Prasanthi Update - Super Sunday at Parthi

On Sunday Morning Swami did not come for darshan. The evening though was was special for the school students.

The 10th class students had prepared a drama titled " Follow the Master". Swami came around 5:30 P.M and went inside the Bhajan hall and saw the boys in their Drama costumes. Swami then came out and instructed the students to start the proceedings.

The Students presented the drama beginning with an invocation song and dance. The theme was based on the recap of inspiring incidents in their life as Swami's students and the Lessons they had learnt at Swami's Divine Lotus Feet. There was also a most Wonderful Depiction of some mythological scenes including some portions from Nachiketha's life, etc. It was a wonderful effort from all the boys. The settings were apt and wonderful and the dialogues were excellent.

Swami liked every moment of the Drama and blessed all the students and in the end took group photographs with all the school teachers. It was a wonderful finale for the semester end as all students and teachers were blessed with Padanamaskar and photos..

Almost all the examinations are getting over by 12 noon today, and most of the boys will be going home by today evening.

There is also news that Swami might not be going anywhere till May 15th, Of Course no one can confirm Swami's Programme as only Swami decides.

Om Sai Ram

Posted by KM - 31.03.2008

Prasanthi Update

Finally after three sessions of no Darshan, Swami came today at 5:30PM. After getting down from car, Swami came straight outside and sat for almost 20 minutes. Swami blessed an array of Birthday boys, took letters from all of them. Swami also listened to Bhajans for sometime. Swami then came near the staff block, blessed them and took letters from some teacher members and finally went to bhajan hall. He was there till 6:05 PM. Mangala Aarathi was given and Swami retired by 6:10PM.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi News - 26.03.2008

Today morning Swami came very early for Darshan at around 8:15 AM and Bhajans got over by 9:20 AM. In the evening Swami took everyone completely by surprise by coming for Darshan very early at 3:45 PM. It was a wonderful Darshan as Swami went around in chair and then went near the Students and also Devotees, Bhajans started by 4.30 P.M Itself and the evening Session came to a close by 5.00 P..M which was a big surprise to everybody.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Update - Wonderful Weekend in Prasanthi Nilayam

It was a Great 4 Days in Parthi as Festivals of 4 Different Religions were celebrated.

The Sai Devotees of Bihar and Jharkhand had come prepared to celebrate Holi with a wonderful Variety of programmes.

On Saturday Swami arrived in Kulwant hall by 4.30 pm. The Programme started with Wonderful Chanting of Gayatri mantra which was followed by some songs accompanied by dances. This was followed by some wonderful Programme of the Balvikas Children with the Shiva Stotram Dance and the Krishna Rasa Leela being really outstanding. Swami afterwards called the the children including the singers and took Group Photographs with them which was a Memorable Occasion for everyone concerned.

On Sunday morning Swami came at around 12 noon in car. There was a really huge downpour rarely witnessed in Prasanthi Nilayam for a long long time, The sound of Thunder and rain reverberated in the Roof of Kulwanth Hall. As if by Swami's Divine Command, The rains stopped as Swami arrived at 6 P.M. Then Swami went into the interview room and brought out a Huge egg Shaped Chocolate cake to be given to the Primary School Children, Chocolates prepared by the Italian Devotees were also given to the Primary School Children.

Then the Bala Vikas Children from Bihar enacted a Wonderful Drama of Shabari. The drama was very wonderfully done with great Songs and Dance, Afterwards Swami called all the children in the Programme for group photographs and also materialized a beautiful chain for the boy who acted as Shabari.

Students are having exams here and so once can hear the constant opening of books in Kulwanth Hall.

The next big Festival is Ugadi. Swami has also been talking about Ugadi a Few times in

Kulwanth Hall.

Om Sai Ram

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Swami's Divine Street Darshan sent by KM on 23.03.2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

...And they painted the town red

How lucky we are to be born in India! The lord blesses us not only with so much love, but also ensures that we have enough holidays to bask in that grace. A weekend break of four days filled with festivals from 3 different religions- that’s the time to be in Parthi. Unfortunately for us, exams are a dampener along with the erratic rains.

The devotees of Bihar and Jharkhand had come prepared with an offering of programmes celebrating Holi. Last Saturday, we sat in mandir by 4 pm, waiting for Swami’s arrival. I was amused to find many Jharkhand devotees having colours on their faces. They were reflecting the true fervor of the occasion. Swami arrived in Kulwant hall by 4.30 pm. The programme began with the chanting of Gayatri mantra, followed by a bouquet of songs accompanied by dances. The dances were performed by the balvikas children and some of them were truly breathtaking. The dance on shiva stotram and the Ras leela of Krishna stood out among them. Swami’s attention was fixed upon their coordinated and graceful movements. After the performance, Swami called the children and the singers, gave them group photographs. It was truly a memorable day befitting the significance of the occasion.

Yesterday, Swami came out in car for a round at 12 noon. We were lucky to have His darshan just after writing our exam. In the afternoon however, Swami turned up pretty late. Meanwhile, the showers performed above the Kulwant Hall with a thundering noise. Rarely have we witnessed such a downpour in summer. As the rains took leave (perhaps by a stern divine command), Swami arrived here at 6pm. There was a drama by the balvikas children of Bihar on the life of Shabari. Before the programme could begin, Swami went inside interview room and came out with guess what? An Easter egg! He called the primary school boys and handed over the big egg shaped structure (perhaps a chocolate or cake) to the kids. The chocolates prepared by Italian devotees were distributed to the primary school students. The drama was very beautifully enacted, with melodious songs and dances. Swami called the children for group photographs and materialized a chain for Shabari.

The next big event is expected only next month i.e Ugadi. Swami has already been talking about it. He has even given some boys money to buy new clothes, saying He is unable to arrange clothes by Himself due to paucity of time! Hope the exams pass with a wink of an eye.

By A Sai Student

Holi Celebrations in Holy Puttaparthi

Om Sai ram dearest Sai Family,

Like in South Africa its holiday season in India. We had a very long weekend, courtesy of Milad un nabi, Holi and Easter. There is a big group of about 1000 devotees from the states of Bihar and Jharkand to celebrate fun packed holi festival which every Indian looks forward to..
Holi festival in the modern India has now taken a U turn with Dine and Wine.. But in the Land of of our Lord its only DIVINE.

