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Invitation for the symposium on "ETHICAL VALUES FOR BETTER CORPORATE GOVERNANCE"  on 2nd December 2013 at 1830 hrs at Jayadev Sadan, Paradip.

All are cordially listen one of the best speaker on any of the spiritual subject, Prof Anil Kumar Kamaraju....





Prashantinilayam, 28th November 2013


Several claims have been made in the recent past by individuals, organisations and others either claiming to be Sai Babas or claiming to have received instructions from him,seeking from general public and devotees -contribution,support or attendance at their congregation.

While imitation is the best form of flattery and the devotees and others are free to act as per the dictates of their conscience, it may be worthwhile to remember what Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba himself has said about such activities.

“There are some who extol others for the absurd reason that Sai Baba speaks through them! How silly? It is all drama which cheats sick minds. Do not fall a prey to these. That is why I say, keep your devotion within yourself, under control, and not be led away by crooks and self-seekers. These lead you astray by giving you a wrong idea of the Lord's manifestation. They befoul the faith that their brothers and sisters repose in God."

Excerpts from  Discourse at Prashantinilayam on October 15, 1964

"Talking of faith, I must issue a warning. Many people are collecting money in various places using My Name for various purposes like arranging receptions, building temples, doing Puja, etc. That is unauthorised and against My wish and command. Do not yield to such requests and encourage this practice, which I condemn.”

“There is another set of people who trade on your faith. They advertise  that I am 'talking' through a medium or some other thing. Treat all such people and their agents or brokers as you treat cheats; if you do not treat them so, then you are also accomplices in the cheating process.”

“ There are others who gather groups of followers and admirers and collect money .They  even declare "Baba sent me to you to take from you some money" or "Baba has given me this" or "Baba blessed me specially thus and thus" and then ask for your help or your praise or your purse! I ask you to chastise all these types of men and turn them away, whoever"     

Excerpts from  Discourse on November 25, 1962 at Prasanthi Nilayam

" People say 'Baba appeared to me in a dream and commanded me to do this and that, to you, to collect so much from you etc., etc. Do not give heed to such cheats; punish them in the way they deserve. That is the advice I have to give you"

"Do not believe if any one comes to you and declares, "Sathya Sai Baba came to me in my dream and commissioned me to do publicity for him. Please help me as far as you can". I do not commission any one for such work, either in dream or while he is awake. Such men are cheats; treat them as such, without mercy”

Excerpts from Discourse on March 26, 1965 at Kakinada

Do we need any more clarity than these stirring words,particularly our becoming accomplices to cheating ,if we encourage this?

Prof  A. Anantharaman
(Media Coordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust) 
Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi,
Anantapur, AP - 515134

'Sathya Sai with Students' Blog Update - Week 63

Sai Ram,

'Sathya Sai with Students' Team presents articles for Week 63:

1. Discourses to Students: While Swami's most significant message was about using our human body as an effective instrument in this journey of life, we often are confused about how we can actually do it. In a Discourse to His students, Swami elaborates on various aspects of this physical body, the role it plays and 'How we can make use of this Physical Body?'

2. Experiences of Students: Brother Vamsi Krishna writes on the theme: "How Swami taught me a lesson in Honesty."

3. Conversations with Students: In an interaction with experts from the industry visiting His University, Swami tells them about His students and what He expects them when they work in the external environment after completion of their studies at the University. We reminisce the interaction on the theme: "How are My Boys?"

4. Management Lessons: It is said that India lives in its villages. No doubt, the service activity most dear to our Lord is Rural Development. This week, we continue with the second part of this multi-part series on the theme of 'Integrated Rural Development: Guidelines by Sri Sathya Sai' given to students of the Management programme of His University by Swami on different occasions during the last two decades.

5. This Day That Age: It was in this week 53 years ago when Swami gave Himself a 'New Name'... Read on to know more about this landmark incident...

6. Song for the Soul: We present a song written by Swami Himself - 'Sri Sai knows the Destiny of All - Yevari Gathi Yetula Nunduno Sri Sai Keruka'

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Sri Sathya Sai Hostel for Senior Students

Prasanthi Nilayam

Talk Narendranath Reddy & Veena recital by Saraswati Rajagopalan (7 photos -  view )

Today saw the conclusion of the birthday week celebrations

After a talk by Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, Prasanthi Council who described in detail the several Seva activities being undertaken in the 120 countries of the world, the packed audience were entertained by an outstanding Veena recital by Smt Saraswati Rajagopalan from Delhi.

