Parthi Updates - June 2007 

Sai Divine

Sai Ram Divine embodiments

This morning Darshan Swami came in His chair, It was my good fortune to be in the first line, we have been allowing each line to progressively have first row seating. We were seated right at the entrance of the Mandir where our Lord enters on the right side, there were a few rows of V.I.P;s in front of us. Darling Baba, heaven on wheels, burst into the Mandir like the Sun rising in the Firmanen,. His radiant face dispersing the clouds of ignorance and ego. He interacted with the opposite (left) side of our area for a time and then turned His beautiful gaze in our direction just in time for us to catch a golden glimpse of His splendor.

Swami then went straight down the main aisle right to the men's side and onto the veranda where He took someone into the interview room. Exiting we received blissful darshan again.

We are all so busy preparing for the music programme and excitement is increasing as we near the date of the performance. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 30.06.2007

Sai Amrita

Sai Ram beloved Sai Family

Will the shower of Grace ever end. Our Lord has granted the Sai Pilgrimage choir permission to perform on July 2, 2007, afternoon Darshan. This morning again He lavished us with sweet, sweet Darshan. This afternoon our Lord came in His chair surprising everyone by appearing at 3PM!!!!! the men's side was already seated, but on the ladies side token lines weren't even completed. Since we had special seating we were able to get in quickly and plop down as our Sai Krishna played his leela pranks. The whole mandir was in an uproar, as Swami swept through in His chair. I had excellent on the spot seating and held my hands out to Him, feeling His gaze lingering beautifully all around. He then turned towards the veranda from the main aisle cutting Darshan short. Later He came out and made a full circle around the Mandir in His chair delighting all the devotees with close, intimate Darshan. He spoke a few words to one of the Lady's in the group, sounded to me like an ethereal whisper on the ocean wind, "When did you come?"

Swami also gave us some more of that auspicious cashew prasadam. Right now the group is busy packing goody bags for mass distribution the day of the programme. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 29.06.2007

Extra! Extra! Sai Fabulous

Sai Ram Divine everyone

Fabulous, fabulous Darshan today. This afternoon dearest Swami gave most beautiful darshan, He sailed around the Mandir in His car and then onto the veranda. The USA pilgrimage group had very good, close seating in the island section next to the veranda. Swami came out of His interview room after some time and glided around the veranda. He seemed to be heading back to the interview room, but we implored Him with our hearts to please stay. I spiritually threw myself across His bhakti path and told Him He wasn't going anywhere, He had to stay with us and give us more nectarine darshan. The merciful Lord turned back and came and sat awhile in the front of the veranda, full of blissful looks and smiles. He looked at our section and gave us all Divine thrills.

We were very close and could see all the details, His beautiful face gracing all present.

Dr. Goldstein could be observed showing Swami our music programme. Swami distributed very auspicious prasadam to everyone, "Kaju Katri Mithai" a type of cashew sweet with a silver line running through it. After Bhajans we all left floating on air.

Just now I came from the Music programme test flight. We presented the programme to Dr. Goldstein and the Prashanti board. We sang enthusiastically and perfectly. Dr. Goldstein enjoyed the entire programme, but did give suggestions on keeping it under 40 minutes and some advice on acoustics. He addressed the group and reminded us of the central purpose behind the pilgrimage and the music programme, not so much for singing to Baba but to saturate our hearts with love and elevate our consciousness'.

He also said that he would do everything in his power to ask Swami to bless us with the opportunity to present the programme. But to remember that there was always a possibility that Swami may not allow the presentation. Keeping our fingers crossed and our hearts focused on Sai Ma. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 27.06.2007


Subject: Update of June 24 - Bhangra

Come Sunday, the students of Sri Satya Sai University get ready with some programme to put up in front of their beloved Swami. Today it was to be a Bhangra dance programme. The whole marble block had been left empty for the performers. Swami came for His darshan rounds and as He reached the area where the students sit, a few boys in the traditional costumes went up to Him and informed Him of the programme. Swami alighted near the interview room and seeing costumed boys in the Bhajan hall, went straight into the hall. He asked the lead boy there for the details of the programme.

"Swami in the beginning there will be Nagar Sankirtan and the installation of the Guru Granth Sahib. Then there will be the traditional dances Swami", was the reply.Swami spoke to both the trainers and some of the other boys too. He enquired for the duration of the progranmme. The very sight of the boys in Pugarees seemed to bring a broad smile on His face. Anybody in a different coloured Pugaree and Swami would ask Him about it. The sight was one that was so filled with Love and Joy. After about ten minutes, Swami told the boys to go out and get ready for the programme. Then He went into the interview room. Within the next five minutes, the stage was set for the performers and Swami came out to sit on stage. The programme began with a procession and Nagar Sankirtan. There was a lot of josh but the first song was more of a lilting type and the steps were gentle and swaying. The Guru Granth Sahib was brought to Swami and He blessed it. The Sikh trainers offered their salutations to Swami and with a pleased smile He blessed them. The Holy Book was installed and two fan bearers sat there fanning it. This was followed by more vigorous dancing. The boys made formations and danced with superb co-ordination. The beats were provided by the trainers with huge drums. The dancers even kept chanting in unison rhythmically. The sight of these thirty odd dancers moving fast and furious was really thrilling. Even the audience were mesmerised with the pulse of the songs and very often began clapping their hands in beat. The tempo of the songs began to increase with each passing moment. As a grand climax, there were gymnasts who made small yet marvellous human pyramids. Turning on the ground like wheels, some gymnasts even began to swirl long decorated sticks as they did the stunts. Swami and the people assembled were fully appreciative of the efforts.

The last few minutes were very energetic and enervating and the beats were at the fastest. As the programme came to an end, the audience seemed to ask for more. Swami immediately made His appreciation known with, "Bahut Achcha". He agreed for group photos and the boys sat in neatly organised groups of five. After the group pictures, Swami called the trainers and asked them as to what their names were, where they came from etc. He materialized a gold chain for one of them who was absolutely thrilled. As Swami finished putting it around his neck, he took Swami's hand and put it on his head. There were smiles all around at this act of his! Then began a session that was to be a very memorable one for the participants. Swami asked for the break up of boys class wise.

