Updates from Parthi

Baba 3/10/07

Sai Ram,

Not much happening here. It has been quiet.

The weather is hot. It has been about 36C - 96F. So it has been a cool March so far.

The rumors are flying about Baba leaving but I feel he will be here all month.

The crowds have been small. It has been a great time to get a good darshan especially since Baba made the rounds in his mobile chair twice this week.

There is supposed to be some representatives from Kerala and Mumbai here this weekend to discuss future yagnas.

I am winding down and have to start packing as well as deciding what I am leaving here.

On March 28th, I will leave India and arrive later that day in Los Angeles and I hope Ojai.

I still need to find a place to live and a ride home.

I hope I have learned to put my faith in Baba and know that all will be taken care of.

I will return to India by the end of August.


March 7, 2007

Swami asked for the dance group boys and word was sent to hostel that Swami is calling dance boys. The Lord chose to wait, though having taken everyone by surprise, till the dancers arrived.

The main dancer, Ganesh is an Msc student, and he came back to hostel at 3:20 pm, after finishing his seminar presentation. Within 5 min he had to be in Mandir for attending to the Divine call.

When the dance boys arrived, Swami went inside and gave time for them to get ready. Not much, just the time required to wear the costumes and do make up!

Swami came outside, called the main dancers and asked the list of songs, while the students listed and prayed that what ever will make Him happy, they are ready to that. To this He made a statement: "everything will go on well, this is also my leela!"

Swami also called the singers and told that they should sing the songs. But here some songs were ready to be played on CDs! What to do.

So it started finally, first dance was over; it was by two students only; second they had planned for a solo shivathandavam. No, He did not want that. He called Ganesh and told him something. All the dancers assembled and indications were given that cd should be played. Song 1, no, no, song 2; the dance performance went on well. In total four dances were there. He blessed the dancers and made them sit there.

But it is not the end of the day yet. Next the order was passed on to singers to start some solo songs. They came up with some good performance and then Bhajans. The day ended with aarathi.

Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba

A Anantha Vijaya


Posted on 09.03.2007. Courtesy saibabanews.

Prasanthi Update

We danced to HIS tunes.....

Ah! It was another great day here. It was a day when the Cosmic Dancer decided to taste the dance of His children. His arrival for darshan early was itself indicative of something interesting, and it proved right. First thing He asked for was the dancers, meaning the dance group boys. The main dancer, Mr Ganesh immediately had to spring into action and word was sent to hostel that Swami is calling dance boys. As some of the undergraduate students were in the games class, this was required. The Lord chose to wait, though having taken everyone by surprise, till the dancers arrived. What was He asking for? As they came near Him, He directed them to perform a program right then! Oh my God, dance cannot be performed just like that, even a professional requires a bit of practice, but here is the leela nataka soothradaari, wanting a performance then and there!

Spirituality begins where science ends and it was something like that today for one of the dancers. He is an Msc student, and he came back to hostel at 3:20 pm, after finishing his seminar presentation. Within 5 min he had to be in Mandir for attending to the Divine call.

I happened to be there witnessing all these pranks. When He commanded, Ganesh ran and I could guess what it is. I, as costumes in-charge had to rush back to hostel and arrange for some costume for these dancers. Well, over the years He has given us the opportunity of putting up so many programs that it is evident that He has the confidence in the costume department and we have to be ready for anything. Anyway, we managed to put some colour kurtas for them and gave some facial touch ups, a bit of lipstick, and one nice small thilakam.

What is more interesting is that He went inside and gave us the time to get ready. But not much, just the time to wear the dress and do make up! You try to think of what to do? No way, at such situations He doesn't want you to think! Just do it man?. What your conscience says. He was out in 15 min and came straight to Bhajan hall. Calling the main dancers He first asked the list of songs, while the students listed and prayed that what ever will make Him happy, they are ready to that. To this He made a statement: "everything will go on well, this is also my leela!"

You can imagine what it could mean. Anyway, He sat outside, and as usual started His divine play. He called the singers and told that they should sing the songs. But here some songs were ready to be played on CDs! What to do, we have to dance to His tune rather than any others' and we are most willing anyway.

So it started finally, first dance was over; it was by two students only; second they had planned for a solo shivathandavam. No, He did not want that. He called Ganesh and told him something. All the dancers assembled and indications were given that cd should be played. Song 1, no, no, song 2; oops confusion; communication gap!

People inside did not know which one Ganesh is asking for. Swami was laughing and He waited. He smilingly asked, "What people inside are sleeping?" But the beauty is that as He decided the program, He wanted it, so He chose to wait. After this bit of confusion, the dance performance went on well. In total four dances were there. He blessed the dancers and made them sit there.

But it is not the end of the day yet. Next the order was passed on to singers to start some solo songs. They came up with some good performance and then Bhajans. The day ended with aarathi. Though the dance performance was not perfect, He did not mind it. Well, for that matter, nobody will expect a dance program so unorganized in the physical plane to be a perfect blend of rhythm and music. Who can match the perfection of the Cosmic dancer? As a mother, He enjoyed the presentation of the children, though fully knowing all the defects.

We are just an instrument in His hands, and we can only make sounds according to what He plays. I am happy that I was able to take part in this leela of His.


R. G

"Soothing sophistications of Divine Director...."


Posted by K. M on 08.03.07

6th March - Darshan News

March 6, 2007:

Both yesterday and today, Bhagawan went around the Sai Kulwant Hall in His chair in the evening for an extended second darshan round, much to the delight of all. Prasanthi Nilayam witnessed two celebrations over the weekend. The presentation by the Deena Janoddharana children from Andhra Pradesh on Saturday and the Holi celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam on Sunday. February 27, 2007

This evening, the final year post-graduate students were getting ready with costumes for their last programme of this academic year in front of Bhagawan. But when Swami came to the Sai Kulwant Hall, after His darshan round, He alighted from His car near the Primary School X and XII class girls who also had their final exams coming up. He saw their cards and Blessed them, then granted each one padanamaskar, moving in His chair among all of them. The X and XII boys were also not left out - after moving among the girls, Swami came across to where the boys were seated and moved among them, too. Then all of them were called into the Bhajan Hall.

