Prasanthi Update - Sunday - February 28th

Sunday morning was a wonderful Day for the Devotees of the Adilabad District of Andhra Pradesh as all the 2000 or so Devotees got Swami's Padanamaskaram. After that Swami accepted Mangala Aarthi and left for Yajur Mandiram at around 10.45 AM.

Bhagawan came for Darshan in the evening at around 4.50 PM and Bhajans commenced at 5 pm, After a Fe Bhajans Swami specifically asked for the Bhajan with the wonderful Aalap "Sri Raghavam" which was melodiously sung. After a Few Bhajans, Swami accepted Mangala Aarti at left for Yajur Mandiram at around 5.45 pm.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: K.M - 01.03.2009

UPDATE 23rd & 24th February, 2009-Shivarathri

In the Sanathana Sanskriti or the Bharatiya culture, there are as many ways to God as there are aspirants! And so it is that every form and every name is venerated as Divine. “Cheemalo Brahmalo” as the great saint-musician Tyagaraja put it, the Lord is prevalent in the ant and the cosmos! In such a land, even if one hour is dedicated for a particular diety, a whole year would not suffice to worship even half of the forms revered and ‘idolised’. In this scenario, just the importance given and religious adherence to the festival of MahaShivarathri in itself makes one realize that it is a very special occasion in the annals of the Bharatiya spiritual heritage. It is celebrated every year on the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha (as per Shalivahana) or Phalguna (as per Vikrama) in the Hindu Calendar (that is, the night before and day of the new moon) with great fervour and devotion.

Shivaratri at Puttaparthi has a long and fruitful history. It dates back to 1945 when the Prashanthi Nilayam mandir was being planned for construction. Swami personally was immersed in all the details. There was a person by name, Gooni Venkata, who was serving Swami. When Gooni Venkata (Venkata with the hump) , dug at the spot indicated by Sai Baba, so that consecrated stones could be laid as foundation, a large number of stone bases used as stands for lingams (emblems of the Form merging in the Formless, or emerging from the Formless) were discovered! But strangely enough, no lingams could be found, though a vigorous search was made. Dozens of bases - but not a single lingam. People gathered round Baba and sought the answer. Swami told them cryptically, pointing a finger at his stomach, "The lingams are all here." Those fortunate to be present at the abode of highest peace during Shivaratri would have realized the secret behind Swami’s action and the hideout of the missing lingams. The lingams that emanate on successive Shivaratri days differ in number, size and composition. Sometimes only one is formed; the material is apparently sphatika, gold, or silver. Often times there are more in number - three, five, seven, or nine! Mostly they are about an inch and a half in height, larger at times. This producing of the lingams is indeed a unique and mysterious manifestation of the Divine Will. Another awe-inspiring and profoundly spiritual ritual that Baba performed on Shivaratri was the Vibhuti-abhisheka (shower of sacred ash) to the silver idol of His previous incarnation –Shirdi Sai Baba.

From that day to now, many things have changed, but the atmosphere of devotion and austerity still remains. A huge gathering converged in Prasanthi Nilayam during the occasion, thoroughly unmindful of the inconveniences that is natural for an assemblage of gigantic proportions, is an apparent testimony to the inner urge of man to realise his essential Truth. The enthusiastic devotees filled every inch of space available in Prasanthi Nilayam from two days in advance in the run up to the festivity. One could see long disciplined queues making a beeline, much before the first rays of the Sun peeped through the eastern horizon, to ensure a place on the coveted occasion in the Sai Kulwant Hall. At 7:30am, seated majestically on the golden raised chair, Swami arrived and completed His darshan rounds. More than 1000 youth had assembled in the hall to chant the Rudram. Swami took a complete round and then moved to the stage. Along the way, He blessed and cut a huge cake that had been adorned with statues - the one of Rama worshipping the linga being the most prominent. After lighting the candle on the cake, Swami moved out on to the stage. He sat listening to the Rudram chants that were looped over and over again.

After a while, Swami got into His "orchestrator" mode. He told the people chanting in the mikes to stop doing so. He wanted to listen to the strength of the 1000 vocal chords- and they did not disappoint. As the Vedic rumble shook the hall, Swami continued to guide as He said that only those in the back rows must chant. It is not unusual among youth to become back benchers to get away with a lackadaisical attitude. But here that was not the case! Those in the back rows were there simply because all cannot sit in the front rows! (Akin to the philosophy where even a good team loses a game because there can be only one winner!) Building up the crescendo, Swami once again opened the floodgates for the vocal chords as He asked for all to chant in unison. The Primary school students also arrived and joined in. The chorus now seemed complete with the bass, midtones and trebles rocketing high to chant the glory of Rudra on Shivarathri. Wall calendars and prasadam was distributed to all after being blessed by Swami. Swami accepted Arati just after 9 am. Before retiring, Swami told all the youth and students, "Go and eat well. Then sleep and come fresh back here at 3:00". He told the same twice or thrice to different people and it was such aa sweet sight to see Swami enact those instructions as all were beyond the hearing range!

For the evening, anticipating a surge of devotees, arrangements had been made to put up huge screens to show the programmes live to those who could not have a good view from their spot. Such screens were put on both sides, ladies’ and gents’ in the Sai Kulwant Hall and a massive screen was put up in the Poornachandra Auditorium too. The youth from Karanataka had brought a huge ice-lingam, 5 feet in height, at Swami's residence. It was after 4:15 pm that Swami arrived and He had a complete look at the ice lingam. The University brass band stood in complete attention to escort Swami. But Swami had other plans. He asked the band boys to make way and He proceeded towards the back entrance of the Poornachandra Auditorium! The devotees had assembled there and though a huge screen would show them their Lord, all of us know that the thrill and joy of seeing Him in person is something very special. There was a huge applause and shouts of "Jai Bolo Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ji Ki Jai" rented the air. Everyone were thrilled by this act of Grace. Swami saw the devotees and blessed them with darshan for about 5 minutes. Then He moved into the Kulwant hall, led in procession by the brass band.

