A Collection of Divine Memories

Divine Memories - 1

Many of you might have heard about many of the postings that will follow this mail, Swami's Messages and Miracles in Venkatagiri in the late 1950's and the early 1960's. Bhagawan's Messages and Miracles are forever and for all time. Every single message of Bhagawan has to remembered, enjoyed and great lessons learnt from everyone of them.

Gems of Swami :

Once In the Summer of 1964, Bhagawan said in the most wonderful words about the Significance of "Vibuthi Prasadam", Bhagawan said "

"Swami never does anything or gives anything without a reason, Swami does not waste His Words and Actions Like all of you do. Talking to everyone is the Most wasteful to actions that anyone can do, Swami talks only good things, Why Do you feel happy when I talk to you even everyday, You see and talk with many people everyday, Because Swami is Pure and only LOVE for all of you.

When Swami gives you Vibuthi it means that SWAMI IS GIVING AWAY A PART OF MYSELF TO YOU. When I give Vibuthi Prasadam to anyone it means that Swami's Qualities are with you and it is up to you to use those qualities for the benefit of everyone, Just applying that Vibuthi to your Forehead will not do, Always think that WHENEVER SWAMI TALKS TO YOU OR GIVES YOU ANYTHING, MY QUALITIES ARE GIVEN TO YOU TO USE IT FOR EVERYBODY, What are those Qualities?, Pure Love of SWAMI. Always talk Good about others, Help Others and SEE SWAMI IN OTHERS. You know that WHENEVER I SEE ANYONE, I SEE MYSELF IN THAT PERSON, If Swami can see Himself In all of you, Can't you Follow some of SWAMI'S WORDS.

These are wonderful and the most Beautiful Words of Swami, Words which everyone of us should take to heart and try to follow, If Swami can see Himself in everyone of us, Then why can't we see Swami in everyone, or at least Follow His Words.

The Above words of Bhagawan are a remainder to everyone that never should we or anyone come in between us doing Bhagawan's Work. Tommorow or in the next few days I will be posting another of Swami's most wonderful Discourse on Giving and Seva, It is the Most wonderful Discourse that many would have come across.

Om Sai Ram

Divine Memories - 2

Bhagawan's Love :

How many times have everyone of us wondered as to why Bhagawan with all Divine Grace and Love allows people to Suffer while makes others happy by Giving His Divine Grace to him?, Yes,all of us must have had doubts like that and may still have.

In March'1965, Bhagawan was after a wonderful Classical Musical Programme was distributing Prasadam when the Above Question was put to Swami and Swami in all his Grace and wonderful Words said the following :

"All of you wonder and will wonder also as to Why Swami allows some people to be happy and others to suffer, why some people to be full of happiness and others sad, Everyone should understand that SWAMI'S GRACE IS EQUAL TO ALL, Why Should Swami discriminate with anybody, EVERYBODY ARE EQUAL TO SWAMI, SWAMI CARES FOR ALL, SWAMI UNDERSTANDS EVERYBODY'S PROBLEMS, If Swami's Grace is equal to all, then why doesn't all of them receive it?, All of you should ask Yourself, What have I done to Receive Swami's Grace and Blessings?, Have I done anything to receive Swami's Grace, Have I done anything to make Swami happy.

In the Mahabarata, Duryodhana went to Krishna before the Kurukshetra war to ask Sri Krishna Paramatma for His Blessings and also to Request Him to Fight for His Side, In his Heart of Hearts Duryodhana Knew that It would never happen, But he was eying the huge and very powerful Yadava Army and that he would ask Krishna for it, For him Krishna's army was enough, Arjuna wanted Only Krishna and No one else, that is the Difference between Good and Bad, Happiness and Sadness. Sudama went to Lord Krishna his childhood Friend asking for help to rid him of his great Sufferings, When he saw Krishna he had no words, But still Krishna gave him everything that he ever wanted. That is what Swami wants from you and everybody, Have Love for everyone, treat everyone properly, respect your Elders, Help your Fellow People in need, Have faith In God, then EACH AND EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE SWAMI'S LOVE. God's Love is for everybody and for all, You have to earn it by having Good Qualities and helping others.


Bhagawan's Words to think and Ponder :

The Following is a Most Wonderful Talk that Bhagawan gave sometime in June'1965 in Venkatagiri, It is really wonderful and I wish that all of you read it and enjoy it.