"Swami, there are boys from all classes."
"Any MA boys?"
There was silence as there were none from the MA class.
"Swami, there is a BA boy, but none from MA."
Swami asked for the list of the boys participating in the programme. When that was given, Swami went through the names and began even calling out some of them. As He called each name, that boy stood up. Swami would confer on him a smile and a beautiful Abhayahasta and the boy would sit down, the smile on Swami's lips now transferred on to his. Swami now began to call individual boys and began to speak to them. The topic of Swami going to the boys hostel came up.
"When can I come to your hostel?"
"Swami is this anything to be asked? It is our home. You can come whenever you want."
"Even now?"
"Yes Swami, even now."
"But all of you are here!!"
"Swami, that will hardly take any time for all of us to be back in the hostel. We will come with you."
"I will come when even good food is ready for all of you. Is the food good in the hostel?"
"Swami it is very good. See all of us have become fat having it!"
Swami smiled at this. The loving exchange between Him and His boys is something that must be seen to be believed. It becomes so evident that He has given Himself entirely to them and the boys too just reciprocate whatever He gives.
Swami then called the trainers to get the Guru Granth book. It was brought to Him and He leafed through the pages. After that it was back to Swami calling boys one by one and speaking to them.
"Is there anybody by name NANAK?"
No answer.
"Anybody by name Guru Gobind?".........."Ok anybody by name Govind?"
None seemed to have these blessed names.
"Who are the boys from Punjab?"
Three hands went up and Swami spoke a few endearing words with them.
"How many new boys?"
Over half the participants raised their hands
"How many boys from Brindavan?"
Again a dozen hands went up.
The interaction thus went on. Finally Swami said, "Very happy. Very nice dance." He raised both His hands in benediction. As he went back too, He stopped to speak to the VIPs seated there as to how nice the programme was.
Trust God with your everything

Courtesy: Saibabanews emailed by Vimal on 27.06.2007

From a Dear Sai Brother in Prasanthi Nilayam :

Sairam to all

Last couple of days, Swami has been coming out for darshan in chair. Yesterday evening, today evening HE came in chair, took full round, spent lot of time outside, took letters from people; It is really good fortune of all the devotees that they are having good darshans. HE has been gracious to give that joy to one and all.

Praying to HIM that HE continues to shower HIS grace and Love on one and all


sent by KM on 27.06.2007

Sai Lotus

Sai Ram Heavenly embodiments

The whole Southeast region group is here in Prashanthi receiving the blessed grace and benediction of our Lord Sai. We received special seating taking up a large area of the exit aisle on the ladies side and also on the men's side for 11 days. Swami also showered His blessing on an official offering the group presented to Him. Though still not clear when and if we are going to do the music programme.

We are practicing morning and evening, aiming for sweet perfection to gift to our Swami.

It is so exhilarating to see the more than 500 USA devotees, many of them here for the first time, moving in united procession through Prashanti, the highest abode of peace, blue scarves fluttering in the wind.

Swami gave especially sweet Darshan this afternoon, coming out in His chair gliding down the main aisle on the ladies side and then over to the men's section. He went inside, briefly then came back out stunning us with and especially potent look in our direction from the veranda, we waved and called to Him with our hearts and Souls and it looked like He almost gave into our sweet pleas and started to come towards us and then abruptly turned around breaking the mesmerizing spell.

When Swami exited in His car, Chandra aunty from Palm Bay Sai Center was sitting with me in the back section of the group. Our Sai Lotus, hurled a divinely charged look at both of us it made such an impact I can still feel and see His gaze as I type these words.

I don't think I mentioned the superb Darshan Swami gave on Sunday afternoon, we had Token #2, receiving excellent seating, the students presented a a program celebrating the rich Indian dance tradition of Punjab. The performance was energetic and colorful ecstatic dancing. Swami appeared to enjoy it thoroughly. It was centered on Sikh tradition, Swami made a chain for a Sikh teacher who has been there for many years, he was smiling from ear to ear with bliss. Sai Avatar also blessed the Holy Sikh book.

Well, I have to eat quickly and get ready for evening practice. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 27.06.2007

Sai Student's Description of Sunday Bhangra Dance Program

Monday, June 25, 2007

Downpour of Blessings

The monsoon here couldn't be better. for the past one week, the weather was in respite and Swami was making things worse by staying away from us in the interview room.

No sooner did we get this thought than HE decided to SMS Mr Indra! the next few days were soaked in rain and Swami's love. the rains came and went but Swami's blessings couldn't stop showering!

Last sunday, there was a bhangra programme by students. it was 30 minutes of electrifying dance performance. Most of all, Swami was touched by it. he spent 30 minutes talking to the boys. And why not, those boys had spent an entire week putting their heart and soul in learning bhangra.

Swami's interaction with the boys was a scene to watch.He materialised a chain for a coordinator and a ring for a student.Then he saw the list containing names of all bhangra boys and read out the names one by one as if a teacher was taking attendance! He then enquired as to how many boys were from Punjab (so that the pseudo-sardars could be identified!)

Considering that Swami might be busy preparing for the youth world conference next month, it's a great boon for all the boys that HE is giving us opportunity to present such programmes every Sunday. We can only hope this boon to last longer. Sai Ram.

sent by Datta Jadhav on 26.06.2007

Prasanthi Update - A Wonderful, Colourful and Rhythmic Sunday Evening

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :
Dear all
Sunday evening was yet another eventful evening in Prasanthi Mandir. The Institute students performed the traditional punjabi bangra Dance. Dressed in rich costumes of yellow, blue, red and green, the students enthraled the audiance by an wonderful performance of rythmic movements, typical "balle balle" chorus and some astounding display of vigor, strength and creativity.
Swami was very happy, He sat through the program, gave group photos to all participants, spent half an hour talking to them all. He blessed the coach with a golden chain and spoke to him.
The day ended with Bhajans and aarathi.

sent by KM on 25.06.2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

The Brighter Side of a Gloomy Day!

It is a dull Sunday morning. It has been raining in parthi for the last few days and today morning weather was gloomy and cloudy. It needed a great deal of determination to get up from bed with the chill breeze around and the usual Sunday holiday at the back of the mind!