Swami was resplendent in a yellow robe, seated on the golden raised chair, and just behind Him, the ice lingam in all its majesty, was wheeled into the Hall. Swami arrived on stage and asked for the ice lingam to be brought up front and placed in such a manner so that all could see it. Then the session began with an address by former Vice Chancellor Sri SV Giri who dwelt upon the greater significance of the sacred night, calling the festivity as a cultural representation of the country, Bharath. Sri. V. Srinivasan, All India President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations was categorical in expressing the greater benediction that befell on the capacity crowd assembled in Prasanthi Nilayam to celebrate the festivity in His Divine Presence. The third speaker, Mr. Ajit Popat gave an electrifying speech, an appetizer warming up for the lofty Divine Discourse that was in waiting.

As Swami asked for His mikes to be brought, there was a loud cheer of joy and approval. What else can be better than listening to Shiva on Shivarathri? Hailing Mother India and her greater cultural heritage, Swami said that having been born in Bharath, people of the country have the responsibility to upkeep her cultural heritage. Referring to the auspicious Shivarathri night, He was candid in expressing that many nights that we pass could not be compared with the auspicious Shivarathri Night. The holy night should be utilized in chanting His Divine Name. Exhorting to listen to the glory of Lord Shiva, He said, when you spent the night in constant contemplation, it verily becomes Shivarathri. Shiva is beyond physical form. We assume Him a physical form out of our imagination. Hari and Hara are beyond the physical.

Dwelling upon the story wherein Mother Parvathi, being prodded by Goddess Lakshmi, questions Lord Shiva of His odd credentials to be her husband, Bhagawan brought home the point quoting Lord’s reply to Mother Parvathi that Lord was beyond names, caste and lineage; He has no name and no form; He is changeless; He has neither birth nor death; neither beginning nor end; He is eternal and Atma Swarupa. Talking about the greater importance of meditation, He said one should advance through the three levels of concentration, contemplation, and thereafter Meditation. Meditation is resulting out of a steady unwavering mind. True identity with the Divine could be achieved only by sacrificing action leaving the feeling of doer ship. May you experience any amount of discomforts, never give up the consciousness. As a prerequisite to attain peace one needs to start with Sathya and Dharma by rooting out all negative tendencies/qualities.

Referring to all the criticism being poured unto Him, He asserted that He is not affected by any of them and He remains to be the same. He only has Love to give back to all of them as he does not have any trace of hatred or anger. Bhagawan exhorted the assemblage of devotees to follow the path of Sathya and Dharma and to Love All and Serve All. When Sathya joins Dharma there comes Prema…While singing Prema Muditha Manase Kaho…think of Him, meditate upon His Name wholeheartedly with Love. He concluded the Divine Discourse calling upon the devotees to Be Happy.

The discourse concluded and Swami asked for the bhajans to begin. Swami wanted the Aarthi to be performed! The priest went in to get the Aarthi apparatus. Meanwhile a member of the bhajan group requested Swami for the chance to sing bhajans all night. Swami then smiled and agreed. (It was with goose-bumps that a realization comes over us. Many a times we take things for granted as "they are scheduled" - like the chance to sing bhajans throughout the night at Prashanti Nilayam. Every darshan or every bhajan session is a Divine gift being showered on us. Small acts like Swami asking for the Aarthi even before the bhajans can begin remind us and awaken us to the great good fortune we are all receiving! And so the bhajans began. Swami sat for a few bhajans and then retired into Yajur Mandir even as the bhajans went on in the Kulwant hall.

The next morning, Swami arrived in magical maroon! The blessing of seeing Him in this attire first, once again went to the devotees waiting eagerly in the Poornachandra auditorium. Swami sweetly made His way towards them and granted darshan there before heading to the Kulwant hall. By 8:30am, Swami was amidst the students in the centre of the hall. There, He was 'informed' of the prasadam that had been kept ready at the northern gates of the hall. He moved down towards the main gate and blessed the prasadam. Taking a bunch of holy grass, Swami sprinkled water on all the bowls containing tamarind rice and laddoos. He spent about 5 minutes with the 'prasadam' and the people blessed to distribute it. Swami then moved to the stage area through the gents side. He sat listening for a few more bhajans after which the grand Mangala Aarthi was performed. Swami then personally supervised the distribution of prasadam to all. Many broke their fast with Swami's prasadam.

Beautiful minutes ticked by as Swami sat silently watching all who were eating. The devotees were contented looking at their Lord and so was the Lord looking at His devotees. Swami told a few people to start eating. The photographers in front were busy capturing these beautiful moments. Swami told them also to eat. When they continued shooting, Swami sweetly asked, "Why? Is the prasadam not tasty or cooked well?" Immediately, the cameras were put down and the prasadam given importance! The food prayer was chanted twice, once by the University students and once by the Primary school students. Swami seemed to relish watching everyone eat. One could feel the message, "Aham Vaishvanarobhutva Praninaam Dehamaashritaha" - I am the One inside all who digests the food. After sitting onstage for nearly forty-five minutes during the prasadam distribution, Swami returned to His residence.

Trust God with your everything

Shared by Mukesh Patel on 01.03.2009

UPDATE_21/02/09_ The sudden shower of Grace

This being a long weekend culminating in Shivarathri, Prasanthi Nilayam is filled to the brim with devotees. There was a sweet pleasant surprise for all the devotees gathering here and it was personally planned by Swami. As usual, the bhajans had begun and were on in full swing. Swami completed the darshan rounds and after sitting for a few bhajans, called out to Mr. Ajit Popat, the "puppet" as he calls himself. It was a surprise for everyone. Offering his salutations, Mr. Popat learnt that Swami wanted him to address the gathering. In his inimitable style, beginning with the now famous, "Namaste Premaroopaya" poem, Mr. Popat spoke with energy and gusto for about 45 minutes. Swami advised him to speak long and strong! He spoke on the joy of being in the Divine presence.

After that, there seemed to be a slight confusion! Swami told Popat that more should be spoken. So he promptly obeyed and came to the mike. Then Swami said, "I'll speak." Mr. Popat said over the mike, " It is only Swami who speaks. I am just a puppet!" Swami then said again that He wanted to speak. It was with a thunderous applause that devotees woke up to the beautiful fact that there would be a flow of nectarine words from the Divine lips! Swami began to speak.