On that Day The Raja offered Bhagawan a Brand New Car, Bhagawan refused , then Someone asked Swami as to "Swami never takes anything at all, To this Bhagawan said in the Most wonderful Words :


In the Mahabarata, Lord Krishna endured Humiliations, did the most lowly works, but never once do you see anyone offering anything to Krishna and Sri Krishna taking it, The Same with Ramachandra , Then What Does God want in turn?, "LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU", The Whole world should be happy and at peace, God gives us everything, SWAMI WILL GIVE YOU EVERYTHING, ANYTHING THAT YOU WILL EVER NEED. Then Why do you not ask ?, I will tell you why, it is because each and everyone feels in his heart that he or she have not deserved anything to ask SWAMI anything, everyone feels like that because if you have to ask God (Bhagawanthudu) anything, you have to do things which will make you ideal to receive his Love and Grace, THEY ARE FIRST OF ALL DO NOT HAVE HATRED TOWARDS ANYBODY, LOVE ALL AND EVERYONE, THEN TRY TO HELP OTHERS, HELP IN ANY SMALL WAY YOU FEEL, THERE ARE NO SMALL OR BIG THINGS BEFORE GOD, EVERY GOOD DEED THAT YOU GOOD IS EQUAL TO GOD. FOR SWAMI YOU OFFER ME SOMETHING BIG AND EVEN A SMALL FLOWER IT IS THE SAME, GOD'S LOVE IS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE.

Wonderful Words for all of us to think about even today, Have we done enough to deserve Bhagawan's Love and Grace?. Everyone should think and decide for ourselves.

Divine Memories - 3

Bhagawan's Akshaya Patra

When Swami opened the Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Building in Venkatagiri, it was the first seva samithi Building to be opened by Bhagawan, Now there are countless of them in this world. In the evening on that Wonderful day, there was a "Narayana Seva" programme wherein a lot of people came to partake of food.

Usually not more than 500 people used to come for "Narayana Seva" programme's which were organised before, This time the Crowd was very huge ranging to about 3000 people and more people were entering, there was a Shortage of everything, Banana Leaves, Water and most importantly Food. Leaves and water were arranged at the earliest, But Food was a Big Problem and it was getting dark, Swami had told the Raja of Venkatagiri that no person should go without partaking of the Food, Everyone was very worried but did not show it to Swami, Can anyone hide anything from Bhagawan?, Swami saw the tension in the faces and went to the Kitchen Room and saw a Huddle of People, Swami understood the Problem and asked as to for how many people would there be a Shortage, The Answer was around "500 people", Swami chided them for not being careful, then said "What would you have done if I was not here ?, So saying Bhagawan asked as to where the Sambar Rice was being Kept, It was in a very big vessel and it was almost 3/4th empty, Swami smiled Created some Vibuthi and put it in the Vessel and said "Andhariki Saripotundhi", meaning "It will be enough for everybody". Food which was not enough for less than 50 people was now able to feed 500 people without any problem. Everybody was well fed and happy.

One has heard of the Akshaya Patra in the Mahabarata, This was "Bhagawan's Akshaya Patra".

The opening of the Seva Samithi that day was wonderful in many ways, Swami inaugurated a Borewell on a piece of land which people said was parched dry, but Gave water during the Most severe drought, Swami said that nothing should be kept on the eastern side of the Samithi Building and that part of the Building caved in a Few years afterwards.

Swami's Wonderful Ways.


"DO YOU THINK THAT SWAMI NEEDS TO CREATE VIBUTHI, GIVE RINGS, WATCHES AND OTHER THINGS?, NO, SWAMI'S NAME WILL SPREAD EVEN WITHOUT ME DOING NOTHING AND KEEPING QUITE. Do you think that Krishna needed to Lift the Govardhana Mountain ?, Everything would have stopped by just a Look at the Skies, Do you think that Ramachandra could not find Sitadevi on his Own, For one who created everything, Finding Sita was nothing at all, Then Why Did Rama Suffer so much, Why did Sri Krishna Become a Lowly charioteer when he could have stopped everything, It was because They wanted their Lives to be a Lesson to the Everyone, and what is the Lesson ?, the Lesson is that THE LORD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU. Do you think that Swami does not know all your Problems and cannot solve them, I can immediately but I want all of you to learn Good things In Life, Learn the Values of Love and Faith, Love everyone and have faith in The Lord, If all your problems are solved without you doing anything, then How will you learn the Lessons in Life, SWAMI WANTS ALL OF YOU AND EVERYONE TO HELP OTHERS AND LEARN THAT LOVE OF GOD IS IMPORTANT, You Love the Divine with a Pure Heart, Help others with a Pure heart and God is with you always. Only when you are in Troubles will you learn the Love for GOD.

In the Mahabarata during the Aranyavasa (Life in the Forest) feeling alone and Deserted without anyone caring for them, The Pandavas were feeling very dejected with seemingly no one to turn to, it was the only time in the whole of the Mahabarata that even Draupadi Doubted Krishna himself saying that Even Krishna had deserted them, What did Krishna Do then?, When Sage Durvasa had come with a Large Following Demanding Food and when the Akshaya Pathra could not produce Food, He just tasted a Small Tulsi Leaf left over in the Plate and everyone Stomach's were filled. The Lord shows himself in his True form only when Needed when People pray to Him with a Pure Heart and when People care for others like their own, SWAMI WANTS ALL OF YOU TO CARE FOR EVERYONE AS YOUR OWN, BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY, SWAMI WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL OF YOU.

Swami's Golden Words Indeed for everyone of us to remember and think.

