Prasanthi Updates - May 2007


Sweet Remembrances of Sai Geetha

Picture sent by Sanjay Sondhi on 24.05.2007

Vasantha Sai

Sai Ram beautiful people

It's a gorgeous evening here in Puttaparthi, the city of God. Some interesting things have been happening recently, will update you now.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts of a good friend and a long time resident here in Parthi. Yesterday this dear lady, mentioned a devotee of Swami's by the name of Vasantha Sai. Apparently this devotee is supposed to be the reincarnation of Radha and has had numerous mystical experiences with our Lord. My friend planned to have satsangh with Vasantha Sai Wednesday morning. I didn't think anything more of this, then Tuesday afternoon Darshan, my friend sat next to me on the token line, and then right next to her was this same Vasantha Sai, she introduced me briefly by then my token line was getting up so i was off and running :))) but wait it gets better. This morning on token line who do I sit behind out of the hundreds of people gathered for Darshan? that's right...Vasantha Sai!
and to top it off we get token line #1. Now I am really getting curious, this is more than a coincidence and more like a sai incident.

We ended up sitting close to each other in Darshan on the first row exist aisle. Sorrowfully, Our beloved did not come out for Darshan this morning, but Vasantha Sai invited me for satsangh.

I went to her house after morning Darshan. she spoke at some length about her experiences with Swami, showing some amazing photographs and relating miraculous stories. Her first book, "Liberation here itself right now!" was actually signed by Sai Baba, so I purchased a copy to peruse. She spoke about how she was instructed thru her contacts with Swami to build a stupa in Maderai, and the actual diagram she saw in her vision, was presented to her by a Nadi. Afterwhich the stupa was built.

At 12PM there was a group meditation. that started out with a group chant.I went very deeply into meditation, in this altered state i started hearing a barely audible chant, then I felt my self get up out of my seat and bump into something very hard. It was the square base of a huge column-like structure, later i realized it must have been the stupa, Vasantha Sai spoke about.
Also while in meditation I found myself in a very high mountainous place, with faces sculpted on the sides of the mountain.

Towards the end of the meditation i suddenly felt a pin prickly sensation in my hands and head, a lot of heat in my head, and an extremely nauseous feeling overtook me, I thought I was going to be sick. I asked Baba to help me and after awhile the sensation faded.

We left Vasantha Sai and got ready for afternoon Darshan. Swami came early, again I was able to get into the inner Mandir, at the very back of the temple against the wall. Our Lord gave us a special delight by sailing thru the veranda, but didn't come into the inner temple until bhajans started. Then He blessed us all with His Divine Vision and Presence.
More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

emailed on 31.05.2007

Courtesy: saibabanews

Parthi Update

Sairam to all

Last couple of days, Swami has been calling people for interviews, but has not spent time outside much. Nevertheless, He took a small round in portico, and near boys, collected letters from many, and spoke to some  devotees. Two days ago He visited the Music college and the museum associated with it. He spent some time there, seeing all instruments.


emailed on 30.05.2007 by KM

Sai Vishnu

Sai Ram Sweet Embodiments of Hari

Our beloved Lord came early this morning, and let us drink in the splendor of His presence, by a hair's breadth I was able to just barely squeeze into the Inner Mandir and sing at His Lotus feet. Once again He sat on His throne, and bore the pains of the world. Hari Sai listened as planets, stars and solar systems spun with giddy joy around Him.

After bhajans i had brunch at my place with an old friend who is a permanent resident in Prashanti. She related an interesting story that happened a short while ago. There is a famous Vishnu temple, Ventakeswara, the Lord of the seven hills, also known as the golden temple. The priests there did not believe our Swami was indeed Lord Vishnu. It so happens that Swami was in Whitefield at the time and the priests were doing their daily puja to Lord Vishnu. The curtain was drawn shielding the Vishnu idol from view. One of the priests bending low saw human feet instead of metal. The priests shocked drew back the curtain, and Lo' there stood our Baba with hands raised in Abhaya. This caused quite a stir amongst this community. They all rushed to Bangalore and did a huge puja for Baba, chanting and the works. Swami called them in for an interview and blessed them.

This afternoon Darshan again the Lord appeared early, suffusing the atmosphere with His heavenly fragrance. He mercifully allowed me into His Presence and gave full bliss to all seated therein.

Blessing everyone with sweet Baba dreams and visions.

Lots of Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 29.05.2007

Sai Kailasa

Sai Ram Dearly, Beloved Sai Family

I often tell Swami how much I love His Sai Family. This Holy congregation is Bliss to my Soul.

Just one mystic glimpse is enough to change your life forever. This afternoon Sai Krishna's gaze kissed mine. His eyes probed each of us in the first row exit aisle with a sweet mysterious mona lisa smile. He was like an attentive Mother bird pouring sustenance into the wide open beaks of Her newborn chicks. I walked home my feet barely touching the wet pavement oblivious to the twilight rain falling ever so softly on Prashanti.

Early bed for me, need to savor the bliss of this sacred communion. More Prema later.

Lots of Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 28.05.2007

Sai Ananda

Sai Ram embodiments of Bliss

Apart from the main token line on the Ladies side, there is another token line to enter the inner Mandir for bhajans. It is a little grueling since we are seated far from where our Lord enters and there is no guarantee you will be able to fit inside the inner sanctum.

Sunday evening Darshan at least five lines were able to squeeze in. To our great delight our Lord floated down the aisle of the inner temple. We were not quite seated, but we were able to drink in this exquisite Darshan at the threshold of the hall. We all waited inside this magnificent cathedral, tightly packed, scarcely able to breathe, but filled with the bliss of His Divine vision. Swami walked into the blessed space assisted by his aides. They were able to hoist Him onto His throne.

