Prasanthi Update - Wonderful Programmes everyday

After the Sports meet and Sankranthi Festivals, Prasanthi Nilayam was back to a period of relative Calm with Swami's Wonderful Darshans and no special Programmes and also less crowd.

But things have changed a lot over the past week or so when many groups of Sai Devotees have been putting up various Programmes before Swami which has made everyone witnessing them very happy and also Swami very pleased.

There were programmes by the Delhi Youth group on Wednesday and after the Programme Swami materialized a Chain to one of the main actors, There were Programmes by Devotees of the Kerala group, by Krishna District, then from the Dubai and Middle East groups, and yesterday the Chinese New Year Celebrations began.

In the Midst of all this, Swami seems to enjoy every minute of all the Wonderful Programmes, and to the Delight of everyone present blesses all the participants after the programme.

Yesterday Bhagawan personally gave Vibuthi Prasadam packets to each and everyone from the Middle east group who sang their hearts out for Swami in a wonderful Programme. Swami went round the Devotees, gave them Prasadam and allowed them to touch His Lotus Feet. It took almost 45 minutes.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Update - January 25th Monday,

There has been a very heavy influx of Devotees in Parthi from Hyderabad, Kerala,Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and the UAE and that means that Kulwanth Hall is packed to capacity which is sight for the Gods to behold.

Yesterday evening there was a wonderful Programme from Devotees of Andhra Pradesh. After an Announcement of all the Seva activities done in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, there was a short but wonderful Drama titled 'Krishna Tarangaalu' was presented before Bhagawan. Swami was very happy on seeing such a wonderful play and after the Programme took Photographs with everyone, He also gave clothes to all the Drama Participants. Bhajans began at around 6.10 and after Prasadam was Distributed, Swami retired to Yajur Mandiram.

There has been a Message from the Alumni Website that Alumni Students can participate in the Rudram Chanting on Mahashivrathri Day in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Update

Bhagawan's Divine Darshans are wonderful like always. Also Swami sits outside for Bhajans nowadays as Bhajans are held in Kulwant Hall and everyone are able to have Wonderfu Darshan everyday. There are no special Programmes and as all the students were busy with various programme in the past few months, they are busy studying hard.

Om Sai Ram

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Rudram Chanting by Alumni on Sivaratri

Since Swami has been emphasizing a lot on chanting of Vedam, the Sai Alumni Students are planning to gather At His Lotus Feet and chant Rudram in His Divine Presence on the holy day of Sivaratri - 23rd February 2009 - Monday.

This would surely make Swami very happy to see His students come back and chant what they learned from Bhagawan. His Grace was evident from the Love showered by Bhagawan on Jan 1st, 2009, during the Alumni Meet.

sourced: sai students website

Prasanthi Update

Prasanthi Nilayam is back to Normal Darshan and Bhajan after the Hectic and Wonderful Sports and Sankranthi Festivities. Swami went once to the Super Speciality Hospital. Students are back to their studies. There is no news however of Bhagawan going anywhere for the moment. Of Course no one can ever think of anything concerning Bhagawan's Programme, but that is the news going around at the moment.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Update - Thursday evening Darshan

Today was the last day when all the students and staff of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions gathered together after 3 wonderful days where they delighted everyone with their sports activities in Vidyagiri Stadium and 2 Wonderful Dramas in Kulwanth Hall. Swami was happy with each and everything that they did.

Swami came to Kulwanth Hall at 5.30 pm, and there were some wonderful and Melodious Bhajans sung for an hour or so after which Swami accepted Mangala Aarthi. This brought to an end the Sports and Games events and the Sankranthi Festivities in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Om Sai Ram

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Two Divine Sankranthi Messages

Each and every Divine Discourse of Bhagawan has a Divine Meaning and Messages for everyone.. Yesterday's Wonderful Sankranthi Discourse had 2 Wonderful Messages for everyone to Think, ponder, Digest and implement and act upon :

IT IS ONLY SAI WHO CAN HELP THOSE WHO HURT OR ABUSE HIM - What a Divine and Wonderful Statement. Help even those who try to trouble and Abuse you. Forgiveness is the Greatest Quality.