The Bharatiyas are like the elephant which does not know its own strength. It gets trained by the mahout and meekly sits down or gets up as commanded. Following the foreign culture, the Bharatiyas are forgetting their own culture which is so sacred, noble and immortal. How can you call yourselves Bharatiyas if you forget thus? It is said to treat one's Mother, Father, Preceptor and Guest as God. If you forget the mother who is also the first Guru, what use is life then?

We speak for hours because we see changes all around. The Jagat(world) is negative. All that we 'see'- the forests, the cities - all are negative and a product of your imagination- the reflections of your mind. The Atma is positive, the Nayaka or leader. There is nothing other than the Atma. Where is the Atma? Mamaivamsho Jeevaloke Jeevabhootha Sanathana - The entire Universe and beings that are seen are parts of the Atma. That is One with no second. Duality is only an imagination and hence it is said that a man with dual mind is half blind. Only One exists and that is only known as the Sahasra Sheersha Purusha.( One with a thousand heads.) But today, you are dividing the heads! For Unity to be achieved, you need Purity. For Purity you need to realize the inherent divinity in all.

Never forget the inherent unity. Even the Taittriya Upanishad stresses on the Atmic principle. Without that, there is no existence. Everything is a mere reflection of that. Whatever be the caste creeed or country, there is only one Atmic principle. Rama, Krishna and others came. Their bodies, however, lasted only a while. Nothing is permanent. Nothing in the Jagat is the Truth. However great one may become, he is not permanent. Only the Atma is permanent.It has neither beginning, nor end. That Consciousness is truth and Existence. Everyone here is a form of the Atma. Forgetting that, you imagine the ephemeral as permanent. All that is a hallucination and it leads to plurality. Only the Atma is Satya (Truth) and Nitya (Permanent).

We undergo changes as we move from infancy to childhood to adulthood. But we remain the same! We should have faith in that changeless reality. Man today is immersed in changing things. A true Manava (man) is one who is changeless. And to achieve that, Self- Confidence is needed. You know that Abraham Lincoln was born poor; other students in the school treated him contemptuously when he went to school wearing torn clothes. His friends mocked and jeered at him. He became sad and ran to his mother who consoled him thus, “Child do not cry. The world is like this, but just don’t you pay heed to it. Have Atma Vishwasam. (Self-Confidence).” That word struck deep inside. As a result, he became the President of America. Before occupying the seat of the President, he prostrated to his mother; he knew that he could rise to such a high position only by his mother's advice and blessings. Everyone were surprised and the friends too were amazed - a poor boy became the President only by implicitly obeying the Mother and developing Self-confidence. The mother was a tailor by profession and she charged a dollar or half for clothes that she stitched. Her blessings and good wishes ensured that he completed a successful 5 years.

There is nothing great in studying. Teachers and books will help you do that. Self Confidence is important. The nine fold path of devotion is of no use if there is no self confidence. Cultivate that. Even if you have big friends, there is no use. Help ever, hurt never. And the Mother's teaching is the greatest help. That is why the mother is worshipped. Never disobey her command. Her love will always be with you, around you, above you, below you and in you. People think they are big an they forget their mother. They treat her like servant maids. Let her say anything, you must follow it. The mother alone is the true teacher; all others are mere helpers. There is no greatness in staying abroad or earning money. Follow the mother and all problems will dissolve. Otherwise life is a total failure. To follow the mother's command is the main goal of life. And one must do this not as a duty; but out of love.

In Bharat, never consider the woman as insignificant. None actually comprehand the power of a woman. Savitri brought back her dead husband to life while Sita passed through the test of fire. It is the chastity of the woman that brings greatness to the country. Bharat is great and it has survived all the problems. It is a land of merit and glory. You are all so special, having been born in BHarat. See that you fulfill that boon. High grades are not needed. Have the culture of Bharat and life will be a victory. It may not have the affluence of the west but it enjoys spirituality and sanctity. Thus, the Bharatiyas enjoy great bliss. To get this, people from everywhere else come to Bharat. It is the spiritual power that attracts.

There are three stages- Concentration, contemplation and meditation. It does not mean just sitting steady, but steadying the mind. Concentration is like primary school. Contemplation is secondary school while meditation is the University level. Then you should get good degrees. You become true students only after reaching the meditation level. That is the state of ever steadiness. From God's point of view, you do not need high % of marks, but meditation to pass!

Dear students, do not crave for first class. Marks are not that important. Ensure that you do not get remarks. True marks is determined by your self-confidence.

Swami concluded with Hari Bhajan Bina. After His hour-long Discourse, Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence in the chair itself, accepting many letters on the way.

Trust God with your everything

Shared by Mukesh Patel on 28.02.2009


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

After a powerful Shivarathri celebrations and a power packed three PUPPET shows from brother Ajit Popat it was the turn of Swami's students to steal the show. This afternoon, the students of class 10 and 12 were blessed by Swami to share their heart breaking and hair raising stories with Swami and some incidents during their stay in the School. There were three students who introduced the audience the day's programme. Swami signaled for the programme to start. One student rose from his seat and in pure Sanskrit thanked Swami for giving him the opportunity to study in His institution and asked for His blessings to continue to be His instrument and Swami was so impressed that He responded with a sweet smile.

Later there was one student who rose and shared his story. 17 years ago one mother was pregnant. It was very difficult for the mother and the baby had to be born prematurely. The mother's father who was an anesthetist gave anesthesia and the baby's father who was also a doctor gave the treatment. The baby was born, blue in colour with leg not in good shape. All of them offered prayers to Swami and the baby whom they all thought would die, turned to pink and the leg got back to normal.

After a week or so the grand father who came for Swami's darshan, was confirmed by Swami Himself that He was the one who gave His helping hand on that day. The very same boy who was now 17,speaking before Swami, thanked Swami for giving a re birth and not just re birth but a golden chance to study in His institution There was another boy who rose and said, Swami on one evening my mother brought me to this very same Kulwanth hall. I was just 2 years then not knowing exactly who You were, I was told that there is one Baba who is God. All of them were waiting for Swami and when Swami came out the boy who was just 2 years old started saying loudly to his mother, Mother! Baba's hair is so beautiful. Mother tried to silent the baby as one has to maintain silence during darshan. The boy was in no mood to be silent and definitely not so after seeing those beautiful hair.

