Prasanthi Update

For the Past Few days Swami's Darshan schedule has changed a lot. After the Wonderful Birthday celebrations, Swami has either not come out for Darshan or has come very late in the Mornings. In the Evenings Swami has come out for Darshan only at around 5.00 P.M or after the Bhajans have started.

In the Last 3 to 4 days, Swami has been giving interviews to a lot of Devotees and to many groups of people. Even during the middle of the Bhajans Swami has been calling people inside and speaking to them. This has resulted in Bhajans being continued for almost one hour or more. Mostly Swami has been taking Mangala Aarathi after 6.00 P.M

Om Sai Ram

Posted by KM on 29.11.2007

Friday, November 23, 2007


Some incidents touch our heart. But some of them create impressions, lasting a lifetime.

Hridayavaani was one such festival that moved many. I’ve been writing about our convocation drama in my previous posts. These 25 days of hard work, prayer, spirit of brotherhood, love and faith in our Swami has made us so much stronger today.

We were ready with recording of dialogues & sets by the 15th, and thus began practicing in the Poornachandra auditorium (PC), the venue of our drama, from 17th itself. Our teacher incharge had shown Swami a list of names for the title of drama and Swami chose “Hridayavaani”. The name truly resembled the spirit and essence of the story, which was based on Swami’s teachings and projects.

On 21st , Swami agreed to see our practice in PC, this time with the dress rehearsal. We were eagerly waiting for Him in the backstage from where He would enter the auditorium. The programme in mandir got over pretty late as Swami was busy distributing sarees to the VIPs . It was 11 am when He came. We were greeted with a beautiful darshan as Swami blessed us all, though we could see that he was apparently tired. He stepped down the stage and sat in His usual place, accompanied by a few elders. The drama went well and as each scene progressed, our confidence grew stronger. Swami was very happy with our rehearsal. While He returned, He remarked to an actor “ Black pant”. He was unhappy with the boy’s costume. So the boy had to find an alternative pair for the next day.

22nd Diary:

The mood is upbeat, all of us are eagerly awaiting the most crucial moment of our lives, the chance to act in front of our Lord, that too on the day of our convocation. This day is special for every student, a matter of pride and great blessing, of being recognized as His students.

The convocation programme is scheduled to begin at 3 pm. The Vice Chancellor, professors and council members as well as Institute band and vedam groups are ready for the procession. The drama boys have to stay back in PC for make up as the drama would start immediately after convocation. So we have to be content with the darshan of our Lord as He comes out of His residence.

Lo and behold! Swami comes out in a sparkling white robe, looks at everyone and indicates with His hand “begin the procession”. We are all very excited as Swami has hardly come for convocation in white.

Our make up is over and we are waiting for Swami’s arrival to PC. The convocation programme in Kulwant hall has been brief , giving Swami plenty of time to speak. Swami spoke for one and half hours. At 5.30 pm., He returns back.

Swami enters the backstage with an enchanting smile, enough to boost our confidence for the evening. He identifies some of the actors, blesses us and goes outside to join the audience. Except for this moment, the backstage is a scene of chaos, all of us trying to make sure things are in place.

The drama begins at 6 pm. Throughout the play, Swami is in rapt attention, and becomes emotional in certain scenes. Mind you, no one else can give so much attention after having watched a full practice twice before. But that’s our Mother, always ready to cheer us up. I’m reminded of what a teacher told us after the first practice that Swami saw 10 days ago. He said “Swami listens to each word and gives it due importance. That is why He feels so touched by the scenes.”

After the drama , He comes on stage and blesses us all with photographs. He looks at the same actor who wore black pant yesterday “ your dress is good today. Very happy.”

As He’s taking aarati and returning back, we form a path (rather narrow the path) and wish Him in unison “Swami, Happy Birthday” He looks at us amused, “Oh birthday? But I am always happy”

Indeed, everyday is His birthday, a celebration of love that fills the emptiness within our barren hearts and transforms us each day, from a bud to a blooming rose, ready to spread its fragrance to others around. It is the Hridayavaani of every heart. We bow in gratitude to this eternal fragrance of love.

Sai ram

A Simple but a Divine Birthday to remember forever and ever

The Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan was very different this year. In the Morning thousands and thousands had assembled in Kulwant Hall and outside on the roads, not minding the biting cold and all the hardship.

As devotees were wondering as why the Lord has not appeared yet, even after 9am, there were some claps indicating that there was some activity in Yajur Mandir. To the relief of all, Swami came out around 9:30 am, and to bless all with His Divine Darshan, He chose to give His Divine Birthday Darshan in His chair, instead of the Car. Vedam chanting, Darshan Music, Institute Brass band, Girls Band, panchavaadyam, all these were going on simultaneously which transformed the whole Atmosphere into a most Sensational Spiritually Vibrant one as Bhagawan was going around in Kulwant hall giving Darshan.

This birthday was a very very special for one very important ceremony. Swami was annointed with oil on his head by elderly couples like Mr & Mrs Bhagavathi, Mr & Mrs. Showrey, Mr & Mrs Indulal Shah. This was unique as it has never held in the recent years. Prof Anil Kumar announced that after many many years everyone present are privileged to witness this most Wonderful Ceremony .

While this ceremony was going on, Carnatic Music by Malladi brothers and also Vedam chanting reverberated around Kulwanth Hall.

Swami did not give any Divine Discourse, nor were there were any speeches. Swami left for Yajur Mandiram at around 11 A.M

In the Evening once again devotees had to wait patiently till 5:30 pm. Swami once again came in the chair, went around Kulwanth Hall blessing everybody with His Divine Darshan. Then there was a Very Wonderful Carnatic music program followed by songs by Noted Singer Hariharan. In between Swami gave sarees to some very elderly ladies and took group photos with them. The Music program went on till 8pm.

