Sai Vibhuti Sundara

Sai Ram dearest Sai family

It's a gorgeous night in Parthi, stars are out and the streets are busy and crowded with devotees. This morning as I was walking to Darshan, some tears welled up in my eyes, as I passed the familiar faces, stores and landmarks of Puttaparthi that I would soon be leaving. Slowly my eyes caressed this Holy city, truly this is my real home.

Our Lord did not come out this morning or yesterday morning for Darshan. This evening we all waited for His Divine appearance. As I sat down next to a German lady in the island section. A very strong scent of vibhuti filled the air. She commented, "too much, a smell of vibhuti" We sat there inhaling the eternal fragrance of Swami's invisible presence.

Sai Avatar came about 4:20 and glided through the Mandir in His silver vehicle, gracing us all with His Blessed Form. He also came down off the veranda and circled through the excited groups of students, taking letters and interacting with them. His beautiful face shimmered like the late afternoon sun filling us all with bliss and peace.

Sending you all vibhuti abishekam of Sai Love

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 31.10.2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007


i must apologise for being out of blogger for a long time. there was so much to write about and lots to share. i'm sorry to have missed the part.

Since a fortnight, Swami seems to have changed His darshan timings as he generally comes out 1 or 2 hours later than His usual time. The Grama Seva during the Dassehra festival was an exhilarating experience for all students. it rejuvenated us after a nightmarish time with the exams. I could see the enthusiasm of students in doing seva which was doubled this time because of vacation and therefore less headache.

On the day of Poornahuti, Swami gave a much needed and beautiful discourse. i guess i'm pretty late at discussing that so i'll prefer to skip the part. during the past few days, there have been programmes by the Youth, one from Prakasam district of AP and other by the youth from North eastern states of India. we should be grateful to them as they have given Swami more than one reason to bless us with His presence. Since most of the students have gone home for vacation, we cannot expect Swami to come out and sit in the portico everyday.

I had missed the excitement generated a few days ago when some people saw Swami's face on the moon. i had received emails and calls, even few people stopping me on the road, just to share their happiness of that occasion. it was a unique and blessed moment and shouldn't be discounted. last evening, when i sat for darshan, i was looking at our Swami giving a beautiful smile. I wondered, "we get so excited to see Swami on the moon, why doesn't the same enthusiasm be felt when we see him right in front of our eyes?" i think it's time we felt the nearness to our Lord rather than sending Him to some far off planetary body out there.

This same enthusiasm which i talked about was visible in the dance troupe of Manipur drummers who performed before Swami yesterday. there were two dances by the youth, a bhortal dance and a drum dance. Swami was very much impressed with the main drummer whose acrobatic steps enthralled one and all. He materialised a ring and put it on his finger. this man taught me a lesson about true enthusiasm and craving for Lord's presence.

Let me end on a personal note. today, is sat inside bhajan hall for the morning bhajans. Swami hasn't been coming out in the morning for the past few days. Since i'm leaving home in a couple of days' time, i thought i must sit inside mandir and meditate. Lo and behold! our lord comes out during the bhajans and straightaway enters the bhajan hall. Lesson: blessings are always unexpected. He sat for a few moments and the went to the veranda and talked to a few VIPs. As he was passing by, i could see Him from the window outside. Imagine Swami walking outside your house and then peeping through the window inside! Lesson 2: Stop being foolish. the house isn't yours, it never was. He is the owner , you're merely a guest.

He came inside the hall (His hall) from the backdoor and blessed us all. i was lucky to give Him a letter after a long time. At 9.40 am, aarati was given and he He returned to Yajur mandir. Swami doesn't have a vacation. He's too busy giving love. It's drizzling outside but i think it's pouring (His love) inside too. Sai ram.

By A Sai Student

A Perspective from Prasanthi Nilayam

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam ;

Sai Ram to one and all .

Swami has been giving Wonderful and Divine Darshans in the past few days. Two groups of Devotees had put up some Programmes, one from Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh and the other from Assam. During Darshan's Swami has been going around in His Chair in Kulwant hall and also blessing many Devotees and Students. Swami has also been spending time outside and also collecting Letters and speaking to many People. Everyone has been having Wonderful Darshan of Swami for the past two to three days.

I want to share with you a most important thing. These are only personal Views which should not be misunderstood. There are many mails going around about Swami appearing on the moon. In Prasanthi Nilayam nothing like that has been visible.

What I heard was that the Outline of Swami's Divine Face was seemingly visible. well, let it be so.. But are we Swami's Devotees deserving to be called Crazy People? I am really sorry to say that people have been passing around some Photoshop images, etc? . The Question here is that Are we trying to convince others about HIS divinity or are we wanting to convince ourselves about Swami's Divinity? I very Sincerely Feel that if the face of our Divine Lord was seen, well then Let it be so. Let people who have seen talk about it, Let them Enjoy the Divine Miracle. But it not good to spread Photo Shop Images to convince others. Does Swami's Divinity need any convincing, Who are we to convince others of Swami's Divinity?. When Swami wills every single person will be convinced.

The Important Question is that should anyone of us need to do such things like photoshop imaging, etc to convince others? I am getting mails in which there is picture of moon in which outline of Swami is seen.

I am sorry if I am sounding very harsh, But one feels so terrible reading the unwanted comments against the same issue. It is so painful. Here Swami is so calm and unperturbed and each and everything is Normal for Our Divine Lord. Please do not misunderstand me that I am not believing in such phenomena, anything is possible for Our Lord, But let us understand that on such issues, our silence is important..

Please do tell all our Fellow Sai Brothers and Sisters that it is important to keep such issues to ourselves and not publicise, Swami's Miracles are His Visiting Cards, Swami knows how and when to talk about anything and tell anything to anyone.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 28.10.2007

Sai Nectar

Dearest Sai Family

The golden looks of our Lord fell on us this afternoon's Darshan. for the 4th time since Dasara our Divine Baba blessed me with token #1. I know He is doing this for your benefit, so that you can imbibe thru my words the glory, beauty and splendor of His Darshan.

Sai Chandra glided by, His face had an iridescent pearlescent hue. Once again, I marveled at the youthful glow and countenance. Although His gaze swept the first row, there was a conscious feeling, that the rays of His blessed orbs fell across the whole gathering.

Our darling Sai Krishna, roamed around the veranda and then sat out for a brief spell, allowing us to drink in the amrit of His resplendent form, before retiring to the interview room and bhajans.

Yesterday afternoon, Sai Avatar circled the Mandir in His chair after we implored Him from the depths of our Soul for that embrace. Swami materialized a chain for a foreign lady on the exit aisle across from the island section. I saw Him wave His majestic palm and the
chain appeared!

Today in my spare time I visited the Shiva temple with a friend, located near a huge beautiful lake, crested by large hill like mountains. We went inside the temple, there was an area for meditation that dipped down into the ground in a cylindrical shape. The vibrations there were very powerful, as we sat for meditation.

We have had some rain in Parthi these past days but today was a gorgeous, warm clear day. Sending you all the sweet compassion and Love of our dearest Baba.
More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 27.10.2007

Swami in the moon

Sai Ram Vikas

I also wondered if this was all imagination. Last night in my Parthi flat, I sat out on the balcony underneath the stars, the full moon shone very brightly in the evening skies. as i observed the moon I could very distinctly see our Lords face, the eyes and the outline of the hair and rest of features. How magically awesome. Softly, I serenaded our Sai Chandra with an altered version of "Moon River." Today in morning Darshan our Sai Chandra gave us beautiful dawnlight darshan filling us all with the bliss of His superpersona.

Lots of Prema, Bliss and Shanti
sonya ki

Sai Ram Dear All,

After hearing all these wonderful stories about Baba appearing on the moon, I was feeling left out. So this evening, I prayed to Swami that He should also give us Darshan in Hong Kong. (I must confess that, in my heart, there was also some doubt that all these people may be just imagining that it is Swami.) As I left my office, I decided to walk down the stairs rather than taking the lift as I normally do. I had barely climbed one flight of stairs and I suddenly saw the full moon shining in the Eastern direction. I looked at it for minute and I could clearly see the outline of His Hair and Face. Stunned I called my wife immediately to make sure I was not imagining it, and she confirmed that she could see Him too! Thus did our Lord fulfill my prayer and once again the doubting mind was awed into Silence with the majesty of Swami's splendorous image on the moon!

Sai Ram,

Vikas (Hong Kong)

At 07:06 AM 10/25/2007 -0200, GOHEME-Chanell Olsen wrote:


Baba is on the moon very clear here i Greenland.

Best regards

Nuuk - Greenland

Saibabanews - 26.10.2007

Sai! Sai! Sai!

Sai Ram embodiments of Lord Sai

Swami didn't come out for Morning Darshan today but He took us by surprise with an unexpected car Darshan. During Morning Darshan I asked Swami a personal question and asked Him to confirm with a blessed Look or perhaps a favorite bhajan. No favorite bhajan was sang and I told our sweetest, dearest most compassionate Baba that He could respond anytime today, and was prepared to wait until afternoon Darshan.

