Prem Jyothi Exhibition - Report Day 6, February 27, 2008




Summary report of day 6 of Prem Jyothi Exhibition is as follows;

On the 6th day 815 students visited the exhibition along with their teachers. The details are as under:

PET oxford high school Ulhasnagar-285 Students

(SES)M I A M Girls High school and Jr college Ulhasnagar-248 Students

SES English Medium School(Khemani) Ulhasnagar-116 Students

Phanse Trust Balmandir Dombivli-51 Students

DNC jr college Dombivli-46 Students

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule school-8 Students

SESII boys Ulhasnagar-61 Students

Today around 1500 people visited the exhibition. The state president of Sri Satya Sai Seva Organization Maharashtra and Goa Shri. Ramesh Sawant, Shri Mukesh Patel, Sevadal co-ordination, Maharashtra and Shri Mehul Parab Sevadal in charge, Maharashtra visited the exhibition and appreciated the arrangements made.

Some of the suggestions and remarks of the visitors are as under:

Chandrakant M Medekar (Prof. DNC Jr college): Uptil now I have been observing the work of many organizations but Sri Satya Sai Baba’s work is not a mere work but it is a selfless work towards humanity. I liked his mission of inculcating love, peace, ideal principles in people. For the welfare of world as well as for the welfare of humanity the work done is highly appreciable. Not advertising such a great work done itself indicates the selfless motives behind the work.

Sushila Dhamtole: I liked this exhibition. If love can achieve such great task then we must also achieve something or other through love.

Netra Waghmare: In the field of education the work done by Baba is the greatest in the world. His Super Speciality hospital which caters to the need of the poor is a boon to all. I would like to visit Puttaparthy and have His darshan.

Dilip M Choudhary: GOD is on earth that is true.

Aruna G: When I was in 8th standard studying in Andhra education society school Wadala Sri Satya Sai Baba visited our school. My daughter visited this exhibition along with her school. This coincidence made me very happy.

Swapna Shinde (student Phanse vidyalaya): After seeing the exhibition my heart was filled with respect for Sri Satya Sai Baba. We shall try our best to follow his messages. Seeing the work done by him I would like to visit Puttaparthy and have his darshan. I would also like to visit the university. The work done for humanity by Sri Satya Sai Baba is unforgettable. I would also like to follow his footsteps for carrying on some social work and I would like to walk on the path of love. I thank him wholeheartedly.

Priyanka Singh: We should never differentiate between people. If we want to serve god then it is sufficient to serve the needy people. If we do this we shall surely obtain the blessings of god.

Brahmarishi Prashant Chaitanya (Gangotri): This exhibition is great, spiritual, inspiring, knowledge giving to the new generation.

Thu Feb 28, 2008


Prem Jyothi Exhibition - Report Day 5, Feb 26, 2008


Summary report of day 5 of Prem Jyothi Exhibition held on Sunday, February 26, 2008 at Ulhasnagar, Thane District, Maharashtra, India is as follows;

The exhibition started with Swami's blessings on the fifth day at 9:00 am. Lot of school and college students accompanied by their teachers/principal visited the exhibition as detailed below.