Must add that This Year The birthday celebrations were totally and entirely Different from all other Previous Birthday Functions in the sense that there were No Discourses by Swami, No Speeches by any person and no Programmes except for the Musical Programme. Apart from the Most Wonderful Oil Annoiting Ceremony to Bhagawan which was a Divine Sight to Behold for every single person in Kulwanth Hall and Outside, Everyone had the Most Wonderful Divine Darshan of the Lord. Swami gave wonderful Darshan to everyone Present which made every Single person so very very happy.

A Totally Different Birthday Celebration but one which made everyone so very happy at the end. Swami also at the end came in His Usual Radiant Orange Robe and not in the Yellow Robe as everyone were expecting.

A Most Wonderful and Divine Birthday for everyone.

Om Sai Ram

Posted by KM on 24.11.2007

Prasanthi Update

Today morning on this most Divine Day, Swami came into Sai Kulwant Hall accompanied by the usual Chanting of Vedas by students and by Swami's Wonderful Little elephant - Sathya Gheetha, They were also accompanied by the Marching bands from the SSIHL Campuses.

Swami gave a Wonderful Birthday Darshan to all the Devotees who had filled every Nook and Corner of Sai Kulwanth Hall which was looking at its most Radiant and Resplendent. Then Swami blessed and also cut some cakes a Swami blessed and cut few cakes brought by the Staff and the Students.

The Morning Darshan ended with Bhajans and After The Mangala Aaarthi, Swami left for Yajur Mandiram. Must also add that there is huge rush of Devotees much much more than anyone had ever anticipated.

Om Sai Ram

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Swami's 82nd Birthday Celebrations in Parthi (morning sesion)

Om Sri Sairam to dearest Sai Family,

Wishing a very happy birthday to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,the proud son of this holy Soil, Puttaparthi. The 82nd birthday of the body was celebrated with utmost devotion and love. The streets of Puttaparthi were beautifully decorated, huge banners with nice pictures of Swami with His quotes were hung in the main streets of Puttaparthi. The police department took stringent measures to curb any un wanted anti social elements to disturb the holy festival. The crowd was big enough but still not as expected. Even the little crowd were enough to create lot of commotion and anxiety. There were large number of crowds already lined above the hill top before the gates of Prasanthi Nilayam could be opened and for devotees staying outside the ashram, were asked to queue up along the foot path gents towards the Sai Towers end and ladies towards the Bus station end.

The gents lines went as far as the Gopuram gate and many people were seen lining up from as early as 2am. The Prasanthi Nilayam gate opened sharp at 4am and it was a different scene as soon as one entered the premises. The police were all over the place and all the devotees were asked not to carry bags and surprisingly even foot wear.

The Kulwanth hall was already half booked for the students and the VIPs. By 4:30am the hall had its maximum capacity. In spite of the rush nagarsankeertan went on as usual. By then it was 6:30 am and all eyes were glued at our Swami’s residence waiting for His arrival. Keeping us guessing, Will He come in car, Mobile Throne, open car and etc. it was 7:30 am and every body thought He should be coming out in any second from now on. At least 300 students, comprising of 2 different kinds of bands, veda chanting were present in front of His house and another 40 or so VIPs.

It was 8am no trace of Swami and the devotees waiting for so long started to get bit nervous and uneasy.. 8:30 no Swami.. Now the whole Kulwanth hall was standing. Some one in the crowd would clap and few others joined and the every one were on their feet again thinking Swami had come.

It was 8:50 and many started to feel that Swami may not come today. We all know His uncertainty and He many times has said, you should love my uncertainty…

In Another 5 minutes some movement was seen near His abode,.. suddenly the music started and there He comes.. It took almost 10 minutes for Swami to enter the hall as all the students lead the darshan. Surprising every one, and just as He said, love my uncertainty, some thing very certain on this day (birthday) was not seen today.. and that was the colour of His robe. I don’t think He never gave darshan without His white robe morning of birthday but today morning Swami came with His usual orange robe, dazzling in its radiance.. smiling at every one.. The 82 years YOUNG body had the charm of a 1 year old child. Had the look of a sweet sixteen year old child, had the smile of a 25 year old mother and above all the energy of LORD OF THE LORDS.. There He comes blessing every one, smiling, speaking with His eyes accepting birthday wishes from thousands present in His immediate physical presence and millions who already send their virtual HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings … Swami always says, I am always happy and does He have any need to celebrate His birthday.. its just a kind gesture to the man kind, to make us happy, to dip all of us in the ocean of happiness, for the modern Man who has miles away from smile…. the God who has no birth or end, has come out to celebrate the festival of His descent to earth.. How compassionate you are dear Lord!!…

Swami then went to the verandah and probably cut all the birthday cakes specially made with utmost care and love by His beloved ones. He again took a short round in front of the dais and got back to the dais, as devotees rose on their feet, some saying sairam, some saying happy birthday Swami, some raising their hands above their head saluting the Lord of the Lords. Unlike last year, there were no monitors kept in the hall which would have been a better idea.

It was 9:30 am by then, one group of musicians were seated on the dais and there started the music programme. No announcements were made as who was singing but the singers rendered beautiful songs in telugu, wishing Swami a very happy birthday and some popular numbers from Saint Tyagaraja’s renderings..