Swami directly came to the boy and gave a beautiful smile. The boy amidst loud applause and making every one smile, said, Swami 17 years after that incident, even today Your hair is so beautiful and it was a treat to watch Swami when the boy told that to Swami. Swami didn't feel shy but it was an expression closer to that....Swami is such a charmer many a times He seems to be very much human..

Another boy rose from his seat and when he shared this story it was very emotional and brought tears to many of us. he said, Swami, one 9 month old boy suddenly had a very high temperature. He was the only boy to the parents. The temperature was so high that the boy suddenly stopped crying. the eye balls went up and the body was motionless. Not knowing what to do , the mother ran up to the puja room praying to Swami she said, Swami! he is the only child for me please save him and Swami assured the mother that all will be ok. In 10 minutes the baby got back to normal.. Amidst loud applause and dampened eyes.. the boy said.. Swami!! the same baby after 17 years is standing before you offering humble salutations at your lotus feet for your kindness to listen to a mother's prayer .Another boy sharing his story said, it was on the first day in primary school. I was badly missing my mother and was crying the whole night. Suddenly my mother appeared right next to me and she made me sleep. The next Sunday when my parents came to see me I shared the incident and thanked my mother for coming and my mother was in tears. She knew it was Swami who came in her form to console her baby. The boy narrating this incident, got very emotional and hearing his shivering voice made all of us more emotional. Swami blessed the boy by raising His hand and it was just beautiful to watch the whole episode.

Now it was the turn of a overseas boy whose brother is also studying here. It so happened during some sports rehearsal Swami called the boy and asked where is your brother to which the boy replied my brother is in the sports rehearsal.

The next day during darshan, Swami asked his brother the same question and the boy replied Swami I was in the sports rehearsal. Now Swami calls this boy and asks where is your brother? The boy who was now little bit surprised and confused said, Swami you just spoke to my brother to which Swami said, no ALL ARE YOUR BROTHERS. Just an example how Swami teaches equanimity in a simple way.

The boy later sang few Telugu lines from Humko Tumse Pyar kitna bhajan Neevu leni maa jeevanam (a life without you) neeru leni chepa vedanam (is like that of a fish out side water). Needu choope prana samanam (your one look is full of life) Meedi maadi Oke bandamu (our relationship is only one) Adiye prema bandamu (that is the bond of LOVE). Swami was so impressed by those lines and smiled back at the boy..

It was just beautiful to see the students share their stories and also a treat to watch Swami's expressions when His students thanked Him for all that He has done for them. Swami then called the principals and had a bit lengthy talk with them. Swami seemed very very happy and He came down all the way from the stage to take pictures with His CHOSEN ones. After 2 bhajans arathi was given to Swami, thus ending a beautiful day full of SAI LOVE..

Right now there are about 2,500 devotees from Adilabad district from the state of Andhra Pradesh on a three day Parthi Yatra. Swami has blessed them by permitting to perform before Him play today so another extended darshan session is in the offering..

Thank you Dear Lord...With humble pranams at your Lotus Feet

R Satish Naik

sent on 27.02.2009

Prasanthi Update - Maha Shivarathri evening Programme

On the evening of Shivarathri, Sai Kulwant Hall was filled to the rafters and not able to hold all the Devotees so it resulted in Poornachandra Hall being opened to accomodate the very heavy rush.

Swami came for Darshan in a Wonderful Yellow Robe at around 4.35 pm in a wonderful Procession led by the Sathya Sai University. Swami was seated on a raised Golden Chair and everyone could have wonderful Darshan. After listening to Veda chanting for sometime some wonderful Speakers like Sri S. V. Giri, former Vice Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai University, Sri. V. Srinivasan, the All India Sai Organisations President, and Sri Ajit Popat from the United Kingdom spoke before Swami's Divine Shivarathri message.

The Full Text of Swami's Discourse will be posted later..

After Swami's Discourse concluded at seven o'clock, Shivarathri bhajans commenced in Kulwant Hall. Bhagawan returned to Yajur Mandiram after about 15 minutes.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Tuesday, 24 February, 2009 10:28 AM

Prasanthi Update - Maha-Shivarathri Morning Darshan

Today morning Swami came to Kulwanth Hall in a wonderful Golden Chair which was raised as everyone could have a wonderful Darshan on this most Auspicious Shivarathri Day.

After Swami went around for Darshan, Swami went into the Interview and came on the stage after about 40 Minutes. Swami then listened to the wonderful Veda Chanting of the Students and also the Karnataka Youth. which was incredibly wonderful to hear on this most sacred day.

After the Programme Prasadam was distributed to all after being Blessed by Bhagawan. Mangala Aarthi was taken at around 9.05 AM and Swami returned to Yajur Mandiram.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - posted on Monday, 23 February, 2009 5:37 PM



There were serpentine queues in every SHIVA temple on the eve of SHIVARATHRI. Seeing all this, PARVATHI asked LORD SHIVA, “Just look at those thousands of devotees thronging your temple to have your DARSHAN. Many of them stay awake during the night; keep fast, sing Bhajans and so on. You must be really please with their devotion.”

The LORD always likes to test his devotees to check if the devotion is strong enough. Just like how we feel the nail and try to move it after it is hit on a wall to hang a picture frame!

The LORD said to his consort, “Poor devotees! They’re braving the crowds unmindful of the pull and the push waiting to have my glimpse. They don’t realize that I’m their ‘indweller’! Anyway, let us go down & give them our darshan.” PARVATHI agreed to this suggestion and both of them decide to go & give darshan in their original form itself! So they picked out a temple that had the maximum crowd and started moving along with the crowd smiling at them & blessing them.

The people started laughing at SHIVA & PARVATHI & said, “What a beautiful costume you people are wearing? From which drama troupe have you come? Are you both going to give a play here in this temple?” they asked.

SHIVA said, “It’s me…LORD SHIVA! We’re real. We thought we would come and give you live darshan so that you don’t have to put up with hours & hours of waiting just to have my glimpse inside the temple.”