First, Swami asked for songs - girls and boys alternately sang group songs. Then, Swami spoke to them for nearly an hour, giving them advice on how they should become ideal boys and ideal girls. Blessing them all profusely, getting vibhuti and sweets distributed to all, the Loving Lord left them filled with joy at their unexpected Blessing. Bhajans began at 5.20 pm as Swami moved to the interview room. After half an hour, Swami accepted Arati and retired for the day.



Posted by K. M

Dear all


Monday, 5th March was yet another beautiful day here. Our Sweet Lord chose to repeat His performance, and shower His grace on all. Like the other day, that I had described in my mail, during Sivarathri, today also He went everywhere in Kulwant Hall. He came a bit early (by His recent standards!) at 3:35pm and the usual car round was there. But after reaching the portico, He wanted to be taken around in chair. He first came on the upper portico, then to teachers block, took letters, then took a U turn, went down the portico to the old students block. From there He continued into the devotees gents side, taking letters, speaking to many people and blessing all. He went past the students onto the ladies side and was to complete His round when He took a sharp turn to go on the empty space where usually primary children sit. But actually He blessed some of the lady devotees seated there, and slowly He came back to students block.

Going past the vedam group, He blessed all the Birthday boys and then came up the portico from once again the old students side. Finally he entered the Bhajan hall spoke to few people there and retired to interview room.

It was really a wonderful day when the Lord reached out to every devotee, nay, I should say, when the Lord allowed every devotee to reach out to Him to speak a few words or give letter or touch His feet!

In fact after many days people had close darshan, though the last couple of days Swami has been sitting outside for the Holi programs put up by Bihar and Jharkhand people. both on Saturday and Sunday the programs were good, and swami blessed them nicely.

That is the news from parthi for today.. More news as it comes by,

Lord willing...




God gives every bird his worm . . . but He does not throw it into the nest.


Posted by K. M on  06.03.2007

Prasanthi News

March 5th

After quite a few days this morning Swami came for visit outside mandir during the morning bhajans. Swami came outside mandir at 9:15 am giving  all those devotees who were on the main road a very good darshan. Swami  returned back to mandir as the bhajans were going on, bhajans ended at 10:00 am.

Yesterday evening too there were cutural events as part of Holi celebrations. There was a drama about Human Values. After the drama  Swami went inside the bhajan hall and the bhajans went on for nearly an  hour. The event ended at 6:45 pm. The last few days the evening  programs are very long, going on till 6:00 pm, which is nice for all  those devotees, who are here not expecting many events at this time of the year.



Posted by K. M

Baba 3/5/07

Sai Ram,

As I was enjoying, the wonderful performances celebrating Holi, I realized


For the past several months people have been putting on different types of performances from Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Chinese heritage, Western, many places in India and around the world.

In addition, devotees are from all parts of the globe.

What I have been witnessing is a blending of culture and ideas.

The concept that we are all one. The way we express our manifestation into the physical is different but we are one.

Everyone is alright. It is perfect to be whatever you are, from where you are and what you believe.

People take these concepts home with them where it spreads to others who have not been here.

Tolerance and appreciation for different cultures are leading to the realization that we are one.

One with each other, One with Baba and One with God.

One world, One universe and One god.


Baba 3/2/07

Sai Ram,

It is a wonderful time to be here. It is quiet. The weather is warm to hot in the afternoon depending on what you are used to.

Baba remains Baba. He is as ever unpredictable. 

I sense a change in vibration. I feel he is sending more love to the world and is mixing more with devotees.

I feel we are going to be witnessing a more active avatar on the physical level.

Another proof of divinity: I have been reading some discourses by Baba on the Vedas. The information that he imparted would take lifetimes to learn. Since he is the Vedas incarnated, he knows it all and has shared it with us.

We are all lucky and blessed.


Prasanthi News

Yesterday, 27th, swami called all the 10th and 12th class boys and girls, and spoke to them for almost one hour. inside bhajan hall he spoke to all of them...

R. G

Posted by K M on 28.02.2007

Parthi Update February 25, 2007


February 25, 2007

Swami didn't come for morning darshan today. In The evening Swami came out looking radiant and beautiful. Swami took a full darshan round on His car. After the darshan round Swami went inside the Interview room. At appx. 5.00. P.M Swami came out on His car chair and talked to few devotees sitting on the portico. Swami was outside for quite a long time and took another round from the ramp near the ladies side down towards the students and gents sitting place. Swami took many letters today and many were lucky to be able to touch Swami's lotus feet. After this round of darshan Swami stopped near the Golden lion statue and talked to the overseas devotees from South East Asia, Swami also created vibhuti for some. Darshan didn't ended here actually Swami took another round up to the dasa-avatara gateway and then again towards gents side and talked again with Overseas devotees from South East Asia. At around 5.20 Swami walked to His throne and sat while the students chanted the Veda mantras. At around 5.35 Swami went inside the Bhajan hall/mandir the evening Bhajans ended with offering of Aarthi to Swami. At 6.10 Swami drove back to his residence at the entrance gate to His residence Swami got up from His car chair and walked inside His residence compound, thus concluding today's amazing darshan. The Chinese New Year decorations are being removed now.

There is a possibility of a program tomorrow i.e. Lion dance by overseas devotees from South East Asia. It is really amazing to observe Swami's dynamism and energy; indeed He is working constantly & selflessly for the good of humanity all the time thus setting an ideal example for all us to follow - My Life is My Message.

Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba

A Anantha Vijaya

Posted on 26.02.2007

The Cosmic Director directs the proceedings - Sunday News from Parthi

The evening of Sunday, February 25, 2007, witnessed yet another  benevolent act of our dear Lord. Swami came for darshan around 3:45pm and went to interview room. Till almost close to 5pm He did not come  out and Bhajans were about to begin. Finally after a long wait, we  all had the good fortune of Swami coming out of the interview room.

At first He was about to come out to the dais, but then it did not  happen. He was in the chair, but was in the upper portico. While it  was almost sure that He will go of to Bhajan hall for Bhajans, He decided to come out again, to the delight of all gathered there in Kulwant Hall. But further surprises awaited the devotees as He instructed to be taken down the slope towards ladies side. Devotees shuffled their positions, trying to catch vantage points for giving letters, etc.