Overall it has been a memorable week. From the Rathothsavam on the 18th to the Veena recital today, we could fondly recollect several cameos--the whistle wizard rendering songs of devotion, outstanding drama by the primary school students, carnatic music by a Chinese national, the Convocation with it's pomp and pageantry, the stirring oration of Sam Pitroda, the convocation Drama, the Malladi concert, classic Mozart and lilting Johann Strauss, One of the guests remarked-"It was like being in another world”. Another remarked about the convocation drama “We have not seen anything so creative"

Kulwant Hall was full and overflowing. Over 50,000 partook the birthday lunch. A guest remarked “Glory days are back again”. Yet another replied “They never went away" -- all confirming the last words of the last page of the Central Trust Annual Report

"We have felt his presence and we have known that His world is still as He envisioned

And so shall it remain, and His Mission will go on....... (Report from Parthi Development FB)

Launch of a New Sai Blossom product shortly - beautiful glimpses of Swami's Golden Jubilee Birthday

Here is the SPECIAL, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN video that was played on the morning of the 88th Birthday Celebrations in Sai Kulwant Hall at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Catch beautiful glimpses of the Golden Jubilee Birthday, the 50th Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan Baba.

If you enjoy it (which I am sure you will), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Do not forget to pick up the entire 2 hour riveting movie when it arrives at "Sai Blossoms" in another fortnight..... The production also carries a BONUS CD with 9 discourses that have NEVER BEFORE BEEN HEARD where Swami defines the Sathya Sai Avatar, Narayan Seva and the objectives of the Sathya Sai Organizations

Production going on @MoserBaer, Noida, India!

Sai Blossom store in Prasanthi Nilayam (Opposite Radio Sai office)

Massive Nagar Sankeertan in Mumbai

On the early hours of 24th November, 2013, a massive Nagar Sankeertan was organized in the city of Mumbai. The entire city was divided in 3 zones, and each zone commenced the Mass Nagar Sankaeertan from 3 different city locations, and all 3 zones converged in a single spot in Shivaji Park for Arathi.

I live in Borivali, and joining the nearby Samithes , we assembled in front of a church in Mahim. The Nagar Sankeertanam started exactly by 6 AM. Wading through various main roads, we reached Shivaji Park in the heart of Dadar area. One by one, the other 2 zonal devotees too arrived in Shivaji Park, as a culmination of one hour Nagar Sankeertan.

All devotees assembled in front of Ganesh Mandir in Shivaji Park, and Sri Anoop Saxena and other Samithi convenors offered Arathi. The organisers had thoughtfully arranged for some biscuits and tea, at the concluding venue.

With Love & Regards, Mumbai Srinivasan


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

What a glorious day it was!!! A heart warming, joyful day indeed. Thousands of devotees including those from near by villages thronged the holy abode of our beloved Lord, before dawn and there was so much ecstasy and joy in the air. The pavement on the main road infront of Ganesha gate was full with busy flower ladies selling roses, garlands and coconuts. Today being a special day for every one, almost every one were busy buying at least a rose to offer to Swami.

A special mention is to be made of these Flower ladies who usually have a very hard day. The scorching sun is a big challenge and when the day is tough, they have to sit on the streets more mindful of the flowers than them selves. To top it all, citing traffic problems, the police do chase them away on many occasions. These ladies come from a very poor families but an amazing thing about these ladies was to be seen when Swami used to come out for " Street darshans" in His car. Un mindful of their economic or financial limitations they would just shower all the flowers from their baskets, on His car, thus depicting the " Gopika Bhakthi" which is pure and unsullied, un mindful of interviews or any " visiting cards" from Swami as many of us long for..

During the construction of the indoor stadium Swami used to give these " street darshans" atleast 5 times a week and many a times, i have seen Swami playfully with a sweet smile, ducking in the car as these " flower ladies" poured out their flowers ( devotion) on His car

Today, in spite of being a very busy day, luckily these ladies had less headache from the Cops who were bit liberal and let them sell flowers on the pavement.

Back in the Sai Kulwanth Hall, the devotees were just pouring in. The car parking outside the hall had some fancy cars which indicated the presence of VIPs and as one entered the Sai Kulwanth Hall, the atmosphere was just fantastic. The beautiful decoration all around just made us feel as though Swami was Physically present this morning.

After the vedam chanting, the students of Swami's institute offered few songs and then a small video documentary of Swami from the 70s was shown on the Big screen depicting the glory of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar.

This morning Prof.Anil Kumar took over the proceedings in Sai Kulwanth hall. Blending a perfect English and Telugu commentary and narrating, singing some very interesting poems of Baba, the erudite speaker made the whole atmosphere lively.

The chief guest of today's proceedings was Dr.(Mrs.) Killi Krupa Rani, Union Minister of state for Information Technology. Prof.Anil Kumar requested the minister to release the postal stamp bearing Swami's photo on this auspicious ocassion. The newly appointed Trustee, Sri. Mishra was given the first stamp by the minister.