The crowd roared in laughter & seemed to enjoy the show. “Fantastic piece of make up. Is that snake for real?’ somebody asked. Another asked PARVATHI, “WOW! Look at those jewels. If they’re real, they should be worth a few crores!!!” People continued to push their way through the queue to get inside the Sanctum Sanctorum.

PARVATHI said to the people, “We can perform whatever miracle you want us to do because we’re really what we claim to be. What proof do you want?”

To that somebody said, “Turn this temple into GOLD. In fact anything that is metallic should turn into GOLD. Can you do that?” Everyone joined the chorus. Yes, yes. Turn this temple into GOLD. The people started mocking them & ridiculing them.

SHIVA just smiled & the next moment the entire temple complex was glittering with GOLD!!! “Is this real?” some people asked. People who had coins in their hands realized that even the coins had turned into GOLD. There happened to be a GOLDSMITH there who shouted excitedly, “Hey! This is all real. No doubt at all. IT IS ALL SOLID GOLD!!!”

Then pandemonium broke loose. People started running all over the place trying to take whatever was loose outside the temple compound.

PARVATHI asked SHIVA, “Instead of taking our blessings and considering it their fortune to have seen us and getting liberated from this cycle of birth & death, why are they all running here and there?”

SHIVA told her, “They’re not only taking the GOLD that’s there but also getting whatever metallic objects they can lay their hands on, like vessels, coins, tools & so on. Then they would ask us to turn them into GOLD as well!!! Having said that, SHIVA & PARVATHI just vanished and all the GOLD came back to its’ earlier original metallic form leaving everyone shell shocked trying to figure out what had happened!!!

PS: During RAMAYANA that happened in ‘TRETA YUGA’ only a few recognized LORD RAMA as GOD! Same in the case of KRISHNA AVATAR during DWAAPARA YUGA! There were people who abused SHIRDI SAI BABA in his life time and SATHYA SAI BABA as well.

We don’t know whether we were there during RAMA AVATAR nor do we know whether we lived during KRISHNA AVATAR’s time. We also don’t know whether we were alive during ADI SHANKARA or SRI RAGHAVENDRA or SHIRDI SAI BABA’s time. (To name a few)


But today the WORLD has RECOGNIZED & EXPERIENCED the presence of a POORNA AVATAR in SATHYA SAI BABA in PUTTAPARTHI! !! The tens of millions who’ve been going there for the last 68 years have clearly understood that the SECRET OF LIBERATION ITSELF IS PRESENT THERE.

Posted by Sai Gurukulam on account of Maha-Shivarathri on 23.02.2009

Taken From Various Shivarathri Discourses of Bhagawan

Shiva is called Nilakantha, or the one with the Plain Blue Throat, this happened because He Drank the Poison that came from the ocean which would have destroyed everything in the Universe. The Poison is in the Middle part of the Shivalinga meaning the part where Vishnu Resides meaning Sustenance, He drank the Poison to sustain the Universe, The most holy river Gangadevi flows from his matted hair which means that It is the Purest Form of Everything in the World.

The Sun, Moon and stars form his crown symbolising the World is with Him. As Nataraja, His Tandava is the cosmic dance which controls everything in the World. The World dances to His Rhythm.

Shiva as Shankara is the one who gives Joy to everyone, As Shambunatha he is the One in whom Joy resides.

As Maheswara he is the one from whom all Knowledge emanates.

His Great Vahana Nandeswara represents the Lord of all Animals and also Represent Dharma.

This is what Shivalinga Means, It is the Purest Form in the Universe which sustains everything. - Swami

Posted by KM on 23.02.2009

Prasanthi Update - 21st - Evening Session

As more and more Devotees gather for the Shivarathri Festival, Kulwanth Hall is filling up faster by the minute which has led to people standing for a Divine glimpse of our Lord.

Today evening as Swami came for Darshan asked Mr Poppet to speak. Bhajans were stopped as Mr. Popet spoke wonderfully, but there was another great Surprise as Swami started His Divine Discourse to the absolute delight of everyone and also spoke for nearly an hour.

The Salient points of Swami's Discourse were :

1. Swami wonderfully spoke about the importance of Indian culture. Swami said that Indian culture is a great and shining example for the world to follow. The most important aspect of Indian Culture is the is the chastity of Women.

2. Swami also spoke about self confidence and continuously stressed that if anyone has faith in himself, he could achieve anything in life. Swami quoted the example of Abraham Lincoln and his mother, Swami wonderfully stressed that if (we follow) our Mother's words and deeds it will always lead to success.

3. Swami said that even though people talk of meditation, it is actually third in the ladder. The first two being Concentration and Contemplation. Swami said that Concentration is like the Level in the Primary school, Contemplation in the High school and Meditation in the Degree college. To attain that degree, one has to work hard and cross these 3 steps.

After singing melodiously Hari bhajana bina Sukha...Swami further said that whatever be the name one has to keep chanting the Divine name as it is only that will lead you to all success. God will bless you with that success in life.

The wonderful evening session ended at by 7.15 PM.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Saturday, 21 February, 2009 8:47 PM

Prasanthi Update - Another Hungarian Programme

Yesterday Bhagawan gave another wonderful chance to the Devotees from Hungary to put up another Programme. The Programme was wonderful and the Devotees sang some Lovely songs in chorus and with so much devotion and great enthusiasm and with one one voice. They also sang our Bhajans which was wonderful.

One could see How thrilled and happy Bhagawan was. Swami created a chain for 2 Devotees - a lady and a gent. Swami also distributed some items to all the Devotees who participated in the Programme which made the whole evening so very wonderful.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Saturday, 21 February, 2009 10:32 AM

Prasanthi Update - Monday 16th February

Yesterday was a wonderful and a blessed day for the Devotees from Hungary. There are a very large number of Hungarian Devotees who had come to have the Lord's Blessings and to be in His Divine Presence for a few days.

To their Great Delight and Happiness, Swami had very graciously agreed for their Music Programme. Swami also made Shri. Chakravarthy announce on Sunday evening that the Hungarian devotees will perform on Monday. Swami also told him to announce that these Devotees are also so very devoted and are a disciplined lot. The people were so happy yesterday and today their Music Programme was wonderful. They sang their hearts out for the Lord. Though many could not understand the meaning of the words, each and everyone could feel the language of their heart and yearning for the Lord..