Uncertainty to the fore again, He took a sharp turn to the right, came near the primary school boys, and continued moving to the institute boys' block, in front of the Kulwant Hall stage. He showered his blessings on many, taking letters, hearing to their prayers, and blessing birthday boys. As he came near the old students block, many thought He would take a right turn and enter the portico while He ordered to be taken near the devotees' side. The joy of the devotees knew no bounds. Now it is chance for the men to come closer to the Lord, give letters, and seek His blessings. He spared no pains in collecting letters from many and took full round on the gents' side. He further moved, crossed the students block, and just entered the ladies side.

Relief for the female devotees, Lord is coming near them finally. Sorry, it was a very short lived pleasure! They were bowled by His reverse Swing!!! He took a U turn, and retraced His path. Double bonus for the men assembled in Kulwant Hall. As He reached in front of the Institute boys, He wanted to be lifted from the chair and decided to climb the ramp to go on the stage. Finally He sat there on the dais, as vedam chanting was going on. He took few more letters. The beautiful thing to observe was that He was also chanting the mantras all along. Then another interesting event unfolded and it is for this that I gave the title for this write up. As the vedam chanting was on, the primary school children also joined. The divine director now directed the way the chanting should go on! By His hand movements He  asked the institute boys to stop and primary children to continue.


After few lines the instruction was reversed. This continued for some time. After every few lines, one section has to stop and the other has to continue. And our primary brothers were so enthusiastic that every time their turn came, they would increase their pitch. It was fun, as well a great sight to see Swami directing the show. In the middle He called out for the three foreign students studying in the HSS and asked them to chant while others were silent. Swami relished the alternate chanting of the rudram and finally went back to interview room around 5:30. Bhajans were there from then on till 6pm.




Posted on 26.02.07 by KM

Baba 2/26/07

Sai Ram,

Baba does it again.


Love his uncertainty.

On Sunday afternoon Baba came out in his car as usual and went onto the verandah.

After a while, Baba gave wheelchair darshan. Baba went off the verandah on the ladies side came around the front of the verandah while mixing with students talking to them and taking letters.

Eventually, Baba proceeded down through the male side, with the mandir on his left, to the ladies side. Baba went into their section along the center driveway and return the same way.

When he came to the white line, it was expected that he would turn right to head further into the ladies section but no. Baba turned left to reenter the men's section. He came close to the benches turned right and went in front of and next to about ten people who were sitting in wheelchairs.

Baba proceeded through where the boys were and reentered the verandah by going up the middle ramp. He proceeded to sit in his chair giving further great darshan.

He had blessed everyone and took letters from many devotees.

It was great.

At the yagna in Chennnai, Baba gave wheelchair darshan twice. Since Baba has been back in Prasanthi, it has been two or three times.

I feel he is sending a message reminding people that he is charge and that regardless of the wheelchair he is going to do what he pleases.

I feel that we are going to see more of this mixing until eventually Baba will be doing it by walking unaided.


Baba 2/25/07

Sai Ram,

The Chinese New Year celebration is over. These devotees were from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. They decorated Kulwant Hall and some other area very nicely including the entrance to the ashram. They obviously put a lot of work into it.

The theme was respect in the family. The play showed how Chinese culture always emphasized family values.

Their singing was very devotional and moving.

The dragon dance was special with the movements that were done. It took a lot of practice.

I was disappointed when I learned that a real dragon was not being permitted into India but that disappointment was made up with the dance. Maybe next year.

Also, the rumor that Baba was leaving for someplace on February 13th turned out to be incorrect. He was here in Prasanthi.

Friday evening Tibet Buddhists from Mysore chanted. It took me to another space.

The crowd this weekend was smaller than I expected barely filling the hall.

This time is a welcome relief from the big crowds of Shivarathri and the yagna. I hope it remains this way for a few more days at least.

Baba is Baba. Loving, caring and unpredictable.


February 24th, 2007.

Sun nin fai lok - Happy Chinese New Year



Tomorrow being the Chinese New Year day, Prasanthi Nilayam is all alive with hundreds of Chinese, Malaysians, Japanese Buddhist  devotees. Today the Kulwant Hall has worn a new 'red riding hood' dress. Even as we enter the Ashram, the walls are all draped with  huge red screens with Chinese characters and pictures. "Filial Piety" - the cornerstone of Chinese civilization and culture is written all around wherever you see. In Confucian thought, filial piety is one of the most important virtues to be cultivated: a love and respect for one's parents and ancestors.

This evening, Bhagawan came out for Darshan sometime after 4.00 pm.  He came and sat outside. The block in front of the dais was filled  with Buddhist Monks from Tibet. There were monks from four sects who had gathered here in the Divine Presence to chant sacred mantras. Two young children - a boy and a girl compered the show. A number of offerings were made to Swami as per the Japanese culture. The significance of each offering (Cloth, Prasadam, Painting, Sthupa, etc.) was explained by the anchors.

This was followed by chanting of various Buddhist Mantras by all the Monks and finally they concluded with Gayatri Mantra. As they repeated the Gayatri Mantra a couple of times, Swami also was chanting along with them. Throughout the programme, Bhagawan was very  happy and smiling - showering all Bliss on them.

Then came Bhajans - Japanese and our Hindi Bhajans alternating each other. As the Bhajans went on, Prasadam was distributed. It was 5.30  pm when Swami went inside for normal Bhajans. This went on till 6.00  pm. There was a pause and Aarti began, the bell also started ringing. But then immediately another Bhajan began. Obviously Swami wanted the Bhajans to continue. He then came and sat outside, spoke for a long time to the coordinator and later even created a chain for him.

The icing on the cake was when Aarti was given at 6.30 pm. There were almost 7 Aartis being offered. After Aarti Swami continued sitting. He told them He was very happy. He then called the Monks forward and gave them a group photograph. All were delighted. As the photos were  being taken, He lovingly tapped the bald heads of a few monks. All  burst into an applause. To the greatest joy of the ladies, they too were invited by Bhagawan and they had a wonderful session. All of them started saying - Thank you Baba, Thank you Baba.

As Swami got into the car, all started clapping with joy and ecstasy!!

Gung hei faat choi; which loosely translates to "Congratulations and be prosperous" to one and all.

With All our Prema,

Sri Sathya Sai Students.




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February 22nd, 2007.


Last night the decorations for Chinese New Year were put on by the devotees from that part of the region. The whole main gate is decorated with red and gold papers, there are even few paper ornaments shaped like pineapple hanging from the main gate.

