In the morning I came late, skipping token lines, but was able to find a great seat in my favorite island location near the veranda. About 15 minutes after bhajans began Swami glided down the main aisle showering His Love and Grace on us all.

He circled the Mandir and skirted along the edge of the veranda towards the Ladies section, directly facing me. He tapped His hand in rhythm with the bhajans. I sang full throated bursting with joy, at the same time mentally thanking Swami over and over for the new grandson and all the precious gifts He has given. I felt an immediate connection as His divine glance fell on me. Oh! what elation,
indescribable bliss!

This evening Darshan, Lord Sai again granted me token #1 This time I sat in the main section along the main aisle, I had excellent proximity. Sweet Swami abandoned His car and much to all of our intoxicated delight came in His chair.

He took letters from a small Italian group to the left of me, leaving them all in tears. As I gazed upon our Baba, I couldn't help noticing how young He looked today, He is the veritable fountain of Youth! Once on the veranda, Baba sat outside for a while, smiling continuously very sweetly. His complexion was a topaz hue, with that mischievous, captivating cupid smile.

Bhajans began and prasadam was distributed to all. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews- 05.09.2007

Sai Golden Krishna

Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Krishna!!!!

I am in one zillionth heaven this very moment! Our dearest, dearest Sai Krishna, manifested a beautiful, dazzling golden Lingam right before our astonished eyes, while delivering His Divine Discourse this evening.

And during His discourse my daughter gave birth to an 8 pound baby boy, Sean Sai Hoffman!

To top all this off, I was sitting next to the exact lady devotee, Dr. Vakula from Texas, USA, whom I sat next to in 2006, Mahasivarathri, where we both witnessed together the emergence of a golden lingam from the body of our most Resplendent Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!!!

What an incredible day! It started with this morning's heavenly Darshan. Amidst blaring marching bands, the procession of cow's from the gokulum led by the Sai Githa part 2 (my friend, Jalpa's apellation, at this point we are all confused about the darling little elephant's actual name :))))

The dear little elephant waited patiently, as our Divine Sai Krishna entered the Mandir in His silver car, dressed in yellow saffron robe, glowing like the golden coins showering from Mother Lakshmi's hands.

Swami stopped near the procession of animals coming through the central main gate. The baby elephant bowed several times to Her magnificent Lord. She wore a gold headdress, ivory and gold cloth, with shimmering gold chains dangling across her body. Swami blessed all the animals then proceeded to finish circling the Mandir and onto the veranda, He then released 3 luminous white doves to the cheers of crores of devotees. There was also a sweet little fawn presented to our Baba. Swami sat immersed in the continuous vedic chanting, a few bhajans were sang before the priest came and performed aarthi.

The discourse began with Swami singing about truth how everything contains the principle of truth. He talked about Rama, and related the essence of the Ramayana to us. He spoke a little about Krishna, but focused mostly on the Rama story. I wondered in my birdbrain why Swami was emphasizing the Rama story when this was Krishna's birthday, apparently a number of us were contemplating the same thought. Towards the end of His discourse Bhagavan Baba said today is Krishna's birthday but the nature of Krishna and Rama are not different they are one and the same! I chuckled to myself, the omniscience of our Sai Krishna is so incredible. I am sure the entire discourse will be available for all to enjoy soon.

Sending you all shooting stars of Sai Krishna Love

Lots of Prema

very happy sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews- 05.09.2007

Puttaparthi Update: September 5th 2007

Swami gives discourse as part of the Krishnastami celebrations

Yesterday evening Swami gave discourse as part of the Krishnastami celebrations. Swami talked about Lord Rama in the discourse. Again there was a small rally by the devotees from Nalgonda. They sang bhajans and children were dancing folk dances with small sticks in their hands. While some of the devotees from Nalgonda left puttaparthi. Many are still here.


Sai Krishna

Sai Ram beloved embodiments of Lord Sai

What a heavenly day this has been. We all waited with bated breath this Morning for our Dearest One to give us what our hearts have been pining for. Bhajans started and the outlook appeared bleak. I thought about what Swami said concerning  Darshan, He comes in response to the yearning of His devotees.

