Prasanthi Update

The past week saw three Wonderful days for the Students and Staff of Swami's as the teaching and non-teaching staff from the Brindavan campus and Prasanthi Nilayam campus were blessed with Paadanamaskaar on the 27th and 29th evenings. It was memorable Blessing for everyone concerned before the Start of the New Academic year today.

Swami also spoke briefly mostly addressing the New Warden of the Prasanthi Nilayam of the University Dr. Pallav Kumar Barua.

Yesterday was a wonderful day as Kulwanth hall was filled with students old and new and also with Lot of Devotees, Swami sat for almost a Hour in the evening session giving happiness and joy to everyone.

Let us all wish all the Staff and Students of Swami's Institutions a Wonderful Academic year and Praying that they continue to bring Laurels to Bhagawan's Institutions.

Summer Has truly ended in Prasanthi Nilayam.


Courtesy: KM - 01.06.2009

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I learnt that Swami was extremely thrilled at hearing about the thumping success.







  C.SAI KRUPA  100%

Prasanthi Update

For the past week or so Swami has been coming only occasionally for morning darshans but the evening darshans are wonderful with Swami talking with many students and also taking letters from many Devotees and students present in Kulwanth Hall. There is nothing much to report about programmes etc, but the weather in Parthi has cooled down a lot and cooled down soaring temperatures.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Sunday, 24 May, 2009 8:25 AM

Prasanthi Update - A Melodious and Divine Evening - 11th May

Monday evening was wonderful in Kulwanth Hall. Swami came at around 4.30 PM and took a full round during Darshan giving happiness to everyone present, Swami also took letters from many and spoke to some.

After coming on Stage, Bhagawan listened to the Vedam chanting and at about 5.05pm, Bhagawan asked the Bhajans to begin. As the ganesh Bhajan was going on, Bhagawan indicated something to two of the singers and then a Wonderful Sarva Dharma bhajan, with a Divine Aalaap of "Allaah O Akbar" and then some Meera Bhajans sung which were Divine for everyone to hear and lastly a Wonderful Rama Bhajan. All these Bhajans were sung as Swami gave signals from the stage to the students to sing these wonderful Songs. It is a Divine session which made everyone engrossed in the Beautiful songs. It must also be noted that Shri. Ashok Singhal was seated in Kulwanth Hall and maybe Swami wanted to him listen to some Wonderful songs sung by His students, this had happened once before when Mr. Singhal had come for Darshan.

After a few more Melodious Bhajans, Bhagawan took Mangala Aarthi and retired to Yajur Mandiram at around 5.45 thereby ending a Most Melodious and Beautiful Evening at His Lotus Feet.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 12.05.2009

Mana Mohana Nandala

Sai Ram Beloved Selves

"You come for tinsel and trash, very few have come to get what I am prepared to give, namely Liberation itself!!!!" ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Swami the Crest Jewel of Life came in His Divine Throne Chariot this afternoon. Again our compassionate Sai spare us the agony of sitting too long in the sweltering heat and graced us with His Presence around quarter to 5.

I had a truly fabulous front row seat in the little island section near the veranda. My friend Nooshin was with me and an Australian lady and her daughter. The Australian lady showed us an exquisite jade colored pendent and another pendent stone of grayish hue with Swami's image clearly imprinted on it. Both stones were lingam shaped. Apparently her daughter during a puja lit candles and these pendent stones manifested in the candles.

We all sat in a row our hearts beating in unison as our Lord entered the Mandir and tossed what appeared to be vibhuti at the ladies sitting at the entrance. He then glided down the central aisle, oozing Krishna sweetness stopping to take letters and lavish His attention on the devotees. Our Bhagavan turned towards the group of white robed students, literally glowing with other wordly Love, He spoke to the adoring throng of noble spirited boys, also taking letters and such. He looked briefly in our direction sending shockwaves of ecstasy through our trembling hearts.

Swami glided onto the veranda. At first it seemed like He was going to disappear into His room. "Oh No!!' I thought with such intensity, sending my spirit to cling to Him, hugging tightly. He stopped feeling the unanimous pull of all of the noble assemble Souls in the Mandir, "Come back!!!" Swami turned and devoted attention to two men sitting near the door to His room. I had a very clear view, Swami waved His dainty yet powerful hand and materialized a chain. We watched open mouthed as He pulled it open and gifted one of the men with this divine article.

Lord Sai stayed on the veranda and moving amongst the men seated there, showering His Love and Grace, He floated to the front of the veranda and allowed us all full Darshan. The boys chanted vedic mantras after which bhajans began.

Our Heavenly Father Sai stayed with us until around 6PM, saturating us with the Bliss of His supernal Presence ~ Om Sai Ram!!!!!!

