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“Women are the mothers of the coming generation; they are the teachers of that generation, during the first five years of life. Only dedicated mothers can offer to the nation children who will strive for a great future for the country. Truth, sacrifice and peace are predominant qualities in women. Women are concerned about the purity and welfare of the community. ? While the father's love was related to mundane desires, the mother's love was related to spiritual concerns. It is such broad-minded mothers who are needed today. Good mothers are more essential than good wives. A good wife is of value only to her husband. A good mother is a national asset.” - BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA

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Buddha Poornima Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam - Day 2



Radio Sai is pleased to bring you glimpses of the Buddha Poornima Celebrations (day 2) by the devotees from Zone 4 and Zone 5 regions as part of the 2 day Celebrations held in Sai Kulwant Hall at Prasanthi Nilayam on 22 May 2016.


Radio Sai added 25 new photos to the album: Buddha Poornima Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam - Day 2.


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Buddha Poornima Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam - Day 1



Radio Sai is pleased to bring you glimpses of the Buddha Poornima Celebrations (day 1) by the devotees from Zone 4 and Zone 5 regions as part of the 2 day Celebrations held in Sai Kulwant Hall at Prasanthi Nilayam on 21 May 2016


Radio Sai added 26 new photos to the album: Buddha Poornima Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam - Day 1.


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Her Pure Devotion and the Lord: A Match Made in Heaven



In the early sixties, the regular evening ‘appointment’ of Swami with Sai Geetha was a sight which devotees looked forward to with great anticipation and elation. She would wait at the gate on the ladies’ side (where Swami’s car now enters Sai Kulwant Hall) and if for some reason Darshan was delayed, she would get very impatient. Twisting and twirling her tiny trunk, intermittently flapping her lotus-leaf-sized ears vigor...ously, and her swift and strong legs jumpy and restless, she would eagerly look at the Mandir unable to bear the delay.

When Swami came, it was a divine thrill in totality, not only for Sai Geetha, but for every devotee witnessing the sublime play of pure love. Swami would first walk up to her and she would almost kneel down – her hind legs half-bent and front legs folded to the maximum extent possible. Her height now would be a mere two feet, and she would lift her tiny trunk up and down three times in salutation. After she had offered her prostrations at His feet, she would take a garland, raise her nimble trunk over the five feet frame of her beloved very carefully, and then with lots of glee slip it down Swami’s opulent hair onto His shoulders. Swami, in turn, would flash an enchanting smile, pat her cheeks so affectionately and would start speaking to her softly.


Time would stand still watching the Lord so much at ease with His dear devotee. Like a teacher who is never tired of talking to his best student, the Lord too is most happy to be with His perfect devotee. Swami would then feed her. There would be a bag full of fruits (all offered at the shrine in the Mandir) and a bucket of Teertham (consecrated liquid) for her to drink.


One by one, Swami would put each apple (her favourite) in her mouth and she would want to be fed no other way. “Even to this day,” Sri Pedda Reddy says, “she will not accept fruits from Swami on her trunk, she will insist that Swami put it personally in her mouth. But if it were anybody else, she will either refuse it or accept it only in her trunk.” Just like a child who is most comfortable and secure with her mother, Sai Geetha is in ‘peace and bliss’ only with her Swami.


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Sai Geetha… An Unmatched Love Story


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Buddha Poornima  - An Exposition by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Read th full exposition from the following link:






Below is an account given by a devotee who was present in the interview room when Bhagwan was conversing with the parents & child who was then studying in Bhagwan's Primary school. Bhagwan conveyed a very deep message outlining the real purpose of His educational institutions and what He expects from the parents and the young students.


Swami blessed me and my wife with an interview in June 1992. Apart from us He had called another couple and their son who was then a student in Bhagwan's Primary school.

Swamy welcomed us with a Loving smile and then abruptly turned towards the other couple and in a very stern voice asked,
Swamy - Why do you want your son to study in our school ?
Father (of the boy) - Swamy so that our son becomes an ideal man of character in the society.
Swamy - Should it be only our responsibility to make the boy an ideal man or should you two also work towards this matter?
Father - Swamy we are very vigilant and making constant efforts towards it.
Swamy - What do you think about the holidays they get from the school for two months ? Are they getting the same atmosphere and learning as they are getting here in the school ?
Mother (of the boy) - But, Swamy holidays are meant for enjoyment and relaxation.
Swamy - You think they are coming out from a prison ?
Mother - No Swamy. I meant it is a break.
Swamy - Break from what ?
Mother - Regular classes
Swamy - Our educational institutions are not merely school and a university but a Gurukul in its real essence. In earlier times the child used to be sent to a Gurukul when turned 5 yrs of age and used to return home only after turning into a youth. Due to modern day rules we have to grant two months holidays but that doesn't mean that the child is to be given a break from the learning and activity of the school. It is not a break but, just a change of place due to extreme hot temperature here. It is not just our duty to imbibe samskaras into the child but your duty too.
Father - Swamy we were very careful in Keeping our son within the Limits.
Swamy - What Limits? You think by merely doing morning prayers or Bramharpanam you had kept the child under control. Do I care for these rituals? My purpose of establishing these institutions is to make them good boys/girls.
Your servant was sick isn't it?
Father - Yes, Swamy
Swamy - How did you look after him?
( Now there was a pin drop silence for nearly a minute in the room and the couple seemed very nervous at Swamy's question )
Swamy - Your servant got high fever and you sent him ( pointing at the lady ) to your mother's home in chennai so that you all can go to Mauritius for holidays. Isn't it ?
Father - Yes, Swamy
Swamy - Is this the learning you are giving to your child? For your pleasure and enjoyment leave or send the sick and distressed person away. You think servant to be an outsider. No, he is the very part of your family and above that a human being who has been serving you to make your lives comfortable.
We keep on telling the students here to learn the principles of Sacrifice, Love, servitude, compassion, honesty. But, what they learn going home is selfishness, self-centredness, self enjoyment. It is due to such parents that our students learn nothing even after studying from Primary till matric (12th standard).
What Human values will they learn from such actions?
(Swamy then turned towards the mother of the boy)
Swamy - You think your son was in a prison and got released for two months. I can understand the heart of a mother and the Love you have for your son. You want to feed him well with all his favourite dishes. Get him best toys and games. Take him to different places for holidays. But, let me make it clear to you again if this your only goal then take your child away and put him in a school nearby your home. Let it be a day school. Fulfil all your motherly desires.
Mother - We are very sorry Swamy. Please, forgive us.
Swamy ( more stern voice ) - I don't want such students whose parents think it is only our duty to mould there future and train there minds towards human values.
Such students shall learn nothing from here. When a small mud pot filled with water is kept out of a big water pot then it shall soon dry up. The children should be given same atmosphere and treatment as they get here in the school. I am not saying don't go out or enjoy games or relish dishes but, at the same time it should not be in a contrast to here. Little bit in moderation is acceptable provided the values I mentioned before are rigorously followed. They must first learn to serve and not rule. You should stop pampering the child and make them feel special. Behave in the same routine as you always do. When you take them to big destinations do you realise what kind of disparity you create in their minds with other students here whose parents cannot afford such expensive travels. They can travel and enjoy when they turn youths and leave the institution after completion of there studies. But, till the time they are here you must make them learn to sacrifice. When you admit your child here, know that they are now My Property. In Fact I am sending them to your homes for sometime. Don't spoil all that we have settled in their minds. You are all accountable to Swamy.
If you think you must pamper and give them a special treatment with expensive travels,gifts etc then better take them away from here. Don't waste Our time and money.
Parents - Swamy we are very sorry. Please forgive us. It won't be repeated. Our son will have his own vacation when he finishes his graduation. We shall not give him any special treatment or make him feel he has come home but, instead he is only visiting us leaving from his real home that is his school for two months. We will even apologise to our servant.
Swamy - Yes, you must exercise complete control on your emotions for the betterment of your child.
Always strive to make Swamy Happy & all shall be good for you.
( Bhagwan then took us inside the inner room & gave us a private audience for 20 minutes. He brought us out in da same room and gave everyone Padnamaskar and vibhuti packets and sent us out with His Love and blessings. But, to my understanding He also sent us out with the thought that how seriously He takes His educational institutions and it's students )