It was almost 10:20am by then and Swami called Prof.Anil kumar and after a brief discussion, always alert and joyfull Anil Kumar announced today’s programme. A ceremony which was just a boon for every one of us.. a rare scene which was a ritual in the late 60s . If any one

We might have attended many birthdays but this birthday is unique very special. It s all the results of past lives. This event happened in the 60s came into life again in 2007…during the coronation of Rama, all saints came and blessed Rama and a special ceremony where in one applies oil on head and take blessigs from the divine took place... Many of us would have seen old pictures of Mother Eswaramma applying oil on Swami’s head.. Today the same ritual was supposed to be conducted and the chosen devotees for this divine boon were Mrs & Mr.R.J.Ratnakar (son of Late Janaki Ramayya garu, the chosen brother of Swami), Mrs& Mr.Justice Bhagwathi, Mrs & Mr.Indulal Shah, Mrs.& Mr. Showrie, (here Swami called Prof. Anil Kumar and said something and Prof.Anil Kumar announced that Mr.Showrie is only 99 years old), 85 years old Mrs& Mr. Marga bandu performed the ritual amidst veda chantings and timely commentary in English and telugu by Prof.Anil Kumar.

Thus ended a memorable and rare ritual. Prasadam was distributed and as the clock struck 11, Swami asked for Arathi and Swami left to His abode in the mobile throne with all the students and also the little elephant Sathya Geetha followed Swami to His abode…

The 82 nd birthday forenoon celebrations thus ended with a happy note even though the most famous Birthday discourse was not delivered but the day is not over yet.. may be in the afternoon we will Hear the nectarine voice again…

Thank you Swami for a wonderful day.. Your birthday always reminds and cautions us that the time is getting closer and closer for us to ignite the divine in us and see YOU in us. Every birthday is a caution and a countdown for us to know your mission and follow your path of love and just love…

Swami help us to be your darling children, the children whom you will be proud of. Help us to be the good children who listened to you and practiced your teachings..

Love you Swami.. Love you..

With humble pranams to our Mother Sai,

R.Satish Naik..


22nd november 2007 afternoon darshan

Om sairam dearest Sai Family,

Swami made His birthday eve a very special one and just have to wait and see how it will be like on His birthday… This afternoon the 26th Convocation of Sri Sathya University was scheduled and thorough arrangements were made for the same. The hall which seemed like heaven yesterday looked more heavenly today with all the additional floral decorations. The stage was well set for the Chancellor of the University, Sri Sathya Sai Baba with a big chair in the center of the dais and two similar ones one for the Vice Chancellor and one for the Chief guest of today’s programme justice Bhagwathi former chief justice of Supreme Court of India and a very noble devotee of Swami..

About 20 other chairs were kept for Professors from various faculties. The token line devotees were let in at 1:30 and the hall understandably was reserved and the first line was made to sit parallel to the first gate almost in the middle of the hall. The crowd, compared to last year is still less in number, and more police are seen. After the hall was full and as the clock struck 3:15pm, The band boys started their music and the Veda Chanting begun signaling the arrival of Lord of the Lords, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, our most compassionate Lord. The band boys came in first and then it was our turn to open our mouth in surprise, to see our Lord in His mobile Throne, and I said surprising because He was clad in His white robe, a rare scene during the Convocations. The devotees clapped in happiness and Swami had His world’s beautiful smile on His face..

Swami directly went on the dais after giving darshan in the ladies’ side. Following Swami were all the professors working in Swami’s various campuses. Swami preferred to sit in His mobile throne. Prof. Gokak, the present vice chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai University went to Swami and with His due permission, Prof. Gokak asked the Chancellor to declare the convocation open..

Swami very kindly rose from His chair and took the traditional yellow mike and said, “I declare the convocation open” amidst loud cheers from the audience.

Later Prof. Gokak gave a eye opening talk which threw light on the degrading present day education.. Universities which are supposed to be the centers of learning have lost the creativity because of politics. Teachers are brought into profession not by talent but by influence and this is hampering the over all educational development. In the midst of all Sri Sathya Sai university stands out like an oasis. The students here are not just aspirants but also who have the knowledge of ultimate reality ..and to whom the end of education is character.. They are fortunate to have the Satguru as their chancellor who is the divine architect of this universe.

U should be ideals to the whole world. Students are taught the five basic values of peace, love, non violence, truth shanthi and righteousness.

After 15 minutes of fantastic talk, Prof. Gokak ended with a hope to hear from the Chancellor which every one of us were also eagerly awaiting…

Excerpts from the discourse

Wasting no time, Swami, slowly rose from His throne, after adjusting the mike, amidst pin drop silence came the nectarine voice,

Priyamaina Vidyartulara….Dearest Students,

Right from rising from bed and till you go back to sleep you are running after money.. Why are you wasting like that? Embodiments of Love, u are not doing what we are supposed to and we get involved in un necessary activities and are wasting your time and also this life. Time is very important and auspicious. You are students, you are the torchbearers of the world. Every man has desires but to control the desire is the primary duty of man.


Desires go and repeat one after other. U should have an end to your desires and control them. Students you should be ideal to the society. I have brought you under my fold so that you will be ideal. Out side world, its all money, money.. but our students are not charged even a penny (naya paisa). We don’t expect any profit in the field of education, water, and hospital. We give to our students. If there is any poor student, we help them in every way. If you recognize the basic fact of our university then you will be a ideal students. STUDENTS ARE MY CHILDREN. Vidya is your property. Education is not the worldly education. There are so many people living without any education. You all have MA, MBA and so on degrees and if you behave like them then of what use is this education.


Sathya, Dhrama, Shanti,Prema and Ahimsa are the basic principles of life. Love is the primordial principal. Truth is very important. The whole creation has originated from truth and will merge in Truth. This is the true and unsullied truth. In this creation right from an ant to an elephant has been created by God. Nothing will happen without His will . Even the little ants are also created by God. That is why Tyagaraja said, O Rama, you are the creator, you are in ant and also in elephant. When ant bites you u will kill it. IF Brahma comes in front of you, you salute Him. Though the forms may be different but both are one.


