Prasanthi Updates- 28th July - USA Music Programme

On 28th of July, the devotees from USA region 10 had the permission to put up their programme in front of Swami. They were all seated in the marble block by 3:00 pm itself. A sea of blue scarves occupied the most coveted spots of the mandir. Swami arrived for darshan in the chair. He took the round along the ladies side. In between the marble block, He turned and moved towards the stage. He took mini rounds of the portico and the bhajan hall. He came out for the programme at 5:25pm. There were many offerings to Him - flowers, cards and booklets. Swami sweetly and smilingly blessed everything.

The programme was based on the concept of the Lord's descent in the world for man's ascent. Like always, the tradiional "opener's" slot was alloted to Lord Ganesha. The episode of the bridge building to Lanka by the monkeys led by Lord Rama was depicted by children as songs went on in the background. Moving into another age, the next episode depicted the pranks of Lord Krishna and His leelas among the cowherd boys and girls. A traditional Sufi dance set to the lively rhythms of a qawwali was next and it focussed on the grandeur of Allah. The next Avatar to make the appearance was Lord Buddha and the vanquishing of the negative emotions that he embodied. The fifth theme was On Jesus Christ and his all encompassing Love. And finally, just all roads lead to Rome in the past, all paths lead to Sai today. The final few songs were on the glory of Swami and His projects for the welfare of mankind. Towards the end of their programme, all the children who had acted in the various tableau came forward and sat down. Swami called a photographer and told him to take a snap of all the children seated down. The He moved down the stage and sat amidst them too. All the children sat close around Him and the picture was complete. He moved back on stage as the children kept touching His feet and seeking blessings. Then they began bhajans. After the bhajans went on for a while, Swami received Aarthi and retired to Yajur Mandir at 6:40pm. Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Updates

After the most Hectic and Divine days from the Sri Rama Sapthaha Yagnam to Guru Poornima to the Sathya Sai Educational Conference, Swami has been coming for Darshan in His Chair on most of the occasions and after going around in the Verandah, Swami has been sitting on the stage for a few minutes and then going into the Interview Room. On July 28th,Monday there was a wonderful Music programme from Sai Devotees of USA in which there were some wonderful programmes by the Children, Swami liked the programme a lot as so did everyone.

Om Sai Ram

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Om Sai Ram - The Divine Golden Lingam Miracle

Yesterday on the last day of the World Educational Conference witnessed a most Astounding and Divine Miracle by Bhagawan. Swami gifted a Divine Golden Lingam to Shri.Goldstien. Swami then said the Following about the Lingam :

Swami also said that it is a very Powerful Lingam with Divine Qualities

Divya Abhishekam should be done to the Lingam in the morning everyday and the Divine Water will cure all the sick people.

Swami also said that the Divine Golden Lingam would grow in size day by day.

What a wonderful Miracle sir. Divine Lingam like the Hiranyagarbha Lingam.

Om Sai Ram

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Om sairam dearest Sai Family,

it is with heart felt apologies, I apologise my dearest sai family for reporting the lingam episode in a wrong way.. On 21 July after the music programme, Swami did materialise the Golden Lingam but later wrapped it in a bag and handed over to Sri Goldstien but did not give it to the music director as I mentioned in my email.

Iam so sorry for the blunder and would want to apologise to every one..

Here after I would be careful and pray to Swami to guide me and help me in my effort..


satish naik - 23.07-08

Updates - 22.07.2008

A two days Orthopaedic Conference was held in Prasanthi Nilayam.  On 12.07.2008, Bhagawan graciously entered into the conference hall to the delights of hundreds of medical experts from the field. A few distinguished doctors received momentos from Bhagawan. Bhagawan moved amongst the delegates interacting with them. Bhagawan then accepted Mangal Aarathi and returned to Mandir.

The photo shown below Bhagawan interacting with doctors...

Swami Presents the Golden Lingam to Sri Goldstien

Om Sai Ram,dear Sai Family,

The Sri Sathya Sai world youth conference came to a grand end with a hour long discourse.Swami abruptly ended His discourse and was wheeled into interview room. As we all were wondering as what divine leela is in
the offering Swami emerged from the interview room with His characteristic sweet smile and in no time He raised His Hand to show the beautiful golden linga and as we all were wondering if it was materialised today,Swami was seen passing the Linga to Sri.Goldstien.