Nevertheless, only on Sundays we get the opportunity to have darshan in the mornings. Anyway, we all assembled in Kulwant hall, waiting for the Lord to appear. It was 8am, and still no signs of HIM coming out to bless the devotees. Will HE or will HE not come? Time was 8:30 am and to the relief of all there were some movements in the Yajur Mandir. Yes, HE is coming.... and what do we get as a pleasant surprise? To liven up the souls, and to wake up the minds that were in slumber, the Lord chose to bless all by coming in chair, avoiding the car.

Swami took a full round, as usual, but as HE was in the chair, HE spent a lot of time, taking letters from students, devotees, gents and ladies. He spoke to few people.

It was a wonderful darshan that we all had, and truly it remains to be the brighter part of this boring Sunday in Parthy.


sent by KM on 24.06.2007

Sai Absolute

Sai Ram blessed Sai Brothers and Sisters

This afternoon Darshan was a close encounter of a Heavenly kind. Our group is really expanding, Swami gave us token #2 and we all made a mad dash for the front lines, ending up quite close to the first row.Earlier during a sweet satsangh the ladies put together a great letter asking for Swami's Blessings for the music program and thanking Him for the opportunity to be at His Lotus feet, they also included a few jokes like asking to lose the chair and walk amongst us, and requesting 16 mikes for the music program.

Our Darling Sai Krishna bubbling over with nectarine Love sailed into the Mandir in His silver car chariot. When He came to our section He turned towards us gracing us with a dazzling smile and glance. The Bal vikas girls in our group were close enough to extend the letter and our Lord graciously accepted it!!! What Bliss!!!!

Something quite curious occurred right before bhajans. I had a blackish bump on my arm from 2 years back. I had been working in the garden and something pricked me. When I went to the doctor, he examined my arm and found nothing inside, gave me a tetanus shot and sent me home. As the months passed I kept feeling a small painful nodule in that area.

This trip I showed it to Neisha the nurse from Orlando. She checked it and said that it looked like it needed to be lanced and that she would do it at some point. Then today as I was sitting for bhajans I looked at the lesion and said to Swami what is this? then I saw something rising up out of the bump, it was some sort of thorn. Neisha also saw this and we were both amazed. Our Swami is so wonderful, He is the Divine physician.

It didn't storm as predicted although we did get some rain yesterday. Today was cloudy, windy, very comfortable and cool. Blessings and Peace to everyone. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 24.06.2007

Sai Showers of Grace

Sai Ram Dearest Sai family

It is raining here in Parthi and I understand we will be getting more rain this weekend, a depression is in the forecast. Still the Mandir was packed this morning with devotees yearning for a glimpse of the Lord of the Universe.

Compassionate Bhagavan once again bestowed his close Darshan on the Sai pilgrimage group ladies, He blessed us with token #1 yesterday afternoon and floated thru the Mandir in His car showering His auspicious grace on everyone.

Then this morning we received token #2 and nearness of His physical presence. I was seated with some of the Bal vikas children and one of them asked me to wave when Swami went by. So as our Lord was passing I raised my hand up and greeted Him with a big wave. He looked at us and gave a very cherubic bala Krishna smile.

I also would like to share a touching moment in time. During Darshan I got up to go to the Ladies room. as I was ascending the steps to go into the building, at that moment I saw Isaac Tigrett and his daughter walking together, on their way to Darshan. He was holding an umbrella and as he bent to kiss his daughter goodbye, I could hear her saying so softly and sweetly, "I love you Daddy." Later when I returned to the Darshan hall and after Swami completed Darshan, He called the Tigretts in for an interview. So blessed!!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, keep the Lord's name on your lips, in your heart and reverberating thru your mind.

Lots of Bliss

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 20.06.2007

Sai Amazing Grace

Sai Ram! Sai Ram!

I am so thrilled I can hardly type. I mentioned in my previous post that members of the group have been trickling in steadily. We haven't yet received our scarves, but we have been endeavoring to become unified, meeting for darshans and in the afternoon for updates.

Our gracious Lord granted the Ladies and the Men in our group token #1, yesterday afternoon, Swami came out in His chair yesterday, He sailed thru the crowds on the Ladies side but turned up to veranda and did not go on the Men's side. Then wonder of wonders this afternoon, Swami again granted our Group on both the Men and Ladies side token #1, He was full of smiles. Breaking into a gorgeous smile on both the Men and Ladies side of the Mandir. A beautiful programme was presented today in the Mandir, young students recited poetry, chanted vedic mantras, sang and danced. It was absolutely lovely.

We are all so happy and feeling blissed out. More later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 20.06.2007

Latest Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam

Sairam ,

Today (June 20th ) happens to be the foundation day of the Sathya Sai Dheenajanodhdhaarana Pathakam - Swami's establishment for the welfare of orphans.

The children from the Institution were ready with an offering to the Lord on their Anniversary day. Swami came around 4 pm and first gave interview to some devotees.

After 4:30 He told the children to assemble and be ready for the program. They had prepared a program which was like a "Kavi Sammelan", but pretty different from what was done by the University students. After Swami blessed them, the program began with vedic invocations. After that a dance item was presented with very good music and choreography. After the dance, the main item, which aimed at bringing in laughter through poetry was presented. There were artists dressed up in different attire to represent some of the olden day poets. For every poem read out there were sub poems that formed the hilarious part. The audience were taken through a series of very good Telugu poems making them laugh. The response was also very good from the devotees.

The program ended with another superb dance sequence and prayers to Swami. Swami sat through the program till 5:40 pm, then distributed clothes for all of them and blessed them. There were a few bhajans and the day ended with the Mangala haarathi.

It was a fantastic effort from the boys and they deserved every applause that resounded in the Kulwant Hall. They had been working for it from so many days, and Swami also responded to that.


emailed on 20.06.07 by KM

Sai Avatara

Sai Ram blessed embodiments of Baba

This year relentless hands of the clock gathered into God's timeless embrace a few loved ones. First my Mom passed, then Sai Gita and now my Mom's sister this past Sunday made her transition in Florida. I offered prayers for her Soul in the inner Mandir at Omkaram, and after circumambulated Sri Ganesha, Sri Subbramanyam and Sri Gayatri shrines again offering prayers and flowers. I pray the peace of Swami will caress her Spirit and guide her to His higher realms.