I then went to the internet. After that I was just about to walk in the direction of my flat when I heard a big commotion, I turned around to see the Gokulum second gate, by the Mandir swing open. The Seva dals were in pandemonium, as this exit by our Sai was totally unexpected. I dashed to the gate, standing in the front of the small crowd forming from behind. The Lord of the Universe, glided through the gate and the car turned very slowly in our direction. Swami graciously looked on our side. He hurled a very strong and undeniable look into my eyes, it was a gaze that was frozen in space and time, I can still see and feel the imprint of that contact on my consciousness. It wasn't until later that I recalled my request to our Lord. ~Heaven!

Past three days Parthi has been swimming with devotees from Andhrah Pradesh, Assam and N.E. regions of India.

The Andhrah Pradesh group put on a performance by the bal vikas children yesterday and this evening the Assam group presented a program of "Bhortal Dance" a wonderful energetic, spiritual, devotional dance using the cymbals and brisk foot-work. Also a ritualistic Drum dance was performed that was also very rousing and enjoyable. Both yesterday and this evening our Swami sat out with us enjoying the programs.

My time in Parthi is drawing to a close, I will be leaving very soon, in another 2 weeks. It has been a memorable and unforgettable period with our beloved God.

More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki - Saibabanews - 25.10.2007

Grama Seva 2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

When Swami started and Initiated the Most Wonderful Concept of Grama Seva, Swami told all the students that people in the villages were suffering without food, water and proper care of any Kind. Swami told everyone that Nobody bothers about them and the Government was not taking care of them. Swami cited examples of how a mother killed her child and also committed suicide because she was not able to feed the child due to utter poverty.

Swami wanted all the students and teachers to go to every village, reach to every doorstep and hand over Swami's Prasadam. Swami very very clearly instructed each and everyone involved in the Grama Seva that in each and every village that the Students and Staff go, they should organise "Nagara Samkeerthan" and create an atmosphere wherein the people of the village will get involved in chanting the name of the Lord.

Following Swami's Divine Words , the students of the Sri Sathya Sai University have been involved in Grama seva for the last so many years. This year also it the same as the Students and Staff went to many Villages in the Three Mandals of Bukkapatnam, Kothecheruvu and Puttaparthi. The Students and Staff Covered each and every village in these Mandals and reached out to each and every House in each Village which gave Satisfaction to The Students and Staff, The Villagers and Ultimately brought Wonderful Smiles to Swami. That was the Most Wonderful Compliment that anybody could receive.

During Grama Seva each and every Villager welcomed everyone with Rangoli on streets and Swami's photo at the entrance of each Household. In some villages, the people themselves led the Nagarasankeerthan. As There are temples in almost every Village, Nagarasankeertan used to start from the temple,Go around the village and end in the temple itself.

As Per Bhagawan's Divine Directions the Task of each and every person involved in the Grama Seva was to go to each house and after Enquiring about the number of people in the family - Give Laddu Prasadam,Tamarind rice of the required quantity and a Pair of Dhoti and Saree to the Elder member of the family. During this year's Grama Seva, Swami specifically asked all the Students and Staff to chant "Om Satchidanandaya Namaha" while serving and giving Prasadam and other things to the Villagers.

A Most Memorable Grama Seva. Each and Every person who were involved in the Grama Seva felt Bhagawan's Divine Presence all through. The Smile on Swami's Divine face was enough to tell everyone that Swami was happy with everything.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: K.M - 23.10.2007

Sai Vijay Dashami

Sai Ram embodiments of Love

Once again our Bhajavan Baba has blown us all completely away with His awesome and very timely, Vijay Dashami Discourse. Here are some of the highlights of the discourse:

Swami said that Vijay Dashami festival day is important but also has brought some sadness to a few, this day the body was given up in the previous incarnation. Swami was referring to His incarnation as Shirdi Sai Baba. Then He continued, leading to misery to everyone.

Lakshmi Bai came close to the body and Shirdi Baba gave her two gold coins and told her to keep these coins in safe custody. Swami said these two gold coins date of the death of the body as a fixed. Swami materialized two gold coins and told us they represented Truth and Righteousness. He spoke at length about the great importance of Truth and Righteousness. He elucidated on the meaning of Dharma and said that we should do our duty based on the principle of truth.

He stated that Sathya and Dharma will protect us in every way.

Every human being should never give up these principles

He went on to say, that although the world is populated there is only One that is permanent, God. God alone exists. The entire world is a reflection of only God.

We can say Allah, Jesus, Krishna, many names but God is one. There is only One that sustains and continues. Name and for is not permanent, truth is changeless and can accomplish anything.

Swami also said we may love anyone but know that we are loving God.Love is one, Love is God. There are temporary loves, but true love is permanent. Baba said, do not consider the body as important, God is most important, eternal and immortal. Never forget the permanent God, the indweller. He said the body will disappear in minutes, no one should cry, experience Him as long as His body is available. Dearest Lord continued. This is all a dream. After Shirdi left the body, the devotees kept his body for 3 days, hoping He would re-enter His body. But then they realized that they had been forgetting to follow what He said. Then normal preparations for His samadhi were made.

Bhagavan went on to say that the body has limitations. Everybody has limits.

Lakshmi Bai kept the coins with her as gifts from Shirdi Baba. The 2 coins represent Sathya and Dharma. Again our Lord stressed the vital importance of Sathya and Dharma. These 2 principles will protect the whole world. They are most important and will never vanish. We must keep these 2 day and night. Keep these 2 in your heart. He asked us to work wholeheartedly, then only will our lives be fulfilled.

Swami stated, that Lakshmi Bai of Shirdi as her end was approaching sent the coins back to Baba, to the giver. Swami repeated if we keep Sathya and Dharma we will be guaranteed to have liberation. We need no spiritual sadhana when we have these 2, Sathya (Truth) and Dharma (Righteousness/Right action).

He continued, we may repeat the name of Ram, turning the mala beads but what is essential is to turn the mind, to think, act and speak the truth, our chief life principle. Our Lives will then be redeemed.

Only one relationship is permanent our relationship with God. We are all forms of Sathya Sai Baba. He stated that we should never be in bad company, to keep good company, those who follow dharma and sathya. He also declared very shortly the whole country will be united. We will all soon experience the inner latent Divinity. When we say hello to each other our hello is hollow. We are all brothers and sisters and should smile, soft and sweetly and laugh coarsely (Swami demonstrated a coarse laugh).

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse, singing sweetly to us, "Bhajana Govinda" to which we all responded with joy.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 21.10.2007

Prasanthi News - 21st October, 2007

The Veda Purusha Saptaha Gnana Yagnam concluded today at 10 A.M. The Poornahuthi was performed in Swami's Divine Presence.

The Last Five days were wonderful and filled with the most Wonderful Speeches in the evenings. Apart from the Regular speakers like Shri.G.V.Venkataraman, etc, there were few surprises like Mrs.Anjali Devi. For some Reason known only to the Divine Lord, Swami did not give any Discourses at all. But Swami was so happy Grama Seva Programmes were in full swing. One could see the Joy in Swami's Face when He saw the Students and Staff coming for Darshan after Grama Seva.

Yesterday evening alone there was a Music Programme. On almost all days, Swami has been coming only after 5 P.M, On some days as late as 5:30 P.M. Even in the Mornings Swami has been coming to Witness the Yagnam only after 10 A.M and after that to Kulwanth Hall at around 11 A.M and even as late as 12 Noon. Darshans have been Most Wonderful as every Swami Darshan always is for everyone.

Another Wonderful Dasara comes to an End, everyone goes back with Great Memories.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 21.10.2007

Sai Deva

Sai Ram Blessed Beings

I ran immediately to my room inside the ashram after partaking of Friday evening's fabulous Darshan. I wanted to contain, reflect and meditate on the tremendous energy, love and beauty I had just received.

This afternoon as I entered the token line area, the seva dals ushered me to a seat at the head of the token line next to a lady on my right destined to select the token number for our line. the day had been quite long with crores of devotees pouring in for the Dasara festival and Swami arriving late for Morning Darshan, it felt like we'd all been sitting continuously the whole day. As we waited for token selection I dozed off. Finally the selection began, suddenly I felt like something was up. The woman next to me put her hand into the token bag and seemed to be searching for something, then as she withdrew her hand to our delight and wonder she held up the victorious token #1 Yay!!!!!!

Once inside the Mandir we made a mad ash for front lines on the central aisle. We found perfect seats in front of the veranda, very close to where Swami usually sits. We were fourth row from the front, the first three rows were reserved for V.I.P.'s.

The lady then told me that while waiting in the token lines an inner voice told her to pick the second token from the bottom of the bag ~ WOW!!!

She went on to relate an incident that happened recently where Swami saved her life. About 3 weeks ago, the lady was in her apartment outside the ashram, when the gas container to her stove caught fire, any little spark could ignite a deadly explosion, chanting Sai Ram she reached into the flames and turned the knob, suddenly, inexplicably the fire went out.

Later after she'd had the apparatus checked, the technician told her that there was a damaged inner rim and there was no way simply turning the knob could have put out the flames. It was surely Sai Baba who had saved her life! Jai Sai Ram!