SWAMI later Said He is gifting the lingam which He materialised yesterday to Goldstien.Swami then materialised vibhuthi and put on the Lingam and continued saying this is a powerful Lingam. After doing abhishekam every morning Swami asked to give the water to the sick people and will cure diseases. Swami also added that the golden lingam would grow day by day in its size. I will post more details later.

Satish Naik - 22.07.2008

21st July 2008 Darshan Update

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The second day of Sri Sathya Sai World Education conference was another beautiful one with lot of surprises, lot of information and the divine discourse was full of supreme wisdom and Swami made us laugh many a times during the course of the discourse..

This morning all the delegates and devotees were waiting for Swami and Swami blessed us with His divine darshan at 10am and there were talks by some devotees after which the morning programme ended around 11:30am.


Afternoon darshan was packed with surprises so also was Sai Kulwanth hall.

Swami blessed the august gathering with His divine darshan by coming out in His car chair at 4pm. There were 4 speakers blessed by Swami to address the gathering the first one being Brother Victor Kanu, from Zambia, the founder of the miracle school in Africa, the blessed instrument who took Sai Teachings to Africa and helping a lot for the upliftment of the poor children of the DARK continent.

The last speaker was brother Sanjay Mahalingam whom I always consider as a OLD soul in a young body, for the way he speaks and yet very young.

He was of the opinion that Silence is the primal requirement for any spiritual speaker.. One has to enjoy and attain that moment of silence, that point of silence which is very tiny but that's where one will realize God.

He narrated a story told to him by Swami. Anand, Gautam Buddha's cousin took a promise from Buddha to be with Him for ever. He used to accompany Lord Buddha every where He went. Many sages and noble souls came to Him , learned His teachings, became immortal and learned the highest truth of life. As the years passed by, it was time for Lord Buddha to leave His mortal body. It had been already 40 years since Anandh was with Him and yet didn't learn or acquire any knowledge.

As the time was getting closer for Buddha to leave His body, He asked Anandh to call all the saints and sages who had come to him. The word was sent and all of them came. They decided to pen down all the teachings of Buddha and all of them stayed through out the night to do the TASK. Anandh who was still ignorant didn't know what was happening, or how important and rare was Gautham Buddha. He sat near the door and thought for the whole night and just then, that very second, He got realized that He is not what He was thinking and He is one with the God. That very moment the doors opened and the sages let Him in.

Brother Sanjay, asked all of us to catch that tiny moment, crave for that tiny moment which will take us to the highest level of spirituality.

Swami was very impressed with this boy, who is doing his Phd programme in Swami's institute.

Now it was the turn of Swami to highlight and ignite the minds of Bal Vikas Gurus, students and devotees. Seated on His throne Swami after adjusting the mike and as Prof.Anil Kumar lend His eager ears, Swami started His divine discourse with a verse, asking of what use is all the worldly education without realizing the TRUTH. (chaduvulanni chadivi chavanga netiki, Chavu leni chaduvu chaduva valaya), of what use is all the worldy knowledge when you know that you are going to die one day or other.,, rather acquire that knowledge which is immortal and permanent..

As promised yesterday Swami answered some questions. Swami had a paper with questions in His hands and He was reading the question, which was written in English but being translated on the spot by Him in telugu. Very rarely you see Swami answering questions and in between He was saying, Question number….., and would read out the question and answer the same in His unique way and the whole discourse which started bit formally later transformed into laughter and many a times devotees burst in laughter for the Sai Humor

There was one question which said, what should be given to God to which Swami replied there is no need to give anything to God as you are verily God.

QUE: What is the procedure to mould students into true humans ? to which Swami replied Teacher should be a role model to the students. Teacher should have harmony in thought, action and deed first and then teach the students. If a teacher says, don't eat fish and if he/she does the same then it is of no use. A teacher should not have a trace of ego

QUE: How should a teacher behave?

