Om Sai Ram

Om Sai Ram embodiments of Lord Sai

Yesterday evening darshan Balvikas students from the Hill tribes of Godavari performed dance and song routines. Beautiful Baba blessed them with white cloth and saris, He also took loving photos with them. I was seated in the exit aisle again, the mandir was jam packed from post to pillar. As our beloved Baba took leave and slowly glided past our section. It was early evening and turning dark. His omniscient eyes danced, brilliant stars in the soft shadows surrounding us. I felt His luminous gaze embrace my field of vision! O! what heaven how fortunate we are to be living in a time when God is gracing the earth.

Morning kneels before the Heavenly vision of the Lord. Our Bhagavan blessed us with darshan, spreading His glorious rays of love throughout the mandir and beyond. Swami shimmered down the central aisle, orbiting the temple and onto the veranda. He stayed out with us tapping His divine hands in rhythm to the sweet bhajans being sung full throated with gusto.

Once again as araathi was concluded He raised His holy hands in blessing on the entire gathering. He glided past our section with His head looking straight forward, His holy presence bathing us in unfathomable love. Om Sai Ram!

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 29.06.2009

The River Godavari's Prayer

Sai Ram Seekers of God

This morning after an especially beautiful Darshan, I attended Anil Kumar's inspiring lecture. He spoke about the Exceptional program presented by the Hill people of Godavari, their innocence and great devotion for our Lord Sai. Apparently, Swami visited them in the 1960's, the Sai organization has since built roads, schools, medical facilities in that region and of course the marvel of this century: the great water drinking project was implemented in this area.

Professor Kumar elaborated on one particular song they presented which poetically depicted the River Godavari praying to Bhagavan to come visit her again, saying in so many words that she has not forgotten His Divine Mahimas and leelas performed on the her blessed banks.

The eloquent talk also covered Prof. Kumar's recent visit to South America and noted that a compilation of the Sunday talks and this visit is presented in a new book just hot off the press entitled, "Sai The Indweller."

Anil Kumar concluded his lecture, with a wonderful reminder of how we are all essentially divine, using the example of the sun and the moon with clouds covering them, our sadhana is what helps us to realize our essential brilliant nature, burning off the layer of clouds or ignorance allowing us realize our full splendor.

Yesterday evening, as mentioned above we all enjoyed a lovely program presented by the Hill people of Godavari. Lively dance routines were performed in front of Bhagavan Baba. Swami presented the performers with white cloth and saris.

This morning Darshan although packed with devotees, I was wondrously able to get sweet seating in the exit aisle. Swami entered showering charming smiles He looked at our side of the aisle and once again the same adorable blessed child came and up to Him and received a packet of vibhuti. He blessed the colossal gathering with His magnificent form and sat out directly for bhajans.

I prayed for a friend who has been sick with kidney problems, please everyone include her in your prayers, Veena Sundararaman.

Swami blessed us again with raised hands and as He drifted past our exit aisle His eyes swept across the front section granting them exquisite eye darshan.

Everyone have a Sai saturated day.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 28.06.2009

Prasanthi Update

The devotees and people from the Villages from Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh have come to Parthi for Bhagawan's Darshan and expressing their gratitude to Bhagawan. On Saturday they put a Program in front of Swami that included a Wonderful Dance Drama and a skit, Swami was very impressed with the Programme and was very happy.

For the past many days, Bhagawan has been coming for only in the evening for Darshan, but on Saturday Swami came in the morning also to the delight and happiness of everyone present. Swami usually comes a bit late in the evenings that is around Evenings 5pm and for the past few days Bhajans are on till 6.15pm. Swami has also been giving interviews to people, talking to students and taking letters. Wonderful Darshan days in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM Sunday, 28 June, 2009 8:39 AM

Heavenly Morning

Sairam Blessed Sai Devotees

This morning Swami graced us with Darshan after many barren days. He entered the Mandir amidst throngs of devotees packing the temple for this festival weekend.

In the section by the gate he gazed at an adorable little Indian girl, she shyly walked over and took a packet of vibhuti from the Divine mother's lap. It was tender compassionate moment.

We were seated in the island section and our gracious Lord turned His Godly head in our direction His eyes looked like pinpoints of focused light lasering love through our quivering hearts. It was an awesome darshan we watched totally mesmerized as He glided down the main aisle into the men's section and circling around through the students smiling and taking their letters.

Beloved Baba sat out with us enjoying bhajans then disappeared in to the interview room for a short while, returning He took aarathi and softly floated back to His residence.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 24.06.2009

Atma Sai Rama

Sai Ram Pranava Swaroopa

Our beloved Lord didn't come out for morning darshan, but it is very peaceful in the Mandir during the mornings and a nice, comforting breeze can be felt as we sit waiting. It is an ideal time for meditation, japa and quiet reflection.

This afternoon, again there were some heavy downpours, cooling the hot air. Then the embodiment of Om appeared at the threshold of the mandir and our waiting, thundering hearts.

His gracious face beamed a thousand smiles in one and every eye that feasted on His magnificent form fell in pure love.

