Prasanthi Update - Swami on way to Kodaikanal

Swami left Prasanthi Mandir by 7.45 am to the Airport. Swami is to fly from Prasanthi Nilayam to Madurai in a small plane and then in all possibility take a helicopter from Madurai to Kodaikanal or otherwise take the option by going on Road.

Update from Kodaikanal is that there are already a lot of Devotees already gathered there. Swami's students are already in Kodaikanal and will receive Bhagawan in Kodaikanal when Swami reaches there.

Wonderful and marvellous days ahead in Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal. Will try to send updates whenever possible although they might not be that frequent as from Prasanthi Nilayam.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM Thursday, 23 April, 2009 10:57 AM


Om Sai Ram dearest Sai Family,

This morning like in South Africa people of Puttaparthi were also getting ready to cast their vote and our beloved Lord was all set to fly to Kodai via Madurai. A small 30 seater flight owned by Raymond company (a well known suitings shirting company) landed in Puttaparthi last evening and all arrangements were made for Swami at the airport.

A small, beautifully decorated elevator was placed near the flight. The big names of Prasanthi Nilayam who were blessed to fly with Swami got in before Swami's arrival.

Exactly at 8 am Swami's little Porte car drove into the Sai airport and Swami got into the elevator and when the elevator came to the door Swami was moved from His regular car chair into a specially designed chair and was wheeled slowly into the plane. The pilots and Mr. Sharma, incharge of Swami's airport took blessings from Swami and the DIVINE flight took off just after 8am. Swami would be reaching Madurai in less than 2 hours time and from there He would be taking a helicopter to the hill station.. Kodaikanal...

This year Swami's students selected for Kodai will be going by bus..All the SAI LUCK to those blessed souls to be with our beloved Lord at the naturally beautiful Kodaikanal. Attached are some photos taken this morning.


Satish Naik

Prasanthi Update - Bhagawan's Programme - Kodaikanal

Bhagawan has been coming very late in the evenings for Darshans in the past few days, Yesterday evening Swami came as late as 6pm.

Bhagawan is leaving for Kodaikanal on Thursday, 23rd April***.  The most Lucky boys on this earth who have been chosen to be with Swami at Kodaikanal are leaving today for Kodaikanal.

(***Devotees - please verify from your end before proceeding for Kodai or after confirming that Swami has reached Kodai. ) 

The Focus of Divine Attention and Darshan shifts now from the Divine Surroundings of Sai Kulwanth Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam to the Beautiful, Serene and Divine Surroundings of Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal.

Before Sai Sruthi in Kodaikanal was built, Bhagawan used to stay in the House of Shri.Srinivasan, Around 8 Years back, Shri. Srinivasan donated around 3 acres of Prime Land overlooking the majestic Kodaikanal Lake to the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust along with buildings which later became "Sai Sruthi" or Bhagawan's Kodaikanal Ashram.Sai Sruthi has the most beautiful Scenic Surroundings and is laced with Gardens filled with the Chirping of Birds.

For Swami's Devotees at Kodaikanal it is a most Divine Experience as Swami says that "Kodaikanal is His Playground", Since the Devotees are less when compared to Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan, everybody gets wonderful Darshan of Swami. It is a most Divine Experience to be at Swami's Lotus Feet at Sai Sruthi.

Below is a small write up of Kodaikanal :

Kodaikanal is connected by road with Chennai (520-km), Ooty (264-km), Trichy (197-km), Coimbatore (175-km), Kumili (160-km), and Madurai(120- km). Additional buses ply during the season. Taxis and vans are available for local transportation. There are no auto-rickshaws in Kodaikanal. It is a hilltop town, and the roads narrow and winding.

For information regarding Hotels in Kodaikanal, Please visit the Below Link :

The Area where Swami's Divine Abode "Sai Sruthi" is Flat, there is one driveway to walk up (steep), then flat sitting area for darshan. If you were to stay in town at the Hilltop Hotel, Carlton Hotel or around the corner from Swami's place at the Sterling Hotel, then it is largely flat walking to Swami's darshan. The remainder of Kodaikanal is only hills and very very narrow roads. A taxi to Swami's Divine Darshan is the usual practice if staying in one of these other Hotels.