Sai You are the Heaven we all seek. Grant us all the Liberation You have come to give!

Mana Mohana Nandala

My Sisters
are mad with love
for You
They roam about Prashanti
with a wild look in their eyes
they have abandoned their homes
and places in the world
to worship at Your feet
like wives of Lord Shiva
Your vastness baffles their
awestruck minds
and Your endless Love
encvhants their hearts

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: saibabanews 11.05.2009

Prasanthi Update - 10th May

After a hectic week of festivities and programmes, a relatively free day arrived for Swami. The expectation was that He would arrive for Darshan at nearing bhajan time as it had been for quite some time now. It was about 4:20pm when Swami arrived, smiling beautifully, the wind playing with tufts of His hair! Moving through the ladies side, Swami came to the students area. The number of students had increased, what with many coming for the entrance exams for the various classes and University levels. About 1500 devotees from Karnataka had also come with the intention of inviting Swami to Brindavan that, in their words, has become "arid and dry without the touch of his Divine feet."

Swami completed the darshan rounds and after a short while, arrived on stage.

He sat listening to the Veda chanting and soon seemed to indicate something. He raised His left hand, like the sage Narada, and snapped His finger. He was asking for the Burra Katha boys! The lead singer was right in the front and Swami smiled at him. He asked as to where the other two were. The trio went up to Swami. Swami spoke to them and soon materialised "something" and gave one each to the three of them. The word, "something" has been used here for Swami instructed them not to show it to anybody! One of them asked, "Swami can I show my parents at least?" Swami agreed. One was reminded of the incident wherein Swami had materialised a gold coin from a tulasi leaf for a student with instructions not to show it to anyone. When one of the elders could not fight the irresistible urge to force him to show it, the coin turned back into a tulasi leaf! In this case too, the boys told later, Swami had materialised gold coins for them! So the "something" finally has a name - gold coin! This trio had accompanied Swami to Kodaikanal where He had lovingly spent time with them. One of them had expressed his desire to pursue medicine and Swami had agreed to bless Him with a seat. This boy gave Swami a letter from his father expressed his gratitude to Him. Swami told the boy to reconfirm as he would be taking up medicine having completed his BSc and MSc in Biosciences. Swami always stresses that whatever one does, it should be in accordance to the wishes of ones parents.

What about the boy whose coin had turned into a tulasi leaf? Well, Swami smilingly admonished him before changing the tulasi leaf back to the coin and gave it back to him with the same instructions! The boy who is now a member of the staff in the Sathya Sai Central Trust, still has the coin with him! Swami then called the boy with the tabla and took his letter. Career counseling went on for a few minutes after which Swami told out aloud, "This boy has finished his course from Music college. He has also done MA by correspondence. " There was joy and pride as He said that. Another music college boy too gave his letter and had his share of counseling. The Veda chanting continued. Swami then called the little boy, Sathya from the Primary school block. He asked him to chant the Vedas and asked for all others to stop chanting. The boy chanted confidently and loudly.. There was one line where he seemed to fumble but his ever obliging elder brothers from the Institute helped him through.

At the end of the chanting, he received applause from the audience and a loving pat on the cheek from Swami. Swami said, "He is from Iran. He is a Mohammedan. Father's name is Naved. Mother is also Muslim. But he chants the Vedas so well!" Swami sent him back and seemed so happy. That happiness reflected in everyone's being as well. When Swami was speaking about Sathya, all the boys moved up front, very close to Him so that they could be in hearing range. Once that was done, there was no "going back" as they say! Once near God, who would want to go back? All sat there, almost on the steps leading to the stage.

Swami then blessed prasadam but told them to distribute it later. He moved into the interview room and interviews were on for nearly an hour. In the meanwhile bhajans had begun. Swami arrived back on the stage and sat for the bhajan. It must have been a very special session, especially for the students as they sat so close to Him. After a few bhajans, Swami asked for the Aarthi. As the Aarthi was performed, prasadam was also distributed.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 11.05.2009


Om sairam dearest Sai Family,

it was yet another beautiful day filled with Sai love. Swami out of His immense grace blessed us with His divine darshan in the morning as well. Chief minister of Maharashtra and a very ardent devotee of Swami, Sri. Ashok Chavan, who stayed overnight in Parthi with his family, was blessed with an interview . After about 30 minutes, Swami came on the dais and stayed there for the full bhajan session making our hearts filled with Joy.