Swami flowed thru the mandir accepting letters and interacting with devotees in the front rows. On Thursdays all the students assemble in the mandir for His darshan. Rows and rows of white clad boys and girls thronged the temple grounds and Swami gave them very sweet attention.

The Lord of Universe glided onto the veranda and disappeared into the interview room. Bhajans started, soon He came out and sat with us allowing us the grace of His darshan.

After some time He again went into the interview room granting audience to some men on the veranda. After the interviews our dearest Swami returned to us and sat out a while longer. Aarathi was then taken. As Swami was being gently lifted off the floor and into the car I thought how precious these moments were to be able to see our Lord so close and imbibe the glory of His presence. The times are fast approaching when the eyes and the cameras of the world will be focused on Prashanti and our Baba will be the tiny orange spot He predicted He would be.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 24.06.2009

O Swami

Sairam Beloved devotees

As our Lord Sai entered the Mandir for evening darshan it started to pour, cooling off the overheated streets and neighborhoods of Parthi. Clean breezes rippled thru the Mandir, Divine Baba circled the mandir splashing joyful monsoon love all over the happy gathering.

He sailed onto the veranda and sat out with us enjoying very high spirited bhajans. Exquisite renderings of: Sri Raghu Nandana, Chita Chora Yashoda Gopal, Jai, and Allah Ho Akbar. Swami took aarathi and raised His divine hand blessing the devotees.

O Swami
the love we feel for You, our very own lost self
found at last,
when we gaze upon Your matchless splendor!
every devotee dances the rasa vilola with You
bliss flows~
all along the banks of the sacred Chitravathi river
myriad reflections of a love so great
it dazzles the heart, enchants the soul,
subdues the mind and captures the senses
Om Sai Ram!

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 24.06.2009

Follow the Master

Sai ram embodiments of Sat Chit Ananda

Our exquisite Sai Rama blessed us with His perfect presence this evening. He orbited the mandir floating like the crown jewel down the center aisle all smiles and sweetness, circling thru His bangaru and onto the podium. He granted a staff member an interview before returning to our waiting arms during bhajans. Our Lord then sat out His lovely silken form shimmering love from head to toe, during aarathi all I could chant was I love you...I love you...I love infinitum!!!

I would like to share a poignant leela with you. Before coming to India I was concerned about my Father's health. He had suffered a mild heart attack around Christmas and has been weaker than usual but still is mobile and alert. He is 91 years old so life is day to day for him at this point. Since this trip to India is for a four months, costly and takes a lot of energy to arrange I contemplated whether I should return if he were to pass away while I was in India.

I was standing in my garden and mentioned this to one family member, and I clearly heard, a voice shout "Ha! " it sounded uncannily like my deceased mother.

Then yesterday I was sitting in darshan and had a conversation with a devotee. She suddenly related something that had been bothering her. She told me that her mother was 88 years old and she had just received a call from a family member telling her that her mother had taken ill. She was doing better now but was incontinent and weak. This devotee had 3 more weeks to go before returning to her country. She also was in a similar dilemma wondering if she should return if her Mom passed away now.

I was stunned, out of all the hundreds of devotees in Prashanti, Baba put us together sharing the same predicament. I told her I too was thinking of maybe not going back and just doing a puja should my Dad pass away. But then I continued, "but who can say how we would react in such a situation."

Later in my room I thought deeply about this interaction. There was obviously a message here. I decided to call my family in US to check on my father. I was once again totally surprised to discover that Sunday, yesterday was Father's Day In the USA.. I was able to wish my Dad a Happy Father's day and speak to my sister. I told her what had just transpired and she commented, "this was no coincidence."

Again during quiet reflection, I thought about what Swami would want me to do and came to the conclusion He would want me to go back home and attend to any dharmic duties with my father. Swami says, "we can never repay the debt we owe our parents."
Our parents unconditional love, they took care of our every need, made sure we were protected and happy even to their own detriment.

I also contemplated that if I were to pass away, I would certainly want my daughter to be there for me.

Our Father Sai how He guides and instructs us helping us to rise above selfish interests and ego.


Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 23.06.2009

Sai - The Peace that Passeth Understanding

Sairam Dearest Sai Family

This afternoon Darshan I was seated a good distance from our Lord Sai. It was hot and uncomfortable. I fidgeted for awhile and was secretly hoping we would not have to sit for extended hours.

Then our Evening star rose in the mandir, shedding His cooling moonlight rays over the entire assemblage. As I focused on our Baba, I remembered something I had read earlier in the afternoon by Swami Sivananda on concentration. He said in so many words that if we were able to concentrate our mind on one object we would be oblivious to even pain or discomfort. By gathering the rays of our mind in a concentrated, one pointed manner we can accomplish superhuman, divine tasks.

With this thought in mind I focused exclusively on our Sai Avatar, and very soon all discomfort, negativity and frustration dissipated and I was aware only of the tremendous, powerful Love gushing like Niagara or Victoria falls from our God.

Baba sat out on the veranda, smiling and enjoying the bhajans as twilight fell over Prashanti. After taking aarathi the Lord of the Universe raised His sweet hands in double blessing. Om Sai Ram!!!