Swami's Always stresses upon Respect and Honour your Parents. Swami said Parents are of prime importance; any good deed neglecting parents are of no use; one has to face the consequences for neglecting one's own parents. NEVER NEGLECT YOUR PARENTS.

On another note some of my Friends who live in Bangalore tell me that Brindavan is in great expectation of Bhagawan coming there. The Roof of Sai Ramesh Hall is being cleaned, The walls are being painted and the roads are being cleaned.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Update - Wonderful Sankaranthi Programme and Divine Discourse

Yesterday was the Prize Distribution Ceremony of the Annual Sports meet. Swami arrived at around 9.10 AM and to the delight of everyone in Kulwanth Hall took a complete round of Darshan, Swami also inspected the Shields and various Trophies for the Sports meet Winner.

One of the main Highlights of the Programme was the announcemnt that Kumari. Chaparla Sohini student of 12th class in the Girl's wing of the Sathya Sai Higher Secondary school has secured the highest rank in the 12th std exam conducted last year by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The student was blessed by Bhagawan with a special trophy, a rare distinction and reward for excellence.

The Captains and Vice captains of all the three campuses, Prasanthi Nilayam, Brindavan and Anantapur, representatives from Sri Sathya Sai Music College, Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School and Sri Sathya Sai Primary School received the various trophies from the Divine Hands.

Next was a wonderful Divine Discourse which had everyone in total Bliss for about 50 Minutes

The Salient Points of Swami's Divine Discourse were :

1. By Strict Adherence to Spiritual Values and by Praticising Cultural Values everyone should keep the Country's flag flying.

2.Good thoughts are followed by good actions :

Good and bad are not God's creation, nor they belong to anyone. Consequences of our lives are not bestowed upon by God. They are merely reaction, reflection and resound of our own life.

3.On Modern Education :

Today is not true education; it is merely textual education. Educare is what is needed to bring out the best in Education.

True education is listening to the inner voice. Once we follow this inner voice, we would be able to advance in our lives and would be happy. No need to observe big spiritual practices like meditation, repetition of God's name, penance, yoga etc. These are meant only for our own satisfaction. What is required is to listen to the inner voice, the conscience that confers bliss.

4.Swami wonderfully said that it is nothing great in helping a person as a reciprocating gesture; one should be able to help even those who does harm to him. IT IS ONLY SAI WHO CAN HELP THOSE WHO HURT OR ABUSE HIM.

5.Respect and Honour your Parents :

Everyone should make his parents happy; parents are of prime importance; any good deed neglecting parents are of no use; one has to face the consequences for neglecting one's own parents.

6.Offer each and everything to the Divine Lord :

Mind and not money which is important. Control your mind and Pacify it and everything will become peaceful. Offer everything unto God. Everything happens as He wills.

7.Help ever Hurt Never is the True Education :

If you find anyone in dire need of service and help, It is our duty to help him or her. This is the good fortune and the main duty of a human being; Help Ever Hurt Never is the message of Bhagawan. This is the true education that we receive today.

8.Money comes and goes, Morality is Important ;

There is nothing great in claiming that we have gone abroad and earned money. Money comes and goes; Morality comes and grows. One with morality will not be put to any kind of difficulties, concluded Bhagawan.

After the enthralling and Wonderful Divine Discourse there was another wonderful Drama Programme by the students of the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of the Sai University which was titled " Sri Krishna Thathwa Darshanam".

After the wonderful Drama ended and after some Bhajans, Mangala Aarthi was given to our Lord and Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram thereby bringing a wonderful Sankranthi Day to a Close.

Full Text of Bhagawan's Divine Discourse and Photos will be posted later.

Also as Swami had Himself told the Warden of the Brindavan Hostel yesterday in Kulwanth Hall that He will be visiting them soon, there is a lot of talk that Swami might travel to Whitefield very soon. Of Course no one in this world except Swami himself can tell about His Programme.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi Update - Magnificent Drama by the Brindavan Students of SSSU

After a Magnificent opening day Programme of the Sports Meet in Vidyagiri Stadium, all the Students deserved a day's rest which they got on the 12th.

