Since the past 10 days, Swami has been coming everyday in chair instead of by car. All of us are having such a wonderful time here. we have lost count of how many letters we've given to Him. If our silly letters weren't enough, Swami has to bear with the programmes that are being put up every day.

The programmes aren't bad, but people do not understand; everyone wants an opportunity to perform before Swami. And our Lord is only too compassionate to listen to them. The past few days witnessed a lot of programmes by the Kerala devotees for the Onam celebrations. At the end of almost every programme, Swami would materialise something for the artist.

Some days ago, a very senior person, an ardent devotee of Swami passed away. He had a very peaceful death. Swami gave him water during his last moments.

The month of September is waiting with festivals one after another.the most exciting part is that the festivals of exams are also scheduled in september! Well, this is the easiest time to surrender to our Lord.

From a Sai Student......posted on 29.08.2007

Sai Radha

Sai Krishna
I gaze into Your lustrous, fathomless, Om blessed, Heaven swept orbs
Surging, Sapphire seas divide, roaring waves depart and in that timeless vacuum
You rush ardently towards me

I rest my weary, earthbound head on your stellar feet, the feet that support
the entire Cosmos, Light of a billion suns illumining my brow, vibhuti glittering
like stars on my face and lips

Opaque moons wax and wane, ravenous yugas rise and fall
Lord Sai, the Love between You and your Bhakta, golden communion,
sacred sacrament, will always endure

For the sacrificial sake of your Bhaktas you have donned the saffron robe of embodiment
along the royal road of Dharma we move, breathe, sing, serve and chant as One Devotee
One Collective Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Baba, We are Your Radha, You are our Krishna,
There is no greater Bliss ~

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: Saibabanews - 30.08.2007

Sai Timeless

Sai Ram Bhaktas

Yesterday and today I was able to get into the inner temple in the Mandir. I hadn't planned to go in at all, but when I received a good token number near the veranda yesterday, I suddenly felt the urge to go into the afternoon meditation that usually occurs after bhajan. It was of course elevating, uplifting and heavenly. Again, this morning I came late after the main token lines went in and there wasn't any space in the spot I love near the veranda, so I sat in the bhajan token lines, even though the token number drawn was 6, our Lord managed to squeeze me into the inner sanctuary.

Beautiful Baba came a little after 9 A.M and entered the inner temple at about 9:10 A.M, He sat with us for a good half hour. I had a very good view of Swami and felt such a strong blast of energy, waves and waves pouring over me. Naturally, we all sang our hearts out for our Beloved.

After darshan i wanted to run straight home and treasure this abundance of energy and love, and contemplate on His glorious beauty. But decided to share some with you. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: saibabanews - 30.08.2007

Sai Pranava

Sai Ram Embodiments of Splendor

Our lustrous Lord Sai, has really showered His glorious grace on us these past days. Coming frequently in His royal throne on wheels we have been so blessed
to bask in His loveliness.

This afternoon darshan He captured the radiance of the Sun, as I gazed upon Him, golden faceted rays, dazzled my eyes and mind. We all sat spellbound in His blazing Surya Presence. Baba spent some time today inside the interview room with some dignitaries.

Yesterday's evening Darshan our Lord sat outside with us for a long period enjoying a musical dance performance put on by bal vikas children, we were able to imbibe the nectar of His starlight darshan like inebriated honeybees buzzing around swan white moonflowers.

I would just like to elaborate a little more on Professor Anil Kumar's talk from Sunday and share a spiritual experience with you all.

Anil Kumar basically said, that a man once asked Baba if everyone would receive enlightenment, and Swami replied does every flower on the mango tree bare fruit. He went on to discuss the state of deep sleep as an analogy to the state of pure consciousness, a state in which mind, desires and the feeling of ego or "I" does not exist.

Using the Ramana Maharishi technique of self inquiry we can try to trace the source of this feeling "I" which causes us so much unrest and anxiety. Upon inquiry we find the "I" arises from the mind, so a state of no thoughts where the mind becomes inoperative like in deep sleep reveals the key to entering into pure consciousness. Mr. Kumar discussed Swami's recent advice to do an 11 second meditation, this will prepare us for that divine state of consciousness. it is so difficult to have no thoughts for even 1 second, so if we can focus and concentrate the mind for 11 seconds, Baba has promised He will appear to us and grant us Self Realisation. He said that in order to enter this peaceful, pure consciousnes beyond all duality and sense of time we have to prepare our bodies and minds, some yoga, some pranayam, with the intention of stilling the restlessness of the body mind complex also leading a satwic lifestyle and diet to purify rajas and tamas is essential.

I have been following the above instruction endeavoring to incorporate the 11 second meditation in my daily routine. Monday night I had the following dream:

"I was in a room with what looked like scientists and inventors working on some project having to do with plastic. I told them to never give up and to keep trying until they found the solution. This I repeated several times. Afterwards, I walked outside, the heavens appeared very vast and beautiful, I looked up into the sky and could see angels and other deities gathered in a group. Then one heavenly being started to float towards me, and took my hand ascending upward. I asked the heavenly being if I was dying. The being said, "no" Then I asked if I would be able to return, the being replied "yes" Then we went way up into the astral heights. There, I don't recall everything that happened, just remember a lot of interaction and talking. Afterwards I returned to earth."

Please keep up your Spiritual Sadhana, never will we get such a blessed opportunity to derive direct instructions from GOD, we must not let this good fortune slip away from us, It is such tremendous Grace and Bliss for all of us.

Sending you all lots and lots of Sai Strength, Faith and Love.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

Courtesy: saibabanews - 29.08.2007

21st Anniversary-SBMAF, Prasanthi Nilayam

21st August' 2007

Today happened to be the 21st Anniversary of the birth of the School of Business Management Accounting and Finance (SBMAF). As per what Swami wanted, the students of the MBA programme displayed real courage and their Love for Swami as they gave up the drama they had prepared. Swami wanted two speakers in the afternoon.

The afternoon arrived and the stage had been set. Swami completed His darshan rounds and went into the bhajan hall. He came out and sat on the stage.The VC made a few introductory comments on the significance of the day. The first speaker of the afternoon was the Principal and the dean of SBMAF, Prof. U.S.Rao. He spoke with gratitude on how Swami had made the MBA course so special and unique -one of its kind in the world. Swami was touched with his short but sweet speech. He patted him lovingly on His head. For Swami, age is no bar at all. If one loves Him like a child, then He will treat him like a child. Pure Reflection, Resound and Reaction. Swami also gave him a vibhuti packet to keep.

The next speaker was Sri. Ameya Deshpandey - a research scholar of the Sri Satya Sai University. He spoke wonderfully well with the maturity of a Sai student who had been deeply touched by Swami. Structuring his speech on the popular song, " Hain Aankh Vo Jo Shyam Ka Darshan Kiya Kare", he narrated incidents on what a Sai Student is - and what Swami makes him/her into. Being a student of Satya Sai University is not enough. One must strive to be a Sai Student too! His mellifluous voice won him Swami's emotional appreciation and the crowd's enthusiastic one. Liberally sprinkled with experiences from the lives of Sai students, the speech demonstrated why Swami means everything to His students.

Once a student, forever a student till He makes us the Master! There may be miles that separate us from Him, but He is always near and dear- guiding and comforting us. As He says, "You may leave me and go, but once I have accepted you, I will never give you up. You are Mine forever." No lover in the history of the cosmos can ever be like the Lord - so selfless and sacrificing. All the incidents narrated brought out these facts. At the end of the speech, Swami blessed the speaker beautifully and slipped in a vibhuti packet into his pocket!

The final speaker was Sri. Subash Subramanyam. His speech was another masterpiece in terms of the sublime feelings that were conveyed. When Swami's students make public speeches in His presence, there is something very paradoxical. It is neither meant for the public, nor it is a speech. Very often, it becomes a private conversation that we are able to hear on the speakers! As we listen to them express their love for Swami, we are touched at how Swami has touched their lives. That was the story of Subash's speech. As he sang melodiously and conveyed his love and gratitude to Swami, one could not help getting a bit emotional and Swami too was very deeply moved. At the end of his speech too, Swami profusely blessed him and slipped a vibhuti packet into his pocket.

Then Swami was requested to deliver His divine discourse. Swami said that He was so overwhelmed by what the boys had spoken that He was unable to speak. He asked for songs to be sung. The students sang out for Him and that was again a beautiful experience in itself. After that Swami received Aarthi and left.

22nd August' 2007 - Morning

Swami was so happy with brothers Ameya Deshpandey and Subash Subramanyam who spoke yesterday, that He called all the students for morning Darshan to Kulwant Hall and promised that He would address them.

All had assembled by 7:15 am. Swami came out at about 8:00 am. He came in the wheel chair to the delight of everyone. He went around the whole hall collecting letters. He sat on the stage and told the Vice Chancellor to speak on the reason of the day's occasion. the VC spoke about the boys who had made Swami so happy. Then he continued to speak on the University. Swami told him to speak on MBA and MANAGER. Unable to get the hidden import, he spoke on the qualities of a manager and MBA as Master of Business Administration.

After his speech, Swami called out for the two students. He materialised gold chains for both of them and put it around their necks. He patted them on their cheeks and very lovingly blessed them. He spoke to them for a while too. Then He rose up to address His dear children. It was such a beautiful sight.

Swami was smiling and seemed so excited to speak. His enthusiasm was just bubbling and bursting forth. His voice sounded like music to the ears as He began.... given below is a summary:-

1) Today is supposed to be a day dedicated for the management students. But business is something that goes on everywhere. All the senses in the human body too are constantly carrying out business.

2) It would be wrong to compare the business done in India with that done in other foreign countries. It is different scenario here. Never compare and never stretch out your hand and ask anything of them. Elsewhere the bases of business is only power and domination. Only the cost is taken into account. It is of paramount importance even to consider the country and culture too. Culture is to follow the traditional path that has been laid from the times immemorial.

3) Culture can be inculcated only when there is discrimination. Without that, the culture becomes perverted. Discrimination is the first step in Self-Realization. Discrimination leads to confidence and also to self satisfaction.