Swami was very happy, and gave away sarees to all ladies and white safari dress material for the gents. He also spoke to some people, took letters and blessed some CDs, etc.. After taking Mangala Arathi Swami retired to Yajur Mandiram at around 6pm. Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 17.02.2009

Swami's Divine Discourse in Muddenahalli - Salient Points

What a Wonderful Divine Discourse did Swami give Yesterday during the laying of the Foundation stone for the Muddenahalli campus of the Sathya Sai University. All of you must have also read the wonderful Description by Sai Brother Satish Naik on the Programme there, We are always grateful to him for sending the wonderful updates.

The following are the wonderful points of Swami's Divine Discourse :


Everyone has to look with in and realise the Atma and to give all the children this knowledge I have decided to open up a campus here. That is one and Only Desire.


There is no one and not many who are chanting Rama, Krishna etc. To teach the students the highest form of Knowledge and to make them fully aware of the teachings and significance of the Ramayana and the Gita I have opened up this new campus. The Knowledge imparted here will help them to become better and noble citizens of the country.


Everyone should know about GOD. Everyone has to practise and share all the Knowledge about God. In 6 months this Campus will be ready. No one can give a Time frame like i have. When I will it is bound to happen.


In Prasanthi Nilayam the Super hospital was opened within a year's time. I announced that it will be ready by November 23. There was heavy rain the day before the opening. There was mud and big pits everywhere. No one thought that the Hospital would start as a few more equipments were to be brought in for the operation to commence. But a big truck with all the necessary equipments arrived and it was 11 p.m by then. Doctors were called upon and on the first day 3 operations were performed. All operations were successful and the patients were discharged in 5 days.


In Today's world everyone are in search of God. God is no where else but within you. Only God's grace can change the whole world. Always keep God in your mind. Only God can change the World. Treat yourself as a servant and not a master.


Next year on 14th February I will come for the opening of this new campus. Don't worry about money. When Lakshmi is in My heart, there won't be any shortage of money. I don't ask any body for money and you also should not ask anyone for Money. When I declare something it is bound to happen. All will be Surprised when I finish a task.

Always have faith in God. All your worldly problems will be solved.


Don't forget your parents are God. They should never shed tears. God will give everything to children who take of their parents.

Always get good name to your parents and give them all the happiness. That is what I want from everyone. Do you think Swami's happiness is different from your happiness.. Your happiness is always My Happiness. If you are happy and give happiness to parents I am always Happy.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Sunday, 15 February, 2009 11:47 AM


Om Sri Sai Ram dearest Sai Family,

Muddanahalli the beautiful place discovered by Swami, rather invented by Swami, was blessed by His divine visit this morning to lay the foundation stone for the new university campus which will be affiliated to Sri Sathya Sai University thus summing up to 4 campuses. A small village in the foot hill of beautiful Nandi hills, 5 kms from Chickbalapur was beautifully decorated on the occasion of the Divine visit. It was my first visit to this beautiful place which I did not think it would be so beautifully beautiful.

Swami out of His immense grace blessed me with an opportunity to follow His car and it was first of its kind SAI adventure and it was full of fun. It also depicted the love of devotees for Swami and the kind of love He tends to shower on His dear ones..

All the way it was just a reflection of Sai Love. The car started from Puttaparthi. All the devotees were very much sure that Swami would be going for a day to Muddanahalli. All the streets were lined up with eagerly waiting devotees

with happiness on their faces to have a closer look at the Son of Holy Puttaparthi, Our beloved Lord. It was not an emotional one as it usually is, because all knew He would be gone only for a day. At 8:45am Swami came out for darshan and after quick arathi and while it was still going on, Swami came out to the streets of Puttaparthi.

All the Hospital inmates (except the patients) were eagerly waiting for Swami at the hospital area. All faces lit up after seeing Swami. Swami's car now passed by the villages and the people were very happy to see Swami.

Swami was traveling in Toyota Innova seated on the rear end and there were few more Toyotas of the same colour in the convoy and it was little bit confusing for the devotees waiting on the road to pick the right Toyota and to add to the confusion Swami's regular Porte car was also there. Many were left guessing after all the cars passed by..

Swami slowed down a bit near Bagepalli to bless the Orphanage and old age home. and in no time we were in Chickbalapur, the familiar coffee halt for all the devotees coming to Parthi. Muddanahalli is about 5 kms from there. Just as we crossed Chicbalapur we took a right turn and huge flexi banners welcoming Swami and also small arches with beautiful floral decorations were seen. The first one read Hoping for your Divine visit very soon. That's the expectation we all have. Swami's darshans can never be ENOUGH.

From the busy streets of Puttaparthi, to the dusty roads and then to a not UPTO the mark highway we entered the premises of Muddanahalli which is in a very quiet environment, away from the dust and smoke. Like the atmosphere, even the people there were very sweet. The first sight of the beautiful place made me feel as if I was taken to a hill station.

All the way, people were standing some singing bhajans, some giving arathi, some with padukas, some holding large photos of Swami of course many were left guessing which car Swami was seated...All the roads were beautifully decorated with rangolis, small temples bearing Swami's photos. It was like a festival for all the villagers there and why not, the Avatar of this Age has decided to visit their home sparing some precious hours from His busy schedule.


Excellent arrangements were made for all the devotees. Swami after finishing the bhoomi puja for the new campus came on the beautifully decorated dias in His car chair. The hall had a capacity of about 5000 people and there were three speakers the last one being Mr. Narasimha Murthy.

As Swami also speaks fluent Kannada, every one thought Swami would give His divine discourse in Kannada, but Swami started His divine discourse in Telugu with a sweet verse which was sung by Him on various occasions in the recent past.

Parama Pavanamaina Bharata vani yandu, sahana mannade manaku chakka danamu..
(in this holyland of Bharath, what is most beautiful is patience)

Vratamulannitiyandu vanne ganchina yatti ghana sathya seelame khatina tapamu
(out of all the rituals, adherence to truth is the highest form of penance).

pranambu kantenu manambe ghana manu mana desa neetini mantagalipi
(the country which considers self respect more than one's own life is no longer like that)

netikichiri para desa neetula rasi (due to rapid westernisation) .

