Yes i do know that all the photos of Swami are very powerful .

But in this group of photos . in particular .

The first and second ones are very very powerful .

If any one happens to read this reply of mine and you know an ailing patient around you .

please do take a print out of them and give it to the patient .



sairam sairam sairam

sai rukmani

Brindavan Update

Swami reached Brindavan on Saturday evening by around 6:50 P.M.Swami went into His Divine Abode - Trayee Brindavan as soon as the car stopped. Trayee Brindavan was wonderfully Decorated to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Trayee Brindavan.

The Next day being Sunday Swami came for darshan at 9:00am and sat on the stage for about 45 Minutes giving Wonderful Darshan to everyone. The evening Session started at around 4.30 P.M and that also lasted for about 45 Minutes. Even though the students and staff were waiting for the Trayee Session, Swami for some reason did not have the Trayee Session, The Session ended with the distribution of Chitrannam and Sweet.

On Monday Morning Swami came at around 10:00 am on to the dias, but there were no bhajans. Swami sat there for about 15 minutes, The same with the evening session which also lasted 15 to 20 minutes.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy KM - 29.04.2008

Swami leaving Parth for Bangalore - Whitefield - Pictures by KM

Spendidi Sunday - Brindavan Update

sairam ,

It was a splendid dharshan , on sunday evening (27th)

Swami was on stage for 45 mins . and He was in a very happy mood . 5 of us had been three female and 2 male members . The five of us when we came out to meet , had felt the very same way :

** As though Swami was looking straight to/into me( each one) ** As though Swami said ' am in very happy mood , tell me what you want ! '

** We saw Swami giving a nice red rose to the Seva dhal ho was near Swami , just before He turned to leave the stage.


Thank you Swami ,

" How can i ever forget the way You bring me to you each time Swami ????

This time , giving us tickets at 7 pm on Saturday , as you just reached White Field , special train tickets making us leave on Sunday morning !

Arranging us a/c car from Banglur to Whitefield !


Taking us back to Banglur by the same car

Booking comfortable a/c rooms for us !!

Could I ever afford an a/c car or an a/c room !!

Making it a Sunday - avoiding us the Banglur traffics !!

And bringing us back by the same v.i.p train bookings !! '

I shall return that love to your loving children through my loving and good deeds Swami !! "

sairam sairam sairam

sai rukmani

Courtesy KM - 29.04.2008


Swami came to Brindavan on 26th April, Saturday at around 6..50 pm.

Yesterday Swami gave darshan both during morning and evening time, Evening Swami came to Sai Ramesh Hall around 4.45 pm and gave darshan for about 40 mins. After which Aarti was given and prasad was distributed.

I have been given to understand that there are lot of programs especially musical programs, talks by eminent speakers, balvikas drama etc. have been lined up. May 18th there is a program planned on SSSVIP, the programs are awaiting Swami's approval.

The darshans are great and not much crowd at Brindavan, so good time to visit Bangalore

COURTESY: DATTA J - 28.04.2008




Om sairam dearest sai family

just to let know all the devotees, that our beloved lord has left for Whitefield ashram at 3:30pm (26th April 2008) from Puttaparthi in His Mercedes Benz.

There were so many rumours about Swami's arrival at Whitefield. The rumours started as early as end of March. Some section of devotees who like to do that, were shown a thums down every time they gave a new date and at a stage when there was no rumour running around, Swami decided to go... WE CAN NEVER IMPOSE OUR WILL UP ON ANY BODY AND DEFINITELY NOT ON OUR BELOVED LORD..

I had an opportunity to pass by Whitefield ashram in the month of December and I was shocked to see the premises. There were huge sky scrapers around the ashram and the fly over right in front of the ashram , a perfect example of rapid urbanisation in India, made that place messy. One of the pillars of the fly over was constructed right in front of the ashram gate and looking at the place I thought Swami would never make it here again, as He would be thinking more about His devotees' comforts.

But in the recent past the ashram authorities in Whitefield have done excellent job to make that place more comfortable for Swami and more importantly to His devotees. The walls have been made dust proof and sound proof and after everything was sorted out, Swami decided to go ahead..

Reports were coming in that Swami would leave for Whitefield early morning. Many devotees were waiting in the Kulwanth hall and also on either side of the road. As the bhajan Deena Dhukhiyon Se Prem Karo was sung, our compassionate Swami surprised every one, by coming in His car chair at 10 am making our hearts jump in joy..

After 5 bhajans Swami asked for arathi and returned to HIs Abode...

At 3:30pm today Swami blessed us with His divine darshan and after Arathi He left for Whitefield...

Past 20 days or so, Swami left no stone unturned to make all of us happy. I heard Kodai darshans are very close, so also were Parthi darshans. Swami blessed all of us with His car chair darshans almost every day and even on the last day..

Its over to Bangalore... Have a GR8 time brothers and sisters

Satish Naik


Prasanthi News

The last 2 weeks in Prasanthi Nilayam after the Students holidays have started have been the wonderful Days. Swami comes to the Bhajan Hall and talks with the Students, Swami is usually coming in Chair and is giving wonderful Darshan and taking letters from Students and Devotees making everyone very very happy. There are few students who have stayed and even when Swami tells them to go they give the most wonderful Answers back which makes Swami smile. Wonderful Moments. Swami is also going out in the afternoons almost everyday and a Stop is almost routine at the Primary School everyday

Happy and Joyous days in Prasanthi Nilayam.