4) When I was small, a 70 year old communist by name of Hanumantappa came to me and said, "Swami you write poems so beautifully. Please write a poem on Communism too." Swami wrote the poem as a lullaby. (Swami sang out the lullaby. The lullaby predicted the fall of Hitler at the hands of the red armies.) Sure enough, the next day itself saw the downfall of Hitler at the hands of the Russians. Then Hanumantappa held Swami's feet and said that it was God who spoke otherwise such a coincidence was not possible!

5) I had composed songs on the fashion of those days too. It was funny the way people would keep a French-cut like beard and moustache. A few hairs in the centre and they would think that they look handsome. Even the moustache, they would just leave a small portion in the centre! The same was true even of clothes. The fashion then was the bell-bottom pants. It would be tight on the top and hang out wide and loose at the bottom. Then came the age of the parallel pants. Now finally people have come to senses and they wear normal pants.

6) Today the education system is being changed constantly and that is not good. The minister Arjun Singh is really foolish to keep doing this. From times immemorial, we have been using earthen pots for keeping food and other materials. In the recent times there has been a proliferation of plastics.And see what the result is. Everything is being choked and food kept in plastics turns into poison. That is what will happen if you try for quick changes from the traditional ways. So do not try to change the Satya Sai University type of education. It will ensure a bright future for all.

7) Help ever and hurt never. You spoil the present by unnecessary worry about the past and the future. present is the omnipresent. Right now see you have a comfortable living and your mind is also steady. So be in the present. Even parents of children cannot know the mind. The too teach only of the past and the future. Less luggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure. Don't carry the past in your mind. Present is the most important. Even in a class, you have to be present. Else they will mark you absent and you lose out!!

8) Today wherever you see, you see conflict. there is no unity, no purity- only enmity. Enmity was the cause for Bose leaving India. Utter selfishness caused that. We need good people like Bose. The teachers too are very good here. They want the students to stay here and work for the welfare.

9) Why go abroad? instead of going there and earning Rs.10,000, stay back here and earn Rs.1,000. That is far greater. There is nothing great or special in going away. Half of what you earn, you will have to spend for rent itself. You will be made to pay for everything - even water. But it is not so here. You can comfortably eat and drink. Why do you invite trouble by going abroad. I never went abroad. People may immediately say that I went to Africa, but that was only for a short time.

10) In the African forests, one could see a herd of elephants. Their ears are so huge like fans. When they swing them, mosquitoes are thrown far away! There are also zebras, giraffes. They are so happy and living harmoniously. They harm you only if you harm them. There were also 10 lions with the cubs. When Swami fed them fruits also, they accepted. They wanted more and I told them that I would be back the next day with more. Yad Bhaavam Tad Bhavati. Animals react as you treat them. Even snakes don't harm anyone. They just slither away if you leave them alone.

11) These two boys who spoke and sang so well made me very happy. Be good boys always. Gold may lose its value but never goodness. Have the feeling, "I am from a very good University." Keep the Institute flag flying high. For that keep good company and have self confidence. Dhruva, Prahalada and Radha succeeded only because of confidence and good thoughts. Prahalada was thrown from hilltops, into oceans, trampled by elephants and bitten by snakes. But Lord Narayana was always there guarding him. One with faith in God will never have failure in life. Strengthen your faith. Faith will lead to Love and that Love is the Atma. All you have to do is to trust God. He will take care.

12) You know your parents. Even if thousands of people tell you that they are not your parents, you will not be affected. That must be your faith in God too. These two boys are here are gold medallists. They always put a lot of efforts.

13) When Ramadas was deep in debt, he told Rama,"I am struggling here. I made a necklace worth 10,000 varahas for you. But you just walk around parading it and I am in trouble. " Later he repented, "Oh Rama! That was my weakness. I am so sorry that I criticised you." Rama did never desert him. Two boys appeared out of nowhere and paid off the debt that hung over his head. By Swami's grace, all of you will be 100% successful. The confidence of the foreigners is something to be appreciated. They come here leaving everything and they adjust to all the difficulties. Remember, wherever you are- in the forest , on the hill, in the city or in the sea, faith in God will rescue you. Have that confidence.

14) Students, you are good and like pure gold. Clouds just seem to appear in between. Don't get carried away by them. All your study is of any use only if you are steady. Those two boys are so good. Likewise all of you are good. Their music was melodious and all enjoyed it. They are virtuous, strong and well behaved. They are valued wherever they go. Such boys are needed. Such boys must stay with us.

15) PRESERVE ALL I SAID IN YOUR MIND. Nothing great about amassing wealth. You cannot eat money. Money will come and then go. Morality is most important. Bose visited many countries but he never gave up his patriotism. Do not spoil the national culture.
Hmmm.....Swami must have put you all to a lot of strain. (NOO.......OOOOOO....OOOOO Swami echoed back everyone very loudly) Be HAPPY.

At the end of the discourse, Swami asked for songs. The students sang, "Humko Tumse Pyaar kitna." today that song seemed to have such a rich flavour of Love. One could feel the Love in the air and the gratitude in the hearts.

The "bond" of Love is so liberating!! Swami called the two students and gifted them with white cloth pieces and a white shirt. He also agreed that two students would speak in the evening too! Then he received aarthi and left at about 9:50am.

Om Sai Ram

emailed by KM - 29.08.2007


Wishing all the noble souls of Kerala, spread across the world, a very happy Onam. May Swami bless all of us with happiness and bliss..

Before I start this Onam update.. I would like to share a beautiful and hair rising miracle that happened this morning (27th Aug) in the verandah of Sai Kulwanth Hall.... which is right in front of the interview room....

This morning Swami came out for darshan just after 8am and no one would have thought in their wildest dreams that this miracle would happen except our sweet Lord... After taking the round Swami slowly came to the verandah... According to eye witness, The moment He entered the verandah, one elderly devotee, aged about 75, a active office bearer in Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Tamil Nadu, collapsed on the floor no one knew what was going on or what would happen except Swami and our sweet Lord, according to sources, asked to bring water in a tumbler.. He with His own divine hands poured water in the devotee's mouth and in few seconds, the blessed Soul left the body and merged at the Lotus feet. Millions long to come to Puttaparthi and equal number of people pray to die in Puttaparthi but this kind of HEAVENLY death is very rare and one of the blessed ones.....


In the afternoon Swami came out for darshan around 3:30 amidst veda chanting.. Swami was kind enough to bless us all with Wheel chair darshan right from His abode, giving a clear view of the form ful of Love.... Swami, after taking a full round, came on the stage to witness a drama based on the life of Saint Tyagaraja, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and beautiful musician who composed ever green songs like endaro mahanu bhavulu...

The play was of 1 hour duration after which Swami walked down the stage and blessed the 40 kids with a group photo...

He again went inside the interview room and came out in 5 minutes this time with bundle of clothes for the tiny tots... Swami called each one of them to the dias and gifted the divine present which the kids will cherish in their entire life......

I was 5pm by then and Swami asked for the bhajans and a box containing banana chips, a sweet made of jaggery made in Kerala style was distributed to the devotees...

Even though the most famous ONAM discourse was missing,,, Swami gave us enough love and good recharge to our spiritual batteries.......

Thus ended another beautiful day.. the most auspicious ONAM...... in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord...

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord

Satish Naik
Brahamanapalli Thanda....

emailed by KM on 29.08.2007

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Today morning the devotional hordes from God's own land had arrived to the haven of peace. On the Onam day, the Keralites believe that their king Bali comes out of His abode to grant them Darshan and joy. All awaited the arrival of Swami. At 8:30am, Swami came out on the wheelchair. There was a huge procession consisting of a band, children holding lighted earthen lamps in their hands and a contingent of Veda chanting children. Bringing up the rear of the procession was our dear Swami. There was the traditional Panchavadyam being played by students from the Institute. Swami crossed the ladies side and then moved across the gents side. When He came front, He saw the huge 'floor'al decoration which consisted of multicoloured flowers. He slowly moved along the students of the Primary school and then turned to the portico.

And then it happened. Mr.G.K.Raman, a long standing devotee of Swami, collapsed in his place. Mr.Raman was the Trust convener in Tamil Nadu and the director of Sundaram finance. He had suffered a massive heart attack and the heart had stopped as he glimpsed Swami. Swami immediately enquired as to what had happened and came close to where he lay prostrate on the floor. He was told what had happened. Mr.Raman had arrived to the mandir in the morning looking very tired. He had not had a proper sleep in the night. When asked as to why he should not take some rest in the morning, He said, "I must have Swami's darshan. Then I will go. Swami will come at 8:30. Till then I will sit." It was in these circumstances that he collapsed when Swami came.

Doctors- the best in their fields from the SSSIHMS - came there immediately. They tried very hard, pumping at his heart and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Swami sat watching the whole seen quite steadily. The Veda chanting continued, the mandir was agog with devotees and yet the portico was in a state of freeze. The next ten minutes saw the doctors try everything they could. The pulse would return weakly and at one point, Mr.Raman also weakly moved the eyelids and saw Swami maybe. Swami then asked for a glass of water to be brought. He gave to Mr.Raman's son to put it for his father. Then Swami went into the interview room. While the body was shifted to the general hospital, Swami asked the students to start bhajans. It was during the bhajans that Swami was 'informed' that he had passed away.Truly blessed indeed is Mr.Raman that on the holy Onam day, as the Vedas were being chanted, he breathed his last in the presence of Swami. And it happened so quickly. The statements he made before that moment seem specially significant. As it is said, a person's death is an indicator of the kind of life he lived. Blessed indeed was Mr.Raman that he had such a holy end. The pious soul must have found fulfillment at the feet of its Master.

Death is such an awe-inspiring phenomenon. It is a powerful reminder of the temporary nature of everything that we see around. In its wake, the problems seem to torment us, differences that we promote, negative feelings that we harbour- all just melt away into relative insignificance. The importance of just thinking of the Lord and doing His work alone hits very hard into our innermost being. All else but the Love of God, that we achieve in life, are just absolutely worthless. The lonely journey becomes a beautiful sojourn of solitude only if our lives have been saturated with love for God and service to Him.