Sairam. Its a Sai Chinna Katha 'live'..




Water woes continue to haunt..our Sai team was approached recently by a village Numberwadi, nearly 30 kms from Badlapur deep inside which was suffering from acute water shortage. Survey done. Identified an abandoned well with signs of hidden springs.


Invited Thane dist prez of Sai orgn. With Swamis photo prayers chanted and work began last week. Locals mobilised and with Shramdhan of entire village and with mud removing machines all silt removed from the huge abandoned well with dirty water and slush. Water gushed forth from rejuvenated springs by divine grace. The well started filling now with good clear water.. Villagers overjoyed and refuse to move away from the well.



Now pipe line being laid to transport the water to the middle of the village where we are installing a tank with taps. Remember Swamis take the first step..Yes. Even the first step here was with His grace.




Now in 19 such villages across Maharashtrs our rain water harvesting efforts are on..tobe completed before the first rain hits involving local Sai Samithis and shramdhan of villagers. Ready to harvest whatever possible during rains. In Ponds, Wells and recharging abandoned Borewells. Numbarwadi village photos above. 'Sairam.




The Miraculous Lord Rama idol from the sands



It was one of the earliest visits of the young twenty-four-year-old Swami to Venkatagiri. A party of between twenty and thirty people left the palace in a fleet of cars for a drive in the country.


Baba, who had never been in the area before, asked the Raja to stop by any patch of sand they might happen to see. A few miles further on, they came to a dry sandy river-bed. Here they stopped, and all sat on the sand around the young Swami. After talking for a while, He rolled His sleeve up to His elbow and thrust His arm deep into the sand before Him.

“Then”, the Raja told me (Murphet), "we all heard a strange sawing sound - at least that's what it seemed like. I asked Baba what the sound was, and He replied enigmatically that the goods were being manufactured in Kailash."


Kailash, incidentally, is the abode of Shiva, the God associated with yoga, yogic powers and divine grace bestowed on mortals. Many Sai devotees believe that Baba is himself an incarnation of the Shiva-Shakti aspect of divinity.


As Baba withdrew His arm from the sand there was a great flash of blue light that spread to a circle of some ten feet in radius. Then they all saw that Baba was holding in His hand something about eight inches in height and made of pure white sphatika (crystal).


It proved to be a statue of Rama, one of the avatars, together with His consort, Sita. After everyone had seen this "gift from Kailash", Baba handed it to the veiled Rani of

Venkatagiri, telling her to wrap it in silk and leave it thus covered until the following day.

When it was unwrapped the day after, the white stone had turned blue. The little statue now stands in the Raja's shrine-room - still the colour, he says, of the blue light that flashed forth at the moment it was drawn from the sands.


Reference: “Sai Baba: Man of Miracles” by Mr. Howard Murphet. Page: 156-158 (paperback edition, 1972). Published by Macmillan India Ltd.


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Divine Leelas - Apples, Oranges & Mangos from a Wild Tree



The Raja of ‪#‎Venkatagiri‬ was from the royal family that once ruled over Venkatagiri near the temple town of Tirupati. He was one of the privileged few who came to Baba when He was in His twenties. The Raja was a prince of the old school. A well built man of stately physique, he was educated in England, mixed in international social circles, hunted big game and played polo. He had a princely demeanour, and the manner...s and speech of an English gentleman. Yet in religious matters he was a very orthodox Hindu. The Raja and members of his family have over the years experienced wonderful miracles of Baba. Here are two of them recorded by Howard Murphet:


“The Raja's second son was one of a party of men driving along with Baba by car from Madras to ‪#‎Puttaparthi‬ on one occasion. Not far from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh they stopped to have a picnic by the roadside.


After they had eaten the main course, Baba asked what fruit they would like for a dessert. They proved to be a very difficult party; one asked for a mango, another for an apple, a third for an orange, and the fourth for a juicy pear.


"You'll find them all on that tree over there," Baba said, pointing to a wild tree growing nearby.


They rushed to the tree full of excitement, for they had learned that anything was possible with Baba. Sure enough on one branch of that wild tree hung the fruits they had named - a mango, an apple, an orange and a pear. They plucked them and declared that the flavours were of rare excellence.”


Mysterious are the Miracles of Bhagawan and blessed are those who have experienced the Leelas of the Lord.



Sathya Sai Speaks - Sri Sathya Sai Baba Discourse Website (Audio)


This New Website Launched on 23rd November 2015! (


Radio Sai is pleased to present This website, which was launched on the auspicious occasion of Bhagawan's 90th Birthday, is a one-stop site for the many Divine Discourses delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, presented theme wise under various categories and topics.


This website is having audio clips from various discourse delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. One of the greatest gifts Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has given mankind is the treasure trove of hundreds of discourses delivered over three decades. Thanks to this gesture of divine magnanimity, and the help of technology, we can still listen to many of those messages of the Avatar in His very own voice. Bhagawan's discourses cover many themes and have been addressed to varied audiences.