Aura! emandu Bharatha palanambu (Alas, what has happened to this country?)

Enugetula tana balamu eruga lekunnado atula ayyinaru Bharateeyulu nedu

(Indians have become like an elephant which doesnt know its own strength).

(Even though Karnataka people understand Telugu very well, Mr.Narasimha Murthy came next to Swami to translate but Swami continued to speak non stop in Telugu with no interpretation)

Truth is every where. Embodiments of love! the reason for My visit is to give proper education facilities to children of this area.

Today there are no colleges in this area. After finishing the school the children have to go to cities. They don't have any money.

You all know how it is in cities. It is very expensive. For children who have to pursue higher education some times they give up failing to cope with the expenses. That is why I have DECIDED to give quality education. You all have so many Shakthis. Among all the shakthis, DURAASA (greediness) Shakthi is very fierce now a days. With greediness comes sorrow. Greediness will bring peacelessness.

You have to look with in and realise the Atma and to give all the children this knowledge I have decided to open up a campus here. That is MY ONLY DESIRE..

Today, unfortunately spirituality is lacking even in villages. There are not many who are chanting Rama, Krishna and so on. So to teach the highest form of Knowledge, to make the children well aware of the teachings and significance of Bhagawatam, Ramayana, Gita I have opened up this new campus. This kind of knowledge, will help the children to become noble citizens.

All know about God. You have to practice and share all the knowledge of God. Today I laid the foundation stone.. Amidst loud applauds Swami announced that In 6 months this will be ready. NO ONE CAN GIVE A TIME FRAME LIKE THIS. When I WILL it is bound to happen.

Super hospital in Puttaparthi was opened in less than year's time. I announced that it will be ready by November 23. There was heavy rain the preceding day. Every where there were pits and mud. Every one thought, will the hospital be functional. There were few more equipments to be brought in for the operation to commence. In no time a big truck with all the necessary equipments arrived and it was 11pm by then. Doctors were called upon and on the first day 3 operations were performed. All operations were successful and the patients were discharged in 5 days.

By 2010, February 14 everything should be finished. People should have confidence. All of you have studied English. You all know the story of a poor boy. Because of his poverty he could not go out, he could not attend the school because all the children were laughing at his dress, at his financial situation. His mother poured lot of confidence in this boy. She said God is with us. believe in God. Have God in mind. The child taking confidence from his mother, started studying under the street lights. To bear cold he covered himself with gunny bags.

The same child, in the later stages was president of America. He is Abraham Lincoln. After becoming the President he did not forget his mother. He said, it is only because of his mother he is in this stage.

Today's world is in total confusion. All are in search of God. God is no where else but within you. You should change the society. Only God's grace can change the whole world. So always keep God in mind. Only then the whole world will be happy. Treat yourself as a servant and not a master.

Today you see all the Members of Parliaments, ministers, All these positions are temporary. Atma is eternal. One who realises this truth will be succesful. Next year 14 February I will come for the opening of the new campus. I will give all the financial support needed for this. Do not worry about money. When Lakshmi is in My heart, there won't be any shortage of money. I don't ask any body for money and you too don't ask for money to any one. I am not concerned of any big expenses. I declare something and it is bound to happen. All will be surprised when I finish a task. Do not leave your spiritual path. That is the highest Shakthi. You will be blessed with all that you want when you have God in your heart.

Swami in a lighter note and surprising every one very sweetly asked Am I irritating you with My talk, for which there was a big NO..LEDU SWAMI from the devotees. Swami later continued..all those who have assembled here are very fortunate. Just have faith in God. All your worldly problems will be solved.

While Swami was talking, some one from the crowd said, Swami we feel like we are in heaven.. to which Swami said, very happy... very happy..

It was 12:15 by then Swami then continued

When you meet some one instead of saying hello, hai, you ask dear brother how are you? say namaskaram. Don't forget your parents are God.

Don't disappoint them in any time. They should never shed tears. God will give EVERY THING to children who take of their parents. Many foreigners who come here are becoming more and more spiritual. In another 18 years the whole world will change. There will be peace and tranquilty. It will be an universal world.

Swami then sang one of His favourite bhajans Prema Mudita and it was very very sweet.. after the bhajan He continued Get good name to your parents and give them all the happiness. THAT IS WHAT I WANT. Do you think Swami's happiness is different from your happiness.. Your happiness is MY HAPPINESS. If you are happy and give happiness to parents I AM HAPPY.. so saying Swami filling our hearts with HAPPINESS concluded His 45 min HAPPY discourse HAPPILY..

Swami asked the children to sing songs and after 2 songs arathi was given to Swami and it was 12:30 by then.

After a short break Swami left for Puttaparthi at 1:30 and it was another joyous ride back to Parthi. Swami amidst tons of happiness returned to His own physical abode Puttaparthi as Students from Swami's primary school and other devotees welcomed Him with a sweet smile..

Thus ended a beautiful journey with LORD and a beautiful day full of Sai Love..

Swami is so sweet like river which always likes giving giving and we are like the sea water who always like taking and give nothing..

Time has come for all of us to gear up and SET ASIDE THE MAYA and get into serious spiritual sadhana. Time is running short and there is no short cut to Mukthi. Be it a millionaire or a pauper every one has to get into MUKTHI path and why not start now when our beloved Lord is there to guide us and take us to the highest level..

Swami says VERY SOON the whole world will be ONE and to achieve this it is our duty to give our share to that achievement. Brothers and sisters lets join together to IGNITE the God in us to know the real HUMAN ness.

With Loving pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik.. from Kaliyuga's Mathura Puttaparthi

(humble apologies if any mistakes were rolled in this report)

Received on 15.02.2009

Prasanthi Update

Swami went to Muddennahalli today morning and around 8.45 AM to lay the Foundation stone for the 4th Campus of the Sri Sathya Sai University. Swami also gave a Wonderful Divine Discourse. Bhagawan returned back to Parthi at around 3.30 PM. In the evening

Swami came for Bhajans Sorry for this very Brief Update. Will send Detailed updates later along with Photos. Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 14.02.2009

Prasanthi Update - 13th February

On Friday evening Kulwanth Hall was filled with various articles to be given to the poor and needy. This programme was arranged the Devotees of Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh, Swami came around 4.15 PM and after sometime came on stage and went down to see all the materials and also spoke to a Few people.