On the 13th evening there was a wonderful Drama Programme by the Students of the Brindavan campus of the Sathya Sai University. Swami came Kulwanth Hall at 5 pm and after speaking to the students of the Programme in Bhajan Hall, the Drama titled "Bhaktha Pothana". It was a wonderful Programme which was filled with Songs and Dances with a wonderful and a Spectacular Temple setting as the Backdrop. One could see Swami so very happy and thrilled as the Programme went on. After the Drama, Swami took Group Photographs.

As Bhajans were going on and when Prasadam was being given to everyone, Swami suddenly called the Warden of the Brindavan campus ad told him to tell the students that He would be coming to Brindavan soon. This made all the Brindavan students very happy.

Swami then accepted Mangala Aarthi and went to Yajur Mandiram at around 7 PM. More Programmes are lined up for the next few days as part of the Sports Meet Programmes.

Om Sai Ram

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Prasanthi News - Colourful Sports Meet opening

When the Sports Meet first started in 1983 there were no opening Ceremonies as such as they are today, It was only 1987 that Swami gave the wonderful idea of the Students of Swami's Institutions showing their wonderful talent to everyone present and from then onwards the Sports meet programmes have become a part and parcel of the major programmes in Prasanthi Nilayam. Every single student is overcome with joy as it is the time when they get to showcase their Wonderful talents before Swami's Divine Presence. Swami also tells the student that they should come up with new Ideas every time to show their talents. So over the years there have been wonderful programmes like Para Gliding to Bike Stunts to some Wonderful Cultural Programmes which have made Swami and everyone very happy.

This year also the Sports Meet got of to a colourful and wonderful start in the Divine Presence of our Beloved Lord. Swami opened the Sports Meet by Hoisting the University Flag by Remote control and by releasing Pigeons.

Bhagawan was welcomed by the Students on Motorbikes into the Stadium and after the Traditional March pasts by all the Students involved, the programmes started which left everyone spellbound.

There were wonderful Yoga feats like Surya Namaskar performed with the greatest ease after many hours of practice. It was followed by Wonderful feats on Motorbikes by Boys and on Autos by the Girls of the Ananthapur campus. The Bike feats were enthralling and captured the hearts of everyone present. Apart from the Bike stunts, the students also gave a wonderful Performance on Poles and ladders among other things. There was also a wonderful Presentation of KALARI a Kerala Martial art. This was followed by Gymnastics, Lion Dances and other feats. The Whole morning programme finished at 11 AM.

The Evening programme was by the Sri Sathya Sai Primary school, After Swami arrived at 4.15 PM, Bhagawan was escorted onto the Shanthi Vedika by young Gymnasts on Cartwheels. The Primary School's Hour long programme included Gymnastics, Mass Drills and also some wonderful performances on Roller Blades. Swami was very happy and blessed everyone, The programme ended at 5.20 PM.

A Wonderful Start to the Annual Sports Meet with some Great Programmes lined up in the evening in Kulwanth Hall.

Om Sai Ram

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Swami's Divine Poornachandra Session with Alumni Students

Swami had decided to bestow a great boon upon the 700 Alumni Students them as He had sent word that He would interact with all of them in the Poornachandra Auditorium after the morning bhajans. By 8:30am, all the students sat ready in Poornachandra and it was at about 9:00 am that Swami arrived for darshan. The time scheduled for the alumni was 10:00am.

But though Swami took a complete round of the Kulwant hall, He seemed to be in a great hurry as His beloved children awaited Him in the auditorium and He seemed to be wanting to be there as soon as possible, ASAP as its called! It was just 9:20am when Swami received Aarthi and then moved into the Poornachandra auditorium.

A small stage had been arranged for Swami so that He could be seen by one and all assembled. Swami was welcomed by a small contingent of Veda chanting boys and soon He took His place - on the stage and in the thirsting eyes of every alumnus sitting there.

There were also the elders whom Swami brought with Him- Sri Chakravarthy, secretary of Central trust; Prof. Vishwanath Pandit, the Vice chancellor; Sri V Srinivasan, the All India Sai organisation President; Prof. G Venkatraman, the great scientist and director of the RadioSai studios and Sri S V Giri, the former vice chancellor.