Lots of Peace
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 21.06.2009

Prasanthi Update - Saturday 20th June

Today, Saturday, was the the second day of programmes by the Andhra youth which consisted of distribution of material to the poor and also included some group songs.

Bhagawan came for Darshan at at 4.30 pm and After Bhagawan came on stage the names of the more than 100 beneficiaries were called out, and the needy were presented with electrician kits, wet grinders etc. After the Distribution programme there were group songs. Bhagawan distributed clothes and took Group Photos with all the youth and after that Mangala Aarati was taken at around 6.15 pm and Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram by car.

The Governor of Rajasthan and Sri Ashok Singhal of the VHP along with the Shankaracharya of Sri Ramachandrapura Math of Gokarna were there for Bhagavan's Darshan.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 20.06.2009


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The YATRA and DRAMAS season has started in the holy land Puttaparthi. After a quiet but boiling HOT month of May cool breezes blew by the arrival of Students in their respective campuses. Swami as always continued His COOL and TENDER looks at every one of us when ever He came out to give His divine darshan.

18th June started with a beautiful programme by the Balvikas students of Gujarath followed which it was the turn of Andhra Pradesh Youth. About 2000 of them both men and women, thronged Parthi. Neatly and culturally dressed like Sai Students and while moving around in the ashram they made every one feel WHY are Swami's students moving around freely in the ashram instead of being in the college.

The Andhra Pradesh Youth have been doing match less service taking cue from Swami's teachings. They went very hard on developing remote villages and educating the illiterates.

The other day when I was chatting to a group of youth, I was surprised to know all the activities they have taken up and I was thinking would this be true or Iam dreaming.

The drama on 19th June Prema Vahini was very well written by Mr.Rao, another masterpiece, scripted to tell the activities they have taken up, the motivating force behind it and simultaneously they depicted the life story of Bhagawan..

Swami was very very impressed by their performance. the little girl who played little Sathya was specially blessed with a golden bracelet by Swami. Swami went into the interview room and brought clothes and watches to the 100+ cast. Swami made sure every one of them got the divine prasad. Swami at one time asked the sevadals to put the watch around the children saying they are so small and they can't open and put on their wrist themselves. Obeying Swami's command, the sevadals were putting the watches around the childrens' wrist and now a new problem, many watches, understandably double the size of the little wrist and atleast two or three links were to be taken away to fit properly, watching this Swami now signalled, ok just give away the watches.

It was nothing but PURE motherly love that was seen during those sweet moments. All the participants were thrilled by Swami's gesture and mind you almost half of the youth were new comers and they were more than thrilled to see our beautiful Swami up close and His minute considerations like the watch incident brought tears to many. Many were wondering, how compassionate OUR lord is.. He is FULL of unsullied love.

After taking group photos, Swami asked the ladies' from the Sai Youth group to sing bhajans in His immediate presence, yet another boon, which they would have never dreamt about.

By the time Arathi was given it was 7:30pm and after a quick supper, the whole bunch of youth headed to Conference hall as Prof. Anil Kumar was scheduled to talk to the anxious youth..

The programme started at 8:30pm very late in Ashram standard time, but the anxiety and enthusiasm in the youth compelled Prof. Anil Kumar to speak inspite of the deadline time framed by the ashram.

The talk was a real eye opener to all the Sai youth and especially many of the Center heads who think they are separate from others. Prof. Anil Kumar made it very clear that the office BEARERS should be well aware that they would not have been the BEARERS without His blessings and He will BEAR you only to a certain extent and afterwards you will be left in the middle of the sea.. It is once in a life time opportunity for all of you that you have been given the opportunity to serve the society under Swami's safe umbrella. A waste paper, when it bears the signature of Reserve Bank Governor turns into a currency note and the Reserve Bank Governor is Swami and we are the waste papers blessed to be transformed into currency notes.

Prof. Anil Kumar who has been with Sri Sathya Sai organisations for almost 40 years shared his experiences. Many a times, tears rolled down when he narrated some incidents from his life. Those were the days when the transportation was not this advanced. Communication system was NON EXISTENT. Prof. Anil Kumar who started his teaching career in 1963 was a very well known teacher even in those days. After coming in Swami's fold, he visited many remote villages to spread Swami's messages, to spread His love and to lend a helping hand to the poor sacrificing the extra income a teacher of his calibre could earn in the form of special classes during holidays...

The Prof. Anil Kumar we see today, has succumbed to lot of WEAR and TEAR in those days. Being a father of 4 children, and to balance the family life and SAI FAMILY life, he had to do lot of sacrifices. Many a times he had to travel in jam packed train compartments. .Hearts were squeezed when he said he even stood in the train toilets on one leg while travelling, slept in the railway station platforms and many a times in bus stations. To reach those remote villages he travelled in trucks, tractors, bullock carts etc...Many a times he had to sleep on the floor on the banks of rivers with sand as bed...