Divine Memories - 4

Bhagawan's Wonderful Venkatagiri Discourse' 1964 :

In a Wonderful Discourse on September'14th,1964, Our Dearest Bhagawan said the following in the Most wonderful Words which each and everyone of us who are in Swami's Wonderful Fold should think about and follow :

"KARMA AND BHAKTI are the two greatest Pillars of our great Hindu Tradition, Whatever one does anytime and anywhere be it good or bad is recorded in our BOOK of KARMA", If something good happens to you it means that you have done Good somewhere earlier in your life and you are reaping the benefits of it.

The More Good you do , the More happier you will become in life, every action that you do which is Good will always be reflected in the Good things that will happen to you later on, But everyone have asked me "what is the Good that I have to do?, Good means not only helping others in Need, taking care of your elders and parents, but also not talking ill of others and having good thoughts which lead to Good Deeds and make you happy.

Everyone of you should remember that whatever you do now will always have a bearing on your life later on, WHY DOES SWAMI ALWAYS SAY THAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO GOOD THINGS AND HELP OTHERS, THAT IS BECAUSE SWAMI WANTS ALL OF YOU TO BE HAPPY ALWAYS.


Sri Krishna could have stopped and Finished the Kurukshetra War as soon as it started, Sri Ramachandra could have killed Ravanasura by himself, Both of them wanted the world to know and future people to understand the meaning of Bhakti through Hanumantha and Arjuna. Pure Bhakti means thinking about the Lord without accepting anything in Return. If you think of the Lord without accepting anything in Return, You will get everything from the Lord, that is True Bhakti.



What Bhagawan's Does is for the Good of each and everyone

This is a wonderful Incident that Took place in late 1965 and I got it from Shri.V.Madana Gopala Krishna from the Royal Family of Venkatagiri who has probably got the Most Extensive Discourses and Photographs of anyone of Swami, He has the most wonderful Collection and this Wonderful Incident is from him.

Swami one day after a long but wonderful Kacheri (Programme) from the Two Wonderful Singers Ram Lakshman said that he would about the Ramayana, Unlike the past many years, There was no prior Notice of Swami speaking or giving a Discourse, Swami just said that he would speak and he did. Just before Bhagawan started He suddenly said that There should be no tape recorders and this talk should not be recorded, Just before that Shri.Madana Gopala Krishna had switched on his Big tape recorder and gone to the toilet, there were only two tape recorders in that Room and in all of Swami's Discourses in Venkatagiri, Shri.Madana Gopal did not hear what Swami said as he came in late and Swami was speaking, It was a wonderful Discourse on the Ramayana ( I will post it in a few days ) and after Swami finished and taken Arthi, Shri.Madana Gopal went to his Room and switched on the tape and to his wonderment found out that even though the tape had finished playing only Swami's Voice was heard where Swami was telling to switch of the Recorders, The Tapes were blank even though Swami was Speaking and the Recorder on, It was amazing. The Next day Swami joked to Shri.Madana Gopal saying "Nanne Fool Chestava" meaning "You are trying to fool me too", Then Swami said " When Swami says something follow it, never question Swami's Words, Deeds, WHAT SWAMI DOES IS FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYONE."

Swami does everything for the Good of everyone, what a wonderful Thing coming from Swami's Divine Voice. Sometimes everyone would have felt in many ways than one that Swami physically at least was not taking care of them and not looking upto them, But Swami always solves all our Problems at all times, Swami's Grace is always on all of us, It is only our Faith and Love for Swami that Needs to be Strong.

Divine Memories - 5

Mind as Pure as White

"White is the Purest Colour, The Most Divine Colour After Orange, When you wear White Clothes you feel uncomfortable when even a minute particle falls on it as you feel that your clothes might become dirty and everyone can see the Dirt, Just like this when your Mind and all your Thoughts, Words and Deeds are Pure as White, you will notice every bad things that come to you in your mind and try to get rid of them, any bad thought, words and actions will be removed when your Mind is as pure as White. Make your Minds as Pure as White and you will be as Pure as the Colour.

Bhagawan's every single Miracle has to enjoyed :

Swami opened the First Ever Seva Samithi Building In Venkatagiri. That was a most wonderful day for everyone as Swami opened the Seva Samithi Building, Inaugurated a Borewell and Distributed "Jangiri" Sweets to each and everybody.

There was Programme in the evening of that Wonderful day that Swami was to attend in the Seva Samithi Building, It was also to include some local Political leaders who were also devotees of Swami and used to come to Darshan very frequently.

In Venkatagiri whenever there was a Programme where Swami was to be there, Swami used to go to that Place in the Morning and inspect all the arrangements, that Morning Swami inspected all the arrangements including the Food for the Narayana Seva to be organised later and the cleaning of the Seva Samithi, Swami was so particular about everything, Still Is.

In the evening, Swami came a bit early along with the Raja of Venkatagiri and inspected everything, When the Function started Swami saw a bit of commotion and enquired and he was told that the Garlands which were to be put on Swami and two other people were too Small and it would Look embarrassing to everyone as there were too Small, Swami smiled and said "I have to look after everything?, Swami saw the 3 Garlands touched them and then smiled and said "Parvaledhu" Meaning "No Problem". And Lo and Behold when the Garlands were put they were twice the Size of the Original ones.