Everyone desires for self. For me.. For me.. you say this is my mind, my body but who is this MY? My body? To day and tomorrow it will be yours. Day after tomorrow where is your body. You take care of this, with all love and attachment but this body is not yours. This is a God’s gift. Everything is God’s gift. We are forgetting the fundamental principle that is why we are facing all the problems. Where is God. God is with you, in you, around you and behind you . YOU ARE GOD. You should have firm faith. God will never leave you. God is present in all of you. There are so many forms and names but the Atma is one and the same.

God is one. jewels are many but gold is one. Take every effort to know the fundamental principle.


A man with dual mind is half blind. There fore never have dual mind. All the education is not for you it’s for your fellow beings for the living beings. You should help all and only then you will find happiness.. Even if you come across your enemy say hello. Never hate any body. Today NO ONE HAS ANY HATRED OR ILL FEELING AGAINST ME. Is there any one who don’t like Swami. I LOVE ALL. I have no hatred and I don’t harm any body. Since there is one ness in my Self, I am able to attract millions and millions of people. The WHOLE WORLD LOVES ME. You may think because of lack of trust on Swami, I may not like some people.. but its just your BRAMA (Imagination). I HAVE NO ILL FEELING TOWARDS ANY BODY..


My play, song, My path is all for you its all for you. the writers may be many but all the words are same. Prema and Faith are very important and only then you will full fill your desire. Love and Faith are very essential. All the rest appear in between. Don’t bother about them. You strengthen Faith and Love. Love is God. Live in Love. Truth is God. It will never change.


Never consider that God is separate. God is not alone as entity. He is present every where. Only when you understand the principle of one ness you will be happy. Students you read many books. The letters in the books are same. Only 26 letters are enough to write volumes and volumes of books. For God there is nothing like BAD. You are not understanding what Good is. you consider that as Bad. Its just due to the difference of time. God is present in all. There is no place where there is no God. No one has the right to say that God doesn’t exist in so and so place . there is only one thing and that is God.

Religions are many path is one. Creatures are many but the indweller is one. All these are just bodies. There is only one God among all of you. U should consider every one as divine. Give up body attachment. God is one without the second. U should install this truth.


U think how is Swami always happy.. I am ALWAYS HAPPY AND I AM ALWAYS SMILING. Because I consider every one as one. Your happiness is MY FOOD. So you should have that happiness. The other day students did a play. I was very happy after seeing that. We say I and WE. Where did this WE come.. this came from I. So I is only one. U have to cut this I (EGO) and make it cross. Remain as one.

You should consider yourself as brothers and sisters. There is nothing beyond this. Even those brothers and sisters are not TWO both are one. If you investigate clearly you will know all is one. Don’t think there is plurality in this world. There is only one and that is GOD.


Embodiments of love students you should be ideal. Only when you are ideal and the rest of the people will follow. Don’t have the feelings like MY, He She. All are one and be alike to every one. This you have to remind yourself. Then only you are students. Or else you can call your self just a Literate. What is Education, its Vidya, Vidya is the one that teaches the one ness. That is life.

Embodiments of love, increase your love towards God and not to worldly possessions. There is only one and that is truth. All are one. Never have differences what so ever. Share your love with others. If you want the life to be eternal understand this ONE NESS. When there is only one there is no chance for rivalry, enmity.


At this juncture Swami sat on His throne and continued His divine discourse There is nothing wrong with this Body.. Its perfect. Not only the body even my mind is perfect. It never gets diverted. Many ask don’t you have any sad ness. I don’t know what is sad ness. It never came near Me. You also don’t get sad ness close to you other wise it will bring more sadness. Never get sad ness in your mind because it will never get out once it gets in.

Many worry unnecessarily . Students are afraid of exams. Write what you know. Why should you worry. U don’t need to fear for any thing in life.


God has no form or colour. Many say God is blue in colour. If God is to be blue in complexion, then He should be put in an exhibition. God has no form or name. U may change but the self, Atma will never change.

Get a name that you are Good boys. Get a good name to your parents and to your society. Society can progress only by you. Where ever our students go, they always get good name. Every one says that they work well and very disciplined. See that you maintain the good name you have. I wont expect ANYTHING MORE THAN THIS FROM YOU. I will give what ever you want. I have given My self to you. Never fight with each other, never abuse. Be like brothers and sisters. Only when you have this equanimity you will be happy. What for is this education when we all are going to die. All of you should continue to be good boys. Make your parents to be happy.

When YOU CANT MAKE YOUR PARENTS HAPPY, HOW DO YOU THINK YOU CAN MAKE ME HAPPY. I will be very happy when you make them happy, when you serve them.


People say students of Sathya Sai are very good. Even in Delhi, the government wants only Sathya Sai University students. No college or university is getting such a good name and respect.

Our university was started long back. On the second year of its inception, one Ms. Madhuri Shah came from Delhi. She looked at the school and said this should be made an university. All started abusing her. Its only one year and how can it become an university. In those days, Bhagwantham was translating the discourse. Even he said, its impossible. I said, very loudly, Its POSSIBLE. Second year an expert committee visited and said this is the best institution. Then we got the status of university.

Our children are virtuous and noble. Even in America, our College students have a good name. There are 150 students in America. The other day, they were here with their families. They said, Swami we don’t want to go back. We don’t want to leave our Home.

Swami then asked for Mr. Goldstein, he came running to the dais.. Referring him Swami continued, he has been with organization for the last 20 years.

Mr. Goldstein said, the students are doing a fantastic job in many countries. They are spreading Swami’s love and His message in almost 200 countries and inspired the devotees to rise and realize the divinity. You students are very fortunate to be here in Swami’s college

Rather emotionally Mr. Goldstein concluded his short talk saying” For me to live another life, if at all I had to come back again to this world, I pray to Swami to let me come and be a student in His university”. So saying Goldstein went to Swami and don’t know if Swami said, you won’t be coming back again or if He said OK..but Mr. Goldstein seemed very happy.