Darshan is in the mornings; you can walk from the township, around the lake to the Darshan queue, which is on Lake Road itself. Men line up on the footpath adjacent to the lake, Ladies line up on the other side of the gate, on the grassy side of the road. Ladies often sit in chairs byt the roadside. Of late, seva dal have stalls either side of the gate, and as you pass, you put your shoes in and receive a chit. There are only 4 lines each side at Kodai, and numbers are in fact given out. Men on cycles or young boys with Canteens walk up and down the lines selling small plastic cups of tea. You can expect to stand in line upto about 8AM or thereabouts when the gates are opened and the lines called in. Lines generally begin to be formed around 6AM

Like Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan, there is a small security check as you pass the gate; therafter, it is a dash aor a sedate walk up the STEEP driveway, to the lines. Men to the left of the front of the house, ladies to the right, guests along the far right wall. There are chairs for those who need. Darahan is a small affair under a simple canopy, and ladies also sit in an island in front of the garden.

Unlike Puttaparthi or Whitefield, all remain inside and seated for darshan until its full completion. If groups go for interview, all remain seated. By this time, pullovers, shawls and all the extra coverings are removed as the sun is out and quite warm. When Interviews are complete, Swami emerges, and goes inside the main building; thereafter, darshan is over.

After Darshan, Swami often goes for a drive around Kodaikanal; perhaps a leisurely drive, perhaps a visit to an orphange, or to a home, or to another venerable place. One can often see a procession of cars leaving Sai Sruthi perhaps half an hour or so after darshan, with Swami's car in the midst. So if you wish, it is useful to come back after some time and walk down Lake Road, and wait for Swami.

How to reach Kodaikanal :

By Air : The nearest airport is at Madurai (120 km from Kodaikanal).

By Rail : The nearest railway stations are the Kodai Road Railway Station (80-km) and the Palani Railway Station (64-km).

Below is Swami's Kodaikanal Address for everyone's information :

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Sai Sruthi
Lake Road
Tamil Nadu, 604101

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 22.04.2009

Prasanthi Update

The Past few days in Prasanthi Nilayam have been Divine and Fantastic with the Tamil New Year and Vishu Celebrations. The Programmes on the days were wonderful and each and everyone who had seen them were impressed and went away happy.

Swami has not been coming for Darshans in the morning at all, It must be noted that in all the days of April so far, Bhagawan has come for morning Darshans only for 2 days. But He is still so Blissfully Divine and interacting with students.

Even though no one can predict Swami's Programme at anytime, the news is that Swami will be going to Kodaikanal from Parthi itself. It is most likely that Bhagawan will leave for Kodaikanal by the 20th at the latest.

Om Sai Ram


Om Sai Ram dearest Sai Family,

Vishu and Tamil New Year was celebrated in Prasanthi Nilayam in a grand way.

On April 13 Swami came out for darshan at 5:15 pm and there was a beautiful drama entitled "Madhuram Gayati" a drama on Krishna's life, by the students of Balvikas from Kerala.. Swami who praised the quality presentation of Kerala devotees last year, did a very nice drama this year as well. The drama started with the little Krishna and His mischievous doings and the complaints of the Gopikas. The drama was very well done ...

Swami was very happy that He came down the stage to bless the students with a group photo..

April 14 2009:

This morning, all the devotees especially from Kerala and Tamil Nadu came bit early to darshan hall. Being Vishu, they were given priority seating and in no time the Sai Kulwanth hall was full and we all were eagerly waiting for Swami. It was 9am and bhajans started and the morning session ended with arathi at 9:45 without Swami's darshan.

In the afternoon, Swami came around 5:30 and there was a drama by devotees from Tamil Nadu entitled YUVA SHAKTHI. another beautiful play highlighting ethics in politics, care for the poor and stress on Swami's teachings..

In the play they also showed the generosity of the doctors of Tamil Nadu, to start with Chennai, to allot a bed in each hospital for the poor and the needy. This was decided unanimously by the doctors of Chennai, when Swami had been there for the second Athi Rudra Maha Yagna in January 2007. The doctor who made that announcement then was also in the drama and the whole script was well written and acted..