Swami entered the Mandir around 5PM in His silver chariot, moving slowly down the main aisle showering His Grace on the devotees. I had a lovely Jesus pendent for my brother Patrick in USA and a letter. As He glided past us I prayed that He bless the pendent and the contents of the letter, at that moment a cherubic smile rippled over His youthful face. He looked like a little child, Bala Krishna, it made me feel like scooping Him up and cradling Him in my arms.

Swami came directly to the front of the podium, where we could clearly and distinctly see every sacred expression and gesture He emanated. ~Heaven!

Our Lord invited two devotees to speak. The first speaker Mrs. Angeli Devi was a well known figure, she donated the land where the Kodaikanal ahsram is built on, she also gifted all the silver vessels needed for the Chennai Yagna.

Mrs. Devi spoke in Telugu and although I couldn't understand her she was bubbling over with so much joy and effervescent love and enthusiasm for Bhagavan it was a pleasure to just watch her.During her talk she would gesture ecstatically towards Swami, pausing to ask Him some clarification amidst little golden chuckles and smiles. Baba thoroughly enjoyed her presence.

The next speaker was directly responsible for presenting the Sathya Sai water project to the United Nations. Forgive me, I didn't catch his name but he was an eloquent and poetic speaker, freely quoting Shelley, Gibran and the Bhagavad Gita. I blissfully drank in his beautifully crafted prases and literary imagery. Curiously, my brother Patrick is employed at the United Nations. It's so miraculous and awesome how Swami weaves all these lives and leelas into One fantastic global quilt!

The speaker mentioned that we had the opportunity to sit at the lotus feet of Baba and sip nectar to our hearts content, Swami nodded His head emphatically concurring with these words. The Speaker also related an incident where there was a seminar in Mexico concerning the environment. Groups of Native American Indians had resolved to walk from Arizona to Mexico collecting water from various locations. There was a female Sai devotee who was part of this seminar. She was in her hotel room when she heard a knock on her door. When she opened the door she saw two Native American Indians standing before her They had a flask of this special water and they wanted her to present it to the council and then send it to her God in India!!!! How did they know of these things?

Brothers and sisters we are truly living in unprecedented times!

Towards the end of his talk the Speaker narrated another story. There was a period when Bhagavan was not speaking to the students or staff, this went on for some considerable time. Finally someone mustered up the courage to ask Baba why. Swami replied He has been speaking volumes, Sathya Sai Speaks. The Speaker continued that if each one of us us chooses any volume of Sathya Sai Speaks and vows to put into practice just one page of that book the Golden Age would arrive much sooner, again, dearest Swami nodded His head vigorously.

Swami was all nectarine looks this evening, He sat out with us until well after 6PM and gazed at us frequently making that Divine heart to heart connection that one feels deep down in the Soul.

Bursting with Bliss and sheer rapture we all sang Aarthi and our Heavenly Father spiritually kissed us all goodnight and tucked us into His Heart eternally.

More Bliss later

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 20.10.2007

Sai Purest Love

Sai Ram embodiments of Pure Love

Just returned from Morning darshan, the vedic chants and yagna are so powerful. Swami came late yesterday and today, going into the Poornachandra first, blessing the puja and then coming into Sai Kulwant Hall blessing us. Yesterday afternoon Darshan had two speakers. One student spoke eloquently on Sai experiences, one such experience struck my mind. He related how Swami demonstrated purest love, He had a student touch a closed rose bud and it magically bloomed. Swami revealed that everything responds to pure Love, that we too are composed of purest Love and all of nature will respond to us in the same manner when we awaken the Pure Love residing within us.

My dear friend Lalitha from South Africa left Parthi for Haridwar in the Himalayas.

What a huge blessing, she was invited by the Sages of that ashram to come stay for a month. She told me it is so breathtakingly beautiful there, right outside her room the Ganges river flows, and the crystal mountains shimmer in the background. Lalitha has had some wonderful experiences with Sai Avatar, she said in an interview some years back our beloved Lord allowed her to massage and cradle His feet for nearly an hour! she also patted his divine hand and He patted hers! to top that off, Swami threw a Sari at her and declared, "Yogi!" How transcendental!

Well, the days are long but mystically charged. sending you all Purest Sai Love and Peace.

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 18.10.2007

Prasanthi Update

The "Veda Purusha Saptaha Gnana Yagnam", conducted every year in Prasanthi Nilayam during the Dasara Festival has began today. Swami came to Kulwant Hall around 9 A.M. After spending time with the Pandits, Swami asked all the Students and Devotees to assemble in Poornachandra Auditorium. The Pandits had finished their initial poojas and also came to Poornachandra Auditorium. The churning out of the Holy fire was done and the Yagnam started. Swami sat in Poornachandra till around 10:45 am. Since Grama Seva is on in full swing , Swami asked all the Students to proceed with their work for the day.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: K M - 15.10.2007

Sai Supreme Mother

Sai Ram embodiments of Goddess Sai

I am so excited I can barely type. This morning Darshan was amazing. Swami entered the Mandir regally and after some time we were all invited into the poornachandra auditorium to witness a yagna in honor of Dasara. Swami came into the Poornachandra and sat for a considerable time observing the pundits and radiating absolutely divine energy. After Swami left I went to my apartment. Busloads of students chanting "Jai Sai Ram" flowed through the villages distributing saris and food blessed by Baba for Gram Seva. The students looked like angels dressed in white Sarva Dharma tee shirts, caps and khakis

My friend Lalitha told me they were giving one sari per building. Mentally I told Swami if He would give me a sari for my daughter in USA. When the students came to my building I was the only one there, the student came up to me so directly, handed me the sari and some packets of food, his eyes looked deep into mine, I knew it was certainly from our Lord.

I have been missing my daughter, Kendra immensely, especially since she has given birth while I am in India. What greater gift can a mother bring back than a gift from the Lord!

Afternoon Darshan is near. More Bliss later!

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 15.10.2007

News from Parthi

Om Sairam dearest Sai family,

The festival fever in India has caught up as Muslim brothers and sisters will celebrate the holy festival of Ramzan as the reports are coming, Ramzan will be celebrated on Sunday in India and Navarathri festival marking Dasara has started today.. About 4000 Sai youth from Kerala are here for the past 3 days and yesterday they had a breathtaking bhajan session.

Puttaparthi and its surrounding villages are in a festive mood and why not, thanks to the Grama Seva started by THE SON OF THIS HOLY SOIL, our universal Lord Sathya Sai…..Its like biological clock, my uncle’s son who is just 5 years old, who rarely knows which month we are in , was saying, I think this is the time when Swami’s people (students) come to distribute laddus…

Such is the curiosity from all ages of the society… The much awaited Grama Seva will commence as per the Divine command tomorrow (13october) after morning bhajan. The students from all the campuses are here to do their bit for this meritorious act started by our compassionate Lord Sai. Like last year, a team of youth under the leadership of Mr.Popat from UK is also here to take part in Grama Seva from tomorrow..

Swami is coming bit late in the evenings now a days. Darshans are a big test to your mental and physical strength. I should say,it’s a boon to be in Kulwanth hall, later the better, as we will be thinking of Swami and His arrival and atleast by that way we will be thinking of God, forgetting all our worldly worries and anxieties… Swami is usually coming after 5pm as the bhajans are going on. This evening before any one could enter the hall, the youth from Kerala were seated in Kulwanth hall leaving very few first line spots for other devotees. It was quite anxious waiting for all of us… All the eyes were glued to the path way from where Swami comes to give darshan. It was 5 pm and no trace of Swami, Bhajans started exactly at 5pm and all were wondering if Swami would come or not.. In just 5 minutes, Mr.Gokak, the present vice chancellor of Sathya Sai University, came out from Swami’s Abode. Probably Swami had a lengthy meeting, giving directions, suggestions and guidelines for the forth coming Grama Seva…Swami’s actions are all devotee centric, He rarely has time for Himself.. In just 5 minutes, wasting no time, Swami came out to satisfy the thousands assembled for His divine Darshan…

The car came towards the gents side as well and Swami accepted few letters from the Kerala youth and headed to the dias.. After alighting from His automatic throne Swami went to the interview room and later to the bhajan hall..It was 5:15 by then and at 5:30, instead of arathi, the students continued singing, this time some solo telugu songs as we all listened to them with utmost devotion…

Later the students started singing some of the songs rendered by Swami in early 60s which are compiled in cds by name Sathya Sai Geethamulu..Swami was seated in bhajan mandir and looked like Swami was checking if the students still remember the songs, He rendered which are rarely sung in Kulwanth hall…It was 6pm by then and bhajan session still on.. Some attractive numbers like Rava Swami Sai Baba brochutaku, mammu kachutaku, Needu sannidi maku pennidi, were sung with utmost devotion.. All the songs were in telugu and the Kerala youth joined their hands to the tune of the song.. time 6:15 and the bhajan session still on.. looked like it was a mini Akhanda Bhajan…. Mean while Mysore pak, Prasadam was distributed and scintillating bhajans full of Sai Love came to end when arathi was given to Swami at 6.45. Probably, Swami’s heart danced in joy, to His beloved ones’ songs..Amidst chirping of the birds from the surrounding trees close to His house, Swami retired to His beautifully decorated Physical Abode marking the end of yet another beautiful day full of SAI LOVE…

R.Satish Naik,

Reporting from the Abode of Highest Peace, Prasanthi Nilayam

Courtesy; Saibabadivine 13.10.2007

Prasanthi Update

Yesterday Swami came a little early by 4 pm. Swami then distributed sarees to selected devotees. Also as Dasara is fast approaching, Swami wanted to bless some of the family members and staffs with sarees, Swami spent almost an hour outside distributing to Selected Devotees and everyone had Wonderful and Divine Darshan

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - emailed on 11.10.2007

Sai Shakti

Sai Ram Dear Sai Family

Yesterday evening Darshan all the ladies floated out of the Mandir dazed and lovestruck. Our Divine Sai Krishna came down from the veranda on the ladie's side and gave saris to family members, V.I.P.'s and staff members for Dasara.