Om Sai Ram

courtesy: KM - 26.04.2008

Prasanthi News

Swami is giving Darshans mostly in the evenings everyday. Everybody expected Swami to go to Brindavan today, It did not happen and only went to show that except Swami himself no one can even think of predicting His Divine Programme, News coming out of Prasanthi Nilayam is that Swami is expected to go to Brindavan anytime before or on the 27th. Of Course everything changes with Swami's will and Grace.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 23.04.2008

Om Sai Ram - Kodaikanal Information

Although it seems that Swami is unlikely to go to Kodaikanal, there is no one in this world who can predict Our Dear Lord's programme than Swami himself. So below is a small write up of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is connected by road with Chennai (520-km), Ooty (264-km), Trichy (197-km), Coimbatore (175-km), Kumili (160-km), and Madurai(120-km). Additional buses ply during the season. Taxis and vans are available for local transportation. There are no auto-rickshaws in Kodaikanal. It is a hilltop town, and the roads narrow and winding.

For information regarding Hotels in Kodaikanal, Please visit the Below Link :

The Area where Swami's Divine Abode "Sai Sruthi" is Flat, there is one driveway to walk up (steep), then flat sitting area for darshan. If you were to stay in town at the Hilltop Hotel, Carlton Hotel or around the corner from Swami's place at the Sterling Hotel, then it is largely flat walking to Swami's darshan. The remainder of Kodaikanal is only hills and very very narrow roads. A taxi to Swami's Divine Darshan is the usual practice if staying in one of these other Hotels.

Darshan is in the mornings; you can walk from the township, around the lake to the Darshan queue, which is on Lake Road itself. Men line up on the footpath adjacent to the lake, Ladies line up on the other side of the gate, on the grassy side of the road. Ladies often sit in chairs byt the roadside. Of late, seva dal have stalls either side of the gate, and as you pass, you put your shoes in and receive a chit. There are only 4 lines each side at Kodai, and numbers are in fact given out. Men on cycles or young boys with Canteens walk up and down the lines selling small plastic cups of tea. You can expect to stand in line upto about 8AM or thereabouts when the gates are opened and the lines called in. Lines generally begin to be formed around 6AM
Like Puttaparthi and Brindavan, there is a small security check as you pass the gate; therafter, it is a dash or a sedate walk up the STEEP driveway, to the lines. Men to the left of the front of the house, ladies to the right, guests along the far right wall. There are chairs for those who need. Darahan is a small affair under a simple canopy, and ladies also sit in an island in front of the garden.

Unlike Puttaparthi or Whitefield, all remain inside and seated for darshan until its full completion. If groups go for interview, all remain seated. By this time, pullovers, shawls and all the extra coverings are removed as the sun is out and quite warm. When Interviews are complete, Swami emerges, and goes inside the main building; thereafter, darshan is over.

After Darshan, Swami often goes for a drive around Kodaikanal; perhaps a leisurely drive, perhaps a visit to an orphange, or to a home, or to another venerable place. One can often see a procession of cars leaving Sai Sruthi perhaps half an hour or so after darshan, with Swami's car in the midst. So if you wish, it is useful to come back after some time and walk down Lake Road, and wait for Swami.

How to reach Kodaikanal :

By Air : The nearest airport is at Madurai (120 km from Kodaikanal).

By Rail : The nearest railway stations are the Kodai Road Railway Station (80-km) and the Palani Railway Station (64-km).

Om Sai Ram

courtesy: KM - 23.04.2008

Prasanthi News

In the Past Few days Swami has been coming out in the Morning for Darshan. In the evenings Swami has been coming out in Chair 4:15 P.M and in chair. Evening Darshans are very good as Swami is taking a very slow round and also has been accepting letters from almost everyone present thereby making everyone very happy.

Unconfirmed news is that most likely Swami's Kodaikanal trip is cancelled and Swami is likely to go to Brindavan by the 23rd of this month. Swami had himself told that the Kodaikanal trip is ruled out to the boys in the Bhajan Hall. Of Course no one can predict Swami's Divine Programme. Brindavan is awaiting the Lord with great happiness as Swami has not been there for almost two years.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy - KM - 21.04.2008

Prasanthi Update

There are reports that Swami might most probably leave for Brindavan on the morning of the 23rd. Swami has not gone to Brindavan for almost 2 years and there is going to be a grand welcome to Swami there. Again these are only unconfirmed reports as there is no one in this world who can ever predict Swami's Programme.

Last year Swami did not want to go to Brindavan as there was an overbridge being built near Whitefield and Swami did not want devotees being inconvenienced for His sake, That is Swami's concern for others. Now Puttaparthi's weather is very very hot so Swami for the sake of His Devotees might go to Brindavan. I remember once Swami saying in Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal " I am the same at all times and everywhere, It is how you all Think about Me".

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy - KM - 21.04.2008

Om Sai Ram - Tamil New Year's Day in Swami's Abode

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

The Tamil Nadu devotees had thronged the precincts of Prashanti Nilayam. The devotees also included thespian Rajnikanth who had arrived quite early. In the eyes of the world, it seems like a big and grand event when people who have achieved much in their worldy life come to Swami. For Swami, each devotee is as dear as the other and there is absolutely no difference between the "common" people and the "achievers". Being at His feet is the greatest achievement and there cannot be someone who is greater or someone who is lesser once anyone is at His feet! And so all were ready to greet their New Year with the Lord.

Swami arrived at the decorated Sai Kulwant Hall at 8.45 am to the music of Nadaswaram and the Vedic chants. He was looking so bright and brilliant. After a round of Sai Kulwant Hall in His chair, Swami came to the verandah and went around there before moving to the stage area. These days are really so wonderful in terms of the "nearness" of darshan available. Swami goes around every available path and with thin crowds, the combination is really so perfect for close darshan. The Vedam chanting stopped in a few minutes, and Mahila singers from Tamil Nadu began with devotional songs. After a couple of songs, Bhagawan asked the students to continue with Bhajans. One wondered as to why Swami so suddenly had the bhajans started. As the first bhajan began, things became so evident. While the devotees assembled were appreciative of the songs being sung, they could experience the thrill of participation once the bhajans began.