22 March 08

The Holi celebrations started when our beloved Lord, blessed all of us with His divine darshan at 4:45 pm. The Balvikas children of Bihar and Jharkhand were ready for the evening programme. There was a beautiful musical programme. After about 45 mins the Programme came to an end and Swami blessed the children with a group photo. Later the devotees sung bhajans while Prasad was distributed. The day came to an end with Arathi to Swami at 6pm.

23 March:

This morning Swami didn’t come for darshan. Afternoon, the Bihar and Jharkhand group had yet another programme. The hall was packed by 3pm. It was a long wait for all of us today. .. It was 5:45pm by the time Swami came out for His afternoon darshan. Little girls with lamps in their hands, stood on either side in the ladies’ side to welcome the Lord of the Lords. The car came very slow and when Swami came right in the middle of Kulwanth hall, there was a BIG OOOOOOH from the gents’ side when Swami’s car slowly took a right turn towards the dais, skipping the gents’ side. Swami came on the dias and two little girls went to Swami to take His blessing for the start of the programme. After blessing the kids Swami went into the interview room.

After a short while Swami emerged from the interview room. Swami then called upon the primary school boys and handed over boxes of goodies to distribute amongst themselves.

Swami then signaled for the programme to start. The balvikas children today had a play titled “Bhakta Sabari”. That devotee, who was near and dear to Lord Rama. The devotee from whom Lord Rama accepted the fruit already eaten by Sabari. That great devotee who gave the message that any thing offered to God with devotion is accepted by Him.

The play was well done with beautiful songs in telugu, hindi and dialogues in English. The songs were very touchy especially the one when Sabari Sings when she sees her Lord Rama. “O Lord, you are all pervasive and omniscient, what can I ask You? What do I need other than You? “ How true, what else we need when we have our beloved Swami by our side?

The colorful holi ended with such a beautiful play, again reminding us “if there is any thing we should look for, long for , aspire for then its only HIM.. just HIM..

There are many rumours of Swami going to whitefield very soon… but on a personal note, I really pray to you dear Lord to let us witness the telugu new year day, UGADI, in Puttaparthi before you leave for your Summer Abode…..

With humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
R.Satish Naik

Reporting from Kaliyuga’s Mathura…
Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik

Posted on 23.03.2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008
Seasons in the sun

It’s a very surprising weather these days, but not unusual. There’s rain, and there’s plenty of shine too; seems like nature gods are quarrelling over the chance to be here. Swami has been so gracious to allow everyone to feast on a beautiful darshan.

The pens and pencils are having a busy time now. It’s not because of exams as you might have guessed, but that everybody here wants to give a letter to Swami. Since He has been coming everyday in chair, no one wants to lose this opportunity.

This Sunday morning, swami came out pretty late, when the bhajans had already begun. The defence minister of Sri Lanka had come to see Him. We felt swami would proceed straight to the interview room. To our amazement, He moved around the entire length of the hall again and then came to the portico. We were really happy to have his attention for more than 20 minutes. In that excitement, some devotees would miss the beat on some fast bhajans. Immediately, Swami would give a disturbed expression and then smile. It was a very pleasant morning.

In the evening, He came in chair as usual, went to the bhajan hall and returned to the veranda. A Former Governor (long time Sai devotee) of Rajasthan was called. His wife and two sons joined him. Swami spoke to his wife for a long time. It was an open air interview! Swami materialised a chain for her, gave vibhuti packets and blessed the family.

The next few days were pretty sombre and the weather became extremely hot. Swami used to come out only after 5 pm, but He nevertheless made sure to bless us all by coming around the portico a few times.

Today, Swami did not turn up in the morning, but came pretty early afternoon at about 4.30pm. The boys who are appointed as room leaders in the hostel sat in the front row with the mementos that would be given to them later. They wanted to get these blessed by Swami. Swami had a look at the tray from a distance, but did not respond and went inside the interview room. Soon after, He called for the tray inside. He opened one memento which had the photograph of our Lord with a quote, “Hey bangaru, Always Be Careful”. Well, we couldn’t ask for a better parting message.

These are truly special moments in our lives where every minute has significance. As we count our days, the Lord walks up to us, raises His hand to assure, “You might forget the ABC, but I won’t forget you.” We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun (pretty hot sun), but the moments that we treasure with Mother Sai are never gone.

By A Sai Student

Divine Days in Prasanthi Nilayam

Every Devotee who arrive in Prasanthi Nilayam must consider himself or herself lucky these days, Swami is giving wonderful Darshans and also moving around a Lot in Kulwanth Hall. Swami is giving wonderful Car Darshans to everyone and every single Devotee is very very happy.

Swami is also taking a lot of letters from the Students nowadays and making His Dear Students very happy. Even Krishna Gita came to Kulwanth Hall a Few days and Swami blessed her and gave her some Fruits.

Om Sai Ram

posted on 19.03.2008 by KM

Prasanthi Update - Sucess of Swami's Students

Once again this year many of the Students of Swami's University have secured very good ranks in the GATE examination, which was held in February 2008.

In Physics, there were 15 students securing ranks, the Best among them being :

II M.Sc. :
N Praneeth - 2nd All India Rank
Srivatsa Prakash - 4th All India Rank

Apart from the above, 5 more Students have secured ranks in II M.Sc. Among the I M.Sc students, a Total of 8 students have secured ranks, the Best among them being :

Chandan setty - All India Rank 21
Prabhat Behere - All India Rank 32

In the other disciplines Mr Vamsi Adithya of biosciences secured the 7th Rank. There are also some good ranks in Chemistry and Mathematics also. In total, 30 Sai Students have qualified in this year's GATE examinations.

Apart from this 5 Physics students have also qualified for JEST examination this year.

Swami blessed all of them yesterday evening and showered them with His gifts of Love and spoke to almost all of them. Swami also created a Wonderful Chain for Mr Praneeth for his outstanding performance.