Our Dear Baba is so full of compassion for His devotees, wanting to give us full view of His Divine Glory, He endured any physical discomfort this sitting position may have caused Him. Again, reminding us to transcend the physical and receive the Bliss of the Eternal.

We sang full throated at the blessed feet of the Lord. He radiated quantum splendor and Love to all.

It rained buckets last night in Puttaparthi, cooling off the raging heat. As a result this morning was markedly cooler and more comfortable. This morning's Darshan our Lord entered gently like the first pink rays of the dawn caressing the new day. I was able to get a good seat in the second row of the exit aisle. As Swami was leaving He cast a childlike smile in our direction, looking at everyone in the first row so sweetly.

Bliss continued later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy saibabanews: emailed on 27.05.2007

Sai Nectar

Sai Ram Angelic Embodiments of Sai

Our beautiful Sai Krishna gave us all fantastic Darshan yesterday. Inside the inner Mandir, He spoke to a few students before Bhajans, we sat there soaking up His Divine nectar.

I am still in seventh heaven as a type these words.

This morning His Love oveflowing for all His devotees, Sai Baba distributed, blessed mangos as prasadam.

I also spoke to one lady from South Africa who was with Swami in Kodai, last month, she said that Swami healed a German lady, who was paralyzed from a car accident. According to her, Baba told the woman to walk. The South African lady, said she saw this lady walking around Kodai the next day, How absolutely marvelous.

Remember the Nectarine Name of the Sai Natha and experience His Eternal Darshan continuously. More Bliss later.

Lots of Bliss

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 26.05.07

Sai Sakha Sundaram

Just when the oppressive heat, cramped seating and physical distress and discomfort of Ashram life starts getting to you our Lord of Parthi does something surprising and refreshing to our Spirits. Yester evening Darshan He abandoned His car and sailed in amongst the throngs of devotees pining for His Divine Darshan. He was all buttercup smiles, radiating golden light across the early twilight shadows. My daughter had just recently asked me if Baba ever gives darshan in his chair. What a grand vision of our Lord.

This morning after Omkar in the inner temple, I got the blessed chance to sit for bhajans again in the inner Mandir. It was touch and go on whether Swami would come out. Bhajans started, after about 2nd bhajan, our Dearest Friend appeared like the Sun rising up from cold night embers, stoking the coals of our heart. He was the sugar in our morning coffee and our sweet breakfast.

Swami sat enjoying the bhajans so perfectly poised in Eternal Bliss, reminding us of the ephemeral nature of the physical that we all, sadly, cater to.

Have a great day everyone.

Lots of Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 25.05.2007

Sai Geetha's Pure Love

Taken From Radiosai - Experience of Mrs.Geetha Mohan Ram

In February, 1972. Swami was preparing to leave the Brindavan ashram to come and stay in my parent's (Dr. R. S. Padmanabhan and Kamala  Padmanabhan) house in Bangalore city for two days. It was the time of  the Akhanda Bhajan celebration and incidentally, it was my father and  grandfather who actually initiated this concept of 24-hour non-stop  bhajan singing those days. I was a young child of eight then. Four of  us ? my brother, aunt, father and I ? had gone to Brindavan to bring  Swami to our home in Jayanagar.

"As Swami was getting ready to leave, we could hear Sai Geetha trumpeting loudly from far behind Swami's residence. She somehow knew  that Swami was leaving and you could make out from her voice that she  was desperate. Swami responded to her call and walked to the rear of the building. We followed Him as He marched towards Sai Geetha. Once there, He caressed her, gently stroked her cheeks, fed her with apples, and finally as He turned to leave, she put her trunk around
His shoulders and pulled Him gently but firmly to her side. She held  on to Him securely and would not let Him go. Swami could only sweetly plead and He kept telling her in Telugu, " vidu Geetha, vidu Geetha,  ne povala. Podaya bangaaru ne vegara vastanu! Vidu Geetha!" (Please leave me, Geetha; leave me, please; I have to go, it is late. Golden one, I will come back soon, leave me, please!")

"It was after five minutes of gentle persuasion by Swami that Geetha let Him go reluctantly. And as He moved away, she lifted her trunk and still held on to His right arm and would not let go again for a few minutes. Swami tried offering her some fruits, but the apple was no consolation. She refused to accede. Finally, after a lot of cajoling, Swami extricated Himself from her, but by now His robe was covered by her saliva as she kept nuzzling Him all through. Unmindful of the dribble on His gown.

Swami then turned to all of us and what He said then was very profound. He said, `Your devotion should be one-pointed like her. She is not even tempted by the fruit I offer. She only wants me and thinks of me at all times. When you are like her you then receive Darshanam, Sparshanam and Sambhashanam (the fortune of vision, touch and conversation with the Lord).'He then gave her one last loving pat and left. He had to go back to His room to change into a new robe and we were ready to leave."


Lord Sai is Overpowered by Sai Geetha's Love

From Radio sai :

Swami turned to the students and accepted a handkerchief. Turning back to her, He wiped her tears and looking at the boys again, He said aloud casually, "I had planned to go to Brindavan (Bangalore) today."

The words came out of the blue! Dumbstruck, the boys just stared at Him. The exhilaration with which they were enjoying the divine romance just vaporized! The boys just `blinked', for want of a better expression. "Swami was going to Brindavan? And none of us knew? No message, no hint whatsoever. We would have lost Swami?" All the boys stood there with their hands folded and heads baffled.