Swami replies: A teacher should be an ideal to His students. He should be very care ful with Girls. He should consider girls as his own sister and take care of their needs and teach them the good. Parents out of immense confidence and hopes leaves the child in the teachers' hands and it is the duty of the teacher to lay a firm foundation for the child's future.

Later there were questions relating to parents and Swami gave a very strong message to the modern parents who are not doing their duties properly.

There was one question which read How should parents behave?

To which Swami replied Parents should be very careful while discussing family problems. Swami asked parents not to discuss family problems,financial problems or any problems which would disturb the childhood of the child. A parent should teach the children to respect elders and also the children should know that they have come to this position just because of the sacrifice of the parents.

Every parent should respect their parents. Don't discard them showing the children as an excuse.Dont show any trace of jealousy or anger. Parents should not make their parents unhappy for your happiness.

Swami then sang a poem which depicted the present day pitiable situation of a family with both husband and wife working and the children being entirely neglected at the cost of earning some money..the lines went like this Udyogamulu cheya vanita landaru pova, griha krityamulu cheyu grihini evaru. (if all the mothers go for work, who will take care of the house) Swami then said, many of the mothers today go out for work, leaving their children in the hands of Aaya (servant maid). Of what use will she be to YOUR child. By going to work you may earn 500 rupees more but the aaya will make the square the earnings in the form of wages and many times you will find some utensils missing from the kitchen (laughter)..

Many couples call from office, asking the aaya to prepare tea not knowing that there are no ingredients at home to make tea. Swami was of the opinion that Mothers should give primal importance to the child's future than running after work to earn some extra income. By doing so, the child's future will be hampered and it is not worth a job.

Swami then said, if conditions are favourable there is nothing wrong in working and one should be in a position to judge if child comes first or the job..

Swami later asked the parents to be role models to their children. Swami amidst laughter, said, now a days, parents wake up not until 8am. This is not a very good example at all to the children. One should wake up at 5am. When parents wake up at 8am the children wake up at 9am and of what use is such a life. Well for people who have no responsibilities, extra sleep wont do any harm. It is well suited for people who are retired and not to people who have responsibilities on their shoulders.

The whole discourse of Swami was full of laughter but a mild warning to the so called working class parents for whom money stands first than children's future..

I am not sure how many mothers sitting in Sai Kulwanth hall would have thought of resigning to their jobs to save their child's future and am sure what ever they do, it will all be His will and guidance and when Swami was saying about working women, even though He sounded bit humorous but there sounded an urgency in His voice for mothers' to tighten the grip on their children who are very much in need of a true friend and a true guide and I can't think of any one other than MOTHER who could make a child's future more worthwhile.

It was around 6:45 pm and Swami asked students to sing bhajans and there was a large group from Russia and neighboring countries ready with a bouquet of Songs. After 2 bhajans Swami asked them to sing and it was a great session. Even though we didn't understand the language, it was a very sweet programme.

Swami then materialized a golden lingam by waving His hand and presented the same to the music director. She was very happy to receive that gift and Arathi was given to Swami at 7:15pm and thus ended another beautiful day in Puttaparthi…

With Humble pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord

R.Satish Naik.. 21.07.2008

Swami materialised Lingam this afternoon 21st July

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

Its 7;30pm and darshan has just finished and wanted to share this beautiful incident which occurred at 7:05pm when a large group from previous Soviet Republic gave a breathtaking concert and the music director of the concert was at her best and many times the audience couldnt stop applauding even though the language they sang was not known to us..

I was very sure that Swami would be materialising something to this very talented lady and after all the songs, Swami signaled the lady to sit down and it was bit surprising for us and our Lord's ways are always mysterious and WE SHOULD LOVE HIS UNCERTAINITY.. and after 5 minutes or so, when the students were busy distributing Prasadam there came bring screams from the singing group, who still had the mikes before them..and to our surprise, we saw a dazzling GOLDEN LINGAM double the size of a normal egg in Swami's hands which was materialised by wave of His hands.... I couldnt believe myself, I thought, hope its not SHIVARATHRI and Swami very lovingly called the Music director and as all of us joined our hands, Swami presented the golden lingam to her and she was the happiest person on this earth and she definitely has a reason..... a DIVINE GIFT and a VERY VERY RARE GIFT FROM SWAMI..
Will update about the divine discourse and others talks later...