Let us all Pray to Swami for their Continued Success.

Om Sai Ram

Posted by KM - 16.03.2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008
GATE crashing the Party

It was a cloudy morning today and we expected showers very soon. Well, there were showers as expected, and showers that were not expected as well. I’m sorry for beating around the bush, but I’m yet to come to terms with what exactly transpired between Swami and students this evening.

As you would know, the All India GATE entrance exam results were declared today morning. Many of our brothers cleared this test with flying colors. There were 3 ranks within top 10; 2nd and 4th in physics and 7th in Biosciences. It is indeed a laudable effort since I personally know how much time could they spent studying for this test. While students elsewhere prepare months in advance, our brothers here get less than a month. There are so many functions, the convocation, a hectic Sports meet season, and then the university exams; I wonder when do these boys spare time for competitive exams? But the results are there for all to see, and it is solely because of Swami’s grace that they are successful. Only a Krishna is capable of making one Arjuna.

And so did the Arjunas march into Kurukshetra. I asked some of them after the exam about their performance. Most of them replied that it was tough, they couldn’t attempt all questions. Rest is history of course, but the aftermath witnessed today is a big mystery.

The GATE rankers (30 of them) sat in the bhajan hall for blessings. Swami arrived in chair and made a few rounds before entering the mandir, where the bhajans had already begun.

A teacher approached Him and mentioned about the rankers. Swami was extremely happy.

He asked one boy, “What do you wish to do in future?”

The boy: “Swami, I want to study MTech”.

Swami: “Santosham (very happy)”.

The teacher said,” Swami, these boys scored well inspite of a hectic schedule and secured All India ranks”

Swami gave an astonished look, “All India?”

The boys: “Swami, it is all due to Your grace”.

Swami : “No, it is your hardwork.”

He then told all of them to sit outside and came down to the portico. A mother was waiting to celebrate the success of Her children, and she wanted the entire gathering of devotees to know about it.

The Vice Chancellor announced the results to the large audience, as per His command. Swami called the 2nd ranker and spoke to Him. As the boy replied to His answers, tears of joy swelled in His eyes. He called the Vice Chancellor and said, “Tell the people that Physics exam is extremely tough, yet our boys succeeded.” The VC promptly did so. Swami materialized a chain for the boy and patted his cheeks. Later, He called all others to the portico for group photographs. Swami gave watches to all the boys.

One student who secured 7th rank in biosciences spoke to the gathering, thanking Swami for His love and grace. After the brief talk, he went to Swami and asked, “Are you happy?”

Swami: “very happy”.

The boy: “Swami I want to do PhD. Please be with me wherever I go.”

Swami: “With you? I am in you, around you, above and below you.”

Boys: “Swami please come to hostel. It’s been 5 years since you came.”

Swami: “ Without fail, I shall come. I will tell the date, time and come. Promise.”

And then came Prof Anil Kumar, who spiced things up for the evening. Swami knows it well, and He likes him for that. He asked the Prof to announce that Sri Sathya Sai University provides students with integrated education, that it is the only university to be credited with A++ grade (highest grade in University education in India). Prof Anil Kumar mentioned that the boys actively participate in other activities. Swami asked each boy about his department (every student in hostel works in some department like store, maintenance etc.) He asked the Prof to announce this to the gathering.

Swami: “Where are the medicine boys?”

The Bioscience boys went forward. He asked them as to which place did they hail from. He asked some others, “what are your plans after MSc?”

A student: “Swami, I want to do PhD.”

Swami: “Where do you want to study?”

Student: “Swami, wherever you say.”

Swami smiled and said, “Do wherever you feel comfortable”

Later, the boys told Swami to bless our warden as today is his birthday. Swami called for him. Our warden is a favourite of everyone, right from students to teachers, and Swami. He took Swami’s blessings, when Prof Anil Kumar came in and forced him to go closer and take padanamaskar. He said, “Swami, he is physics lecturer. Today is his birthday.” Well all had their share of fun.

50 minutes of overflowing love. Even the rains participated in celebrating the occasion. It is indeed a proud moment for us, to be part of this hallowed institute. With grace comes a responsibility, a task of collecting this overflowing love in the vessels of our hearts and filling other empty vessels that thirst for the love of God. May the Lord with this Akshaya Patra bless this endeavour and sanctify our purpose on earth

By A Sai Student

Saturday, March 15, 2008
When the conch was finally blown...

March is a month of gratitude programmes, when students of their final year in graduation or post graduation express their love and thanks to Swami, before stepping outside in the wide world. I have already mentioned about the programme of PG students in my previous posts. The final year undergraduate students were praying for this chance since many weeks.

A few days ago, they showed a card to Swami. He was very happy ad asked them to be ready tomorrow. The next day arrived with a 180 degrees turn in the fortunes of our brothers, as Swami brushed aside our warden’s request to Him to watch the programme. They were broken. God’s delays are not His denials. The students went to mandir everyday, ready with a card and lots of prayers.

Yesterday, the boys sat with all their costumes inside bhajan mandir. Swami arrived at 4.30 pm and proceeded to the bhajan hall. He noticed the boys and replied, “Go outside, I’ll come.” The boys were excited. Swami came out to the portico and was greeted by the resonating sound of the conch blown by a student. The programme began, with speeches interspersed between songs. There was also a humorous skit on the theme “purity of vision”. Swami liked the speeches of boys, spoken in many different languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali and so on. His eyes would occasionally swell with tears while listening to the boys. As one student rightly put it, “Swami has given us pencils, chocolates and lessons of life”.

While reading the lyric of the songs, He would sometimes look up to check whether all the boys were singing. Though I must admit their performance was pretty ordinary, it nevertheless came from a pure heart and that was enough to melt the utterly-butterly heart of Sai. He called the boys and gave them group photographs. Some boys got safari clothes from Swami. As usual, all the boys surrounded Swami and prayed, “Swami please come to hostel.” Swami replied, “This is your hostel. I’m here with you” Even the hostel teachers were called by Swami who blessed them with padanamaskar and photographs.