After the 50 minute drama, Swami came down the dias and spoke to the students and blessed them with a group photo as well...

Thus ended a beautiful day, even though many were eagerly awaiting the Vishu divine discourse, but Swami always says, LOVE MY UNCERTAINITY. ..

I don't want to spread any rumours, but devotees planning to come to India to see Swami may check with people you know in Parthi, to know Swami's where abouts, as there are chances of Him to go to Kodaikanal, if you are planning to come after the 20th April*(Conditions apply)....

With pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik

Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Prasanthi Update - Monday 13th April

Today evening , The Kerala Bala Vikas Children Presented a most Beautiful 50 Minute Drama Titled "Madhuram Gayati" which depicts the Divine Love of Radha and the Gopikas for Lord Krishna. Swami came down from the stage for a Group Photo with the Children and also gave them Clothes, After Mangala Aarthi, Prasadam was Distributed and Swami returned to Yajur Mandiram at 7 pm.

Tommorow is Tamil New Year's day and Visu. Wishing all our Dear Tamil and Malayalam Brothers and Sisters a very Happy New Year, Prayers that Bhagawan's Divine Blessings be always with each and everyone of you.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 13.04.2009

Prasanthi Update

The Summer is getting very hot in Parthi and it is only Swami's Darshan that has been the Divine cooling effect for everyone. Swami has been coming mostly in the evenings only for the past many days and there have been some wonderful programmes in the like the Burrakatha program by students, a wonderful Music Programme by Dana, and also a Dance programme by a Few Post Graduate students the day before yesterday.

There is already a big rush of Kerala devotees gathering at His Lotus Feet for Visu on Tuesday.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 11.04.2009

Bhagawan's Divine Discourse - Ramanavami 2009 - Excerpts

Sweeter than sugar, tastier than curd, sweeter indeed than honey is the Name of Rama. Constant repetition of this sweet Name gives one the taste of divine nectar itself. Therefore, one should contemplate on the Name of Rama incessantly.

(Telugu Poem)

Bharat is the motherland of many noble souls who earned great name and fame in all the continents of the world. This is the land of valorous people who vanquished foreign rulers and attained independence. This is the land which excelled in music, literature and other fine arts. Having been born in this great land of Bharat, oh boys and girls, it is your sacred duty to protect its rich cultural heritage.

(Telugu Poem)

From the very birth, there are no children in this land of Bharat who do not chant God’s name. Children are given names of God so that parents get an opportunity to remember the name of God. In this land of Bharat there is no village without a temple. From times immemorial, this land has given importance to spirituality.

If the Bharatiyas are happy and leading a secure life, it is due to their spiritual way of life. Every Bharatiya has self-confidence. They may be poor, but youngsters in this land have come up in their life by studying even under streetlights. Whether the adversities come in the form of explosion of bombs or floods, Bharatiyas depend on God. If you depend on God, you will not face difficulties. Miseries and difficulties are like passing clouds, they come and go.

Dasaratha had three wives – Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi. A daughter was born to Kausalya, but a daughter cannot be crowned as heir to the throne. Dasaratha and Kausalya gave away the daughter to Sage Rishyasringa. He taught her all kinds of education. As there was no male child in the family who could ascend the throne, Sumanthara and other ministers asked Dasaratha to perform Putra Kamesti Yaga. They thought only Rishyasringa was competent to perform the Yaga. During the performance of Yaga, a divine being emerged from the sacrificial fire and handed over a vessel containing Payasam (pudding). This was to be equally distributed between his three wives. They were supposed to partake of the pudding after having a bath. As Sumitra was drying her hair in the terrace, she kept the pudding in the parapet wall. Suddenly an eagle swooped down and carried the pudding in its claws. Sumitra was fear-stricken since she was afraid of facing Dasaratha. When she related this incident to Kausalya, she readily agreed to share half of her bowl of pudding. Kaikeyi too did the same. Kausalya gave birth to Rama and Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata, but Sumitra gave birth to twins – Lakshmana and Satrughna. Sumitra faced a predicament; Lakshmana and Satrughna were always crying. She could not find out the reason for this. In spite of resorting to many incantations and Mantras, they never stopped crying. When Vasishtha, the family priest was asked the reason, he told her to place Lakshmana by the side of Rama and Satrughna by the side of Bharata. When this was done, both Lakshmana and Satrughna slept peacefully. The reason was Lakshmana was born after partaking of half of the pudding given by Kausalya and Satrughna was born after partaking half of the pudding of Kaikeyi.