The postal stamp of Rs.5 denomination has Swami's photo on it. Along with the stamp there was also a small brochure released by the Department of Posts, Govt. Of India. Who ever did the write up should have given it a second thought while mentioning about Swami leaving the body. But i guess this brochure was only for circulating to limited people.

The postal stamps are available in the ashram book store and is now for sale..

Later Sri.Naganand, Trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust summarised the Annual Report of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust briefing all the Profit and Loss accounts for the current financial year. Ever since Swami's Mahasamdhi, the Trust has decided to come out with this Annual Report to maintain transparency and clarity in all the financial affairs of the Trust. Sri.Naganand started his talk saying its very hard for him to brief the activities of the 12 months in just 12 minutes. Highlighting Swami's initiatives especially in Educare, Medicare and Socio Care. Sri.Naganand made a special mention about the Mobile Medical camp which is taken up by the Andhra Pradesh doctors every 15 days of the month. They are so committed that they are even willing to forego their practices in their native places and come and serve in the mobile medical camp bearing all the costs on their own.

Taking cue from this successful project, Sri.Naganand said the Trust has plans to start mobile medical camps in the four Metros of India and to start with they will be having one in Chennai very soon, which will cover all the slums and economically backward areas.

Sri.Naganand also mentioned about the second phase of Sri Sathya Sai Water project which was started a year ago to supply pure drinking water to 120 villages around Puttaparthi. He said, 15 villages will be getting water from today and the remaining vilages will get the water by March 2014.

He also gave an account of donations received by the Trust for this financial year along with the interest from the Corpus Fund set up by Swami. The details of important expenses and assets were also given. The detailed report will be available on

Later Dr.(Mrs) Killi Krupa Rani gave an electrifying talk in Telugu. She definitely did very good homework before she came on the dais and apparently she took notes from elders from the ashram the previous evening which indeed is a quality of a " Quality" speaker. In spite of being a politician, she was clearly not here to make a political speech but a talk which came from the heart.

The Minister, confessed that she was little bit disheartened that she couldn't see Swami in His physical form but then consoled her innerself saying Baba is not a person who can leave and go away. He is all pervasive and His energy is every where. All the actions we do is verily His energy. She said we built temples for our spiritual upliftment, we built school for letting ourselves educated, we built hospitals for us to be hail and healthy and Puttaparthi is one such " rare" places in the world which has all these facilities and it is verily heaven on earth.

She appreciated all the noble activities taken up by the Trust and thanked all the Trustees for an excellent work they were doing.

Later Swami's discourse from the 70s was played followed by bhajans and arathi..

The evening session was equally power packed with two concerts as the Jhoola on which Swami used to swing was kept in the middle. The office bearers of all the states of India were allowed to offer their respective Annual reports at the Lotus feet which was followed by Young talent Bharath Sundar's concert followed by our very own Malladi Brothers. It was indeed a very long session ending at 8:15 pm but the thrill and joy the heart experienced was still asking for more..


One of the leading English Dailies in India, The Indian Express has carried a special issue on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on the ocassion of 88th Birthday celebrations. Thanks to Ms.Lakshmi Subramanian who has put lot of hard (heart) work in bringing out this issue within a short span of time..

The PDF copies of the 2 page issue are attached for your information. The link can also be accessed at

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik

Posted on 24th November, 2013

Om Sairam Dearest Sai Family

It was indeed a great day, yet another beautiful chapter written in Gold as the 32nd Convocation of Sri Sathya Sai University commenced this morning in a most ceremonious manner.
The Sai Kulwant hall was beautifully decorated for the grand occasion and Swami's chair was kept right in the middle as He is the " Founder Chancellor" of this prestigious institution

Prof.Sashidhar Prasad,the current Vice chancellor of the University first thanked Swami for such a beautiful day and after giving a brief introduction about the university, he introduced the two distinguished members.

The First one was 84 years (young), Retired Justice, Sri.Venkatachalayya, who was the Former Chief Justice of Supreme court in 1987 and later served as Head of National Human rights commission and few months ago he was appointed as Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai University.

The second member who was introduced by the Vice Chancellor was Mr. Ganga Ram Pitroda, popularly known as Sam Pitroda who was one of the key advisers of the late Prime Minister of India, Sri.Rajiv Gandhi. He is now the advisor to Prime Minister Sri.Manmohan Singh on public information infrastructure and innovations for creating a digital infrastructure in the country for speeder governance.