Now on this website we have short discourse clips thematically classified and regularly updated with more of them. You can easily search using a key word or by looking under specific themes. All of these are culled from a growing repository of over 800 discourses delivered by Baba on various occasions and at different locations.


Visit us here and feel free to share these treasures with whole Sai Family.


View the video:


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"The Lord is Exactly what a Devotee Considers Him to Be"





"Even though I prepared an album on Swami, I still had my doubts whether Swami is God or is He an individual with yogic powers, or is he just a realised soul. I had no qualms in taking the name ‘Sairam’, but that was not what I preferred contemplating on. I still considered Lord Venkateswara as my God and would chant, 'Om Namo Narayanaya'. I thought, if Swami is in reality that Venka...teswara Himself, He must prove it to me.


During that interview Swami casually revealed so much about both of us, myself and my husband. Then Swami asked me, “Hasn’t your Annamayya said, 'Enta maatramuna evvaru talachina anta matrame neevu (You are what a devotee considers you to be).' Somehow that was enough for all my doubts to be demolished. This Annamacharya keertana quoted by Swami was not very popular till then. Much later, I found it to be a part of a LP record released by Smt. M. S. Subbalakshmi. Swami had quoted a line of that particular keertan, most appropriate to the condition in which we were, and it dispelled all my doubts about the Avatar. It indicated that if you consider Swami as Lord Venkateswara, He is Lord Venkateswara. Realising that my Lord Venkateswara has come as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I was thrilled. If Annamayya were to be in our midst, who knows he would have composed kritis on our Swami also. The great music maestro who composed kritis on the Dasavataras would have created compositions on our Premavatara murty, the Love incarnate."


Read More:

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“I am always with you, behind you, beside you”



Mrs. Geeta Mohan Ram Narrates:


I was speaking at a retreat in Texas. It was in the afternoon. I went and sat in the morning – Brother Jagadeeshan was speaking in the morning and I love his talks; he is such a wonderful narrator. Even though they had very sweetly offered me a seat, as a child I dared not – Swami being much elder to me – so I sat on the floor.


In the afternoon I had gone back to my room but I had not changed – I went for my afternoon talk. And Swami’s picture was just the way it is now but my podium was way forward – because the stage was very big.


I went and stood and started talking – that was it! This was in the month of September. In June I went to India. In July Swami called me for an interview. He asked me, “Where have you been speaking?” I said, “Swami, I spoke in Texas.” He said, “Yes, I know you spoke in Texas and brother Jagadeeshan spoke too, is it not?”


Then suddenly out of the blue He asked me, ‘Don’t you pack your clothes properly when you go on your trips?” That was completely unexpected – it had nothing to do with my talks! So I said, “No Swami! I packed my clothes well.” Then I am racking my brains – did I wear something that was not appropriate? Did I wear a salwaar-kameez at my talk – which I don’t. I always wear a sari. My mind is churning: “Why did He ask me?”

I am trying to place why this question came because you know, Swami does not ask these questions for no reason – very specifically: ‘Do you pack your clothes properly?’ Such an unexpected question! Again He asked me. I said, “I don’t know Swami what have I done?” That’s the best way – ask Him a question back.


He said, “You know, in Texas you wore that blue sari – cotton sari?” He named that sari – blue cotton sari! He said: “All day you sat on the floor and then when it was your turn, you went and stood there, your cotton sari was all crumpled – gone a little high. I am the one who has to see your ankles – because I am behind you! When you go and speak somewhere and especially if you have to sit for a long time, you should wear a proper silk sari, they don’t get so crumpled.” Can you imagine? What a lovely motherly advice!


But remember this, in every Discourse He says: ‘Don’t worry! All of you go back to your homes safely!” He says: “I am with you, behind you, beside you – all the time, all the way, wherever you go!” We forget that He is behind us, that He can see your ankle, we forget that He is beside us and can hear us; we forget that He is in front of us and He sees which path we you are taking – we forget all these things. A simple example of a sari tells you that He is there with you all the time.


Read More:


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Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016


From the example of Lakshmana and Shatrughna’s grief in the cradle, what is the precious lesson we must learn? Bhagawan lovingly teaches us today.



Mother Sumitra's twin children, Lakshmana and Shatrughna, arrived in the world crying. Sumithra tried various strategies but failed to soothe their inconsolable grief. Sage Vasishta then suggested keeping Lakshmana in the cradle with Rama, and Shatrughna in the cradl...e with Bharatha. Sumithra did accordingly and found that both stopped crying immediately, started drinking milk and playing in the cradle. The Sage explained thus, “Oh noble mother, a branch is a part of the tree. Humans are part of Divinity and cannot live without Him. Lakshmana did not rest until he was united with Rama and Shatrughna could not bear separation from Bharatha. The Individual cannot live apart from the Absolute Self, which is its source. A fish cannot exist away from water, even if it is placed in a golden bowl studded with precious stones. Similarly, the individual self is restless until it reaches the Absolute Self, which is its source.”

- Summer Showers 1996, Ch 3.


The secret to peace and joy is: God first, the world next, myself last! - BABA.


Summer Showers 1990 Illustrations - MAY 9, 2016



First of all, develop Selfconfidence, and that in turn will give you self-satisfaction. Without self-satisfaction, you cannot have contentment. Once you have gained self-satisfaction, then automatically you will be ready for self-sacrifice. Needless to say, where there is self-sacrifice, there will be Self-realisation naturally.


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Posted by Radio Sai's @premanosh

#HappyMothersDay... Happy-I-found-the-True-Mother Day.



That's a 24 day old baby that Swami named Sri Nidhi (2002). Swami in the living room of a devotee in Bangalore with 100 of us students sitting around. Swami materialised a beautiful diamond-studded necklace for the baby and was cooing adorable nothings to make the little one giggle. #Sathyasai


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You think I don’t read the letters???


After Swami returned from the Sairam Shed (the erstwhile darshan area in Brindavan), Swami had about two hundred letters in His hand.

Typically, what Swami would do is to simply keep the letters in a tray next to Him. That day too Swami put the bunch of letters down and looked at this devotee who had just got the coffee table repaired....

Swami asked him, “How much did you spend on this furniture?” The devotee said, “No Swami, I don’t want any money from Swami.” But Swami insisted, “Cheppu” (Say.) So the devotee replied, “Swami, one thousand rupees.”

Swami looked at the devotee, then took the whole tray of 200 letters, and put it on His lap. The next few seconds, He flipped through them with His two fingers, picked one letter out from the middle and opened it.