Later Prof.Gokak asked all the audience to join to sing the national anthem.

After that Swami continued His talk referring to today’s chief guest, former chief justice of Supreme Court of India Mr.Bhagwathi.. Swami said how became the supreme court chief justice and said “He has never forgotten Me though out his life”.

Justice Bhagwathi then gave a short talk “I have no words .. Swami was so kind and affectionate and I can never forget His love in my life time... I request Swami to be with me and guide me like He had been doing all these years… I want to serve Him not only in this life but also in the lives to come…

Later Arathi was given to Swami who was very beautifully clad in a white robe… Thus ended a memorable 26th Convocation of Sri Sathya Sai University….

From the Heaven on Earth; Puttaparthi

R.Satish Naik..



"I am Omnipresent among each and everyone of You - From Swami's 26th Convocation Discourse Yesterday

The 26th Convocation of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was held in Sai Kulwant hall yesterday. The function started around 3:30 P.M. Swami came in His Wonderful White robe. There was no Chief Guest for the Convocation this year. Shri.Justice Bhagavathi was sitting next to swami, so he was more or less the chief guest. After the initial remarks by the Vice Chancellor wherein he outlined wonderfully about the Institute Progress and its Future Plans, the Gold medals were given to outstanding students by Bhagawan. Swami was sitting and blessing the candidates. The all round Gold medal was given to Mr. Om Prasad, a student of M.Tech (optics). He is also a very good singer and one of the topper in the class. He has god grades in academics in both B.Sc and M.Sc. There were two Ph.Ds awarded this year. Dr.ASK Prabhakar and Dr. R Sai Sathish, in mathematics and chemistry respectively.

Swami gave a beautiful discourse and spoke for almost one hour. Swami said "

" Students should never waste their Valuable time which cannot be regained. Every Student should have a Ceiling on their Desires and should try to Divert their Energies in acquiring Knowledge. It is the Duty of each and every Student to spread what they Learn and share the knowledge they acquire with everyone.

The Four Pillars of Life are Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Non Violence and Love. Students should yearn for Contentment of their Self, Material Comforts will leave you nowhere, Every Single Student should take care of Their Parents "

Swami then wonderfully said " My Life, Word and Deed are all for My Devotees, Iam Omnipresent among each and everyone of you. True Love and Faith are the most Important things to achieve the Goals of Life.

After Bhagawan's Divine Discourse got over by 5:30 P.M, The Convocation Drama by the Students was held in the Majestic Poornachandra, Swami came at around 5:45 P.M and first blessed the actors, saw the costumes and make-up of every Single Actor in the Drama. The Drama which was wonderfully staged had everyone engrossed. Swami was so engrossed in the drama, and was very happy at the end of it. Many VIPs who were seated next to swami, were in tears. The settings, the costumes and make-up ad the music , everything was Wonderful and Perfect. The storyline of the Drama was gripping and hence it turned out to be one of the best performance by the Students in the recent times. Swami posed for group photographs with the actors. While Swami was returning back, all the Students Prayed for His Divine Blessings and greeted Swami with a Wonderful Chorus of "Happy Birthday". Swami gave a Wonderful Smile and said "Thank you" and also said "Very Very Happy".

Another Convocation has ended, Swami's Wonderful Words still Linger in everybody's mind.

Om Sai Ram

Sent by K M on 23.11.2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Since many days, we’ve been expecting Swami to come to college and see the drama practice. He too has been showing a keen interest in the play.

Yesterday, all of us were expecting Swami to come in the morning, as He said on the previous day that He’d see our practice after bhajans. Due to the recording session of dialogues in progress, we slept late in the night, the day before.

It was 10 am in the morning but there was no sign of Swami coming. He did not come out of Yajur mandir for the bhajans too. Finally at 10.30 we got the message that Swami had gone upstairs to his room. We were dejected a bit, but knew that the afternoon would be most probable time for Swami’s visit.

At 3 pm all of us assembled again in the auditorium. Satyajit had conveyed the message that Swami would come after 3.30pm. There was a lot of anticipation as usual. Many senior people also came and waited. Swami came at about 4 pm.As soon as He stepped out of car, He asked a teacher, "when did boys come?" Teacher replied, "Swami 3 pm" . Swami was upset "I told you i will come at 4 pm , then why did you call boys early and make them wait ?" That's our Mother's love.

As He entered the auditorium, He saw the drama troupe. The boy enacting the role of Tanesha (king) was ready in his costume. He asked the boy, “who are you?” the boy replied, “Swami, I am the king”. “king emi?” He asked again. “Swami, sultan of Hyderabad.” Swami looked at Him and replied “ Phir Hyderabad jaao (then go to Hyderabad)”.

He sat in the center of front row and asked us to begin. There were quite a few emotional scenes and touching scenes in the drama. He was in tears on the more than one occasion. There’s a scene where Ramdas sings in prison and Rama and Lakshmana watch from behind. After the drama, He called Rama and said, “you sang well. So, you two help Ramdas in repaying the debts, isn’t it?”

Overall He was very happy and said “short drama. Chala bagundi (very nice)”. Well, experience tells us that there is always calm before the storm. He did not point our mistakes today.

By A Sai Student

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Akhanda bhajan this year was very special. i think Swami must have broken His all time record of collecting maximum letters on a single day. Right from the beginning, He was entirely involved in ensuring that we are focused on the bhajans, as He would come out frequently from the bhajan mandir and survey the entire Kulwant hall in chair. this topic requires more elaboration and i'd defer it for a later date for paucity of time.