I wish time could stand still, but then, we can only hope there are more joyous moments with Swami in store for us over the remaining weeks.

BY A Sai Student

A Most Memorable and Divine Maha Shivarathri - 1

The whole of Prashanti Nilayam seemed to have a very serene yet powerful aura about it. This is that time of the year when so many subtle changes begin to appear in the otherwise steady state Parthi. A kind of an austere aura enveloped the atmosphere and there were mystical and powerful vibrations in the air.Everyone seemed to be charged with some mysterious energy and there was bubbling enthusiasm everywhere. Very early in the morning itself, even the birds and bees seemed to prepare for the holy night. The fragrance of incense pervaded the air and all the temples within the Nilayam were the locii of intense devotion.

People began to file into the Kulwant Hall with the great desire of having a glimpse of their Sai Shiva on this very special day. A novel and huge LED screen had been erected near the Ganesh temple so that the darshan-hungry devotees, not able to pack themselves into the hall, could be satiated. It measured 14 ft by 30 ft and was perfectly visible even in the broadest of daylights!

In the morning, everyone waited for the Lord to arrive but for reasons best known to Him, Swami did not come out. From 10:45 am itself, devotees began to queue up for the afternoon and evening session. The emptiness from not having Swami's darshan in the morning had intensified everyone's desire and will to see Him. At about 4:30 pm, a wave of applause burst forth and seemed to travel through the length and breadth of the Nilayam. Swami had not only come, He had arrived on a special high chair that had been specially designed so that all could see Him even from a distance.

Like every Shivarathri, Bhagawan exuded a halo of sheer power and Grace as He moved gently through the surging and revitalized assemblage. The energy and Joy that He radiated sent people into raptures. There were people wherever the eye could see. The balconies and lanes outside the hall and every inch of space in the hall had been taken up. Swami did not collect any letter or speak to anyone. A gentle smile danced on His lips and He conferred benign blessings of bounty and beauty to all as He passed by. He reached the stage and took up His place behind the discourse table. He beckoned the vedam to stop after a while and then the All India President, Sri. V.Srininvasan addressed the august gathering.

Explaining the significance of Shivarathri, he reminded everyone of the great good fortune to be in Swami's presence on the day when all the sages and saints are in intense penance.

After him, Swami rose to speak. And a mere sight of that was enough to erupt goose bumps on every body assembled. The chair was new and so a it was a little difficult for Swami to stand. But He just rose unmindful of any suffering or pain and as He began with the nectarine poem, it was an experience to be felt and cherished.

Given below is a summary of Swami's discourse:-

Today, right from the morning till night, people always run behind money. Money seems to be everything in the world today and everyone is asking for money. Is there anyone who asks for God with the same fervent intensity. It is only God who can give peace and happiness.

That is why it is stressed that one must engage in bhajans and singing God's glories always. Love is ONE and though it is one it is expressed in many ways between mother and son, husband and wife and between friends. Take for instance the demise of Mr.Shourie. Many came to see him. There were the police too standing guard there. But what happened there was that fire merged into fire, water back with water and air back with air.

All the elements returned to their original state. Nothing but ash is left there. Everything returned to nothingness. Gone back to the source. That is the Truth that all must realise.

There was a certain Yogi who had learnt various forms of knowledge - the Vedas, the Shastras, the Upanishads, the Puranas and Itihasas. He heard the sound of the cosmic damaruka. (the drum that Shiva holds) There is great power in the beat of the damaruka. It is the one that destroys and burns. There is only one Truth. Brahma Satya, JagannMitya. The world is all illusory. Today as I look around I see only two forms. Those are the forms of Eashwaramma and PeddaVenkamma Raju, the parents of this body. Even as I came out for darshan, they were there dressed in yellow. Yellow is a very auspicious colour It represents Vaikuntam. They were telling me that they were waiting for me to return to them. Swami sees yellow everywhere. All of you are in yellow now. Carry this yellowness with you always. Bhagawan wanted to also bring forth the lingam which is golden yellow in colour. But as I came out, all the children and the devotees were all praying, "Swami do not do so. We cannot bear to see you in pain." They want me to be with them in a very relaxed and tension free manner.

The nature of Bhagawan is mysterious and un-understandable. Once He has decided, His sankalpa will happen. Why should the Truth remain shadowed? Itis the nature of the human mind to keep changing and not Sai's nature. (At this point Swami sang the Telugu song "Tandava Keli Salpeni" . He explained that it was only Shiva had the beat, "Dhimiki Dhimiki" and none else.)

Whenever we have difficulties, we cry out to God. Once Shiva and Parvati were passing over a hill when they saw a man on a tree about to fall. Shiva told Parvati to save him while she told that Shiva should save him. They agreed that if he calls out, "Appa"(Father) then Shiva would go to his aid and if he called ,"Amma"(Mother) then Parvati would rush to rescue him. As he fell, the man screamed,"Ayyo"(meaning" woe upon me") ! That is the fate of man today. When you are in trouble you must always remember Amma or Appa. Your parents are your Gods. The mother bore you for 9 months and father took all the trouble to bring you up. Worship your parents as God - remember that for this world, Mother is Parvati and father is Parameshwara. The amma(mother) of Eashwara(God) is Eashwaramma.

The Avatar came as a trinity. The first was Shirdi Sai, the second is Parthi Sai and the third will be Prema Sai. The complete unity among all will be achieved when Prema Sai comes. Today there is absolutely no Unity. There are only differences and fragmentation. When Prema comes, there will be Unity. The Caste, Culture and Country should all be one. When I had visited East Africa, the prime minister there, Idi Amin asked me, "Where do you come from?" I did not say Andhra Pradesh. I said India. There should be no such division based on states.Today Andra will be broken for telangana. tomorrow there will be a demand and break up for Rayalseema too.. These things should not happen. Similarly Uttara Kannada and Dakshina Kannada - such divisions are bad. There is only one country - India.