His gaze ran over all the boys. Using the same handkerchief to wipe His hand, Swami continued, "I wanted to go quietly without much ado, but look at her." His eyes glanced at her and so did another hundred. "She knew it, she sensed it. She somehow figured out Swami was leaving and she was crying, Paapam (poor thing!)" He looked back at her, His eyes tracing her trunk which was now at His Feet. Some of the boys dropped their gaze and saw that she had gently moved aside the robe resting on the earth and was caressing the Lotus Feet. He gently, yet firmly, pushed her and she withdrew her worship.

"See ra, see!" He commented looking at the boys as He sat in the car. "She loves Swami so much that she can feel Swami's feelings. She came to Swami when she was a small baby, so many years have passed, but see? Her love has only increased ? expansion love. That is devotion."


emailed on 25.05.07 by KM

Sai Geetha's Funeral

Sai Ram,

I got this news today morning as i got up to check my mails. It was very heart breaking. Eventhough i did not have the opportunity to be as close as the caretaker was to Sai Geetha, but like every Sai devotee, there is that feeling where we have lost a very close member of our family.

My teen youth brothers and sisters were there in Parthi last year during a yatra and we had the wonderful opportunity to be close to Sai Geetha. She was situated next to the planetarium at that time (December). She was so huge, and she didn't mind us petting her and all. At one point, she was so excited that she let down gush of urine! It was normal as it seem she does that when she's excited.

She was very excited to see us as you can see, her trunk was moving about like a snake when we were near her. She was trying to smell us and all. Very beautiful experience.

Later after that, we all had the privilege to take a photograph with Sai Geetha. The plan was to form a group infront of Sai Geetha (with Geetha visible ofcourse) and then shout "Sai Geetha!" instead of "Cheese!".

So we were all ready. "1...2...3..SAI GEETHA!!!" We all screamed!

There was a loud trumpeting noise!

That's it! Sai Geetha has lost her mind! We all ran helter and skelter. One of my brother's fell into a pile of food for Sai Geetha, he tripped over that and fell. All of us were for one moment thinking that Sai Geetha was in a rampaging mood. When we ran a good distance, we stopped at our tracks and turned. The care taker was laughing and i think i could see Sai Geetha grinning too. It seem she gets excited when people call out her name. So that is why she trumpeted happily when we screamed Sai Geetha.

Beautiful being...I wish i could see her once more. But i guess, Swami has better plans for her.

I have also attached a picture of Sai Geetha i tweaked in tribute to one of Swami's devotee.

You'll always remain in our hearts and minds Sai Geetha.

Jai Sai Ram

Sukhbir Sonu - courtesy Saibabanews

We found an interesting article which we had posted on SAIRAM website about two years back....

Interaction with Sri Peddi Reddy garu

Aum Sri Sai Ram

He spent 43 years of his life doing Service in Prashanthi Nilayam - shouldering the responsibility of running the South Indian canteen,  developing Planetarium infrastructure, taking care of our beloved  Swami's non-human devotee which transcends the human devotion - Sai Geetha. His life is synonymous to the path of Karma-Yogin  as declared by  Bhagawan himself.


This email is to share the beautiful and unique experience/opportunity we had to converse with Sri Peddi Reddy garu in our recent Sivarathri trip to Parthi.

It was around 5 in the evening and the mood of the group as usual was upbeat. The ambience was perfect with the lush green fields as the  backdrop; with birds giving the background music; under the cool shade of the tall trees; the twilight illumining the scene to give just the right effect, and not to forget our jumbo Sai Geetha popping in cartful of king sized water melons into her mouth!

We, more than 50 in number, finished our work and were ready for some  Satsang, Peddi Reddy garu was also there with us with his hands  slightly free from work- without a doubt the whole scene was perfectly orchestrated by Swami Himself. We immediately grabbed the opportunity to request him to share some of his experiences after entering the Sai realms. The initially reluctant Karma Yogin later could not stop his immense love and devotion for Swami pouring out in the form of the conversation.

Peddi Reddy garu first came to Parthi in 1956 along with handful of  youth from Godavari District. He instantly knew that the right place for him in this life is at the Lotus feet, so he immediately resolved  that he would be back after doing M.Sc in Physics. When he returned to Parthi in 1963 Bhagawan handed over the responsibility of running the canteen, which he accepted with utmost humility. As time lapsed he was also made in- charge for constructing the Planetarium. During this time, he used to wake up at 2:00 am and then work in the fields till Darshan time at 6 am only to save couple of hundreds of Rupees, which were used for other needy projects. Later his responsibility was extended as the caretaker of Sai Geetha. The Masters degree  holder in Physics now had to master Agrarian and Veternararian skills

The last time Swami gave him an interview was around 25 years ago, when asked as to what keeps him going even today his simple answer was that his incentive was not the physical proximity with Bhagawan, or the conversation with Him to fulfill his personal needs, but the sense of duty for the task which Swami has assigned him. The sense of Urgency in his tone and action to serve Swami in this avatar left us spellbound. Karma Yogin, as he is aptly referred to never stepped out of Parthi in the last 30 years.

Sai Geetha - The Devotee

Sai Geetha was found as baby elephant trapped in Bandhipur forests.  The forest officer being Swami's devotee, offered this lovely Child to swami. Could there have been a much safer and delightful place for this innocent being! 

Early days of Sai Geetha in Prashanthi Nilayam were beyond  comprehension. Swami used to catch her trunk and go around for the darshan. Everyday in the morning she used to go around the Nilayam 108 times and then get ready to garland the Master Of the Worlds! Its  been told that it can sense Swami's presence even from five miles. As she grew older, caretakers suggested swami to let it go to the forest  as it was mating phase of its life. Swami told them that it wouldn't get involved in any such process as it was already deeply devoted to the Lord, but Swami finally yielded to their request and let it go to the Bandhipur forests. Over three months passed, swami visited the  forest only to observe Sai Geetha isolating itself from the rest of  the elephants and apparently it also reduced its diet as it could not consume the food in the forest, and it never got into the mating.  Inspite of this indelible demonstration of its Love for Bhagwan, Swami wanted to give some more time for her in the forest. The moment she saw Swami she ran behind His car for a long distance. When Swami  returned after six months nothing much changed! Indeed it is an example set up for the rest of the world by the apparently less evolved being.