After the bhajans, Swami received Aarthi and left. The discourse and speeches that were scheduled were cancelled. Swami might not have spoken, but this Onam day, He conveyed to all who were "listening", a wonderful example of the kind of noble life one must lead.
Sai Ram.

emailed by KM on 28.8.2007

Prasanthi News - 25th August 2007 (Onam Festival at Prasanthi Nilayam)

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother in Prasanthi Nilayam :

The Onam festivity has dawned on Prasathinilayam. On the 25th there was a wonderful Cultural program by some Children from Kerala. The program was a dance drama on Bhaktha Sudama. It was wonderfully and Very well portrayed. the songs were very good, as they selected a mixture of telugu, sanskrit and Malayalam songs. The children performed very well. Swami was really very very happy.

Yesterday evening there were three Music programs. Two of them were vocal music recitals by singers from Kerala, while the third was a Veena recital by one Prof Veerabadraiah, who is currently teaching Telugu in SSSIHL. He has joined only this year. Infact, he gave a speech two days back in Kulwant hall in telugu, and Swami was very happy. He is a long standing devotee of Swami and has had the good fortune of getting interviews from Bhagawan long back.

Swami, during his talk, told him that he should perform on Veena the next day. It was a wonderful performance. The professor was accompanied by two of of the Music college students, one on the Mridangam and another on the Tabla. The program was really wonderful in everyway. Swami blessed all artists with clothes and Padanamaskar.

Om Sai Ram

emailed by KM 27.08.2007

Sai Splendor

Sai Ram Dearest Sai Family

We have been having morning showers in Parthi and a nice breeze, much cooler than usual but still warm. The Lakshmi puja on Friday was crowded, our Lord came briefly and then flew out just as quickly, returning for Arathi again rushing away.

Now the weekend is here and the crowds are multiplying tremendously. 9000 devotees from Kerala are expected for Onam festival. Today we all enjoyed a musical feast with our Lord during afternoon Darshan. 3 musical groups performed, delighting us with their varied styles and expertise.

This morning after Darshan I enjoyed satsang with Professor Anil Kumar. He gave a lovely talk. Inspiring us to inquire deeper within ourselves and prepare our bodies and minds for the ultimate goal, self realization.

I was musing on how incredibly diversified Prashanti is becoming, in this one tiny spot on the globe you can meet people from everywhere and anywhere on the planet! The other day I went to the vegetable and fruit market in the ashram. There was a lady there who looked at me and asked me if I came from Brooklyn. I told here that I had lived in Brooklyn for awhile. She told me she was from the Bronx. She then asked me if I knew Ann Sohani. Ann Sohani was a former regional coordinator for the Sathya Sai Northeast Region of USA.. She is also here now in Parthi for Baba's darshan. Prashanti, the Mecca of Love, the perfect city of God. There is no place on the globe that is like this ideal city. Every race, every philosophy, every religion living side by side in Peace and Harmony ~
Amazing! Absolutley Amazing!

The hour grows late my dears. More bliss later

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

courtesy: saibabanews 26.08.2007

Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Parthi :

After the MBA day speeches, now it is the turn of speakers to present their thoughts in front of the Lord. Swami has been giving chances everyday to two speakers which are either students, Teachers and even professors. On the 23rd one student spoke and Swami gave some gifts of love for him. On the 24th there were two speeches, one in telugu. Swami was happy and gave vibuthi prasadam to the speaker.

Yesterday Swami went to Book trust building and blessed everyone there. It was the 5th anniversary of the new building for the Book trust, and Swami gave a Wonderful Discourse there. For a change, the transaltion was done by Mr Srinivasulu, a good singer, ex student of SSSIHL and who is currently working there. Later Swami went in to each and every room there and blessed all of them. The Vara lakshmi vritam poojas was also conducted in Kulwant Hall yesterday morning. Swami lit the lamp but then went off to the Book trust. After he came back from there, He came to Kulwant hall and took Aarathi and retired to His residence.

Om Sai Ram

emailed on 25.08.2007 by KM

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sai Student from Parthi Hostel Shares Main Points of Divine Discourse of 22-08-2007.

August 22 discourse

Swami looked like he was prepared with a script today. he wasted no time in coming to the point and hammering on us. Well, it's not the hammering that teachers give to us, but one that is unique, for it ultimately transforms our little hearts.Here are many of the points that He spoke of:

"Today, this meeting is concerned with business management. what is business? it's not mere transaction, exchange etc. it means the entire world

Everything in this world follows an expected procedure. our students should fully realise what's expected of them in every field

Man has 5 senses. all are constantly engaged in business. every limb follows business. a true manager is one who makes proper use of 5 senses

Reading books, studying forex, comparing foreign and indian environment is not business mgmt. Indian business is unique. you must compare deha with desha and then understand business. foreign business is based on domination and power. do not imitate them. you must design your business model based on feeling, needs, etc of this land.

True business comprises understanding of caste, culture and country. Today, some have given up caste. but do not give up culture. what is culture? adherence to the path of tradition laid before us is culture. it's not possible to give up culture. Human activity is a blend of these three.

Culture is not obtained from relations but can be adhered through discrimination. Heart is the basis. out of discrimination, u can face changes and transformations in environment. today, absence of discrimination has resulted in perversions. Since culture is spoilt, the country has become weak. it leads to questionable behaviour. Today, each (political) party has its own doctrine, principles etc. therefore country is weak. the best results will come only if there's unity.

When Swami was 11 years, a certain Hanumanthappa, a communist came to Swami and requested him to compose a song for his party. the song went like this: a child was crying, mother got a swing and a rubber toy and said, "my child don't cry, people won't call you and women will together fight for independence. (it was a time when Germany was at war with russia). child, don't cry, to kill Hitler, there's the Red army lead by Stalin." the next day after this composition by Swami, Hitler died

Since a long time, people have run after different fashions to become modern. From moustache to apparel, they haven't spared anything. these fashions are like passing clouds.

Like this, there are changes in education today. Arjun Singh has many plans. he wants to try many permutations and combinations (of science and commerce disciplines) and introduce inter-disciplinary courses. but there aren't enough qualified teachers to teach them. when teachers are good, students will also be good. So, do not run after these changes.

Because of changes in diet, we fall sick. *****(to be contd.........)

Courtesy: Datta Jadhav emailed on 24.08.2007

***** Because of changes in diet, we fall sick. Earlier things were made of clay (pot). Now, we use stainless steel utensils. Plastic bags, plates etc which are non-degradable cause soil pollution. Similarly, junk food causes food pollution. Thus we see that changes have resulted in pollution of various kinds. Therefore, in the field of education, do not change or imitate the west.

You experience Ananda here. understand that this ananda will follow you in future too. Future is based on past. Do not worry of the future. Past is past. The present is omnipresent. Follow the present.

Only the Sathya Sai University has got its curriculum based on the present. Do not change this system of education. It will ensure you a bright future.

Help ever hurt never. Never hurt anyone. Thinking of the past, we ruin the present. Right now, you are in a perfect study mind. Earlier, it was dirty mind. Change in man is because of the mind. Parents also do not understand this truth. Our students came up in life in the present. They are ideals to the world. In present there is “less luggage and more comfort”

Present means you are there in the classroom. Otherwise you are marked absent. (taken at face value, this statement very relevant to us students as we bunk so many classes. and lack of attendance results in promotion problems). Thus being present is important.

Elders feel bad that the past days were good, young respected the old, showed courtesy. but the present (situation) is bad. People do not follow the righteous path of their elders. Today there’s no purity or unity but only enmity. Therefore, give u the six vices of kama, krodha,etc….. oly then will there be unity.. Bose was driven out of India because of this enmity and selfishness. But wherever he went he served the society and always thought of motherland.

Instead of earning Rs 10000 abroad, it’s better to earn even Rs 1000 here. Out of Rs 10000, you have so many expenses like rent, food etc. Thus life abroad is difficult. Even a banana is costly, it costs 10 Rs! How can you afford all that and take care of your children? But you want to strain yourself and go abroad. Swami hasn’t gone abroad.

Swami went to Africa , but only for a short while. He saw wildlife there. It was very beautiful. The animals were so majestic. The elephants there had he ears, all the mosquitoes would get blown away when those ears would flap! But those animals were harmless. They also have values. They don’t hurt you unless you intend to hurt them. Swami fed fruits to the lions. But the animals wanted more! Swami told them He shall give the next day. Animals react based on feelings. Yad bhavam tad bhavati.

Have the feeling “I’ve studied in this great University, keep the flag flying high. To get a good name join good company. As is the company, so you are.

The MBA boys spoke very well yesterday. Swami was touched by their talk. All of you should be good boys. Even a gold may lose its value, but goodness doesn’t. Maintain your goodness.

First, you must have aatmavishwas. Radha, Dhruva, etc all had good thoughts, so they met with good results. People with faith in God will never fail in life. Where there’s faith, there’s love: where there’s love there’s Atma. All are formless. Love is God, live in love. Truth is God. Recognise this fundamental truth.

Never lose faith. It is the basis of life. Have total faith. He then narrated the story of Ramdas which had the lesson of faith)

Foreigners have so much faith and confidence. Inspite of a lower standard of life here and many troubles, they have chosen to settle here. Without self confidence and discrimination, there’s no use of vast knowledge gathering. Self realization starts with discrimination. Discrimination leads to self satisfaction.

You are all pure gold. But sometimes, clouds do appear. Do not get carried away by the passing clouds. Be steady. Study to be steady. Preserve all this in your mind. There’s nothing great about going abroad. Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. It is not merely the currency notes, but their use that is important. BE HAPPY.

From A sai Student.......

Varalaxmi Vratam

This day (24.08.2007) is the Most Auspicious Day of VARALAXMI VRATAM

The glory of performing the VARALAKSHMI VRATAM, narrated directly by Lord Shiva Himself, is elaborately discussed in the Skanda Puranam.

This is a festival to propitiate Shri Varalakshmi (Mahalakshmi ) - the consort of Lord Vishnu, who is the abode of all mangalam (auspiciousness) , prosperity and wealth. The Varalakshmi Vratam is to be performed on the shrAvaNa shukla shukra vAram , that is, the Friday immediately following the full moon day (Purnima) in the auspicious month of Shravanam (corresponding to August - September). This Vratam is undertaken by the sumangalis (whose husbands are still living) for good progeny, good health, and wishing long life for the husbands.