I was seated in the main aisle, with an excellent view, having received token #1.

Swami moved so sweetly and slowly through the sighing, breathless, swooning women. He roamed around the medical side and up and down the exit aisle, looking deeply into the gopi devotees eyes sending them all into throes of cosmic love. He glided by our section sending electric shocks through the multitudes. It was absolute paradise!

This morning He gave us all the prasadam of His Presence. The groups of students glittering like white stars in the firmament of Love.

I've just now returned from Sunday afternoon Darshan. Swami sat outside with us enjoying bhajans sung by a very large group of Kerala Youth who came yesterday. He materialized something for a young man in the group.

On a sadder note, my friend Jalpa thanks you for all your prayers. Her Dad passed away. I spoke to her for some time. She was able to have a tape of Swami chanting the Gayatri mantra by His bedside as he soared to higher realms.

Well the hour grows late dear family. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 11.10.2007

Sai Ocean of Compassion

Sai Ram Loving embodiments of Sai

When it rains it pours! Yesterday evening as I was drifting off to sweet dreams. A phone call woke me up. It was my friend Jalpa. She related that these past days her father had suffered a severe brain hemmorhage and was presently in a coma. She requested that we devotees also pray for her father. I told Jalpa that my father also suffered a hematoma, bleeding in the brain in 1995 and Swami saved him. It is an interesting story:

I was living in New York at the time. My father residing in Florida wasn't feeling well during the week, he kept falling asleep throughout the day. When I spoke to him on the phone I told him to see the doctor the following Monday if he still felt ill.

That weekend on Saturday I went to visit my friend Rosie who is clairvoyant, during the night in her house I had the following Baba dream:

My father had gone swimming and drowned. After the accident suddenly the whole family was seated in front of Sai Baba. Swami said to us, "If you want to save your father you must play the tape of his life backwards and when you come to the part where he drowns, don't allow him to go into the water." After I woke up I told my friend Rosie the dream. She commented, "perhaps they have given your father an extension on his life. Maybe you should call your family.

On Monday when I returned home there were countless phone messages on my answering machine. Immediately I sensed something was drastically wrong. When I called my parents I discovered that on the same night in which I had the Swami dream, my father fell very ill, and became very disoriented. They rushed him to the hospital, where he had an emergency operation, for a hematoma, bleeding on the brain. The doctors revealed that if he hadn't come in at that time he certainly would have perished.

This Morning our Lord came for Darshan!!! something He hasn't done in days. Before Darshan I spoke to sister Gloria the nurse, she too has been sick these past few days and was hoping for the Lord's healing Darshan.

Swami our Ocean of Compassion came in His silver vehicle and turned up the Ladies section onto the veranda. When He came out of His car, I had a very good seat near the veranda aisle facing Him. I stretched out my arms as if holding Jalpa's Dad, and said mentally to our Lord, "Jalpa's Father?" Swami gave a look in our direction, it was one of those supreme looks where you know He has connected with you. Please dear Sai Family pray for Jalpa's father too. Sending you all Blessings and Peace.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 08.10.2007

Swami and Viswaroopa Darshan

The Following is a Most Wonderful mail written by a Sai Student in Prashanti Nilayam :

There was a lot of commotion the world-over, last evening. Here is what actually went on.

Swami came for darshan at around 5.05pm, after the bhajans started. He went to bhajan hall and asked for Sri Chakravarti and told him something. I believe Chakravarti sir was unable to get the import of what Swami was saying. The people in bhajan group said, "Swami was in some other plane." Swami then went to the interview room and called him alongwith Sri Giri. After a while Dr SSS was summoned and he came out running and asked for Anil Kumar sir.

Anil Kumar sir had already left mandir, so warden-sir went out in search of him. In a few moments Chakravarti sir also came out looking for Anil Kumar sir. Sometime later Giri sir too came up near the teacher's block and asked if Anil
Kumar sir had come. Then after around 10 minutes Anil Kumar Sir arrived. Swami then went into bhajan hall and Anil Kumar sir followed.

After Arati was over, Swami made Anil Kumar sir announce, "Today is a very auspicious day. This evening, VISWA VIRATA SWAROOPAM will be granted to all in the direction of the airport, till 7.00pm." Swami then asked him to add on, "People of all nations, religions, caste, creed and colour will be able to have this magnificent vision."

The moment the announcement was over, we were in a state of confusion as to what it was all about. People had already started moving to the airport. People were madly rushing to the south-west. It was "festival-time" for all autowalas and taxis! We thought for a while as to whether we need to go all the way or we would be able to see, whatever it was, from the terrace or from near Hanuman (Familiarity breeds contempt, no doubt!). As some of us neared the hostel, there was some commotion. "Swami is coming!", they said. "What! Swami coming?!" Yes, he was coming indeed! He sped off towards the airport. Most of our boys were already on the hostel-terrace or near Hanuman.When I saw Swami going, I too set off towards the airport, as fast as my legs could carry me. "It was going to be surely something that I could not miss."

I reached the airport and saw Swami's car parked on the runway. There were people all around the car. Swami kept sitting for around 20 minutes or so. He did not even come out of the car. The car door opened once, but He didn't come out. Nothing visible to my eye went on in the skies. It was all as it was. The sun had gone down and it was getting darker. People were craning their necks to see if they could get a glimpse of anything. Some had cameras, and mobile-phones filled in for the rest.

Swami sat for a few more minutes and it was 7.20pm. Swami's car then started moving back. Sorry, to say there was not a single light-source, (not even one!!!) on the airport. Swami's car and the Qualis in front struggled to find the road leading to the outside amidst all the crowd and the darkness. There were hardly a few seva-dal and a handful of students (SSSU, CT-BT, SSSIHMS included) who tried to form a barricade around Swami's car. The crowd was ecstatic just with Swami's darshan. Believe it or not, it took Swami's car (driven by Satyajit) close to an hour to get from the runway to about 200 metres from the airport (on the road towards mandir). All vehicles that had come (I'm sure if not all, atleast 95% of Parthi was at the airport) were parked haphazardly on both sides of the road making things much more difficult for the drivers of both vehicles. It was about 8.15 by the time Swami's car could really speed on. He went by the bypass road and reached mandir. From what I hear, He did not
retire upstairs until much later.

By this time, I had already received calls from so many as to what was going on. Could I say nothing happened? No way! Something certainly had happened, only that we could not see it happening.

The only explanations we could give to the whole episode were:

Swami had beautifully demonstrated how He could get the entire world to think of Him for over an hour by just making a single statement.

And for all that we know, all the Gods and Goddesses, in the heavens above, must have peen pining for Swami's darshan and He granted them His Darshan to their heart's content, last evening. The sight of all these divine beings must have been the VISWA VIRATA SWAROOPA, or Swami must have appeared as the VISWA VIRATA SWAROOPA to those devatas, which we were unfortunate or can I say unqualified not to witness. (I do agree with you that we cannot give these reasons to the doubting-Thomases; this would end in them getting a confirmation that we are lunatics of the first order, if not any thing worse.)

Swami was shown on all TV channels. They did not have footage of the actual scene at the airport, so they were airing His darshan. All people in the country and maybe the world over were having His darshan. Wasn't that VISWA VIRAATA DARSHAN? What more can you ask for? Only two were fortunate to have the darshan in Kurukshetra. Could it have been so easy for millions over the world to behold the Divine Spectacle? They did see him on the television, didn't they?

Just imagine, if at all we could have seen something of the kind of what we were expecting, Parthi would have no more been the same. Poeple would have started pouring in from all corners of the world.

As I walked back, I was worried about one thing - tongues wagging about the incident. This incident was certainly a dainty-dish served on silverware for those waiting to comment on Swami. And was I right! We heard some of the reports that were being aired... we were really pained but did not know what to do. All that we could do was to pray.

Being students and Devotees of Bhagawan, we need to keep ourselves together and firm in our faith for Him. When we meet people we must be ready to face all sorts of questions (many of you must have already faced some I'm sure, by the time you are reading this).

TV channels, I hear, were broadcasting all sorts of rubbish. Swami being seen on the moon?! What rubbish!! (Not impossible for HIM I admit though). But, He never said anything like that. It was just the media, distorting all information, and sorry to say, even our devotees, as usual adding on masala to whatever they heard. Some even said that that the Central Trust issued some statement. What rot!! Utter nonsense!