Come Saturday he would be in some village or other and many times he used to go directly to the college on Monday. Addressing a packed audience of about 2000 people he said only my beloved Swami and my beloved Family is the witness for all my troubles. Those are not troubles those are His BLESSINGS. There were very few people who realised what he is upto and the reason behind it. Professor was put into severe tests, many of his colleagues laughed at him and some even said, you have three daughters and how will you pay hefty dowries if you move around chanting name of Sai Baba instead earning money. But Professor Kumar never looked back. He knew for sure he was on the right path. Appreciating his self less service, Swami one day called Prof. Anil Kumar and said, Look Anil Kumar, you are taking care of My family which is in BIG number and do you think this Sai Baba will NEGLECT your family which has less than ten members. A perfect and straight answer to all the negative talks he heard from his colleagues.

Prof. Anil Kumar asked the youth not to worry or bother about their colleagues or friends' comments. You are on the right path. Always bear His name in your mind. Even in your resume you put Swami's name and believe me all the questions in the interview will be on Swami and nothing else. He gave the example of himself when he was called for interview by Rotary Club for selecting people from various disciplines to tour USA.

A humble person he is, he narrated an interesting conversation between him and Swami. It so happened in Bangalore Swami suddenly asked Prof.Anil Kumar, you ask me what ever you want and I will give it to you. Prof.Anil Kumar, was very cautious to answer and very humbly he said, when I have Swami who gives everything that I need and when ever I need what is there to ask specially Swami. Swami then asked, do you want Moksha? Prof. Anil Kumar's instant reply was Swami I have never seen how Moksha looks like, I have never met some one who has attained Moksha, I don't know anything about Moksha and how can I ask something that I haven't seen or experienced BUT if at all you permit and if there is another life for me, bless me to spread your loving message, your love to the whole world to which Swami was very touched. Prof. Anil Kumar said never ask any thing to Swami He knows everything and He knows what you deserve.

Also never underestimate His love and Power. He can do anything and at any time. It so happened during Eswaramma day in Kodai, Narayan seva was in the process. Apparently Prof. Anil Kumar was still new recruit then. Thousands had come to partake the food. Mrs. Ratan Lal, a long time devotee, who is still serving Swami, called Prof. Anil Kumar and said all the food we prepared is over, please pass this message to Swami. Prof. Anil Kumar then rushed to Swami to inform this arguably a SAD news to Swami. Swami in a firm voice told Prof. Anil Kumar, words like FINISHED, NOT POSSIBLE, NOT AVAILABLE should not be used here. Never say such words. Who said the food is over. What do you think, people will go back hungry after coming to Swami go and see in the kitchen, probably your eyes need to be tested.

When Prof. Anil Kumar went to the kitchen he saw all the Vessels full with rice, sambar, sweets and next to those vessels, he saw Mrs. Ratan Lal gone speechless. That is what our Swami is.

Prof. Anil Kumar also said, all the office bearers and members of Sai organisations should be watchful and be extra careful. Have a perfect team spirit. Never work for name and fame and don't bother if any one doesn't appreciate or recognise your work. Swami never likes to appreciated.

Be humble and simple. Especially when you get a chance to serve the poor, do it whole heartedly. Never pre-estimate what is the BENEFIT you get by doing a seva. Prof. Anil Kumar told another incident that happened when Swami successfully completed the water supply project. Many Village heads from surrounding villages came in a group to thank Swami for giving them water. When Swami heard this, our matchless Lord's reply was very touching, He immediately replied, I SHOULD THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. YOU GAVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE AND I AM HAPPY THAT MY SEVA MADE YOU HAPPY. A very BOLD statement and only Swami can whole heartedly make this statement after being the primal force behind this massive water project. Prof. Anil Kumar reminded all the people to have that simplicity towards seva. That is the quality of a true leader..

Many a times we all think Swami might not be watching us but He is omnipresent and knows everything. It so happened one day Prof. Anil Kumar was returning from Mangala giri and the college buildings were still under construction then. Just then some one said, Swami's car would be coming to that premises very soon. Prof. Anil Kumar suddenly ran to the construction area, took a spade and started digging something, pretending to be doing seva. just then Swami's car stops right near him and our beloved Swami calls Prof. Anil Kumar and says, Anil Kumar how nicely you are acting my bangaru? to which Prof. Anil Kumar said, Swami atleast because of my pretension, I had this beautiful chance to speak to you and have your divine darshan. But this example is to let you know that you can't hide anything from Swami and He is always watching you..

Prof. Anil Kumar's story is the story of a common man. He has seen the life in all angles. It is the story of a Sai Devotee who was always put to test by our Lord Sai... If there is atleast one incident which is common to that of your life then don't hesitate, just hold on to Swami. As Prof. Anil Kumar in his talk said, if you hold the feet of a man he will push you down to PATHALA and if you hold Swami's Lotus Feet He will take you to VAIKUNTA.. the choice is yours..

Hopefully all the Sai Centers all over the world, have a definite message from this little talk. Swami wants all of us to be united, work united, spread Swami's message of love and the day has come for us, to say YES I AM SWAMI's favourite BANGARU...

When ever you happen to come to Parthi in big numbers, do have satsangs like this with many humble souls that are living in Parthi and let the group members go back home with thumping enthusiasm to make the life more worthfull...

With Pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R. Satish Naik

sent on 21.06.2009

The Light of Mankind Sai Baba

Sai Ram Embodiments of Jyoti

'Well I guess no darshan," a friend from Virginia, sitting next to me sighed. It was about 9:10AM. "Well once He came after 9:30AM," I encouraged her "we'll see."

Bhajans continued with rising crescendo. At some point I drifted into a meditative state. I kept sensing a tremendous amount of Light coming from the area where Swami usually sits on the veranda. I was grooving on this onrush of Light, totally immersed in the Bliss, when my friend tapped me excitedly, "Swami's coming!" I almost didn't realize where I was that Light was so engrossing.

Then our Baba sailed into the mandir. He glowed from head to divine toes with smiles, flowing down the central aisle. I was seated right in the front row to the side of the island section and had a delicious view. I looked at the halo of Swami's hair, chunks of hair had peculiar curves in it almost like cobras with their hoods raised, his complexion was the splendor of the Sun. Beloved Baba sat out with us for a brief while and then went inside granting an interview.

This evening Darshan Devotees from Gujurat, The Sathya Sai school children presented a drama entitled Samastha Loka Sukino Bhavanthu. It well performed and directed. Acting interspersed with dance, song and yoga postures brought home the message of Love, Peace, Unity and Harmony. Swama enjoyed the performance and gifted the children white cloth and saris at the conclusion.

Sending you all many blessings in the Light of Sai.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 18.06.2009

Sweeet Sai Surprise

Sai Ram Embodiments of Om

Yesterday morning it rained amrit inside the mandir. We were standing outside lined up ready to enter the mandir. I had token #2, so that meant really close seating. When our Krishna of Pranks decided to make His grand entrance.

Om reverberated and pandemonium reigned, the seva dals closed the gate and our Lord Sai glided down the mostly empty central aisle. There were a huge group of seva dals seated in the island section on the womens side of the mandir.

I thought to myself, "Swami I love when you shake us out of our routine!"
Baba says, "Love my uncertainty!"

After our Sai drifted over to the men's sections we were allowed in. I dashed to the white line in the middle section and got a heavenly seat right in the front. There were still not many devotees inside and I saw our Lord look over towards where we were seated as He taxied through the students. He then raised His divine arm and made a gesture like "come" I thought to myself , "yes I wish I could come!" but I think this was a call to the Soul, to come..."

Our beautiful Baba went inside then came out and enjoyed bhajans with us.

Yesterday afternoon, I again got a very close row, Swami showered us with nectarine looks and smiles, he gave interviews to some lucky folks, took aarathi before returning to His residence.

This afternoon the embodiment of Om came early. Some dignitaries had arrived and entered ceremoniously though the main gate. Swami took a man and a woman in for an interview. After the interview He sat outside on the veranda, relishing the bhajans we sang with all our heart and Soul.

It started to rain hard and The Master of the Universe of all the five elements, gently raised His hands in a patting gesture of few times and the downpour softened. It helped tremendously to cool off the atmosphere, its been almost unbearably hot here.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Celestial Mala

Even Vivekananda forgot who he was! such a great Soul
as he stood before Sai Avatar's awakening gaze
with every rebirth Maya claims our memory
we lose awareness of our earthly identities

where is my precious family now?
the ones whom I loved so desperately
in a previous existence
could my mother be sitting in front of me in darshan?
or my sister or daughter praying by my side?

There is only One luminous eternal mala
that He rotates on His divine fingers
each of us, our essence
a translucent pearl, scintillating sphere
of Unity, Harmony and Pure Love

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 17.06.2009

Sai Leela

Sairam my Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters

I just have to share this darling leela with you. Saturday, June 13th while we were waiting to enter the Mandir for afternoon darshan, I met a young woman from North Carolina named Kim. She had just returned from an ashram in South India after spending 6 months doing a very strict sadhana. Due to an unpleasant incident she left the ashram disillusioned. She was undecided where to go next when a friend told her about Sai Baba.. Subsequently she had an exquisite dream with Swami. She was in a dark hallway and could see Sai Baba gesturing to her to come. This dream influenced her direction and she came to Prashanti not knowing much about our Swami.

I quickly told her that Swami was no ordinary Guru, He was in fact a Poorna Avatar, a full incarnation of God with all powers and knowledge. A lady behind me listening added, "A Living God! A Living God!" I described some experiences I'd had including some mind boggling materializations. I said to her although Swami doesn't attach great significance to these manifestations, what they do is to help confirm our faith in His Truth as God incarnate. I told her that I hoped she would be able to experience this during her stay here.

Then Sunday morning our Divine Father saturated the mandir with His Lustre. He came and sat out on the veranda. Towards the close of bhajans, He called a student up I saw the young lady, Kim, seated about 2 rows in front of me, she had very good seating directly in front of Baba. Swami waved His hand in that familiar circular motion and a gold chain appeared out of thin air, as the chain was clasped around the young man's neck, I had the lady in front of me tap Kim on the back, I smiled, "did you see?" She had an astonished look on her face, tears glittered like dazzled dew in her amazed eyes.