Lakshmi is symbolic of eight forces - wealth (shrI), earth (bhU), learning (sarasvati), love (prIti), fame (kIrti), peace (shAnti), pleasure (tuShTi), and strength (puShTi). Each of these forces is called a Lakshmi, and collectively they are known as ashTa lakshmi. Worship of Varalakshmi is rendered equivalent to the pUja for ashTalakshmi. Since She is ever ready to grant boons to her true devotees, she is usually referred to as "vara lakshmi".

Courtesy: KM emailed on 24.08.2007

Prasanthi News - A Most Memorable Day

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

On the MBA anniversary day. Swami did not want any program but told the Vice Chancellor to make two or three students to speak, Swami also said that the Speeches should be laced with Songs. Mr.Amay and Mr.Subhash Subramanian were selected, both of them are research students. They spoke Wonderfully well and Swami was very happy. Swami blessed them, after the Speech. Later in the Evening the Vice Chancellor conveyed the message that Swami was extremely happy and that Swami has called all the students for Morning darshan. Swami came around 8:30. and He immediately called the Two Boys and blessed them with Wonderful Gold chains. Swami was so very happy and also Swami gave a Wonderful Discourse wherein Swami praised both the Students and also all the Students in general. Swami beautifully spoke about the Goodness of HIS students, etc.. Swami after the Discourse gave clothes to the two boys and blessed them and all the Students.

A Most Memorable Day for everyone .

You might have seen the wonderful Photo attached with this mail. A Most Beautiful Photo of Swami with a Wonderful Divine Light coming out of His Hand, Nobody including the Student who took This Photograph could explain the light.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM emailed on 24.08.2007

Sai Coooolest most Fabulous God

Sai Ram Blessed embodiments of Sai

This whole week has been magical, our Lord has been coming in His chair most of the time.

Monday afternoon Darshan, He floated in gracefully giving us all unalloyed bliss. It was the 21st anniversary of the MBA, business management school, speeches were presented and Bhagavan sat out on the veranda. At the close of the programme, Swami cooly stuck out His divine thumb indicating He wanted to leave, as if to say "I'm out of here,"

My friend Jalpa was sitting next to me, we both looked at each other cracking up, I then stuck out my thumb and said, "Swami can I hitch a ride with you?" More laughter.

Wednesday morning, I missed darshan and also a discourse Bhagavan presented to the MBA students, I am sure accounts of that discourse will be available shortly. Wednesday evening Darshan, Swami lovingly came in His chair and again sat out, more speeches were presented also today our Lord came in His chair in the morning and in the afternoon sat out while MBA students blessed us all with their experiences.

It has been a Divine week, tomorrow a Lakhsmi puja will held in the morning, so off to bed early. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

courtesy: saibabanews emailed on 24.08.2007


Till now, i was only discussing about the joy that Swami showered on various devotees and youth groups by granting them an opportunity to put up programmes and conferences. it was really a bother to us to such an extent that we thought students can stop expecting blessings they had before.

How little our minds are! When the Lord says he spends a lot of time thinking of His boys, how can the boys ever think that He has forgotten them?

The independence day programme as we know, was still lingering in our minds. The next programme would be the MBA anniversary day on 21st august. As a custom, the MBA boys prepare a drama on that day. So, we got our second chance at putting up a programme. The exams just got over and the boys had very little time to prepare this drama. two days prior, the Vice Chancellor came to the auditorium to see the rehearsals. Well, what we put up was more like a spoof rather than play. Lord Vishnu and Narada composed their own lines and Duryodhana forgot his hometown of Hastinapura. However, it was well polished and the VC liked it. He said he would inform Swami the next day.

The next day, we were all very excited as there was apparently a sure chance of putting up drama this time. Around afternoon, we got a heartbreaking news, similar to the one before. Swami said he didn't want the drama, he was bored of them. But he hinted on some kind of a programme on August 21.

Thus, on August 21, we were ready with songs and speeches. Swami came in His chair, blessed all of us and came to the portico. it was truly looking like a festive occasion. the inaugral speech was given by our Principal, who spoke of the system of education here, particularly MBA programme. it was then followed with speeches by two research scholars. Since, they were also part of the bhajan group, their talk was interspersed with songs too. This really set the tone for what followed later, even till this day. Swami was moved to tears by their talk. He said "I am very happy", "Manchi boys" . the speeches were followed by songs and Swami was asking for more. Finally, the VC and Principal prayed to Swami to speak to the boys. the boys too shouted "Swami, speak to us". But it was already late and Swami said He'll speak later.

After the programme and aarati, Swami got into the car to return back. He remarked to the Principal "manchi boys, all boys are good"

We were very happy that August 21 did not pass like a stale day. At night, we recieved an exciting news that Swami had called the boys next day morning for darshan. He wanted to speak to us.

The message was probably meant for the MBA boys but the warden allowed all Institute boys for morning darshan. Swami came in the morning in His chair again and again took letters from many boys. he proceeded to the portico and asked for the mikes. We couldn't believe our eyes! Well, in Parthi every day is a festival. Swami spoke for more than an hour about business and similar aspects, which i've dealt in next post. He materialised chains for the two research scholars who spoke on the previous day. in the end, He raised both His hands and blessed us all. Could we ask for more?

The evening of august 22 was again booked with a couple of speeches. it seems Swami wanted the boys to speak everyday. So, since August 21, the norm has been that every evening, one student and one teacher would give a speech in Kulwant hall. We only hope the festival lasts indefinitely so that all th boys may get an opportunity they dream of, that is, to speak in His presence. Sai Ram

From A Sai Student ....

Friday, August 17, 2007


August 15, 2007

I never intended to speak today. Purely out of love towards you, I got up and decided to speak.

Swami felt bad that none of the previous speakers mentioned about Bose. Thus I felt you must all know about him.

Bose was a virtuous man. He passed the ICS. He had an excellent and ideal character.

The situation made him leave the country and today, he is treated as an enemy.

There are rumours that he died in plane crash. No, he did not die in the crash.

He was extremely patriotic and had immense love for the nation. He married a woman who translated his book “My country” and had a daughter by the name Lalitha Bose.

Lalitha Bose strained and struggled a lot to come to Partthi and see Swami. She followed Swami everywhere, from kodai to whitefield, ooty and so on.

Lalitha was an ardent devotee till her last breath. She died recently.She had a lot of respect and love for her father.

Bose had sharp faculties. Very few people know of his intelligence. He always wanted the country to prosper. No one at that time was as patriotic as him.

Today, people only know to speak. Bose not only spoke, he practiced it too. It is sad that no one remembers him today. Sarojini Devi was also a patriot. But no one remembers her today.

Lalitha came to Swami and said to Him that she was sent by her father.

All of you must have such kind of national pride. If you don’t love your nation, you consider yourselves as good as dead.

Swatantra, Swaatantra and Swaarajya

Life of Bose should be known to all.

Love all and serve all must be your guiding principle.

Today, there are many rich people but many more are poor. The rich should serve the poor. You should follow Dana and Dharma. You say “brothers and sisters”. You should really mean it and put into practice

Bose came to parthi and had Swami’s darshan. He said, “Bhagawan, how is this that you have undertaken this selfless service at such a young age?”

Today, it is love, not money that is important. You are all embodiment of the divine.

Youth should understand the meaning of Swaarajya and inner divinity. Only then will India become number one in the world

Friday, August 17, 2007


August 15, 2007

The morning of 15th was a very quiet affair as Swami spent most of the time in interview room. We did not expect much from the afternoon darshan as well . First of all , the mood was off as our drama was cancelled. So,we were busy preparing for the evening programme in hostel. But Swami always likes to surprise us so much.

He came in the afternoon at 3.30 pm and asked for the programme to begin. The list was so long that we wondered when the session would get over. There were 3 elderly speakers for the afternoon. This would be followed by a music programme by the institute boys (it was a consolation that Swami gave for not having the drama). This would then be followed by a drama by the youth from West Bengal (imagine how jealous would we feel). But then, guests should be given priority at home, isn’t it?

The speakers spoke of Swarajya and such other concepts. After that, the music boys came forward and sat for the programme. But our Lord was in a different mood. He asked for the mikes to be called, got up and began to speak!

I have rarely seen and heard anything like that.He straight away began with the story of Subhash Chandra Bose. Swami was completely in tears while he spoke of him. He didn’t even give Anil Kumar a chance to translate! I have noted down a few thoughts in the next post which were summarized and translated by Anil Kumar after Swami’s discourse.

After the discourse, there was music programme where patriotic songs were sung by our boys. When, the boys sang Vande Mataram, Swami too joined them! The youth from Bengal were waving flags during the songs. Swami notice them and became emotional.

Later on, the Bengal youth presented a drama. Swami liked it very much and gave vibhuti to a few actors. All of them got group photographs as Swami stood up in their midst.

It’s truly amazing to see the love that Swami is showering on the youth these days. And I’m sure it’s just the beginning. Sai Ram

Friday, August 17, 2007


August 14,2007

Our batch “Sarvajit” is known for extraordinary events, both on positive and on not-so-positive side. It was truly a thrilling day with so much of excitement and drama that I have to devote an entire post for this purpose.

As a custom, every year, final year PG students present a drama before Swami on independence day. It’s a great opportunity and an exciting event as an entire class gets totally involved in preparing for this play. This year too was no exception to this. What follows now will surely be an exception as you read along.

The midsemester exams got over last week and the students wasted no time in plunging into drama preparations. Two days back, Swami they presented a card to Swami about the drama. He looked into it and showed a keen interest. He asked if Siubhash Chandra Bose was there. when the student replied in the affirmative, he said “ I know, even Tilak is also there”. after dinner, all of us assembled in the Shanti Vedika for a rehearsal as Vice Chancellor was coming to see the practice. The VC said that Swami had specifically asked him to go and see the drama practice. It seems he was continuously enquiring about it and was saying that the drama must be good, the sets also should be good. As the practice was in progress, our warden received a message that Swami had, before retiring upstairs, again asked about the drama and wanted it to be good. You can well imagine that we were in Seventh heaven.