Swami's Miracles are not to be questioned, only enjoyed and Remembered. Every Miracle has a lesson for everyone, every Miracle is Journey to the Divine for all of us, A journey that Swami shows the way for all of us. Swami's Miracles are meant to be enjoyed and lessons to be learnt from and not to be questioned in any ridiculous Scientific manner.

Seva, Sacrifice :

What is Seva, Sacrifice?, Swami gave a most wonderful Discourse on them on 10th December'1964, It is a wonderful Discourse as everyone of Swami's is and I hope that everyone who reads it will Be happy and Reflect on everything that

Swami says.

The greatest Way for anyone to be happy and make others happy is by Doing Seva. By Doing selfless Seva, performing Seva all the time to our Parents, and to those in need, everyone can attain a state where our mind becomes absorbed in God. So they do not depend on anything else for anything . You have to perform actions with the spirit of detachment so you can attain to the highest perfection. When we think only about ourselves always and when forget about everything else, we become attached to things, and as a result of that attachment all kinds of problems come into our life. This is not the way for anyone to find happiness in this world.

The way everyone can find happiness is through detachment meaning that you should Serve everyone without expecting anything in return, It is difficult but Swami always tells you that nothing comes easily for anyone especially when you are doing Good things to everyone. Whenever there is attachment there is suffering - attachment is the cause of suffering. And where there is detachment there is happiness and peace for everyone, When we are self-centred - thinking only about ourselves - not one person will like us. No one in this world likes selfish people. SWAMI ALWAYS SAYS everyone should perform actions with the spirit of non-attachment."

EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS SWAMI AND HIS WORDS SHOULD FOLLOW WHAT I SAY TOO, Spirituality is not just talking and listening; it must express itself in our actions and everything that you do always. It is only through example that we and anyone can teach, not by just talking. Swami always says that everyone who follows Swami's Teachings and Words should be examples to follow, showing others the way they always. Everyone Must work for our family, for our society, and only by engaging in these types of sacred and Good activities all the time, our mind will become pure. When our mind becomes pure, WILL SWAMI ALWAYS BE WITH YOU AND HELP YOU.

To sacrifice for others is the greatest thing that one can do. Swami always says that selfless service is like a Big tree - help it grow and water it, when the tree grows everyone will enjoy it because everyone has seen the tree from the beginning, they have cared for it, and when it blossoms they feel happy. That is real Dharma. The basis of dharma is Yajna - to sacrifice. Always Give what Little you have to others In Need, Everyone will understand the Wonderful Aspect and meaning of Giving away only when you Do it, Talking is very easy for everyone, Doing it is difficult, Swami wants everyone of you to put Whatever you hear from Me in actions, Put everything Good you hear in Practise and only then will you make others happy and MAKE SWAMI HAPPY, That is what Swami wants nothing else.

Importance of Bhajans

During the early days in Venkatagiri i.e., in the very early 1960's, Swami actually started "Nagarsankeertan" in Venkatagiri, There were only Bhajans and Swami's Darshan, Swami told everyone that There should be "Nagarsankeertan" and that everyone who "wanted" to come for Bhajans should participate in Nagarsankeertan. Swami used to tell everyone everday the Importance of Bhajans, This is was what Swami used to say (This is an account of what Swami said within a period of 4 days) :

"Do Bhajans everyday, Everybody should sing Bhajans loudly and with a full throated Voice, Why should anyone feel shy in singing God's name, Why should you feel shy or afraid of chanting God's name. In the olden Days, the Rishis in the Forest even during Meditation used to chant The Lord's name very loudly so that everything around gets purified. Never fear in singing Bhajan's Loudly.

Annamacharya used to sing melodiously and very loudly, when People used to question him he said "I sing for My Lord to hear and not for you", Swami always sings loudly, Have you ever seen me singing Bhajans slowly and softly. When you sing Bhajans with a full throated Voice and with Devotion everything and everybody around you gets purified and the Lord's name gets spread everywhere.

Swami wants all of you to sing Bhajans loudly and clearly and with full devotion, When you do seva you are straining yourself physically, But Singing Bhajans only means singing loudly which is easy for everyone. Bhajans gives everyone a chance to talk to the Lord, WHEN YOU SING A BHAJAN WITH THE WORD "SAI" IN IT, IT MEANS THAT EVERYONE WHO SING IT ARE REACHING FOR ME AND I WILL REACH TO THEM TOO. Never ever think Whenever you sing the Lord's name with Bhakti that he will not hear you, He will, it is only whether you sing with Bhakti or not. I want all of you to remember this whenever you sing Bhajans" .

Words that everyone of us should think and ponder, The importance of Bhajans, We sing Bhajans everyday but Swami tells us or reminds us the Imporatance of singing Bhajans loudly and with Devotion

Divine Memories - 6

Swami's Wonderful Message a Long time ago :

A very small Incident but a wonderful MESSAGE with it for everybody.

