Parthi Updates - July 2007

Prasanthi News - Guru Poornima Update - 29th July

On this Most Auspicious Guru Poornima Day , Swami was welcomed into the Sai Kulwant Hall by a most Wonderful and very colourful procession led by Bhagawan's New Baby Elephant - Sai Lakshmi. Swami was looking Divine as always in a Wonderful yellow robe and granted Divine Darshan in His Darshan Vehicle to the Ten's of Thousands waiting to get a Glimpse of the Divine Lord. People say that This is the largest ever Guru Poornima Crowd of Devotees that they have ever seen, even Surpassing the Guru Poornima crowd in the year of Bhagawan's 60th Birthday.

Bhagawan when Walked to the Stage and fed the Divinely Decorated the Young Calf, There was not a person who did not have a Tear in His Eyes as everyone had been so accustomed to see Sai Geetha there on every Festive occasion, At the same time everyone seem to say that How Much Sai Lakshmi Resembled Sai Geetha, The Resemblance is very very Striking. She never did anything unusual even though this was the first time that she came in front of such a Huge crowd. That was the greatest Physical quality which Bhagawan used to stress, Swami said once " Students stutter when they speak before huge crowds when Swami asks them to, But Sai Geetha who is always alone, Never gets Scared when coming before Huge Crowds, that is because She always Looks at me and no one else ", Sai Lakshmi is exactly like that.

The wonderfully talented and famous Alladi brothers, who incidentally had also performed in " Sai Sruthi" at Kodaikanal earlier in the year gave a most wonderful Vocal Recital which had everyone spell bound, Swami I think enjoyed it the most. Swami called the Little Students of the Primary Wing to show them their Card . Prasadam was Distributed to all and Mangala Aarathi was accepted by Our Divine Lord at 9.15 A.M .

Om Sai Ram


emailed on 29.07.2007

From Bhagawan's Divine Discourse on 28th July, 2007

Spend your time with love. Many people, look very serious, with a castor oil face. Smile always. God always smiles. God is never sad, serious, sorrowful. Always smiles. I have no pain because I always smile. I'm telling this now, this body had a fall some years back. My hip was fractured. It had 4 cracks. Doctors said it has to operated. Swami said NO. I walked all the way to give darshan..

Even today, there is an inch difference between one leg to the other in standing posture. The doctors are here, including Dr. Pillay from Singapore . He is a orthopaediacian, . Many from USA also came. I was smiling. They asked Swami give us 5 minutes. I told them, If it is for spiritual up-liftment, why 5 minutes, I will give you for 5 hours , but if it is for the body, I wont give you not even 5 minutes. There is no pain at all for Me. I have no body weakness or nothing. I am as I was. I am 110 pounds even to this day. I am healthy. DONíT WORRY ABOUT ME. I am perfect, healthy. You may feel that there is some pain. There IS NO PAIN AT ALL.

YOUR LOVE FOR ME TAKES ALL THE PAIN FROM THIS BODY. The moment I see you I am in a supreme bliss. Only You can make me free from pain and NOT DOCTORS . I am very very happy to see thousands who came to see Me. I love you and you all love me. Where ever you are , If you are happy I will be happy. Watching you my heart jumps in joy.. makes me very very happy. All those have come here are pious and devoted. THIS WILL MAKE ME WALK VERY SOON. There is no medicine stronger than love. You are my medicine. My love is most powerful medicine you need. I bless you and want you to be happy and peaceful. Be friendly, live in harmony like family members. Never be scared of any problems. BE strong mentally. If wife is sick, if children are sick donít panic. I bless you so that by the time you go home you will be happy, blissful, and peaceful .

A Most Wonderful Discourse which captured the hearts, Minds and Souls of each and everyone who was present and of millions and millions of people who have read it and are reading it.

Om Sai Ram


emailed on 29.07.2007

Closing Ceremony of Youth Conference

With Greetings to all the devotees of our beloved Bhagwan Loving sairam to you all.

The crowd has doubled in numbers, and the Gurupoornima crowd is here in Parthi added to the thousands of World youth Conference Delegates. The atmosphere in Puttaparthi is fully charged and thanks to Swami, Who is spending hours and hours with the work shop. This morning there were about 4 speakers blessed by Bhagwan to address the gathering. It was just wonderful to listen to them. Every one, were second to none. By the time the morning session was over it was 11am and our beloved compassionate Swami, stayed for the whole programme.

In the afternoon, before Swami came out for darshan at 3:30, the hall was full and thousands were standing out side to have a glimpse of Swami. This afternoon two speakers were blessed by Swami to address the august gathering, starting with Dr.Reddy who in his 20 minute long speech highlighted the importance of discipline. He reminded Swami's words of giving up body attachment and totally have one pointed faith and attention on God.

The next speaker was Mr. Goldstein, who stole the show again with his yet another masterpiece talk. He urged the devotees to make use of this precious life by contemplating and adhering to Swami's teachings. He was of the opinion that human birth was not natureís accident but Godís will. Swami has come in this Kali age to guide us protect us and to bring a change within.

It was 4:30pm by then and as all of us were eagerly looking at Swami, He signaled for the Discourse mike and as thousands and thousands of pairs of hands joined, Swami slowly rose from His throne.... after positioning the mike and adjusting His tone, as Prof. Kumar gave a close ear, Swami's nectarine voice sang a Telugu verse, coincidently, it was the same verse, which He sung on the inaugural day discourse, reiterating the importance of Sathya.

Swami's discourse started highlighting the importance of Sathya, liberation, food habits, about His health and He gave a hair-raising ending to His divine discourse which made all of us shed tears of joy, happiness and love...

Excerpts from the Discourse

Sathyambu nandunde sarvambu shristinche,
(the whole world is born out of truth )
Sathyambu nanadanage sarva shrusti
(the whole universe merges in truth)
Sathya Mahima leni stalamedi kanu gonna, sudda satva midiye chooda rayya
(There is no place without truth)


For the whole world, truth is the base. All the beings are born out of truth. Nothing exists without truthÖ Swami then materialised a golden oval Lingam by waving His divine hands and continued, This is the truth.

There is no other noble act than adhering to truth. You are God. Its foolishness to look for God out side. God is present in every cell , atom of your body. There is no place without God. Never forget God. If you forget your self, its forgetting God. This Sai is full of truth. Remember the ABC of life...Always Be Careful.