The drama actually portrays bharatiya culture and has scenes from Ramayana, Shivaji, Bose, Tilak , and Lala Lajpatrai. I’ll be mentioning in detail as there were comments by Swami on each scene later.

The next day, as usual most of the boys took leave from classes to prepare for the drama. In the afternoon, some of us went with another card. Swami arrived at about 3.45 pm, but he turned left from the ladies side and went to the portico. As soon as He got down from the car, he asked where is the drama going on. One of his attendants replied that some actors had come with a card. Swami called immediately for the car and said that he wants to see the practice! We couldn’t believe our eyes. Actually, we didn’t have time for that as we immediately ran back to the hostel to inform others.

We expected Swami to come to hostel but instead he went to the auditorium. So, very few boys were present. We again ran to the auditorium and the actors went one by one to seek Swami’s blessings. There are two Bose characters in drama, one younger and the other older. Both went to Swami and His attendant interoduced the older bose saying he is the bigger Bose. Swami looked at the actor and remarked “older bose? When did you get married?”

The drama began with the Ramayana scene.

Scene 1: Rama wins battle but refuses to preside over Lanka as king

The scene was in telugu. Swami turned to warden and said “ is the drama in telugu? Warden said “ yes Swami, this scene”. The scene had nice patriotic dialogues and Swami was visibly very moved. He was shedding tears like a child

Scene 2: Shivaji prays to Durga for the battle sword.

This scene was in English. Swami again turned to warden “you said drama was in telugu.” Warden replied “Swami, only first scene, not the entire drama” Swami kept pulling warden’s leg (as usual) on this issue later on.

Scene 3: Younger bose in class. He slaps his teacher.

The scene was well enacted. the actor was short. Swami asked “ Bose was big. Why is this boy short?” Warden replied “Swami, this is college scene”. After the slap, we all looked at Swami for His reaction. He turned to Warden and said “ call the boy . there is slap, but no sound.” The boy came down and Swami told him “ slap harder. Sound should come” our warden added “Swami, on final day we’ll have extra keyboard effects”

Scene 4: Tilak scene. Kesri paper is banned

Swami had a special interest in Tilak, we don’t know why. The scene went on well.

Scene 5:. Simon go back scene. Lala lajpatrai is killed

This scene had a good amount of violence, something that Swami doesn’t like. It was very well enacted though. The songs were also good.

After the drama got over, Swami came out of auditorium and went to the restroom. When he came out, one of the boys went ahead and asked him if we could name the drama “Janani janma bhoomischa Swargadapi gariyasi”. Swami replied sarcastically “ mother is fine, motherland is also fine, fighting is also fine”. He looked at VC and said, “ I told you to look at the drama, didn’t I?” VC replied “Swami I did and I pointed out about the violence too”. Swami repeated his words in a teasing manner. It was 5.00 pm and he went straight for the bhajans.

If there was a heaven beyond seven layers, we were surely up there. never before did a low key drama like this get so much attention from Swami that He came even for the rehearsal. We were scheduled to have a practice with mikes in kulwant hall after bhajans. So we proceeded to mandir at 6 pm. After an hour, the VC came and said Swami decided not to have drama tomorrow! Well, does even a stock market crash sound so bad?

However, there was a silver lining as the VC told us that Swami wants us to prepare another drama in a few weeks on the topic “love all, serve all” (that’s underlining non-violence for us).But to say the last word, Swami did see our drama, didn’t He?

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Programmes galore

The busiest person in Parthi today is Sri Sathya Sai Baba. i sympathise with Him for, he's been bugged by so many dramas and music programmes, inaugrations etc. as i'm writing this sentence (it's 7.30 in the morning), Swami has already left outside the mandir gate in car and is proceeding towards the Institute hostel.

I hope Swami wouldn't read this post or else i'd be in trouble. Like most people here, we take Swami to be a 5 foot 4 inch human who's 81 years old and needs help to walk around. But how wrong we are! Can we ever compare our Lord or limit Him to any form? The past week was an indication of just this truth.

Let me begin with the programme put up by Himachal youth a week ago. there was an excellent bhangra dance followed by a qawwali. Swami was extremely happy with them. He materialised a chain for a youth and asked him to apply for MBA here next year (he's already done an MBA). He distributed clothes to all present and while doing so, He spoke to each and every member of the group. the distribution perhaps took more time than the programme itself. at that point i remembered what he said last year "call the youth from india separately and i shall speak to them"

Over the days, programmes have been put up by devotees from the US, the people from Karimnagar district and so on. Swami has been benevolent in attending to each one of them and showering His love.A few days ago, Swami visited SSSIHMS to inaugrate the renovated reception block.

Yesterday morning, Swami did not give darshan in the morning (the usual Sunday morning blues). In the afternoon, students from class 12 were ready with a skit. to everyone's amazement Swami came out in chair, blessed all the devotees and even took letters. He sat through the entire drama.

The next few days are packed with more programmes as the youth conference is about to begin. on the other end, the final year students of intitute are preparing a drama for the independence day. i guess it just doesn't get any bigger than this! Sai ram

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bonus rounds of blessings

i felt that this week would be very dry and Swami would keep indoors most of the time. The conference was really a hectic affair. But our Lord doesn't know what's rest. He was only too willing to give joy to His devotees. We feel ashamed at times, because to be frank, the conference tired us a lot. we wanted some rest!

On tuesday, there was a music programme by the devotees of UK (Popat group). They tried their best to please Swami by remixing His own songs! it was really very boring. Swami seconded this opinion as He soon moved inside the bhajan hall and immediately asked the boys to start bhajans. The following day too, there was a music programme, this time, by the devotees of US. i wondered what they were up to ths time. Swami came in the afternoon in chair, blessed all devotees and took letters. The US group had a mix of english songs and hindustani music. but no remixes, all were original and surprisingly very well sung. In between, there was a dance by two boys on the song "Shambho Shiv Shambho". it enthralled one and all. Swami was very pleased, He called them and materialised a ring and chain for both.

On Saturday, there was an orchestra by a German troupe who were on tour in India. Swami was very pleased with their performance and distributed clothes to the artistes. The youth form various parts of India have started coming now. There are some programmes scheduled between 11th and 15th August. Right now, the students are suffering from exam fever. as they say, pleasure is an interval between two pains. Sai ram.

From A Sai Student.....

Universal Gayathri Mantra Day



Gayathri mantra is a universal prayer, and Swami recommends that everybody irrespective of cast, creed, both male and females should chant Gayathri Mantra.

Chant correctly:
It should be “Om Bhur Bhuva Suvaha, and not svah as many people pronounce wrongly. Please correct the pronunciation first.

The important spiritual sadhana for every sadhak is to chant Gayathri Manthra three times a day. This is called “THRI KALA SANDHYA”. Praadha Sandhya, 108 times chanting of Gyathri in the morning as the Sun rises, 32 times at noon, when the Sun is straight up in the sky (Maadhyahnigam”, and 108 times before sunset. This is a daily spiritual sadhana.

Global Day:
Swami has earmarked certain time tables, which we are following all over the world on that single day We have “Global Blood donation Day”, “Global Akhanda Bhajan Day”, “Eswaramma Day ”, etc.

I am praying Bhagavan Baba to bless all devotees across the globe to engage in “Gayathri chanting on a particular day. The Hindu calendar specifies, that “Prathama” the first day after “Full moon day” during the month of “Sravan” as the day for collective chanting of Gayathri Maha Manthra. On this Gayathri Maha Manthra day, the Gayathri is chanted “Ashtothara(Over times) sahastra(thousand) samkhya i.e 1008 times.

The same month three more Vedic rituals are performed. They are, (1) Ruk Upakarma, (2) Yajur Upakarma, and (3) Sama upakarmaa. Let us try to understand what this means!

The humanity at large is practicing their spiritual rituals based on various Vedas. This practice is being followed for generations now. In old days, the education meant, learning of Vedas from their Gurus who are learned Pundits in their respective Vedas. The Upakarma days indicates the starting day of these learning sessions.

This year the days are as under:
27-8-2007 = Rukveda Upaakarma.
28-8-2007 = Yajurveda Upaakarma.
13-9-2007 = Saama Veda upaakarma.
Since the learners of “Atharvana Veda” are now extinct, the upaakarma for this Veda is not l considered.

The spiritual discipline insists of chanting of Gayathri Manthra japa, immediately, before, or after the celebrations of Veda upaakarma..

For the sadhaks from all the above Vedas, the Gayathri Manthra Japa Yagna, is stipulated on the first day after the Sravan Poornima (Full moon day). This year the sacred day falls on 29-8-2007.
Every Sadhak, who had been initiated into Gayathri Mantra, after performing Sacred thread ceremony, are supposed to chant “Gayathri Manthra 1008 times on this day, in morning hours.

Swami had mentioned several times, that members in all communities are entitled to chant “Gayathri Mantra.”

There is a “Sankalpa” before starting Gayathri japa. In this Sankalpa, the purpose of chanting Gayathri 1008 times that day, is mentioned. They are:

(1) Mithryatheetha” Prayachithartham, and
(2) “Dhoshaavad Apathaneeya” Praya Chithartham.
(3) Samvathsara Prayachithatham.
Ashtothara Sahasra Samkhya Gayathri Maha Manthra Japam Karishye…”

Mithya means untruth or unreal. We might have been committing sins without our being ware of it.

We might have committed many sins, and because these sins, we are likely to slip away from our Dharmic functions.

Several sins are committed throughout the year.

As a remedial measure (Prayachithartham), we understake to chant Gayathri Manthra 1008 times.

This is the sankalapa before we undertake Gayathri Maha mantra Japa Yagna.

I urge all sadhaks to dedicate this day, the 29th August , 2007 to engage in this great spiritual sadhna.

I am humbly suggesting that this message is be spread all over the world, either individually or through various groups. We will pray that the trend picks up, in the years to come.

In this busy world even if it is not possible to spend enough time to chant 1008 times, every effort must be made to chant at least 108 times (Ashtothara Satha Samkhya).

By making an effort to make a start this year, from next year, by Swami’s Grace, this day should be included in the spiritual Global Activity.