Satish Naik - 21.07.2008

Swami Inaugurates Education Conference (20 July 2008) 

Om Sai Ram dearest Sai Family,

The Abode of our beloved Lord is full of festivity & gaiety. One gets a feeling as if one is seeing the whole world compressed into a tiny place Puttaparthi. People from all walks of the life, culture, religion and to be precise devotees from more than 150 countries are here, it would be appropriate if I say HAVE BEEN SENT THE DIVINE INVITATION to be part of this non-religious yet highly spiritual festival..every one of us were looking forward to the afternoon session when our beloved Lord was scheduled to inaugurate the Sri Sathya Sai world Education conference 2008.

Swami came at 4.30 pm and the SAI SYMPHONY orchestra was all set for a performance. Swami in His wheel chair came on to the dais after giving darshan. After settling on the dais Swami asked for two more chairs for Sri Goldstien and Sri Srinivasan, both of them were blessed to speak on the occasion.

Sri Goldstien who was in a blue blazer, looking more slim & trim went upto to Swami to take His blessings. Goldstein a well known person within the circles of Sai family highlighted the importance of Education in human values and the role played by Sai Schools. He reminded the active role to be played by the Balvikas Gurus.

Sri Goldstien who gave a very inspiring talk later requested Swami to give suggestions & guidance for the participants. it was the turn of Sri Srinivasan to take the center stage and Sri Srinivasan was of the opinion that Balvikas is the foundation for any child's bright future. He said there are close to 99 Sai schools in India itself and about 50,000 students have been enrolled for the programme. many schools are asking to conduct balvikas classes in their respective premises..after he finished the talk all eyes were on Swami as if asking HOW ABOUT A DIVINE DISCOURSE SWAMI? and Swami in no time signaled for the mike and our own Prof.Anil Kumar came closer to Swami and thus confirming that we will be blessed to listen to the nectarine voice, the pure and unsullied truth directly from the SOURCE.


Seated on His throne Swami started His discourse with His most famous PREMA SWAROOPULARA address. Today, Swami preferred to use Prof.Anil Kumar's mike instead of His regular tiny mike, so Prof.Anil Kumar had to wait for the mike and once it was set up, the nectarine river of Brahma Gnana flowed incessantly.

Swami started by Saying, Goldstein and Srinivasan have said about Education and its values and not much is left to say...Swami highlighted the importance of Educare. He was of opinion that there are crores of people who are educated BUT how many are practicing the real HUMAN NESS, how many are compassionate, its just COME FASHION and not COMPASSION.

Swami urged all the youth to be united, lead a harmonious life. Not to divide this world into countries and regions. Swami amidst loud applauds said, in another 20 years THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CASTE, NO RELIGION AND NO GEOGRAPHICAL BARRIER AND THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE GOD.. That was the highlight statement of today's divine discourse.

He also cautioned the wicked to give up their evil tendencies as for every action there is REACTION, REFLECTION AND RESOUND. No one can escape the consequences of Bad actions. He also said, many developed countries are behind oil rich countries harassing them and imposing un necessary restrictions which is not good.

Swami also said, don't give much importance to the body. To make it clear He took His hand kerchief and said, This is MY kerchief. Which means KERCHIEF is separate and MY is separate. Who is this MY. My is the ATMA. If any one asks Who are you? You should say I AM GOD. Just that statement of yours will make you GODLY and that is the way one should lead the life.

Swami also urged not to divide the society as RICH and POOR. The one who can't earn God's grace is the poorest of the poor and not in terms of Money and positions.

As thousands were listening to Swami attentively, Swami re assured that He would be speaking again tomorrow (21st July) and would clear all the doubts from our minds and it was getting closer to 6pm and Swami whose voice was sweet and firm concluded His divine discourse after which He asked for the Sai Symphony Orchestra to take over the stage.

Sai Symphony Orchestra consisting a mix of devotees from various countries were practicing for quite some time now. and they rendered a blend of music from various countries starting from Russia, then Italy, Germany, UK and so on..

The introduction between every song was very good...