Why did you not include his name?

About four years back, Swami decided to felicitate all the long standing members who were serving in the Prashanthi Nilayam all these years. When finally the list was prepared Peddi Reddy garu's name was missing. When it was shown to Swami from among more than hundred names he precisely noticed the absence of Peddi Reddy garu's name.

Immediately Swami enquired, " Why is Peddi Reddy's name not included?  He is a Karma Yogin. Include his name too". Well, this in itself was the best recognition that Peddi Reddy garu could ever get! As a person his monthly expenditure is not even in hundreds of rupees...a great learning for all of us. 

It was under his guidance that for the first time our Hyderabad boys  got the opportunity to serve in the canteen. When the service was done, the following day Swami distributed clothes to all the Sevadal members. Hyderabad boys missed out this opportunity and Peddi Reddy garu felt sad for the boys. Next day in the Darshan he sat beside the boys and when Swami was moving away he called out for Swami and told that even Hyderabad boys had worked very hard. Listening to this swami distributed clothes to the Hyderabad Group too. Here is a man who never asked Bhagwan any personal benefits but was so enthusiastic to get the boys blessed by Him...a great Leader he indeed is!

It was already dark in the fields and all the boys were listening  very intently. The reality donned and it was time for our dearest Peddi Reddy garu to go back to canteen and ensure that everything is ready for the thousands of devotees waiting for Prasadam.

We thank Swami for giving us this wonderful opportunity to interact with such a great soul.

Jai Sai Ram

Sai Geetha Nirvana

Sai Ram brothers and sisters

Our Swami shed tears of love for His dearest Sai Geetha yesterday at her funeral. We came last night to view her and saw some of Baba's family members, throwing flowers on her grave.

The woman who accompanied me, told me that Swami has said that Sai Geetha was so full of devotion for Swami, she chanted "OM Sai Ram" 24 hours a day. How incredible her superhuman love, sacrifice and surrender to Sai Avatar embraces Him even in death. Swami personally officiated over her funeral rites and shed tears of love over her separation from Him.

Needless to say this inspired deep contemplation. We who have been given the gift of human birth, sadly do not possess even a fraction of this kind of devotion. Sai Geetha is a paramount example of faith, devotion and love. We should all seek to live up to the high standard of Love and remembrance of God that she had divinely set.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

courtesy saibabanews - 24.05.2007

This photograph of SAI GEETHA was taken by me in the month January, 2007 when I visited Parthi as sevadal It was an opportunity to see her very closer and took some snaps. She was so cute even this age and it was joyful moments.

We the Sri Sathya Sai Study Circle, members of Hyderabad 500 001 deeply regret to inform that"SAIGEETHA" has breathed her last at 6 pm on 22-5-2007 evening at Prasanthinilayam.

Really it is a shock news for our Sai family. May she rest in peace.

- P. Visweswara Sastry.
Abids, Hyderabad 500 001

SAI GEETHA: Swami NEVER fails.

Loving Sai Ram Sisters and Brothers,

No one can read the accounts of the demise of Sai Geetha and her funeral without tears pouring out of their eyes!
Such heartfelt accounts by Bro Satish.

I had a close encounter with her on Monday 23 August 2004. I was coming out of Chaitanya Jyothi Museum in search of a miracle. As you know, Mondays are declared holidays for Museums around the world - to help resore, repair and update exhibits.

So there were no visitors. My feet just took me there in search of a miracle.

Swami called me for an interview on Thursday 19 August 2004 and said that he would give me some special Vibhuthi to heal my ailing grand daughter in London.

But it did'nt happen as I awaited the next few days at Kulwant Hall.

As I had to leave Parthi for home in Singapore, on Tuesday 24 August.
I felt desperate .

So without knowing that it was a holiday for museums, my feet simply took me to Chaitanya Jyothi the day before I left.

The gate keeper told me in Hindi that the museum is closed.
I said that I wanted to meet the Curator Col Bose .

Fortunately for me, Col Bose always works even on a holiday.
So I awaited allowed in as he has seen me with Col Bose before and eventually Col Bose came.

Then the miracle happened - Col Bose knew that I was awaiting the much treasured vibhuthi promised by Swami.

He took me to a special spot inside the Museum and showed me overflowing vibhuthi from Swami's photo - known only to him and some staff. He very kindly gave some for my grand daughter.

Swami NEVER fails.

I realised why I had the urge to visit the Museum.

On my way out alone, my path was blocked by Sai Geetha who was alone without the mahout, gently and beautifully moving having a gentle meal on some bushes around the Museum.

I had a wonderful close encounter with this gentle soul.

I raised my Hands and greeted her with the Sai Gayathri Manthra.

She raised her trucks as if in greeting and went on her gentle way with her feed.

I didn't realise how big she was till then.

I was never afraid as she is Baba's pet.

I will never forget this wonderful day of Swami's Vibuthi and also meeting Sai Geetha for the first and last time.

May her Divine Soul, now merged with Swami, find Athma Shanthi for all the joy she provided in the past years.

May she rest in peace.

Jai Sai Ram!

ananda perera

Courtesy: saibabaofindia - 27.05.2007

Sai Geetha's final rites

This photograph of SAI GEETHA was taken on 17th January, 2006 when I visited Parthi with my wife. It was an opportunity to see her very closer and take some snaps. She was so cute even this age and it was joyful moments.