Later I had a chance to speak to Sri. Ashok Chavan, whose late father Mr. S. B. Chavan was also very devoted to Swami. He shared his happiness in coming to Parthi which he has been doing since 40 years now. Maharashtra is a very crucial state for India and ruling that state is nothing but ruling India. Sri. Ashok Chavan was all praise for the Maharashtra Sai Organisation under the able leadership of Sri. Ramesh Sawant for all the service activities taken up by them, and he also expressed hope on the proposal of Maharashtra government, planning to build a super speciality hospital in New Mumbai area, like that in Parthi and Bangalore, with divine blessings of Swami. He expressed hope that VERY SOON, by Swami's grace the hospital will come up which is a real good news for the people of Maharashtra and surrounding states. Let us all pray for that DIVINE hospital to come up there and many more places in the world, inspired by Swami..

In the afternoon, Swami blessed us with His divine darshan around 4pm. Like yesterday, today also the devotees from overseas were given the seating in the front rows.

Swami took a full round in the Sai Kulwanth hall. Later Swami went to the interview room. Swami then sent a word for the programme to start while Swami was still not on the dias. The programme started with the recitation of Traditional Buddhist slokas, Aum Mani Padme Hum was chanted and in about 5 minutes Swami came on the dias.

The next programme was a drama by devotees of Singapore with the theme Ahimso Paramo Dharma (Non Violence is the higest form of Dharma) a beautiful and a short drama based on the teachings of Lord Buddha and his teachings. It was a very well written drama and also well enacted by devotees from Singapore.

Swami, after the drama, went into the interview room. In about couple minutes Swami came out again, like yesterday, with clothes for distribution. That is our Swami, He always likes to give, give and just give. while bhajans were sung, Swami blessed the prasad for distribution and also the clothes. Gents were given safari cloth and ladies' sarees. Swami, our Sai Ma, like a mother, enquired if every one in the ladies' side got the sarees. Swami called one Sai Sister and enquired if one Sai Sister in the last row got the saree or not. she had to go the last row and show the saree from that Sai Sister to Swami and only then Swami was convinced that she got the saree. Such is the Compassion of our beloved Lord.

Swami made sure that every one were happy. It was 5:30pm and Swami signaled for arathi thus putting the curtains down to yet another beautiful SAI day and if there was anything that was missing it was a Divine Discourse, but we all know, its all His GRACE and His WILL.. and we should just enjoy the bliss in having His Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan.. ......

With loving Pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Sai Buddha....

Jai Sai Ram
Satish Naik


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

it was sheer love and grace of our beloved Bhagawan that was showered on all of us present in Sai Kulwanth hall especially devotees who came all the way from their respective countries to celebrate Buddha Poornima celebrations in the immediate presence of our beloved lord.

It all happened when our beloved Lord blessed us with His divine darshan in the afternoon around 4:30pm in the beautifully decorated Sai Kulwanth hall with yet another little Buddha statue in the middle.

There was a special music called Gamelan played by devotees of Indonesia while Swami came. There were about 200 devotees from Bali who were present for darshan with a unique traditional dress. Swami took a full round in Sai Kulwanth hall and one devotee from Malaysia had a bunch of letters which I suppose would weigh about 2 kgs and Swami with a sweet smile accepted that kinda heavy bundle (of desires... no no...prayers) from that devotee.

Swami later went directly to the interview room. Brother Puppet, who had 3 successful PUPPET SHOWS in Kodaikanal was called for interview. He was actually supposed to leave yesterday morning but on Swami's command he had to cancel his ticket. After about 10 minutes Swami came on to the dais and the day's programme started..

There were 2 speakers blessed on this auspicious occasion one was brother Jum Sai of the Thailand Sai School and brother Allen Yeo from Hongkong. Brother Jum Sai started his talk thanking Swami for His kind help and also for all the guidance He has been given all these 17years since the inception of the most famous Sai School outside India, which Swami has blessed for the people of Thailand.

Bro. Jum Sai was of the opinion that in the initial stages many people raised their eyebrows and thought this is a school intended to spread some new cult and in the later stages it turned out to be a world class HUMAN VALUES school. The school which runs according to the guidelines of Sai Literature and Educare, won the Best BUDDHISM school award from the prime minister's office a definite miracle courtesy of Swami. Apart from winning many awards the school also won the award of best school which spread the teachings of Buddha.

Brother Jum Sai narrated a story which again was authored by Swami which I think is worth re-narrating. Once upon a time there lived a king who had 5 wives. The king had many problems every day with one wife or the other. Every day some one would come and ask him for some things and complaint on other. The king was getting fed up and having no clue as what should be done, called his ministers and asked for a solution. All the ministers very politely said, O King we are also the victims of our wives and we are very scared of our wives..