Sai Ram.

With Love and Regards,

Bombay Srinivasan

Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 22.08.2007

Sai Holy Morning

Sai Ram beautiful people

I can't describe the glory and beauty of this Morning's Darshan straight from Kailasa.

I have been under the weather lately, recovering from a dreadful bout with the flu this past weekend.

This morning as we sat in Darshan, waiting...and waiting..and waiting...Nine o'clock came and went, bhajans Swami :((( many thoughts crossed this monkey mind.

I wondered if it would be better to just come later to darshan rather than go through the token ritual and avoid the cramped sitting and physical discomfort. But soon I forgot this barrage of ignorance and lost myself in the bliss of bhajans.

It was close to 9:30 most of us losing hope that our Morning glory would appear over the horizon of His residence and suffuse the Mandir with His radiance.

Then surprisingly, Swami responded to the call of our hearts. There was the familiar flutter of excitement, and our Lord of Parthi, came rushing towards us in His royal chair. I had really good seating, row 3 in the front on the main aisle, there was a small group of women from the Russian province, Kazakhstan, I think that may be the correct spelling. Baba stopped near one of the women and spoke to her. Then He started waving His hand in that familiar circle. I could see under his empty hand. A big pile of vibhuti formed, it was so fragrant and strong some of it fell on the ground, and some of it blew across our section like a crystal wind, I can still smell it's perfume aroma it was so powerful!

After that, Swami turned abruptly to the right, onto the veranda going into the inner sanctuary for a brief stay. Aarthi was sung and our sweet, sweet Lord instead of running away in the car, stayed His heavenly course and glided over to the men's section imparting great joy, taking letters etc. We pleaded with Him to come closer again, nodding His Sacred Head He floated towards us His hand raised in blessing, and graced us with His hallowed proximity, smiling and taking letters.

We watched as the Lord of the Universe, returned to his sunrise abode leaving us all giddy and glittering with the rays of His beauty.

Some of the women went to the spot where He materialized the vibhuti and bent down mopping up any fragrant residue that might remain.

I contemplated, God is unpredictable, at any moment He may shower His unrestrained Grace. All we have to do is wait in receptive, happy, holy readiness.

Lots and Lots of Mega Bliss and Prema
sonya ki

My Experience at the Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference


I would like to share some of my experiences during the World Youth Conference held last month at Prashanthi NIlayam.

Swami played the role of a perfect Divine Mother, which ofcourse He is.

Swami provided the delagates who had come from all parts of the world free accomodation and food. All the delegates lived for three days in perfect harmony. How nice will it be if only we all like the same way always....

It was not just ordinary food but devamrutha (Divine nectar) of 7 star quality that Swami provided in the specially erected Pandal. A special word about the Karnataka youth. Some of them did not attend the conference but took up Seva activities of organizing the food for all the delegates.

Every meal had at least two desserts.

When the youth rally reached Sai Kulvanth Hall Swami was there watching every person pass by like a proud mother.

He spent so much time for the youth to the extent that all were in tears during the valedictory discourse.

Swami took the Youth to the indoor stadium for a friendly basket ball match between India & Srilanka.

I remember at this juncture a saying of Swami which I read somewhere long time ago;

Among Children I am a Child;
Among Men I am a Man;
Among Women I am a Woman;
Alone I am GOD.

From Swami's discourse it was evident that He had immense confidence on the Youth & He was ready to do anything for them. Should we not as His children act in such a way so as to please our Divine Mother Swami?

These are only a few of the many experiences each person would have had.

Grateful Thanks Dear Swami.


Courtesy: Saibabanews - emailed on 20.08.2007

Update of 15th August evening

Swami arrived for the afternoon session at about 3:55pm. He went around for the darshan round scanning the stage that had been set for a drama.(Pun intended!) He first went into the interview room. After a while, the vice chancellor came out and announced the evening programme. There would be three speakers- Sr. G.Venkatraman, Sri.S.V.Giri and Sri.V.Srinivasan. Their talks would be followed by a music programme and the final event would be a drama by the Bengal youth. Swami arrived as the speeches began The elderly and learned speakers spoke on the significance of Swaaraajya and 'In'dependence. They exhorted the important role the youth had to play in ensuring the arrival of Sai-Rajya in Bharat and then in the world. Each spoke short and crisp and by 5:00pm the speeches had concluded.

As the speakers concluded their speeches, Swami asked for the singers. The music group was just assembling when Swami suddenly motioned for His mike and the discourse table. This was a bolt from the blue (a bolt from The Orange actually!!) None had been prepared for this and even the translator was a little surprised. Quickly grabbing the most easily accessible pen and a scratch pad he went to Swami. Swami sat waiting for the discourse table to arrive. The music group was ready with songs and the Bengal youth were ready with their drama. But are we ready for Swami's drama when He decides to stage it. The simple Truth of Swami's dramas is that in them, we are not reduced to mere spectators but transformed into active participants. How willing are we is entirely up to us.

The table and mike arrived and Swami rose to speak. And my god, what a discourse it was! Ganga Pravaaham or the ceaseless flow of the heavenly Ganges. The translator was converted into a student taking notes as Swami launched into an effortless yet powerful, gushing flow. He gave free vent to His words and His 'emotions'. Swami spoke non stop for 25 minutes. No pause, no hesitation, no thinking. It was spontaneity and absolute free flow. There was a passion in His voice - a passion that in itself was enough to shame most of us into a physical and mental silence at the total lack of our Love for our country. It is not a cliche that we say Swami is Perfection. If anyone had a question, "What is patriotism?", he/she should have seen Swami thundering. It is a very frank and honest confession that no amount of explanation or writing will ever do justice to even a fraction of the feelings and thoughts that Swami aroused as He spoke today. Given below is a brief transcription of the Discourse.

One sees the name written over all the speakers here - Bose but not a mention of his name has been made today. People keep saying that He died in an accident. That is rubbish. He never met with any accident. He was the greatest. He authored a book, "My India" and that was later translated into English. He was married and his daughter was Lalita Bose. She in fact came to Parthi and followed Swami everywhere. Whether it was Ooty, Kodaikanal or Madurai, she followed Swami everywhere. She always kept Swami's name on her lips and sang bhajans and songs.She often lamented, "My father was a patriotic Indian. I am so proud of Bharat. but today the unity has been shattered. there is no unity among people." Lalita approached her father and sought permission, "I wish to go to Puttaparthi. My Swami is there." She came to Parthi and then even to Whitefield.

Bose was very strong and powerfully- in the body, mind and in spiritual splendour. He always desired that India must be foremost, pure and grand. There is none equal to him in wanting the progress of the nation. All the people like Gandhi, Nehru were jealous of him and they did everything to keep him away. They say that he died in an accident. At that time he was actually in a steamer. There still exist such people in Bharat but the pity is that they all just keep speaking and refrain from action. No one acts. Everyone delivers speeches. I feel a stabbing pain that there is not a single Bose today. Tell me is there any one? One Bose is enough. Bose truly understood the plight of India. (At this point tears almost coursed down His cheeks. One wondered at Swami's passion. Oh! If we feel that way! Just once atleast......)

Swatantra as it is called does not relate to the body or the mind. It is in reality Swaatantra where Swaa means the Atma or Self. When you follow the Atma, there is nothing else left to be achieved. No use of just rejoicing on this day without even realizing the meaning of Swaatantra. Bose knew what it meant. The patriotic fervour that he displayed is worthy of emulation. Without the patriotic spirit one is more dead than alive. It was only Bose who fought for Swaatantra. All others had selfish agendas. They were the ones who divided people. Swaatantra makes you realize that the country is ONE because ALL ARE ONE. 'Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke Jeeva Bhoota Sanatanaha' - that is what Krishna says.

Today people eat, drink and make merry. There are so many 'rich' people. But they are unable to give a handful to a beggar. These rich people are actually living in abject poverty. You keep saying brothers and sisters. But none keeps that relationship. No one here as great as Bose. Bose too had met me. He came up to Bukkapatnam and was unable to come to Parthi. I went myself to Bukkapatnam. When he saw me, he held me and cried, "You are doing so much at such a young age itself. You are working for the emancipation of mankind itself." He had so much pure feelings.

The country is as great as one's Mother. It is a land of Kshama (forbearance). Today all try to earn more and more money. But not a single one strives to earn Prema. All those who spoke, spoke only of the world. None speaks of the Atma. Swaa is mistaken for Swaartha (selfishness). Swaa is Swaatantra. ( maybe we can interpret it as "Self" ish ness!! Being what we truly are...) Love all, Serve all and help everyone. The Atma is unchangeable.Have Atma Vishwaasam (Self Confidence).

None of you asked me to speak. It was my love for Bose that made me speak so. Such people must be born again in Bharat. Never forget Bose. Even on the speakers his name is there. Sarojini Devi (The Nightingale of India) was another great soul. They are all being forgotten. Today all bad and junk is being remembered and kept in mind. Such glorious personalities are not to be forgotten.

As Swami sat down concluding His Discourse, His voice had become hoarse with what we humans would call as emotion. The first thing He said to the boy next to Him was, "My voice became hoarse. Do you think all would have heard what I said?"

Oh Swami! Today we have technology by our side. The whole discourse has been recorded and it can be cleaned so that each and every word is heard clearly. No problem. Everyone would definitely have heard or will definitely hear whatever you said. Some words may have been clouded but the message was very clear! In spite of all this, that was really a question to ponder about- "Do you think all would have heard what I said?" Have we heard? Have we heard what He has said over the decades - even when His voice was so sweet and clear?

It was then that the translator requested Swami whether he could speak out in English for the benefit of the non-Telugu audience. Swami gladly consented and he translated it but not before issuing the disclaimer that no amount of translation could ever match what Swami had spoken. That was really true and anybody who could understand Telugu would know why he said so; anyone who didn't understand Telugu too would know why he said so! For today, one could just feel what Swami was communicating. The language of the Heart is too easy, powerful and universal for anyone not to understand.