Really it is a shock news for our Sai family. May she rest in peace. - Kouwshigan, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The End of A Saga

Dear Brothers,


Yesterday around 8.00 am Sai Geeta had a fall in her 'bathtub' which is just in front of School Hostel to the right side of the planetarium - her palace being on the left side. All along she lived in front of the College Hostel and her last moments were destined to be in front of the School Hostel!!

She did not appear visibly hurt - but there was some possibility of a fracture in her leg - which we are unsure of. She lay there moaning with her head resting on the edge of the cement pool. We saw her and  felt a feeling of helplessness. Of course there were all the caretakers and others over there....but you know, if it is a human being - its so simple....two of us can carry the patient to the hospital. But with an elephant, it's a different ball game altogether. Arrangements were being made to fetch expert vet doctors.

Meanwhile, Bhagawan arrived at around 5.00 pm in Kulwant Hall to  preside over the second day celebrations of Buddha Purnima in Prasanthi Nilayam. We had Japanese drums, dances, choir and 'hold your breath!!' - a Yajnam performed as per Japanese traditions.....with the Yajna Kundam, Mantras and all the paraphernalia that goes with it .....Swami sat through all that. Least did we realize that on the other side at the Sai Geeta shed, dear Geeta was breathing her last and merging into the infinite. Around 6.00 pm she became one with our Lord. Bhajans were on at that time and Prasadam distribution was going on in the Mandir.

Overnight a huge pit was dug by an earth mover in the centre of the  shed. This morning, people were rushing into the Sai Geeta premises to pay their homage to this great devotee of our Lord. In fact the road was fully crowded. A white cloth covered the sacred body of Geeta. Around 8.00 AM, Swami arrived at the spot. The cloth was unveiled. Sri Pedda Reddy Garu - the caretaker of the elephant all through its life, rushed to Swami weeping profusely. Swami was moved. Both shared their feelings. Minutes later, Swami came out of the car in His chair and moved closer to Geeta. He spread Vibhuti all over her head and trunk and kept moving His hand over her....what great fortune to be fondled by the Lord!! After a few minutes, Swami spoke to Sri Pedda Reddy Garu, gave him some instructions and left to the Mandir.

At 9.30 pm preparations began to shift Sai Geeta from the place where she had fallen to her would-be Samadhi - the beautiful palace, which many called Geeta Mahal. A crane had been driven in with a number of L&T workers and staff. They maneuvered the entire procedure guiding the crane and the earth mover to carefully fasten the elephant's body and move her out.

It was around 10.30 AM when they finally managed to move her closer to the other side. By then Swami arrived in the Porte and sat watching the further movements. It was a complex task to maneuver the crane inside the shelter and position the body into the pit appropriately. It took another two hours to accomplish the same.

Swami sat all along watching silently from the car.

Finally around 12.30 Geeta's body rested peacefully in it's eternal home. There were Jai Jai Kar's all around. Hats off to the driver of the crane and the coordinators who accomplished a marvelous feat.

Once the crane moved out, Swami's Porte moved in. The Lord was in tears responding to the great devotion of Sai Geeta. A few minutes passed by. Huge garlands and rice grains were showered by everybody on Geeta. The Porte then moved out and Swami went back to Yajur Mandiram.

All along, Bhajans and Vedam were going on. People flocked in to have a glimpse of Geeta and redeem their lives. Thus ends the saga of a great devotee - the end of yet another Divine Love Story!!

With All our Prema,

posted by KM on 23.05.2007


Om Sairam dear Sai Family,

Puttaparthi is still mourning the death of beloved Sai Geetha and we still can't believe that she is actually gone.. This morning, around 7 a.m.  I reached her house in order to attend her funeral and pay my last respects to the departed soul.

There were a hundreds of devotees lined up and our beloved Swami was actually coming to see His beloved.. I thought for a while, probably this is the first time that Sai Geetha won't be on her feet after seeing Swami's car heading towards her house.. our compassionate Lord, had actually come to a bid a farewell and look after the arrangements for the funeral..

She was lying on the right side of the planetarium and Swami's car slowly drove in ..There was pin drop silence in the premises which had very few devotees. Swami was not in His usual mood this morning. He was visibly moved and bit sad. He didn't look at any one of us.. neither was He curious to look at His darling lying lifeless.. I was praying to Swami, Swami it would be very hard for you to bear this separation.. An Avatar was performing His duties, in a human level, bidding farewell to His favourite pet...

No one dared to go to Swami, no one were sure as how to start a conversation or what to say to Swami.. as He knew everything...Mr.Pedda Reddy, the care taker of Sai Geetha, who was weeping went to Swami, Swami joined Him, it brought tears to every one there. Sai Geetha used to listen only to two People , Swami and Pedda Reddy.. Pedda Reddy loudly cried, "Choodu Swami ela padukoni undo.... Leyya mante leyyatam ledu" (look Swami how she is sleeping, She is not getting up inspite of my request). Those words were enough for our hearts to melt and cry loudly..

Swami's chair slowly landed on the floor and Swami was just next to Sai Geetha.. Swami stretched His hands very gently caressed her trunk.. She loves it when Swami touches her trunk and my thoughts went back to the incident which Swami narrated on various occasions, when Swami brought back dead Karanam Subbamma. I was praying to Swami, Swami please do that again for Sai Geetha and let her take a fruit from your Holy hands and close her eyes..

Swami materialised Vibhuthi, gently applied on her trunk.. more vibhuthi was brought and Swami kept on applying looking at her body with a HEAVY heart and thinking something... Swami then asked to open her eyes.. As Pedda Reddy opened Swami gazed into her eyes for few seconds. He then gave suggestions as how the funeral should be done and insisted to put more sugarcane leaves under her while burying and asked to me more careful while shifting her body to her house....