As things stand now, there has been no clarification from Bhagawan yet regarding the matter. It is only our Himalayan-faith in Him that should convince us that whatever He did was with a purpose and if not now, we'll surely realise it later. I got to see Swami from very, very close quarters last evening as the car was wriggling out of the airport and inching (literally, inch-by-inch) in the direction of the mandir. Swami apppeared so unlike usual. I need not tell you how he generally reacts to crowds, but last evening He seemed to be in some higher plane, believe me! Most of the time He was just staring in front of the car, into the emptiness (which was actually not empty!). He was truly all of Himself. He is the kapata-nataka-sutradhari, adept at what He does... Impeccable!

He has done His job, and we now have to do ours. Whether we can pull people into the Sai-path or not is not the thing of concern right now; rather we must hold-on to Him much stronger than ever before. This seems to me like a simple process of chaffing which He has adopted to separate the husk from the grain. In the hurricane, that was yesterday, some grains too would have been blown off along with the husk. I repeat again, we just need to hold-on, and we will be through.

It is so easy to shake off people who are sitting precariously balanced (or in a state of imbalance should I say?) on the ledge, wondering which side to fall. They could just drop this way or that that, by a mere shake! Are you one of those fickle-minded fools or we are standing firm on the Bhagawan's side? Judge for yourself.

And to curtail the wagging-tongues, I pray to Bhagawan to give us all the strength to face them boldly and show them that we are still on His side, no matter what. This is merely a test of our faith, and as He has always given us the asssurance, He will always test us only according to our capabilities. There is never a tough test. We all have it in us to take us through. Some of us, who have a stronger foundation, will be able to take others along, too. If some of us feel we are not yet ripe for taking the test, we can only pray and He will surely yield to it.

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters, I admit am nobody great, to be telling you all this motivational stuff. I am blindly typing all that is coming from my heart. If we have the "stubborn-faith" that what He is doing is for the good of the entire Universe, no force on earth can do anything. HIS mission will anyhow go on, as it was always, with the same pre-programmed precision and perfection. Looking from our point of view, we need to march hand-in-hand with HIM. Let us all make a resolve to be by His side, no matter what.

If Moses, a mere mortal, could take people to the promised land?.what to say of Bhagawan!!! HOLD ON AND KEEP PRAYING.


Looking forward to everyone thoughts on This mail.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 07.10.2007

Sai Maa

Sai Ram blessed beings of Baba

Baba came out this afternoon bringing tremendous joy to the huge gathering of devotees in the Mandir. He orbited the Mandir in His silver vehicle, we all watched breathlessly as the car door opened and the resplendent rays of the orange robed Sun bathed us in eternal Light.

He roamed around the veranda and then came down the middle ramp, amidst the ecstatic crowds of students and devotees. He almost circled the Mandir from the ladies side, but a woman made a dash for Him with her child and interrupted the sweet flow, our Lord returned to the veranda, aarathi was taken and Darshan ended.

About two days ago I had bhajans at my new place, it turned out wonderful, Swami brought a whole bunch of neighborhood kids along with a few adults and we had a rousing bhajan after which we all had dinner and enjoyed satsangh.

A good friend of mine told me about a female devotee who is suffering with paralysis and is in terrible pain. Since I do reflexology work I agreed to do some treatments. She is in a tremendous amount of pain and is unable to sleep. I have been praying for her, please dear Sai family we would appreciate all your prayers as well. Swami has said that prayers are very powerful, especially collective prayers. Blessings and Peace to everyone.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 07.05.2007

Prasanthi News

Aum Sri Sathya Sai

Let’s all set aside the clouds of material desires

Sairam namaste to respected brothers and sisters,

As we are all aware our Beloved Swami has deeper message for all of us and expects from each one of us single one pointed faith in HIS DIVINITY , and we all devotees have seen and witnessed umpteen instances of Swami’s amazing miracles which had boosted our faith in SWAMI from time to time. Swami now perhaps wants us to travel beyond miracles and moons and have firm faith in HIM and practice the values which HE is teaching day in and day out, and see the VISWA SWAROOPA of SAI in each and every being, including the Moon. With this practical prank and playful time with HIS Puttaparthi Devotees , Swami taught us a practical lesson to remove and set aside the clouds of material desires in our minds and visualize the Atamic Moon that is within.

Let’s recollect a wonderful incident from Mahabharata -- one evening Lord Krishna wished to test the devotion and faith of his favorite disciple Arjuna. As they were walking in a garden , Lord Krishna told Arjuna to look up a tree and see the white colored bird that was sitting on the top of a tree, and said that it was a white crow, and Arjuna looking up at the black bird -- agreed totally & instantly with Krishna’s observation that it is a white crow … a white colored one . Next very moment, Lord Krishna said that it isn’t a crow, but a brown pigeon!.

Arjuna spontaneously agreed saying that, ‘Yes Swami, it’s indeed a brown pigeon’. Again, the very next moment Krishna said, “Arjuna , how could it be a pigeon, I donot think it is a pigeon, but a red colour parrot”. This time too, Arjuna immediately without any hesitation, and with total implicit faith in Krishna’s words, concurred with the observations of Krishna and said, ‘Yes Swami, you are right, it’s indeed a red colored Parrot ’!

After this test, Krishna embraced His dear devotee Arjuna and told him that he qualified in the spiritual test of Faith as he firmly believed in HIM with implicit faith, though the statements of the Lord altered every few seconds! This was the solid firm faith of Arjuna in his Krishna, which made him eligible to receive His Divine Message of Gita . Likewise, all devotees may have to undergo such tests before being declared eligible to receive the Viswa Roopa Dharsan.

Scriptures compare Mind with the Moon. We all have the great opportunity of taming our unsteady minds and unbridled desires by putting into practice one or two of His teachings. If we all could surrender like Arjuna with loving firm faith, Swami would make our minds steady and help us to see His Viswa Swaroopa Dharsan in all beings ,including in the celestial bodies such as the Moon and the Sun.

As you had rightly mentioned, each act of Swami has deep meaning, and is indeed filled to the brim with HIS supreme self sacrifice, full of deep love ….. and based on sole purpose to uplift the consciousness’ of HIS devotees, and leading them into deeper levels of Madhura Bhakthi and firm faith in GOD.

Sir , we devotees are fully aware that Swami does not even in dreams, care any form of publicity or show, and each act of HIS has some deep inner significance and a teaching. By such self-effacing acts Swami Vaaru further went deep into devotees hearts – and devotion of each devotee intensified many fold after last evening’s episode. And, perhaps it is a chance for the part-time devotees and fence sitters to affirm their faith in the divine principle of Swami basing on their experiences and teachings of Swami. In the times of these intense tests a true devotee has to maintain sturdy faith with constant Namasamarnna and by recounting his own experiences with the wonderful Mother Swami, the Divine Chancellor of the Heart & Mind (Moon), and proudly proclaim that we are indeed inseparable from Swami . Swami Vaaru with this wonderful prank wishes to reveal to the world that HIS relationship with His devotees is infinite with madhura Bhakthi , heart to heart , self effacing beyond miracles and moons.

With Sastanga namasakrams of infinite love to our ever beloved Swami Vaaru, and Sai wishes to your team ,

Rommel & Members of Sai Organisation , Sweden .

“Let sweet divinity constantly generate within you, emanate and flow from you to all, at all times. May Sai Baba protect you and your sweet family always”

C. Rommel ,IFS ; Stockholm,Sweden.

Courtesy KM - 06.10.2007

Prasanthi Update

Dear all,

I am attaching the article circulated in saistudents community just for your benefit ....

October 4th, 2007

This evening, Swami came out for darshan at 5:05 pm. The bhajans had begun and Swami went straight into the bhajan hall at the end of His darshan rounds. Swami sat for the bhajans till about 5:35 pm. He appeared to be very radiant, yet had an emotional air about Him. Every bhajan seemed to touch Him and as HE sat, He kept looking all around. It was as if He wanted His gaze to fall on everyone present in the hall. As the bhajans were going on, Swami called the secretary of the Central Trust, Sri.Chakravarthi, and spoke to him. The bhajan group dimmed the volume of singing and accompaniment as the conversation turned out to be a long drawn one. The conversation lasted for one whole bhajan. Then Swami smiled and continued looking at everyone. At 5:35pm, Swami went into the interview room. He came out at about 6:00pm and immediately asked for Aarthi. However, during the Aarthi, Swami came into the bhajan hall. He sat till the Loka Samastha was sung. Then, calling Prof.Anil Kumar, He had the following announcement made.

"Today is a very auspicious day. From this moment on till 7:00pm, in the direction of the airport, one can have the Vishwa Viraata Swaroopa Darshan. It can be seen by people - irrespective of their nationality,colour,caste."