There were exactly ten notes of 100 rupees each! Swami then said, “You think I don’t read the letters. The moment you think about something to write to Me, I already know it. Just for your satisfaction, I take the letters.”

What a brilliant way to proclaim His massive omnipresence through a tiny missive!

Read more:

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"Women are the mothers of the coming generation; they are the teachers of that generation, during the first five years of life. The mother is the first of the five Maathas (Mothers), that the Indian child encounters: Dheha-maatha (the mother that gave birth to this body); Go-maatha (the cow that gives sustaining milk); Bhoo-maatha (the land that grows the crops which fee...d the body); Dhesa-maatha (the Native country that gives protection, care, love, rights and chances to serve and elevate oneself to one's full height), and Vedha-maatha (the heritage of spiritual treasure that reveals the aim and purpose of human life and takes one step by step, towards the Goal of Self-realisation). The Dhehamaatha must reveal to the child the glories of all the other four; so her responsibility is the greatest and most crucial."

- Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 8, Chapter 26 'The Five Mothers'

Radio Sai Team.



Revere your Mother and Love her



Be full of love. There is nothing beyond love. In our heart, we should be full of love. Even a belching, our vision, in everything there will be love, everything will transform itself into love. If you got hatred inside and if you ask for something with a polite veneer, it cannot happen at all. Embodiments of love!!! We have got to remember from moment to moment, the principle of the mother's love. Under any circumstances we must make the mother happy. Without a mother being happy, I will not be happy. With your efforts, if you make your mother happy, I am also happy. If you fill your hearts with love, then I and you are one. You have got to go to the state of oneness. If you think I am separate, you are separate, there is a difference between us. We should not have this feeling. There should be an intimate relationship. There should always be the bond of 'you and I are one'. We might have two bodies, but the love principle should bind us. Therefore, we have got to think of the mother's love. You have got to revere your mother and love her; the love between both of you is one. We have got to love everybody.



Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2016


Why should it be very simple to see Divinity all around us, at all times? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today with a simple example.



Imagine a golden necklace around your mother or sister’s neck. When you look at this form of an ornament, you call it a necklace; but when you look at the basic material in it, you say it is made up of gold. It cannot be that gold is one thing and the necklace is a different t...hing. It is not possible to make a necklace without gold. So when you call it a gold ornament, it only demonstrates the oneness of the basic material that is the gold, and the name and form, namely the necklace. In the same manner, by recognising the oneness of humanity on the one hand and the underlying divinity on the other hand, we should be able to proclaim the greatness of our culture and spiritual education.

- Divine Discourse, Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Ch 2


Summer Showers 1990 Illustrations - MAY 8, 2016



You may take up any job, business, or agriculture and occupy any position in your life, but it is extremely important that you do not lose self-confidence while discharging your duties. Lack of Self-confidence is the main cause for all the present-day problems like foul play, injustice, losses, failures, sorrow, and pain. People do not believe in themselves, not to speak of believing others.


Whoever loves and serves all, him the Lord loves and honours. – BABA.


Radio Sai Team.




"Difficulties do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you too are difficult to defeat."


One of the great and powerful quote by BHAGAWAN BABA. What is your favourite quote of Bhagawan? Share with us in comment. Let us spread His message in each and every corner of the world.


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Transformation in villages is important - Sathya Sai Speaks



Many say, “Swami! We have been working in many villages and a lot of changes have come in those villages.” When asked about the kind of changes that have come about in the village, they say that several people are coming for bhajans and several others are participating in Nagar Sankeertan. What is the change that is coming about by this bhajan singing? Who is worried whether they all come for bhajans or nagar sankeer...tan or not? Will it be called bhajan where in a man, without giving up his drinking habit, comes drunk to participate in the bhajan swaying under the influence of alcohol? If you can make him give up his bad habit, that alone would amount to true devotion, even if the person does not attend bhajan singing.


The members of the Sathya Sai Sevadal should undertake from today some new and novel methods to eradicate these bad practices.


Embodiments of Love!! Troubling human beings and praying to God cannot be called as “devotion”. Before we undertake to remove the bad practices, bad habits and thoughts in others, the first thing we should do is to see to it that we do not possess them ourselves. It is only such people, who rid themselves of the bad practices and bad thoughts that are entitled to join the sevadal.


Listen to Baba:


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Radio Sai is pleased to bring you glimpses of the Music Programme by Bhagawan's Students as part of the Easwaramma Day Celebrations held in Sai Kulwant Hall at Prasanthi Nilayam on May 06, 2016.




Direct link to the photos:


For those who missed the evening programme could Log onto or click on the below link to watch Youtube:


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Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2016


Why is respecting women as mother important spiritually? Bhagawan gives us a profound explanation today.



In this world, there are many types of relationships, but none equals the relationship that exists between the mother and the child. It is because of this intimate relationship with the mother that one’s own country is called motherland. Similarly one’s own language is called mother tongue, and not father tongue. Among the parents, the first place is given to the mother; next comes the father. Not only in day-to-day life but also in the field of spirituality, mothers and women are given the highest regard. For example, when we mention the names of divine couples such as Sita Rama, Radha Krishna, Lakshmi Narayana, etc., the names of the goddesses come first. What is the inner significance of this? Mother represents Nature, which is the manifest aspect of Divinity.

- Divine Discourse, 6 May 1999.


It is to teach humanity the way of love that Avatars come into the world. - BABA


Radio Sai Team.



Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016

On the auspicious occasion of Mother Easwaramma day, what is Bhagawan’s message to us on the role of a mother in our lives? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us.

Never look down upon any woman. They are most virtuous. With all sacred feelings in your heart, respect women and be respected. Love and Respect your mother, obey her comm...ands. Never disrespect your mother or hurt her feelings. Try to satisfy her in all respects. Only then will the seed of devotion sprout in you. Mother protects her children in many ways. Even after death, she will come back and help you. Everyone should follow the dictum, Mathru Devo Bhava (Mother is God) in letter and spirit, and receive their mother's love. Mother Easwaramma was full of love and sacrifice and she led a life of fulfillment and peace. In order to propagate this sacred ideal, this day is being celebrated as Easwaramma Day. This is to emphasise that each one of you should make your mother happy. If your mother is happy, Swami is happy.

- Divine Discourse, 6 May 1999.

If you honour your mother, the Mother of the universe will guard you against harm.-BABA

Radio Sai Team.





Only one soul in every era is blessed with this awesome blessing of being the Mother of the Avatar. In the present age, it is Mother Easwaramma. It is on the 6th of this month, more than 35 years ago, that she installed herself permanently in the heart of everyone who loved her. Let’s recapitulate sweet instances from her pious life, through this quiz based on our May 2006 Cover Story “Easwaramma – The Crown of Motherhood.” and sanctify our li...ves.