A huge pit was dug in her new house. Swami then said, lets go to her house.. sitting in His car He looked at the huge pit.. His eyes were full of tears and He tried His best to control His emotions.. Swami then left for ashram after spending a good 30 minutes at her place...

A huge crane was brought to carry Sai Geetha to her house.. The workers who were working for the new indoor stadium participated actively in shifting her.. It was a huge task for the engineers and workers and at one stage it was looking bit impossible as it was a rare case for any one..

Swami who went back to His house probably couldn't bear the separation, His heart was crying for Sai Geetha and at 11am He came again to the premises as Sai Geetha was now hanging in the huge crane and was being shifted to the house. Swami's car stopped just in front of the planetarium and He was watching her lifted by the huge crane, as students sang bhajans on one side and another group of students chanted vedas. It took almost two hours for the engineers to put her in the pit and Swami ignoring the hot sun watched His Geetha for two hours..... for the last time in the present body

Swami's car now moved forward. He was giving suggestions from the car, to the engineers and to the students. It was very hard for Him to see His Geetha being carried and while doing so had some wounds on her skin? Swami preferred to have her head facing east and after she was successfully put in the pit, Swami send a work to Pedda Reddy to sprinkle Turmeric, Kumkum and Vibhuti on her body.. At least 3 bags of rice was brought and all of us took a fist full of rice and sprinkled on her body ..After every thing was done, Swami's car further moved to the pit, Swami's face and eyes were very red. The emotions, the sadness reached MAXIMUM for Swami, as soon as He got a clear picture of Sai Geetha, tears rolled down from His eyes. It was unbelievable and He was seen wiping the tears of love, tears of separation and those assembled there just broke down, just by seeing a RARE Swami.. it was a very emotional moment for all of us.. and seeing Swami we all cried from the bottom of our hearts.. that cry which melted every tiny cell of our body, it was a moment where the Creator Himself came all the way to complete the last rites of HIS own CREATION, in the form of an elephant, which will stay in our hearts to eternity for her unconditional love and dedication.

Only today many of us realised how much He loved Sai Geetha.

We will definitely miss the sweet voice.. Geetha.. Geetha, which was heard from Swami while He consoled her, caressed her, motivated her... Even now those sweet words echo in my ears.

She was a living legend until yesterday.. If she had the power to speak she would have narrated beautiful experiences she had with Swami never heard in the Sai World.

It will be a sad news for all of us.. but I am sure, She is very happy with our Lord and also happy that Swami, came all the way from Kodai, to be with her for less than 4 days and visit her twice for the final rites.

Thank you Sai Geetha for letting us know the REALITY.. The Real way to God is LOVE HIM and LIVE FOR HIM, You are an embodiment of Love.. even on your last day, you made Swami come to you, you gave more than 2 hours non stop darshan to the thousands and millions of devotees had an opportunity to TURN INWARD.

Thank you my Lord. You are so Compassionate..

With Humble Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord.

Satish Naik from Puttaparthi.

Swami came once again to the Sai Geetha Shed after 10:30 A.M. Swami spent close to 2 hours watching the entire proceedings of Sai Geetha being lifted by crane and put inside the Burial Pit. There were lot of difficulties in the process but Swami was there sitting and watching the whole thing. He spent so much time in the place.


Sai Gita, her destiny is to be a human person.

The following is an extract from Dr. John Hislop's book "My Baba and I",
chapter "Gita, her destiny is to be a human person".

Baba waited for her [Gita], stroked her trunk, spoke to her, and gave her bananas, which someone had provided. Then he moved to enter the car, but Gita made a noise, and he turned toward her once more, stroked her, and spoke to her again. "See," Baba said to me, "She is crying. She is saying, 'Swami don't leave now, stay longer with me'".

And, sure enough, as I looked ay her closely, large tears were indeed rolling from her eyes. The car got underway, and I said to Baba: "Swami, people say that, in her former life, Gita was an Indian Princess, so devoted to Baba that she took birth as an animal so as to be close in this way to yourself. Is this true?" Baba replied, "Not so. Gita has never been human, but her next birth will be as a human being".

Ramesh Bodla

posted on 23.05.2007 by KM

Sai Geetha Merged into the Divine Lotus Feet

Om Sai Ram

You must have heard by now about the news about the passing away of Sai Geetha. Sai Geetha was possibly closest to Swami than anyone.

Every person who has gone to Prasanthi Nilayam and who stays in Prasanthi Nilayam has been touched by Sai Geetha in one form or the other. Swami was everything for her. She could make out that Swami was coming from a Distance that no one could possibly. Students would look at Sai Geetha's Movements and come out knowing that Swami's Car was nearby.

Swami always used to go to Brindavan from Kodaikanal as Swami always felt that the heat in Parthi in the month of May was unbearable for Devotees and Swami always felt that Devotees coming for His Divine Darshan should not suffer, Swami also felt that as the Entrance Exams of the Institute and the School including the Primary school would be held in the month of May and Swami did not want any disturbance from His Side to the Boy's studies, Of course, No one but Bhagawan felt that way, But this Year, Swami came back in the heat of May to Parthi, Everyone asked the question, Now they knew the answer, Only for Sai Geetha. When Swami went to see Sai Geetha 2 days back, Swami told The people there "Paapam, Look after her", A Premonition of things to come.

Sai Geetha has merged into Swami once for all.