The king then made an announcement in the kingdom, asking people to come to a place. He made two tents. One tent was for the husbands who were scared of their wives and the other tent was for the husbands who were not afraid of their wives. The first tent was full and king was eagerly waiting for people who would come under the second tent. He was getting disappointed and said is there any MAN in my kingdom who are not afraid of their wives. After some time there comes one man. King's happiness knew no bounds and hurriedly he goes to the man and asks please tell me your secret how come you are not afraid of your wife. The man replies, O king, I am also very much afraid of my wife. King gets angry and says then you have to be in the other tent and not here. The man replies, O king, even if you kill me I won't go to that tent. The king asks why then the man replies, My wife has asked me to stand under this tent and I can't dare to disobey her to which every one in Sai Kulwanth hall burst into laughter and Swami , who narrated this story some time back, also joined us.

Brother Jum Sai, said the five wives in this story are the five senses and we should control them and they shouldn't control us..

The next speaker narrated the story of Buddha and his teachings..

Later there was Balinese dance by students of Sathya Sai Balvikas Denpasar, Bali and Sathya Sai school Denspasar.

After the dance programme devotees from Malaysia had a sai choir with famous bhajans like Yug Yug ke Avaratara, Shiva Maheswara etc sung both in Sanskrit and Chinese languages.

Swami seemed very happy with the choir. He went into the interview room while the choir was going on and in few minutes He came out with clothes for distribution.

Every one were blessed with the divine prasad. Swami then asked for the bhajans to start. the second bhajan was sung from the ladies's side and the singer had such a beautiful voice that Swami asked to be wheeled to the far end of the dais. while the Sai sister was still singing Swami called her and just 2 small circular movements there came a dazzling gold chain fresh from the SAI FACTORY and Swami slowly slipped the golden chain around her neck..

Swami's love did not end there. He then came down the dais, went in between the lines and blessed all the devotees and many were seen crying for the kind of compassion Swami showered on all of them.

Arathi was given to Swami at 6:15 pm and Swami blessed all of us with His ABHAYA HASTA which was icing on the cake..

Thus ended a beautiful day in our Lord's Abode.. Praying for a divine discourse tomorrow..

R. Satish Naik

Jewel in the lotus

Om Sai Ram

The most compassionate Lord Buddha Sai, again graced us with chair Darshan this evening.

I, again wondrously received token 1, and even more wondrous there were no VIP lines between the devotees and their Lord. Swami came early, around quarter to 4 and glided down the main central aisle, His regal profile, a cameo of perfection. He did not take many letters but His sweeping Universal glance fell on each and everyone.

Crossing over to the men's section Swami slowly showered them with his Love and Mercy.

After sailing onto the veranda he went inside His room for awhile. But very shortly returned to the front of the veranda for a continuation of the Buddha Poornima celebrations.

The Singapore youth presented a very enjoyable play on the Life and Teachings of Gautama Buddha. It was very well performed capturing the audience's interest and attention. Beloved Bhagavan appeared to be very pleased with the performance, He later presented the performers with clothing and took sweet photos with them.

Like a loving Father doting on His dear children, Baba smiled, lavishing attention and allowed some of the fortunate ones to take padnamaskar.

It was a royal scene, surely indelibly imprinted on the Buddha Poornima devotees hearts forever.


I am making myself beautiful for Hari
my sari is woven from rainbows spun
on the mystic loom of Heaven

the full moon has fallen headfirst
into the evening lakes of my eyes

there is only one lovesong that
blooms on the moist red petals
of my lips

I have spread a golden net
bulging with gems of prema
and the dedicated fruits of my actions

How can you resist the tender pleas
of a devotee
eternally in love with You

Lots and Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Sat May 9, 2009 6:33 pm - Courtesy Saibabanews

Om Dew

Om Sai Ram

This morning we waited in the limp, dehydrating heat, I struggled trying to keep tamas at bay. Swami, Swami only your name and form can drive away the tamasic clouds that shroud your shining form. Continuously humming hymns and bhajans and summoning His Krishna sweetness we finally flowed into the Mandir and took our places. I had good seating near the main aisle.

Around 8:30 a wave of excitement rippled through the fanning crowds, Swami was coming!

We all scooted forward, as our Morning Dew bathed our parched Spirits with His refreshing Presence. He came quickly down the Main aisle, so much Love brimming from His eyes, blessing the yearning multitudes.

Bhagavan continued his journey down the center aisle towards the men's section then onto the veranda. Some dignitaries marched in and Swami granted them interviews.
After the interviews, our Blessed Baba, glided to the front of the veranda and graced us with the morning glory of His nectarine darshan during bhajans.

Any trace of tamas and discomfort fled in the shining radiance rising up over the Prashanti horizon. Swami tapped His divine fingers and moved His head in tune with the music.

We all sang in One unified, harmonious voice cleansing the world with the pure satwic
vibrations radiating from Prashanti Nilayam, the highest abode of Peace.