In the Ramayana, we do not find Sumitra and Lakshmana’s consort Urmila being given prominence. When Lakshmana came to take leave of Urmila, she told him that he should never think of her in the forest. He should serve Rama always. Even a thought of her should not interrupt his service to Rama. Such was the nobility of Urmila.

The demon king Ravana abducted Sita. In the battle, Lakshmana fell unconscious. It is then that Rama declared, “I can even live without Sita, but not without Lakshmana.” One of the demons advised that Lakshmana could be saved by rubbing the Sanjivini (a medicine that had a divine cure) on his body. Hanuman was sent to bring the Sanjivini.. As Hanuman could not locate the Sanjivini, he uprooted the whole mountain and brought it to Rama. When the Sanjivini was applied on Lakshmana, he regained consciousness.

Rama was ever blissful. The name of Rama which is sweeter than sugar, tastier than curd and honey should be chanted always.

The five human values, namely, Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa are very important. One who cultivates these five human values is a true human being. Even if one of them is missing, he / she cannot be called a true human.

When we have love in our heart, nobody will hate us. Therefore, develop love and live like brothers and sisters. This is the essence of Ramayana. What Swami has done in Orissa is to demonstrate this truth, the propagation of love. All of us should be united.

Let us all move together, let us all grow together,
Let us all stay united and grow in intelligence together,
Let us live together with friendship and harmony.

(Telugu Poem)

Whether you are in Ashram or anywhere else, do not have a sense of hatred. It is love which unites everyone.

Swami concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan, “Prema Mudita Manase Kaho Rama Rama Ram …”

After the bhajans, Swami blessed everyone assembled. He asked the students as to who were all leaving for their homes. Many of them raised hands and Swami then received Aarthi and retired for the day.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Sent on Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

Bhagawan's Orissa Project

On the Most Sacred Day of Sri Ramanavami in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan in Kulwanth Hall, Sri R. Kondal Rao, a Former Chief Engineer in the Panchayat department of Andhra Pradesh and also associated with all the water projects, began his speech expressing his gratitude to Swami on being giving the opportunity to speak on the holy occasion of Sri Rama Navami.

He gave the reasons for the floods. About 15 lakh cusecs flowed from the river Mahanadi due to the torrential rains whereas its capacity was only 10 lakh cusecs. As a result, the river breached its barriers and entered human habitations. More than 50,000 houses were washed away by the floods.

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Orissa quickly swung into action by providing cooked food and medical relief to affected people. They had to travel even in boats to inaccessible places. When Bhagawan saw the photographs of large scale destruction of houses, He immediately wanted concrete houses to be constructed for the victims. A team comprising Sri V. Srinivasan, Sri A. Ramakrishna and Sri R. Kondal Rao was sent by Bhagawan to assess the damage on 19th October 2008. It has been a long and eventful journey since then. Do read the fascinating and overwhelming story of this Orissa project at

- Part I


Part 2

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Sent on Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

Prasanthi Update - Saturday 4th April

On Saturday evening, The Students of Swami's University Presented a most Delightful Burrakatha 'Yugavatara' .

Swami came for Darshan at around 5pm when the Bhajans had commenced and went into the Interview Room after Darshan. After half an hour Swami came out and instructed the students who were in their costumes to begin the Programme. The Programme began at around 5.45 pm. The Presentation was for about 45 minutes and after that Swami posed for Group Photos and after blessing all the students and accepting Mangala Aarthi, Swami returned to Yajur Mandiram.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - Sent on Sunday, 5 April, 2009 6:02 PM


2nd April 2009:

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

Sri Rama Navami celebrations started in Prasanthi Nilayam with a beautiful programme by devotees of Orissa state, that state which was succumbed to devastating floods in the year 2008. Swami out of His immense grace, showered lots of love and attention on this yet to be developed state. Orissa state has large number of illiterate tribal community. About 500 of them were here in Puttaparthi for Swami's darshan.