During the 1984 Sports meet inaugural ceremony in Parthi, Swami had just then Driven into the Wonderfully Decorated Hill View Stadium and Swami's car stopped near the Pillion Riders in the Bikes, Swami was supposed to get down and walk on the Red carpet till the Stage, Suddenly Sai Geetha Refused to move inspite of everyone doing so, she started to act funnily, everyone was at a loss of words, Swami smiled and said to a Boy to "Look under the Carpet", To everybody's astonishment, the boy took out a Huge nail from under the carpet within a Few feet of where Swami was standing, As Soon as Sai Geetha saw the nail in the Boy's hand She started moving, Swami smiled and moved on,

Everybody was at a loss for words.

That Was Sai Geetha's Love for Swami. She has forever merged with Swami.

Om Sai Ram

Sri Sathya Sai Students

email received on 23.05.07 from KM

Prasanthi News... Sai Geetha

Prasanthi News - 23rd May 2007..Saigeetha.......

Today morning Swami came out for darshan at 7:30 itself.

After taking a round in kulwant Hall, He drove straight to Sai Geetha shed. He spent around 15 minutes there. Swami was in tears, and many people around there started crying. It was really sad to see all this and more so to see the Lord give out His heart for one of His true devotees. Pedda Reddy, the person who was taking care of Sai geeta all these years was also in tears as Swami came there.

Swami applied vibuthi on the trunk of the elephant and also was staring at her for some time. He wanted Mr Pedda Reddy to open her eyes and Swami was staring into her eyes.

One could see the love for Sai geetha on Swami's eyes, as uncontrollable tears ran down. Then Swami inspected the pit that has been dug for Sai geetha. This pit is inside the new new shed itself. One point I would like to mention here is that exactly 6 months after Sai Geetha's new shed was inaugurated, she has given up her life. Recall, Nov 22, 2006. yesterday was May 22, 2007.

The new shed has become the memorial, the memorial built in the name of the true lover of the Lord. Sai geetha will rest in "Geetha

Let us all pray once again for her.

email received on 23.05.07 from KM

Sai Geetha Saga of Love and Devotion

Sai Ram all

This is an excerpt from an article on Sai Geetha:

"It was on a trip along with few devotees to the Muddumalai forest in 1962 that Swami first noticed the tender and tiny toy of joy that Sai Geetha was then. His love and affection for this infant elephant that had lost her mother immediately after her birth, was phenomenal. When the forest officers offered the elephant calf to Swami, He gladly accepted.

Soon arrangements were made and the little lady arrived in Puttaparthi in an airy and comfy vehicle escorted by four Sai volunteers. And since then the motherless child has never missed her parents. In fact, the love and warmth she has received, no other being in the whole animal kingdom - nay, the living kingdom - can dream of it. She was blessed with a mother who made all other mothers in the world pale by comparison.

Yes, with Sai Geetha and Swami, from the beginning it has been a sweet mother-child relationship in every way. It was Swami who named her, fed and fondled her everyday, found medical experts to check on her, appointed people and allotted tasks to take care of her every need, and as a hardly three-feet cute kid she followed Swami everywhere, even into the interview room!

Years later, Swami confirmed this to Sri B. N. Narasimha Murthy when He said, 'What you have seen is nothing, she used to come to my room along with me!' Her first living space was, in fact, right next to Swami's bedroom.

A small shed with a thick cushion of sand-bed was constructed attached to the Prasanthi Mandir on the western side wall and Swami could see her anytime from His bedroom. Sai Geetha grew, enveloped in His loving and guarding grace, into a disciplined and devoted soul. She was an example to emulate even as a kid."


another email form Soniya......courtesy Saibabanews

Sai Buddha celebrations

Sai Ram Heavenly Family

The second day of celebrations for Buddha poornima commenced yesterday evening. One young man in traditional dress played small cymbals and drums for Baba, after which beautiful Geisha like women in colorful silk dresses performed an elegant dance with fans and flowering trees. Next, the group sang devotional songs in I think Japanese and English.

Swami watched it all with great interest. Priests in Golden robes performed a special yagna, and prayed that all our karmas be burnt in the fires of Swami's Divine Love.

The Lord of the Universe invited the priests to come closer after the yagna and stared at them for quite a long time. He called one in particular over and blessed him, touching his head and heart. It was a nectarine moment of utter sweetness.

I was able to view the celebrations very closely as the Divine and most gracious Lord granted me #1 token. Heaven on earth! Then late last night we heard the news that Sai Geetha had died, this morning our Lord came through the mandir early and gave Darshan briefly around the grounds then exited going over to where Geetha lay in state to bestow Blessings on her.

More Sai Bliss later.

Lots of prema

Soniya ki

Courtesy saibabanews - emailed on 23.05.2007

Sai Buddha

Sai Ram Sai family

Yesterday was long, extremely warm but superbly wonderful. Swami commenced Buddha Poornima, starting off the program with Balvikas children's dance and drumming. Also ritual bathing of the Buddha, and an offering of an ancient scroll with powerful mantras to Swami. The afternoon's Darshan was even more marvelous. Two Buddhist monks delivered lectures. They were not Sai Devotees but honored Baba as Sai Buddha. The second speaker particularly, extolled Swami's great humanitarian projects and love as the essence of Buddhahood.

Both speakers elaborated on the life of Buddha, His love, compassion, and teachings. Swami materialized something for the second speaker, not sure what it was, but you could see the undiluted joy radiating from the monk's thrilled face.

Topping off the afternoon was a tender and touching play on the life of Siddhartha the Buddha, it was so well expressed it brought tears to my eyes, Swami too appeared to thoroughly enjoy the performance, He went down amongst the actors afterwards and spoke with them bringing great happiness.