It was a Wonderful Custom in Venkatagiri that the Next day after Swami arrived in Venkatagiri, There would be a Procession where Swami used to be taken in a small Flower decked Chariot around the small village and Everyone would have a wonderful Darshan of Swami, It was the most wonderful Event in Venkatagiri that everyone looked forward to. During one of the Occasions when the wonderful Procession was coming to an end, Swami alighted from the Chariot near the palace of the Raja, and Swami had a slip as the Foot pad of the chariot was very weak and it broke, Swami then went inside and there were Bhajans and a small Musical Programme for the Next two hours, When Swami got up everyone noticed that Swami's ankle was slightly swollen, The Raja and everyone was astonished and as they were about to enquire Swami's Wonderful Words were " You think that Swami did not feel pain, Swami also feel pain, but I feel more pain in seeing many of you not following what I say and what I tell you, Follow what Swami says and be happy and make Swami happy. That is all What Swami wants. This pain is nothing for Me."

The Next day when Swami came for Giving Darshan in the Morning, Swami's Ankle was perfectly allright and the swelling was nowhere.

What a wonderful Incident and a message for everyone, Swami feels pained when He sees us astray, Do we not want to see Swami happy?.

Words to ponder and reflect.

Bhagawan creates the Three Spatika Lingam's

In July'1966, Swami was taking an evening walk in the Outskirts of the Town in Venkatagri, when Swami sat on a Sandy Bank with around 20 people around him in a semi circle, Swami told some people to sing Bhajan's and then Suddenly Swami told that Bhajan's were enough, It was very strange because Swami never ever did that.

Suddenly Swami asked "What is a Spatika Lingam"?,Then Swami himself said " It is the Maha Lingam that comes out of Shiva's Third Eye, the Purest of all the Lingams, this Lingam is the Most Sacred ever as it comes from the Moolavirat of Shiva, It is also the purest form of Shiva, the most powerful of all lingams as it comes from the most powerful part of the Lord, His Third Eye, it contains all the Qualities of Lord Shiva - Love, Devotion, Power, Grace.". Everybody was fascinated and Swami continued and said " Only three Times were these Spatika Lingams ever seen by the Gods, Once During the Killing of Bhasmasura, when Shiva offered this Purest of his Form at Lord Vishnu's Feet, the Second time when he Offered it to the Lotus feet of Lord Rama after he Had killed one of his Greatest Devotees - Ravana, and the third time at the Feet of Lord Krishna when he was returning back after his Mission on earth.", Swami then turned to the Raja of Venkatagiri and told him " All the lingams are right here", Everybody was surprised , Swami drew a small circle on the sand with his hand, and drew out three small lingams- the Three Spatika Lingams.

Swami said that they were smaller than the other Lingams, but the Most Powerful of all the Lingams of Lord Shiva, Swami then said that the Bhajan "Subramanyam, Subramanyam" should be sung and after showing those lingams to everyone and passing them around, Swami drew another Semi Circle with His Divine hands along the other semi circle and put the Lingams in the Centre of the Semi Circle, Just as the last line of the Bhajan was about to end, Swami took over singing of the Bhajan and when Swami finished the Three Lingams had vanished completely.

This is the Story of the three Spatika Lingams of Lord Shiva that Swami created for people to see probably for the only time.

A Wonderful Shivarathri Message :

I wish to recollect with all Swami's most wonderful Message in 1965 in Venkatagiri when Swami Was there just after Celebrating Shivarathri in Parthi, I could not get the whole of this wonderful Discourse when Swami was speaking about the greatness of the "Vamana Avatar" but whatever I do get is something which is wonderful, Beautiful and inspiring, Swami said :

" Vamanudu (Vamana) trapped the great Bali chakravarthy and placed the First of his Most Magnificent steps and covered the earth and whevever there was land, this signifies the conquest of adharmas in the world, In Celebrating Shivarathri you must get rid of everything bad in this world, the first step that Vamana took means the first step of every person to reach God is to do good to everyone in this world, With His Second Magnificent Step Vamana covered everything in the Sky, Space and every open space in the Universe, It means that God is everywhere, Wherever you see open Spaces in the world and beyond meaning the Sky, heavens, Space and everywhere you must see the Divine Being and chant His name, It means that God is everywhere and is everything - LOKA SAMASTHA. Bali Chakravarthy in all his Humility told Vamana to put his Third Padam (Feet) on his Head, What does it mean?, It means that God is always with you and above you, Looking after you, caring for you and always with each and everyone of you, But to see the Truth that the Lord is with you, Everyone has to know and understand Vamana's First Two Steps only then can you understand the Great Last truth of the Vamana Avatara. Every Avatar has a meaning, a significance, it is filled with the greatest of truths, the greatest of messages".

Sai Shiva :

In 1965 when Swami visited Venkatagiri as many as 7 times, the Most memorable being the Visit just after Shivarathri when Swami gave 3 wonderful Discourses on Shiva and the Significance of the Lingam and Shivarathri, They were the most wonderful of Discourses which everyone should read and grasp the meaning, significance of not only Shivarathri but of many many things that Swami wanted people to do then and wants us to do even now, Swami once said in Venkatagiri "My Life's Message never changes, Only people change".