Swami has always exhorted on the importance of group effort in any field of activity, more so in spiritual activity. The bhajans picked up tempo and gusto as minutes ticked by. Swami sat in a sort of trance for the bhajans. But it was like the "calm before the storm", as the usage goes. And what a storm it turned out to be! One that was saturated with showers divine! About half an hour into the bhajans, Prof. Anil Kumar was asked by Swami to announce that this evening, Bhagawan would bless the gathering with His Divine Message. This was received with thunderous applause. At about 9.45am Swami accepted Arati and returned to Yajur Mandir.

In the evening, Bhagawan arrived for darshan in His chair at 4.10 pm. All the devotees were like eager beavers what with Swami promising a shower of the divine discourse. A big backdrop with a beautiful painting of a smiling Swami adorned the back end of the marble block. Children from the Sri Vishwa Vidyalaya sat in fron in full costumes. Swami's face lit up as He saw the tiny tots and He kept looking at them as He crossed the marble region. After a round of the Hall Swami came on stage and the proceedings got underway with an introduction by Sri.V.Srinivasan, the all-India President of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations. The speakers to follow him were Justice Ramasubramanyam of the Madras High Court, and Dr. V. Mohan, Convenor of Tamil Nadu State Trust. Both spoke of their experiences in their respective fields where they could feel Swami's presence always conducting what the world calls as miracles. After their speeches which recollected many Sai experiences, Bhagawan rose to speak.

Swami's Discourse :

Swami said that the speakers that preceded Him spoke of experiences, but those were relevant to the world. True Aadhyatmikam (spirituality) lay in recognizing one's true Self and that was in the Truth of "I am I" alone.

He said it was high time that the divinity present in all be recognised and that alone will confer peace and bliss. Swami continued by mentioning the greatness of Bharat, with its many perennial rivers. Unfortunately, in spite of all these, men today struggle to fill their bellies and slake their thirst. Feelings of mine and thine are responsible for this unfortunate state of affairs. Selfishness is on the rise.

After stressing the oneness of all creation, Bhagawan moved to the Ramayana story, to commemorate Ramanavami festival which was just a few hours away. He spoke on His "favourite" portion of the Ramayana - the birth and childhood of Rama culminating in the marriage with Mother Seeta. The stories of bravery of the young princes, the parental devotion of Shravan Kumar and the greatness and goodness of the three wives, Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi were brought alive in front of an audience that was lapping up every word being said. Bringing out the ideals exhibited by the characters in the Ramayana,

Bhagawan concluded His hour-long Discourse by mentioning that the Ramanama (sweet name of Lord Rama) was the panacea for everything. And that is why, in every village in India, Rama is revered. As Swami sat down at the conclusion of the hour long discourse, He looked a bit tired but immensely satisfied. He announced, "There is drama now being put up by children from Tamil Nadu."

Children really have that innocence and hence the ability to win the Lord's heart. Swami had just delivered a discourse and had spent about two hours nearly in the hot afternoon but still He wanted the drama. No doubt, the sight of those little children sitting with all their costumes and make up on in the hot sun melted His tender heart. That was a really 'drama'tic announcement and immediately the marble block area was cleared and space created for the actors to move in.

The drama that was to be put up was entitled, "Prema Vahini" and it exuded the fragrance of gratitude the Chennaites felt for the water project that Swami had gifted. It is an inspiration in itself to know the background and the story of the children and the school that was putting up the drama.

Read that story of the magic of Swami's love and His students' devotion in the Heart2Heart coverstory for the month of April at :

The drama "Prema Vahini" then got underway. It began with the "Burrakatha" - a traditional mode of musical story telling in Telugu, which Swami loves a lot.The drama presented the story of the Chennai Water project as seen by one of the managers of the construction team. A tiny village in the outskirts of Chennai is struggling with the lack of water. And this is just a tiny dot in the vast landscape of acute water scarcity that is facing the citizens there. The struggle of people to get water was compared as equivalent to the struggle that sage Bhagiratha had to undergo to make the river Ganga descend on to earth. And the depiction of that episode was done crisply aided with wonderful background music. Swami's face erupted with smiles when He saw tiny tots in the depiction once or twice. The water problem reaches its heights when people in an old age home almost face death due to lack of pure drinking water.

At this point, the powerful statement that Swami made at the inauguration of the Bangalore SSSIHMS (hospital) was played and it was received with thunderous applause. Swami too seemed deeply touched in nostalgia. The hero, Ramesh, is blessed to be a team leader in the construction of the Kandaleru-Poondi canal.

The drama was punctuated with a Burra-Katha on mother Easwaramma which Swami loved a lot and a Tamil song depicting a well choreographed rejoicing of the citizens of Chennai at the joy of receiving pure Sai Ganga water.

The grand finale came with the song, "Gangamma Talli" (meaning,"Oh Lord! You have brought mother Ganga to our doorstep). As the song was nearing the end, Swami remarked, "Now the drama is about to get over!"

As the drama concluded, Swami spontaneously raised both His hands in Love and benediction. All were thrilled at this and there was another burst of applause. After the 45 minute drama, Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence after 6.30 pm.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 16.04.2008

Prasanthi News - Sri Ramanavami and Visu Celebrations

It was a wonderful evening on the occasion of Sri Ramanavami and for the Malayalam New Years day of Visu. Kulwanth Hall was wonderfully Decorated with the traditional Altar placed at the centre of the Hall.

Swami came for Darshan at around 4.40 P.M, Swami spent sometime going around Kulwanth Hall giving Wonderful Darshan. The Bala Vikas children from Kerala presented a wonderful Drama on Ramadasu of Bhadrachalam which lasted for an Hour. The Programme included some wonderful songs and dance.