As the time was getting closer to 7pm, Swami signaled to close today's session and thus came the curtains down for a beautiful SAI fill day..Today it was a beautiful experience and a very energetic SAI DAY and no one felt like leaving the Kulwanth Hall, Like every one of us, surprisingly even the sun probably didn't want to go to His duty to USA, and was still in the west and after bidding farewell to the LORD OF THE LORDS as HE entered into HIS Physical abode, the SUN GOD went to USA to wake all the brothers and sisters there..


With Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Lord

R.Satish Naik


Date: 21.07.2008

Prasanthi Update - July 7th

Men and Machines filled the central blocks of the Kulwant hall today. The devotees from the Anantapur district had arranged for the service activity wherein they would distribute implements to the needy to provide a source of livelihood. Many devotees from the surrounding villages and from other rural areas of Anantapur had gathered for the occasion. Swami had very graciously agreed to preside over the distribution. And so stood an impressive array of tools, machines and implements. Sewing machines, carpentry kits, sowers, tillers, Insecticide sprayers, wet grinders, cycles, pushcarts, embroidery machines, handlooms and irons constituted this array. Swami came a bit early and went into the interview room.

Later, at about 3:55pm, He came onstage to begin the proceedings. The District President of the Sai Organisation began with an introductory talk in Telugu. Prof Anil Kumar gave a short introduction in English and Telugu, and what an introduction it was! He spoke of how Swami was an ideal to all the leaders for He, like a magnificent tree, had stood rooted at His home village and brought the whole world to HIm rather than travel around the world. "Anantapur," he said, "stands for the meaning 'every body'. Pura is the body and Ananta means infinite."

As he was speaking of Swami's shower of Grace and Love, a steady drizzle began and soon it turned into a tremendous and wonderful shower. It began to beat down so much that the rain 'drowned' the professor's talk in volume.. The thrill of joy surging in every soul assembled was such that very soon, the sound of the rain was drowned in the thunder of the applause. The professor then started to read out the names of the recipients and the implements they were being gifted. Sewing machines, bicycles, push-carts, grinding machines, electrical kits and other such items were duly passed on to the beneficiaries from the rural areas of the district. In the beginning as the various heads came to Swami to take padanamaskar, Swami created vibhuti for all of them and blessed them.

Each recipient had been chosen and all of them were gifted items of work at which they were skilled. It was indeed a very noble endeavour. Silently an economic revolution was on! Swami, with His spontaneous and loving action had created more than 500 jobs in an hour! A little common sense and some basic awareness of secondary and tertiary beneficiaries- and anyone will understand the magnificent entrepreneurial implications of this "simple" deed. And no big fuss made about it. "Instead of giving bread, teach a man how to make bread," was seen in its full meaning as Swami lovingly blessed the recipients as they came forward and placed a flower of gratitude at His feet. In about half an hour, the whole distribution was complete. After that, Swami permitted the children of Anantapur samithis to put up a cultural programme in his presence.

Four children came up to the front with roses, bouquets, cards and dry fruits. Swami was so happy seeing them and He spontaneously materialised a gold chain with a locket for one of the girls! Then the programme began. It was in Telugu and based on the vows of Swami to protect the vedas, the wise people, the suffering and all the devotees.

A major portion of the programme was via various colourful and rhythmic dances. The music and composition were all very good and heart-warming. Swami saw the entire programme and as it concluded with a final formation, He blessed all of them with the Abhayahastha. Swami went into the interview room, and emerged after a few minutes to come down from the stage in His chair and distribute saris to the children who participated in the programme.

The children sat in disciplined rows and Swami gifted each child with a beautiful violet saree. Once that was done, He asked whether all had received the saree. Then, with a smile of satisfaction, He looked at all the assembled children. He called them to come to Him and pose for group photographs! Again, in disciplined groups, the children came to Him and photos were taken. After Blessing the participants with group photos, the Balvikas children began bhajans.As bhajans went on, prasadam was distributed, and Swami accepted Arati at six o'clock.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Thu Jul 10, 2008

Prasanthi Update - Weekend Special Topic

After a wonderful and very Hectic week of Ramayana Saptaham, there has been a kind of lull for about 6 days. There have been almost no Morning darshan except for one or two days while the Evenings have been filled with Swami being busy with giving interviews.