God is present every where. All the heads here are God himself. God is cosmic form. You all are cosmic form. Only the forms are different physically. I am present in every one of you.. Spiritually all are one. I am not different from You. You are not different from Me. We all are ONE. Never give any second thoughts. Strengthen this love. Blossom love in your heart. Then only you can share this love with every one. Never hate or harm any one. Today, Hatred is every where, difference of opinion that should not be so.


All are Zeros. God is 1 Hero. All the rest are Zeros. Because of God (1), Zero has value. Without Hero Zeros are just Zeros. For all God is very important. Mind is the cause for all this. Mind is monkey mind. Its not monkey mind. Its MAN KIND. Itís the mind that spreads the light and Joy. Its cause for all the sorrow. Many consider mind as bad. If you can control the mind, it can never be bad. Then only you will be happy. You will experience supreme bliss.


Swami later shifted the topic to Liberation.. He said, for every one liberation should be the ultimate goal. He reiterated that every one has be liberated and reminded that its the BEST time for all us to be get closer to Liberation in His immediate presence. Swami continued....This bodyís name is Sathya. The name is given to the body not to Me. I am not body. I am not mind. I am not buddhi. I am not imagination. I am Bhagwan. You should have firm faith. Many people, because of food habits the mind changes. Some for the kind of company. Tell me your company I will tell you what you are. Always join good company. You will develop detachment, that will lead to steadiness and that will lead to Mukti (liberation). Every one will be liberated. But when? Only when you think that you are not the body, you are Atma.. You will be liberated the next day. I am Swami.. Swami is Me. think like that. By merely saying loudly, I am swami. Its of no use. Say that with a steady mind. Meditate on this. When your mind is steady, you will be immortal, unpolluted.

Speaking on pollutions Swami said, This pollution, is causing lot of disturbances. Water is also polluted. Because of polluted water, the body falls sick. Its important to maintain body. Why did you get this body. To know your true nature. You are forgetting this. You are getting more attached to body. Itís a water bubble. Donít follow the mind. Donít follow the body. Follow the conscience. If you follow the conscious you will be liberated.

It was already 30 minutes by then and Swami continued His divine discourse sitting on His throne...


There is a easy way to liberate. Keep your mind steady for 11 seconds. If you keep your mind steady you will attain liberation. 11 seconds is enough. You are not able to concentrate even for 11 seconds. You can experience every thing in this short span of time. Donít strain your self with Japmalas. 11 seconds of time is enough. Keep your mind steady one pointed . if you do so, you will experience manifestation you will see the result before the 11th second . Many people in the name of mediation sit for hours..., The result, it will only give you joint pains. Donít have this joint pains any longer. When you consult a doctor they say rheumatic pain. Its not so. Its pain because of lack of plan. Maintain time and you will not have any pain. Eat at the right time.

When ever you have bad thoughts, always say, its not good for me. .its not good for me. Its not for me. My property is good thoughts. Love love is the biggest property. So many have imaginations and doubts. You all are pure hearted. You have pure thoughts. Some times you get polluted. See that mind is not polluted THAT IS YOUR TRUE SADHANA. What is Sadhana. Sitting and meditating is not sadhana. What is meditation? Merely chanting the name of God is not meditation. Thinking of the pure thoughts within you is TRUE meditation. Mediate upon your own reality.

Later Swami, amidst cheers and applauds said, He will manifest before any devotee and even speak to them directly, provided they pray from heart.

If you find some time think immediately of Me. if you follow MY teachings you will experience Me. Devotion doesnít mean, simply repeating His name. Devotion means unwavering, steady love for God. Shouldnít change any time. There is nothing beyond God.

Don't waste time.. Time is God.. I will manifest in front of you (lout applauds). You will be able to see me in physical form if you concentrate with a pure heart. I will also Talk TO YOU . Many speakers said they saw me many times, they said Swami talked to me the other day. Strengthen this thought and everyone will have this experiences.

All the devotes are good. There is devotion but you are not on the correct path. You donít know what is true devotion. Where there is love there is truth. Where there truth there is God. Truth is God.


Later, Swami shifted to another important and interesting topic on eating habits....

You have to be very careful with what you should eat. Meat eating and fish.. abandon them. Many people eat non vegetarian food. It is not good for you...There is a scope of getting cancer. Give up Non vegetarian food. Not only this .CHEESE (all started smiling when Swami said this).. Many people like cheese. More and more cheese, more weaker you get. It is not good for your health and mind.. Donít eat cheese any longer. Even too much of milk is also not advisable.. Its also bad. EVERY THING SHOULD BE IN LIMITS.. Many people like hard curd They want it to be hard.. Always drink dilute milk and curd.


Food should also be controlled. Then only you will experience vision of God. You donít have to waste years and years in search of God. Bliss is form of God. Bliss cannot be bought from any shop nor its available in any hotel. Its within you. You are form of bliss. You start crying because of Worldly attachment. Less luggage more comfort, make travel a pleasure. With too much of attachment you make your life worry. Then comes curry. worry curry are two factors which makes your life harder. stay away form worry and curry. When there is a reason to worry, just say THIS TOO WILL PASS. All that comes are bound to vanish.


Later Swami reminded all of us, not to worry much about His physical condition. He made it very clear that He is healthy and has no pain at all.

Spend you time with love. Many people, look very serious, with a castor oil face. Smile always. God always smiles. God is never sad, serious, sorrowful. Always smiles. I have no pain because I always smile. I am telling this now, this body had a fall some years back. My hip was fractured. It had 4 cracks. Doctors said it has to operated. Swami said NO. I walked all the way to give darshan.. Even today, there is an inch difference between one leg to the other in standing posture. The doctors are here, including Dr. Pillay from Singapore. He is a orthopaediacian. Many from USA also came. I was smiling. They asked Swami give us 5 minutes. I told them, If it is for spiritual upliftment, why 5 minutes, I will give you for 5 hours , but if it is for the body, I wont give you not even 5 minutes. There is no pain at all for Me. I have no body weak ness or nothing. I am as I was. I am 110 pounds even to this day. I am healthy. DONíT WORRY ABOUT ME. I am perfect, healthy. You may feel that there is some pain. There IS NO PAIN AT ALL.

As the time was getting closer for Swami to wind up His divine discourse, the last part of the discourse was very sentimental. Any one who listened to Him with heart, cried, with the way Swami described His feelings for the thousands of kids assembled from all the corners of earth.