(Swami narrated about the Unity that existed between the 3 wives of King Dasharatha- Kousalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra and the unity between Rama and his brothers as an example. ) All the disunity is due to selfishness. A fish is better than selfish. Be and remain united always. Bharathi means Bha- God and Rathi- intense love for. He is a true person of Bharat who has intense Love for God. The only way to attain joy and peace in this world is by singing bhajans. Never give up that.Bhajan Bina Sukh Shanti Nahi.

With that Divine Bhajan, Swami kindled the night-long vigil of bhajan singing. He sat for the first bhajan that was singing. It was not a surprise as it turned out to be,"Dhimiki Dhimiki Dhim". After that, Swami slowly moved back to Yajur Mandir. It was about 7:30 pm and Swami retired.

Om Sai Ram

Posted by KM 15.03.2008

A Most Memorable and Divine Maha Shivarathri - 2

The next morning, it was about 7:10 am when along with the rising sun, the light and apple of every eye arrived into the Kulwant hall. Again, Swami chose to come on the chair. He gently coursed through the ladies side. As He came to the marble block, a plea was made to Him to bless the prasadam to be distributed in the orning. Swami went to the main gate where the idols of Rama, Lakshmana and Seeta are and blessed all the huge vessels holding the prasadam. He then came back and moved through the gents side granting darshan. He sat on stage listening to bhajans being sung. Needless to say, His presence brought a boost to the tempo and rhythm of the bhajans.

Swami sat for more than half an hour and that seemed to be the most fruitful portion of the holy songs being sung. After that, Swami asked for the Aarthi to be taken. He Himself lit the Aarthi (a rarity nowadays).After the Aarthi, the prasadam distribution began. Swami just sat silently watching. His eyes travelled almost over every soul sitting in the hall. Meanwhile, outside, the devotees were having a joyful time watching Swami on the giant screen. A lady even exclaimed, "I got the first line to see Swami in front of the screen!" Swami continued to sit and just kept seeing all around the hall. Prasadam distribution- laddoos and pulihora (tamarind rice)- went on smoothly and quickly. Brahmaarpanam was chanted, not once but twice as the tiny tots from Primary School outdid their senior brothers from the Institute. All the senses were in a state of bliss. As the prasadam was a delight to the tongues, the ears heard the devotional strains, eyes beheld the beautiful form of Swami, there was a divine aroma in the air and the feeling on the whole was so charging. After a while, Swami slowly went back to Yajur Mandiram.

In the evening, Swami came out at about 5:00 pm. The hall was still jam packed. Swami's darshan is something that you can never have too much of. Each time you see Him, you feel like seeing Him more and more. And today, it seemed that Swami too had decided that His devotees can never have enough of His darshan. He completed His darshan rounds and then came out again on the chair. He slowly moved through the gents side and from there to the ladies side. Every face had a joyous look and every palm folded in deepest reverence as Swami went about blessing everyone. Thrilling all the hearts with the beauty, auspiciousness and Grace of His darshan, Swami went back to the stage. The bhajans for the evening were on in full flow.

Swami had decided to make the evening into another very special one. He called out to Mr.Ajit Popat and asked him to speak. He spoke in his well known enthusiastic way and spoke about how all of us should always be happy. He also mentioned on the importance of keeping good health. And then as he concluded, Swami filled everyone's cup of joy to the brim as He said that HE would speak. Sitting in the chair, Swami began the discourse the summary of which is presented below:-

Birth, bondage and liberation; everything is a result of action. All must attempt to recognize the actions done from dawn to dusk. As is the action, so is the result. Good actions give good intellect. Actions prompted by bad thoughts give bad results. You must have seen bats. They keep flying in the air like all other birds. They also rest on trees. But its posture is upside down. Did anyone tie it that way? No. But its karma is like that. Similarly when man does bad deeds and has bad thoughts, he reaps bad consequences. We just cannot escape the reactions of our actions. Just like a correct answer in the examination yields good marks and a wrong answer yields no marks, the way of life is also such. It is the foremost responsibility of man to do good deeds. Whenever any action is done, think, "I am MAN". Question whether what you are about to do is human or bestial. Otherwise, why God, People themselves will question, criticize and punish you. There is no need to go till God, the actions themselves will confer the consequences.

Again, among the different birds, when some of them call out, people throw stones at them. But the cuckoo and the nightingale are welcomed. Our speech too determines the reactions we receive. Help ever hurt never. Many times, we knowingly hurt people. To do it knowingly is the worst of sins. Man has a mind. It can be set on the right path or the wrong path. "Mana Eve Manushyanaam Kaaranam Bandha Mokshayoho". Accusing others, blindly following people and hurting - these are not the qualities that are natural to man.. Man should be free of these and help his fellowmen. When animals themselves help men, there is nothing great about helping your fellowmen. Do human actions based on human values.

Follow God's command. Not any external God. Follow the God within.. "Daivam Maanusha Roopena" - God is in human form. Just obey His command. You may have intimate friends. But do not follow them. Follow only God's command. Do not hurt anyone in thought, word or deed. Irrespective of caste, community or culture, be a good human being. If this humaneness is forgotten, all spiritual penance is useless. Do acts to please God. That is the fulfillment of human life. "Jantunaam Nara Janma Durlabham." - among all the creatures, human life is the most fortunate one. So do not waste this life by speaking untruth, doing injustice and having bad feelings.

It is important to be good, do good and see good. Today you smile having bad looks and vision. That is not proper. There must be harmony of thoughts, words and deeds. If there is no unity in the first place, there can be no purity. If anyone criticizes, think that it is for your good only. Everything is for the good. Be smiling always. That does not mean that you laugh unnecessarily. Have good thoughts. Let any property be lost but not humanness. True good health means developing good thoughts.

Do not eat everything that you come across. Whatever you eat, offer it uto God and then only eat it. Have pure saatwik food. Remember, whatever you offer, will come back to you. You cannot get good from wrong activities. Good food alone will give good health and then alone will good thoughts arise. Once a beggar went to a house and the lady there told him, "Have a bath and come. I will serve you food." He replied, "Govindeti sadaa snaanam." (Govinda's name is the holy bath) She then said, "The Govinda's name itself will be good food for you. Have it!" If bath is Govinda the food is also Govinda. Do not have double standards. Sometimes, we have very bad thoughts. The remedy for that is good company.