Hari Hari Hari Hari

it's a steep climb up the
mountain, Lord
earth's fascinating pull
charming faces and places
beckon below
If I look back
salt, sweat and the wheel of rebirth
is my lot
with your name written on my breath
and Your form dancing within, above,
below and around me
I won't stop until my head is in the clouds
and Heaven crowns my winged brow

Om Satchitananda!
Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Sat May 9, 2009 10:18 am - Courtesy Saibabanews

Buddha Poormina

Sai Ram and Happy Vesak Day

We all enjoyed a wonderful beginning to Buddha Poormina Day this evening. Again our Lord blessed me with token #1, Bhagavan came in His chair and graced us with the closeness of His form. He stopped right in front of me on His journey down the main aisle, and spoke to a woman in the front row, taking letters and smiling sweetly.

There were two speakers, Dr. Jum Sai gave a very inspirational introduction. The SSE children performed a Buddha dance that Swami appeared to enjoy very much. There was also a very beautiful choir program. Baba blessed the conductor of the musical performance with a ring and one of the female singers with a necklace manifested from the Divine will. Baba also distributed gifts and cloths for the performers. Prasadam was distributed and enjoyed.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Fri May 8, 2009 8:23 pm - Courtesy Saibabanews


Sairam Blessed Sai Family

Home Sweet Home ~ Prashanthi Nilayam! Om Sai Ram, After a long journey I have finally returned home and just in time for Easwaraama celebrations. Yesterday morning, throngs of village folk crowded the ashram to pay homage to Easwaraama the Mother of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I couldn't help feeling how blessed this woman was to have been chosen to give birth to the Lord of the Universe!!!! Swami came robed in saffron gold, His face more radiant than the sun warmed every heart in the Mandir. He sat out on the veranda for awhile before taking arathi and returning to His residence.

Yesterday evening Darshan, our beloved Bhagavan treated us to a performance by three students who performed a musical program dedicated to Easwaraama, dressed in elaborate Indian clothing they inspired us with poetic song and music.

This evening I received token number one and got very good seating for a very special Darshan. The President of India, Pratibha Patil came in full regalia to seek Bhagavan Baba's blessings! After which Swami sat out on the veranda and showered us with the grace of His Presence and a continuation of the previous cultural presentation.


My heart is a celestial bedroom
where my Lord hastens unto me
I have placed a garland of stars
around his neck
and pierced His ears with the honey moon
His skin in anointed with the
fragrance of Love
and His feet are the only pillows
my head cares for
when He smiles my life finds
inner meaning and dances about
like a giddy lovestruck maiden
drunk on His holy name

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Thu May 7, 2009 7:46 pm - Courtesy Saibabanews

O the Leelas of the Lord!

Sai Ram Dear Ones

O the Sweet Leelas of the Lord!

Boarding a bus for Madurai I bid goodbye to the exhilarating beauty of Kodaikanal
following Sai Avatar to Prashanti Nilayam, the highest abode of Peace.

Madurai, the city of temples is about 3 hours from Kodai. Before I left the USA enroute to India, Professor Gnana Bhaskar, President of the Palm Bay, FL Sai center and a former student of Sathya Sai University, recommended that I visit the Meenakshi temple in Madurai.

The Meenakshi temple is a resplendent testament to the glorious stories and leelas of God. As I entered this ancient and venerated temple I could sense a tremendous fount of Cosmic enerty suffusing the atmosphere.

Intricately carved and sculpted architecture, artwork and such depicting Vedic lore, culture and philosophy sanctified and exalted every square inch. I felt the hand of Sai leading me through the various sacred portals. First to the Shiva temple, where the priest noticing my rudraksha mala, inquired about it. "Gayatri," I responded, He chanted some prayers for myself and my family and gave vibhuti. .Then onto other countless awe inspiring sanctuaries.

I finally took rest and meditated on the steps of the Golden Lotus tank, an open roofed
area surrounding a tranquil lotus pond. Quite unexpected, a garland of hamsa white
garbed young men descended on the steps in front of me. I noticed a picture of Swami shimmering from amonst them.

"OM SAI RAM!!!!" I exclaimed, thrilled to the core. "Sai Ram!" they responded in unison, "we are Swami's students returning from Kodaikanal" We exchanged a few pleasantries, then of course I had to take their photographs.

They were so extraordinarily beautiful. Holy halos radiated from their magnificent and noble brows. Baba's Bangaroo! Dedicated and united in His mission of Love, Peace, Truth, Dharma, Unity and Global transformation.

O Baba there is no place where you are not! Your Divine Presence inhabits the very air we breathe, "In You we move and breathe and have our being." Then just as suddenly this vision of rapture, Swami's students softly departed leaving me wonderstruck to contemplate the breathtaking grandeur of God and His leelas.