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on 24th February in Puttaparthi. There are many devotees here in Puttaparthi from that part of the world for the event.



Baba 2/22/07

Sai Ram,

Happy New Year - Chinese that is.

The year of the Pig

I wonder what Chinese Jews and Muslims do?

On Saturday the 24th, there will be a celebration in Kulwant Hall in the morning and the afternoon. They had wanted to celebrate for four days but Baba said one day.

I heard that the Chinese are flying in a dragon to Prasanthi Airport for the afternoon performance. I believe that the dragon will remain here to keep Sai Gita company. I have reasons to doubt this rumor.

Also, there are many rumors circulating about Baba leaving. The most accurate one is that he is going to Whitefield on February 13th.

The weather is great here and the crowds have been small for a few days. They are starting to get bigger. I expect a large crowd for this weekend.

Chinese posters have been put up by the entrance to the ashram and around part of the mandir on the outside.

The Italians have been doing a wonderful job in the Western Canteen. The menu has been reduced but the canteen has been opening on time.

NOTE: Sunday evening about which I wrote. The last half hour of bhajans, Baba did not move. People on the verandah became very concerned. At 7:00 Baba was wheeled into the car and taken to his residence. It is stated that he was in an altered state.

Since then Baba has been his usual self. Always Love and Happy.


A New Era.- 2/19/07

Sai Ram,

It was the start of a new era catching us by surprise.

It started with Shivarathri 2007 when Baba produced no lingam but became clear Sunday night, the day after, when the college boys held Baba captive for almost two hours with their love as expressed through bhajans.

Earlier Baba came out in the car as usual, entered the veranda as usual, got out of the car in his wheelchair and spoke with some people on the verandah as usual.

But this where it all changes.

Baba in his wheelchair entered the women's side heading toward his residence but made a right turn proceeding down the white line through the men's section. Baba proceeded in front of the verandah to re-enter from the women's side.

Baba kept kept going to the men's side on the verandah but didn't stop as he proceeding through the men's section toward the women's side. But as he entered their section, Baba turned right going into the women's side along the the center driveway.

After a few moments, Baba reversed directions. At the white line Baba headed toward the residence but turned left going almost all the way to the other entrance.

After re-entering the verandah, Baba proceeded into the mandir where Baba exited from the women's entrance. In the back, Baba turned left going behind the mandir coming around on the men's side to re-enter the verandah proceeding to the center.

All this time, the boys were leading bhajans which continued for two hours. Baba stirred up everyone, energized the place while pouring intense love to everyone. It was incredible.

It was so powerful that entities from other dimensions came to enjoy the singing as well as the outpouring of love as it penetrated every level of existence.

Baba was the center of the universe. All were worshipping him. Ready for his command.

It was the beginning of a new era, where more than ever Baba is captive to the love of his devotees. Baba's actions will continue to be governed by his helping humanity but more by the intensity of love pulling him.

If it is strong enough, Baba must respond. If you want Baba in your neighborhood, be a Baba, practice his values, do seva and love everyone.

If hundreds of students can bind Baba, what can thousands or millions of people do.

Yes, the new age is here. We tasted it this weekend.

It is one where all entities including humans praise God with their every movement, with their every word and with their every breath.

The taste was wonderful.

When it is here full blast the world will be different. It will be harmonious, peaceful and joyous, while wrapped in pure love.

We have entered it. Now to experience it as it gets stronger.

Baba as light and love will come to every neighborhood, house and person.

Prepare your hearts for a new era.
Prepare your mind for a new era
Prepare your soul for a new era.

The lord has come to save us, to bring us to the promise land. Baba is our shepard. We are his flock.

In reality we are One. We will soon realize that oneness with Baba, the universe and everything in existence.

Maya is about to be vanished. Love is about to manifest.

Jai Bhagavan.
Jai Jai Sai.

Baba 2/18/07

Sai Ram,

No lingam.

I guess most of you already know that.

For many people Shivarathri actually started 3 a.m. on the 16th as people lined up for morning darshan. The crowds were tremendous then but even more so later.

Many people lined up for the long evening by mid-morning.

Baba came out about 5 p.m. There was a long discourse during which he indicated that he would not be producing a lingam.

Afterwhich, he left using the wheelchair.

In the morning, there was the expectation that Baba would appear at about 5 to 6 am. But he didn't show until 8.a.m.

When he did, it caused an uproar. He was in his wheelchair. Baba followed the same route as he does with the car.

Baba seemed a different person, as though a tremendous weight had been taken off of him. His energy was intense and he blessed all.

It reminded me of Chennai at the yagna when he did this twice. It was a tremendous outpouring of love.

Baba gave another discourse and ended with prasadam of
rice and ladoos.

The bhajans were intense the whole evening. Baba had requested that people stay awake on this important evening to receive the maximum benefits. The hall was  mostly filled. It did get more crowded in the morning hours.

It was well worth it. Baba appearance, love and blessings made all the agony on sitting for long hours more than worth it.


Shivarathri Program - A Report

Om sairam to my beloved Sai Family,

Greetings from the land of Sai Shiva, the abode of Highest peace, Prasanthi Nilayam. This year's Maha Shivarathri celebrations were fully CHARGED with divine energy and perennial stream of love of our beloved Sai Maa.

The streets of Puttaparthi were packed, the Kulwanth Hall was obvisoulsly packed and double the number of people were waiting out side to get a glimpse of Sai Shiva, our beloved Swami.

16th February 2007

Pain is followed by pleasure.

The morning session completed with distribution of prasad. After receiving the prasad, I went out to see the queue and the area behind Ganesha was full. Not knowing what to do, I was walking by East Prasanthi. There I met one elderly devotee from New Zealand, who was in queue for the bench. While I was talking to him, I saw a huge flood of devotees rushing towards the Kulwanth Hall entry gate. My 70 Kilo body was literally carried away as if the doors of a dam was opened. Before the seva dals could come and control the crowd, I found my self entering the Kulwanth hall. I was in fact 9th person to get in and being a BIG day, the whole first line spots were reserved for VIPs. There were only 15 vacant spots in the first row and being the 9th person, I rushed to get a spot. It was all His play. I had no idea what I was going through. In no time I found myself in a perfect CAMERA MAN kinda spot where I could see the whole proceedings. My heart was crying, I had no words to describe the happiness. Swami, all these days, played with me and now compensated with a first row, and this is NOT an ordinary day.. I was thanking my stars for this boon. There was a big group of Russians sitting next to me. It was only 10:30 am then and we all were inside for the afternoon darshan which would be any time after 3:30.