After the Programme Swami blessed the boy who played the role of Ramdas with a chain. Swami also Blessed the drama group with photographs.. Afterwards Swami wonderfully went to the interview room and came back with Clothes for everyone who participated in the Drama. Swami also took another set of Photos with the actors who had played the roles of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana and Sita. After Mangala Aarthi, Swami returned to Yajur Mandiram at around 6.30 P.M thereby drawing to a close 2 days of wonderful Celebrations which started with the Tamil New Year's day and ended with Sri Ramanavami.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 15.04.2008

Prasanthi Update - Tamil New Year Discourse

Swami gave a Wonderful Divine Discourse yesterday evening on Tamil New year.

Swami came at around 4:10 P.M and two speakers were blessed by Swami to speak before His discourse. The first speaker was Justice Ramasubramaniam, Chief justice of the Madras High court. He was a Balvikas student and also one of the youngest Chief Justice of any High court in the Country. The second speaker was Dr V Mohan, a diabetes spcialist and a leading doctor in chennai. Both spoke on their wonderful experiences with the Lord.

Later Swami in his Divine Discourse spoke at length about two major aspects - Self confidence and Faith. Swami then narrated Sri Rama's story and said that that Ramanavami is not just another day but should be followed everyday.

Some important points of the Discourse are :

There is nothing in this world that is not Divine. All aspects of Life like Joy and sorrow and everything other things in life are God's gift.

Man is not able to acquire the needed skills and capabilities for achieving the things that he wants. Energy is misused and Intelligence wasted;

We have faith and confidence in many things, many people, books, etc, but not self confidence.

After narrating Sri Rama's story, Swami wonderfully said that even after 5000 years, Rama's name is still so very famous. Everyone chants Rama's name in many places and there are countless Temple for Rama. He is an Ideal to follow for everyone. Everyone should think of Rama before you start the day's work, Always have His name on your lips.

I will try to post a more Detailed version of the Divine Discourse later..



Courtesy: KM 14.04.2008

Prasanthi News - Tamil New Year's Day

Wishing all our Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters a Most Wonderful and a Happy Tamil New Year. May Swami's Divine Blessings be with each and everyone of you and all your Dear and Near ones.

Today morning by around 8.20 A.M Swami came for Darshan in chair.. Swami went around the Kulwant hall giving wonderful Darshan to the large number of Devotees Present. Swami then went to the Portico and then went inside bhajan hall, After a Few minutes Swami again came out to the Portico and then went to the Staff area and finally sat outside.

After the Veda chanting Swami agreed for the Music Programme by the ladies from Tamil Nadu. After a Few songs Swami like everyone present must have felt the songs a bit dull even though they were sung with great Devotion, So Swami asked the Students to start bhajans.

Swami sat for quite a long time and at around 9:30 A.M , Swami asked Prof Anil Kumar to announce that in the Evening He will be giveing a Divine Discourse.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 13.04.2008

Prasanthi News

Yesterday in the morning and evening Swami spent lot of time in the Mandir. Swami went around in chair and gave wonderful Darshan to everyone present.The Fact that for the past many days Swami has been coming in Chair has made everyone present happy as everyone is able to have Good Darshan.

Today in the Morning Swami came to the Mandir at 11 A.M. In the Evening there were Devotional songs rendered by the Kerala Bala Vikas children and then there was Bhajans by the Students.

After the programme Swami called a small girl and instructed her to light the Mangala Arathi. Another girl who was supposed to give the aarathi stood up with the aarathi plate when the lit camphor fell down. The girl did not know what to do and started crying bitterly. Swami was watching all these. Meanwhile one boy got up and was waved the Aarathi. The Guru then quickly put back the camphor in flames on the the plate and asked the girl to wave the Aarathi. Most Wonderfully at the end, Swami called the other small girl and created a gold chain and put it on her. It was a most wonderful moment.

Swami then blessed everyone and retired to Yajur Mandiram at 6:05 PM.

Om Sai

Courtesy: KM 12.04.2008

Inaugurating a new canteen complex at the Super Hospital

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Prasanthi Nilayam :

Yesterday Swami went to the Super Hospital for inaugurating a new canteen complex.

In life, food has always occupied a paramount position. In fact Swami Vivekananda had said, "Feed a man before teaching him spirituality." Food that sustains the "boat to cross this ocean" of life, is regarded highly even by Swami as He says, "Annam Brahma". As if in accordance to these dicta, a new, airy, well lit and spacious canteen had been built! And what more! Swami had agreed to preside over the inauguration. Though it was scheduled for the morning, Swami had it postponed to the evening.

Colourful toranams adorned the hospital premises. Creative and beautiful rangolis(floor drawings) had been made all along the path that was to be used by Swami as He came - not only in the premises but all along the road. Swami is synonymous with life for millions all around the world as He has touched them in a divine manner. But for thousands of people in the villages around Parthi, Swami has done so much even physically, that they just do not know how to express their profound sense of gratitude to Him. Like the squirrels in the Ramayana, they do whatever little they can with all their Love. All along the road, they make drawings trying to add a little more "colour" to the Lord's journey!

At about 4:10 pm, Swami reached the hospital premises and He was being escorted by motorbike riders. A Vedam contingent received Him at the entrance with the traditional Poorna Kumbham. Lord Ganesha, the one who ensures an obstacle-free path for any endeavour, had been installed at the entrance and a yellow curtain had been drawn in front of Him. As Swami neared the spot, He was given a remote. As He depressed the button, the curtains slowly parted and Swami so sweetly peeped in between the many shoulders that almost obscured His view to see the curtains move! Swami came out of the car at the door and all the various heads at the Hospital offered roses to Him. Swami received them all and bunched them in His hand as a beautiful smile lit up His face and all the faces around. He went into the main hall where all had gathered. As He entered, bhajans began.

