Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

In the past couple of days Swami's Darshan timings have been very unpredictable. But ultimately Swami in all his Mercy and love is always coming to give darshan and satisfy the devotees who sit for hours together.

Yesterday Final Year Students of the Whitefield campus of the Institute came to Prasanthi Nilayam to pay their gratitude to Swami. Their Wonderful Programme was filled with a variety of items like songs, dances, skits, and speeches, the students offered their hearts to Him and prayed to Swami that He be ever with them and bless them. At the end of the Programme many of them cried and prayed to Swami to Visit Brindavan as Bhagawan had not gone to Brindavan for almost two years now. They showed a banner Inviting Him: "Swami please come to Brindavan" . Swami was moved by their love and devotion. He walked down the Kulwant hall stage and took photographs with them. He blessed them and gave each of them Padanamaskar and also spoke to them. Some of the teachers who had also come here were blessed by Bhagawan.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 26.02.2008

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

As some of you might have come to know, there has been a lot of schedule changes in Swami's darshan timings, etc...While that is very much true, I should possibly tell everyone more about the same...

Last Sunday that is on 17th February Swami, unusually, came for Darshan at 3:45 p.m. Swami gave interview to some ministers, and then came out for Darshan rounds. Swami came near the students and teachers. Actually the Anantapur students (final year) had come for Swami's darshan and blessings on that day. After coming near the staff block, Swami went straight to the place where they were sitting. Swami went around and blessed them, took letters and then allowed them to sing songs. He listened to the songs, and also spoke to some of them. Meanwhile as the A.P Governor had come Swami went inside interview room. Aarathi was given at 5:45pm and Swami retired.

In the last few days Swami has not been coming in the morning , But Swami has been giving Darshan catching Devotees by surprise by going out for a Drive in the afternoon at 1:30, or 2:30, or even in the Morning at 11am.

On Monday, evening bhajans started at five. Swami did not come till 6:10pm. Swami sat for Bhajans till 6:40 and took aarathi and retired to Yajur Mandiram.

On Wednesday Swami did not come till 6:20 p.m and finally after so much waiting, aarathi was given. Everyone was very disappointed that Swami did not come for darshan. Aarathi was over, people went away from Kulwant hall, many of the students returned to hostels, very few students and teachers and some elders were there in Kulwant hall, when suddenly there was some activity in Yajur Mandiram. At Around 6:30 Swami came in His Car, and from the empty Ladies side, Swami came on to the portico, Blessing the fortunate few students and staff assembled there and also Swami took a small round in Kulwant hall. Swami then took a turn and went outside Kulwant hall, near the Rama statue and went for a drive inside the Ashram. None expected Him at that time and that too after aarathi was over. It was a total surprise.

Surprise Darshans everyday for everyone. Swami's Divine Ways.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 21.02.2008

The gift of learning

.....I met [revered Indian spiritual leader] Sathya Sai Baba during a trip to India. He looked into my eyes and said the only thing he would ask of me was to devote myself to developing education for the rest of my life," said Art-Ong.

"I came back and did so. I travelled the entire country to give lectures for thousands and thousands of teachers on how to make students both academically and morally excellent. After one workshop, the participating teachers told me that they wanted to see a school that really put those theories into practice, hence the establishment of Sathyasai School."

A "virtue-oriented" institution that aims to equip students with as much moral integrity as academic capability, Sathyasai boarding school opened in Lop Buri in 1991. Located in a sublime area near the Pasak river with views of nearby mountain, the 300-rai plot housing over 300 students is an inspiring educational environment.

"The school uses the principle of 'educare', which aims to bring the positive side out of children by interacting with them in a positive way," said Art-Ong.

"The most crucial factor in realising this goal is the teachers. You need to have a good mould in order to shape a good person. Teachers here do not punish students with force. They lead students through daily recreational routines and lead students on short meditation sessions prior to the beginning of each class."

Sathyasai School has students from grade one to 12, with its first generation of graduates now on the verge of completing their bachelor's degrees.

So has a man with honours degrees in engineering and strong faith in Buddhism ever looked back and questioned his life's path? Has he ever regretted turning down all those lucrative offers? Has he, as one who underwent such an early spiritual awakening in life, ever thought he should have ended up in a monastery instead of a school?

"When I do something, it comes from a will and nothing in the world can ever turn me away from that will. I went to America to seek new knowledge for the students and no matter what offer I received I would never take it up because it wasn't the reason I went there," Art-Ong explained.

"As for monkhood, it's not that I had never thought of it," he admitted. "However, I knew from the age of 15 when I had my awakening that I could do much more as layman. Also, there's something telling me deep down that, in the age of science and technology, who would listen to what I said unless I had high degrees, particularly a degree in science or engineering? I knew since then that I needed to have a PhD in engineering to make people interested in listening when I talked about dharma."

Nowadays, people are interested in listening to what Art-Ong says. Just ask those teenagers!

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The gift of learning

Mission or Money?

.....Most experts do agree that while all may not be well with trust-based hospitals, there are still many who are doing worthwhile charity. This is mostly true of the ones run by religious/spiritual communities. Sri Sathya Sai Trust Hospital is a case in point. Apart from primary and secondary care, it provides tertiary care free, with best-in-class services. No surprise then that it receives patients in huge numbers, not only from India, but from SAARC countries and Africa. But the truth is also that such trusts have a large amount of community support and do not face cost problems. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for other trusts. It is thus a catch-22 situation for most hospitals that do have the vision to excel but ultimately are bounded by the mission.