As we all know, Swami last year announced Rehabilitation housing project to the flood victims. Today they were here to receive clothes and also keys to the DIVINE HOME gifted by our DIVINE LORD Himself.

The happiness on the faces of those people was clearly visible. Swami came around 4pm. All the devotees from Orissa were made to sit right across the dias in the middle of the hall. Before the programme started, Swami asked Mr. Srinivasan, All India President of Sathya Sai Organisations to distribute clothes to all of them. After that three little boys blew conch welcoming Swami and thanking Him for the kind gesture. Later there was a musical programme called "Pala" a popular folklore from the state of Orissa.

The theme for today was the Relief and Rehabilitation programme taken up by Swami. The lead singer accompanied by five others put up a beautiful performance. It started with salutations to Swami and then they dug into the reasons behind the natural calamities like that one they experienced. Swami always says help ever hurt never, love all serve all but what did we do? we hurt mother earth, we even attacked the panchabhootas, so the natural calamities. Let us not do that in future. Later the lead singer, who was at his best, in pouring his emotions and expressions, said, just imagine what would have happened to us if Swami would not have come to our rescue. Who would shower this much love for us.

The 30 minutes programme mostly in Hindi and Oriya was very emotional and even people who didn't understand the language felt the gratitude the people had towards Swami. Swami was very much impressed by the boy and he was called upon and in no time Swami materialised a beautiful golden chain to him and slipped around his neck. The whole troupe was so touched by Swami's kind gesture and all seemed wonderstruck. Swami then granted pada namaskar to all of them and now there was one more beautiful programme in the offering.

Shabaree ki Pratikshya,( Shabaree' s long wait). Shabaree, a perfect example of an ideal devotee is talked about when ever one discusses about devotion and Rama. The drama was very well done and straight to the point. Young Shabaree was to be married.

Before the wedding ceremony, the villagers wanted to have a party. There was music, dance and so on. Shabaree, was already a very devoted and spiritual lady being exposed to sacred teachings of Sage Matang. She sees a small goat by her house and out of curiosity ask her father, Father, the goat is so cute, would you mind if I take it with me when I go to my in-laws house, to which father says, no! the goat is kept for sacrifice to our Goddess and we all are going to have a feast, which shocks SATVIC Shabaree. She decides, to run away from home in order to avoid the killing of the goat.

She reaches Sage Matang's ashram and hiding from behind she witnesses all the spiritual practices performed in the ashram. Sage Matang impressed by her devotion says, you can stay in my ashram and avail herself of the glorious fortune of having Sri Rama's darshan.

Shabaree becomes old and bent down in years. Everyday she sweeps the path, removes thorns hoping that Lord Shri Rama would come. She would also taste the fruits and keep the sweeter ones aside so as to give it to Lord Rama. Finally the grand moment arrives and Rama and Lakshmana come to her ashram and Rama partakes the fruit given by Shabaree even though it was tasted and tongued by her. Rama says, whatever a devotee offers with love and devotion, I shall take it and all that matters is a pure heart.

Shabaree falls at His lotus feet and attains Moksha (liberation) . The whole drama was beautifully enacted and Sai Rama was also impressed by the play and He came down from the dais and took photos with the group and also blessed them with padanamaskar.

3rd April 2009:

This morning, Swami came around 9:30am but in yellow robe and made all of us very happy. After a short bhajan session Swami went back to His Physical Abode in the Car Chair.


There was lot of confusion especially among pandits in Andhra Pradesh as when to celebrate Sri Rama Navami. Some said it is on 3rd and some on 4th. In Puttaparthi it was on 3rd April and in the afternoon Swami came around 4pm in His usual orange robe in the car chair. Swami took a full round in the hall, and then came on to the dais. Mr. Srinivasan, the All India President of Sai Organisation after taking blessings from Swami introduced the speakers to the august gathering. There were 2 speakers blessed this afternoon.