He was taken for a tour of the building. There were five different sections to seat people. And today, all of them were being occupied by various staff of the hospital. As Swami passed by each room, He seemed to fulfill the aspirations and desires of all seated there. Many of them took the opportunity to fall at His feet while some even offered roses to Him. Swami entered the huge kitchen hall where a vessel of milk had been placed on the huge stoves. With Swami's blessings, the staff placed the vessel on the stove. But then, much to their tension and Swami's amusement, the stove just refused to light. Swami sat watching their efforts to "light" up! Then a photographer nearby opened the gas valve which had been shut! Immediately a flame shot up and the milk boiling began. Swami then blessed the workers and also clothes to be distributed. The tour continued at the end of which, Swami moved back to the central hall.

He called and created a gold chain for Mr.Manohar Shetty who was instrumental in the beautiful building coming up so quickly and nicely. He also blessed the architect. As Mr.Lakshminarayana "explained" to Swami on the various facets of the hospital functioning, Swami expressed His desire to speak! A tiny table with an elegant mike was placed before Him. In a short and sweet speech Swami said that the building was very beautiful, well lit and airy. It was built with a lot of purity and that Purity must be maintained. He was very happy and said that soon He would come there again to have either lunch or tiffin with all the people! There was a lot of excited chatter as Swami said this. Swami was smiling so wonderfully and He seemed so happy. He called Dr.Neelam Desai and enquired about how things were going on. He spoke to a few more people and then a plate of some of His "favourite" eatables were offered to Him. Swami picked up a groundnut and threw it to His mouth. The force seemed a little more than needed and it fell hitting His upper lip. Swami was the first to laugh and there was laughter all around. He so simply teaches great lessons. God is the first to laugh at Himself! When anyone is able to laugh at himself or herself, there is happiness all around!

Swami was then requested to partake some snacks that had been arranged. He at first seemed to tell no, but then smiled as if saying, "Its alright if it makes you happy!" Swami was then taken to a separate section where the "snacks" turned out to be a banquet in silverware! Swami just nibbled at a few fruits. He just wanted to taste a little to please the hosts. But the hosts often feel that the extent to which the heart is filled is proportionate to the extent to which the stomach is filled! When some little fried item was given to Him, He let out a few gentle coughs! Then sipping a little water, so sweetly, like a child that had overeaten, He said, "Chaalu"! He saw a student staff of the Medical Trust. He called him and asked him as to where and how he was working. Then He returned to the main hall. On the way He blessed each and every vessel carrying sweet prasadam and apples. Once in the main hall, Swami received Aarthi and began to move out. On the way out too, He blessed everyone and spoke to some of the people. He blessed the octagenerian, Dr.Bhat, an icon of Urology, with a smile and abhayahastha.

As He came out, there were hundreds flocking with a thirst to see Him. Swami did not disappoint anyone. As He moved out, He blessed everyone with abhayahastha. As He left, He left behind sweet smiles and momentous memories.
Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 11.04.2008

Pictures from Puttaparthi Live:

Prasanthi Update - April 6th - Baala Rama Dance Ballet

The dance group in the Sathya Sai Institute and the High School are growing both in numbers and quality. With a most Phenomenal performance of the "Saagara Manthanam" dance a few weeks ago, it is definitely true that the nimble student dancers have to do a real quality job each time they step on the big stage for the expectation levels are just being pushed higher and higher.

On April 6th, Swami had permitted them to put up what would be a major milestone in the dancing history of the Sai Students. A 40 minute dance entitled, "Baala Rama" depicting the Ramayana story till the marriage between Lord Rama and Mother Sita had been planned in great detail. The song had been specially written by the students and had also been tuned and recorded by them.

Swami arrived at 4:50 pm. He came on the chair. Parthi is almost hot to cooking levels. Sweat drops flow profusely. The body tires in the heat and still sleep is not even a remote possibility because of the uncomfortable conditions. Though the hall is roofed, the floor is heated. Swami's arrival time is uncertain and on an average, a person will spend atleast 8 hours sitting and waiting. One may begin to wonder, "Is my stay here worth all this trouble?" The minute Swami comes on the chairs, these doubts disappear like mist in the sun. The smiles that beam on the devotees' face makes even the sun pale. And that is the sweetness and coolness of the Love between the Lord and His devotees.

As soon as Swami completed His rounds and reached the interview room area, He saw the students in costumes in the bhajan hall. He went in and then began a sweet interaction. He enquired into the role that each student was performing in the drama. When they said that the dance would depict briefly even of Raghuvamsha (Raghu clan) He said, "It became Raghuvamsha only due to Rama. Then it was Ikshvaaku dynasty." Even as He smiled, everyone nodded sheepishly. He was very particular about "Seeta's" costume. Blessing everyone, He told them that they should start in another 10 minutes time. As He went to the interview room, the stage was set up and the dancers got ready for the performance. A beautiful Rama figurine comprised the backdrop and that too had been crafted by a student!

It was 5:15 pm when Swami came out and sat asking for the programme to begin. The glory of the nectarine story began to unfold and the whole story was scripted as narrated by Swami in the Rama Katha Rasa Vahini. Valmiki writes about Rama as a man would view God, but Swami's narrative gives insight into the feelings of Rama too.