Q 1:
While sharing one of the many mystical and profound experiences that bedazzled Easwaramma, Swami shares a story of an extraordinary incident that took place: “One day, somebody invited Me to their house for food. Actually their intention was to poison Me. They were feeling jealous of My growing popularity and prosperity. In those days I used to relish vadas made of Alasanda grains. Hence, they mixed poison in the vadas and offered them to Me. Before going there, I had told Easwaramma and Subbamma not to be afraid if any untoward incident was to happen. When I returned from there, My entire body turned blue and My mouth started frothing. I told Easwaramma to wave her hand in a circle.”


What happened next?

A. She refused to do so.
B. She did and vibhuti appeared in her hand.
C. Easwaramma rushed Swami to the Hospital.
D. Easwaramma waved her hand and two bottles of curative tablets appeared!

Want to try more? Visit the link below:


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An Icon for Millions of Women Worldover



Easwaramma was perhaps the person most gratified when Baba announced that a 12-bed hospital would be raised on the hill to the south of the Mandir. For her part, she could avail herself of the expert medical advice of Dr. Lakshmi, the famous physician and gynaecologist from Nellore who stayed for weeks in the presence of Baba.


Whenever she, her daughters, or others of her family received the kind attention of that doctor, Easwaramma wou...ld request her to examine, diagnose, and prescribe medicines for other village women too. She longed for a lady doctor who could stay at the Mandir year in and year out and help women in times of dire need. When news arrived that the hospital construction had begun, she was overjoyed.


Easwaramma joined the women devotees hauling sand, stone, bricks, and cement from the road up to the construction site and lifted bricks herself, brushing aside protests from the younger, stronger women. When the wards were ready, she sought out women patients, brought them to the doctor, pleaded that they be admitted, and looked after them until they could move about and take their normal share in the work at home and in the fields.


The Divine Mother’s humility was no empty pose. She was very shy before the camera and argued persistently against being photographed. Many are proud that they are not proud and protest against praise but are secretly sad if it is denied. But Easwaramma was temperamentally allergic to the limelight. She was raised in a cloistered hamlet, and honoured the boundaries her forefathers set - to demarcate the fields of feminine activity.


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The enlightening life of Divine Mother Easwaramma


For decades now, on May 6 every year, Sai devotees across India and the world pay tribute to the Divine Mother Easwaramma. To mark this day hundreds and thousands of Balvikas students, Sai Youth and Volunteers undertake special service initiatives to reach out to the poor and distressed in every corner of the globe.


What entitled the Chosen Mother of the Lord to such acclaim and respect? Even now, almost four decades after May 6, 1972, the day she shed her mortal coil, why do thousands straddling across countries and continents out of encompassing reverence for her, dedicate a day in her memory, in sacred celebrations and service activities?


In this cover story on Mother Easwaramma, we offer you glimpses of this stellar soul whose legacy and glory will inspire generations to come. It is supplemented with the reminisciences of Dr. Jayalakshmi Gopinath, a long serving devotee of Bhagawan Baba who has had the privilege of interacting and watching the Mother at close quarters for several years.


Read Part 1:

Read Part 2:


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Easwaramma Bhajans Medley (Eswaramma Day Special)



Radio Sai Team is delighted to present before you a bhajan medley on Mother Easwaramma.

Download the Medley:


1 - Jaya Lambodara Paahimam

2 - Eshwaramba Priya Tanaya

3 - Parthishwara Sri Sai Prabho

4 - Shirdi Ke Sai Parthi Ke Baba

5 - Rama (2) Jaya Raghukula Tilaka

6 - Aravinda Lochana

7 - Giridhari Lal Shyam Gopal

8 - Dhanya Ho Eshwaramba

9 - Hari (2) Narayana Hari Govinda

10 - Hey Sai Jagannatha

11 - Eshwaramba Priya Tanaya Esha Mahesha

12 - Jaya (2) Sai Namo

13 - Hari Naam Gaathe Chalo

14 - Sarva Dharma Swaroopa Sai

15 - Dasharatha Nandana Sri Rama Chandra

16 - Eshwaramba Priya Nandana


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Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016


Why should everyone love and respect their parents? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.



There may be a wicked son, but not a wicked mother. It is because of the noble feelings of the mothers that sons become virtuous, intelligent, attain exalted positions and earn name and fame. It is the mother who fosters and nourishes you. It is she who knows your choices and preferences, and fulfils all your needs. ...So be grateful to your mother always. First and foremost, you should show gratitude to your parents, love them, and respect them. Your blood, your food, your head, and your money are all the gifts of your parents. You do not receive these gifts directly from God. All that is related to God is only indirect experience. It is only the parents whom you can see directly and experience their love. So, consider your parents as God. God will be pleased and will manifest before you only when you love and respect your parents.

- Divine Discourse, 6 May 1999.


If you honour your parents, your children will honour you.-BABA


Radio Sai Team.



MAY 5, 2016



With the Grace and Blessings of Bhagawan, the members of the Radio Sai Team will host some Special Segments Live from Radiosai Studio, Prasanthi Nilayam, throughout the day.


Here is the complete schedule for tomorrow's Thursday Live programme:…/vol_14/…/05_05_2016_schedule.htm


Here is the link to Tune in and Listen to the Live Programmes.


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Easwaramma Medly Bhajans


The Easwaramma Day (May 6th) is fast approaching, and we are sure every one must be wanting to hear Bhajans related to Mother Easwaramma.

So here are some selected bhajans to listen and download.

Stay tuned. We will be sharing more bhajans on Mother Easwaramma.