YOUR LOVE FOR ME TAKES ALL THE PAIN FROM THIS BODY. The moment I see you I am in a supreme bliss. Only U can make me free from pain and NOT DOCTORS (loud applauds). I am very very happy to see thousands who came to see Me. I love you and you all love me. Where ever you are , If you are happy I will be happy. Watching you my heart jumps in joy.. makes me very very happy. All those have come here are pious and devoted. THIS WILL MAKE ME WALK VERY SOON (loud applauds). There is no medicine stronger than love. You are my medicine. My love is most powerful medicine you need. I bless you and want you to be happy and peaceful. Be friendly, live in harmony like family members. Never be scared of any problems. BE strong mentally. If wife is sick, if children are sick donít panic. I bless you so that by the time you go home you will be happy, blissful, and peaceful (loud applauds).

Thus ended a hour long divine discourse.. there was a music programme by devotees from Europe who sang beautiful songs in 9 different languages and Prasadam was distributed to all the devotees and Swami blessed the European singers with watches.

All the youth, who came all the way to Puttaparthi, flying thousands of miles, had 70mm smiles on their faces. Perhaps all were eagerly waiting for a strong FINISHING TOUCH as this to their much awaited Pilgrimage to Parthi. All of them seemed determined, all of them seemed to be changed and above all Swami's loving, soothing and encouraging words have definitely given a light of hope, for our sinking lives.. and here we are totally charged.. spiritually charged to be more clear, ready to face the WORDLY world......


( every care has been taken to maintain the originality of Swami's message.. some mistakes would have rolled in ... I sincerely apologise for any mistakes...)


satish Naik

posted on 29.07.2007

Focus on God, Baba to youth

Puttaparthi (Anantapur), July 28: Sri Satya Sai Baba said that people should not get attached to worldly pleasures and offer their mind to God with sincerity. Addressing devotees on the occasion of conclusion of the three-day World Youth Conference at Prasanti Nilayam here on Saturday, Sai Baba said that people should not get infatuated with the body and instead love God. He said that people were taking up meditation to control wandering mind. Baba said that chanting of Godís name was not meditation and remembering good thoughts was only meditation.

He said that people were wasting their time and money and added that they should realise that time is God and God is time. Sai Baba said that he would present in physical form wherever devotees call him with complete dedication. He urged people to shun meat and eat foods which had no fat. Baba said that he was completely healthy. He blessed devotees to follow Sai teachings with devotion. Devotees from foreign countries sang devotional songs on the occasion


Inaugaration of World Youth Conference 2007

Offering humble pranams at the lotus feet of our most beloved Bhagwan,

Dear members of our Sai Family, the much awaited Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference was inaugurated amidst cheers, prayers and tears (of joy) in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord. At least 5000 delegates are here for the youth conference flown to Puttaparthi from 86 different countries.

The whole youth took a procession in the streets of Puttaparthi early morning chanting mantras, singing bhajans and many of them had tears in their eyes, heart full smiles and the atmosphere was just blissful. while the streets of Puttaparthi were full with people on either side of the road, eagerly looking at the youth, the blessed ones were excited for the kind of response they were having from the co-devotes this feeling itself says how hopeful are the elders on the youth. they are the torch bearers of tommorow's world. As Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India rightly "todays' children are tomorrows' citizens, by becoming mere citizens is not a big thing, but to become true citizens, beloved children of our Mother Sai is our ultimate goal.

The youth are so excited and thrilled for the opportunity they are having. they are the chosen ones out of the millions all over the world. They have come here after much hardship, they are completely immersed in the Ananda Saagar (ocean of happiness) filling strength and courage to swim the Samsara Sagara (ocean of life).

I was speaking to one sai sister from SA and she was saying, there is so much change ever since she has become part of this Conference. She says, all the worldly comforts, bad company, so called night life is just waste of time and energy. With Swami its never too late.

He gives ample amount of time for us to change.

Swami arrived for this morning darshan around 8am as two bands played music. The youth who were outside in the procession got back to Kulwanth hall at 8:40 and in a few minutes Swami emerged from the interview room with His most beautiful smile, like a mother proud of her children looked at all the youth gathered.

As Swami got at the center of the dais, Dr.Goldstein, the International president of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, gave a fantastic talk highlighting the importance of conducting this youth conference especially during this time when the whole world is disturbed. Where peace is broken into pieces. He was of the opinion that time has come for the youth to carry forward the stupendous activities taken up by Sai Organisations all over the world. He urged the youth to come forward to lend their helping hand to uplift the world which in turn will uplift one's own individual spiritual growth. After a 20 minute thought provoking talk Dr. Goldstein after taking Swami's blessings, introduced another speaker from UK, a very active member of the Sai Organisation in UK.

He also spoke on the importance of youth taking over the charge. He shared some intimate moments with Swami and the way Swami changed his life.

After the talk, he went to Swami to take His blessings. Swami lovingly patted him and He stretched His hand around the neck of the man, as if to see if he has any chain around his neck. In the very next second, Swami's hand made two circles and during the third circle came a beautiful, gold chain and as all of us joined our hands, Swami slipped the chain around his neck.

It was 9:45 by then. On normal days, bhajans would be finished. Dr.Goldstien and others were seen discussing with Swami probably about the next programme. I was thinking, what next Swami? Its inaugural function of Youth Conference, and it would be so nice if you could speak for some time and there came Swami's mike. Swami slowly rose from His throne...

As Prof.Anil got closer to Swami, Sweet nectarine voice, "Prema Swarupulara emerged from our sweet Swami...

Sathyambu nandunde Sarvambu Shristinche
(the whole universe is born out of Sathya (truth)
Sathyambu nanadanage Sarva Shristi
(Every thing merges in Truth)
Sathya mahima leni stalamedi kanukonna sudda satva midiye choodarayya
There is no place where there is no truth..

The world is truth. You are verily embodiment of truth. Realise this truth and you will be happy. Man today has learnt a lot. he is acquiring many degrees. He is also acquiring common sense which is the size of a mighty mountain, but he is unable to give up discrimination. If you don't give up discrimination, then all that you have is waste of time. Be alike to every one.

Showing the hand kerchief, Swami continued, This is a cloth. what was it before, thread, where from the thread came from cotton. so it was cotton, then thread and now cloth. in the same way you are not one.. you are three.

The one others think you are,
the one you think you are
and the one YOU REALLY ARE.
realise this truth and lead your life.

Give up body attachment. Its the root cause for all the disturbance. You are not the body. You say this is my head, my mind, my leg, my hand.. every time my.. when you say MY LEG. you are saying the truth that you are not the leg.

The name given to this body is Sathya Sai Baba. Iam not Sathya Sai Baba, its a mere name given to this body by parents. So don't identity your self with your body. Its like a dress. So long as you are in this body you can claim this. When you leave this body, its set fire on the pire. then what happens to you..Its just your body which will be burnt and not you.