After that Swami asked the boys to sing. The music group began with a soulful rendering of Vande Maataram. It sounded so inspiring - that too after Swami's discourse. Every drop of blood coursing through the veins of all assembled must have flowed at a lively pace. Swami was quite emotional and He kept beat for the song. Next there was a patriotic song. As that song gained momentum, the devotees from Bengal who had gathered began to wave the Tricolour in rhythm. It was a superb sight - filled with patriotic fervour and nationalistic feelings. There was another song on Lord Rama. Wanting to make everyone happy, Swami asked them to conclude early. The final song was full of swing and enthusiasm. As the song ended, Swami indicated to the Bengal youth to begin their programme.

The final presentation of the evening was by the youth of Bengal- a drama entitled, "Ab tumhare Hawale watan Saathiyo." The presentation begins with the Independence Day celebrations where some members of the youth start a discussion. Suddenly a mysterious being in "fancy dress" arrives. Announcing himself as Time, he tries to make the youth aware of how the eternal values have degenerated in the present age. To his aid come the heroes of Bharat - Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Guruji Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi. Now there was something that happened so coincidentally to the 'scientific' mind and so miraculously for the natural mind. As Bose stepped down to speak, the first statement that issued from his lips was, "Is there nobody who is selfless enough to live for the Motherland?" As he mirrored whatever Swami had said about him in the discourse, one could feel goose bumps tingling the skin. Thereafter, it was seen that Bose seemed to speak the most . The other glorious leaders spoke only once- at most twice. Did these youth prepare the drama after Swami's discourse? That could not be possible for it had been pre-recorded! One had to just admire the skill and intelligence of The Script Writer for the visual reinforcement of the audio wisdom that had been received minutes ago!

The whole presentation was interspersed with graceful thematic dances. The messages delivered were mostly in song form and the dance did great good to the message delivery. The music was so beautiful and apt to the feelings and emotions that had to be aroused in each scene.The youth were made aware that only young men and women are capable of restoring the declining human values and they are made to take up this responsibility.

"Strive for that and even if the whole world deserts you, walk the Path alone fearlessly. Arise and awake now and stop not till the goal is achieved.", is the message that is given to them. At the end, Time succeeds in motivating them and introduces them to the greatest Hero- our dear Swami. A loud applause rented the hall - so loud that it drowned all the other sounds. Meanwhile, Swami called the youth who were acting and created Vibhuti for all of them. Some broke down in front of Swami and He so sweetly told them,"Ay! Do not cry....don't cry." Swami was also in a state of supreme happiness. Not that He isn't always, but He does not display it always. Many times we look to God and hope that all the apparent reality is just a drama. It looked like Swami today was looking at us and hoping that this apparent drama is The Reality!

After the drama, Swami called all the actors to sit around His chair for group photos. They all happily obliged. As they settled around Him, He rose up and gave the most charming smile. After the photo session, Swami spoke to all the youth who crowded around Him. They all seemed to be enveloped in a cloud of joy. Swami also gifted them a copy of the group photo that had been taken just moments before. It was 6:30pm when Swami received Aarthi. As He went back into the car too, He raised His right hand in benediction to all.

forwarded by Shashikant Patel on 18.08.2007

Sai Immeasurable

Sai Ram embodiments of Lord Sai

Like pearls hidden in the azure breast of the Sea, deep in the golden cave of my heart, this afternoon's Darshan was a treasure chest for all present.

Divine Swami glided into the Mandir in His celestial chair. I was in my favorite island spot near the veranda, in close proximity and with advantageous angles of the entire Darshan.

Sai Avatar floated down the center aisle giving attention to the left side, as He passed our section, we implored Him to turn our way, and He made a sweet, swift move to the right, taking letters from a lady from the Venezuela group. He then continued His holy trek down the center aisle interacting with ladies from the West Bengal group, around to the men's side of the Mandir and then coming through the throngs of students, smiling with them, blessing and taking letters. He curved around passing the other side of our section on His way to the veranda on the ladies side.

In that moment I remembered what my Teacher said, "we have physical eyes and vision but we really don't see Swami," we think He is this little bundle of flesh moving in front of us. "Swami," I whispered mentally open my spiritual eyes!"

At that very moment Baba shot a look in my direction, that look bounded towards me finding it's accurate target. I felt the immediate connection. Then our dearest Bhagavan went onto the veranda.

But the unending flow of Truth, Goodness and Beauty continued it's Sacred Orbit giving us all double darshan blessings, beloved Bhagavan descended the veranda on the men's side came back around through the fluttering white butterflies, His students and appeared to be going back onto the veranda from the Ladies side, once again we begged Him to return to us, He wavered for a moment, overwhelmed by our Love calls came back towards us, passing very close to that island section. I was able to observe Him closely, (interestingly, just today, I endeavored to meditate on His form, choosing a favorite photo of Him to concentrate on, then closing my eyes, recaptured that enchanting image) His complexion was translucent just like the pure white snows of the Himalayas, the mole on His cheek distinct, His hair sparkled like a royal diadem, He raised His hand in blessing then curved to the left down the main aisle, again turning left passing the hospital section giving sweet glances to everyone, He went straight down blessing the patients section and the far section of female devotees, I could hear my friend Jalpa's voice echoing from that location, later she told me she asked Swami to re-bless a japa mala, and He held His hand up in blessing.

Then our dearest Lord curved back onto the veranda from the women's side.

It was an evening of matchless beauty, then to top it off, there was a stir of excitement, apparently dignitaries were arriving for the Lord's Darshan. The entourage of V.I.P.'s entered through the main central gate, ex-chief minister, Chandra Babu Naidu walked humbly, hands folded in prayer onto the veranda. Swami graciously received him and his family.

Sending you all Sai jewels and gems of the spirit. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

courtesy: Saibabanews - 17.08.2007

Prasanthi News - Independence Day

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

The Boys of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning had planned a drama which Swami came and saw on the evening of the 14th , But Swami sent a message later that He wanted a Music Programme.

The evening of the 15th threw up a Number of of surprises. The Actual programme was supposed to consist of 3 speeches and then a Music Programme and a skit by the West Bengal Devotees.

After The speeches got over, Everyone was so happy and surprised to see Swami speak.

Bhagawan started by saying that though no one asked Him to speak, He wanted to speak on the Great National Leader Subhash Chandra Bose. Swami wonderfully said that He saw the name "Bose" on the Loud speakers in Kulwant hall and that Reminded Him of Subhas Chandra Bose, Swami also said that since none of the Three Speakers who had already spoken did not speak of SC Bose, Swami wanted to speak on him.

Swami went on to narrate many incidences in SCB's life and also told that SCB has come to Bukkapatnam and taken Swami's blessings, Had Darshan and also kissed His Feet. Swami also said that SCB's wife used to come to many places wherever Swami was and had Darshan of Swami.

The most Wonderful Thing about this Discourse was that Swami did not allow any English Translation but spoke continuously for about 25 minutes. Then he asked Shri. Anil Kumar to Translate.

After this most Wonderful Discourse there was a Music Program by the Students and then a Wonderful Drama by the Devotees from West Bengal which was very Good.

A Wonderful Independence Day Celebrations at The Lotus Feet with a Wonderful Divine Discourse.

Om Sai Ram

emailed by KM on 17.08.2007

Independence Day Darshan

Offering my humble pranams to all the blessed souls of our Sai Family,

Loving sairams to one and all from the abode of our beloved Lord. Today India celebrated her 60 years of independence. There were many celebrations, plays and speeches all over India but one celebration stood apart and that is the independence day celebration in Puttaparthi.

Our UNIVERSAL Lord,was kind enough to celebrate India's independence day celebration and yet again, He took this opportunity to ignite the Modern Man's brain, to know His real self..

The day, which was supposed to be a normal festive day turned out to be a memorable day and thanks to Swami, for all the surprises He had today...

This afternoon the Kulwanth hall was almost full and a large group from West Bengal state youth is here in Parthi. They were scheduled to perform a drama in front of Swami and the stage was set for the same..

Swami arrived to grant darshan around 3:30 pm and after taking full round in the hall, got down from His car near the interview room. It was 3:45 by then and Swami was seen speaking to some devotees in the verandah, As Swami went into the interview room, Mr.Gokak, the  present Vice-Chancellor of Sathya Sai University, announced that Swami has blessed three  speakers this afternoon, which included Mr. Venkatraman (my all time favourite), Mr.Giri (former Vice-Chancellor) and Mr. Srinivasan (President of Sathya Sai Trust in India) which would be followed by musical programme by the students of Swami's college and followed by the drama by the west Bengal youth..

The three speakers were at their best, combining patriotism with spirituality and many times reminding the youth to live the life of our great freedom fighters and follow the path of Ahimsa...

It was 5:05 pm by then and just then surprising every one Swami signalled for the discourse table and before all of us could realise what was going on Swami started His divine discourse which seemed to be emotional and full of Atma Gnana....

It was not usual discourse where Swami would say a line or two and wait for Prof.Kumar to translate.. today, Swami spoke in telugu non stop... The discourse went on exactly for 25 mins..

Excerpts from the discourse..

The speakers who spoke before mentioned many incidents happened in the freedom struggle and many mentioned names of various freedom fighters but every one forgot to remember Subhash Chandra Bose (for people who are new to Indian freedom struggle, Mr.Bose was a freedom fighter, who formed his own army by name Azak Hind Force to fight the British. He, with his speeches attracted hardcore fighters, and formed a separate army.. His death was and even today is surrounded with controversies, as some believed he died in a air crash and some say he is still alive, but brushing aside all the stories, Swami today said, he didn't die in a air crash).....

Back to the discourse...Bose is one such a leader who preached and practiced what he said. Now a days you find many preaching but none is practicing.. of what use are such people. All are saying but no body is practicing.. they are saying crores of things but not practicing even one.

Subhash Chandra Bose's daughter was a great devotee of Swami...She used to come to Puttaparthi and when I went to Kodai, Whitefield she also came there. she was with me
always. Subhash Chandra Bose sent her to me... He was also a great devotee. He had come to Bukkapatnam to meet Me and appreciated the work I was doing in a tender age.

India is a land of such great people. He worked for independence without any trace of selfishness. He had no difference of caste, creed. He believed that all are one. all are one.