1. S.M.T K.S.P Jaihind College Ulhasnagar - 155 Students

2. Shastri Hindi Vidyalaya, Ulhasnagar - 197 Students

3. K.S.P Jaihind School, Ulhasnagar - 158 Students

4. S.C.S Girls, Ulhasnagar-2 - 17 Students

5. S.E.S M.I.A.M Girl Highschool,Ulhasnagar - 130 Students

6. Mahila Samithi, Thakurli - 359 Students

7. S.D.T Kalani College,Sahad - 170 Students

8. T.M.S Ambarnath - 80 Students

9. Jondhale,Dombivili - 100 Students

10. R.K.T College Ulhasnagar-3 - 8 Students

Today the exhibition was visited by approximately 3200 people. Some of the feedbacks & suggestions received verbatim are as below:-
 1. Smt Smita Umbarsade: - The work done by Swami for the poor people is highly appreciable and koti pranams to the messiah of poor.
 2. Vipin Mishra: - The work done by Swami is very important. The society must walk on the foot step of Swami for the uplift of humanity.
 3. Deepak Demba: - Please organize this exhibition every year. It is the best exhibition i have ever visited. It gives knowledge about the condition of people in the villages.
 4. Rajiv Gupta: - an excellent exhibition displaying about swami and his activities. This makes us understand his work and mission.
 5. Mrs. Ambika Hariharan, Teacher Mahila Samithi School: - Excellent exhibition. Really the message of Baba is spread beautifully. In this present age doing freely is godly.
 6. Sudham Gangavane (Sahara Samay- Kalyan) - This exhibition will be a highly motivating factor for spiritual and social progress and development of the society.
 7. Mrs.Kirti Devdhar, Teacher Mahila Samithi School: - We are grateful to the Sai Trust for arranging such an exhibition for we could show our children those human values which are missing in today's society and i am sure this will bring a big change in the students who came to see it.
 8. Harish Bajaj, Secretary Samadha Ashram, And Kanpur: - Performing social activity for human welfare on the earth is almighty's order. But almighty himself descending down in human form has done this work along with his sevaks.
 9. Soni Rai: - I felt very happy coming here. After coming here i felt that our problems are nothing. One should never lose courage and should never give up. One should never leave hope.
 10. Mrs. Subhada :- It is mind blowing and touching. I am highly influenced. The coming generation must be aware of this spirituality. In that direction this is a right way to make the mischievous children of this age to think for a while about love and harmony.
 11. Sudhir Singh: - After coming here i felt that i have reached the heaven where one will get mental peace and all important information which will be useful for all humanity.
 12. Mr.Pandurag Gopal Bhalerao (Ordinance Trainee - Pune):- Today 26th Evening 7.30 Pm, i visited exhibition at Dassera Maidan Ulhasnagar. As i entered, i saw a person resembling Sri Sathya Sai Baba. On enquiring with the sevaks in the exhibition, i was told that there is no one resembling him in the exhibition hall, and they told me that i had the darshan of Sri Sathya Sai Baba so i am very happy.
 13. Dr.Heena Moolpani, Llecturer in KSP Jaihind acadamy & Junior College, Ulhasnagar-3:- it is a great and very important task to bring, write and real things to the notice of student & common people. I appreciate the work & efforts of all sevaks of this trust. At the same time, i suggest that trust must organize the programmes which will develop spirituality among students because i think spiritual growth brings growth at all levels i.e. body, mind and emotions.
 14. Principal Sdt Kalani College:- It gives me immense pleasure for me, my college & my students to visit this exhibition & have a glimpse of the great works done by Swami for the humanity through the unique factor of love. He had influenced the poor & the rich, the high & the low, the city & the village. This exhibition explored the hidden truths of the works done by Swami Baba. It had really opened the eyes of many specially me, my students to know about the truths in his life & the care of the care for the humanity. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the organizers.
 15. Smt.Kanika Kishor Thakur:- It was an extremely wonderful experience. I wish such exhibitions should be organized every two or three years, so as to spread the message of love and peace among the people.
 16. Mr.Rajini Parwani,Rajini Lalchand,Mohan Dhas K :- It is excellent & we felt actually having the real darshan and the presence of Baba in this atmosphere. Each and every citizen must see this.

Thu Feb 28, 2008



PREM JYOTHI Exhibition was inaugurated on February 22, 2008 in Ulhasnagar, Thane District, Maharashtra, India.

A report of Day 1 of the Exhibition is as follows:

PREM JYOTI Exhibition

Report – Day 1, February 22, 2008

An extremely good ambience was laid down for the exhibition held for the first time in Thane District, Maharashtra, India under the grace of Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba.

Entitled `Prem Jyoti" the exhibition depicts the "all conquering divine love" of Bhagawan Shri Satya Sai Baba which has fructified in the form of various service projects viz. medical, water projects, educare, village integrated programmes etc., for the welfare of humanity across the world.

Approximately 100 volunteers were eagerly waiting to render their valuable services for the exhibition. The program for the exhibition started in the morning of February 22, 2008 with the chanting of 3 Omkars and Bhajans by the devotees, which made the atmosphere serene and peaceful.

Amidst Veda chanting, Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj and Dr. Naresh Chandra, Principal Birla College and former Pro. Vice Chancellor University of Mumbai lit the lamp. The song `Akhanda Jyoti Jalao' praying Swami to light the lamp of knowledge and to spread the message of peace and harmony in the universe was rendered by the gathering. The exhibition was inaugurated by the distinguished guests and was then opened for the public.

The exhibition is expected to draw the attention thousands of people in Thane and Surrounding districts in Maharashtra, India and will end on Friday, February 29, 2008. On the inaugural day approximately 3000 people visit the exhibition. School children also participated in the inaugural function of the exhibition. Special arrangements have been made for the schools to bring in their children for the exhibition.

Various suggestions and feedback were provided, prominent of those as narrated by people Verbatim are stated hereunder:

1.Shri Sundar Dangwani - entire Puttaparthi's work is bought here in the form of photographs. Lakhs of his town will know his work done by Baba for human race. We must follow reaching and work for human kind (retired senior scientist, IIT Powai, General Secretary, Sindhu Youth Circle, Ulhasnagar.

2. Shri Hari Choithani - Saibaba's contribution towards setting up of hospitals and rural area development is marvelous in the history of India.

3.Shri Sacguand Chandwani - Exhibition is really an eye opening. Things which are not known in detail are exhibited in sequence, which naturally is enjoyment of the unknown. It is well documented and presented. GOD BLESS who have ventured this.

4. Shri Vashu Brijwani - Feeling quite happiness, peace of mind, inspiration to do for mankind in Ulhasnagar also.

5. Shri Pawar Ram Gajanan - Taking Swami as the role model every human being should get engrossed himself in various activities in the service of mankind according to their capability. The exhibition is excellent.

6. Shri Ghanshyam Sahijani - the best show. His higher preaching are the best which everybody should follow.

7. Shri Gopaldas Arora - after visiting the exhibition i felt that loving humanity is the greatest worship.

8. Shri Babulal Ahuja - We wasted our life, we want to change ourselves and we feel we are borne today. Every body should come and see and understand at Heaven is here at this exhibition. It teaches us how to live.

9. Shri Sunny Satwani - My mind has become very fresh seeing so many projects is an encouragement, I want to study well and do something great, i.e. contribute to society. I want swami to bless me.

10. An enthusiastic lady rushed in and wanted to know where she has to stand in queue to have darshan of our Bhagawan. After seeing the exhibition she enquired about swamis abode and had booked her
tickets to visit Puttaparthy.

Jai Sairam

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