Our Lord did not come out this morning, still the sweetness from the previous day lingers on. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

email sent on 22.02.2007 - Courtesy saibabanews

Buddha Poornima Celebrations


21st and 22nd has been marked for the Buddha jayanthi festival  celebrations in Parthi in the Divine Presence.

Devotees from Japan, Srilanka And many other countries have come for the celebrations. Today morning Swami came after 9 am. there were some cultural programmes which included some drum beats, dance, and bhajans. That was followed by Abhishekam to the Buddha statue.

In the evening Swami came after 4 pm. There were two speeches by Buddhist monks and then a play on Buddha's life history which included depicted the life of buddha,how he was in palace, then how he came across the different aspcts of life and renounced everything.

It also depicted Buddha attaining enlightenment and His teachings.

After that Swami went inside for few minutes while bhajans were sung. Swami took aarathi around 5:45 pm.


emailed on 21.05.07 by KM

Prasanthi Update

Swami was physically looking pretty tired after a day long travel yesterday. Today morning Swami did not come in the morning. In the evening Swami came only at 4:50 pm. Swami then took a full round and went inside interview room. Bhajans started at 5pm and then Swami went inside Bhajan hall and after that to Yajur Mandiram.


by email received on 19.05.07

Swami Arrives in Parthi

Celestial Darshan made in Heaven

Sai Ram! Sai Ram! Sai Ram!

The Lord of the Universe arrived in Parthi around 4PM. We all waited in the sizzling hot sun outside Ganesh Gate. Drums and hearts pounding, whistles and horns blowing, Swami sailed into Prashanti amidst "Om Sai Rams" and happy Jais. Blessed with a perfect orange cameo of our Swami looking straight ahead, I placed that sweet Darshan inside the golden locket of my heart.

After Swami passed Ganesh Gate we all ran back inside to get another glimpse. We ran to the men's side of the Mandir. Swami's car entered the Mandir, He came out but was blocked from view. I saw that there were people inside the Mandir so I huried over to the ladies gate, it was locked, but would open for bhajans in a half hour. So I went search of a cool drink and then returned to the Mandir for bhajans. I sat at first in the general section, then seeing Gloria the Nurse from the General hospital went over and sat with her at the front of the Mandir against the wall. We exchanged pleasantries. I notice that they were taking tokens for entry into the inner Temple for bhajans but was too late to join the lines. After the token lines had gone into the inner Temple, I inquired if I could be admitted, to my supreme delight I was allowed to go in. I received excellent seating near the red carpeted aisle about mid center in the temple.

Bhajans soon began. With our hearts overflowing with Love and Divine happiness we sang from the depths of our being. Midway through the bhajan our precious Swami entered the inner temple. What glorious Darshan. He was seated in front of His red velvet throne. The inner temple is composed of exquisite, matchless beauty. The walls and ceilings are a heavenly pastel blue and deep rose pink. At the front of the temple are long ivory columns with the symbols of the major religions painted on them: Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Zoroastrian. At the very top are huge pictures of Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai. At the base are more pictures of Swami. To the left of the Temple is a beautiful golden statue of Krishna and a silver cow. Also an ivory idol of Shirdi Sai. In the center is a Lotus and a ivory colored Ganesh idol. To the left is Swami's dark, velvet red throne and with gold and a beautiful idol of Hanuman. In the center of the ceiling a crystal chandelier cascades suspended from a huge pink lotus. There are idols of various gods running along the top edges of the walls around the temple and beautiful golden embellishments. The doors are all carved with elegant idols of deities.

Our Lord gazed at us with the tender rose petal look of a Mother softly, patting the back of her sobbing child. Occasionally, He looked heavenward, His face glowing with otherworldly splendor. Oh what blessings, what thrills words can't convey the supreme Bliss.

After bhajans we watched as The priest performed Aarthi directly to Bhagavan.

Swami then left His Love gracing the Souls of all present.

More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: saibabanews 19.05.2007

Om sairam to dearest Sai Family,

Swami out of His immense mercy, surprised the lucky devotees of Parthi, the Highest abode of peace by preponing His Summer abodes and flying directly from Kodai via Coimbatore..

I don't remember Swami coming back to Parthi in the mid of May and its a BIG surprise for all the Puttaparthians and we still can't believe that He is here...

This year Swami had entirely different plans for this summer. He left Parthi late and came back in no time...

Puttaparthi is back in action and smiles all over as the Lord of this holy land has come back again to fill our hearts with joy...

As soon as we got the news of Swami's arrival, in no time, Puttaparthi was cleaned and looked like a mirror within  few hours..

There was a big DRUM orchestra sponsored by the Viswa Hindu Parishad, to welcome Swami.. Even though Swami doesn't like pomp and show and always prefers to be normal, the devotees enthusiasm is understandable... 

As hundreds were waiting by the roads, near Sai Geetha's house, and few more at the airport... the government owned, INDIAN airlines flight, carrying the UNIVERSAL Lord, landed in Puttaparthi Airport at 3:30 pm

The flight arrives

Sai Geetha Swami's pet was eagerly waiting for Swami and the bondage between her and Swami was enough for her to know that Her Lord is coming today... One hour before arrival it was eagerly waiting for Swami with her trunk on the wall facing the road.. 

Exactly at 4pm Swami's convoy entered the premises of Puttaparthi as Sai Geetha raised her trunk in happiness and as all the devotees eagerly waited with joint hands, Swami's Hyundai car came closer to Sai Geetha.. As usual She was uncontrollable and our Swami who looked more FRESH and CHARMING.. gave the world's most beautiful smile and the car halted for a minute or so as we all enjoyed the divine darshan and the divine romance... 

Swami then left for the ashram and no words could fit to convey the happiness of we devotees in Puttaparthi....

Thank you my Lord.. We love you...  

With Humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,