I knew it was all a patience game.. Just closed my eyes, repeating Lord' name. It was 3:30pm and there was no trace of Swami yet. Many devotees were standing, some stretching their bodies, some taking a deep breath. The crowd out side was so huge that there was no chance to go out to take a break as there was no guarantee that we will come back to our spots. It was 4 p.m and the security near Swami's House get alert signaling the arrival of the Lord of the Lords. Facing us were students and they were very close to the path way and Swami's car, slowly entered the Kulwanth hall amidst veda chantings and music. All were eager and excited as what would happen and wondering if the history will repeat again, will He take the Atma Linga again, will we see the intolerable pain Swami's body undergoes.. Swami's car now gets towards the gents side. As the students had almost occupied the path, the car had to get close to us.. so close that even the security couldn't stand next to the car. Swami came towards us, was analyzing Swami's mood. Swami's car comes close to us and the beautiful form gets more clearer and clearer. He was all smiling, He was reading our minds.. Was praying from heart, Swami, no more linga, your darshan is the highest gift for us.. As Swami was right in front of us, He looks into my eyes, those looks which are full of compassion, those looks which are soothing, those looks which can scan one's past, present and future, those looks which will make our hearts dance in joy.. O Swami!! How can I express my gratitude to you, You are a ocean of Compassion..

As Swami was smiling and blessing each and every one the car slowly passes by..as the car enters the student's zone, many primary school students go to Swami showing the replicas of various forms of Shiva lingams. Swami closely looked at each and every one.. After the car was halted near the dais, Swami came on the dais. He asks one of the boys, to call upon Mr. Raju, the chairman of Nagarjuna Construction group, who is a long time ardent devotee of Swami, whose leg had to be amputated recently because of a snake bite. Mr.Raju, came in his wheel chair, and sat next to Swami. I remember he was blessed the same day in 2006 to read few of the 17,000 poems which he has personally written in praise of Swami. Mr. Raju read the poems in Swami's immediate presence. The poems were beautifully written in Telugu and the reading went on close to an hour.

Later Swami called upon Mr. Popat, (who always likes to refer himself as Puppet) from UK shared his views about Swami. Being an eloquent speaker he was very impressive with his characteristic blend of Hindi and English. He was of the opinion that its time for all of us to decide if we want to become good men or great person, a successful man or a perfect devotee of Baba. Its better to have His anugraha than all name, fame, wealth.

The objective of our sadhana is to realize God. We are fortunate to have God himself in our midst. Swami has come to realize that YOU ARE NOT THE BODY.. you are NO BODY. There is no ownership, doer ship, and knower ship. Its all Him. What is the role to be performed? We are just puppets in His hands. Only His smile is more than any awards or rewards. No one came here on their own. He brought us all. You pray to Him and He will come running to you.

We all are chosen children of our Lord. We have lots of responsibility on our shoulders. How many devotees go back to their places and contemplate and follow His words. Our Swami is Loka Nath. He is omnipresent. He works silently without any publicity.

Mr. Popat continued Your aim is to go forward, upward but INWARD. There are 7 up steps. First wake up, standup, dress up, look up, reach up, lift up and last and Swami likes it a lot, Shut up. Do every thing in the name of God and shut up. What ever you want to convey, convey heart to heart. What does Swami expects us to do. Wake up, with a spirit of God, realize your true identity. Sathya, dharma, santhi prema and Ahimsa. Next stand up, we are not animals, neither are we birds, we are Sai Bhakta, aham bhahmasmi, how do we get up. We have to make up our mind, that I will behave like a human being. What ever you want to ask, ask our Sai maa. That's our right.

Look up, be positive. Swami says, I am aroud you, below you be aware that I am aware. Every thought should be divine. Always know that Swami knows every thing. As long as we breath, as long as the food we eat is digested, take it that Swami is with us.

Once we look up Reach up, where ever you go go with conviction. When you see a poor man, you must feel the hunger. You should reach his heart. Poor people smile only when their tears are wiped, with love.

21st century will not be preaching but reaching.. He is going to reach each and every one.

After you reach up, lift up after seeing Swami, listening His messages, we should lift up the poor and destitute.

The next program was what we all were looking forward to. It was also bit tense, what if Swami decides to take Lingam? Can we bear the pain again? As all these thoughts were pondering, Swami orders to get the discourse table to be placed before Him. He slowly raises from His seat, as there was a cheerful applauds from the audience, Swami adjusts the microphone, a broad smile at all the devotees and starts His discourse with a sweet Telugu poem.

Excerpts from the discourse

Sathyambu nandundi sarvambu srushtinche

Sathyambu nanadanage sarva shrusti

Sathya mahima leni stalamedi kanugonna

Shudda satwa midiye choodarayya

Every thing is born from truth and the cosmos will merge in truth. There is no place where Truth is absent.


Every where truth pervades. Truth is propelling all ove. Truth has no form and is every where. What ever you see is truth. (Swami now raises His hand, We all thought he is going to mention some thing about the bulbs but surprising all He materializes a small golden object, to me it looked like a Lingam of the size of a peanut. He didn't move His hands much, He got it from the thin air, as if He was plucking a fruit from a tree) it had a bright shine.. Swami continues This is Truth? Where from this came and it will go back to truth again. (so saying He disappeared the object in the thin air) Sathyam is multidimensional. Truth is one but none can realize this. truth is not merely verbal. Truth can manifest in various forms. Brahma is one. God is only truth and all others are just reflections of divine. This truth has many names. Every thing has to emerge from truth. Dharma is originated from truth. There is no other Dharma beyond truth. When Sathya Dhrama go together you get peace. Out of peace, you find love emanating. It binds every body. There is no place without love. Out of Love you have ananda (bliss). There is no hatred after you have love. If you want non-violence you should just have love. Mamai vamso jeevaloke jeeva bhootah sanatanaha we all are sparks of God. You are not separate. You are al MY reflections. Body and names may vary.. there is only one atma in all. Body has got its own name.. why? For recognition. This is only for identification. Atma is same in all..