The Southeast USA Sai Pilgrimage Group is beginning to take shape. Gradually members of the pilgrimage are trickling in. We are trying to sit together for Darshans, although we haven't officialy received our scarves. Our Lord gave excellent Darshan on Sunday and good tokens thereafter, casting His sugar sweet Krishna gaze on us all. There are about 400 devotees making up this pilgrimage and praying to offer a musical program to our dear Sai during our stay.

Some time back I mentioned in one of my posts, about a young widow we have been helping to stay afloat with her 2 sons. A house was built and land bought for her, last trip we added a bathroom. This trip through the grace of Sai, a devotee, from Miami, Florida, John donated the building of a cement roof for her home, the strong rains we have been getting damaged her metal roof causing flooding inside the house. Sai Bless John for his merciful contribution.

More bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 19.06.2007

Prasanthi Update - 17/6/2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother in Prasanthi Nilayam :

Dear all

Sairam. Yesterday Morning Swami came only for Bhajans and gave interviews to some devotees during the Bhajans time. The Bhajans went on till 10A.M.

Evening :

The University students had prepared a "Kavi sammelan" program. There were 16 poets, consisting of students from I UG to II PG and they were ready with poems in different languages. All of them were dressed appropriately to represent the language and the culture. Swami came around 3:45 pm and first spoke to these boys in the Bhajans hall. Then He went inside Interview room, and gave time for these students to assemble outside. Chairs were placed for them so that the entire setting looked like a 'sabha'.

Swami then came after 4PM and the sat through the program. He liked the program, gave group photographs and padnamaskar to all the kavis, and also blessed one student with a diamond ring. This student rendered his poem in Tamil and was definitely the best of the lot. Swami also acknowledged the same by specially blessing this student, who is currently in final year MBA.


Posted on 15.06.2007 by KM


17th JUNE 2007:

Om Sairam dear sai Family

Its been a fantastic 10 days or so that Swami is giving very nice darshans reminding those days when He was walking.. Almost every day, especially in the evenings Swami first comes in the car and after a 30 minute gap He comes in wheel chair, with a beautiful smile, more loving and is not missing to take any letters.

We devotees have no words to express the joy and happiness seeing our Lord, so open in His wheel chair.

This afternoon, Swami came around 3:30pm in His car to the Kulwanth hall. the crowd interestingly has doubled in number in just 1 day. Swami took some letters from the ladies' side and did not take any letters from gents side. Just before He entered the gents lines, He spoke to some students who were dressed up in a different way as if they were going to enact a drama.

Seeing the boys, we all stuck to our seats, after darshan, expecting Swami to come out any time from the interview room. The students were called in the bhajan hall and after a gap of 10 minutes, Prof.Anil Kumar, came forward to announce that the students of Sathya Sai university, hailing from various states of India and speaking different languages, are here to perform KAVI SAMMELAN (congregation of various poets). The students speaking various languages were ready to render their own poems written in praise of Swami..

Swami now was seated on the dais and the students rendered excellent poems praising Swami and His service activities in English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarathi and also in Tulu..

Swami seemed very happy listening to His chosen students sing poems so well a perfect example of unity in diversity.. After each one finished Swami personally called them and spoke to them and also gave padanamaskar... Many times, He was even giving directions to the poets (students), not to face towards Him instead face the audience.. After the programme, Swami signaled the boys to come closer to Him and waving His hand two times He took out a ring and presented to one of the boys.. He then spoke to each and every one as every one posed for a group photo with the Chancellor of their university, our Beloved Swami...

It was 5 p.m by then and Swami signaled for the bhajans to start.. thousands assembled in Kulwanth hall enjoyed singing the glory of the Lord in His immediate presence.. Swami then signaled for the prasadams to be distributed. The KING OF THE FRUITS, Mango, weighing atleast 1 kilo each, was given to each and every one as the KING OF THE UNIVERSE watched all of us. Swami then blessed the birthday boys by sprinkling holy rice (akshintalu) on their heads..

Swami then asked the boy sitting next to His chair to give the letters He got from the devotees mainly from students, He read  each and every letter (at least 30 of them), many times looking at His students, probably looking at the boy who wrote the letter, some times smiling, some times sending positive signs, it was a treat to watch Swami during bhajans..

After He finished reading letters, He got immersed in the bhajans, closing His eyes, waving His hand, according to the rhythm of the song. It was around 5:30 by then and Swami spoke to the boys again and after few minutes asked for Arathi.. thus ended another memorable day in my prasanthi diary...

For those keen to know the latest about Sai Geetha after her sudden demise, very shortly a samadhi will be built in the place  where she was buried and the news is there is going to be a huge life size statue of Sai Geetha just next to her house,and will look exactly how she used to be decorated for festivals in prasanthi Nilayam...

With pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord...

Satish Naik from Puttaparthi

posted on 17.06.2007

Sai majesty

Sai Ram embodiments of Swami

The Lord has become an orange dot of late. Many groups have come and the Mandir is filling up fast. Swami hasn't come in His chair recently, but has given sweet car Darshans to the burgeoning crowds. I feel so blessed to have received some merciful nearness and shakti.

Thursday past I moved from my flat by the ashram to one in front of the Music college.

It is right next to a lot owned by Swami and in close proximity to the new stadium.

My neighbor is a lady from Nepal named Gita. She had some very interesting stories to relate. I had met Gita a few years ago, around the same time I was introduced to a woman by the name of Bharosa Ma. Bharosa Ma is another wondrous Soul who has experienced Sai Baba's tremendous shakti. Vibhuti manifestation, healings and other miraculous occurences happen spontaneously around her. In Nepal, Gita was Bharosa Ma's neighbor. She spent many a gracious moment in her presence and witnessed many divine events.

Gita related the interview she, Bharosa Man and some other Nepalese devotees had with our Lord Sai in 1995. She said in the interview room they all rushed for Swami's feet. Gita secured a place on one side of His feet and Bharosa Ma on the other side. Swami talked to the devotees there. He did not talk to Gita but allowed her to clasp and kiss His feet throughout the entire 45 minute interview. How heavenly!!!

He spoke to Bharosa Ma. Bharosa Ma told Swami that she did not want to do healings anymore because she was getting sick and exhausted. Swami replied, "Bharosa Ma for the welfare of the people you must do it." He also told her other things relevant to her life.

During our satsang I told Gita that although I had experienced post vibhuti manifestations outside of the ashram I had never seen vibhuti manifest directly in front of my eyes.