Such perfect synchronicity, our compassionate Swami, His Divine Will is multitudinous. At this particular facet in time a ray of splendor fell on Sister Kim, and she is now Swami's forever! After this exchange I saw Swami looking in our direction an almost amused look on His face. Om Sai Ram Baba how nuts we are about You!!!!!!!

This morning our Lord did not come out. I had a delicious Iranian lunch with my friend, Nooshin Mehrabani, the author of the divine book, "Love and Suffering My Road to Liberation." We also viewed the Ted Henry ( US news reporter and anchorman) interview with Nooshin. It was very insightful and delightful.

This evening Darshan I saw the young lady Kim receive token #2 with excellent seating, again our Lord materialized a chain for another student right before her happy eyes!
Swami Your Leelas are the joy of Your devotees!

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 15.06.2009

Alive in Sai

Sairam Embodiments of Eternal Life

Our Heavenly Swami gave us a special treat this afternoon Darshan, after circling the Mandir showering smiles and sweet looks on all. He permitted three students from the Music to perform a special Indian art form, the theme of the musical presentation was on Easwaramma the Divine mother of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Subamma who also fostered him like a loving Mom. At the conclusion Baba took blessed photos and presented white cloth to the performers.

Alive in Sai

Amrit flows from my eyes
my breath is heady with jasmine
and sandalwood scent
this morning the sound of Om
hummed through
these old bones and ears
Sai Nath the mind and senses
happily drown in the sweetness
of your Love

There is such an aliveness in
even the stately pillars,
golden lions, Italian chandeliers,
stone peacocks and other
elaborate carvings
instantly come to life
and chant Your holy name

The sun, moon, five elements,
all the stars in the heavens
and the cosmos
prostrate themselves before You
the embodiment of Immortality

I too, lay my heart
useless in my chest
leaping with euphoria
at the dedicated service
of Your sanctified beloved
blessed feet

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 13.06.2009

Prasanthi Update - The Wonderful story of 2 Divine Mothers

Yesterday there was a special Burrakatha Performance by Three Students. The Divine Story of Mother Easwaramma and Karanam Subbama was portrayed with the most touching lyrics and soul stirring music. The boys did splendidly and each and everyone in Kulwanth Hall were moved everyone with the performance. Swami was in tears most of the time, showing how much love He has for these two mothers as they were like Mother Devaki and Yashodha for our Lord Sai Krishna.

Later after the Programme a very Happy Bhagawan blessed them with photographs and clothes ending a Wonderful a Special evening

Courtesy: KM - Sunday, 14 June, 2009 8:48 AM

Om Bliss!

Heaven!!!! Heaven on Earth when our Lord Sai graces the Mandir and all the earth has clothed itself in song and morning sunshine. The sacred pristine vibrations of nagasankirtan glistened softly in the atmosphere as our precious Swami enterd the Mandir bringing euphoria and elation to every heart. Swami turned His illustrious head and granted us such sweet smiles in the island section then He turned sharply away from the students and mens section and went onto the veranda from the womens side. He sat our for awhile and then granted an interview to a gent on the veranda and a female from the audience.

This afternoon Darshan was another layer of bliss added to the morning rapture. Swami came about 4:20 and sat out with us listening to Vedic chanting. I got excellent seating almost directly in front of the veranda, near the section reserved for elderly Indian women. Swami gazed at us frequently and I could feel His intense energy emanating. At one point a woman lost her seat in that section and she desperately ran to our section and plopped down right behind me squeezing in. I made room for her and our Lord really looked over at us and raised his hand in a circling manner, not sure how to interpret that gesture. Anyway it was Paradise. He continued to allow us the blessing of His Presence during bhajans, at one point He went inside but came right back, and prasadam mangoes were distributed to each and everyone. Aarthi was given and Swami returned to His celestial residence.

Lots of Bliss

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 12.06.2009

Inner Darshans

Sairam wonderful Sai Family

Our beloved did not come out this morning physically, but as I sat reaching inward I had the most glorious visions in the Mandir. I found myself very, very high up seated on a balcony, surrounded by exquisite, heavenly architecture, pillars, sculptures of intricate nature. I felt like I was surely glimpsing Kailasa. Then I clearly saw out Lord Sai seated under a very elaborately carved veranda. This went on for awhile with panoramic focus of this divine plane.

When I emerged from this vision, aarthi was being taken, I closed my eyes again and saw a huge bird like creature flapping its immense wings over the students section. I feel now I must do some more inner work, there is a whole overlooked world of amazing magnificence on the inner levels of our being. And best of all our Sai is there ready to give the Darshan of His precious celestial presence all the time.

This afternoon Darshan, I had wonderful seating and a lovely view of our Divine Baba. He came at the start of bhajans and smiled sweetly as He swept down the aisle. He spoke to some ladies in the front and then glided around the mens section through the students and onto the veranda, where He sat our for some time enjoying bhajans. He then went inside and granted an interview to a young man and an elderly woman, this young man has gotten several interviews in the past few weeks, I don't who he is though. Our Lord took aarthi with us and we watched as He slowly drifted away back to His residence but not from our hearts.