Sri Chakravarthy introduced the speakers for the day. First Sri S V Giri spoke on the responsibilities that rest on the strong shoulders of the alumni. As he spoke, an interesting incident took place. One of the members of the alumni, a senior above 50 years of age maybe, was moving to and fro right at the back, to get a good view of the proceedings maybe. Swami noticed that and seemed a bit uncomfortable. And sure enough, in two minutes, the student next to Swami came walking all the way to the back asking, "Who was it that was walking over here?" At first everyone felt that Swami was disturbed. It got confirmed soon but why had He been disturbed? The student located the disturber and asked, "Sir would you like a chair to sit on? Swami sees that you are not able to sit on the floor." The answering was done with a nod saying, "No" and profuse tears down the cheeks. The alumnus then got up and moving towards the front, sat in the corner but in the first row! Swami saw that and seemed satisfied!

The second speaker was Sri V Srinivasan. He spoke very inspiringly on the growth and spread of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations in India. Many facts little known to most of the devotees and students were revealed and very deservingly, there were 4-5 rounds of applause for him. After he finished his speech, Swami told him with great pride to announce that he was the All India President. An overwhelmed Srinivasan said that more than anything else, he wished to be a humble devotee and concluded his speech.

The Alumni coordinator then went forward to request Swami for the divine discourse. Swami materialized vibhuti and gave him and then also agreed to address the students. Another poignant scene took place now. Swami noticed a student, Raghuram, who currently works for RadioSai global harmony. He has been physically challenged due to a tragic accident and has been on the wheelchair since. Swami asked him to come over to the dais.. As the boy reached there, Swami waved His hand and materialized a gold ring. Amidst the cheer that ran about the hall, Swami enquired into the well being of the boy's mother and sister. HE promised him that he would very soon speak to them as a family and then put the ring to the right hand. He asked Swami for paadanamaskar. Swami agreed and knowing that it was very difficult for the boy to bend down, Swami did something that none imagined. He slowly lifted His right leg and placed it near the knee of the boy. After he touched it, Swami now raised His left leg too and placed it there! The boy was thrilled at this special paadanamaskar. As he returned to His place, Swami began His divine discourse.

Important Points of the Wonderful Divine Discourse :

1. Swami emphasised on the message of Advaita, stressing the point that there is nothing in this world which is not divine, and that we should conduct ourselves bearing this in mind.

2. Swami also stressed on the need for one and all to realise the inherent divinity.

The most interesting part was when towards the end, Swami asked,"Does anyone have doubts? Ask and I shall answer them now in a perfect manner." What followed was a Divine Question and Answer Session

Question : Swami. We know that we are truth and the truth is everywhere. So we must be everywhere right…..

Swami could not follow the question hence the boy tried to explain! "Swami I'm everywhere but I don't realize it…!"

Swami----You are not everywhere, you are right now here!(everyone laughs )…If you are in path of Truth then you will know you are the Truth…..(Swami conveyed to boy that if he believes he is the Eternal Atma then he is everywhere and if he restricts himself to body then he is now here!)

Question : Swami. We don't have time available for spiritual activities and service as we are bogged by daily activities….what shall we do (there were tears in his eyes out of helplessness)…

Swami : Don't feel bad about it…do as much as you can in little time available …do little service but offer it to lord….if you can't do even that then do your job or activity as the service to lord…..That'll make Him happy

Question :(In kannada) ,Swami as we (boys) plan to do activities and projects in larger scale how do we go about doing the same….do we need to form organized groups and start off…

Swami—(In kannada) Yes….form proper groups and go about in a systematic way…..I've already told this(swami has mentioned the same in Man management)

Question :(one student who was Teacher)…Swami…we all have only one prayer in our hearts …you should walk …like you used to do earlier….

Swami…(with out a pause) …Yes …I will!...I used to walk earlier properly….only recently I had a fall and doctors told me not to walk and take rest…I'm just abiding by their words….I have organize a Yagnam in Parthi (ARMY) and one in Chenni(ARMY ---II)…I'm managing quite a lot like this too…but I'll surely walk…(Swami lifted both His legs and played them in the air as He spoke)

Question : Swami…what should we do to become closer to swami….