Download the Bhajans:

Audio Source: 

Bhajan List:

01. Jaya Lambodara Paahimaam 0 - 2:06
02. Eeshwaraamba Priya Thanaya Sai Naaraayana 2:07 - 3:54
03. Partheeshwara Sri Sai Prabho 3:55 -5:33
04. Shirdi Ke Sai Parthi Ke Baba 5:34 - 6:46
05. Raama Raama Jaya Raghukula Thilaka 6:47 - 7:56
06. Aravinda Lochana Aartha Janaavana 7:57 - 8:57
07. Giridhaari Laal Shyaama Gopaal 8:58 - 9:56
08. Dhanyaho Eeshwaraamba 9:57 - 11:14
09. Hari Hari Naaraayana 11:15 - 12:08
10. Hey Sai Jagannaatha 12:09 - 13:36
11. Eeshwaraamba Priya Thanaya Eesha Mahesha Sri Saayeesha 13:37 - 14:40
12. Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Jaya Shubhadaayi Namo 14:41 - 15:56
13. Hari Naam Gaate Chalo 15:57 - 17:06
14. Sarva Dharma Swaroopa Sai 17:07 - 18:23
15. Dasharatha Nandana Sri Raama Chandra 18:24 - 20:10
16. Eeshwaraamba Priya Nandana Sai Jaya Jaga Vandana 20:11 - 21:45

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A Hilarious Incident During the Dance Performance on Swami’s Birthday - A conversation with Mrs. Gayatri Gupta



Gayatri Gupta: Once we had to perform in front of Swami during the birthday celebrations. This is a very humorous incident which made everyone happy and Swami was the happiest. On such occasions He would sit on His throne and then my mother used to make beautiful artistic paan beeda (Betel leaf and Betel nut) which Swami used to take.


Coming back to the performance,... when we all came to perform, Swami Himself made the announcement: “Children from Salem, the four sisters are going to perform for my birthday. It’s going to be wonderful”. He introduced us Himself.


I had taken the part of Lord Shiva and my father had told me before the performance, “When you do the Shiva dance, you should do it in such a way that your third eye opens and you should really take the form of Shiva. I have kept a bomb inside; the moment the bomb explodes, the lingam will open and you have to jump out of the lingam and perform your dance steps”. And I have cracker-phobia, I’m very scared of these sounds.


Radio Sai: So you were hidden inside a lingam, a Shiva lingam? Along with the bomb?


Gayatri Gupta: Yes, me, my shoola (trident) and the bomb. I was right behind the Shiva linga. I was literally shivering to such an extent the

shoola started shaking.


Radio Sai: That was a very nervous Lord Shiva, with a shaking trident!


GG: The God of Destruction Himself shivering – imagine! And in the audience, Sai Shiva, i.e. our Swami wouldn’t control His laughter. He kept on commenting about me to all the devotees. “Shiva is not only nervous. You see the moment the blast happens, I think a snake is going to come out.” Then when the bomb exploded, I just came out, and Swami was holding His stomach and laughing out seeing that sight.


Read more -

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Sunday, May 15 at 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM,
Sai Ramesh Hall, Brindavan, Whitefield, Bangalore

By Dr. P. L. Rani


The coming Sunday (15th May, 2016) on 61st SAMARPAN By Dr. P. L. Rani will share his experience. She is a Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSSIHL), Anantapur Campus and also serving as Associate Professor, Dept. of English Language and Literature, SSSIHL, Anantapur.


More details you could find in above flyer.

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What is true knowledge - Bhagawan Tells us with the Football analogy



Students! You are familiar with the game of football. There are six players on each side for this game and the goal is at the end of each side. The six internal enemies- desire, anger, covetousness, attachment, pride and jealousy are the players on one side and on the other side truth, righteousness, peace, love, non-violence and sacrifice are the players in the game of life where the individual’s life is th...e ball.


Worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge are the boundary limits. If the ball of life goes outside the boundary limit it is considered as ‘out’ but not goal.


So study both and learn to lead the life. All fields of worldly knowledge are like rivers and rivulets. Ultimately all these reach the ocean of spiritual education. Ocean is the destination for all rivers. However many types of knowledge you learn, the ultimate destination is God’s grace. Having this firm faith, develop the loving nature.


Listen to Baba:



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Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2016


What is the purpose of the descent of an Avatar? What lesson must we learn from it? Bhagawan highlights this key fact today.



God descends and takes on the human form only to change the lives of humans by His own example. Only humans descend to the depths of degradation by their utter disregard of their dharma (code of conduct) and Divinity. Birds and beasts firmly adhere to their own respective dharmas. There is no need for the Avatar to arise amongst birds and beasts since dharma has not declined in them. Lord Krishna declared, “I come down for the protection of the good” (Paritranaya sadhunam). God always protects the virtuous. There is no use merely lisping Rama’s name. Emulate Rama and transform yourselves by following the path of Love. However deep and great your scholastic eminence may be, one cannot achieve anything without undergoing the transformation of the mind.

- Divine Discourse, Summer Roses on Blue Mountains, 1996, Ch 2.


All are One, Be alike to Everyone! – BABA.


Summer Showers 1990 Illustrations - MAY 4, 2016



Students! What has been taught to you during these fifteen days is the essence of the sacred Vedanta. What has been given to you is the nectar obtained by the churning of all the holy scriptures—Sastras, Puranas, and Ithihasas. You are the future leaders, pleaders, and patrons of Mother India. You should lead exemplary lives, treading the path of sathya and dharma (truth and righteousness). Under no circumstances should you deviate from this ideal path. Let your secular education go hand in hand with spiritual education.


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View the video:


Swami has beautifully explained how one can conquer the maya with an analogy. Swami says, “Maya is like the ferocious watchdog guarding the gate to your master’s mansion. To get across, you have to do one of the two things. Either you fearlessly grapple with the dog and overcome it to reach the master; or else, you call out loudly and pleadingly to the master in the house. The master hearing your cries, may come to the gate and take you i...n. The dog will be totally subdued that way also.”


So one must be strong and steady enough spiritually not to be affected by the all-pervasive illusion and see through it every time; or a much easier option is to call for the Master, the divine Lord. With His grace, the illusion will disappear and will not raise its hood as long as we are under His care.


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"The ocean is welcoming Me with a garland" - pearl garland at Kanyakumari



This incident which took place during Swami's trip to Kanyakumari, where three seas meet at the southern-most tip of India. It was evening, the sky had turned into a carnival of pink and purple, and the clouds had decorated themselves with a golden fringe. Baba walked towards the seashore with His companions. Each succeeding wave that lapped upon the shore seemed more eager than its predecessor to touch... His lotus feet.


Suddenly, as if aware of the yearning of the seas, Baba turned, faced the waters and said to those beside him: “See! The ocean is welcoming Me with a garland.”


A few yards away, a stately wave was advancing majestically towards the shore.


Soon it swept over Baba's Feet. When the wave receded, encircling the ankles of the Avatar was a bewitching pearl garland, swaying with the gentle surge of the waters around it. These pearls were translucent and priceless, held together by a golden thread. Their number was exactly 108.


Such were the divine happenings that kept devotees enthralled and enchanted.