As the evening fell on the city of Madurai, Devi blessed me with a honeymoon taste of an important festival, the Marriage of Parvati. Ecstatic music, dance and celebration brought my stay in Madurai to a close. I continued my journey to the present earthly abode of Lord Shiva, Prashanti Nilayam.

Keep the faith brothers and sisters, Sai is ever with us.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Tue May 5, 2009 7:56 pm - Courtesy Saibabanews

Morning Bliss-Afternoon Delight-Evening Nectar

Sai Ram !

What a heaven of a day. Swami! Swami! Swami!

This morning we waited 4 hours for our beloved Lord to grant us His magnificent
Darshan. Again there were throngs of devotees surging through the Mandir. Many Bal Vikas students and special groups. Fortunately we were able to get token 9 and secure front row seating towards the top of the long passage that makes up the path to the Darshan area.

My friends had related to me glorious accounts of Darshan with Swami these past few days and all the bliss saturated contacts that a devotee could ask for. I was starting to feel that I had missed out on all the good stuff :)

Then our most compassionate Baba blessed us with His Presence. We waited along this narrow corridor, unable to see His whereabouts. Suddenly He surprised us, floating around the corner He came towards our little group. I practically shouted, "Swami I love you!!!" blowing kisses in the air towards Him.

He took letters from the lady from Texas next to me and gazed into my friend Nooshin Meherabavani who is by the way the author of a wonderful book, "Love and Suffering, My Road to Liberation."

Swami waved His golden fingers indicating to take my letter! while giving me a sweet look.

Swami's eyes appeared large and very luminous, His complexion was translucent like moonlight. It was just too wonderful.

There is a leela surrounding the letter. Actually the envelope was a stack of letters from the Bal Vikas children and devotees from the Palm Bay Sai center. I had also included a letter asking Swami to bless a book I had just finished writing, a compilation of Ecstatic spiritual experiences, Ecstatic art and poetry. The envelope that contained all the other letters was starting to look raggedy. I didn't have another letter to transfer the stack of letters to.

I found an envelope with my friend Veena's name on it. Veena has been going through health problems recently, which is of great concern because she has a kidney transplant.

I thought to myself how am I going to give Swami an envelope with Veena's name written in red on it. Then I decided to turn it into a prayer. I wrote to Sri Sathya Sai Baba and then inscribed Swami please help Veena, embellishing the envelope with flower drawings.

Swami continued His trek down the aisle granting great joy to the devotees taking their letters and filling their hearts with His Holy Presence. After morning Darshan I was walking along the salmon red colored Promenade when I turned at the sound of sirens blaring in my direction. I was by myself and our Precious Lord was in full view since the promenade was elevated I was actually able to look directly into the window, face to face with The Lord of the Universe, Sai Avatar. As He passed by I chanted with palms folded in prayer, "Joy!! Bliss!!!

The sweetness continued to flow. I trudged to the hotel I was occupying, stayed for a short while then came back out walking down the street. Again the sounds of sirens and fanfare. I looked there was our Lord giving me another full view of His lovely form.

Afternoon Darshan the crowds had diminished considerably. We obtained lovely seating in the Darshan area. Our Divine Father went out for a short trip then returned to our pining hearts. I was sitting below the little veranda outside the Bhajan Hall. He came and sat where we all could see Him and looked down at everyone there casting His loving glances on every face, just showering us with amritha.

I could feel His eyes bathing mine there was such a look of enjoyment on His beauteous face, indescribable. Once more He sailed around the Mandir taking letters blessing objects and gracing us with the unalloyed bliss of His Presence. As He went up the ramp towards the bhajan hall, I suddenly came to my senses and said mentally, "Swami please bless me with Your Presence always. He turned His head abruptly and looked down at me, I know He heard that plea, the plea of every aspirant on the path to God Realization.

There were two speakers. One speaker Mr. Puppet, gave his familiar rousing speech. One particular anecdote stands out in my mind:

He was sitting at the lotus feet and Swami asked him. "Puppet, what is the road to God?"

Mr. Puppet was feeling very clever and responded. "Swami, love all, serve all." Swami queried Mr. Puppet, "do you love all and serve all?" Puppet didn't know what to say. Swami said sweetly, "Love all for My sake and Serve all in My name."

What crystal clarification!

Om Sai Ram!

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Sun May 3, 2009 10:32 pm - Courtesy Saibabanews

Kailasa Sai

Sai Ram Beloved Sai Family

I arrived in Kodai, May 1st after whirling around narrow mountain paths under a midnight crystal sky.

This morning there were lakhs and lakhs of people flooding the Kodai ashram, felt like
a festival day in Prashanti it was so very crowded. I have a hunch people are even sleeping in small minivans and buses camped out along the lovely lake that leads to Baba's Divine abode.