A wide array of emotions passed over people's faces as they heard the announcement. Swami seemed to be the only non-confused soul in the whole assembly. A rare wave of chatter and excited talk broke out in the bhajan hall and Swami just left with a satisfied and loving look. The whole of Parthi and the neighbouring villages too seemed to get galvanised. All roads seemed to be leading towards the airport. The auto rikshaw stand emptied in no time and taxis were all full. All vehicles - motor and non motor- headed towards the airport and well, the scene must have been seen to feel the impact. Parthi must never have seen such a motorcade in its brief yet vibrant history.

To add to this, at about 6:30 pm, Swami's Porte too headed towards the airport. Parthi wore a deserted look as all its inhabitants moved towards the airport. The main road was clogged with vehicles and it resembled a one way. No vehicle seemed to be headed towards Parthi and all faced the South-Westerly direction towards the airport. Parking space was a problem, but the devotees went in the vehicles as far as they could carry them. Then jettisoning the vehicles, they proceeded on foot to the hallowed precincts of the airport. Swami's car was parked in the centre of the runway just opposite the terminal building.

Swami's car was naturally the focus of people's attention and the locus of the mammoth crowd. In a matter of 20 minutes, more than 10,000 people had assembled in the airport. It was completely dark and the only lights were from the tail lamps and head lights of Swami's Porte. Of course there were occasional flashes from cameras and the small screen lights of mobile phones. Chants of Sai Gayathri rented the air almost everywhere. Near the car, it gave way to frenzied shouts of "Bolo Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai BabaKi... Jai ". Swami sat in the car just staring ahead. He seemed to be waiting for something. The people were in a devotional fervour and if the runway could be relpaced by a river, the scene would have reflected the Maha Kumbh Mela.

All of a sudden, Swami's car that was dark, lit up as the interior lights were switched on. There was a mighty applause and peoples faces too seem to be lit up by virtue of the light being put on in the car. The crowd was now on its feet and the security cordon around Swami's car was now almost non existent. People were so charged and they wanted to just glimpse at their beloved Lord. There were discussions of requesting Swami to return to the mandir as the crowd was becoming uncontrollable. But then Swami did something that was so natural of Him. He asked for the door be opened and He wanted to go out and be amidst His devotees. The door opened and the chair started to move. But then there was a sudden onrush of devotees. In the darkness of the early night, the whole scene appeared like the "Kanyakumari- pearlnecklace" episode - only that it was now waves of devotees trying to offer the garland of Love, Devotion and Gratitude. The crowds were literally surging and people near the car requested Swami to go back into the car. There were repeated pleas to the devotees to be calm and seated but they seemed to hear none of it. A kind of mob mentality set in and indiscipline seemed to set in. Swami was still wanting to get out of the car and be in their midst. But the raging waves of devotees seemed to make that move physically impossible. They were almost squeezed flat on the sides of the car and it was physically impossible for Swami even to come out. For once it seemed that God was proposing which man was disposing!

The car now started up and waded its way amidst the crowd and parked in another spot. Somehow, swami wanted to be on the tarmac in the airport and it was purely His will that the car was still there. Such a scene would never have been seen and even today it was not being seen for along with the devotees, even darkness enveloped the whole airport runway. The chants grew louder and now people did not know what was happening. Swami was the only calm figure in the entire assembly. He got the car parked at a little distance away from the runway and then the same story was enacted. Swami wanted to come out of the car but it was physically impossible with the crowds swarming around the car. Meanwhile, the whole of Prashanti Nilayam was literally empty. It was reminiscent of how the gopikas would rush to Krishna, leaving their houses unlocked, forgetting whatever they were doing. Swami for the third time got the car parked at another spot. Again the same story - not able to come out.

From a distance, even in the darkness, the scene was awe inspiring to say the least. The vast assembly brought to the mind images of the vedic chant "Sahasra Shirsha Purusha". In a way, though Swami was not being "allowed" to do what He wanted to by the crowds, the crowds themselves seemed to symbolise the cosmic form. Often Swami says that when it is said that the Lord has a thousand eyes and ears, He is not a funny looking being. It is symbolic of Him pervading every being in the Universe. From a distance, this aspect became very clear. Moreover, the spice hungry media picked up on the heavy rumours which were actually non-existent. Many channels rivalled each other and revelled in trying to cook up the hottest gossip and gain mileage out of the spiritual phenomenon. The beauty of Swami's actions is that everyone benefits out of it. Whatever be anybody's motive, His motive is only the welfare and happiness around. He has not caused pain to one little thing in His whole life and led every moment of it for others. He does not care for the "taints" and "extolling" that the world may shower on Him. The Truth needs no verification nor does it change just because a majority refuse to accept it.

At about 7:45 pm, Swami's car started to head out of the airport. But the roads were all blocked. Even Swami needed half an hour to travel the 8 kilometres to the mandir. He reached into Yajur mandir only at 8:30 pm and retired only by 10:00 pm.

Whoever may say anything, in matters of spirituality, it is only the experience of the heart that counts. And it is FAITH alone that leads to the experience. Once man told God,"Why don't you reveal yourself to the world? Everyone can benefit."

God replied,"I would love to do so. But tell me how should I do that?"

"Why don't you do a miracle? A miracle that will stun everyone?"

"What sort of miracle do you suggest that I do?"

"Hmm....well let me see. Why don't you turn the whole ocean red?"

"My dear! That will not work."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because sometime back, someone asked me to make it blue. But today, you have scientific explanations for its blue colour!"

God then went on to tell him, "If you don't have faith, every experience seems co incidental. But with faith, every breath, every heartbeat, every moment becomes an experience."

The feelings in everyone who witnessed the divine drama were profound yet sublime. The experience, well, can be put off as co incidental and "nothing much" or it can be considered the fruition of the wait of lifetimes. Swami is Truth and Love.

"I wish to be a silent worker rather than a prominent spectator........."

R. G

Courtesy KM - 06.10.2007

Crowds hit Sai Baba’s Vishwarupa (Deccan Chronicle)

Puttaparthi (Anantapur), Oct. 4: Hysteric crowds and overhanging clouds persuaded Sri Satya Sai Baba to postpone his promised Vishwarupa darshanam on Thursday evening. There was chaos at the Puttaparthi airport after Sai Baba devotees thronged the premises to witness the Vishwarupa darshanam of their master. They returned disappointed. Sai Baba had earlier given darshan to his devotees at Sai Kulwant hall in Puttaparthi. After the bhajan, he told his assistant Anil Kumar that he would give Vishwarupa darshanam at around 7 pm on the northeastern direction of the airport.

As soon as Mr Anil Kumar announced this, devotees ran towards the airport chanting his name.

Television channels also telecast the news and people in Puttaparthi locked up their houses and ran towards the airport. Thousands also rushed to the area from surrounding villages.

All the devotees crowding the area focused their attention on the northeastern direction in the sky.

In a fit of devotion, some of them surrounded the car of Sai Baba and he could not come out. Devotees did not relent even after members of Satya Sai Trust urged them to sit down. Instead, they ran after the car.

A small stage was set up before the car for Viswarupa Darshanam but Sai Baba could not reach the stage as devotees prostrated before him. He was forced to remain in the car for about an hour. A short while later, the office-bearers of the Satya Sai Trust announced that the Viswarupa Darsanam was postponed because of the non-cooperation of devotees and the cloudy weather. Sai Baba then returned to his Ashram. Sai Baba devotees in other countries also called up their friends and relatives in Puttaparthy to find out about the incident.

Because of the rush, traffic on the road from Puttaparthy to the airport was thrown out of gear. At one stage, doors of the airport had to be closed. Police finally cleared the traffic to enable Sai Baba to return to his Ashram. Most devotees expressed disappointment at not being able to see the Viswarupa Darsanam.

A Anantha Vijaya

Courtesy KM - 05.10.2007

Prasanthi News

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

On Thursday evening everyone rushed to the Sri Sathya Sai Airport as the most Amazing and Wonderful News Spread that Bhagawan would be giving " Sai Viswaroopa Darshanam", Suddenly in a matter of an Hour Huge Crowds appeared and the Airport was packed, News"Swami Vishwa Roopa Darshan" This was a Highlight topic all around and spread very fast on this Thursday’s dusk

Swami arrived and Everyone had wonderful Darshan. Swami always asks for Patience and Many people started Rushing towards Bhagawan's Car leading to Chaos, One could see that Swami was not happy with the Indiscipline everywhere. The Weather became Cloudy suddenly and everyone waiting turned Futile as Swami left after sometime.

A Miraculous, Wonderful and once in a Lifetime Event was missed.

Will keep everyone updated .

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 05.10.2007


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

There was lot of suspense, drama and lot of commotion in Puttaparthi this Thursday evening. To give a brief account of what had happened and to remove all the contradicting views in various TV channels, all started around 5:25 when Prof.Anil Kumar announced, with consent of Swami, that there would Viswa Virat Swaroop darshan this evening around 6pm to 7pm.. Apparently, to what I understood, Swami would be seen in the sky (in the moon) in between this time, in His cosmic form…

Recently I have seen a video of experiences of some old time devotees where in Swami has showed His form on the banks of Chitravathi river, in the sky. Today it was announced that the rare darshan would be seen in the airport area..