We were all rather sleepy and bushed from the long wait, but then as the bhajans picked up our spirits, we sang out hearts out for our darling Sai Krishna. It was almost 9:30AM, when suddenly signs of Swami's approaching presence became apparent. The attendents were all lined up hands in prayer position, and our Anandaswaroopa, floated into the Mandir, like a sweet nectarine breeze.

I had a lovely view from the veranda spot, as our Swami came in His royal chair.

He moved slowly down the central aisle, His face resembling the silken, misty blue skies peeking thru the green and gold canopy of the Mandir for a glimpse of the Lord of the Universe.

Baba gave us extra special Darshan, circling around the entire Mandir sailing onto the veranda from the Ladies side, then unexpectedly coming back down again from that side, skirting past our island section, giving us full bliss and very close darshan, then crossing over to the main section, blessing what looked like saris for a group of ladies then turning back towards the veranda.

This afternoon, again, Nirvana!! I was again blessed with beautiful proximity, with token #1, this time I sat on the main aisle.  Divine Sai Krishna, glided down the main aisle in His throne of wheels, His glorious head turned towards us, He reached up with his finger and touched His third eye, then very slowly brushed a strand of hair away. A lady tried to get Him to take her letter, and He gestured in a patting like manner, to wait.

Once more after circling around the Mandir and onto the veranda, He went into the bhajan hall, then came back out, down the veranda, roaming thru the throngs of excited students, taking letters and talking with them. Then back onto the veranda from the ladies side.

Baba gave us all delicious, auspicious prasadam, a kind of cashew concoction with silver trim. We sang bhajans with great love and enthusiasm. Thus bringing to a close another day in Paradise. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

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Bhagawan's Wonderful and Magnificent Super Speciality Hospital in Whitefield has won the Award instituted by the Zee TV Group for ' The Hospital for the Best Medical Service' in the Country.

Along with Bhagawan's Hospital, some others too have been given similar awards for other categories in the medical field. Totally six awards are being presented including the one for Swami's hospital.

The Zee TV Group has also instituted another special award based on popular choice of the public. This will be given to one among the six awardees.

Hence, we request you to cast your vote choosing Swami's hospital to make sure it wins this award too.

You can do so by:

SMS SAI to 57575 from your mobile phone


Dial 1904424757543 from a landline.

Please note:

When you SMS your vote, you will get a reply "Thanks for voting for Essel Karnataka's Best Medical Service Award?xu201D;

When you dial the number from a landline you will get a recorded reply:

"Thanks for voting for your favourite contestant?xu201D; .

Also please note that you can cast as many votes as you want to from the same number - both SMS and landline. So please cast as many as possible every day till September 16, 2007. Please convey to your friends too. We need to get in as many votes as possible.

Om Sai Ram

KM - 03.09.2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Central Trust Anniversary Discourse

This day must have been a very memorable one for all the CTBT boys as Swami showered His love on them from morning till evening. In the morning, Swami came in car and proceeded directly to the Bhajan hall where the Central Trust boys were waiting with a programme. For two long hours, He sat in the bhajan hall listening to their songs and speaking to them.

In the afternoon, there was a long list of speakers, mostly senior members of the Central Trust after which they prayed for Swami to speak. their speeches dragged on till 5.40 pm and we felt Swami wouldn't give a discourse today. Well, students propose and Swami disposes. to our amazement, He got up to deliver in His sweet voice. here are a few excerpts:

Dear students

Our boys have sacred hearts, pure minds, they are selfless and humble. they do not commit any mistakes. even if a few do commit some mistake, they immediately correct them. that is why "Central Trust" means "our students". the elders are only administrators, whereas our boys look after all activities. Swami chose to speak today because of these boys. They do great work. they shall support the Trust in future. The Trust is dependent on them.

Bhagawan wants students to be the future leaders. The future of Trust depends on you. Everywhere around, you see only money matters. money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. It is your morality that supports the Trust today.