Swami said :

Shiva, Parameswara is represented by the Wonderful LINGA, which is the most divine act of creation. It represents life for everyone and everything. The Linga has three parts. The Bottom is Brahma, meaning Creation of everything in the Universe, whatever was, is and will be created is represented by the Brahma part of the Shivalingam . The middle or the second part is on the pedestal and is shaped like a Womb Vishnu, Which means the Supreme Being in the Universe, Lord Vishnu symbolises sustaining the Universe and protecting it, The third part is that rises above the pedestal and which Represent Lord Shiva, This means that Shiva is the culmination of Both Brahma and Vishnu, meaning he is the Creator, Sustainer and the Destroyer of the Universe and everything. This is what the Shiva Linga, It means that it has got the Three features of the World - Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. Understand this and you will understand what Shivarathri Signifies.

Shiva is called NILAKANTA, or the one with the Plain Blue Throat, this happened because He Drank the Poison that came from the ocean which would have destroyed everything in the Universe. The Poison is in the Middle part of the Shivalinga meaning the part where Vishnu Resides meaning Sustenance, He drank the Poison to sustain the Universe, The most holy river Gangadevi flows from his matted hair which means that It is the Purest Form of Everything in the World. The Sun, Moon and stars form his crown symbolising the World is with Him. As NATARAJA HIS TANDAVA is the cosmic dance which controls everything in the World. The World dances to His Rhythm.

Shiva as Shankara is the one who gives Joy to everyone, As Shambunatha he is the One in whom Joy resides. As Maheswara he is the one from whom all Knowledge emanates. His Great Vahana Nandeswara represents the Lord of all Animals and also Represent Dharma. This is what Shivalinga Means, It is the Purest Form in the Universe which sustains everything.

Swami knows that all of you have Celebrated Shivarathri by singing Bhajans, Swami does not want only Bhajan, Bhojan (Food) and Sambhashan (Gossip, Talk), what is the use of doing Bhajans all day and night and doing the same things again and again, Try to understand what Swami has said and what Swami is going to say in future, I want all of you to do things which will help Society and help others, Shivarathri to SWAMI MEANS not only doing Bhajans and partaking Prasadam afterwards But to Understand Swami's Message during Shivarathri and take it to everyone and everywhere, Put My Words in action only then will any Words of Swami be purposeful and will make Swami happy.

Swami ended with two Bhajans :

This is what is the Concept of the Shivalingam and when Swami creates it, It only means that Swami is Shiva, Vishnu and Parameswara together. What a Wonderful Understanding of Sai Shiva.

Divine Memories - 7

A Wonderful Message :

On Shivarathri Day in 1990 in Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan was coming out of the Interview Room to give Darshan before Proceeding to Poornachandra Hall for Bhajans, Swami stopped and called this Boy who was sitting at the back and told him in Telugu "I did not hear your Voice in the Night during Bhajans?, You were sleeping, Know?", The Bewildered Boy nodded, Swami then lovingly said "Bangaru, Do not think that Swami does not know what happens to everyone in Poornachandra, Swami knows all about everyone who sings Bhajans everywhere, If you do not sing Bhajans properly and with Devotion on this Holy day, you are the losers, Swami is the same always, Happy, You have to follow what Swami has said Properly". So saying Swami went away to the Auditorium with a Smile

An Experience of a Lifetime - Experience of Shri.Mannar :

Every Experience with Swami is a Lesson of a Lifetime, It gives you courage, faith, knowledge and the confidence to proceed on the Right path in life.

In May 15th, 1964, Swami created a wonderful Ring to my father and while putting it on his Finger said "Jagratha" meaning "Be careful", When Swami came next after a few months after Dussehra and just before Swami's Birthday, My Father in some strange way had lost or misplaced the ring, he was disconsolate in every way, He sat at the back every day, Swami seemingly did not notice. On November'3rd,1964, Swami was giving Laddu and Vibuthi Prasadam to everyone, My Father was sitting right at the back at the very last, When Swami came to him both the Vibuthi and the Laddu got over, Swami smiled and said "Malli Isthanu" meaning "I will give you afterwards", Swami left the Next day to Prasanthi Nilayam, Due to unavoidable circumstances My Parents had to settle in Vizag for many years after that and could not go back to Venkatagiri, On June 15th, 1984, My Father was sitting in the front row during Darshan, when Swami called both my parents for an interview, As My Father Broke down Swami lovingly said " That day you did not get Prasadam , here take it now,", Swami said Pointing to His Head "For you and everyone everything is here, But for Me everything is here ( Swami pointed to His Heart)." Swami gave a Laddu piece and some Vibuthi, Swami then asked about the Ring, Before My Father could answer Swami said "You lost it, I know. When Swami gives something to anyone, even Vibuthi, nobody understands that Iam giving away a part of me to you, My Love, My Blessings and Grace are in what I give you and you take it very easily, Swam is very pained, OK, don't worry, it is back with me", Saying Swami with a wonderful Movement of his Divine hand created the same ring again and gave it to My Father.