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 11.06.2009

Can't Get Enough of Sai Love

Om Sai Ram Blessed Sai Devotees

Swami just oozed sweetness this afternoon. I was feeling a little wretched, even a little homesick. I tried to keep my mind from sinking, finally turned to Gayatri mantra and the feeling lifted. Then our Lord came! It was just at the start of bhajans, He sailed into the Mandir so radiant like the sun hiding behind a veil of dark clouds, then suddenly appearing, a golden chariot charging across the sky.

Baba orbited the Mandir taking letters and speaking to the lucky few. He sat out with us on the veranda for a full hour. Its truly amazing how just one glimpse of His Divine form makes us so happy and blissful. He is downright irresistible :) we just can't get enough of Him.

Right now I am bouncing with joy. O Sai Krishna You are the Reality we all seek!

The permanent Bliss and Happiness that is our Divine Truth.
Sending You all Sai Sweetness, Love and Bliss.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 10.06.2009

Prasanthi Updates

For the past one week Bhagawan has been coming for Darshan in all the evenings and on most of the mornings, Darshan has been wonderful and everyone has been leaving happy and thrilled. On many days, Bhagawan has been coming as early as 4pm, it is only in the last two days that Bhagawan has been coming at 5pm or so.

On all the days, Swami has been taking a full round of Kulwanth Hall so that everyone present has Good Darshan. Bhajans have also been wonderful, Some days the Bhajan sessions have been wonderfully long and some days they have been short and sweet. Swami incidentally took Mangala Aarthi at 5.25pm a few days back.

Also there have been no special events as there are no major functions here in Parthi although every student and teacher has been mesmerised by Swami's Visit to the College and Hostel last Thursday, It was an unforgettable occasion for everyone concerned.

Today Swami was giving some instructions to some students and there is talk that there might be a Burrakatha Programme tommorow.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: K M - 11.06.2009

Om Sai !

Sairam Dear Ones

Well our Lord did not come out this morning, still we sang with all our soul, enjoying the inspiration and power of bhajans.

This afternoon Darshan He came around 5PM. They gave tokens very early so I missed the cue and had to sit a good distance from our Lord in the back. It can be very unruly in the back with the crowds surging forward to get closer and closer. I ended up with a knee poking the middle of my back and village folk holding on to me like I was some strange sort of railing for support. Yikes! Swami! Equanimity!!!

Still despite my complaints I enjoyed good darshan. Swami gazed sympathetically in my direction although my monkey mind whispered mischieveously... "well He can't see you dodo."

I counteracted that gnome of a thought and forcefully scolded the mind. Those eyes see everything and everyone, what is done in secret and what is clearly visible. Those all seeing eyes peer into infinity and beyond. There is nothing that those Sai eyes cannot discover. Those wondrous eyes and ears and senses know and realize everything simultaneously. Then I further contemplated how amazing it must be to experience that, and even more miraculous is the fact that those divine Sai faculties are ours, that potential is ours!

Swami seemed to chuckle as He looked towards my section and kind of twisted His hand outward. Then some more thoughts bubbled up, Swami I screamed silently "We are drowning men, please save us!" Drowning in an ocean of desires!" "We have been this way for eons!" "Please Lord Save us!" Again Compassionate Sai turned in our direction and made some hand gestures.

Then the lines from an old song, "Suzanne" floated through my active head:

And Jesus was a sailor
When he walked upon the water
And he spent a long time watching
From his lonely wooden tower
And when he knew for certain
Only drowning men could see him
He said all men will be sailors then
Until the sea shall free them
But he himself was broken
Long before the sky would open
Forsaken, almost human
He sank beneath your wisdom like a stone
And you want to travel with him
And you want to travel blind
And you think maybe you'll trust him
For he's touched your perfect body with his mind.

Swami raised His hand in blessing at the conclusion of Darshan.
May all be Happy! May all be liberated!

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanew - 09.06.2009

Sai Veda

Om Sai Ram! Embodiments of Immortality!

I just emerged from the Bliss of Darshan. Our gorgeous God came early today, I think it was a little after 4 PM. I have been sitting in the main center section because although I love to see Swami exiting and granting us precious looks, when He sits out on the veranda it is hard to see all the sweet nuances from that far section.

He has been giving me lovely close seating so from this vantage point I can feast on His splendor face to face.

He entered the Mandir full of smiles and gracious looks. Our loving Baba took letters and l blessed every eye that fell upon His radiant form. He orbited the mandir and gave special attention to His golden bangaru, conversing with them and allowing padnamaskar. O fortunate these boys are! Swami glided onto the veranda and sat out with us while the students chanted the Vedas with great enthusiasm and accuracy.

I watched happily as out Lord Sai also the Vedas chanted along with the students.

Swami then went into His interview room, He came back out after awhile and the students resumed chanting the Vedas, this continued until about 10 past 5 when Sai Avatar stopped them and bhajans began. Bhajans were really rocking, we sang our hearts our. Swami gave us sweet looks from time to time, the wind blew through His hair and I thought my God how beautiful He is! Finally aarthi was given and our Lord reluctantly left us for His residence.