You have expectations and imaginations. you must consider them as illusions, passing clouds. Don't be victims to such imaginations and resist them.

Your tasks should be an ideal to the world to emulate. Today there is advancement in technology. but all this is only "tricknology". Develop the discrimination to know this truth. the future depends on you. (Swami asks how many students work in the Trust. they say 155 boys. He asks all of them to come front.) Get a good name, strengthen your self confidence. It will then strengthen your faith. Faith leads to love. This love will give you all the capacities. Faith is important.

Love is God, live in love. I walk on the two feet of love and self confidence. With these, i achieve everything.

Dear students, whether you believe it or not, every Monday, Swami sends a cheque for Rs 500 crores which is distributed to various welfare activities like Tamil Nadu water project. However, some help is required and so some members of the Trust help in distributing the money.. Inspite of this high expenditure, people from Madras come and say that they do not have adequate water. So, in addition to the Godavari water, some water from Bhadrachalam (Krishna river) too is diverted for this purpose.

No one gave a naya paisa to Swami for this, nor did Swami ask money from anybody. Bhagawan's will (Sankalpa) is His power and strength. We don't want money but good qualities. With love in your heart, you can attain everything.

Later, Bhagawan will explain in detail about love. Never utter lie or resort to injustice or intolerance. Live together in harmony. In Bharat, unity is lacking. therefore there is no unity and thus, no divinity as well.

Do not feel bad that Swami is not talking to students. Swami thinks of you all the time. Without you I am non-existent. I and you are one.

After the this, Swami gave watches to all the CTBT boys. He even gave prasadam to each and every person in the group. It was truly a very fulfilling experience, as though a mother was celebrating with her children. Indeed, Love is Mother Sai.

By A Sai Student......

Prasanthi News - 2 Memorable Days

August 31st Evening :

From the 29th of August, there were All India Conference of all State Presidents, District presidents and Office bearers of Sri Sathya Sai Seva organizations. Swami showerd His infinite love and grace on all the members. In the Evening at around 4pm, Swami came for Darshan and distributed Robes to all the state presidents. Then Swami personally gave a Robe for each & every delegate with his own Divine Hands and also gave Pada Namaskar to all. There were 600 of them and Swami sat and patiently distributed to everyone . It took one hour for the whole exercise.

September 2nd

It was the Anniversary of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. This year was the 35th Anniversary.

The boys who are working in the trust had planned to organize a program and when they told Swami, Swami was very happy and took interest in the same. Since the hospitals, university, booktrust, etc, all are part of Central Trust, the students of SSSIHL who are currently working in these organizations wanted to come together on this day.

In Morning everyone assembled in the Bhajan Hall for a private session with the Lord. Swami came around 8 and came straight to Bhajan Hall. He asked about the program and three group songs were sung. Swami did not want to speak, Then there was formal speeches, one by a lecturer from Brindavan and one by a school teacher. Swami then asked some boys to sing some melodious songs. Swami then casually started talking on various matters relating to hospital, college, etc. towards the end, Swami also told that whatever work that one is doing should be done for one's own satisfaction and not for others' sake. Swami spent a lot of time till 9.30.

In Evening Swami came around 3:45 P.M . After lighting the lamp, Swami asked one student who is now working in CT to introduce the program and speakers. It was followed by speeches by one Brindavan Lecturer, one student working in Trust, and then by elders, Mr Chakravarthy, Mr V Srinivasan, Mr S.V. Giri and Prof G Venkataraman.

What followed was a Wonderful Discourse by Swami , Swami said "I did not want to speak, as I have nothing to say, But I am standing here only to Highlight about my students".

Swami then said " It is the students who are working so much in the trust. All are doing so much work and I know that some of them are working day and night. Students are the Central Trust and Central trust is nothing but students".

He praised the service done by his students who are all working in CT and other institutions. The entire discourse was about this and His love for the boys. He told us to have love and faith and continue to do our duties. Swami also mentioned that studennts ae here for Him and He is also here only for students.