A wonderful experience. One that Teaches everyone Bhagawan's Love and Grace and with it comes a Wonderful Message that Whatever Swami gives us is a "Part of Swami himself".

I will seen as a small Speck in the very far Distance - Bhagawan

This happened in Late July'1964 in Venkatagiri. When you enter the Town even today just near the Most Wonderful Rama Temple you will find a Huge Ground, This ground till very recently was a Cricket Ground as the Raja of Venkatagiri were great patrons of the game and even played the game with some distinction. Swami was asked to come and watch a Cricket match that was going on, There was also a Big Pavilion in that Ground which had two very Big Minarets like the Taj Mahal has.

Swami walked all the way to the top of the left Minaret and was watching the match with about 20 people, when Bhagawan suddenly pointed to a lone Cowherd walking in the Distance with his sheep and said (In Telugu) "You see Him?", then asked "How does he appear", Someone said "Very small Swami", Swami then said "In my 60th Birthday and in my other Birthday's when you come to see me you will see him that small", Everyone was attentively listening, then Someone asked "Swami, the Mandir is very small for a big Crowd", Swami asked "What that Small Mandir?, No, Near the Gokulam, You will see a Huge Ground much bigger than this", Then Someone said "Swami, there is only stone there, Swami very huge Stones, there ?", Then Swami said "You think that Swami is sitting here and telling you things so that you will be happy to hear, Whatever and whenever Swami says anything it will never go waste, You all think that Swami creates Vibuthi, Rings and that made him known to all, Even if I do not do anything people will come to me, You all think that Krishna had to lift the Govardhana Parvatha (Hill) or Kill Kamsasura to be known to all, No."

If anyone had seen the Crowds which have come to Parthi in the recent past you will surely see what Swami had said 40 years back about being a Speck in the Distance with Huge Crowds craving for His Darshan.

Divine Memories - 8

Bhagawan's Path of Dharma - Venkatagiri '1965 :

Premathmulara - Loved Ones.

What is Dharma in everyone's Lives. Many people say that This is my Dharma, that is mine and all that, WHAT IS SWAMI'S DHARMA?, To ME Dharma means three things - Respecting your Elders especially your Parents, Service to Others and Love for God. This is what is called Dharma, Towards Our Parents, Towards society and towards God, Follow the three paths to Dharma and you will be happy always, Always respect and take care of your Elders.

You are what you are because of your Parents, Never in your Life leave your parents, If you mistreat your Parents whatever Good you do after that Will never be enough to cover this Great Sin, Swami says to everyone Now - Everyone in this world are what they are because of their Parents, Love your parents, take care of them, look after them and you will be one step towards God. Service to Society is Service to God, - Make others happy, Swami wants everyone who follows My Word to help others in Society in every small one can, Every one small Deed of yours will help people in Society, every Good Deed that you do to others will come back many fold to you, Good things are never wasted, they always are given back to you thousand Fold, SWAMI'S LOVE IS LIKE THAT - FOLLOW WHAT SWAMI SAYS IN A SINCERE AND SIMPLE WAY AND SWAMI WILL GIVE YOU EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT. Love for God means not only Praying in Temples, but also Seeing the Divine in others, See God in others and you will see GOD IN YOURSELF. When you Pray to the Lord, Pray not only for yourself but for others as well, that is the secret for the Love of the Lord. SWAMI LIKES THOSE WHO PRAY THAT EVERYBODY ARE HAPPY, SWAMI WANTS ALL OF YOU NOT ONLY TO PRAY BUT ALSO TO ACT WITH YOUR PRAYERS.

Do Good to society. If you do Good to Society and Help others in Society and be a Role Model for everyone then Lord's Grace will come to you without asking, Everyone's Dharma must be to do Good to Society, Whatever Good you do will always Be given back to you many many fold. In the Mahabarata during the Aranya Kanda and in the Yaksha Parva, Dharmaraja was asked many questions by the Yaksha in the form of Yama, Dharmaraja answered without a Blinking an eye lid, Questions of the World, Dharma and everything about anything were answered by Yudhistira, When Asked for a Boon he asked that all of them should spend the coming one year of Agnyatavasa without having any difficulties, What happened?, Their Forms were changed, their entire personality underwent changes, By the Grace of Yama even though Bhimasena spent the whole day in the Kitchen before the Fire cooking his Form never changed, he was never recognised, the same for everybody, why? it was because of the Unabiding adherence to Dharma in his Whole Life by Yudhistira, Dharma to Dharmaraja meant the same things that SWAMI said before Right Living, Doing Good to Society and Respect to Elders.

These things will help you and everyone in your Life, SWAMI WANTS ALL OF YOU TO FOLLOW THIS DHARMA, EVERYTHING ELSE WILL COME TO YOU.