Today Love is categorized as separate entity. Love is ONE and same. Never give any Scope for differences. Never have any duality. When there no duality you will have peace. Man with dual mind is half blind. You have 2 eyes. Both the eyes see same object. WE ALL ARE O NE. We all the children of same mother. We should acquire that one ness. Then only humanity will be united. Who is Human being. Is he the one with legs and hands. One who has no differences is HUMAN. There should not be any scope for differences. Bodies might be different, Atma is one. Names and forms are different. We should not develop differences with names and forms. We should be united where ever you are. Jewels are many gold is one, colour of cows are different but milk is one, we are born as human beings. How ever there might be some differences physically. Bulbs are many, current is one. There fore all bodies are equal.


Later Swami announced amidst loud cheers that He is not going to do the Lingodbhavam.

I am very happy to demonstrate the one ness of humanity. I received lakhs of letters from devotees all over the world asking not to do the Lingodbhavam.


Every thing has to merge in truth. Never think that God is far away. He is with in you. Every one should experience this divinity in you. Close your eyes and question, Who am I? What do you see? You don't see anything. You will hear, who am I? Who am I? Then you will understand you are nobody. This body and name will be changing. Without difficulties you can't enjoy happiness. Pleasure is an interval between two pains. Where there is difficulty there is happiness. The pain lasts for a short time. In order to have the bliss we have to be prepared to face minor difficulties..


Students, today science has progressed but has come down to perform one compassionate as Shiva, is there any curry as tasty as Brinjal curry.. (end of the poem) such was the place of Brinjal curry. Today even this Brinjal is polluted. Because of polluted food, our thoughts are polluted.


Students you are knowledgeable. Don't read picchi books. Follow the culture of Bharath. Many foreigners are enjoying the culture of Bharath. They are going to practice our culture and transform very soon. Shall we wait till then?.. NO.. No.. lets go on the right path right now.. God is there to help you. There is no need to fear. During My childhood days, I used to always help the poor. While I was moving around with a small knickers and shirt, they wanted to wear me a Panchi (A full cloth to cover the body). I used to go untouchables.( Swami sang a folk song.) We work day and night sow the crop and you enjoy at our expense. Where is the justice. Do you think God is not present. Give up the delusion. When I was teaching like this I was attacked. Even this body's brother slapped me. He used say , why do YOU go there, You study. I was locked in the room. All people used to come to the room. They used to call, Raju.. Sathyam. I used to say, I will come to YOU.. I belong to You.. in this way, I was always with the poor, provide food, clothing and make them happy. Even till today, our students go around every street and distribute food and clothing. I used to share my own food if there was any beggar. If there was any one without cloth, I used to give my shirt. Those days to till now.. Help.. help..


Many people say but they don't practise. I have been supporting you, protecting you, teaching you. I have no trace of JEALOUSY, anger towards any body. BUT few people out of jealousy, do wrong propaganda because of rising glory. Good people face problems. Stones are pelted at the fruit bearing tree.

I don't care, not I am afraid of any body. The name of the body is Sathyam. Truth never changes. The people of districts of East Godavari and West Godavari are dringking polluted water. I have not yet seen them. I felt very sad, watching them drink polluted water. I resolved to clean the water and provide the same to the people of East and West Godavari. From now on they will have pure water. (loud applauds). Water is purified and all people are extremely happy. Next WEEK I AM GOING TO EAST GODAVARI DISTRICTS. They are extremely delighted hearing this news. They have cleaned all the roads and are ready to welcome Mr. RAMA Krishna from Larsen & Toubro company and Kondal Rao, chief Engineer will accompany Me.


By doing good, all good things will follow. When you meet your enemy go to him and say friend how are you? Only then our name of institute will go high. We don't charge even a penny. The students come here and go out with high degrees totally free. When children are good the whole country will advance. There are so many news from America. They say, Swami Your students are great. All this students are having great joy. There was a plane full of our students who recently came to parthi. Now all are married with children. They felt extremely happy coming here.

12 hour long Akhanda Bhajans Started with Lambodara Hey Gowri nandana

The atmosphere whole night was fully charged with scintillating Shiva bhajans. It was just fantastic to see Swami and Sing His glory right in front of darshan to all. It reminded me of Swami with Lingam in 2006. Swami gave a beautiful smile and moved further.

Later Swami called upon Mr. Venkatraman to address the gathering. Mr. Venkatraman spoke about the experiences of the recently concluded Yagna in Chennai. On the last day of the Yagna, the police commissioner came to the authorities and said, there was no problem during their duty hours as the devotees were well mannered and the police in turn had a chance to see Swami.

Mr. Venkatraman was of the opinion that the meeting in Chennai people in Nehru Indoor stadium was a perfect example of Unity in diversity. Political leaders of various parties, setting aside their political rivalries participated in the program with Swami in the middle.

Later Swami rose from His seat to give the Divine discourse,

Swami spoke on Sankara and Shakti. Swami asked to give up ego and attachment. Ego and attachment is a big mistake. Divine power is every where. Always respect one's own mother and father. Swami gave a nice example here, once Shiva and Parvathi were on a plane. There Parvathi sees one man on a tree. She knows he is going to fall from the tree. She urges Lord Shiva to rescue the man. Lord Shiva, says, I have nothing to do with him. When He falls and if he calls Abba (father) then I will go and rescue and if he calls Amma (mother) then you can rescue.. This man after sometime falls from the tree and instead of saying Abba or Amma says Ayyo (meaning Oops). There fore its always important to think of parents.

Later Swami blessed the prasad consisting of Pulihora (tamarind rice) and laddu. Makeshift lines were formed so that the students would walk freely between lines and serve food. It was such a nice feeling to BREAK- FAST with the food blessed by our beloved Mother Sai. As we all were eating, our beloved Sai Ma was watching all of us, just like a mother watching her kids eat and the happiness of the child fills her stomach, and as Swami has said, MY DEVOTEES HAPPINESS IS MY FOOD.. O Swami!! Koti Pranam, sata Koti Pranams

Bless us all to be Your Darling children?..

Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik

Posted on 18.2.07


As you may know, the name of our Institute has been changed from "Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning" to " Sri Sathya Sai University" with effect from the 3rd of February 2007. I believe this is the name Swami wanted right at the time of the formation of the University but for some reason it was not possible at that time and now it has come true.