Swami---(without delay)…Swami should (will to) take you closer…! (Swami conveyed its His grace that matters not any amount of penance you do…., he added ),If you want to become closer keep Swami in your heart…Then you need not come to Swami and He will come closer to you….

Question : Swami…How do we get Atmanandam (perennial bliss)…

Swami---You should carry less luggage…less luggage is more comfort… Reduce your desires and put a ceiling on it

Question : do we take care of our kids in countries where there are not even Indian families forget the Sai centers….

Swami---where are you right now….

Boy---…I've returned back to India….

Swami---I'm very happy…Congratulations…America is not good at the moment…all our people should return to native land…One lakh in USA is equal to 10,000 in India….

Question - Swami---How do we achieve total surrender…..

Swami---Bangaaru! ---Surrender is not so easy…so many after they surrender would still carry the burden of doubt in their minds….so just follow how much you can….and stop doubting.

It was already nearing 11:30am and Swami said that He would speak to all the next day too. Then Swami received Aarthi and blessed those who took a flower and the holy grains upto Him. As He moved back towards the residence, Swami collected letters from all the students who lined up the entire pathway. Swami retired leaving behind cherished memories and wonderful feelings.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Wednesday, 7 January, 2009 1:33 PM

Images of Swami with the Alumni of the University on 31.12.2008



Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

Wishing each and every BODY a very holy new year, even though in our Sai Family, there is nothing like NEW as every second, every day every year is NEW and we always look forward to give it a worthy offering to our beloved Lord at the end of the day, where in we many times successfully fail to do so.

It was yet another such a NEW day and we all celebrated the dawn of 2009 in a grand way. Swami, out of His immense mercy allowed the celebrations to take place in HIs immediate presence. New year day is always special every where. Even though, in India almost every state has their own new year day, like in Andhra Pradesh it is UGADI, There is also Tamil new year and if you go bit far there is Chinese new year also. But universally, January first has some specialty and on this day all of us tend to get into festive mood.

It is a special day for the former students of Sri Sathya University it is a re union with older friends, with the college, and more importantly a re union with the Chancellor of the world who also was a chancellor to their college.

Many students look forward to this day to come here, perform before Swami and also recharge their spiritual batteries. What a perfect way to start a new year. Just a day before the new year I had to go to Bangalore for a day. I saw large hoardings inviting to join the new year party in various resorts, star hotels etc with a fee which was in thousands. The news papers were full of such advertisements. . I was really shocked to see such kind of advertisements and I am very sure, the 3 W's which Swami says to avoid, Wine, Women and Wealth were the dominant characters in such parties. I really prayed Swami for all of us to give us good intellect and be wise enough to stay away from such unethical events and India, to whom Swami always addresses as the teacher of the world,is definitely not a place for such so called Parties.. I was praying the day should not come where in, they would advertise to spend the HOLY Shivarathri night in such a fashion because every thing today is getting commercial.

Back to Puttaparthi, the Sai Kulwanth hall was packed including the lane way to have darshan of our beloved Lord on the new year day. Swami, made us wait long and it was in fact a very long wait. Probably, Swami was sending the message that Patience is all that a spiritual aspirant needs and our long patience bore a sweet fruit, when Swami out of His immense mercy, blessed us with His divine darshan and it was so sweet to see Swami in a big Mobile throne and Swami was clad in pure white robe a treat to the eyes on a new year day. Swami was welcomed into the hall with Prasanthi brass band leading and boys chanting veda. Swami after coming in the middle of the hall took a right turn towards the dais and then took a left turn towards the East Prasanthi, after moving among the students Swami was wheeled into the verandah and on to the dais.

Swami's students were waiting with a dance and songs programme and the students rendered some beautiful songs and also some dance and the programme went on till 11:30am a good opportunity for thousands to walk into the ashram see Swami, pray for good luck and prosperity in the new year.