Yesterday, He came late in the evening when bhajans had already begun. After about 4 bhajans, He asked Prof. G Venkatraman to speak. After the speech, He called for the mike to be brought and began His discourse! If He wants a programme, He has 101 ways of bringing it up. All this was happening inside bhajan hall.
Excerpts from His discourse:

  • Understand the significance of Akhanda bhajan. Bhajans are of 2 types- Khanda (finite) bhajan and Akhanda (infinite) bhajan. To think of God only for a few moments is khanda bhajan (fragmented devotion).

  • Akhanda bhajan means singing the glory of God in all 3 states ie the waking state, dream state and deep sleep state.

  • There are 3 hands of a clock- the seconds, minutes and the hours hand. Of these, the hours hand assumes maximum importance.

  • (Swami narrated the story of parrot and king where the parrot is told to go and ask different animals to chant Rama’s name) All species rise above their levels. Man however, remains at the same stage and does not progress. Though he chants the name of God, he has a wavering mind

  • Thus transformation is hard to come about in man. If you do every activity with the feeling that it is God’s work, then there will be transformation. For example, while cooking, you can think that the food is being prepared for God

  • At least once, you must utter the divine name with complete faith. That amounts to the “hours” hand of the clock. Empty repeating of God’s name is like the seconds and minutes hand.

  • People make various excuses like cold, throat pain etc for not singing bhajans. Even a dead person can be brought back to life by the power of divine name. Eg. Savitri

  • With a pure mind and sacred heart, chant the name of God

  • Man is a replica of God. Therefore, he must have the same purity of love that God has. You are a spark of the Divine. Do not forget this fact. If you contemplate on this truth, it amounts to having read the Bhagavad Gita itself.

  • Truth is God . Faith is God. Love is God, live in love. Always remember these 3 statements.

  • Waves (problems) come and go but the water (faith) remains constant. Thoughts are like passing clouds. So, strengthen your faith.

  • All that glitters is not diamond. “Die mind” and become a diamond. Do not get carried away by temporary things.

  • Akhanda bhajan is kept with this purpose. In between the bhajans, if we get up and go, the mind gets disconnected. Swami does not say that you must remain 24 hrs without food or bath. Even while partaking food, contemplate on the divine.

  • In Bhagvad Gita, Krishna said “O Arjuna ! Fight while thinking of me”. That is namasmarana. There is no big deal fighting wars with weapons. True weapon is name of the Lord.

  • Work with a smile. True happiness is union with God.

  • Attending bhajans in the morning and evening is a great fortune. Do not waste this opportunity

By A Sai Student

Prasanthi Update - November 13th Divine Discourse

Yesterday ( 13th ) evening after a Few Bhajans, there was a talk by a Devotee from inside the Kulwanth Hall wherein He wonderfully spoke about the Great Importance of Namasmaranam or Chanting the Divine Name.

After His Speech ended at approx 5:35 P.M , Swami started His Wonderful Discourse explaining as to Akanda Bhajan is conducted every Year in Prasanthi Nilayam and done by Millions of Devotees all over the World.

Swami said that every Single Devotee should chant the Lord's name and not bother about whatever Work they are engaged in. That is true Namasmarana Swami said. Swami then Wonderfully said " Dedicate any work you do to Swami"

Swami gave a Wonderful example of a Small Calf being transformed into a Human Being by Chanting the Divine Name.

Swami said that all the Devotees while Chanting the Lord's Name should not bother about the Tune etc, It doesn't matter as to how you chant the Lord's name as long as you do it with True Bhakthi and with Sincerity.

Swami also said that Akhanda Bhajan is conducted year after year to remind every single Devotee to chant the Lord's Name all the time.

The Divine Discourse lasted about 45 minutes after which Mangala Aarathi was taken and Prasadam Distributed to all present.

A Wonderful Discourse by Swami on Akanda Bhajans.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 14.11.2007

Swamy's foot print in Muscat

This should not come as a (pleasant) surprise at all to most of us who have been with Sai for such a long time as we all are already aware that Sai is the Omnipresent Lord, but however, probably just to re-confirm and enhance our faith in Him, I am forwarding this message.

It would not be a bad idea, if we take, if not full 11 seconds as Sai said
but at least a moment NOW wherever we are, to close our eyes in meditation and RE-DEDICATE ourselves to the Lord's Service at His Divine Lotus Feet.

Sai Ram,

photos forwarded by Deepak Wadhwani from Austrailia via email recieved by him from Raam Didugu

Dear Brother / Sister sairams to you

We had akhanda bhajan in Muscat starting from 6.00pm on 1.11.07 to 6.00pm on 2.11.07. This was held in 2 centres. From 6.00 pm to 6.00 am and 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

After finishing the first 12 hours bhajan while rolling the red carpet the host noticed swamy's foot prints on the red carpet. When they realised it was Swamy's foot print, they searched the camera for taking the snaps. But they could not locate their camera. With sadness when he tried to fold the carpet he noticed a camera lying near the door which was forgotten by a devotee. They used that camera to take the snaps. Few snaps are attached herewith.

Jai sairams


Courtesy: Saibabanews 11.11.2007

Akhanda Bhajan Update-2

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

This years Akanda Bhajan was a phenomenal one as Swami gave the Most Wonderful Darshan to each an everyone in Kulwanth Hall. From Yesterday when the Akanda Bhajan's Started, Swami went around in Kulwant hall in all directions so many times. It was Awesome and wonderful in everyway, Never had in the recent past has Swami given such Wonderful Darshan's to all in the past 2 Days of Akanda Bhajans.