The news spread in no time to the whole puttaparthi and in no time, thanks to the mobile revolution in India, the news spread to all corners of the world. Every one had a different name for the very very special darshan.. At one stage, the phone lines were very very hard to get through, as all the phones were busy discussing this issue..

It all started with a small gathering near the airport around 5:45 and slowly the crowd increased..The crowd were anxious, and many patients who came for treatment in the super hospital also joined the crowd and to intensify the anxiousness, Swami Himself drove to the airport.. Then started the real show.. Atleast 100 vehicles followed Swami and the crowd were in thousands, and only a bunch of police men to control.

Usually for large gatherings, there are special police teams brought to Parthi, but this being a very very rare occasion and a sudden one. Before Swami could come to the airport, thousands were already gathered in the airport.

The people from my village (which is just on the other side of the airport) and surrounding villages, got into the airport by crossing over the fencing…All were standing in the run way before Swami’s arrival.. As the main gates were opened to let Swami’s car in, there was a huge gush of devotees. The police had no idea as what to do and they almost gave up.. It was getting dark by then and Swami slowly got down from His car and hardly stayed out for some minutes. .Seeing the devotees’ anxiety Swami had to get into His car again and no one had any idea as what was happening and where and how Swami would be seen in the sky…

Swami had to stay in His car for more close to one hour, thanks to the anxious devotees. It was 6:45pm by then, a very rare occasion for Swami to stay in the airport premises, overcrowded by devotees during this part of the day…. The crowd which was around 10,000 or so now doubled, thus making the situation more tense and worse…All the devotees surrounded around His car, chanting Sai Gayatri, some where singing bhajans, some chanting mantras looking at the sky and looking at Swami..Some (chatter box) devotees started saying, Swami will be seen in the east direction, some said no in the west.. another fellow said, Swami will be seen like in a Imax theater, in the sky.. one devotee went a little further and said, Swami will now give discourse from the car and the whole thing will be reflected on the sky…There were all kind of speculations and some were weird enough to be brushed aside… There was no one to announce as what was going on or what is going to happen next.

By now all the roads were blocked. Cars, motor cycles and vans were parked right in the middle of the road. Now the big question was how will Swami’s car go out.. Another 2 cars were brought..The police tried to give an impression that Swami was in a particular car and divert the attention of the crowd to let Swami go to ashram peacefully.. Even that plan didn’t work out..

After waiting for an hour, around 7:40 Swami’s car slowly turned turned towards the ashram and it took close to 2 hours for Swami to reach Puttaparthi thus pulling the curtains down for a very interesting and action packed evening…..and crowd who had come from distant places, returned back after a tension packed 2 hours… But all were in smiles for a beautiful car darshan…

Probably Swami postponed His yet another Leela to some other fine evening……We all are waiting for that evening Swami…

Reporting from Kali Yuga’s Mathura

Satish Naik……
(pls zoom in the attachment)

Jai Sai Ram

Satish Naik

Courtesy: Mary S - 05.10.2007

Sai High

Sai Ram Loving embodiments of Lord Baba

I am still reeling from a most powerful darshan. This afternoon Darshan, Swami came in His vehicle earlier than He has been coming, we all felt magic in the air.

Swami rolled onto the veranda, as He descended from His car onto the podium, it seem like He was going to disappear into the interview room, we kept calling to Him and pleading with Him to come back to us. Our merciful Baba suddenly turned towards the yearning throngs of devotees, and came down on the men's side thru the excited flurry of students, talking with them and accepting letters.

He then looked like He was going to go back on to the podium from the ladies side, still imploring our Baba to stay with us, He yielded to our sincere prayers and circled around the island section towards the medical seating and down the exit aisle, coming very close to where we were seated, He looked smiling at the lady seated next to me, and said very clearly, "how are you, how many?" then glided passed us and over to the main aisle attending to the devotees there. Later I asked the lady, if she'd heard what he said, curiously, she told me she didn't hear anything. Swami is so enigmatic!

Well, it's been an enchanting evening. Sending you all the splendor and glory of His Love.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy Saibabanews - 06.10.2007

Swami's anounced he will walk in the Sky.

'Aum Sai Ram'

Hello my friends.

Well this is fact because I was there!

At the end of evening Bhajans 4th October 2007 Swami had a very excited Anil Kumar announce that Swami wishes everyone to go to the airport at 7.00 pm and Swami will appear in the sky.

Well my neighbour Jolanda and I got on my motor scooter and off we went we were right at the airport gate and Swami arrives in the little silver car everyone just flows in. Ooops did I say flows in, pushes in and of course you are carried in with the crowd.

Swami's car proceeds to go up to the run way as we all run along to see him. We are told to sit down on the run way I was just behind the row of Seva Dals it was 6.45 pm and we are all waiting. Security and police manage to get the first few rows of people to sit down Swami's car is maybe a couple of hundred yards in front of me.

Time now is 6.55 pm and they bring out Swami's wheel chair (which I thought was bit of a laugh he doesn't need a wheel chair if he is going to appear in the sky) everyone gets up as the car door is opened Swami is starting to get out of the car and the crowd pushes forward Swami gets back in the car the door is closed.

The crowd just pushes and pushes forward Swami can not get out of the car security and the police don't have a chance to push them back. The driver starts to reverse the car the crowd just pushes forward. I suddenly realise there are thousands and thousands of people everywhere. Where did they all come from? There were no available autos straight after darshan but there were thousands of people here. So many were on their mobile phones to their friends and family to come and see.

Now Swami's car is turning and moving up the runway towards the hospital and the crowds are right up with him. The car stops again and everyone crowds in the police the security and Seva Dals don't have a hope to stop the crowd. They form human chains around the car but are only pushed forward onto the car. Some of the police just got pushed right out of the way and they just stood back. I was being pushed into the crowd you just can't move out once you are in the middle.

This same scenario went on for a while then suddenly Swami's car moves faster and I don't know how I happen to be so close but I'm two rows off the side of the car. The crowd starts moving faster I just have to move with them I'm getting pushed forward the men behind me are pushing me so they can get in front. I now have no idea where Swami's car is even though I know it is close some where. People are stepping on my shoes I lose my step I start to fall forward and know I'm going to fall flat on my face and think this is it I'm going to be trampled to death. A man from behind pushes me again I fall through the two men in front of me. Bang! Hands first I fall straight onto the back of Swami's car. I had no idea it was that close.

'Sorry Swami'! I shout but thank you that the car is here I would have been injured for sure if it wasn't.

I notice my hand prints on his car window and try to wipe them off but no chance I am being squashed right up against the window. The car is moving slow and I get a little space. I try to push back off Swami's car but I can't move back my hands still on the window, I can't move to left and I can't move to the right I notice my neighbour Jolanda on my left she is pushed against the side of the car we look at each other, shake our heads and laugh. I look through the window and in front of the car is security as a human chain only few feet in front of the car and they are helplessly trying to push the crowd back. Swami's car is moving very slowly.

I look into the car and there are three men in the back sit I don't know who they are and Swami's young driver in the front of course and all of them seem to be talking at the same time. The driver is not looking where is going he is talking to the men in the back but he seemed very sweet. I think they were all in a bit of a panic but I notice Swami. I was right behind him (well on the outside of the car right behind him) he is just looking forward and doesn't seem to be saying anything or hearing any of the talking that is going on in the car. Now my total focus is on Swami and I feel very safe and a sense of joy fills me as I realise, wow look how close I am and I'm touching his car. I thought to myself, now this doesn't happen everyday does it?!!! I suddenly was so focus on Swami that I hardly noticed what was going on around me. I felt directly connected to Swami it was so very beautiful my God what a blessing. I thought to myself, Swami you can calm the crowd down please do it. But He seems to have not intention to and I knew at that moment Swami is not going to appear in the sky tonight.

Then the car stops for a few seconds and starts to back up. Security race behind the car and form a human chain around the back of Swami's car I am now behind the security men. They are holding hands their elbows up and ready for attack. With a sudden jolt they push back my feet leave the ground and I am pushed right into the men behind me who are now pushing forward with force because Swami's car is moving back. I feel the bones in the arms and hands of the men behind me as they hit my back and I'm pushed right back into securities elbows.

Security are ready to push me right back into the men behind me and I lose it. I scream at them what the hell do you think are doing? One says we are doing our duty move back! I scream are you nuts where back are you trying to kill me?!!! Well I am screaming so loud and I'm furious that I actually think I frighten some of the security men they stop for a few seconds and they start apologising to me. Sorry Madame, sorry Madame they say. But the men from behind are pushing forward and my feet leave the ground again and I'm tossed right into more elbows. Swami's car is still backing up and starts to pull to the side the crowd pushes from the side hitting my shoulder and left arm and my feet leave the ground again straight into the crowd on my right side. I lose it again and everyone stops for a few seconds I see an opening and think I can get out of the crowd. A man runs right into me as I fly back into securities elbows this seemed to be never ending.

At last Swami's car moves forward I push myself back as the crowd pushes past me. I am free away from the crowd thank you God!!! I just stopped where I was hardly anyone around me. I took a deep breath and realised after all that pushing around into peoples elbows fits etc. I felt no pain I was amazed. I looked forward and the car was up ahead and a great sense of peace came over me and I laughed as I remembered the look on securities faces when I lost it and thought this is insane but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, thank you Swami!!! I just stood there letting the feeling of peace soak through me it was wonderful.