U always say I.. I.. I.. Strike a horizontal line to this I and it will become Cross (+). The I is gone.. Develop love for your fellow beings. Now a days man is running behind Dabbu.. dabbu (money). what for is this money? How much money does one need? Nothing will come with you after you leave this body..

The easiest thing which can be attained in this world is God. Just send your love to Him and He will give what ever you need. People show no interest towards God, rather run behind worldly comforts.

It was 10:15 by then, almost 30 minutes since Swami was delivering His divine discourse. He continued, Its getting late now. I don't want to continue further and give you trouble ( there was a big NO from the audience). You all assemble here at 4pm and I will tell you the easiest
way to reach God, in a very simple manner. So saying Swami sat on His throne and later Prof.Anil Kumar took over the mike to make an announcement. He said, there is a Volley Ball match between Sri Lanka and India this afternoon at 4 pm. The evening programme will continue as usual. Swami will go and come back after blessing the players.

As the prasadam was distributed Arathi was given to Swami


As Swami promised to visit the Indoor stadium at 4pm all the roads of Puttaparthi were jam packed with people on either side. All the deligates of the conference reached the newly built Indoor stadium by 3pm. There were very few devotees and volunteers in Kulwanth hall.

Swami's headed towards the indoor stadium around 4:15.It was 5pm and Swami was still in the stadium. It was 5:30 and all were expecting Swami any moment. The match was going on in full swing, had a nail biting finish and at the end India won the match.

Just 10 minutes before Swami came out, I came out to the street. Stood at my favourite spot, Late Sai Geetha's house. The little elephant (many call her Sai Lakshmi, yet not sure if Swami gave any name to her). (2 photos attached) Junior Sai Geetha was playing in the planetarium compound. The tiny tot, who is around 5 feet tall, like a small child was running here and there, totally ignoring the surroundings and happenings.

As Swami's car was about to come out from the stadium, Mr.Pedda Reddy, took Junior Sai Geetha out side. It was an emotional moment for me as I always used to stand by Sai Geetha when every Swami came out for Darshans. This time, Sai Geetha(Jr), was standing right next to me, as Mr.Pedda Reddy was holding the rope around her neck, I hold her left ear, it was a very different experience, standing by an elephant, who again was just as tall as me. I was wondering how she will respond to Swami when the car gets closer. Above all the crowd, security was just uncontrollable.

Swami's car got closer and closer, Pedda Reddy took the Jr closer to the road. I was holding her ears tight, the little soul, was totally unaware of what was happening, Swami's car got more closer and the driver almost stopped the car by her side and Swami bend a bit forward looked at her with a beautiful smile and the Sai Geetha Jr, gave a thumping reply by raising her trunk, and devotees watching this divine romance screamed out of joy.. Later she was taken in and I continued my JOG WITH THE DIVINE..

Every time I run with Swami, He gives the same soothing look, sweet smile and watching the crowds smile, throw flowers, call out for Swami loudly, just made me cry from the bottom of my heart, thanked Swami from the bottom of my heart for letting me see Him so close and for all His love and affection He showers on we, devotees.

It was 6pm by then and after running with the car till the Ganesh Gate, I went into the ashram to catch yet another glimpse of Him from Kulwanth Hall. the hall was empty by then. There were only few sevadals. As I curiously looked at Swami's car as where it will head to, the car slowly drove towards Swami's residence.

Probably the prayers of the players was so intense that Swami had to extend His stay in the stadium.... With prayers and thanksgivings for a beautiful day, I left the ashram hoping for a more fruitful day tomorrow.

Satish Naik from Parthi

Posted on 26.07.2007


Om Sai ram dear members of our holy Sai Family.

I am sure the moment any one read the subject of this email would have thought, wow, is that true!!

Less than 2 months of Sai Geetha's sudden demise, another tiny elephant calf, landed in the holy soil of Puttaparthi brushing aside all the probabilities and surprising every one of us..... Very few knew about this until this morning, when our beloved Swami, personally went to the present Sai Geetha's samadhi to welcome His yet another CHOSEN pet into His fold spending good 15 mins or so in the compound...

Reportedly, the elephant, yet to be named, was brought from some place in Kerala (many say its from the same forest where Sai Geetha was born) this morning (21st July)..We are not sure if its male or female but looks like its only few months old..

Any one strongly associated with Sai Geetha, would be very happy to know this news and also more happy to see this tiny replica of Sai Geetha, who perhaps, will match the love and devotion which Sai Geetha showed towards Swami....

Its really a great feeling for every one us especially those who couldnot see Sai Geetha physically.

The baby is presently kept behind the planetarium, away from public. Probably, it will take another 2 days, for it to get acclimatized to the surroundings and know what a HOLY place she is in...

Sata Koti Pranams to you beloved Swami for this GIFT....

With love

Satish Naik from Puttaparthi

Prasanthi Update - 21st July, 2007

Bhagawan came to the Planetarium this morning around 8.30 A.M and spent nearly 45 minutes there. A devotee had brought a small elephant for Swami. As soon as Swami emerged from His car at the rear of the Planetarium, the elephant touched Swami's Lotus Feet feet with its tiny trunk! After feeding the elephant with some sugarcane while some priests chanted mantras, Bhagawan returned to the Mandir.

In the evening, Bhagawan once again came on a second darshan round in His chair at 4.30 pm. First moving through the Bhajan Hall, Swami took a round of the front part of Sai Kulwant Hall for fifteen minutes before returning to the Bhajan Hall.

Om Sai Ram

Sent by a Very Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Thursday, 19th July,

Today was a significant day for the Canadian Devotees. A group of devotees had come from Canada for the Darshan of the Lord and to receive HIS blessings. They had organized a small skit to emphasis the importance and power of Namasmarana.

In the Evening Swami came at 3:30 P.M and took a usual round in car. Then later, Swami came out in chair, went near the children of Primary School, and then came near the students and staff. He spent some time outside, taking letters, speaking to boys and also blessed the Birthday boys. The Centre of the Kulwant hall was ready for the program.

Swami then went inside the interview room, spent some time there, and again came out. But Instead of coming out for the program, He went inside Bhajan Hall, and sat there talking to some music group students. After spending considerable time there, finally Swami came out and gave Wonderful Darshan.