What will determine the survival of trust hospitals is how well they maintain the balance between their mission and the changing dynamics.

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Mission or Money?

Chinese New Year 2008 in Prasanthi Nilayam

Om Sairam dear Sai Family

Wishing all the Chinese a very happy and SAI new year.. The Chinese new year was celebrated with utmost devotion in the Abode of Highest peace, Prasanthi Nilayam in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord. The whole Prasanthi Nilayam campus was decorated red, right from the Ganesh Gate..Kulwanth hall was at its best, make a regular visitor doubt if it is the same Kulwanth hall or a Buddhist Monastery?.....

12 January 2008.

There were about 4000 or more devotees from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and other countries of the far east.

The new year celebrations started yesterday when at least 100 Tibetan monks, many of them who were here last year , chanted mantras in Tibetan language, for the welfare of the man kind, and more importantly for Swami’s good health.. There was an English commentary by a young boy and a girl in between the mantras and at one time, the devotees prayed to Swami asking Him to Cure Himself.

The last part of the mantra was dedicated to all the spiritual Gurus who are here to uplift the man kind. The monks prayed Swami to safeguard all of them, by bestowing good health and happiness to all..

The boy, then asked Swami if they could chant Gayatri Mantra, to which after a little pause, Swami nodded His head in positive.

The Kulwanth hall started chanting the Most Powerful Mantra, the mantra of the Divine, and at one point Swami also joined us chanting twice where as all of us chanted the mantra 9 times..

13th January 2008.

This morning every one were eagerly waiting for Swami.. the hall was almost full by 8am and the bhajans started at 9 a.m as Swami’s car was still parked at His residence waiting for His arrival. At 9:35am Swami blessed all of us with His divine darshan.

After staying for 2 bhajans around 9:45am Swami’s car turned towards the Gopuram gate signaling Swami’s yet another Street darshan (now a days He is going out quite a bit making all of us more happy). After running with the car till the arch I waited by Sai Geetha’s place and in no time Swami came back again blessing with another divine darshan..

Arathi was given at 10am and Swami returned to His Abode.

This after noon, all the Chinese devotees were given another chance to be seated right in front to the dais in the students’ area. Swami came around 4pm and then started the program.

Brother Billy Fong, an ardent devotee of Swami and a humble Sai instrument from Malaysia gave a detailed report of the activities taken up by Sai Organisation in Malaysia and about the Sai School which is doing well there.

Later there was musical program which was awesome and melodious and Chinese music makes any heart jump in joy and today’s music was marvellous.

Later there was a play by Balvikas children inspired by a real life incident where in Swami saved a boy and his mother.. The program was also wonderful and the background music especially during tragic scenes made every one feel so real and many of us cried.

Swami was so happy with the play that He came down the stage to pose for a group photo with the chosen few, blessing them, smiling at them and guiding them, those lucky ones who were HANDPICKED by Him to celebrate Chinese New Year 2008 in His immediate presence..

Later Swami asked for Bhajans....and the Bhajan session was icing on the cake.. The lead singer started with Chinese version of Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha and followed by many more chinese bhajans by ladies and gents.. I am sure, the Chinese speaking devotees, who other wise were singing these bhajans in their native languages, in their respective centers, before an altar of Swami, would have been thrilled doing the same but this time right in His immediate presence a day to be cherished for the years to come..

Today everything was Chinese and why not Prasadam? They had a small packed filled with Chinese candies beautifully wrapped and tasted as sweet as Sai love.. why not after all these candies flew all the way from China to Prasanthi Nilayam.

For this yet another Historic day in the diary of Prasanthi Nilayam.. Swami later asked for Arathi and as many as 6 arathis were making rounds as Swami watched all of them with His most beaitiful smile... and to our happiness Swami raised both His hands blessing us with His Abhaya Hasta to all of us assembled in the hall.....and thus ended another beautiful day in my Prasanthi Diary..

With Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our most beloved Lord.

R.Satish Naik.

posted on 14.02.2008

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Swami has been giving Darshans everyday but mostly in the evenings where Swami has been spending time with boys by going around and taking letters from many Students.

Yesterday Swami came only in the evening at around 5:40 P.M. The Bala Vikas children of Adilabad District in Andhra Pradesh were ready with make-up and costumes for their program. The drama was a theme woven around the story of Krishnadevaraya. The songs, the acting, padhyams, settings and costumes were wonderful. The Script was wonderful and written in chaste Telugu....

Swami was very much moved by the program. Swami blessed all of them. The people of Adilabad had brought a Jhoola for Swami. After the program, Swami came down the stage, and blessed them, and also sat on the Jhoola. Later Swami spoke in Telugu for five minutes. Swami wonderfully said that never had anyone had put up such a wonderful program and that He is very happy. He told them that they all should cultivate love and ever be happy and that will make Swami also very happy. Swami then to everyone's happiness told them that He will go to Adilabad. Swami then asked them to to sing bhajans and later distributed clothes to them. The whole program got over around 7:50pm!!

Yesterday the PG science students had gone to Anantapur for writing GATE exam. Yesterday Swami blessed them also .

Om Sai Ram

posted by KM on 11.02.2008

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