Radio Sai Team



Sathya Sai Baba on Jealousy



Don’t be carried away by anybody. You hold on to your own faith, cling on to the principle of spirit and atma. Some people are jealous because they watch the prosperity and progress of others and jealousy is one of the worst demons possible. A fruit bearing tree, the fruits are so delicious but you find pests entering into the roots, it is not visible to people but the moment the roots are rotten the tree falls. What is the mistake of the tree? It is only the jealousy, the envy that prompt people to publicize and propagate. It is wickedness.



Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016


What is the role of attitude in our daily living? Bhagawan, our Loving God explais and instructs us what attitude we must live with.



Most God fearing people believe in Karma philosophy, that fruits we reap, are a result of our own actions. Because of our strong faith in the doctrine of Karma, we readily come forward to do good deeds, and hesitate or abstain from doing bad acts. To lose hope is not a characteris...tic feature of cultured people. To suffer from lack of faith and to lose hope is a weakness; by entertaining such weaknesses, one will lose all the human strength one has. Enthusiasm and care will show the way for the prosperity of human beings. Every individual with these qualities will surely achieve success and attain glory in any work that they undertake. Hence lead your journey of life with interest and enthusiasm.

- Divine Discourse, Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Ch 2


True devotion really means installing the Divine in the heart and enjoying the bliss of that experience. – BABA


Summer Showers 1990 Illustrations - MAY 3, 2016



According to Vedic tradition, you should avoid these five things:
(1) indifference to what the guru, parents, and other elders teach you,
(2) disobedience to the aforesaid, ...
(3) ahamkara (ego),
(4) jealousy or envy toward those who are better off, and
(5) violating the social etiquette or decorum.


Radio Sai Team



Remind yourself, "I am a human" - Sathya Sai Speaks



All of humanity belongs to one clan. In fact, there is only one race - the human race. It doesn’t matter whether one is a theist or atheist or whether you are a Jew or a Buddhist. You belong to the human race - that is the truth. It is enough if you remember this. Keep aside questions like whether you are a theist or an atheist. 'I am human being'.


Human values have to be fostered. Having been born as a human, if you not h...ave human values then you are human only in form but not in reality. We find certain traits such as anger, pomp and show and jealousy entering into humans. Anger and jealousy are animal qualities.


Anger is the quality of a dog. Wavering nature is that of a monkey. You are not monkey, you are not dog, you are man. When you are carried away by feelings of anger think ten times - 'I am man, I am not dog. I am man, I am not dog'. Today, we find human qualities are on the decline. Animal qualities are finding a place in man. This is not true human life. You must develop such sacred qualities as compassion, truth, forbearance, empathy, etc.


Listen to Bhagawan:

Download the audio:

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Good people wouldn't get hurt; With analogy of an Goldsmith and gold



Here is a story of a goldsmith who during the practice of his profession was once melting gold. In this process, he was addressing the gold thus, “Oh gold! you are a very valuable thing and people respect you but now you are in my clutches. I will have the great opportunity of heating you, melting you, beating you and doing all kinds of things that will hurt you. This is now my privilege and pleasure”.


In response, the gold tells him that the result of all his effort to cause hurt to the gold is only to further purify the gold, increase its value by removing impurities and make it shine better and more attractively. But in the process, the heat, the smoke, the pain of having to beat hard are all irksome only to the goldsmith. In this way all the trouble goes to the goldsmith and all the improvement goes to the gold. If you take good people, saints, men of great character and men who have steady minds, it does not matter whether you abuse them or hurt them or praise them. The hurt, the abuse and even the praise never reaches them. They are returned to the persons from whom they emanate.


You young people are now at the appropriate age when you should make contact with men of great character and good men and choose the path along which you wish to move. I do hope that you seek such good company and will choose such a path.


Hear from Bhagawan:

Direct link:

Download the audio:

Direct link:


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1 - Shirdi Ke Sai Parthi Ke Baba
2 - Shankara Shankara Sada Shiva


Shirdi Ke Sai Parthi Ke Baba...
Raga: Bilaval (Hindustani); Shankara Bharanam (Carnatic)
Tala: Keherva (8 Beats)


1. Shirdi Ke Sai Parthi Ke Baba

O Lord Sai, You are the One who had earlier incarnated as Sai Baba in Shirdi and is now again with us in the beautiful form of Sri Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi.


2. Tumho Hamare Pyare Sai Baba

O Lord Sai Baba, You are the one we loves the most, You are our Divine Mother and Father, O Beloved Sai Baba.


3.Shirdi Ke Sai Parthi Ke Baba

O Lord Sai, You are the One who had earlier incarnated as Sai Baba in Shirdi and is now again with us in the beautiful form of Sri Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi


4. Prema Maya Sai Prema Pradata

O Lord Sai! You are the Embodiment of Love. You are the One who is filled with Love and who is ever engaged in gifting this Love blissfully.


5. Eswaramba Nandana Jagat Paripala

O Lord Sai, the Divine Son of Mother Eswaramma, You are the Sustainer of this world.


6. Papa Vinashaka Parama Krupala

O Lord Sai! You are the One of Supreme Compassion who destroys our sins and shortcomings.


Read more:


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Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016


What is the potency of the Rama Principle? Why is it so special? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.



We should not delude ourselves into thinking that the Avatar is a simple human form like ourselves. His form may be human; but His majesty and magnificence are Infinite. The principle of Rama is most sacred, sublime and glorious. There is nothing in the world that cannot be achieved by cultivating the Rama Princi...ple (Rama Thathwa). Though thousands of years have elapsed since Ramayana took place, the Rama Principle is deeply imprinted in the hearts of the people. It is ever fresh, ever new and embraces infinitude itself. The Rama Principle is contained in the smallest of the small and the largest of the large. It is not confined to the name and form. It is a transcendental principle, which transcends time itself. True seekers will understand the true nature of humanity by realizing the Rama Principle.

- Summer Showers Ch2, May 20, 1996.


God is present in the heart of every being. He is ever present and is infinitely powerful-BABA.


Summer Showers 1990 Illustrations - MAY 2, 2016



During the fortnight, you have had the valuable opportunity of listening to the lectures from highly distinguished speakers, with rich experience behind them. What they taught you with wholehearted zeal and enthusiasm you have listened carefully with much interest and faith. But what is more important than listening is to put into practice at least some of the things you have learnt and thereby to set an example for others to follow.


Radio Sai Team.



Creation of a crucifix by Sathya Sai Baba for John Hislop



Interestingly, the crucifix was created on Mahasivarathri Day in the year 1973, deep in the forest! This holy festival was celebrated by Baba in the company of a small group almost in privacy, and not before massive crowds as normally happens. Let us hear Hislop recall the event:

Our destination was the Bandipur Game Sanctuary in Bandipur Forest, several hours away from the city of Mysore. We arrived at the Forest rest... house in the early afternoon.As we crossed a bridge above a sandy, dry riverbed, Baba indicated that this would be the place.