Swami was so loving and gracious to go around and bless all the people assembled for the bhajans. It was very inspiring to participate in the bhajans. Swami was there in kulwant hall till 7:15pm yesterday, then came back again at 8 pm today and stayed till almost 9pm. Today morning Swami came at 9:45 and stayed till 11:15 am. In the evening He came at around 4:40. In these three session, Swami always came in chair only. He did not use the car. He went near all the people, taking letters, talking to some, and blessing one and all. The mangala aarathi took place at 6:05 pm and Swami was monitoring the prasadam distribution for some time.

It was really wonderful to have been a part of this Akanda Bhajan.....

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy - KM 11.11.2007

Akhanda Bhajan Update

The Akhanda Bhajan which began at 5:50 pm in Sai Kulwant Hall on Saturday ended at 6.05 P.M on Sunday

On Saturday evening The first Bhajan of the Akanda Bhajan was the Melodious and Wonderful Ganesha Bhajan "Gaja Mukha Gaja Mukha Gananatha, Shivamuni Vanditha Gunaseela". Swami gave a very Wonderful Darshan by first coming to the Gent's Side and then to the Ladies making everyone in Kulwanth Hall so very happy.Swami left for Yajur Mandiram at around 7.00 P.M. The Melodious Bhajans continued into the Night surcharging the Divine Atmosphere.

Today ( Sunday) Swami came out at around 9.30 A.M, After Going to the Verandah to bless some Devotees, Swami then came to the Gent's and Ladies like on Saturday and gave everyone a Most Wonderful Darshan. After the Morning Darshan ended at around 10.00 P.M , Swami suddenly after sometime came outside the Mandir and gave a Wonderful Darshan to the Devotees waiting on the side of the Road.

In the evening Bhagawan came to at 5:00 pm in His Mobile Chair and after Giving Darshan to all returned to the Mandir. Swami came in the mobile chair and gave Darshan on the men side and then the ladies side and returned to Mandir. At around 5.40 P.M, Swami again came out and gave Darshan again and also Blessed the Divine Prasadam of Tamarind Rice and Sweet Rice to be distributed to all.At 6:05 P.M The Akhanda Bhajan ended with the Most Melodious Shiva Bhajan "Namah Parvati Pataye Hara Hara, Hara Hara Mahadevaa,," , The Managala Aarathi was then Taken.

Prasadam was Distributed to all and Swami was watching everyone Partake the Divine Prasadam.

Thus Ended another Wonderful Akanda Bhajan which left everyone Blissful and Happy, Swami's Birthday is Next.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM 11.11.2007

Prasanthi News - Deepavalli Day

Swami gave the most Wonderful Darshan on Deepavali Day yesterday. Lots of . Orissa youth have come to Prasanthi Nilayam and have been putting up lots of programmes in the last few days.

On the Morning of Deepavalli , Swami came after the Bhajans had started, and after his initial round in the Mobile Car, He came out again in chair. He went near Devotees, both ladies and gents, blessing all of them, on the Holy day of Diwali, shedding the light of His Love on all the people assembled . It was the Most Divine Darshan for everyone. Then Swami also took one full round inside the Bhajan hall, and came out of the back door, to the upper portico, and finally settled down for bhajans. Managala Aarathi was over by 10 A.M.

In the Evening the Gujarat Devotees put up a most Wonderful and Beautiful Cultural Programme.

Incidentally Tomorrow is the Gujarati New Year and Hence a lot of Devotees have already come here.Prasanthi Nilayam is fully crowded with Devotees.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 10.11.2007

Sai Rhapsody

Sai Ram embodiments of Lord Sai

My last few remaining days in Parthi have been simply DIIIIIIIIIIIIIViiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!!!!!!

Monday and Tuesday evening Darshans Swami gave us a double delight! Monday evening the Orissa Sai Youth Group presented a drama, symphony and amazing temple dance.

The temple dance was very impressive. It was performed by a group of boys in female roles. These young men exhibited great skill, strength and agility, bending their bodies into statuesque poses that expressed some spiritual significance.

Tuesday evening the youth group staged another play portraying the life of Dasya, a great bhakta of Lord Krishna, and his undaunted devotion despite belonging to the untouchable caste of that time period.It was so very well enacted tears flowed from many eyes profusely.

In addition we all enjoyed a brisk dance performance, very similar to African ritual tribal dance movements. Swami materialized a gold chain for the young student who played the role of bala Krishna.

Yesterday evening after Darshan I was introduced to a very gracious, ardent and humble devotee of our Lord, Mr. Padmanabhan, the owner of Sai Towers. Mr. P. has had the most wondrous and unique opportunity to have been Sai Baba's photographer for many years.

During our satsangh Mr. P. shared some of his thrilling experiences with our Swami.

On one occasion Pad was attempting Photograph Baba, and Swami commented that he was too slow. Then our fantastic Sai told him to watch His photography. Swami materialized a hollow hologram, then He shook it and commented that He was developing the photo.

What then appeared was truly mind blowing. Inside the hologram was an exact replica of a yellow rose from a nearby bush. Furthermore as He passed the hologram around to the group of students, the rose kept changing colors!!!!!!

Mr. Padmanabhan is also the author of a well known biography of Sai Avatar, "Love is my form."

At the close of out satsangh, he very graciously gifted me a copy of that auspicious book.

I felt Swami's presence very keenly and thanked Him from the bottom of my heart for all the Love He has showered on me.

This morning's Darshan was just about to end when Swami dashed in right before "Om Jai" He came in His chair and graced us like a sudden spring shower, quenching our parched and pining spirits.