Satsangatve Nissangatvam
Nissangatve Nirmohatvam
Nirmohatve Nischalatatvam
Nischalatatve Jeevan Mukti.

You cannot call yourself good if you have habits like drinking, smoking or eating non vegetarian. They should be totally absent. Human life is very sacred. It is a gift of past merit. Though you will get company in liquor houses and bars, you will never get good thoughts there. Give up jealousy, anger and ego. Have gratitude to those who have done even the most miniscule help to you. Then you will be successful. We get so much help and betray even those who help us.

Have gratitude even for the most simple help. Else all is vain. Treat even enemies with Love and respect. Then the reaction, reflection and resound will be good. You need not worship God. your goodness will support you. You are the witness for the mind, the foolishness is the witness for a fool. Follow the right path according to your heart. Self -satisfaction is very important. That will prepare you for Self- sacrifice.

Dear students, develop good thoughts. There is no use of reading big books. People think that you are reading the Mahabharata while on the sly you are reading all nasty things. You are Vidyarthi. Seek the knowledge of the Self. Do everything for Atma Trupti or Self satisfaction. First and foremost develop tolerance and give up anger. At this age, you have sacred hearts. It is not needed that you please the world. It is enough that you please God. If you want happiness, the only way is to sing God's glory. ( Bhajan Bina Sukh Shanti Nahi)

It was Guru Nanak who emphasised the importance of bhajans. When we sing together, atleast one heart will go to God and that is enough. God will be ecstatic when you sing His praises. Everyday there are nights, but the night you think of God is Shivarathri. Do bhajans now.

As Swami commanded, the bhajans began. It was quite late already and everyone were so happy at this unexpected bounty. Swami then received Aarthi and retired bringing to an end one of the Most Memorable Shivarathri Festivals in Recent memory.

Om Sai Ram.

Posted by KM 15.03.2008

Prasanthi Update - Wonderful Evening in Kulwanth Hall

Yesterday's Evening Programme in Kulwanth Hall was wonderful. The final year Undergraduate students of the University were prepared with a programme to offer their gratitude to Swami for the years of education they have obtained here in His presence.They were waiting patiently for the last few days and it was only yesterday that Swami gave permission for the same.

Swami came in chair at around 5:05 PM in the evening when Bhajans were on in full swing. Swami cut across the ladies side and went straight to bhajan hall. The final year students were in the Bhajan hall with few of them wearing some costumes for their program. Swami, seeing them, indicated that they can perform, and after three bhajans, Swami came out, first asking them to assemble outside.

Swami sat through the program, which was woven with songs, dance, speeches, and some small skits. He blessed all of them during the program. After the program, He called all of them and gave them Group photographs. He also blessed one student with a wonderful chain. After posing for photographs with students, A student wonderfully asked Swami for photographs with teachers, Swami readily agreed and called all the hostel teachers for Photographs. All the Boys also asked Swami to come to The Hostel. Swami also distributed clothes for the final year students.

So ended a wonderful evening in Kulwanth Hall.

Om Sai Ram

Posted by KM 15.03.2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blessings on the move

Devotees who arrive in Parthi these days must be really lucky. Not only does our Lord spread His fragrance all around us by covering the length and breadth of Kulwant hall in chair, he has also chosen one more vehicle to ensure that no devotee is spared the emotion of happiness from His darshan.

"Car darshans" or "blessings on the move" have become a regular feature these days. Almost every morning, Swami takes a ride in car down to Super Hospital and back. Now that's a vast stretch of road capable of accommodating every living being in Parthi.

Many devotees run alongside Swami's car. While their stamina must be lauded, one cannot discount the anxiety on the faces of security that accompanies Swami. While standing for the bonus blessings, i have noticed that Swami's attention is all the time focused on our marathoners, rather than bystanders.

Coming back to mandir, i can say the sessions couldn't have been better. Many boys have lost count of the letters they have given to Swami till date. one enterprising student claims to have crossed the 200 letters mark in two years. i wonder how many letters does it take us to spell SAI. A couple of days ago, Swami was in an elated mood when he entered the hall. He had just met little Krishna Gita, who came all the way to Yajur mandir to see Him. Swami fed her some fruits and blessed her. Thanks to KG, we were beneficiaries of the bonus grace. Swami came very slowly in chair, taking letters from each one of us. Sometimes, he would stop and wait for the boy seated at the back to come forward and hand him the letter. I must say taking letters from students is quite a task, because boys keep very little space for Swami to walk between the lines; they are all over Him like bees to the honeycomb.

I hope the coming days will be as exciting. there are brief showers these days; guess even Lord Indra couldn't resist the temptation of this overflowing grace!

Posted by A Sai Student

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fare Well Series 1

Reason fails to explain WHY. Why does a mother love her child so much as to bear the pain of his kicking for nine months? Why does God love his creation so much as to tolerate its quest for self destruction? Love alone can pierce the barriers of hate, of vices that cloud our vision of God.

A few decades ago, one of the devotees asked Swami, “Swami, there is a danger of global warming; studies have shown that the world will be in peril after 50 years.” Swami replied, “I know. God is allowing man to destroy himself so that one day; he will fall down on his knees and turn towards God.”

Well, lets not get into these sad stories, they never please anyone. And as I say this, Swami passes by the portico in chair giving us a wide smile, testifying the view. After all, He has come to lift us out of sorrow. The last few weeks have been “yellow”fied (Swami’s colour of signifying heaven or Vaikuntha). Though I admit I don’t see yellow everywhere, the mood that I observe in my hostel and mandir say it all.

The Sivaratri festival was an amazing spectacle; I’m too late at discussing that. But what I found so special this time was reminiscence of good old times, when He was physically more close to His children, interacting with us frequently. A couple of weeks ago, our class, the final year post graduate students, put up a gratitude programme before Swami. We call it gratitude programme and not a farewell since Swami has rebuked us on many occasions against coining that word. For a Sai student, there is no “farewell”. He remains a Sai student forever. The bond with our Mother shall never leave us.