Swami's car moved on forward for a little longer and the crowd had built up around his car again. Then the four wheel drive that had all the cameras and crew in it following (well trying to follow) Swami's car turned around and started moving fast clearing the crowd. I wasn't sure where Swami's car was at that moment since I was a fair way back now, but it must have been in front of the four wheel drive as the crowd were running right behind the four wheel drive.

Out the front gates went Swami's car and the four wheel drive back to the ashram. What was that all about??? Yes only He knows!

The crowds pushing out of the gate I got out of and there were buses packed with people and on the roof tops of the buses was standing room only. Cars trucks buses and hundreds and hundreds of motor bikes everywhere. How was I ever going to find mine? My neighbour found the scooter and called out to me. I had lost her when I was tossed about but there she was. I had to pushed the scooter out and we walked for quite a distance in the crowd till it was safe enough for me to start up the bike a we rode off.

My neighbour and I got back to our apartments in one piece how, by Swami's grace only. I really excepted to have pain, scratches and bruises after all of the elbows and bones I was pushed into but no pain and not one scratch or bruise!!! Swami he is amazing Thank you yet again!!!!!

What an experience what a night!!! I hope Swami does it again but this time appears in the sky hopefully Swami will give security and the police a bit more notice so they can get themselves organised.

Much love and blessings to you all

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 05.10.2007

Sai Viswaroopa

Sai Ram Embodiments of Viswaroopa

This evening at the end of Bhajans our Amazing Lord announced to all the astonished devotees, that today was a very auspicious day, and that if we all looked towards the airport from now until 7PM we would all experience the Darshan of Viswaroopa. Once again all Heaven broke loose!!!!!! the roads were crammed with devotees rushing towards the airport. Devotees swarmed the rooftops and other high locations.

Myself, Lalitha and two other women, Sheryl and Patricia from Arkansas headed towards the airport our eyes glued to the heavens. Suddenly there was a great commotion and we saw Swami's vehicle coming towards us we had lovely car darshan as our Lord sped towards the airport. As we passed the Music college I suggested we go on the rooftop of the apartment building I had previously stayed in. We climbed to the top of the building and watched and waited, At some point we did notice lights in the sky and a kind of white mist that seemed to increase, there was also a noticeable shift in energy that everyone appeared to experience. Laer, after 7, Lalitha and I decided to head for the airport as well.

At the airport there were devotees camped out on the sides of the roads, all watching the skies. We stayed until Swami returned to the Ashram, this was indeed a ;historic night.

Tonight I was supposed to have bhajans at my new apartment, everything was prepared, but our Lord had other plans. Something else very interesting happened:

I had a Swami robe made by a tailor in Puttaparthi. When I went to pick up the robe, the tailor asked if I wanted the dhoti also. Since this meant extra expense, I said no it is for my puja room, I don't need the dhoti. Then this afternoon, I took the robe into Darshan with me.

I mentally asked Swami to give me a little glance that was enough to bless the robe.

There was a lady sitting next to me from Delhi. We started talking. She told me she had been noticing me in Darshan for some time, admiring the special sari skirts and tops that I sometimes wore. She then told me about a Baba dream she recently had:

In the dream she saw Swami and Swami lifted up His robe and showed her His dhoti. My mouth dropped open as she said that, of course Swami was telling me to buy the dhoti!

Towards the end Darshan, from the veranda, Swami turned in my direction and looked, another friend commented, "did you see that look, it really seemed like He was looking at us". I knew this robe was blessed, and more than that I offered the robe up to the Heavens, to Viswaaroopa as we stood on the roof top and at the airport. Needless to say, I went straight to the tailor and purchased the dhoti!!!! :)))))))) More Mega Bliss later

Lots of Prema
sonya ki.

Courtesy Saibabanews - 04.10.2007

Sai Vishwaroop Darshan-

Sai Ram Brother's and Sister's ,

Sai Vishwaroop Darshan have been postponed - we have to wait for another next auspicious moment. How is it possible that Swami cannot come out from His car ? because of the mammoth crowd Swami had to return back to Prasanthi Nilayam. Does Swami need to come out from His car to give His Viswaroop Darshan ? and that also He had to go to airport to show His cosmic form - think deeply about this oh great devotees of Swami. Again reading Laura's description about the crowd which gathered in no time - who informed them and they were already there in the airport to witness Swami's Vishwaroop darshan? security and Police officers had to request Swami to return back to Prasanthi - what do you all make out of this ? Prior to the announcement of Vishwaroop Darsahn - He had very emotional and compassionate look-

Is Swami telling us in one way that we have to be prepared for His Cosmic form which will be revealed by Him very soon -now it is the time to ponder- Are we ready for His Cosmic form ? Last thirteen years of His life and this compassionate look - brother's and sister's everything is possible for Him as Sri Krishna in His last span of His life out of compassion and mercy granted liberation to all within His kingdom even those who were non devotees.

Or this the future He revealed to us that in next thirteen years there will be explosion of people and it will be difficult for Him to come out and give darshan physically so to have His darshan we have to see Swami in the sky- Time to ponder .

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu


Courtesy: Saibabanews - 06.10.2007

Prasanthi News - 01.10.2007

From a Very Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam

After a week of dry weather and Stilness today there was a cool breeze to enliven everyone's spirits. Swami has not been coming in the mornings on many days and even if He has come it was only for bhajans. Evenings have been dry too, for He has been coming after 4:30 and most of the days never spent time outside.

Today evening was different. Swami did not come till 5 PM. Bhajans started after which there were signs of HIS coming. Swami came in the Car at 5.05 P.M, and took a short cut. After coming out of the car, He asked to be taken on to the stage of the Kulwant hall. That was delightful for everyone . Swami sat through the bhajans outside and everyone had the most Wonderful Darshan. Bhajans went on even after 5:30 which was unusual as Swami in the past few was taking Aarthi before 5.30 . At around 5:35, Swami asked the boys to take him back to the portico. He came near the staff side, and then instead of going to Bhajan hall, He chose to take a round near the devotees. That was a bonus... People were thrilled, because, many devotees have come from Gujarat and have been here in parthi for the last few days. They all had good darshan today. After going near the gents side and coming to the boys, He skipped the ladies side and turned towards the vedam group. After blessing the Birthday boys and taking letters from many, He entered the portico from the old students side and finally went inside bhajan hall through the back side door of the hall. Bhajans went on till 6 pm and Swami took aarathi and retired to Yajur Mandiram.

Also as Students are having exams and that might be the reason that Swami is not spending much time Outside. Everyone is Praying that as Dasara Celebrations and Grama Seva approaches everyone will have the Most Wonderful Darshans of our Beloved Lord.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 01.10.2007

From: Director Wfd <>
Date: Sep 27, 2007 1:04 PM

Subject: Best Medical Service Award for Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bangalore


Dear All,

It gives us great pleasure to inform you all that our Hospital was selected by a panel of reputed judges comprising of high court judges and eminent doctors from Karnataka for the Essel Karnataka's Best Medical Services Award 2007.

Our Hospital also got the overall Special Award for public choice for Best Medical Service. Voting was done through SMS and Landline.

The Awards were presented on 21st September 2007 at Hotel Grand Ashoka Bangalore.

The program will be telecast on Zee Kanada channel on Sunday the 30th September 2007 at 4 PM.

On this happy occasion we thank you all for all the support you have given to your Institute from the inception.

Dr. A.S. Hegde
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
EPIP Area, Whitefield
Bangalore 560066
Telefax: 080-28412566

Department Of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging,
Bangalore - 560066
LL: 08028411500 Ext: 302
Fax: 08028411502
Imaging Services,
SSSIHMS, Bangalore - 66
Off: 08028411500 Ext:302

Courtesy: saibabanews - 02.10.2007

Sai Glorious

Sai Ram Glorious embodiments of Sai

Just returned from a Mega beautiful darshan. Our Lord Sai was absent from our midst 3 mornings in a row. He did give us lovely afternoon Darshan though. Yesterday He sat out on the veranda, shining from head to toe during bhajans.

We all basked in the pink rays of His Love. Then as He was exiting in His vehicle He turned down the exit aisle where I was seated and gave us all such an exquisitely sweet look, His glance magically sweeping across all the rows of devotees in that section.

This afternoon Darshan, Swami entered the Mandir in His car and majestically circled the hall. The Sai Youth from Gujurat presented an excellent program, which our Lord thoroughly enjoyed. He presented white cloth and saris to the youth and also materialized gold chains for 2 youth and took photos with them. Afterwards He permitted the youth to lead the bhajans. They all sang the glory of God seated before them, Swami indulged them beautifully granting extended bhajans, I think it was after 6 before Darshan ended.

We all sang Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavanthu, our hearts fully saturated, overflowing with the Bliss of His Presence. Swami exited the Mandir His gaze once again blessing our glowing, glorious faces. More Bliss later.

Sending you all blazing rays of Baba Love!

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 02.10.2007

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