The first speaker Mr. Ramesh Panda, an IAS officer from Orissa, spoke in Oriya for the benefit of the devotees from Orissa. He explained various service projects taken up by Swami and reminded how blessed they are that Swami has personally supervised the rehabilitation programme after the devastating floods in 2008 which not only left them homeless but also hopeless. He said, Swami has not just built house but a very strong house for them which will stand still inspite of any adverse climatic conditions. After about 30 minutes of talk Mr. Panda winded up his talk and Swami gifted him with another divine materialisation.

The next speaker was Mr. Kondal Rao, very ardent devotee of Swami, an able engineer who has been a active instrument in every major project taken up by Swami. Many times, Swami said his name during discourses and many of us had the opportunity to see the blessed engineer for the first time.

Sri Kondal Rao gave the statistical data of the Orissa Flood Rehabilitation Housing Project and how Swami personally monitored the latest developments. The flood was so severe that 6700 villages were affected. About 50,000 houses were washed away. Swami was very much moved by the plight of the people there and immediately send a team of three consisting of Mr. Srinivasan, Mr. Ramakrishna and Mr. Kondal Rao. After doing a thorough survey 14 villages were selected. The work started on 30 November 2008 and about 700 houses were constructed for the flood victims. Swami had clearly asked to keep the houses at least 3 to 5 feet high just incase if floods do come again, the water doesn't get into houses. The suggestions by the locals were considered while building the houses and each house had 300 sq.ft plinth area with bathroom and toilet on the rear end. The colonies were also provided with lighting and water facilities by Swami.

After 30 minutes Sri Kondal Rao, thanked Swami for being the primal strength and source of inspiration.

It was the turn of our beloved Lord now. Every one were eagerly anticipating the Sri Rama Navami Divine discourse.

The mike was brought in, Mr. Narasimhamurthy the principal of Brindavan Campus was ready for translating and after everything was set, Swami sitting in His mobile throne delivered His hour long divine discourse.

Swami started with a sweet verse, which He usually sings during Sri Rama Navami..


Chekkara Kante teepi, Dari Saramu kante mrithymavuu, pempekkina tene kanna ati rithyamu.. notanu palku palkaga amrutame anipinchunu kana nithya mee chakkani danini smariyimpumu, Rama Namamu manasa...

Sweeter than sugar, more tastier than curd, sweeter than honey, as you chant this name you will experience the divine nectar, O mind chant the name of Lord Rama.

Swami then continued with another verse.. Kanda Kandanthara khyati narjinchina mahaneeyulanu kanna mathrubhoomi (this land of Bharath has has been the mother land of noble souls who had the continental recognition), Paschathya veerula paradrolinchiyu swatantramunu kanna samarabhoomi (this land of Bharath is a battle field which has driven away foreign invaders and become independent)

Sangeetha sahitya sastreeya vidyalandu dhee shakthi choopina punya bhoomi (this land of Bharath has scholarly excellence in the field of music, literature and fine arts) Being born in this holy land, it is the duty of you devotees to safeguard the spiritual riches of this country.

Swami continued, People of Bharath have become like an elephant which does'nt understand its strength, Every body in India chant God's name. Even the names given to the children are divine. Every village in India has a small temple. If there is no temple, they make at least a small hut and install three stones and worship them as Rama Sita and Lakshmana. India since the bygone days has given importance to spirituality. That is why Indians are more happy than others. Inspite of experiencing poverty, they seem to be happy. Only because of spirituality, inspite of poverty, difficulties they get that strength to face them all with bravery. Inspite of bomb blasts here and there, all are depending on God. WHO EVER DEPENDS ON GOD will never face sorrow. difficulties come and go. Man has to die one day or other. No material is permanent. Atma is the only thing that is TRUE.

Look at Ramayana. Where was Rama born. Many have doubts about this. He was born in Ayodhya. It was not built by anyone. Viswakarma built it. Nobody could conquer Ayodhya. Rama in his life, faced many difficulties, even then, He was always smiling. Dasaratha had three wives. Kausalya also had a daughter who was sent to Roma rishi. Swami then narrated about the Putra Kamesthi yaga and the pudding episode and how Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Sathrugna were born.