Like in the morning, it was another PATIENCE game in the afternoon as well. Swami came just after 5pm and this time in a maroon red robe, the kind of robe which He usually wears during the convocations. Swami took a full round in the hall this time, blessing all with His divine darshan and Swami came on the dais.

This afternoon it was another beautiful and sweet session with Swami allowing the boys to sing before Him. The hall came into life and there were some hair raising times, when the students rendered songs like, Humko tumse pyar kitna and Tu Pyar ka Sagar Hain.. Swami was very happy and deeply touched with the kind of devotion the songs were rendered and the lines in those songs are enough to melt any one's heart.

It was 6:15pm and all of a sudden Swami calls two boys and after the song Swami had a sweet surprise in the form of a divine discourse. The mike was kept ready and Prof. Anil Kumar stood next to Swami and in no time it was pindrop silence in the hall, waiting for the Sweet Lord to start the most memorable session of the day.

Swami started His divine discourse with a sweet verse, I have heard Him sing this sweet verse during Sankranthi and some times during Vishu and this is how the discourse went...

EXCERPTS FROM THE DISCOURSE (its all based on memory and a first hand account and not an official release.. any short comings are deeply regretted)

Dinakarudu Santhudai toche, dinamulu intha kuruchalayyenu,
(Sun is looking calm and serene, the days have become shorter)
chali gali churuku heche,Polamu landu kaapulu, vedi vennelalona, gonthulethi padamulan pada todigiri,
(cool wind breeze has become blowing more and more, the farmers are singing in the fields)
Mirapa pandlaku kumkuma merupu dalche
(the chillies are shining red like kumkum)
Mana grihambuna dhana dhanyambulanu nimpa
to fill our houses with food grains and wealth
sarasu ralaina Sankranthi Pandugoche.. .
the charming festival of Sankranthi has arrived.

Sankranthi is important festival. the whole house is busy with some work or other assigned to every member of the house. This is the season when grains and pulses are available in plenty. This is the festival where the son in law is pampered in his in law's house. He is fed with sumptuous food .Sankranthi is celebrated with gaiety and happiness. During this festival very well dressed ox are brought into the village and made to perform dance. In those days there was also a depiction of Sita Rama wedding by the Haridasu who used to master these oxen. one ox would be dressed and named as Rama and other ox named as Sita. The Haridasu would say to Sita, Rama is very dark, not so wealthy and do you want to marry Rama to which Sita (the ox dressed named after Sita ) would say NO. It was all in the part of Sankranthi celebrations those days. Animals behaved and obeyed much better than humans.

You all say NA DEHAM. Any one with little knowledge of Sanskrit would know what NA means. NA means NOT. Which means I am NOT the Deham (body). For man there is nothing like worries, happiness, sorrow. Its all your making. Where has the anger come from. It came from you. You should practice ceiling on desires. Atma has no problems. It is only the I (EGO). When you strike a line against the I it becomes DIVINE.

Alexander the great went to Russia. After conquering the world he came to India. While crossing the river Sindhu which is in Kashmir, he had a heart attack. There were thousands with him. Top doctors followed him. Every one examined him and they said, he won't live long. He thought what for is all the wealth when it can't save my life. He asked his men to keep both his hands up when he taken to the burial. Let the whole world know, Alexander the great who conquered the whole world, didn't take even a fist full of mud with him when he died.

Body is like a water bubble. Only atma is permanent. God is in you. He listens to all your prayers. Mind is very unstable. Do not follow the mind. Mind is like a mad monkey. Just now you sang, ours is the bond of love. NEVER give up this bond of love.


Turning attention to the most controversial happening of Rama's birthplace, for which Hindus and Muslims are fighting for quite some time now..Swami said, Many people come and ask me , you tell us which is Rama's birthplace. I told them Rama's birthplace is Mother Kausalya's womb. They go by Physical place. Only people who don't have any work to do, lazy people indulge in such an enquiry. Do you search for your self? Same way you ask where is God?

He is everywhere. First you know your self. then you go find the rest of world. Divinity teaches unity.