As we passed a bush, Swami broke off two twigs, placed them together and asked me, "What is this, Hislop?"


"Well Swami, it is a cross," I answered. Baba then closed His fingers over the twigs and directed three somewhat slow breaths into His fist, between thumb and forefinger. Then He opened His hand to reveal a Christ figure on a Cross, and He gave it to me.

He said, "This shows Christ as he really was at the time he left his body, not as artists have imagined him. His stomach is pulled in and his ribs are all showing. He had no food for eight days."


I looked at the crucifix but found no words. Baba then continued: "The wood in the cross is the same as the wood of the actual cross on which Christ was crucified. To find some of that wood after 2000 years took a little time! The image is of Christ after he died. It is a dead face."

I noticed something odd and asked, "Swami, what is that hole at the top of the cross?" Baba replied that the cross had been originally hung from a standard.


A couple of years later, some American devotees asked Swami about the cross materialised for Hislop. Baba replied:


Yes, I made it for him. When I went to look for the wood, every particle of the cross had disintegrated and returned to the elements. I reached out to the elements and reconstituted sufficient material for a small cross. Very seldom does Swami interfere with Nature, but occasionally, for a devotee, it will be done."


Radio Sai Team



Mooga Jeevula Seva By SSSSO Throughout AP & Telangana




We can see the "Mooga Jeevulu (Dumb Animals)" like cows and crows quenching their thirst in this scorching summer(extreme summer) by drinking water from clay pots/containers arranged with a human touch by the devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation at various places of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to quench the thirst of mooga jeevulu.


Report & Photo Courtesy: Dwaram Swamy, State coordinator (Media, Radiosai, Archives) SSSSO, AP & Telangana

Radio Sai Team.



Do you want to know who I am?



Many years ago, Swami took a small group to the forest in Bandipur, not far from the hill-station Ooty. The group consisted mostly of students, but a few elders also were there in the party.


It was a lovely outing, one grand picnic with the Lord. The boys had their full - games, sightseeing, looking out for wild-life, and lots of goodies to eat. Only one thing remained - a photo with Bhagavan, a treasure, and something to remember this memorable event by. One of the members of the party had a Polaroid camera, and taking photos was therefore no problem. One by one the boys went, stood next to Swami, and had their picture taken. After everyone had been photographed, the boy who was doing the clicking prayed to Swami that He should pose for one picture all by Himself. Baba agreed, and the picture was duly clicked. The picture got instantly developed and was lovingly offered to Bhagavan who was sitting on a slab.


Swami looked at the photo for a while - it was a beautiful picture - and then asked the boys, "Do you want to know who I am?" Everyone was now seated around Him on the ground; they did not know what to make of the question; so there was no response. After a while, Swami again asked, "Do you want to know who I am?" There was an unusual glow in His eyes, and there was also immense power in His voice. Everyone sensed that something extra-ordinary was about to happen and therefore did not dare to give any kind of a reply. Swami then held up the photo He had in His hand so that everyone could see it. It showed the lovely picture of Swami. He then placed the photo face down and then started rubbing it against His thigh. At this juncture, one of the elder members of the party noticed that the lower edge of Baba's robe was a bit crumpled. Instinctively, the person leaned forward to straighten the robe, but Swami in an unusually harsh and commanding voice said, "Stay away; don't touch!" The devotee who tried to adjust the robe was taken aback by the severity of the tone and instantly withdrew. Swami continued rubbing the photo a few times more. He then slowly lifted it and held it up for all to see.


What the gathering saw was not the picture of Swami; that beautiful picture had vanished. In its place was the majestic picture of Lord Dattatreya, who embodies the Divine Trinity [i.e., Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Sustainer and Protector, and Maheshwara, the Dissolver of the Universe], complete with four dogs, representing the four Vedas. Baba then looked with compassion at the devotee to whom He had spoken harshly a little earlier and said, "I was charged with Divine Energy when I was revealing Myself as Dattatreya in the picture. It at that time you had come into contact with even My robe, you would instantly have been reduced to ashes. That is why I spoke sternly; it was entirely for your safety!"


Avatars are packed with Infinite Power. However, they rarely use it. If at all the Power is used, only a tiny portion of it is. And the use is always for the benefit of others. In this case, the demo helped to reinforce the devotion of those who had followed Baba to the forest.


Radio Sai Team



Develop positive thoughts - Sathya Sai Speaks



Remove all the negative feelings. Develop, grow more and more positive thoughts.


If anyone says old man, that is also the name of this body. All are the names given to the body. My parents gave one name, friends gave another name and others gave me nickname too. This body has many names. Don't go by the body. If anyone calls you bad would you be bad? No. If he calls you bad, try to be free from bad quality.


If anyone points out a mistake try to be free from that mistake if it's there. In this kali age, when desires are not fulfilled, they start blaming God. This is there in all countries. Don't have such mean, disrespectful, unsacred thoughts. After all you've got your own wickedness, wicked knowledge. So, in times of Tyagaraja he said "God appears in the way you estimate". As you think of Him He manifests. With all good thoughts if you pray to Him, you will find Him.


Embodiments of love! Don't hate anybody, don't accuse anybody, to the extent possible love all and if not possible at least don't hate anybody.

Bhagawan wants us to develop the spirit of oneness, unity.


Listen to Bhagawan:
Direct link:


Download the audio:

Direct link:


Radio Sai Team




Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam, SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016

What should we do to develop into sacred ones? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

We talk a lot about discipline. Simply to keep on talking about discipline and not have the strength and faith to accept discipline is not going to do any good. Today, unfortunately, even persons who claim to be, and boast of being highly educated, a...ppear as weaklings in practical life. Such people do not understand the value of true education. You must be prepared to put into practice one out of the ten things that you preach, in preference to just saying ten good things. To discipline and duty we should also add devotion. It is only when these three D’s—Discipline, Devotion, and Duty—are together and firmly implanted in your heart, that your heart will be able to develop into a sacred one.

- Divine Discourse, Summer Roses on Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch 1

You must gladly subject yourself to the hammer of discipline and the chisel of pain-pleasure, so that you become Divine. - BABA.

Summer Showers 1990 Illustrations - MAY 1, 2016



Students! we began these classes on the holy Ekadasi day—day eleven of the lunar fortnight, and we are also concluding the classes on this Ekadasi day. Hence, you should consider all these classes as Ekadasi Vratam (observance of the vows of Ekadasi).


Radio Sai Team.