Gita confirmed that she had including other manifestations. She said in Bharosa Ma's temple in Nepal, they were once all dancing and singing bhajans, suddenly they heard a very loud noise and a swooshing sound, and saw from the beautiful marble idol of Krishna a huge mound of cream manifesting from His mouth. Bharosa Ma distributed the cream nectar to all present with silver spoons. She said she had also witnessed vibhuti appearing on photos etc in front of her amazed eyes.

Last night, we celebrated Gloria Blake the nurse's birthday. Gloria is a very blessed Soul. Our Lord often singles her out from amongst the zillions of devotees to share a smile, a few precious words taking her letters answering her prayers. When she first came to Swami, He also allowed Gloria to massage His blessed feet for a long period of time, leaving her totally blissed out and head over heels in Love with our Baba. She has dedicated her Mind, Body, and Soul to his precious service. We all sang Happy Birthday and exchanged Baba stories and fun. Well, more Bliss later. Sending you all Sai Love and Blessings.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 17.06.2007

Prasanthi Update

Sent by A Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Sairam to all

It has been very nice last couple of days. Of course, though there were no special programs, and anything of that sort, the daily darshans are themselves giving lot of joy to people. Swami is very kind and gracious enough to go among the devotees and students, collecting letters speaking to them, etc. yesterday in fact HE went near devotees side, both ladies and gents, in chair. Today also HE went near the students and spent some time in Bhajan Hall.


emailed on 14.06.2007 by KM

Sai Ecstasy

Sai Ram Beings of Light, Life and Love

Yesterday afternoon Darshan, I saw a lady named Reena from the Palm Bay Sai center in Darshan and we sat together, had really exquisite Darshan, we were on the side where we could clearly see Swami coming out of His house into the car and then as the car approached the Mandir and went down the main aisle, Reena said "I wish He would open the window," and He did!!!! and kept it open as He passed our section and looked toward us all. Reena commented that Swami looked so young.

He didn't sail around the Mandir in His chair but did come out a bit and stayed on the veranda towards the back out of view, then when He left after bhajans again we saw Him get out of the car and walk!!!! into His abode, Reena had said earlier to me, doesn't He ever walk? I answered rarely now, our precious Sai heard every word. really beautiful. I feel really a blissful high even though He wasn't in that great a proximity to us, such a marvelous feeling. Shows that distance is not the criteria at all.

Last night had satsang with Andres from Miami and John, his daughter Marlena and son John Jr. we sat around exchanging Baba stories and blissing out. They walked me back to my flat. I had a whole stack of letters written by devotees and all the SSE children from the Palm Bay Sai center. I knew that I wouldn't be able to take such an enormous stack of letters into Darshan on the Ladies side, so Andres volunteered to take them on the Men's side. So, last night I gave the letters to John to give to Andres.

This monrning Darshan Swami came in His car and delighted us all with His Heavenly Presence. I ended up sitting right next to a lady named Jyothi from Atlanta, GA who turned out to be part of the huge Southeast group coming on the Sai Pilgrimage from USA the end of June.

Afternoon Darshan was almost indescribable, sheer ecstasy!!!! Waiting on the token line I sensed something was up. Blessed with token #1 I prepared to make a mad dash for a front row seat. I saw Marlene from Miami, Fl, she was blessed with token #2, we both dashed to the front lines and got seating right behind the Maryland lady, Sheila whom Swami almost always talks to. As we wait, we see the car driving up to Swami's residence, the seva dals and attendants all lining up in a row. Then our Sweet Lord comes out and approaches the Mandir, minus the car!!!!!! Excitement is really building to a crescendo now. Swami sweeps along the main aisle looking at the devotees and then stops right where Sheila is sitting and talks to her, we can hear his voice like pearls dropping into and endless, eternal ocean.

It was just absolute paradise. I peek under and feel His eyes blessing mine. Marlene holds out a necklace with symbols of different religions. Then Swami drifts past us with Godly grandeur and soon disappears into the men's section.

When Swami alights onto the veranda, official looking dignitaries are invited into the interview room and He attends to them. About an hour later we all enjoy nectarine bhajans, Swami exits and once again we are blessed with the vision of Him descending from the car and walking into His abode. But wait the story doesn't end there..... :))))

When Marlene and I come out of Darshan, her father, John is waiting for us and tells us the wonderful news: Last night before John took the stack of letters from me, I took the card which had a photo of the painting I did, called "Kalki Avatar," and wrote on it asking Swami to please accept the letters from the Bal Vikas children of the Palm Bay center in Florida. When John got back to his hotel room he, noticed that the envelope with the letters and card looked disheveled, so he took everything out of that raggedy envelope, and literally ironed each letter, nice, crisp and beautiful afterall he was going to present them to the Lord of the Universe. Then he place all the letters inside my card with the painting.

John gave the letters to Andres the next day and was able to secure a good seat in afternoon Darshan. John said as Swami came towards the Men's side of the mandir, He looked in His direction with a probing but weighty look. Andres was seated with the letters in a pretty decent place too. Swami started turning away from Andres, but at a certain point He suddenly looked in Andres direction and his facial expression became brighter and completely changed as if to say, "Hey! Oh there your are!" He made a bee line towards Andres and took the whole stack of letters. John said that as Swami passed near him, He could see Him looking at my colorful card with the painting on it!!! How ecstatic!!!

What a Divine and Blessed day this has been.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 12.06.2007

Sai Bliss

Sai Ram sweet Sai family

Our Lord did not come out this morning leaving us all pining for His dear vision.

Lots to contemplate though. Feeling so keenly the truth that everything is a mirror, a poignant reflection. Praying intensely that we all reflect the Godliness we are, the image He made us in, His Divine Image. This bogus separation and affliction we suffer from, when all there really is, is One vast consciousness, how wonderful to be able to truly know who we are. Wishing that for all of us.

Yesterday afternoon Darshan, Swami gave us a nectarine Darshan for almost an hour enjoying a special music programme presented by the students of the Sathya Sai Music college.