We have been very blessed lately to have morning Darshan consistently. his morning I was seated in the island section and that familiar flutter rippled through the gathering, Swami coming, Swami coming! We surged forward, our hands in prayer position, heads craned towards the entrance. Ahhhh Beloved Baba, how we pine for your presence. Just one glimpse and you make our day!!!!!

Swami sat out awhile before going into His room and then reappearing for bhajans, I had exquisite view from the front row near the veranda, it's amazing how we never get enough of gazing upon His wondrous form.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanew - 08.06.2009

Himalaya Sai

Sairam Beloved Sai Family

I just returned from a breathtaking trip through the Himalayan mountain range. It was a long difficult, dangerous journey but we reached safely only by the Grace of our Lord Sai. We traveled from Haridwar to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedernath and finally Badrinath. The Himalayan mountain range is like Heaven on earth, indescribable energy emanates from these Holy hills.

When I arrived in Badrinath, Swami blessed me with His precious presence in a dream:

I was in a crowded auditorium, there were dignitaries there as well.

I said to our Lord, "Swami we reached here," Swami raised His hand in blessing,

I will give a detailed account of this wonderful trip later, right now I am very happy to be home safe, chanting the names of God in Darshan with our dearest Swami.

This afternoon Darshan, Sai Avatar came in His vehicle giving us car Darshan He left and went outside the gates. Later He returned and sat outside briefly during bhajans. He distributed fruit prasadam to the students. I was seated in the exit aisle, thanking Baba with all my heart for the wonderful trip and safe journey.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanew - 04.06.2009

Prasanthi Update - A Memorable Day for all the students

Update sent by a Dear Sai Student from Prasanthi Nilayam :

What a Memorable and great day for the students and teachers it was yesterday when Bhagawan came to the Institute and then spoke to the Students. Swami came to the college at around 4.30 PM and spoke to students by giving a Divine Discourse. Then all of a sudden, Swami started off and came to the senior boys hostel, taking everyone completely by surprise. It was a Great and Wonderful Sight to see the students and staff run from college along with Swami and welcome HIM to the Hostel.

Swami was very happy all the while He spent in the Hostel with His Students. Swami then inaugurated a small meditation hall cum Swami's rest room in the hostel. This was built an year ago most specifically for Swami. Swami went inside the building, lit the Traditional Lamp, sprinkled yellow rice on everyone and blessed sweets.

A Most Memorable experience especially for the New students who had joined a few days, A Day which every student will never forget.

Will send details of Swami's Discourses and Photos later.

Om Sai Ram
Courtesy: KM - 05.06.2009

Prasanthi Update

Today Tuesday was a wonderful Day. Bhagawan came at around 4.20 pm. After giving Darshan from the ladies side, Swami called some people for interview. After Bhajans started at 5pm Bhagawan came out and blessed a few doctors and also spoke to them.

Bhagawan sat outside for bhajans and suddenly during the Bhajan session, Swami asked for some special songs which were melodious as usual. After the most Melodious Bhajan and Musical Session, Swami took Mangala Arathi and retired to Yajur Mandiram by 5.45 pm.

It is also wonderful that Bhajans are being held outside everyday and everybody are able to enjoy wonderful Divine Darshan and immerse themselves in the Bliss of the Wonderful Bhajans.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 02.06.2009

Prasanthi Update - Academic Year Starts in Swami's Insitutions

May was wonderful in Prasanthi Nilayam, even though it was very hot as usual, Bhagawan's Divine Presence and Darshan was a cool source of Divine Nectar. Also there was huge influx of students as the Admission tests to the School and the University were going on. Today Prasanthi Nilayam was filled with the familiar sights of Students going to their respective classes.

There are also some very Major Changes in the University's Administration :

Dr. Shiv Shankar Sai has been appointed Head of Department of Physics of the Sri Sathya Sai University.

Dr. Pallav Baruah has been appointed Warden of the Boys wing of the Prasanthi Nilayam hostel.

Sri. Srinivasa Rangarajan has been appointed the Controller of Examinations of the Sri Sathya Sai University.

Dr. Naren Ramji has been appointed Registrar of Sri Sathya Sai University.

All the Under Graduate courses has been shifted to the Brindavan Campus from the Prasanthi Nilayam campus effective June this year.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 01.06.2009

Prasanthi Update

The past week saw three Wonderful days for the Students and Staff of Swami's as the teaching and non-teaching staff from the Brindavan campus and Prasanthi Nilayam campus were blessed with Paadanamaskaar on the 27th and 29th evenings. It was memorable Blessing for everyone concerned before the Start of the New Academic year today.

Swami also spoke briefly mostly addressing the New Warden of the Prasanthi Nilayam of the University Dr. Pallav Kumar Barua.

Yesterday was a wonderful day as Kulwanth hall was filled with students old and new and also with Lot of Devotees, Swami sat for almost a Hour in the evening session giving happiness and joy to everyone.

Let us all wish all the Staff and Students of Swami's Institutions a Wonderful Academic year and Praying that they continue to bring Laurels to Bhagawan's Institutions.

Summer Has truly ended in Prasanthi Nilayam.


Courtesy: KM - 01.06.2009

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