The program began with Vedic invocations and then the Introduction. The skit was based on the Ramayana where Hanuman writes the Name of Rama on the Rock to make it float. The prelude to this scene was a depiction of how God reveals to all beings, (except human) that HE is going to hide himself in the hearts of the man, because that is where he will not search, whereas He will travel in the moon, in the deep waters and deep inside the earth, He will travel everywhere but not inside His heart!!!

Then the scene of Hanumans' devotion and faith was depicted and Showed Wonderfully as to How the Power of the name of the Lord helps Man cross the Ocean of Samsaara....

The costumes were really excellent, and one could make out that lot of effort has gone into the whole show. Though the program was for just 20 minutes, they did a good job in terms of acting and overall depictions. It was Short and sweet!

Before the program, an announcement was made that all the devotees had participated in an year long Likitha Japam Saadhana to please the Lord and seek His Blessings. At the end of the program each one carried a tray with Likitha Japam bundles neatly placed. Swami accepted them and Blessed them.

Swami was very happy, He blessed them with group photos, and then gave Padanamaskars. Swami also gave white clothes to all the male actors. Swami asked them to sing Bhajans, and later sent word for the students singers to join them.

As the Most Sacred Festival of Gurupoornima is approaching, the Prasanthi Mandir is beaming with devotees from all over the world. All are also eagerly awaiting the World Youth conference and the festival.

Om Sai Ram

emailed on 19.07.2007 by KM

Sai Exquisite

Sai Ram Sai Family

The Sai World Youth conference members are arriving steadily. They have beautiful seating in the Mandir, one young women's section towards the center close to the veranda, another section in the general area near the middle of the Mandir. This afternoon Swami gave us all amazing Darshan. I was seated in the island section near the veranda, I suddenly felt the urge to move closer to left side of that section and closer to the veranda. there was one little space left which I squeezed into. I felt very uncomfortable because it really was a tight squeeze, and I wondered why I had left the other much more roomier spot. Then our Lord showed me why.

Swami sailed into the Mandir in His silver car, stopping near the entrance, He spoke for awhile to a lady with a baby, then materialized something for her, not sure what it was.

He proceeded slowly and grandly towards the men's side of the Mandir, again stopping for a few minutes, the sound of clapping pierced the air and we surmised that He had manifested something else.

Sai Avatar reached the veranda and walked from His chair into His room. He spent some time there. Then surprised us all by coming back out in His chair. He gestured to His attendants to go around the Mandir and give chair Darshan. With all our Might we begged Him to come in our direction. He came down the ladies side but turned towards the section where the young ladies where seated. Down the left side of that area and turning right He continued taking letters and talking to them so lovingly.

Baba glided towards the students interacting with them and seemed to be heading back towards the veranda. But fooling everyone, He circled back around coming down the main section, blessing the young men in the Sai Youth Group, and again interacting on that side with the students. Just before He came to the next section of the ladies youth group He turned up the middle and gave attention again to the first Youth group ladies section.

But this wasn't the end of this leela..... Swami looked like He was going onto the veranda from the ladies side. Once again we called to Him our Hearts pouring bhakti streams. Swami turned around came over to the island section where I was seated very close to the aisle and looked at us all intensely, showering His shakti. He then crossed over and went back down the main aisle towards the men's side and gave sweet darshan to the second grouping of young women, assuaging their obvious yearning. Went back up the middle and onto the veranda. Heaven just Heaven!!!!!! Everyone was divinely sated and saturated.

Before signing off I just want to mention an interesting contemplation. I have been considering moving from Florida to the mountains, but not sure where, so of course I have
been bugging Swami to tell me where. I mentioned this while talking to a young lady in the Canada Youth group. She said something very wise and way beyond her years. "Swami has already told you where you just have to listen," isn't that marvelous and so absolutely true.

In the interview, Swami said, His voice soft as the all pervading Ocean wind, "God is everywhere." Exactly the same answer He gave the German lady devotee in her 1980's interview. To be able to hear and see He who is everywhere, Eternal Darshan, right now, forever, just imagine, everyone is promised that. Well, I will leave you with these thoughts to contemplate. Sending you all Your heart's desire, Sai right here, right now.

Lots of Bliss and Prema
Your, sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 13.07.2007

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Yesterday being Sunday as usual there was a music program by the Music college students. It was very good and Swami was very happy.

Today, Swami came for the Darshan around 4pm. After the usual round He came out and went near the devotees and students. Swami spent a lot of time outside, giving very good darshan and taking letters from one and all. He also gave some gifts of love to one student. He spent close to half an hour outside. He went near ladies side, and then to students side, then to gents side, came back to students side again. Then Swami finally went inside Bhajan hall.
Bhajans were from 5 -5:30pm.

Om Sai Ram

emailed on 17.07.2007 by KM

15th July Darshan Update

15th JULY 2007:

Om Sairam dear sai Family

Offering loving pranaams and sairam to one and all from this holy land of Puttaparthi... Today was yet another beautiful day courtesy of our beloved Lord for showering His love and bliss.

The streets of Puttaparthi are filled with youth from all corners of the world. Its really a great feeling to meet people of same age group... Many looking trendy, modern but yet full of devotion and love for Swami. All are really blessed to be here, especially in this critical time where the whole world is in chaos, and Swami definitely knows His WEAPONS for retaining peace and tranquility and for this Kali Age to turn into Rama Rajya, is the YOUTH

The world Youth Conference will start on 26th July morning with inaugural function and end on 28t evening..and as we all know  29th is the Guru Poornima.. INSHA ALLAH (God Willing) as Muslim brothers say, Swami might give discourse on 26th morning and again on 28th and definitely on 29th... It would be so nice to hear the nectarine words after a long gap....

As thousands of youth have already reached Parthi, special seating arrangements have made for them in Sai Kulwanth Hall and thus very few first row seats for the regular token line devotees...

As it was raining a bit this afternoon tokens were not distributed and it was first come first serve...I was blessed with a nice spot right across the dais this afternoon... As the clock showed 3:30pm, the security at the Swami house got alert, signaling the arrival of our most compassionate Lord...

Swami drove in slowly, with His most beautiful smile.. gave a soothing look at the youth, accepted few letters from them, and blessed few others.. Swami's car now came to the verandah.. I was seated right across the stage so had a nice view of Swami, as the automatic chair landed on the ground.. Swami enquired if there was any programme and the student said yes.. and Swami without going to the interview room asked the boys to wheel Him directly to the dais..

This afternoon, the students from Sathya Sai Mirpuri Music college were blessed by Swami to have a musical programme... As Swami settled on the dias, two of the boys, went to Swami for His blessings and permission to start the function.. thus started the scintillating music session, which immersed us in the ocean of music and Swami also joined us.. and words are not enough to match their talent...