It was afternoon and all of us had assembled in Kulwant hall. Swami arrived by 5 pm, but immediately went to the interview room. We were getting restless, as usual. But soon after, He returned to the portico and asked “Where is Krishna and Sudama”. There were a couple of short skits, one of them being the story about Krishna and his friend Sudama. The programme began, with short speeches interspersed between songs. Swami was very happy, smiling and moving his fingers to the tune of the song.

After the programme, He decided to get up and come down towards us. All of us rushed forward and surrounded Swami. We had many requests to make and perhaps confused Swami. While some asked, “can we have group photographs?” some said, “Swami, please come to hostel” and others, “Swami please talk to us”. He was smiling and nodding all the while, giving his hand to all of us. One boy said, “Swami, you can come to hostel on Sunday afternoon, stay till evening and then return back.” Swami turned to him, “who are you to decide my schedule?”

It was a very memorable day indeed. He promised us that He’d speak to us soon. Listening to the Sivaratri discourse, I am convinced that the discourse was meant primarily for us.

We have little doubt that that festival had been physically taxing for Swami. But then, we are all descendants of the doubting Thomas and Swami loves to defy our logic and expectations. Right from the festival day, He has been coming out in chair, taking at least two rounds inside Kulwant hall, accepting letters from many. He’s fitter and more enthusiastic than any Indian cricketer was Down Under. Inspite of the apparent physical strain, He’d sit in portico, give interviews, talk to boys and occasionally ask, “are you happy?” Perhaps He is charging our batteries, as we near the end of our term and prepare to return to our hometown. May the batteries be utilized to charge others with the love of Sai. And may all Fare Well in this Garden of our Lord.

Posted by A Sai Student

Prasanthi Update

Report by a Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

The one thing that really has struck everybody here is the most massive and huge crowds for this Shivarathri. The Crowds here have been much much more than the Birthday Crowds. Never have I or anyone seen such huge and overwhelming crowds for any Shivarathri.

Never also will anyone forget Swami's Wonderful Divine Discourse where Swami mentioned about Prema Sai Avatar and gave everyone a Glimpse about the changes that will take place during the Divine Period. Changes which Swami said "Will make Prasanthi Nilayam the home for the whole world, where everyone will look towards Prasanthi Nilayam for Peace and strength.

Yesterday evening there was a wonderful Surprise when Swami gave a Discourse. Swami spoke Karma and also about Health. Swami also spoke about the various aspects of writing exams and studies. At the end Swami wonderfully said that when we chant the Divine Manthra "Loka Samastha...." everyone should feel and think about everyone in this world and should never think only about oneself and ones dear ones.

2 Wonderful Discourses that made everyone's Shivarathri the most Blissful.

Om Sai Ram

Emailed by KM - 08.03.2008

Prasanthi Update - Maha Shivarathri Evening Darshan

In the evening Bhagawan came into Sai Kulwanth Hall being accompanied by the wonderful Musical Bands. After a Speech By a Devotee after which Swami presented him with a Golden Chain, Swami gave a Wonderful Divine Discourse. After the Discourse, Swami went inside the Mandir and at around 7.45 P.M, Swami left to Yajur Mandiram.

Bhajans are going on in full swing and there absolutely no place anywhere in Kulwanth Hall.

Wishing all our Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters a Wonderful Shivarathri, Prayers that Swami's Divine Blessings and Grace always be with each and everyone of you.

Om Sai Ram

KM - posted on 06.03.2008

Prasanthi Update - Maha Shivarathri Ends

Prasanthi Nilayam was in a Spiritual Frenzy all night as the sweet Music of the Divine Bhajans were reverberating all over. The main Prasanthi Nilayam gate was open all through the night.

In the morning Swami came to Kulwanth Hall at around 7.00 A.M, After an Hour or so the Shivarathri Bhajans ended and after the Mangala Aarthi, Prasadam was distributed to all the Devotees in Kulwanth Hall. By around 8.30 A.M the Shivarathri Celebrations ended.

The most Wonderful feature of this Shivarathri was Swami's Most Wonderful Discourse yesterday, everyone was thrilled about Swami's Mention of Prema Sai, It was a Divine Avatar moment when Swami said " During Prema Sai Avatar, Prasanthi Nilayam will be become " Vishwa Nilayam" ( House for the Entire World ).

Most of the Devotees are already leaving Prasanthi Nilayam.

KM - posted on 07.03.2008

Om Sai Ram

During Prema Sai Avatar, Prasanthi Nilayam will become Viswa Nilayam

Excerpts from Bhagawan's Wonderful Shivarathri Discourse Yesterday :

"I am seeing two people a lot nowadays, Mother Easwaramma and Father Pedda Venkama Raju. Before I cam here I saw them, they are in Vaikunta wearing Yellow as it is worn in Vaikunta. My Bodily parents want me to comeback as they have not seen Me for a long time.

" Yellow is a very very Auspicious and Sacred colour, and I thought of manifesting Yellow Lingam today, but the Children and many many Devotees have prayed that they do not want me to see me Suffer Bodily because of the Lingodhbhavam "

"SHIRDI SAI, PARTHI SAI, Soon PREMA SAI will come and the greatness and the Power of Love will spread everywhere. Everyone's Home will be Bharat. Prasanthi Nilayam will be become the Home for all - Viswa Nilayam. There will be peace and harmony everywhere. There will be no three C's - Caste, Cuntry, Colour anymore.

" The Great Unity of this Most Sacred Land of Bharat is important. No one should try to divide this sacred country. Russia was the 2nd largest Super Power, See where it is no after it got divided into many small states. Say Bharat is my Country, When I went to Africa, people asked me " From which State in India you come from ?", I said " I come from India".

" Money is becoming more and more important. It is the cause of more and more Desires. Parents are equal to God - ShivaParvathi, Do not forget your parents, It is the Greatest Sin.

Om Sai Ram

KM - posted on 07.03.2008

Shivarathri Morning Darshan in Parthi

Om sairam dearest Sai Family,

It is very crowded here in Prasanthi Nilayam.. This morning the bhajans started at 9am as we were still waiting for Swami and Swami didn't turn up this morning..