Bhagawan is fine and is giving Darshan every evening regularly. However, He sits outside very rarely but does spend a lot of time inside the Bhajan Hall talking to students. Hot topic now is possible visit to Mumbai and Delhi and Blessing the ARMY (Ati Rudra Maha Yajna) over there. When is not sure. The Mumbai youth in large numbers were here just day before yesterday and Swami spoke to coordinators that included many Alumni.

Saturday and Sunday we had cultural programme by devotees from Adilabad AP. Swami spent a lot of time with them and was very happy with them.

A Anantha Vijaya

17th update From Prasanthi Nilayam

Sairam to all

The Sivarathri celebrations ended around 10am today morning. The Bhajans started yesterday around 7pm. Today morning Swami came at 8am. He chose to give Joy to His devotees by coming in the chair itself rather than car from His residence. So all people could have very good darshan. He stopped at many places to take letters from devotees, students and staff. He blessed birthday boys. Then He came onto the stage and asked Prof G V to speak. GV spoke well and recollected Swami's Love and blessings in Chennai.

He reaffirmed that "God Helps Those Who Help Others, God Loves Those Who Love Others"

Then Swami gave a discourse. He first mentioned about siva and parvathi,etc. then the topic went on to Mother and mother's Love.... Later He also spoke about karna, iswarchandra vidyasagar, etc...

Swami mentioned few important points which is very much worth knowing. He told that man is worse than a snake. The snake has poison only in its two teeth. Man now a days has poison all over the body. He told that if one removes the teeth of the snake then it becomes poisonless. Similarly if man removes the twin gunas of Ahamkara and Mamakara, (the two teeth) then he will also become good.

Swami also told that goddes parvathi is the mother of the universe. She is not Mother- in-Law but Mother-in-Love!

Then we all had prasadam - tamarind rice and laddu.

That much is the gist of todays mornings happenings.... Hope u all had a Holy Sivarathri...

sairam, keep in touch


News from Parthi : Dated 16-02-07


Sivaratri 2007 has been a very Blissful one. Morning Swami came after 8.00 am and we had Vedam followed by a sequence of wonderful solo songs (Carnatic Classical and light devotional) interspersed with the usual Siva Stotrams. Commentary in English and Telugu gave a lift to the programme. Prasadam was distributed to all.

In the evening, Swami came after 4.30 pm. The Kulwant Hall has been packed to full since yesterday itself. Today it was bursting at its seams. After Swami sat down on the dais, He called for Sri A V S Raju Garu whom we all know as the Telugu Poet. He read out a couple of his poems numbering now at around 15000 plus, with great joy and delight. It went on for close to an hour!! This was followed by a talk by Sri Ajit Popat - lovingly called as UK Puppet by the Sai Fraternity. He gave a talk charged with devotion and love for Swami and ended inviting all of us to shout Jai Bolo Bhagawan.....

It was close to 6.00 pm and we thought that Swami will start the Bhajans, but most surprisingly Bhagawan gave a Divine Discourse for around one hour. It was a fantastic Discourse and to our delight, He spoke with the clarity and wit of yore - just like the good old days.

Swami basically spoke about the absoluteness of truth and the importance of of unity. He gave a number of examples to show how everything is ultimately united at the core. To prove this point, Swami materialized a ring during the Discourse. It was amazing, because He did not materialize it the normal way with a wave of His Hand. Instead, He just help His Hand open in the air upwards and suddenly a gold ring brilliantly appeared in the air out of nowhere and Swami caught it with His Hand. He also made it disappear the same way in full view of the astound public.

The main highlight was about Lingodbhavam. Swami said that several devotees have been praying to Swami not to undertake this painful exercise. Though it gives joy to devotees, it is so much of strain for Swami. Bhagawan explained that to convert the liquid blood into solid gold, it requires lots of energy. Swami's body being 82 years, devotees prayed that He should not use His energy for this purpose. Instead He should keep His body fit to give joy and Ananda to all devotees.

Swami said that He too takes good care of His body for the sake of His devotees. He said that this body will stay in this world for some more years and hence He too felt that He should not use His energy for giving this temporary joy to the devotees. Those who have faith will hold on and for others it is their wish. Swami said that very soon He will give lots of joy to all devotees.

Towards the end of His Discourse, He declared that next week He would be going on a trip to East and West Godavari Districts to Bless all the people who are so happy with the drinking water given by Bhagawan.

And then out of the blue He also said that He would be going around on a world wide trip very soon!!

He praised foreign devotees for their exemplary devotion, especially the Russians. All Russians who were seated in the Hall raised their hands full of joy and Swami said that He loved them very much.



16th February, 2007

Om Sairam to dear sai family

Out of immense mercy and a prayer from millions of devotees of our beloved Lord, has graciously accepted not to do the lingodbhavam this year.

He gave a thumping discourse which was for an hour and indirectly mentioned that He is not going to do the Lingodbhavam this year upon request from devotees and doctors.

Swami also said that He would be touring East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh state next week.. He also said that He will be on a world tour in future.

The akhanda bhajans are going on and will post the detail story tomorrow...


Satish Naik

14th February, 2007

Sai Ram,

The crowds have been light here with the exception of last weekend when several thousand devotees came. They put on performances, sang and Baba spoke to them in Telegu.They also performed a lot of seva.

They also did performances on Main Street after evening bhajans causing traffic jams.

For a few days we have a smaller crowd until Wednesday evening and Thursday when there should be a tremendous increase.

The weather has warmed slightly in the morning with afternoon temperatures reaching the upper 80's.

Rumors are flying about when and where Baba is leaving. Anything from Kodikanal, Whitefield, Mumbai, Delhi and other places starting next week or next month. There are plenty of choices.

Mumbai officials were here last weekend to convince Baba that they are ready to perform the yagna at any time. But there is still no word as to when and where the next yagna will be.

But we know for sure that there will be two or three a year over the next couple of years. Baba wants its performed in every state.

This trip has been noted for its lack of monkeys. Well, a few are back-doing there usual antics.

Police have been chasing peddlers and some beggars off Main Street.

That it for now. Next email should be after Shivaratri when an even more improved version will be typing.