Have a lovely day, sing His name with all your heart and remember His blessed presence always.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 11.06.2007

Sai Rama

Sai Ram embodients of Sai

Wonderful, wonderful Darshans abound. Our Lord treated us again, yesterday afternoon Darshan. He circled the mandir twice in His car. Then came out in His chair and went down the aisles bring much bliss to scores of devotees. I must make a correction though, the previous day he actually materialized a chain for a young child, and again this Darshan materialized a chain for a lady. It was absolute heaven the attention He gave His devotees pining for a word, a glimpse, a touch of His Supreme Presence.

After Darshan I met with Andres from Miami center and some friends and we had satsang in Sai Towers.. We then walked down the main road, there were some monkeys on top of the temple by the second gate, all of a sudden there was noise like something crashing to the ground. The monkeys had thrown down a piece of the temple. I picked up a small chunk from off of the ground. Hanuman's blessings :)
Sending all Bliss and Love from Sai.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 10.06.2007

Darshan, Sparshan, Sambhaashan....

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Parthi :

Bhagawan's visit to the Institute filled each and every Student with Great Joy and Happiness. Swami blessed the students by giving a Divine Discourse, where Swami emphasized the five human values. He spoke about the importance of truth. Adherence to truth and the other human values is real Educare, Swami wonderfully said towards end of the discourse spoke about Saigeetha and her devotion. He explained how devoted she was and never allowed any male elephants to touch her. She dedicated her life to Swami. Swami also mentioned that she will be reborn and will come to Swami again.

Update on Darshan in the Last Few days :

Yesterday Swami came out of interview room around 4:30pm and took a round near the boys. But surprisingly, instead of getting back to the portico, HE chose to go near the devotees... He went near ladies side, and blessed few people and then asked a group of people to come for interview.

Today was even more interesting...... He came for darshan at 3:35 pm. As usual one full round in car, in Kulwant Hall. The usual practice is that after the round the car enters the portico from the ladies side. Today also the turning came, but This Krishna of ours wanted to take one more round! Great time for the devotees. Bonus round.. HE went one more full round. And finally entered the portico from the gents side. He got down, went inside the interview room for probably ten seconds!!

He was back in the portico, this time in chair, and what next? To the delight of all the devotees assembled in Kulwant Hall, Swami decided to go once again near the devotees. And this time in chair. Double bonus! It was so nice to see the Lord go so slow and take letters from one and all. Believe or not, it took so much time for swami to complete the ladies side. He blessed many people, created chain for one devotee, and spoke to many people. Then He came near students, vedam group and then once again entered the portico from gents side. He even spent a couple of minutes talking to some alumni.

Finally He spent few minutes talking to some faculty members and retired to the interview room.

Really it was a fantastic day, every person in the hall would have had HIS darshan to heart's content.

I wish and pray that every day becomes like this here in Parthi....


emailed on 09.06.2007 by KM


This has been arguably the best start to the academic year i've ever seen. Generally the parthi campus is welcomed by a deserted, dry town, a boring schedule (where the day never seems to end) and the prospect of doing bhajans in front of swami concealed in a frame. Couple this with the scorching heat and you might begin to question ur sanity in being here.

After Sai Geeta passed away, Swami apparently reduced his interaction with students and devotees. We were worried what worse could happen. Come june 1, and the scene has entirely changed! Swami, for the past one week, has been regularly coming around student's block, taking letters, giving joy to one and all. He insisted on a programme and the boys were ready with one, the next day. Swami was very happy with the programme as the the theme was 'Namasmarana" and the students actually performed lakshaarchana before His presence. Could we ask for more?

Swami agreed to speak to all students in college auditorium on thursday, being the first moral class session in the institute. It's probably the first time in 20 years that Swami was opening the moral class for us. There was heavy downpour on wednesday night which continued the next morning. It stopped minutes before Swami's arrival to the auditorium.

Swami came at around 9 am. The Vice Chancellor and Rangarajan Sir spoke in the beginning on the topic of Educare which was to become the central point in Swami's discourse. Swami spoke at length for about 1 1/2 hours. Fortunately, i got a front seat in the auditorium, which also meant i could not sleep during the discourse. Thus i noted a few points from His talk.

Secular Vs Spiritual knowledge

There's more attention given to secular knowledge today, but adhyatmik knowledge is most essential.

Do not pride over your knowledge. Teachers impart only second hand info. Only atma is the true teacher.

Education Vs Educare

Worldly education includes the 6 vices whereas educare includes 5 human values (sathya, dharma...)

Importance of human values

He spoke in detail about sathya, dharma,shanti,prema,ahimsa

Human Life

Body is -ve. Name is +ve. Bodies are many, but the indweller is one.

You are a spark of the divine. Hence, lead an ideal human life

We are all actors in the divine drama. So we must realise our true identity.

True moral class is to practise what is taught and to sustain them in life.

Sai students

Study well, get a good name.

Very soon, the Univ will spread its cosmic vision to the world.

The education dept. wants to make this institute national headquarters for academics

Swami expects students to realise, contribute to the mission and keep the torch burning. World over, people are expecting more and more sai students to spread Swami's message.

Sai Geeta

This was a very detailed topic on which Swami dealt. It brought tears to his eyes. He said he was not sad, but it was vatsalya towards his true devotee. None can live such an exalted and ideal life as Sai geeta. She is going to be reborn soon here.

It was really a moving experience to see Swami talk about her. I'm sure in the days to come, we might expect more pleasant surprises from Swami. At least, we can pray for them. Sai Ram.

Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba

A Anantha Vijaya

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 08.06.2007

Sai Angel

Sai Ram Precious Ones

"Swami Angel, Swami Angel
Swami Angel, Swami Angel
You're an angel to me.
Swami Angel how I love him
How I tingle when he passes by
Everytime he says hello
My heart begins to fly."

Today was fantastic. Although our Lord gave me last line this Morning, He more than made up for it in the afternoon. Morning Darshan dear Swami sailed into the Mandir and then exited through the main gate, about 15 minutes later, bhajans had already started and He returned and went into the bhajan hall.

I went for breakfast this morning in the western canteen. I saw a Lady from USA, Maryland center, who was responsible for the Easwaraama sewing project in the ashram, underprivileged Indian girls are given the opportunity to learn a skill thereby saving them from a life of deprivation and sorrow. I couldn't recall her name, but I asked her if she was with a group, she said she had a small one. I also saw Andres, a member of the Southeast region group coming for the Sai pilgrimage in June. So the morning passed very pleasantly.