Swami was totally absorbed in the programme right from the start.. It began tracing the history of the clan till Dasharatha prepares for the sacrifice to obtain sons. The wonderful childhood of the four brothers was depicted and then the scene where sage Vishwamitra asks for the the princes to vanquish the demons came up. The conflict between Dasharatha's duty as a king vs his attachment as a father was very well portrayed and the music really elicited the flow of emotions from the heart. The graceful movements and soulful music transported the audience back i time to the period of the Treta Yuga. Swami's moods seemed to flow along with the moods of the drama. Finally the princes accompany the sage to the dark forests where their first exploits as super heroes are demonstrated. The climax came when Rama and Lakshmana go to the kingdom of Mithila where the mighty bow of Shiva lay between them and the princess. Lord Rama, as per the Guru's command, breaks the bow and later proves His divinity to Parashurama. There is a grand celebration for the marriage between Rama and Seeta.

The famous episode which Swami loves narrating was also depicted. Seeta comes to garland Lord Rama. He is tall and being the Purushottama (perfect man), He stands erect without "looking down" upon Seeta! She is unable to garland him. (In the dance however, Rama was not that tall. The problem had been dealt by giving Him a big crown!) Lakshmana falls at Rama's feet and when Rama bends to raise him, Seeta quickly garlands him. This act elicited great applause. The atmosphere was dramatic and yet so real. One really felt as if the Rama-Seeta Kalyanam had been witnessed. The dance concluded with a final formation. Swami immediately said that He would come down. As Rama and Lakshmana went up to receive Him, everyone else prepared to receive Him.

Swami was so sweet as He asked Lakshmana, "Ay Lakshmana! Where is Urmila?" Lakshmana was dumbstruck. "Tell me....Where is she?", Swami persisted! The four princes were actually married all at once and Swami was fully justified with the question. The answer was a blushing smile and Swami seemed to enjoy the redness flushing in Lakshmana's cheeks as He once again asked, "Tell, where is Urmila? Paapam! Not there!" Swami showered Love and smiles liberally as He posed for photos. All the students who were part of the drama got a Photograph with Him. That included even the boys who did the music recording and all the backdrop work. All the programmes put up in front of Swami are like the Taj Mahal. Though they are beautiful to look at, they have a supporting huge foundation. And Swami blesses not only the Taj but also the foundations!

Filling every heart with joy, Swami had prasadam distributed and at about 6:40 pm received Aarthi and retired.

A Milestone Dramatic Production from the Students which everyone present would remember forever.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 09.04.2008

Ugadi 2008 in Prasanthi Nilayam

7th April 2008 (Ugadi )

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

Wishing all the noble souls of our beloved Sai World a very happy Telugu New Year UGADI as it is called in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and Gudi padva in Maharashtra and Sindhi community also celebrates this day with festivity and gaiety.. According to the epics this was the day when Brahma decided to script this world, It was on this day when Rama chose to be coronate, it was this holy day when Sri Krishna decided to leave His body and this day marked the beginning of Kali age and it was this day when our Lord of this Kali Age, decided to bless us with His divine darshan morning and evening in His car chair..

It is a typical April atmosphere in Parthi. Very less people in the streets of Puttaparthi during the afternoons, many shops being closed, The huge tree facing Ganesha is shedding leaves, the fresh smell of neem flowers…Students of Swami’s school are on summer vacations.. Home Sick students have already left Parthi and Sai Sick students enjoying this EXTENDED divine opportunity, many rumours running around about Swami’s probable visits to His summer abode and what not…

This Ugadi according to lunar calendar will be called Sarvadhari.. Sarva Meaning everything, Dhari.. The one who has taken upon Himself.. A universal cosmic form who is none other than our Beloved Lord.. who is verily universal, cosmic and loving..

Last year was named Sarvajit.. the one who has conquered everything.. True to the name He has won the hearts of millions Puttaparthi witnessed many Human values centric programmes, the world youth conference and to be precise everyday was a great lesson learned. And its all His love and grace that is binding us with this universal principle of love..

For the past week or so Swami has been blessing us with His car chair darshan and today was no exception. Surprisingly the hall was only half full till 8am and Swami blessed us with His divine darshan at 8:45am. With His beautiful smile, Majestic look, He entered the hall amidst chanting of Sai Gayatri by His students.. Swami looked at every one with the world’s most beautiful smile, keenly listening to every one’s prayers, requests and complaints…

Swami blessed some gents by accepting letters and the car chair was now right infront of the dias.. the students who had a musical programme for this morning, started the same even while Swami was still doing the darshan rounds.. Swami instead of going on to the dias, preferred to be wheeled on His exit path.. He made a full round again towards the ladies’ side.. every one were thrilled in joy and especially elderly ladies’ seated on that side were taken back by Swami’s kind gesture.. many of whom wouldn’t have seen Swami so open and close and what a day it was for them.Every one thought Swami would go back to his physical abode but surprising all He took a right turn and again back to His entry path.. Everyone were more happy and surprised when Swami came again towards the gents’s side and took a full round before He settled on the dias later on immersed in the sweet music rendered by His own chosen children..

There were some short plays and commentaries by students in various languages..Many students were excellent in their commentaries and all of them asked Swami to bless this world with prosperity and plenty to which Swami nodded in positive and it was a treat to watch this one to one conversation with Swami and His chosen ones.

To all of us who are in Sai Fold, every day is a new day, every second is sanctified by His glorious name and if there is anything that were are lacking in is putting our noble thoughts into actions. Only when we realize how lucky and fortunate we are to be born during this time when Lord of the Lords is around in Human form.

During the Ugadi festival there is one important part that every one looks forward to and that is Panchaga sravanam.. Predicting the future done by experts in astrology and numerology..

And Students were not less than any learned priest and two students after bowing to Swami started their PANCHANGA SRAVANAM..

Swami got more curious at this stage.. The Lord who has scripted the world was keen to know what this so called Panchangam has to say about His world..

They concluded that this year will be a year of good harvest even though some part of the state would be devoid of proper rains. It will be a good year for farmers who are growing Wheat and other dry fruits. His glory will be sung every where and there would be a positive change in the approach of the people.and above all they concluded this year will be a very good one two which Swami looked sweetly probably blessing SO BE IT…..