5th February, 2007

Sai effect

Chennai: Sathya Sai Baba?s recent visit to the city has prised open hospital cash-vaults for the needy. The inspiration has come from Sathya Sai Trust's hospitals in Puttaparthi in Andhra and at Whitefield, near Bangalore, that offer free treatment to thousands of patients, many of whom don't pay even for major surgeries.

In Chennai, 55 private hospitals and eight premier diagnostic labs have promised Sai Baba they will provide at least a bed each for the poor. Treatment will be free of cost, irrespective of the ailment or the expenses. The big names include M.V. Diabetes Centre, Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital and Shankar Nethralaya.

Sai Ram
Mahesh H Goklani

2nd February, 2007, in Puttaparthi

Om sairam to dear Sai family,

Puttaparthi is back to what it used to be after the arrival of HER beloved Son, our beloved Swami. There were quite a few overseas devotees waiting for Swami and against all the rumours of Him flying to Whitefield, Swami arrived to Parthi. The whole of Puttaparthi was thrilled and all the roads were beautifully decorated

All of us were eagerly waiting for the news and also some feed back as what went on in the Yagna..

The car drove to the dais and Swami got down from the car and with the help of the boys, walked up to His throne on the dais. We all were eager to hear about the Chennai visit, which was very much unique. He probably didn't stay that long in any other venues other than Kodai and Whitefield. The yagna had lots of new and interesting audience and the discourse given by Swami on 21st Jan did create tremors in the politics of Andhra Pradesh.

To non followers of Andhra Pradesh Politics, there is one region named Telangana - Swami made it very clear amidst many high profile politicians that bifurcating Andhra Pradesh into two is worse sin which created political tremors and to politicians whose bread and butter (for their political career), was Telangana didn't agree with Swami's views.

Mr.Giri, after taking blessings from Swami started to share his experiences about Yagna and some intimate moments during Yagna.

Excerpts from the talk,

Revered elders, brothers, sisters and my dear students. I offer my humble salutations, gratitude to Swami for blessing me to be with Him and witness the Ati Rudra Maha Yagna and also thank Him for giving me an opportunity to share my views to this gathering. Its happy to be back here in Prasanthi Nilayam and one of the ashramites felt that its been a while since Swami left Parthi and the separation was difficult.. Its for the first time that Swami has stayed in Chennai for so long.

We left devotees and there were equal number of devotees stretched upt o 1km to just have a glimpse of Swami.

The next day (21st Jan) there was a public meeting, a felicitation by Chief Ministers of 3 states and various union ministers and above all the citizens of Chennai thanking Swami for providing them pure drinking water. The meeting was unique with 3 chief ministers, setting aside their political rivalries, water disputes etc, there were 3 union ministers, Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav Minister for Railways, Mr.Shivraj Patil, Home minister, Mr.Maran, minister of Information Technology and 2 other governors presided over the meeting.

Later Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav, Minister of Railways said, I don't believe in babas or saints. But I have met Sathya Sai Baba only 2 times and I can confirm that He is GOD himself. I like His activities.. and His message. His words have message and that message is put into practice.. His message of unity is very special and that it why you see this many Chief Ministers and minister on one stage.

Mr.Giri continued, the Police chief while briefing the significance of darshans. Look at this people, they are happy at least if they have glimpse.

One day there were doctors who came in hundreds to the yagna sala. Coming to know the free medical service rendered to the poor by Swami all the doctors resolved on that day that all the 63 major hospitals in Chennai city would have one free bed for ever, to serve at least one poor patient free of charge. One hospital also came forward to provide free medical treatment for all the volunteers of Tamil Nadu. Very shortly this free bed system will be introduced in the whole state of Tamil Nadu.

Speaking of the Chennai Youth, Mr.Giri said, about 2500 youth were involved in this Yagna. They worked day in and day out for successful completion of this Yagna. The inventory was maintained very well.. There was no shortage of any thing. The youth was appraised by one and all and the police had nothing to do courtesy of our volunteers and well behaved devotees.

There were quite a few dignitaries like Rajni Kanth, Vijay Kanth (both film stars) and Sachin Tendulkar (living legend of Indian cricket). After meeting Swami, Sachin went on to score 60 runs and 100 runs (all of us including Swami smiled), where as before he (Sachin) had many ducks (zero runs)?

The hour long talk by Mr.Giri ended with a Tyagaraja Keertan and as he went back to Swami for His blessings Swami said something to him and he had to comeback and continue his talk

Swami also reiterated that in Unity lies strength. There should not be any more divisions. You should not go on dividing. It was 5:15 by then and Swami asked for Bhajans and my favourite Bhajan Gaja Mukha GajaMukha Gana natha was sung and we all were immersed in the melodius bhajans and with the Lord Himself, before us?

Thank you Swami? No other life will be as Sweet as this.. to sing your glory in your immediate presence.. Arathi was given at 5:45 and our beloved Swami stayed for the whole arathi and our compassionate Lord raised both His Hands to bless us - those longing devotees who missed Him .. even though it was only for dozen days.. but the separation was still painfull !!.

Satish Naik

Baba 2/4/07

Sai Ram,

I am back in Puttaparthi.

I returned on the 31st. My original plans was to spend that night in Bangalore and return the next day. But when I was at Chennai airport, there were about 20 people who were on the same flight who grouped themselves by taxis. I decided that it was easier for me to go straight back. I shared a cab with two Italians.

It is great to be back here. Of course, things are easier here and cheaper. The crowds are small but I expect a huge build up in about a week as we get closer to Shivaratri.

I learned that not only are you supposed to stay up all night but fast too so I am going to do that.

I was at Sundaram on the 31st when Baba left. He returned to Puttaparthi about 12:30. I understand that people were told that he was coming. They lined the streets and special signs were put up welcoming Baba back.

Baba said on the 30th that the Tamil Nadu - Chennai group did an excellent job filled with love and devotion.

Baba is his usual unpredictable self but loving as always. His car has been moving slower and has been giving great darshans.

His love is ever present and there is no doubt of his love for all.

One topic of discussion is where the next yagna will be. It would seem that Mumbai has the inside track but I hear the Delhi is being considered. We will see.

I am blessed to be here. I am thankful for every moment. Baba has showered his grace on me. Whatever physical or mental difficulties I may have, I rather have them here than anywhere else.


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