This afternoon Darshan. I received a little better token, and still was able to take my place in the little island section to the right of the veranda. Our beautiful God came in His car and went onto the veranda and into His interview room. As we waited, pining for His beautiful presence. He suddenly came out glowing with angelic Bliss and Love. The Lord came down off the veranda onto the men's side, through the students, and then went again through another section of the students. He then through our sincere pleas and prayers glided down the main aisle taking letters talking with devotees, giving sugar sweet Krishna looks. He spoke to the lady from Maryland whom I had spoken to earlier. She asked for an interview, and He said YES!!! as He continued moving down that center aisle, allowed one lady to take padnamaskar, and materialized vibhuti for another lady. He passed out little section, we called out to Him with all our Hearts, once again He abruptly turned around headed towards us taking letters. I said inwardly "Swami all I want is your LOVE!"

The sweet Lord looked directly at me in response, with a gaze that can only be described as a snapshot, it's as if His eyes zoom out like a camera taking a picture, brimming with Love, again He looked at me, moving around our little island and cruising towards the veranda, waving His lovely hands in the air to control our overwhelming excitement. An elderly lady next to me broke down weeping uncontrollably hugging me tightly, I just held the dear woman rocking her like a baby.

Once on the veranda, Lord Sai waited for the group to come into the interview room. He kept looking very intensely at our little section for a long while, so Heavenly!!! The group was a fairly large group young girls in identical saris, and I think two other ladies who appeared western. After Darshan I went in the direction of "the thought of the day" posting and who do I see but the lady from Maryland who just received the interview, I felt happy because now I could ask her name, Her name is Sheila. I went over to her and gave her a hug. Some other ladies came over, and she told us a little bit about the interview, Sheila said that the group that came in with her were mostly girls who were studying nursing, apparently Swami has said that there is a shortage of nurses in the hospitals so these girls are being trained to make up this shortage. Sheila also said that one person asked a personal question and Swami responded, "let us complete the work we have started first" in other words lets get these girls trained.

It's a beautiful evening here in Parthi, the perfume breath of our Lord Sai Krishna suffuses every living thing. The Lord is our's for the taking we just have to want Him with all our hearts and souls. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema and Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 08.06.2007

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Swami has been gracious to come for darshan in chair. Yesterday  evening, today morning and today evening Swami came from Yajur  Mandiram in chair and everyone had Wonderful Darshan. Even Though  Bhagawan did not take a full round in the Kulwant Hall everyone had  Wonderful Darshan.

Swami also went near all the Students and took letters from most of  them and Blessed all the Birthday Boys. Swami also blessed all the  New Boys also..

Tomorrow the 7th ,Thursday is a great day for everyone in the  Prasanthi Nilayam Campus of the Institute as Swami is visiting the  Prasanthinilayam College campus tommorow. Swami announced this after  the Bhajans were over today, Swami is visting the Campus at 8.00 A.M,  This has lead to great Excitement among all the boys and the staff.

Swami also permitted the Higher secondary school boys to come to the  college tomorrow. Decoration work is in full swing in the campus For  Swami's Visit.


Posted by Mahadevan on 06.06.07

Sai Heaven

Sai Ram Heavenly family

Swami we adore you, lay our lives before you. How we love You.

I neglected to mention, Sunday afternoon Darshan, Swami's students presented a program the central theme being the power and benefits of Namasmarana, chanting the Lord's name.

At one point the whole gathering joined in chanting "Om Sri Sai Ram" There was a play depicting the story of the dying man, who called Narayana's name even though it was his son's name, the merciful Lord granted him heavenly status since it was his last words.

The students related stories and anecdotes encouraging us to chant the Lord's beautiful name.

Swami appeared sweetly engrossed in the presentation and blessed us all with His Divine presence.

Lately I haven't been able to get into the inner sanctum for bhajans, it's just too crowded and our Dear Lord gave me some distant token lines. But despite this I found that the seating close to the right side of the veranda and in the center of the Mandir affords a wonderful view of Swami especially if He comes out.

This Morning Darshan, He came out early and suprised us all by going onto the veranda then down into the student aisle and sailing towards us in this section, then back onto the veranda. Just lovely.

Tuesday evening Darshan was just heaven! He blessed me with token #1 and I was able to get front row on the exit aisle. Our Sai Avatar, came in His chair without the barrier of the car. He glided down the central aisle down towards the students and then back towards the right side of the veranda. We all kept pining for Him to come towards us, i threw kisses and songs. Swami kept looking towards our section, as if pulled by the magnetic currents of our Love. He started down towards us, His face luminous with love, then almost reluctantly circle back onto the veranda. What joy! What ecstasy!

Earlier today while sitting in the Darshan hall, I asked Swami within to let us sing the bhajan "Radhe Govinda, Radhe Gopala Sai Rama" . It is such an endearing bhajan, one that Buddy uncle, an elderly uncle from the Palm Bay, FL center sings with such fervor. I told Baba I wanted to learn it. The Lord of us all heard this tender request and with playful Krishna leela, the bhajan rang thru the mandir this afternoon :))))

Exiting Swami granted full looks to us all, sending everyone full Sai Heavenly Bliss.

Lots and Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 05.06.2007

Sai Krishna

Sai Ram Divine congregation

Sai Krishna left us all downcast this morning, He didn't come out for Morning Darshan, still the rays of His ananda, soon dispelled the dark clouds settling over us, and we sang His glory with enthusiastic gusto.

I had a sweet satsang with a long time resident here in Parthi, enjoying a lovingly prepared lunch and holy conversation. During the satsang I mentioned something I had heard from another devotee who was in Kodai with Swami. She said that a student asked Swami why He doesn't heal himself. Swami replied "if all the devotees chant "Loka Samaste Sukino Bhavanthu" for a half hour daily, He would be healed." How wonderful!

We shared other gems and stories of the Lord. Later on during afternoon Darshan our Lord arrived about 4:20PM and gave us all the vision of His resplendent form. He then disappeared inside the interview room. we sat there pining for more and singing softly outside His door.