Later, Swami gave wrist watches to one and all of this group of alumni working in the trust. There were around 155 in number.

A Most Memorable Day.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 03.09.2007

Puttaparthi News: September 2nd - Swami gives discourse this evening

September 2nd - Swami gives discourse this evening in Sai Kulwant Hall

Swami complemented the individuals who work in mandir and for the Sri Sathya Sai Trust and those who help run all the seva work that is being done by Swami's organization.

Swami also said that, swami writes cheque for 500 crores on every Monday for the seva work that is being done by the Sri Sathya Sai organization. Some of the seva projects include water project, hospitals etc.

After the discourse Swami presented nearly 150 members of the staff of the organization with watches. All devotees received sweets as prasadam.

The events ended at 6:30 pm. On September 4th Krishnashtami will be celebrated in Puttaparthi.


Sai Divine Day

Sai Ram Sai Family
Our Lord of Parthi graced us all with a wonderful discourse this evening. I have just returned from the Bliss of the Divine presence. I wrote down some excerpts of His Discourse.

Swami came in His silver car this afternoon, I had my favorite seat in that island spot near the veranda. He sat where all could enjoy the beauty of His form. There was a group of speakers from the Sathya Sai Central Trust, the theme of the program was transforming lives. They all shared their personal experiences with Bhagavan, serving His Lotus feet and also discussed how Swami has transformed the lives of so many people, abroad and in India with His mammoth social projects and guidance.

Then our Lord Sai gave His celestial message:

Swami addressed us all as embodiments of Love. He described His students as possessing sacred hearts, selfless, egoless minds. Making a few mistakes but rectifying those mistakes. Therefore the Central Trust is constituted of students only. He went on to say that the students will support and take care of the Central Trust in the future. All the students work vey hard and are very dedicated. The students are the leaders of the Central Trust and set the ideal for the whole world. He exhorted the students that the future depends on them. Swami said money, money everywhere but money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. Being human there will be expectations and imagination. This imagination is useless, it will pass like passing clouds. He encouraged the students not to become victims of their imaginations, brush aside and resist all forces. The future depends on you to set the ideal for society. Technology is tricknology, develop discrimination, know truth from untruth. Follow the eternal truth. Baba then brought all the graduate students that were presently working for the Central Trust to the front. Continuing, He said, make proper use of time and earn a good name. Telling them to not depend on anyone but depend on the power of the Self. This builds strength and self confidence. True strong faith makes you powerful, Love is God. Love will give you all the capacity. Faith will give strong Love. Modern man is totally blind has lost the eyes of faith.

Love can win over the whole world. This confidence makes everything possible. Bhagavan spoke about the drinking water project how He undertook it without any help from anyone.

He mentioned that every Monday He has to sign a check for 500 crores. He talked about the Madras water project. He went on to say Bhagavan will never ask anyone for anything.

Bhagavan's Will is the power. With Love you can achieve anything, Love is God Live in Love.

Attain more of this sacred love. Never tell lies, never give into injustice, never be intolerant. Tolerance is most important. Learn to live together in unity. If we don't have unity, there is no purity, if there is no purity there is no Divinity. For Divinity purity is essential. Swami thanks the students, without the students Swami is non existent. He said, I and you are one.

He also told the students not to feel upset or frustrated if Swami does not speak to them, encouraging them to work to the best of their satisfaction.

At this point a silver tray of what looked like lights was brought over, students came up and received blessings and vibhuti from Swami. It was a heavenly evening. Prasadam was distributed. As Swami left the happy gathering all eyes were swimming in the nectar of His Bliss.

This morning dearest Baba blessed me with token #!, once again I was able to behold the beauty of His countenance at very close proximity. He came in the car and turned towards us. The looks He cast in our direction were so soft and gentle, much like the early morning dawn rays, stealing over the drowsy earth. He had a mona lisa half smile on His darling face, it was such a powerful darshan, we all swooned with joy and elation.

Well my dears the hour grows late, the crowds are growing by the second as a type, preparing for Krishna day on Tuesday, off to bed. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: saibabanews 02.09.2007

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