The first song was sung in Adi talam then came the famous number Maha ganapatim manasa smarami.... and then there was a beautiful song comparing Rama and Krishna authored by the great Tyaga Raja (if Iam right)..

The students also sang a song composed by Swami and which used to be sung in the 50s, Rama Rama Rama Sita..

Swami was immersed in the programme many times His eyes closed, sometimes singing, humming with the students, His hands tapping on His lap according to the rhythm... It was just great to see Swami so blissful and responding...

He was also watching all of us smiling at us from the dais.. While the programme was going on, I was saying to Swami, we are at least 30 meters away from you, Swami you seem to look at us in fact you seem to look into our eyes, and smile at us but how can I believe that you are actually looking at us.. Suddenly, two devotees sitting in front of me left and while going, they bowed to Swami (which almost every one of us do) and to my surprise Swami blessed them with His Abhaya hasta, very rarely we got to see that, and more over to devotees who were sitting so far from Him... and what a quick response to my query if He is actually looking at us....

Swami did that again when another devotee left the Hall and many students turned back to see as whom Swami His blessing with His abhaya hasta..

Back to the music programme, after the vocals, there was a fantastic session with tabla... the student who was playing the tabla, played it for 10 minutes non stop.... the drum beats were so accurate and also very difficult.. He would have spent hours and hours for just practicing and any one who heard him play with heart, would really feel the pain.. Just after the boy finished playing with Tabla.. Swami who is the DOER, was keenly watching the boy, proudly looking at others, just like a mother who is in ecstasy, with her child's performance... and just when the boy finished Swami closed and opened His fist as if relaxing His fingers, as if He was experiencing the pain of the boy..

There was another session with the Sitar (a musical instrument with strings) and Tabla.. just when it started, even though I am a musical illiterate, I thought, Swami the sitar is hardly audible, don't know if that's how it should be played, but would have been better if the volume was raised a bit and the moment I finished this thought, Swami raised His right hand and brought close to His ears, signaling the students that the Sitar is not audible, yet another confirmation to my silent request, and probably the mike was brought closer to the sitar and thus the programme continued....After one more song, Swami called on of the boy and asked if the programme was over and when the boy said yes, it was the turn of the boy who played the tabla..Swami called  Him, as expected the very next second, the divine hands started making small circles, as I looked curiously, what would manifest from the Hands of the Creator Himself, a dazzling golden chain was materialised by Swami, as the boy was in tears, shivering, trembling, the divine mother, slowly slipped the chain around Her boy's neck...

The moment I witnessed this manifestation, I remembered one verse of Swami:

Talli Garbhamu nunchi Janminchi nappudu, kanta mala levi kana ravu (when you are born from your mother's womb you wont find any garland around your neck... )

melimi bangaru danda kuda ledu  (neither there is a pure gold chain),

kaladu (there exists) 

kaladokka mala mee kanta mandu (there exists one garland around your neck)

purva janmala ponduga pondu parachi (listing all your past lives),

Brahma meeku ichi pampenu baruvu mala (brahma has sent you on earth with a HEAVY garland),

Karma lanniyu cherchina kanta mala (the garland which lists all your past karmas)

By materialising a chain, Swami, probably, has replaced the HEAVY garland with a lighter one... How fortunate we are Swami,  to witness your love and compassion...

It was close to 5pm by then and Swami after having a group photo session with His beloved ones, rose from His throne, very slowly, as a boy was holding His right hand, walked to the interview room. On the way to the interview room Swami was seen sharing a lighter moment with Mr. Goldstein and Mr. Chiranjeevi Rao...

Thus ended yet another beautiful day in my Prasanthi diary.. ...

With loving pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

Satish Naik reporting from the auspicious abode of our loving Lord...

Sai Petals

Sai Ram embodiments of pure love

The crowds have diminished quite a bit. Wednesday afternoon Darshan the devotees from Andhra Pradesh treated us all to an evening of music, parades, dancing and singing. Swami seemed to enjoy it immensely. He handed out saris to some ladies and white cloth to the men. He also allowed numerous persons to take padnamaskar. The 8000 strong devotees were sponsored by the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Gita Reddy, she paid for the entire group's travel and stay in Prashanti. Thursday afternoon Darshan. Swami materialized a necklace for one little boy and girl from the group. We spent the evening listening to a sweet serenade at the feet of Bhagavan Baba.

Yesterday morning I and remaining members of our group had a chance to meet with a special lady from the ashram, Vijaya Ma. She is the author of several books and bhajan CD's. All centering around her amazing experiences with our Lord Sai, in the early years.

She related miraculous, fantastic stories of Swami when He was was age 19. She said he used to leap and run and play pranks and jokes on them just like a naughty Krishna.

Once he gave the group of devotees third eye darshan of Lord Shiva. She described how Swami appeared very large in the heavens and they all saw His third eye open up and rays started shooting out. Some people fainted, others started crying, all appeared intoxicated from this vision. After it was over Swami made vibhuti for them to help them return to normalcy, He told them that what they had witnessed was only a thousandth of the actual power. In another incident, Vijaya Ma explained, how Swami would pick leaves from a tree and place these leaves in their hands, then instructed them all to close their hands, when they opened their hands some devotees had malas, others candies, etc. then He would have them close their hands again and reopen them, the leaves would reappear.

Recently, I sat next to a German devotee in darshan who shared stories of her interviews with Swami in the 80's. Interestingly, she said in her first interview, Swami asked her, "Where is God." This was the exact same question, He first asked the USA group last Thursday. I thought how curious for me to hear this from her, Swami is certainly emphasizing this vital question. This lady told me that Swami manifested vibhuti in her open hand, she was sick with hepatitis and didn't realize it until later. She said that before her amazed eyes, a humongus mound of vibhuti appeared in her hand.

Well it's getting late, dear friends, will share more later.

Lots of Bliss

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 13.07.2007

Sai Saranaagathi

Sai Ram Holy Reflections

For the past three days our Lord Sai Has been walking victoriously. He is giving His blessed Darshan to approximately 8,000 devotees from, Magdha (not quite sure if this is the correct spelling) in Andrah Pradhesh. This multitude of orange scarve devotees are here for 3 days to adore and praise the Supreme Presence. It is wonderful to witness this torrential outpouring of Love.

"The devotee binds the Lord who to that extent is unfree! Surdas is a good example of this attitude, "Krishna you may escape from my hold, from the clasp of these arms, but you cannot escape from my heart, where I have bound you," challenged Surdas.