Love all serve all. Atma is present everywhere..there are many rich people around.. But if any beggar comes to the door step asking for food, how many are giving food. What for is your richness, when you can't fill one poor man's stomach. There are so many such rich men in India. U say sisters and brothers out wardly but you never consider any body as brothers and sisters.

This country gives more importance to values.. there are many who were ready to sacrifice their lives for values... DON'T forget our great like brothers and sisters and then only you will have swaraj... all are doing village service. only when you do service with love, u will have independence.... then only this life will have a value.

Students are studying here, if you don't practice all this there is no use.. i bless you all to lead a more valuable life, fruit full life as Human life is the RAREST.....

Later Prof. Anil Kumar, who was seen taking notes fastly while Swami was speaking, took permission from Swami to give a summary of His 25 minutes discourse, and he finished his job in 10 minutes. after which followed patriotic and spiritual songs by the students and then followed the play which was done so well.

Swami blessed 4 children with Vibhuthi and after interacting with the kids, stood up for a group photo....Arathi was given at 6:30 pm and thus ended a great day full of Sai love...

Satish Naik


Prasanthi Update

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

The Higher Secondary School students, specifically the 12th standard boys put a very beautiful program yesterday evening in the Kulwant Hall in Front of our Lord.

Swami came for darshan in the evening around 3:30 PM and first he went inside Bhajan hall to see the students who were ready with their costumes and makeup. The program began around 4PM and the theme was based on the concept of Love all Serve all. The drama begin by depicting two abstract characters, one the so called futuristic man and the other a man who lives for himself arrogant of his present position.

The depiction was very novel as such. One fellow was running in circles continuously and the other acting as if he is running forward. Both of them meet and argued among themselves as to who is great. Then a scene depicted how the modern man is lost in his own world, not caring for others. The scene was portrayed by showing so many people moving around, reading their files, talking over cell phones, etc. But when a old man fall slips and falls on the ground, hardly anybody cares to lift him and take care of him. Because they are lost in their own work! Then came a scene where once again the 2 abstract characters meet and suddenly they are stopped by an angelic person. Who are U? was the question that followed for which the answer was "I am your conscience". These two are surprised and ask for details.

Then the Conscience tells narrates instances from each of their life. First he goes and gives a helping hand to the old man fallen on the ground, lifts him and explains why he is suffering now. This old man is lonely and has none to support him. But in his younger days, what has he done? He was a rich man but miserly and arrogant. At a very critical time he refuses to help his neighbor, whose mother is in death bed. And on another occasion, he misuses his position to give a building contract to his friend and within two years the building collapses. Later in his life he is left with money, but none to look after! He blames the world to be cruel, but does not realize how cruel he was! The "conscience" then explains how the so called futuristic man is not moving forward as he thinks, but he is walking up and down the same path. There is no progress. He also shows how the arrogant egoistic present man is not progressing but moving in circles and caught up in the prison of present life!

All these and some more instances reveal the truth to the people that what is important in life is that we should be sensitive to the people around, love all serve all. We should live in this world with the underlining principle of each lives for the other and all live for God. The drama ended by revealing to the world that the Avathar of the age, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has come to teach mankind these and at His feet we find peace.

The entire drama was well choreographed with beautiful changes in settings and few songs in between. The theme was strong and portrayal was very good.

The background music was excellent. the program ended with a song and a dance.

Swami was very happy and he went down the stage to pose for the group photographs. Prasadam distribution and Bhajans followed.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy; KM - emailed 13.08.2007

Sai Bliss Blizt

Sai Ram Dear Sai Family

This afternoon's Darshan felt like a repeat of what the Southeast USA group experienced.

Our Lord gave me news reporter proximity :) I was able to enjoy the Northeast, USA musical programme. Swami came extra early, casting sweet glances at the group. They then got up and sat near the Lotus feet. After presenting a very lovely musical programme, Baba went inside His room and again selected saris and gifts for this group.

He came down off the veranda and sat in their midst. We could literally feel the bliss emanating from those very lucky devotees. He allowed most of the men and women to take padnamaskar. Swami smiled and spoke to the group. It was touching scene that sent rippling waves of joy to all present. I can still feel the aura of love from this evening's
extraordinary darshan.

It has been raining on and off here in Parthi, cloudy most of the time, hence much cooler temperatures. So much to give thanks for, I sometimes sit on my balcony and observe some of the conditions the people have to endure. Can you imagine in this day and age of high tech living, having to cook your daily meals on a campfire, or living without electricity in a one room hut with several people sleeping in it?

Yes, we should count our blessings but also share our blessings, there are so many who are in dire need, so many whom we can love and serve. More bliss later.

Lots of Prema

sonya ki


My Heart is fasting on You exclusively, Sathya Like Sri Rama and Hanuman every cell and hair in my body and being seeks the joy of Your ambrosia embrace

Rain descends flooding trickling rivers and inlets yet my thirst is not quenched

Amber fields fatten and flourish, feeding the floundering millions but still my hunger continues

Alpaca shawls blanket my body on cold, quartz crystal mountain nights but this shivering will not cease

How early the emerald blush of Spring turns to sunset hues and the Winter ash of our dreams buries our phantom footsteps

An astronomical star has fallen into our laps, an imperishable effulgence that cannot be diminished, extinguished or destroyed

What Supernal Euphoria! Absolute Bliss! Sai Krishna dances with us above, below, around and within us forever and ever

Lots of Prema

sonya ki

Courtesy: saibabanews - 07.08.2007

Sai Master of the mind

Sai Ram Blessed Souls

Yesterday Morning Darshan our sweet Lord came in His chair, He gave me close proximity, and blessed the entire gathering with nectarine glances and smiles, He again came yesterday afternoon abandoning the car and making His beautiful form available to all.

Yesterday was an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Ganesha. In the evening there was a special puja at the Hanuman temple in Parthi, Sai Barahthi the astrologer arranged it, we all stood with hands folded in prayer in front of a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesh while the Priests performed the holy ablutions.

Today Swami was a distant star, but nevertheless a brilliant super nova, His radiance illumining the mandir. I have been trying hard to keep my mind from turning into a roller coaster. It certainly has a tendency to do that.

This afternoon I climbed the steep hill to the meditation tree and sat near the base absorbing the calming vibrations of that sacred space.

I would like to share a sweet leela that took place a few weeks ago. I had bought a photo of Swami, thinking it was the same one that hangs in the entrance of His residence. It turns out it was not the same one, but still very charming, His eyes twinkling and our Lord having a good laugh, while holding a handkerchief.

That night I held the photo of Swami close to my face, looking deeply into those cosmic pools of Love. I felt drowsy and was in kind of a borderline state, when I noticed between those bushy eyebrows what looked like the word Japa.

I thought that I must be dreaming, and did a double take, clearly the words Japa seemed imprinted on His forehead. So I quickly picked up my crystal mala and started doing japa. Soon I drifted off into dreamland.

The next day I went to Darshan and then suddenly remembered the experience.

When I returned home I hurriedly picked up the photo to see if this all was just a sweet apparition. Again, there between His eyebrows was the word Japa.

How amazing, Swami was most definitely encouraging me to focus on Japa.

Our Divine Swami says Namasmarana is the easiest and most effective sadhana for this yuga to reach God.

Sending you all shooting stars of Sai Love and Peace. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

courtesy: saibabanews - 03.08.2007

Three Wonderful Events happened during the Past Few days in Prasanthi Nilayam ie., From the World Youth Conference to Guru Poornima :

For the first time, Swami distributed at least 1500 of His Divine Robes which Swami had worn early on and which were wonderfully Preserved to the Sai Youths who had gathered for the Conference. One could see the happiness in each and everyone's Face.

Swami also manifested a Most Divine "Shiva Linga" during His Divine Discourse and also Promised to everyone present that He would create a More Bigger and a More Magnificent one during the Shivarathri Festival. This is the first time that Swami had ever foretold that He would create something. It is really going to be a very Special Shivarathri Next time.

The most wonderful Moment was to rename Sai Lakshmi as Sathya Gheetha. Sai Geetha became Sathya Geetha. Sai means Sathya (Truth), So from Sai Geetha to Sathya Geetha means Travelling the Path of Truth.

A Most Wonderful World Youth Conference and Guru Poornima Festivities.

emailed by KM on 02.08.2007


Sai Ram Dearest Sai Family

It's evening here in Parthi, just returned from an exquisite Darshan with our Lord Sai.

Swami came in His chair this afternoon. free wheeling into the Mandir He was absolutely glowing with Krishna charm. He showered His radiance on our yearning hearts giving full Darshan to all present. There was a USA group from region 5, seated near the veranda, offering a Musical programme at the Divine feet. It was very upbeat and Swami appeared to enjoy the programme very much. During the offering, 2 young men performed a very beautiful Shiva tandava dance much to our delight and Bhagavan's. Our precious Sai materialized 2 chains for each youth.

The program came to a close with our Hearts and Souls overflowing with the sweet nectar of His Divine Darshan.

Earlier today I was feeling homesick and a little lonely. I tried hard to shake the feeling, listening to bhajans, meditating, etc. Then I was sitting in afternoon Darshan, my friend Jalpa came and sat right behind me. We chatted a little.

Jalpa commented on how lucky I was to be able to stay in Prashanti until November. She looked at me and said, "alone and free to love God!" Wow! that hit me like a ton of vibhuti!! almost instantly I brightened up, I knew it was our dear, compassionate Sai speaking through her.

Never lose sight of His incomparable presence, He alone is our eternal friend and
companion. More Bliss later.

Lots of Prema
sonya ki

courtesy: saibabanews - 01.08.2007


During the discourse of Guru Poornima Swami gave the new Elephant new name. Now the elephant is called "Sathya Gheeta". One of the Vip's for Guru Poornima was Former Prime Minister Mr.Deva Gowda who was here for Swami's blessings and to be present during the event.

Not many events happen outside on the main road in Puttaparthi. But there was a rally by the students of Swami's institute and the delegates of the World Youth Conference. The marching bands from Swami's institute were accompanying the rally. It was a treat for the local residents. There were youth from all over the world in the rally who were here also to participate in the World Youth Conference.

Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba

A Anantha Vijaya 01.08.2007