Bharatha had no intention to take over the kingdom of Ayodhya . He knew it was his brother Rama who should be coronated. He even went to Rama to the forest requesting him to take over the kingdom. Rama replied you should obey father's command and only for that reason I am here in the forest. Bharatha put a hut in Ayodhya and started living a simple life like his brother Rama. At one stage, not able to bear the separation, Bharatha wanted to die. Immediately Rama sent a word with Hanuman saying that He would be coming to Ayodhya. Hearing this news Bharatha was immensely happy. The whole of Ayodhya was gathered to see Rama, Sita and Lakshmana.

All preparations were made for a grand welcome. All the streets were beautifully decorated with jewels made of pure gold.

Pearls were kept ready in order to shower on them. All the people were singing in joy and asking each other to come and see the grand welcome of the sons of the holy soil. (Swami sang a beautiful Telugu song to depict the grand welcome, which needless to say was so sweet and not at all possible for an apt translation in English) when they finally arrived, all the people were wondering who is Rama, who is Lakshmana as it had been 14 years since they left Ayodhya. It was Bharatha alone, who recognised Rama and all the people were rejoicing after seeing them.

Swami continued to say, very little is mentioned about Lakshmana's wife, Urmila. When Lakshmana decided to go with Rama to the forest, Urmila said, how fortunate you are? You don't worry about me. Treat your brother as your parents. Lakshmana was very happy to hear this.

Every character in Ramayana is worth mentioning. Every one had great virtues. So name of the Rama is sweeter than honey.

All the scriptures speak truth. Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa are the 5 qualities of a true man. Even if you lack one quality you cannot be a perfect human. There is no peace out side. Its all pieces. There is no love. Develop peace. Then love comes on it own. When we have love no one hates you. Treat all as brothers and sisters. This is the primary essence of Ramayana.

Orissa has witnessed that pure love recently. The same loss which they experienced may be experienced by you. Same bliss will be enjoyable by you.. All should be united. LET US ALL BE UNITED AND LIVE UNITED. Be it in ashram or elsewhere, don't develop hatred.

We have to forget the past. LOVE ONLY UNITES EVERYONE. So saying Swami sang His/ours favourite bhajan Prema Mudita. (all the contents mentioned are based on memory and my little knowledge in English has lots of shortcomings here and there and I sincerely apologize for all the mistakes)

Prasadam was distributed to all and it was around 6:30pm that arathi was given to our beloved Lord, and Swami like in the morning preferred to go in the Car chair, giving another beautiful chance to have a close up darshan of our Lord..

Puttaparthi which was active with politicians seeking Swami's blessings now and then has become politically active now a days..., thanks to the recent delimitation of constituencies, Puttaparthi has now become a assembly constituency which means there will be lot of political activity going on.

It is election season in India and in the past Puttaparthi was totally away from the political rallies and meetings, but unfortunately it is different story. Every day, there is a huge procession with the budding politicians who want to make their presence felt. The crowd, many of them are drunk and lured by money to participate in the processions are assigned the duty of praising the party and the leader and many times they make fun of passer by devotees especially foreigners.

As the procession reaches the ashram premises, they seem to lose control over themselves. Many of them don't know what kind of place there are in and who Swami is and His teachings. To add to the noise, there are silencer less motor bikes running in streets making big noise and heavy crackers. It is total chaos here. I have no idea, as who got this idea to make Puttaparthi as a constituency. There are so many temple towns in India which are also constituencies but Puttaparthi is a place where our Lord is present in flesh and blood.

Puttaparthi is a very special place. People from all over the world come here in search of peace. I hope politicians and concerned authorities will take a note of the dos and don'ts in Puttaparthi and PUT Puttaparthi away from noisy and RAJASIC political processions.

Swami definitely wants His very own PUTTAPARTHI to be peaceful and wants all His chosen INVITEES who come here to be at peace and at ease

With Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Our Beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik...

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