Swami then said about the photos being circulated which were drawn by Ravi Varma. Ravi Varma never saw God. He just heard the holy scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata and drew all the photos of God with imagination. No one can give the real pictures of Rama and Krishna.

Swami also said not to run after money, positions which are temporary. Rather do namasmarana and get all your wishes fulfilled.

The discourse went for close to an hour and at the end Swami ended in a lighter note. Swami asked the audience, Is any one having any doubts? to which there was an obvious silence and Swami continued, after telling all the things to you for that long if you say you still have doubts then you are definitely foolish. With a smile Swami continued... not just foolish double, multiple foolish and the whole crowd burst into laughter..

Swami then asked for the bhajans to commence and prasadam in a special packet bearing Swami's college photo with a small packet of Vibhuti, a nice photo, a packet of cashew and a special sweet of this area pootha rekulu as they call in Telugu was distributed to all including those standing outside the hall..

Thus ended a beautiful day and more importantly the first day of the year 2009. A year which every one of us are looking forward to...a year which we hope will bring peace and tranquility among people, among nations and a victory over the wicked. I met one brother who said, hopefully the GOLDEN AGE will start this year. I think the Golden Age is already there but only thing is we should be in receptive mode to make it a reality.. Swami is there always to guide us, help us, save us and there is only one option before us and that is to be his beloveds...

On a personal note, it was on this day January the first in 1980 when I was just 14 days old, it seems my mother took me to darshan and in those days, it was very easy to speak to Swami and my mother showed me to Swami and said, Swami.. ladka huva hain (it is a baby boy), to which Swami replied bahut hi pyara bacha hain (it is a LOVELY baby). He might have said in a casual way but when I think of those words he does mean that we all are Embodiments of Love, and it is only love that can win God's Love and I heard Swami saying many times, no matter you were the king of a big empire or a beggar on the pavement, what matters at the end is how much love you shared with your fellow men and how much happiness you shared with the world. I am no where close to His expectations and I pray to Swami and hopefully, I will live up to His expectations and share more Sai love with my brothers and sisters and I pray the same for every one.. Let us dip in the ocean of love and let us give up hatred and live like HUMANS and that is what Swami wants form us..

With pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R. Satish Naik

...Saturday, 3 January, 2009 10:06 AM

Pictures: by KM

Prasanthi Update - New Year Morning

Swami came to Sai Kulwant Hall in a wonderful Procession this morning at around 9.45, Blessing everyone with Wonderful New Year Darshan in His Divine White Robe.

Swami then cut some cakes and was very happy with the Love and affection shown by His Students whose hands were filled with New Year Cards, there was also a Memorable Music Programme by the Alumni Students.. Apples were distributed as New Year Prasadam after the Programme.

After Taking Mangala Aarthi, Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 11.30 am leaving behind joyful and Smiling faces at the start of the Year.

More updates and Photos will follow later.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM Thursday, 1 January, 2009 5:20 PM

Prasanthi Update - New Year Evening Session

In the evening of the New Year Programme, Bhagawan came around 5 PM. After sometime Swami called out for The Sathya Sai University Alumni Music group. The old Students then sang some Melodious Old classic songs like "Tu pyaar ka saagar hai", and "humko thumse pyaar kitna...",amonng others.

Then Swami gave a Wonderful Divine Discourse, The Salient Features of Bhagawan's Discourse were :

1.Bhagawan stressed No one should ever forget the quality of Love. Cultivate Love at all times. Swami then wonderfully said that " The bond between Him and us is Love.

2. Swami then said that doing by Japam and Dhyanam one can only control the Mind, but cannot see god by these practices

3.Swami said " You are God and See God in all ".Swami also said that the pictures and paintings of Rama and krishna are only reminders of the Divine Lord. Ravi Varma has not seen God, it is only imagination that led to those pictures of Rama and Krishna.

4.Swami also said that God has no form.He is in your Heart at all times.

The New Year Evening session ended at 7:45 pm

It was a wonderful New Year Beginning for everyone concerned. Praying that everyone has a Great, Holy and Prosperous Year.May Bhagawan's Love, Grace and Blessings be with everyone of us always.


Courtesy: KM Friday, 2 January, 2009 10:02 AM

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