Our Dearest Father did not grace us with His Presence this morning and we left with heart in hand, trying to suppress our sorrow.

This afternoon we waited from 2PM, anxious for vision of the Lord that surpasses all else!!!!

Again enormous crowds made it nearly impossible to get into the Bhajan Hall or even in the front areas. We were squeezed in along the path that leads up to the actual Darshan area.

When Swami came out, like a dry parched desert we craned our heads praying He would dispel the mirage wavering before our eyes and bless us with even a tiny glimpse of His magnificent form.

Then at one point He came almost towards the outer staircase, and only a fleeting shadow of His hair and back could be gleaned. I recalled reading recently Swami telling devotees in His earlier years that devotees would faint for just a glimpse of His hair.

Swami went inside the bhajan hall, and a man not sure of his name proceeded to speak, I was only able to hear fragments of this speech, thanking Baba for the colossal water project.

Swami came out again and sat on the verandah, from where we were we still could not see Him, slowly inching forward as devotees left we managed to scramble to the front and Beautiful Swami gave us full Darshan. He looked toward us with great compassion and mercy and as if to say, "Here I am Humanity, signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours!!!"

Arathi was then performed our the Lord of the Universe retired to His residence. Prasadam was distributed and enjoyed. Sending you all a Poem from Kailasa:

Kailasa Sai

I have wings!
Wings composed of the
spunsilk clouds of Kodai
and the hallowed breath
of Lord Sai Baba

Even the angels in Vaikunta
pine for these swift pinions
flying fast to the lotus foothills
of His Celestial Presence

Here in the swirling mountain mists
where every heart sings Om Sai Ram!
and God's vast acres
before us unfolds

Embodiments of Splendor!
Heights Divine!

Lots of Prema

Sonya ki

Sun May 3, 2009 9:25 pm - Courtesy Saibabanews

Prasanthi Update - Thursday 7th May

Swami came out at around 3.45 on Thursday evening, Swami then went to the Bhajan hall and spoke to the students who were getting ready for the Burrakatha. At around 4.30pm, The President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil came to the Mandir and Swami spoke to her in the Interview Room for about 30 Minutes.

Bhajans started at 5pm and at around 5.10, Bhagawan came on the stage and as the Bhajans stopped, the Burrakatha performance began, It was a wonderful Telugu Programme on Shirdi Sai for about 45 minutes which kept everyone engrossed, After the Programme Bhagawan accepted Mangala Aarati and returned to Yajur Mandiram at around 6pm.

There is talk that Swami might leave to Brindavan on the 10th or after that.Of Course no one can ever be sure about Bhagawan's Programme. Will keep everyone updated.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM Friday, 8 May, 2009 10:58 AM

Divine Darshans at Kodaikanal - A personal experience


On my first visit to Kodaikanal, I would like to share the joy and experience felt over 3 days there (April 29 - May 1).

Precious moments in the Hills - Bhagwan's Divine Darshans in Kodaikanal

Om Sri Sai Ram.

With Swami's grace and divine blessings, I am inspired to share the precious moments of Bhagwan's divine Darshans in Kodaikanal (April 29 to May 1, 2009).

Till such time, I had only read of the beauty of these Darshans in books and had seen video footage.

During these three days at Sai Sruti, Swami made sure that each moment was special for all of us. This is an attempt to share just a few of these.

The setting with the majestic Sai Sruti overlooking the lake will be printed in memory forever. The backdrop of the hills, the wonderful crisp climate with regular visits from the Sun God could be appreciated more than ever, in the presence of the Creator of such wonders. An occasional light drizzle in the evening with a starlit sky in the night completed Swami's perfect painting.

Swami's daily morning Drashans were always around 10 am. The devotees waited patiently and enthusiastically for Bhagwan to start his Darshan. During Darshans, Swami graciously visited the entire ground, blessing all. As Swami moved around in the bright morning sun, we could see and feel his magnificent glow, his gentle smile absorbing all of us as he passed us, blessing, taking letters and talking to devotees. At the same time the hills were filled with the sounds and vibrations of Bhajans, some familiar and some new.

Swami had a special treat in store for us during the morning Darshan of May 1 where he lovingly fed 15,000 of us. Swami moved around every corner of the ground, personally supervising the Narayan Seva ensuring one and all received a plate. Being fed by the Lord in his physical presence is a joy that cannot be put into words.

In addition to the evening Darshans and functions, two of the three evenings were marked by the traditional Car Darshan as Swami's car zipped passed us while we waited in the lines for Sai Sruti gates to open. Swami smiled at the rows of devotees neatly gathered on both sides of the lake walk as He drove by.