Swami showed His compassion again by blessing me with first line for Shivarathri yet again I am in the same place as I was last year and looking forward to Shivarathri darshan which is always full of energy..
there is a huge screen right facing Ganesha and also many plasma TVs in the Kulwanth hall.... Will He do the lingam?.. Your guess is as good as mine...

On a personal note.. I really can't bear Swami struggling so hard atleast in the PHYSICAL level..


Satish Naik

Posted on 06.03.2008

Shivarathri 2008 in Parthi (Afternoon Darshan)

Om sairam dearest Sai family,

This evening, the Kulwant hall was packed to its maximum to witness yet another Shivarathri which is celebrated with utmost devotion and the festival which Sai Family looks forward to as its always filled with energy..

Swami blessed all of us with His divine darshan as the clock showed 5:15. Swami like last year, preferred to come in His mobile throne and it was really a throne. I didn’t see such kind of wheel chair before. Very very beautiful, probably Swami uses it at His residence. Swami was looking like an Emperor in this throne and gave a majestic look at all of us sitting in the throne.

Swami blessed some ladies and again came towards the gents side. I was yet again blessed by our beloved Lord with first row and I was very curious and anxious to have a close look at Sai Shiva.

I was wondering, if at all I get a chance, what should I say, will He look at me and so on.. as these thoughts were pondering in my mind, Swami was close to our side.

There was lot of anxiety amongst devotees today and many of us were very sure that Swami would take the Atma Lingam yet again... and the giant Hongkong made LED screen added fuel to the fire.. Mean while Swami came close to me..Swami who was looking to His right, slowly turned to our side. His face, glowing, showing no signs of Lingodbhavam, no signs of anxiety calm and composed with His beautiful smile, very comfortably seated in the ROYAL chair.. but with Swami you never know..I had only one prayer to Him, very softly I said, as He looked into my eyes, "Swami don’t do the Lingodbhavam.. its very painful to see you (your body) suffering... to which Swami shook His head and smiled..

As He went on the dais, the veda chanting stopped and Swami asked Mr.Srinivasan to speak. after a brief talk the much awaited discourse of our beloved Lord followed..

Excerpts from the discourse

Due to time constraints I have to make this email very short..
Swami started with a Telugu verse depicting the poor state of the modern man who is running after money and forgetting human values.

Swami said, for the past one month or so, Swami is seeing two people and they are Mother Eswaramma and Sri Pedda Venkama Raju (Swami's parents). Even before I came for darshan, I met them. Does any one know what color dress they are wearing.. Eswaramma is wearing a yellow saree and Father a yellow dhoti.. yellow is very auspicious colour. every one should wear YELLOW dress. Both of them are in Vaikhunta (heaven, paradise). that is the colored dress one wears in Vaikunta. The body' s parents are asking Me to come back very soon. they say, its been a while since they saw Me. Yellow is very auspicious colour. That is why today I thought of manifesting YELLOW LINGAM but many children and devotees prayed not to do the lingodbhavam as they don’t want Me to see suffer. (there was loud applauds )

Swami later spoke about Prema Sai,

The next avatar is Prema sai. the first one is Shirdi Sai, the second one Parthi Sai and the third one Prema Sai. If any one asks today, where are you from they say, iam from Mysore, Iam from Andhra and so on. But IN PREMA SAI AVATAR THERE WON'T BE ANY STATES.. ONLY ONE ... WE BELONG TO INDIA.... There will be total peace and harmony in Prema Sai's period. Every one will look forward to India…

Swami emphasized on 3Cs.. Caste, Country and Culture.. These three wont be there in Prema Sai Avatar..Very Very soon peace will prevail all over..

Talking on division of countries and changing the names.. esp in Andhra Pradesh where one part of the state is asking for a separate state Swami reiterated that it is just NOT GOOD..

Swami said, before there was Andhra Pradesh and one Karnataka and now they are saying Rayalaseema, Telangana and so on.. all these regional feelings are provoked by some selfish (politicians). Fish is better than Selfish..

Swami later narrated some incidents from Ramayana. After speaking for 45 minutes Swami finished His discourse with Hari Bhajana Bina bhajan. After the bhajan, Swami said, You ask for Shanti (peace).. how will peace come.. Hari Bhajana bina sukha santhi nahi.. (there is no peace and happiness without singing the glory of the Lord.. so saying Swami concluded this year’s Shivarathri’s discourse…

With humble pranams at the lotus feet of our Beloved Sai Shiva

R.Satish Naik

Brahmanapalli (Puttaparthi).

Posted on 06.03.2008

Prasanthi Update

In the Evening today there was a most Wonderful Vocal Recital by the Renowned Pandit Jasraj who sang some wonderful and melodious songs, Swami was there inside the Bhajan Hall throughout the Programme. It was a most wonderful programme which included some wonderful songs and Bhajans also.

Om Sai Ram

posted by KM on 04.03.2008

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

A Few days back the Ooty devotees had put a program on Bhaktha Maarkandeya. It was a Wonderful Dance drama and Swami was very happy with the program.

On Friday Swami Swami went to the General Hospital. Swami spent quite sometime there.

Yesterday Darshan was very surprisingly as Swami came at 3:30 pm. Otherwise mostly Swami is coming for Darshan only at 5pm.

Om Sai Ram

posted by KM on 02.03.2008

Prasanthi Update

Swami did not come for morning Darshan today, But Swami came out at 10.00 A.M, When Swami went outside a lot of Devotees had come out and had Wonderful Darshan. Some Devotees came running near Swami.

After Swami came back, Bhagawan went inside the Poornachandra hall and inaugurated the photo exhibition commemorating the Golden jubilee of Sanathana Sarathi, The Exhibition was titled "A Journey with Sai a Photo exhibition by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust" .

Swami also blessed all the devotees who were involved in working in making the Exhibition. Swami spent quite sometime in Going round the Exhibition.

Swami then retired back to Yajur Mandiram at around 12.00 P.M.

Om Sai Ram

posted by KM on 01.03.2008

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