The Lord just smile and assented, "for I am bound by my devotees."

The devotee can tie up the Lord with his Prema, by bhakti that overwhelms and overpowers his egoism. When man is full of this type of bhakti the Lord will Himself bless him with everything he needs. His Grace will fulfill all his wants. Remember the promise made in the
Gita, "I carry the burden of his welfare." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I Am Thine, You are mine, Thou art I" - SSB


Sai Hari Krishna
You cannot escape me!
I'm not letting you out of my sight!
You won't budge one inch!
I have thrown myself, body, mind and spirit
across Your Bhakti path

Even if You banish me to some remote star
in a distant, undiscovered constellation
the single minded constant, conscious integrated
awareness and contemplation on You, God
is enough to lasso You to the devotee's heart

Irresistible Lord
Our Sole refuge and rapture
I have set an enchanting trap
spun a divine web of Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram
ambushed and overpowered by the
bhakta's selfless, unsullied Love
You are captured, bound hand and foot
with prema woven garlands

Mangal sutra!
Divine prasadam!
Look wedding bands on all ten toes and fingers!
Lokas fall from your endless eyes
into streaming tears of Amrita

like the waning moon who waits by her raven portal
lost in the agonizing grief of separation
illumined only by the golden kiss of the Sun
I too, languish in fleeting, timebased shadows
for that
Eternal, Enlightened, Absolute,
unchanging moment
Indivisible Freedom
Being, Awareness and Bliss

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews 11th July, 2007

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :


All of Last week the Divine Darshans were very good with Swami coming out a few times and spending lots of time with the boys. He also spent some time in the Bhajan Hall, talking to some music group students.

While this was the story for the week, Sunday had something special to offer. The morning session was the usual, Swami came at around 8:30, darshan and Bhajans. In the Evening, Swami came around 3:30, and took some people for interview. Then Swami came into the Bhajan hall and spent time talking to the boys.

As some First year Post graduate students were ready with a skit and also waiting in their costumes, but it looked like Swami was in no mood to see the program (contrary to other Sundays that have gone by!). Bhajans began by 5pm, with a different note.. The bhajans were really soothing to the ears as Swami wanted singers to start every bhajan with 'aalaap'. Swami then suddenly stopped the bhajans and asked the boys to assemble outside, for what? guess.. for the program! Well, to the joy of all, He sat outside for the program, put up by the I year MBA students. It was a skit based on some instances in the Bhagavatham, etc.

Then came another surprise. He allowed the Anantapur students to sing songs. All the Anantapur Students had come to Prasanthi Nilayam for the final day sessions and valedictory session of the Three Day IT Workshop held in their Campus. The students had prepared some songs as a part of this trip to offer it to Swami. No one would have thought that after bhajans, programs will be there, and that one after the other!

It was a Wonderful opportunity for the students both the boys and girls, to offer their talents in front of the Lord. And Swami graciously permitted it.

Praying for Swami's Blessings on one and all, for ever.

emailed on 09.07.2007 by KM

.. Sunday July 8th First Year MBA and Anantpur Camous Present Their Programmes in the evening

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Swami, give me a reason to write.....

It looked like the US group took away all the time and joy from our lord and left us with nothing to cheer about. Yes, we did feel jealous of them but then, honey bees do get more priority than frogs in the pond, right!

it was really a dull week as Swami seemed occupied in the interview room most of the time. he did interact with boys in the bhajan hall before bhajans, but i do not have any information of the conversations.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting Sunday as one chance of interacting with Bhagawan through our programmes. the Ist year MBA boys were ready with a short skit and the Anantpur students also had a music programme ready on the same day.

On Sunday afternoon, Swami came out as usual and proceeded to the interview room. all of us were anxious as to which campus will get the chance to present their programme. But Swami had different plans. He kept calling the VIPs for interviews till 4.45 pm, inspite of being informed about the two programmes. 10 minutes before the bhajans he came out and straight away proceeded to the bhajan hall! Everyone's hopes were shattered. the bhajans began, and Swami seemed happy as the singers began their bhajans with an alaap.

Suddenly out of the blue, he called the VC and enquired about the programme. When the VC confirmed it, He stopped the bhajans, came straight to the portico and asked the boys "what is the name of your programme?" Few boys went ahead and showed Him the card. The Ist MBA programme was quite forgettable and looked half-baked.

As soon as their skit was over, Swami indicated the Anantpur girls to begin. They were very excited as they had been painstakingly waiting for His approval. For sometime, it looked like the Anantpur girls were competing with Ist MBA boys as regards the standards of the programme. But later, they exceeded everyone's expectations with some melodious songs, and one of them was appreciated by Swami with His claps.

Finally, Swami satisfied everyone, the boys, the girls and the devotees as well as he sat in the portico for more than 1 hour. It's getting very difficult to expect Swami to give us time, considering that the Youth World Conference is round the corner.

Sai Ram !

From a Sai Student

emailed by Datta Jadhav on 09-07-2007

Sai embers

Sai Ram All

Thank you all for your loving thoughts and energy. The majority of the USA group has left for home. There are a few young folk staying back for the worldwide youth conference.

Most of those who did experience the amazing interview, seemed to get sick shortly after.

I felt fever and cold like symptoms, realizing this was spiritual, Swami was burning up impurities, I stayed inside Saturday morning. But came for Darshan in the afternoon and this morning. This Sunday morning the Anantapur college women came for Darshan, most of the front side of the Mandir was reserved for them. Our beautiful Lord gave lovely Darshan and also distributed the remaining USA Sai Pilgrimage prasadam bags to the school students.

There has been a huge surge of devotees coming into the ashram as we near Guru Poornima which is at the end of July. I feel very, very fortunate and blessed that we were able to experience proximity to the Divine Presence early on.

Right now it is a clear, bright warm day in Parthi. This morning as I was going to darshan

I reflected on the mostly charming nature of the Indian people, despite the obvious material misery and deprivation, there is a sweetness and innocence that is so endearing. This culture inhales, consumes and exudes spirituality twenty four/seven. Even the holidays in this sacred land are all holydays.

Sending you all peaceful Sai blessings and love.

Lots of Bliss

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 08.07.2007

Sai U.S.A. Interview

Sai Ram Embodiments of Lord Sai

Pinch me someone, reach through the computer and pinch me, I feel like I must be dreaming. A dream has come true today. This afternoon our Divine Baba called the remaining members of the USA Sai Pilgrimage group in for an interview. Our sweet Lord sailed into the Mandir casting His Krishna gaze in our direction, little did we know what He had planned. He went up on the mandir and said something to one of His attendants, the young man immediately walked over to the men's side and called the Men's USA group into the inner Mandir. The women soon followed, Hearts thumping, tears flowing, love brimming.