Come weekend and probably everyone wanted to expect some change and it was true this weekend also. The group of devotees from USA, about 200 of them have been in Parthi for the last one week and they had come prepared with a Music programme and were waiting for Swami's permission.

Saturday was the chosen day and they all assembled in Kulwant hall in front of the dias. Swami came straight on to the dais and asked for the programme to begin. The chosen songs were simple, couple of them in the native American language. With excellent and catchy music, each and everyone sang their heart out for HIM. Swami was totally involved, listening keenly and smiling almost all the time. Swami also asked them to sing bhajans which they sang wonderfully well.

After many many months one could and enjoy that Swami was so very much involved in any programme of any sort. Everyone was taken back to the wonderful olden days when Bhagawan used to enjoy Bhajans and any programme so much. One really felt Transported in time.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM 07.07.2008

Darshan 5th and 6th July


Everytime we go to parthi, there is the same unlimited bliss that flows within us. The divine darbar welcomes us with its spectacular chandeliers, birds flying here and there, veda chanting, enchanting bhajans along with the murmurings of the amused devotees who drank the nectar of divine love flowing through them to get "Prashanti". Above all, Bhagawan giving darshan is the greatest happiness provider.


Bhagawan did not come for the morning session, bhajans started at 9A.M and ended at 9.30A.M. Afternoon sultriness is cooled by the entry of the Bhagawan in the wheel chair,

Love you Swami and thanks a lot for giving us these darshans all the 365 days US North east region devotees gave a programme details card even before Bhagawan came. The front page of that program card is with Bhagawan sitting in a mobile chair and there is Bhagawan in the chair!!

Let not the tears flow down Swami when you come, we might not see you well in those happy tears, let our eyes be clear and our mind be tranquil to fill your form in our hearts. US group performed around nine songs, all gems, one or two songs in their native language and one in spanish, if I am correct. The commentary is short and is nice with much emphasis on the songs rather than on the commentary. Swami listened to all of them non-stop, all 9 songs moving His hands in beat and then bhajans followed on.

They said they had a 9 month in-depth study of Bhagawan's principles! Hope we also get some of these interesting sessions planned in our regional bhajan centres. Swami sat for a long time on the dias much to the happniess of all the devotees. Swami left after arthi and there is Sathya Geeta waiting for Bhagawan before His residence. Swami talked to her and then went inside His residence. And so ended a great day in Bhagawan's physical presence.

July 6th:

In the morning, all were praying for Bhagawan's morning darshan. I felt that Bhagawan will come as all of His loving students came for His divine darshan being a Sunday. Swami came in, in the mobile chair again, bhajans went on and Bhagawan left after arthi.

Afternoon session left saturation-happiness in me as I happened to be in the bhajan hall, in Swami's immediate presence, thanks to my stars and koti pranams to Bhagawan for giving me this chance. I saw those students of Swami and their happy talks with Him. Somebody gave "Maha Ganapathi Namosthuthe" on Saxphone? I am unsure as the person turned towards Swami. It was fantastic. I think these boys are Bangalore boys(again very very unsure) I thought so as they were pleading Swami to come or these boys can be from puttaparthi college itself asking Him to come to hostel, I am not sure. There were kannada and marathi commentaries in between the songs. One thing attracted me very well in those commentaries is somebody's words saying "Blessed are all these students as Bhawan accepted them as His very own students" What a boon, what a boon, I pity myself for not being His student (though Swami guides us in one way or other though we are far or near His physical presence)

There was this"Madhura mohana ghana syama sundara Sai, Ananda pradaayi...", "Raava Swami..." and other songs. I love these songs and here they are that too while having Bhagawan right in front!! Thank you Swami. Bhagawan took arthi and left around 6.15 P.M and I went out running as my train was at 7P.M

2 days went on like 2 minutes, and there I am waiting for another trip to parthi!

Thanks n Regards,

Hari Om

In the heart of silence one can hear the foot steps of God

Sailaja Krishna Mohan Raj

Courtesy: Saibabanews 07.07.2008

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