"Sai Krishna, devotees have called on you Baba, I have called you Baba, everyone has called, give us something, something to lean on. You have to come Baba, you have to come. From Shirdi please come, or from Parthi please come, You may come from Mecca or come from Medina. Oh our Baba, Oh our Sai Ram You really have to come"

Lo' like a new star suddenly appearing on the prema soaked horizon, Our Sai Krishna quickly finished His interview and came out, giving us all full, exquisite darshan. He floated thru the rows of students, once again taking letters and blessing with sweet smiles and words. I had an excellent seat very near the veranda on the center right side of the Mandir our Baba passed by His face glowing with undiminished Love and Glory.He sat on the veranda briefly but beautifully then went inside for bhajans. More Prema later.

Lots of Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 04.06.2007

Swami's Health

Returning from Parthi after the wonderful Buddha Poornima celebration, so full of the Grace of His Divine Darshans on one hand and yet on the other a little painful to see Him in this physical condition. I am sure you all felt the same.

I would like to share something that our Beloved Swami has revealed about His health in one of the interviews that He gave to Dr. Patel from London.

When asked why His body was in this condition Swami had said that there was so much negativity in the world today that the world has reached a breaking point. So to save the world He has taken all that negativity upon Himself, on His own body.

Dr. Patel then asked Swami if we devotees could do anything to make Him all-right. It is painful to see Him in this condition. Swami replied by saying that if His devotees could work towards removing negativities in themselves then He would be fine.

Where are we going to find such a compassionate Bhagawan? Even in His suffering He only wants our evolvement our supreme benefit. That is love….no reason to love no season to love… like He Himself says. And He is actually living what He is preaching. So much Compassion. He is compassion personified.

Dear fellow devotees…are we going to let Him suffer our follies? If we really love Him as we all claim to...then we must all take our sadhana very very seriously from this moment onwards. Let us all follow His instructions very carefully and sincerely. Let us all join hands together, helping each other on the path leading towards Him. He is always ready to shower us with His Grace for our efforts. He is there to help us every step of the way for that is the main purpose of The Avatar. Whatever He does is for our benefit only.

Bhagawan has taken all our burdens upon Himself. Can we too do our bit? Are we going to waste this golden opportunity that has come our way? This period of time is going to go down in golden letters in history. We are living in the same age as the Avatar!!! The future generations are going to look up to us. Will we leave a good example to follow? Will we leave a good name for our beloved Swami? That Swami whose very life-breath is for His divine mission ie our transformation. Will we allow Him to shape us?

Think dear fellow devotee, think. We too must think of Him just like He always thinks of us. We have only taken from Him so far, we must now think of giving back. And it is giving back what? This giving is also nothing but receiving only…in greater measure. We stand only to benefit in everyway. It’s a win-win situation.

Thank-you Swami for pulling us all to You.

With humble pranams at His Lotus Feet.

Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan

Courtesy: Saivision - emailed on 04.06.2007

Ode to Isaac

By happen chance I met a man with sky eyes and stallion clouds racing across them although we weren't properly introduced the tan umbrella shading his alabaster complexion from the hot, equatorial sun cast a sparkling shadow over mine

Daily I observe him, sitting on Sai Avatar's veranda dressed in white punjabi suit, close to God's golden throne and silken feet

Lately, I learned that, this is the same blessed Soul who helped create the super specialty Temple of Healing in the holy city of Puttaparthi
where millions are afforded cost free health care and treatment

Disregarding wealth, fame, hollywood glitz this man of noble nature, mammoth compassion, and devotion has surrendered and dissolved his body, mind, spirit in the saintly streams of bhakti and saranagathi

Sai Bless you Isaac Tigrett and always keep you near His starry feet

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 04.06.2007

Sai Ananda

Sai Ram embodiments of Splendor

Our Lord did not come out this Sunday morning. Thankfully He cooled off the overwhelming heat we have been suffering from these past few days. Refreshing showers poured down like lullabies last night, making us all sleep soundly.

Yesterday afternoon Darshan was a treat. Sai Easwara glided through the students speaking to them and taking their letters, at one point I saw Him materialize vibhuti for them.

He also called Issac Tigrett in for an interview, blessed man.

Contemplating some wonderful thoughts, since everything is a projection of our thoughts.

If we choose those activities that keep our mind and thoughts centered in the heart, in pure prema, our lives must be full of bliss, joy and God's ananda. Swami has given the  9 fold path of devotion, truly designed to help us maintain this exquisite center and harmony.

Each step on this ananda path bring's us closer to the friendship, closeness and union we all yearn for.

Sending everyone, Sai Love and Bliss.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 03.06.2007


Early, we awaken in the Temple of Brahma. Twenty one Oms, Suprabhatam, Nagasankirtam caress our ears, refresh our Spirits. Sri Saraswati, Her hands folded in prayer floods the Dawn horizon with orchid pink, almond gold rays of her sari.

Soon, the intimate music of His ankle bells and holy flute can be discerned padding softly through the velvet red corridors of our hearts

We are His Divine instruments, celestial orchestra hollow reeds through which He blows His leela melody.

Outside the inner Sanctuary, mantra chanting Priests with kum kum and tumeric smeared foreheads crack open coconuts, burn sandalwood fragrance at Ganesha shrine.

Humbly, tenderly we baptize the newborn, immaculate day in overflowing fountains of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema
and Ahimsa

Lots of Bliss
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 02.06.2007

Sai Incredible

Sai Ram Dear embodiments of Purest Love

It is around 8:45Pm in Parthi, so much Sai splendor, I can't even begin to describe.

Will update now.

After the encounter with the great Soul Vasantha Sai. Thursday Morning Darshan, I was sitting in the token lines and drifted off into an altered state, then I distinctly heard a voice whisper in my ear #2, I saw a token but on the token was the number 3. When I came out of this dream state. I thought to myself, incredible maybe I am going to get either #2 or #3.

Wonders! I received token #2, and Vasantha Sai and her group received token # 1.

So we ended up sitting together again in the exit aisle. I sat in the second row right behind Amma.

Our Lord gave lovely Darshan, when leaving He looked deeply at the front row, and I felt His power splashing over all of us.

The next three Darshans our Lord Grace's fell like rain. He granted me first row three times.

I am truly in seventh heaven. It is starting to get a little more crowded, but still manageable.

Swami came down in His wheel chair over by the students Thursday evening and today in the afternoon. We received deep probing looks as He exited today.

Also heard just now as I sat to type this that Vasantha Sai is leaving for her ashram on June 6th.

It is getting quite late so will stop now and update later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 01.06.2007

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