I was just overjoyed, afternoon darshan was more than I could have hoped for after all this. Our divine Baba gave me token #2 and I was able to get first row on the exit aisle. He floated into the Mandir in His silver vehicle circling the Mandir, slowly and grandly. A little later He descended the podium and circled through the white flocks of students, blessing and interacting with them. Facing our direction He hurled a very intense look in our direction before ascending the podium. Then exiting, His gaze swept the first row and His eyes met mine, they spoke clearly as a smile rippled like a soft wave over His glorious face. He said spiritually, "Blessings my child, I am with you"

Well my dear family the hour grows very late and I still have a lot to do. Until we meet again, sending you all Lots and Lots of Sai Blessings, Peace, Love and Bliss.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 07.11.2007

Sai dreamin'

Sai Ram embodiments of Lord Sai

Last night our sweet Lord appeared in my dreams: we were all sitting in a circle. Swami was seated there. When I looked at Him He was how he looks now, then all of a sudden He looked younger, glowing with vim and vigor, He looked at me intently, then. He got up and practically ran around the circle. I said to a woman next to me see I think He is trying to show us that his not being able to walk is just a role He is playing.

I woke up very happy with that beautiful contact. This Morning our sweet Swami did not come out for darshan, but this afternoon was an incredible treat. Swami came early in His car, then came down off of the veranda and circled the Mandir giving us all wonderful chair darshan. He once again went through the throngs of students and around the medical section, down the exit aisle to the main aisle, where He turned up the Ladie's side of the veranda.

I was seated on the front row of the island section, He didn't turn in our direction, still every detail of His form was visible and the grace of His exquisite beauty powerfully touched us.

After bhajans as our Divine Baba slowly departed, the colors of the evening sun bleeding through the mandir mingled with the rainbow shimmer of the chandeliers,
every eye straining to see the last starry silhoutte of His silver vehicle slowly disappearing from view. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy Saibabanews 03.11.2007

Sai never can say goodbye

Monsoon tears flash flood the temple tiles. Desperately I clasp the drowning days, hours and seconds close to my heart

Through the mist of departure I behold Sai Avatar's face
and the constant brightness of His Cosmic countenance
illumines every nook, cranny and infinite corner of the Universe

There is no place on earth and beyond where He is not
Now I am laughing and crying at the same time
How ~ Maya loves to play her notorious pranks!

When I board that jet plane on Thursday
I know my dearest Sai Baba, the omnipresent Lord
has a first class window seat right next to me! :)

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy Saibabanews - 03.11.2007

Sai Liberation

"I have come to give you the key of the treasure of bliss, to tell you how to tap that spring, for you have forgotten the way to blessedness. If you waste this chance of saving yourselves, it is just your fate. You have come to get from me tinsel and trash, the petty little cures and promotions, worldly joys and comforts. Very few of you desire to get from me the very thing I have come to give you, namely, liberation itself and even among those of you who do, those who stick to the path of spiritual practice and succeed will only be a handful. This is a great chance. This chance will not come your way again. Be aware of that. If you cannot and do not cross this sea of grief now, taking hold of this chance, when again will you get such a chance? Be confident that you will be liberated. Know that you will be saved. Go and tell all that you went to Puttaparthi and that you got there the secret of liberation. Many hesitate to believe that things will improve, that life will be happy for all and full of joy and that the Golden Age will recur. Let me assure you that this avatar, this divine body, has not come in vain. It will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon Humanity.”

Sai Ram Embodiments of Freedom

Last night I again sat on my balcony observing the diamond solitude of the heavens. Balmy evening breezes swept over the expanding vista, and I could feel our Sai Krishna's presence so, so near.

This morning Swami came late lifting our crestfallen spirits to maximum delerious heights. In the evening He entered earlier than usual around 4:20 and we all could feel something magical in the air. Our precious Baba descended the veranda and circled through the bustle of white frocked students, speaking sweetly with them and taking their letters.

He appeared to be heading back to the veranda on the Ladies side. I was seated in the island section right next to that holy personage, Vasanta Sai and her small entourage. As came towards us He looked very deeply and keenly in our direction, I felt that familiar undeniable connection. it was at that moment that I was ruminating on the above quote of Baba's, specifically:

"You have come to get from me tinsel and trash, the petty little cures and promotions, worldly joys and comforts. Very few of you desire to get from me the very thing I have come to give you, namely, liberation itself and even among those of you who do, those who stick to the path of spiritual practice and succeed will only be a handful. This is a great chance."

What a fortunate period in time we are all living in! God is walking the earth, at this very moment He is extending the chalice of bliss for all to drink from! if we choose to do so! I pray we all realize this precious, precious, precious chance.

Our Divine God couldn't resist our ecstatic pleas and continued around the medical side of the Mandir and down the exit aisle, He then glided thru the main aisle turning up the Ladies side of the veranda. Moreover, He sat out for a brief time saturating our hearts with the bliss of His Presence.

Sending you all prayers that Liberation and Liberation alone be your sole goal!

More bliss later.
Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy Saibabanews - 02.11.2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam : 

In the last couple of days Swami has been coming out rather Late for Darshan that is around 5.00 P.M. 

Today, for a change Swami came by 4:10 PM and after taking the initial  rounds , Swami went into the Bhajan hall for some time. Then Swami came out and took a long round of Divine Darshan in His chair and all the Devotees and the Students had the most Wonderful Darshan. Swami ordered the chair to be taken near the Devotees, and after few paces, turned around, went near the students, then, crossing them, went near ladies side, and instead of turning into portico, He went once again to ladies side, spoke to some Ananthapur teachers, took a full round, and was about to come to the Boys' block.

Since the number of students are very less as it Vacation time for the Educational Institutions, the boys ran and wanted to catch up in that line, and Swami turned right to come back to portico!! After this, Swami sat on the dais for sometime and blessed a few students. Swami also called one school student and created a most Beautiful chain for him and Blessed him. After some time Swami went into interview room and the Bhajans started at five.

The Holidays are coming to an end and all the students are expected by the 4th morning. The New Semester begins on the 5th and then the Wonderful  festive season begins.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 02.11.2007

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