We all sat inside the inner sanctuary. Swami was already inside. He sent His attendents out and like a loving mother caressed us all with gentle sweet satsangh and holy gifts.

A complete compilation of the interview will be available soon. I will just share a few delectable fragments for you to enjoy. Swami asked the group "where is God?" some said everywhere, some said inside, various answers, Swami said God is in you and around you above you below you. God in you and in him. His voice was so soft like the ocean wind at times it was hard to hear so forgive me if I am not completely accurate, the compilation will be a lot more exact.

There was a moment when our Loving Lord asked one woman if she was married, she replied, "no," Swami made a funny face as if to say, why not? Then another lady in the group, Gabriella, raised her hand and said "I am married Swami. He asked where her husband was and she pointed to the men's side indicating her husband David, the wonderful camera man who had filmed the entire Music programme event. Swami called them both up.

He asked them questions about their relationship. Swami started moving His dainty hand in that familiar manner and a huge pendant with glittering gems appeared with golden chain.

it was so dazzling, he lifted it up and showed it to all of us. He then made David put it on Gabriella and placed His hands on their heads and blessed their marriage, uttering some barely audible mantras.

Someone asked Sai Krishna if He would come to the USA, physically. Swami replied, "I will come." He said that He would visit 5 countries, USA will be last. Heaven!!! Bliss!! OH MY GOD!!!!

Sacred Swami also said that many from the group will be hurt and disappointed that they missed this interview. He asked us to make them understand that He is always, with them, around, in them and beside them and that He loves them.

Another man asked if He could take padnamaskar, Swami told Him wait. I could see Swami's eyes flashing like a super cosmic calculator, I have never seen eyes flash that fast.

He was actually calculating the number of men and women in the group.

I think the approximate number of people was 20 men and 45 women. Compassionate Father Sai allowed each person to take padnamaskar. It was a Divine and breathtaking vista. As one by one the members of the Sai pilgrimage approached the Lord of the Universe reverently, humbly kneeled down and touched, kissed the feet that support the entire creation. Swami personally gave each of us packets of vibhuti after padnamaskar.

I waited with great anticipation, trembling heart and body. As I knelt before Sai Avatar, time and space ceased to exist, there were no boundaries, it just my God and I. I bent my head, as my forehead touched his beautiful feet, I felt a little thump on my third eye. I then looked up at our Precious Self and said, "I Love You Baba." What else could I utter, in the presence of such Pure Love. Swami smiled, nodding His head, gently, His eyes were the fathomless Ocean rushing towards me, cradling, rocking me in profound and wordless Love.

At the end of the padnamaskar procession Swami, our beloved Lord said some mantras over prasadam wafers and had members of the group distribute this Divine prasadam.

As Swami took leave of us, we all shouted out "Thank You, Swami, we Love you Swami..."

One Latin woman burst into prema saturated melody, singing a lovely Spanish song, describing How Baba is everything to us.

I must take leave of you all now and go into deep silence and contemplation. This was indeed a day made in Heaven.

Lots of Bliss, Prema and Shanti to everyone

sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 06.07.2007

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :


On Sunday there was a music program by the music group of the Insittute and the Music college students. It was a program prepared with a short notice of three hours! On Monday, a music program by the USA group was held in the Kulwant Hall. Swami was very happy with the program and HE blessed them profusely. Yesterday, Swami spent some time outside, blessing the devotees and students. He also spoke to some boys in the Bhajan Mandir.


emailed on 04.07.2007 by KM

Sai Fairytale

Sai Ram Divine Ones

These past few days have felt like something out of fairytale or a dream. Sunday evening Professor Anil Kumar addressed the Southeast Pilgrimage group. In his own lively and enthusiastic manner he encouraged us to preserve unity and love in our group. He shared wonderful Sai stories depicting the magnificence and omnipresence of our Lord Sai. He also blessed the group's upcoming performance. We were all in unalloyed bliss.

Then the day we had all been waiting for arrived, our divine debut came yesterday afternoon Darshan. We all waited breathlessly in our ivory and maroon fringed saris, men and children in white. Our Lord Sai floated into the Mandir around 4:20PM our hearts were all thumping madly and loudly. We were seated quite close to the Mandir, brimming with anticipation and love.

Swami came to the front of the veranda, the program was announced, while children and members of the group approached Swami, one by one offering red roses and other gifts.

The announcer also cleverly invited Bhagavan to visit the USA, Swami chuckled out loud at this invitation.

Then the music programme began. We sang out hearts out for the Lord of the Universe.

Swami obviously enjoying the songs, moved his hands in rhythm. The songs were comprised of an eclectic selection of English, Spanish, Hindi, and Native American melodies. Swami's countenance was radiant and brilliant many smiles sparkled over His sublime face. The programme lasted approximately 40 minutes.

After the programme, permission was granted to conduct bhajans in Sai Kulwant hall.

What Heaven! What Bliss! to hear the voices of our brothers and sisters reverberating through Prashanti Mandir. Swami left during bhajans and disappered into the interview  room. I had a little thought, Swami maybe saris? Lo and behold our Divine God comes out with boxes and boxes of saris for the women and white cloth for the  men. He lavished His love on the group, coming down off of the veranda and sitting close to the ladies, calling Neisha and Nita aunties to help distribute the beautiful red raw silk saris with blue border to the ladies and summoning a few other women to also help.

So many loving smiles and tender eye darshan, He blessed the group over and over with both hands held up in abhaya. He spoke to several people and allowed them to take loving padnamaskar. One lady from Coral Springs, Aarthi aunty who is nine months pregnant was called up and received Baba's blessing for her commitment and devotion, imagine she is about to give birth and did not allow this to stop her from joining the sacred pilgrimage to our Lord Sai!!! It really felt like a dream come true. Never in our wildest imaginings did we think we would receive such sweet intimacy and contact with our Lord. Baba even circled around the entire group smiling and allowing padnamaskar to those ladies seated in the back. There wasn't a dry eye in the gathering. He acted like He didn't want to leave us.

Finally with great reluctance blessed Swami allowed us to do Aarathi and left us all in a syrupy puddle of bliss.

This was a day we will all never, ever forget, sending you all crores and lakhs of Sai Love and Blessings.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 03.07.2007

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