Another important part of this Panchanga Sravanam is reading the individual sun signs… After telling two sun signs the students said why tell about every one’s sun signs lets see what Swami’s sun sign has to say for this new year, for which Swami got more curious again giving the look as if saying “LET ME SEE WHAT MY BOYS HAVE FOR ME THIS YEAR” They concluded Swami’s sun sign has the following Adayam (Profit) 11, Vyayam (Expenditure) 8, Pujyatha (Fame) 3, Avamanam ( blame) 1 and the two boys at the end concluded that this year Swami’s sun sign is very good to which Swami gave a look as if saying “If you say so”….

One of the boys now asked the other one what should be done to gain God’s blessings to which the other boy replied chant the glory of Lord Lets start this year by offering prayers at the Lord of the Lords Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and nothing can harm us and everything can be changed by His grace.. Swami was so impressed with the two boys that He called them on the stage.. After a small circular wave of His right hand, there came a dazzling golden chain and Swami slowly slipped around a boy’s neck as we all joined our hands for the kind gesture.. Swami spoke to the two boys for more than 5 minutes posed for photos…

After 10 minutes the programme ended and Swami asked the boys next to Him to bring the holy water .. There came a huge silver bowl with Tulasi water I suppose.. Swami was wheeled down the dias and Swami Slowly sprinkled the holy water on the students… after few minutes Swami called upon the temple preist to sprinkle the holy water on all of us and this was very special Ugadi with the holy water…

As Prasad was distributed Swami asked for Arathi and thus ended a beautiful Ugadi Morning in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord…

7th April Afternoon darshan:

This after noon as we all waited for the arrival of our beloved Lord, Swami blessed us with His divine darshan at 4:45. He came again in His chair car amidst veda chanting and loud applauds.. There were all smiles and it was a treat to watch Swami for almost a week now in His chair car ….
After taking a full round, Swami went into the interview room. Swami called upon a family for interview and after about 30 minutes, Swami came out on to the dias.. This evening there was a musical programme and after about 1 hour Swami blessed the Prasad to be distributed and as we all were hoping for a Divine Discourse Swami signaled for Arathi thus ending this beautiful and auspicious day of Ugadi.. Let this day mark the dawn of Sainess in our hearts… smiles on our faces .. one devotee next to me was saying to another devotee what happened to Swami why is He not giving divine discourse?.. He didn’t speak on His birthday last year and again on Ugadi which is a big festival.. the uncle replied that’s because we are NOT listening to His divine discourses we are just HEARING.. How true!mere hearing is not enough.. we have to practice each word of Swami and lets hope that urge of listening and practicing will germinate in our hearts and as Swami said, don’t wait for the GOLDEN AGE to come as it wont come unless your noble thoughts are put into action ….that day is the dawn of Golden Age.. that day is the day for which Swami has been looking forward to .. how soon we bring that day is in our hands and He is always there to guide us..

Bless us all dear Lord, to be your darling children, to be your instruments, to be your CHOSEN instruments..

With humble pranams at His lotus feet of our loving Lord….

R.Satish Naik… reporting from the Abode of Highest peace.. Prasanthi Nilayam…

Prasanthi Update - An Unforgettable Ugadi Morning

Prasanthi Nilayam was beaming with the thousands who had come celebrate the New Year at the Divine Lotus Feet. The Kulwant hall was wonderfully decorated seldom seen in recent times with colourful decorative pieces hanging all over the hall. The Center stage was magnificently decorated with a great varities of flowers. The stage was also decked with new bronze images of elephants.

Swami arrived in the Kulwant hall at almost exactly 5 minutes past 9.00 A.M in the chair right Yajur Manidram. Instructions were already given that the Music programme may begin as soon as He enters the hall. Accordingly, starting with Sai Gayathri, the Music group of the University offered their salutations to His feet and began their program.

Swami took the usual round, but instead of coming on to the stage, He took another round near ladies side, came on to gents side and entered the portico this time. Meanwhile the program was on, with some introductory remarks on the importance of the Ugadi day. Swami finally came on to the stage.

The Music program was not just a list of songs sung one after the other. Interleaved with speeches, Bhagawan's message was conveyed in a most striking and enriching way. Songs that were chosen for the occasion were exceedingly apt, and to suit each of them, well written scripts were delivered as intro. "Panchanga patanam" was the pick of all. Explaining the meaning of "Panchangam", two students read out the forecast for different sun-signs, particularly for Swami's! Accordingly it turned out that it is a very auspicious and pleasant year for that 'raashi'. Swami enjoyed the depiction and he blessed one of the students with a gold chain.

The program continued with scintillating verses in telugu as intro to the songs, and few skits and dialogues to convey messages. Every singer gave himself to the song, enthralling the audience so much that none realized that it was almost 10:30AM. The pinnacle of this string of songs, as an icing on the cake, was the rendering of one Hindi song sung by three Students starting with the word 'barso'.

Call it co-incidence or anything, Swami suddenly asked His boys to take him down the stage, and called for something. What was in the offing? As everyone wondered, one of them brought a bowl of 'theertham' and with a bunch of leaves, Swami himself sprinkled that "kalasa theertham" on the music group and vedam boys. He also went little ahead and blessed few more group of students. Later Swami called for the pandit and asked him to sprinkle the water on all devotees, students and staff.

The program came to an end with that song and truly these three singers mesmerized the congregation. The Rendering of the song was beyond anyone's comprehension and was the most beautiful and wonderful sung in recent times.

What could one ask more for on this Most Auspicious Day ?