A Beautiful Incident :

There is a wonderful and most beautiful incident that happened in Venkatagiri in Late July'1964. When you enter the Town even today just near the Most Wonderful Rama Temple you will find a Huge Ground, This ground till very recently was a Cricket Ground as the Raja of Venkatagiri were great patrons of the game and even played the game with some distinction. Swami was asked to come and watch a Cricket match that was going on, There was also a Big Pavilion in that Ground which had two very Big Minarets like the Taj Mahal has, Swami walked all the way to the top of the left Minaret and was watching the match with about 20 people, when Bhagawan suddenly pointed to a lone Cowherd walking in the Distance with his sheep and said (In Telugu) "You see Him ?", then asked "How does he appear", Someone said "Very small Swami", Swami then said "In my 60th Birthday and in my other Birthday's when you come to see me you will see him that small", Everyone was attentively listening, then Someone asked "Swami, the Mandir is very small for a big Crowd", Swami asked "What that Small Mandir?, No, Near the Gokulam, You will see a Huge Ground much bigger than this", Then Someone said "Swami, there is only stone there, Swami very huge Stones, there ?", Then Swami said "You think that Swami is sitting here and telling you things so that you will be happy to hear, Whatever and whenever Swami says anything it will never go waste, You all think that Swami creates Vibuthi, Rings and that made him known to all, Even if I do not do anything people will come to me, You all think that Krishna had to lift the Govardhana Parvatha(Hill) or Kill Kamsasura to be known to all, No."

Swami fulfills a Lifelong Promise :

This is the Wonderful and most Uplifting experience of Shri.Mohan Kumar from Venkatagiri.

Shri.Mohan Kumar was a Resident of Venkatagiri and who owned some land and living a contented Life, He was a single person and was a very old Devotee of Swami. He used to come everyday for Darshan whenever Swami was in Venkatagiri. He once Asked Bhagawan that he wanted to come to Puttaparthi, Swami told him that He would come on "A day when there would be huge Crowds and He would be almost a tiny Dot (Chukka) in the far off Distance".

Years passed and Mohan Kumar had a Horrific Accident in 1974 which led to amputation in both his Legs, He was always in the confines of his House and had forgotten what Bhagawan had said to him. Just Before the 60th Birthday in October that Year, a very far of relation which he never knew all that well came to his house about some Problem and he came to know that He was from Bukkapatnam and was transferred as a Revenue Officer by some strange reason just a Few Months, Suddenly Mohan Kumar was asked about Swami by his Relation and the request came to him whether he would be able to come to Bukkapatnam and stay with him and see Swami's Birthday Celebrations. Mohan Kumar went to the Birthday Celebrations and like Swami said "Saw Bhagawan as a Far off Dot in the Distance". A few days after that He came to Prasanthi Mandir and was sitting on a Wheel Chair with the Handicapped people when Swami stopped before Him and addressed him as "Thalathikka" meaning "Mad in the Head", (Bhagawan Always Used to call him by that name in Venkatagiri as he used to ask Swami all type of Questions) and reminded him of His Promise, Swami also to his astonishment told him everything about his relative in Bukkapatnam. Mohan Kumar was speechless. Such is Bhagawan's Grace and Blessings, His Word is Gold.

Mohan Kumar passed away in 1996 in Venkatagiri a very happy and contended Person, Bhagawan had fulfilled his Wish and His Promise. What else could one Wish for. Sometimes we feel that Bhagawan does not look after us and that His Grace does not permeate us, Bhagawan knows everything and everyone, Swami is all knowing and all pervasive, His Love is for all and everyone.

It is for us to be deserving to Receive Swami's Divine Love and Grace.

I see Myself in each and everyone of you - Bhagawan

Swami was asked by someone as to how Swami was always Smiling and happy always, inspite of seeing All the things bad around, to which Bhagawan replied most wonderfully that "When I see all of you and everyone I see Myself in all of you, As I am always happy and never sad I see my Form and Face in all of you, I see it even now, that is why I am never sad and always happy, If you see Swami's Form in everyone , everyone will be happy."

A short but the most wonderful Message, If Swami can see His Divine Form in all of us, If Swami can see His Most Wonderful Form in us then why cannot we see Swami in everyone. If we can see Swami in everyone then Can we ever think of Hurting anyone, It will be like hurting Bhagawan himself, which no one will do. If Swami the Divine Lord can see His Divine Form in all people irrespective of the Things that they do, then surely we can do the same to everyone, See Swami in everyone, what a Wonderful Message for everyone.

Bhagawan's Real Happiness :

Once during the very early years when Bhagawan was in Venkatagiri, Swami slipped a Little in one of the Old Creaking Staircases and hurt his ankle, When Someone had the most golden opportunity of massaging Swami's Feet with Hot Water, He asked Swami whether Swami was feeling any pain from the fall, Swami reply was "For me there is no pain, it comes and goes whenever and wherever I wish it to, All of you shout in pain for even a small injury, How much pain and unhappiness should I feel when Inspite of my Words telling you about Good, most of you do not follow my Words, that pain is more than anything else, I am most happy when I see my people follow what I say, put into practise what I do. that Is real Happiness for me


Courtesy: Saibabadivine - emailed on 28.06.2007 by KM

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