Prof.Anil Kumar then spoke about the greatness of Prakasam District and of the many great people who lived there and also mentioned about some Great experiences of various Devotees of that region. Shri.Anil Kumar also read out the names of the various recipients who came up to Swami for His Divine blessings. Afterwards the Students sang some Melodious Bhajans and at around 6PM, Bhagawan returned to Yajur Mandiram.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 14.02.2009

Prasanthi News

As Mentioned earlier, Swami is going to Muddenahalli tommorow to lay the foundation stone for the the 4th Campus Building of the Sri Sathya Sai University. Swami is expected to leave Prasanthi Nilayam at around 8.30 in the morning and reach Muddenahalli at around 10.00 AM.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 13.02.2009

Prasanthi News - Swami expected to be in Muddenahalli on Saturday

Swami is expected to be in Muddenahalli on Saturday 14th February to lay the Foundation stone for the 4th Campus of the Sri Sathya Sai University.

The Construction of the New campus is to be completed by the end of this year. It will be the 4th Campus of Swami's University after Prasanthi Nilayam, Brindavan and Ananthapur. It is not sure whether Swami will be going to Brindavan after the Muddenahalli visit or be back in Prasanthi Nilayam. Muddenahalli is around 60 Kilometres from Bangalore.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 12.02.2009

Prasanthi Update - 10.02.2009

The schedule at Prashanti Nilayam has undergone a slight change in the evenings, what with Swami asking that the bhajans be held outside everyday and not in the Bhajan hall as it used to be earlier. So it happens that almost everyday Swami arrives as the bhajans are on. It is a different experience to see Swami during His darshan rounds, singing bhajans. Earlier, the expressions of spontaneous joy as He nears would manifest in hands going up and people craning so hard that they would culminate in standing up to offer prostrations! Now another dimension has been added too and that is the increase in decibel levels as Swami nears. And so for a listening observer sitting at one end, the bhajan seems to move towards her/him not at the speed of sound but at the speed of the Divine movement in the chair! Swami moves up the stage and as He sits listening to the bhajans, there is a visible and audible enthusiasm in the singing. Sometimes Swami thrills the singer as He sings a few lines of the bhajan in the follow! He sings the lead too sometimes but though this is thrilling for all, the singer is not affected much as his eyes are closed as he sings! Indeed bizzare yet profound it is that the singers draw inspiration from the Swami within, even in the Presence.

Today the script of the past few days got changed as Swami noticed a group of ladies with scarves from Hyderabad. They prayed to Him for an opportunity to sing in His presence. The time was about 4:40pm and Swami enquired from them as to what they wished to sing. A short conversation ensued after which Swami called the Secretary and had a few moments of discussion. The students seated in the marbled blocks were asked to make some space available and the group was granted its wish! Swami went into the interview room and after a short while arrived on the stage and asked the ladies to begin. They started with Vedic chanting and as it went on, Swami asked for them to start singing. Now this needed the instrumental support and all the instrumentalists were gents. Since this was a programme that had been divinely conjured out of the blue, the instrumentalists were not in place.

It was then that Swami did something so beautiful. He moved into the interview room just like that. This gave the group precious minutes to reorganise and regroup. As if that was not enough, the Lord sweetly sent word too asking whether all were ready! Once all were set and the first song started, Swami came out and sat on the stage. Roses and other offerings had already been made and the songs continued. The songs were all in Telugu on the glory of Sai. So profound and beautiful were the meanings of the songs that Swami too seemed very interested in knowing the exact lyrics! He asked for the booklet that had been prepared for Him containing all the songs and began to leaf through it. As each song was being sung, Swami seemed to be reading the lyrics of that particular song. After about 35 minutes of group singing by the ladies ably assisted instrumentally by the gents, Swami told something to the student sitting beside Him. Taking this as a signal for aarthi, the ladies started to prepare the camphor and the wicks. Seeing this, Swami smilingly told them to wait and asked them to continue singing. And thus it was that the singing went on as Swami inspected the sarees and safari cloth pieces that He planned to distribute to the performers. After the final song concluded, Swami called a little boy sitting right in the front(presumably, the son of the keyboard player.) He accepted the letter and spoke a few loving words with the boy. He asked his name and then planted a loving pat on his cheek. Swami distributed the cloths and sarees. In the meanwhile, the main organisers and the key musicians came up to Swami seeking His blessings. Swami blessed them all profusely and patted many on their cheeks.

Sweets were brought for blessings after which they were distributed to all present as holy prasadam. Swami asked the students to sing a few bhajans and in an atmosphere that had been surcharged with devotional songs, the bhajans acted as an outlet for all to pour out thier love for Swami. Swami sat, moving rhythmically to the lovely tunes of the bhajans. Aarthi was taken at the end of two bhajans and Swami sat through the entire Aarthi. At the end, He raised both His hands in loving benediction and "oohs" and "aahs" were heard all over the hall as the devotees too raised both their hands in humble reception! It was about 6:10 pm when Swami drove back to the Residence. Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Thursday, 12 February, 2009 10:06 AM

Prasanthi Update - 3rd Feb - Wonderful Drama "Sri Paadaalu"

Yesterday evening there was a wonderful Programme by the Devotees of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Swami came to Kulwanth Hall at around 4.40 PM and after coming on stage, the Telugu Drama entitled "Sri Paadaalu" was started. It was a wonderful 50 Minute Drama in Telugu which showed in a wonderful manner the Transformation of a Scientist.

The Highlight of the Drama were Depiction of the Scenes from the very famous Pilgrimage centres of Chitoor District namely Kanipakkam, Tirupati and Sri Kalahasti. After the Drama, Bhajans were sung and after accepting Mangala Aarthi, Swami left Kulwanth Hall at around 6PM for Yajur Mandiram in His Car.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Wednesday, 4 February, 2009 10:38 AM

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