As the memories of the "Sarvajit" fade away and fresh lease of life begins on the Ugadi Day of "Sarvadhara", Let us all pray to HIM to shower his infinite and everflowing grace so as to remain HIS for ever.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 07.04.2008

Prasanthi Update - Cool Divine Darshan in the Summer Heat

The scorching Summer heat is increasing by the day and the conditions are very Humid and Sultry. The Greatest Comfort in this most opressive weather is Swami's Wonderful Divine Darshans.

For the last Three Sessions Swami chose to come in Chair rather than the car for the last three sessions. Swami went around Kulwanth Hall , took letters from many, spoke to many and gave joy to everyone. Everyone was so very happy and did not feel the Heat.

Everyone is looking forward to the Ugadi Celebrations and possibly Swami's Divine Discourse.

Swami's Divine Darshan - The Greatest Receipe in the Oppressive Heat.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 05.04.2008

Prasanthi Update - Beautiful are these Days

Sent by a Dear Sai Brother from The Lord's Abode :

The sweltering summer has arrived at Puttaparthi. The breeze blowing also seems to be carrying heat waves along with it. The summer vacations have been declared at the impact of this declaration is seen very prominently in the mandir. The students' number has greatly dwindled. That is of some cheer to the devotees as they have some more of the "prominent" places available for them to occupy! There are still some who have decided to put away the summer heat at the "heat of the moment" decisions to evacuate Puttaparthi at the earliest. So though the mandir seems quite empty, it is full of people braving many things simultaneously to see their beloved Lord.

In these hot conditions too, Swami makes His "warmth" felt to one and all alike! As if as a bonus gift to those who have either cancelled or postponed their summer trips to stay with Him, Swami over the last three days has been coming on the chair and the car has been unused for the period. The same script everyday in terms of the route that Swami takes but so many different and touching stories along the way. There is such an eager anticipation as Swami gets ready to set out for the darshan rounds. The question in the mind is whether its the chair or the car! And the last three days, this question has been answered by thrilled, "Oohs" and "Aahs" as Swami has always chosen the former.

Swami starts down from the ladies side and moves down gently. He is in no hurry at all and He seems to be taking letters from everyone! Letters are so symbolic of desires! The more He takes, the more there seem to remain to be taken! But over these days, the profusion of letters being given and the overwhelming Love with which they are being accepted has been such that on the 4th, the letters' number seems to have reduced. Well, it is also a common practice, especially among the students, to compose letters to their dear Lord whenever there seems to be a good chance to hand it over to Him. So from the students' side, there are always letters flowing. The Primary School block is comparitively so empty. Instead of the twittering and talking thousands, there are only a few tens left. But these tiny tots rush down towards the rear end of the block to have a close glimpse of Him as He passes by and then rush back to their places in the front of the block to get another darshan when He comes to the front! He knows all this and yet, so sweetly, He chooses to be surprised when He sees them again for the second time. His expression says, "Hey! Did I not see you there at the back a few minutes back?"

It is a bonanza time for all the devotees too. When He comes in the car, the people sitting on the driver's side crane their necks to have a glimpse of His divine locks atleast. But now, it is such a wonderful and fulfilling feeling to see His in all His grandeur. He looks to both the sides and takes letters from both the sides. Many of the devotees bend and get the opportunity to take Paadanamaskar. The effect of the hot cuddapah slabs below and the scorching roof above seems to just fade away with the cooling and refreshing presence of Swami so close. The heat may seem to make it the worst of times but His warmth makes it the best of times. Indeed blessed are those being able to enjoy the bliss of this proximity that He has decided to shower.

As He moves through the herd of eagerly crowding students, He blesses many. A few words here, a tap on the shoulder there; acceptance of a letter or a shower of the holy akshata grains. The final result of all these is the same - a glowing smile on the face. He completes the darshan rounds and then extends it into a round in the bhajan hall and the veranda too! Everyone is happy and the waves of Joy wash out the sweltering heat. The bhajans begin and there is lot of gusto and enthusiasm. Swami exchanges a few words with the singers in the bhajan hall. It is around 6:15 pm on an average when He retires.

Beautiful indeed are these days.......

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM 05.04.2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Borrowing time

Not many of us like summer. Besides the scorching heat, there’s a burning grief, of separation of His beautiful form from our eyes. While some of them have tears swelled up, some have even dried, never to return again. Those eyes will forever look out into the world for a reflection of our Mother’s love.

The past few days have been sober; Swami hasn’t come out as much as our hearts would have yearned for. But when He did come, he made sure to get the choicest blessings for us. On Sunday, the boys of class 10 had put a drama on the theme “Follow the master”. Swami was very gracious to follow the outpourings from their hearts and bless them profusely.

The next day, students of Music College offered their prayers in the form of a gratitude programme. Swami came pretty late; nevertheless He was keen on giving them a memorable parting gift and stayed on till sunset, accepting their love and prayers.

Yesterday, Swami came in chair and took a round towards the ladies enclosure. He sat in the portico for a long time. Many boys got a chance to give letters and speak to Him. One boy said, “Swami, my sister is getting married and wants your blessings. Our Mother replied, “good, what is your brother-in-law doing?” The boy spoke of the details; Swami was satisfied with his answer and blessed him.

Many of the students who have graduated this year have borrowed some time to stay back for a few days and seek His blessings. Since Swami has been coming rarely for morning sessions now, it only adds to our dejection. But today, Swami came out as late as 10 am and sat for an entire hour during the bhajans, delighting us all. He came towards us in the evening too, taking letters and blessing everyone. A boy asked, “Swami, I completed my MBA. What should I do next?” Swami said, “go home, think for sometime and get a good job.”

These beautiful moments give a message of succour, as He said, “You may be this University’s student for a few years, but you will be a Sai student forever.” Surely, a title we wouldn’t trade for anything

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