The evening Darshans were graced with talks by Swami's students reminding us of His teachings including two Puppet shows by Ajit Popat. Among other messages the students reminded us of Swami's fundamental message to Be Happy.

However, the highlight was Swami's Divine Discourse on April 30 which lasted an hour. Swami spoke on the unity of mankind, all beings and Divinity by stressing on the oneness of Atma.

The unveiling of the statue of the Divine Mother Eshwaramba was also announced on the evening of May 1. The Statue faces East for the Sun God to have Darshan of the Divine mother every morning as it rises.

The joy and experience of these precious moments with Bhagwan in the Hills and the very intimate setting at Sai Sruti will be cherished deeply. I pray that each one of us seeks an opportunity to have Bhagwan's Darshan in Kodaikanal.

Contributed at the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagwan.

- by Rajesh Punjabi (Mumbai, Bandra, Khar Santa Cruz)

Posted on 04.05.2009


4th May 2009

Om Sairam Dearest Sai Family,

It was a very bright morning in Puttaparthi, the streets were getting busy bit earlier than normal and in no time the whole atmosphere wore a festive look, with beautiful drawings (rangolis) on the road, flower garlands being hung on either side of the road, not sure how, even though there was no OFFICIAL word, the whole Puttaparthi was very optimistic about the arrival of the HOLY son of this soil, our Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba...

Every one were lined on either side of the road. Some went to outskirts hoping that the car would stop a bit., Some were standing by the curves some near speed breakers, every one seemed to have a good spot for themselves and all hoping for the car to slow down..

Near the airport it was all together a different scene. Being close to the Super Speciality hospital, many patients and their attendants thronged the premises. I saw a very small girl asking her mother if Sai Baba will cure the tiny hole in her more tiner heart.. The mother had a very SURE YES to the little girl's question.. The next conversation brought tears in my eyes.. The girl was saying to her mother, I will also ask Sai Baba not to give this kind of hole to any one from now on... That was a very innocent soul making those statements, but a very emotional one.

Looking at the huge pink dome of the Super Speciality hospital from the airport premises, I was praying and thanking Swami for this beautiful gift to the mankind, a free hospital and every one is free to go there irrespective of caste, creed nationality. ...

It was 11:15 and Swami's little jet landed in the Sri Sathya Sai airport and in no time a beautifully decorated lift was brought and Swami with a beautiful smile, came down and the little porte car was ready and Swami blessing everyone got into the car.. I was praying to Swami about the little girl, and her prayer. Any one reading this report, please spare few seconds to pray for this little girl, and those innumerable little girls all over the world, who are in this kind of trouble.

This kind of incidents will let us know how lucky we are and how blessed we are that we have everything INTACT except a heart to appreciate and thank GOD for all that He has given to us..

Swami in the afternoon blessed all of us with yet another beautiful darshan. Swami came around 5:10pm and took a full round in the hall, checking if all were in their places, smiling at every one, accepting letters here and there and after staying on the dais for the bhajan session, arathi was given to Swami around 6pm thus ending a beautiful day.

Arrangements are being made for Eswaramma day and like last year, this year also Swami may visit the Samadhi of His physical parents. There is another big festival coming up and it is Budha Poornima on 9th and the president of India is visiting Puttaparthi for Swami's darshan on 7th May...

With pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R. Satish Naik

emailed on 05.05.2009

Prasanthi News - Swami is in Prasanthi Nilayam

Wonderful news is that Swami has arrived in Prasanthi Nilayam, Swami car entered the Ashram Premises at around 11.37 am.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 04.305.09

Prasanthi News - Swami has left Kodaikanal

Monday, 4 May, 2009 10:51 AM

Swami has left Kodaikanal and is in Coimbatore now at 10.40 am. Swami is expected to be in Prasanthi Nilayam today in the afternoon.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM

Prasanthi News - Parthi awaits Swami's arrival

Monday, 4 May, 2009 9:40 AM

There is a great Flurry of Activity in Prasanthi Nilayam since yesterday for the imprnding arrival of Bhagawan today. The airport people are making arrangements for the Flight landing and a lot of decorations have been put up outside the Airport. Easwaramma Samadhi is being Decorated and painted. There is talk that Swami will be installing a Statue of the Divine Mother there.

Prasanthi Nilayam awaits hopefully the Arrival of our Divine Lord today.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM

Prasanthi News

Saturday, 2 May, 2009 10:26 AM

There is every possibility of Swami going to Prasanthi Nilayam from Kodaikanal on the 4th of May. Of Course no one can ever Predict Swami's Programme but the news coming from Prasanthi Nilayam is that Bhagawan is expected to arrive in Prasanthi Nilayam on the 4th of May.

This means that Easwaramma Day on 6th May and Buddha Poornima on 9th May will be celebrated in Swami's Divine Presence.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM

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