Mr. Ganga Ram pitroda who was coming to Puttaparthi even though he mentioned Swami's name just once, he showed lot of respect and reverence to Him and equal respect to the students for their discipline and dedication. There was a big round of applause from the crowd, when Mr.Pitroda said, " I have attended over 25 convocation addresses but never had a setting like this. This gathering is Inspirational, pleasant, emotional and unbelievably quiet.

He had a special mention of one Mr.Vikas,an Alumunus of Sri Sathya Sai University who got his MBA degree in the year 2008.and has been working with him for the past 5 years. He said " Mr.Vikas is an example of your ambassador. Very sincere, hardworking, courageous, ethical and willing to do every thing

Mr. Petroda opined that Indian conversation is all about Cricket (which is very true especially about Sachin who retired recently), bollywood and political gossip. and it is high time to take lead about Indian values for which we are doing nothing. Saying that the next 10 years is very crucial failing which we will be heading towards a disaster. He said it is time for all of us to change the conversation . Youngsters have to take lead. You are the constituency who should demand change".

When you look at the media we feel everything is in chaos. but when you look at the technology, the young, you see a great hope. Just turn it over to young. that is the requirement of the day.He urged the Youths to look beyond personal interest to community interest.

It was an inspiring 30 Minutes and Mr.Pitroda did his best to communicate what he intended to, within the span of time.

Later, Sri.Venkatachalaiah hailed the value based education system set up by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba which was inspiring to many.

A short discourse of Swami, was played and the morning programme concluded with National Anthem and Mangala Arathi around 11.40 am.


The much awaited "Convocation day drama" was a fantastic one like every year. This year's drama, titled, " Sai Kathamrutham" highlighting on the Brahma Gnana (The highest Knowledge of the self, Devotion how God comes to you when one surrenders completely..

The young man who played the role of Shirdi Baba did a fantastic job.


On the holy occasion of Bhagawan Baba's 88th Birthday celebrations, the Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust (Publications division) has released two new books of Prof.Anil Kumar titled, "Between You and me" and " Quest Eternal" which are priced at Rs.70 and Rs.75 respectively. Between the two books contain about 500 questions answered by Prof.Anil Kumar over the years on almost all the topics which will be of great help to devotees from all walks of life. The sales of the books will start from 23rd November 2013.

As we are few hours away from celebrating the 88th Birthday of our beloved Lord, all arrangements have been made for the programme. The " cake specialists from Italy" who always come and show their love to Bhagawan with their signature cakes, have come out with a beautiful cake this year as well. Sister Grace who was present by the West 7 block, kindly agreed to capture this cake before it heads to Sai Kulwanth Hall to seek the blessings of Baba. Here is the photo of the cake for you(r) (eyes) to relish..


As requested earlier, will be publishing all the photos of the birthday altars taken around the world on the website. Please take a proper picture of the altar of your home, Sai Center, Sai School, Sai meeting and send it to mentioning your name and country.

These photos will give great joy to all to see how nicely the celebrations took place in various parts of the world..

Praying Swami to shower His choicest blessings on all of us on this auspicious day,

R.Satish Naik
Posted on 23.11.2013

Radiosai Special Wallpaper: 88 Years of Unconditional and Selfless Love

Radiosai presenting a special wallpaper for all Radiosai listeners and facebook followers. Finally the time has come to start the grand celebration Bhagawan’s 88th Birthday. Whole world waiting for that auspicious moment as Swami took Avatar and came down for the sake of mankind. This Avatar has great significance in history of mankind. Let us see some excerpts from His divine discourses.

Kali Yuga on Himself

As we all know, an Avatar is an Incarnation of God. In a broad sense, everything in the Universe is a manifestation of God. Yet, the term Avatar is reserved for those Incarnations wherein the Lord deliberately assumes a specific form for a specific purpose.

About the meaning of the word Avatar, Swami says:

“The word Avatar means descent. It is not coming down from the peak of a mountain or the top story of a tall building. It is a descent from the state of the Atma to the level of the body.”-Baba

Why does God incarnate? Swami goes deeper into the subject. He says:

“To elevate man to the level of Supreme Consciousness, God has to incarnate as man. God has to speak to man in his own style and language. He has to teach mankind the methods that it can adopt and practice. Birds and beasts need no Divine incarnation to guide them for they have no inclination to stray away from their respective Dharmas. Man alone forgets the goal of life.” Baba.

Swami's Only Concern…His Devotees

Swami, pure selfless love that He is, if He were concerned about anything during the Birthday celebrations, it was about the devotees comforts and their well-being. Elderly devotees who were in close physical proximity of Bhagawan only know how Swami used to enquire everyday about the arrangements made for the devotees concerning their food and stay - and least about what major functions were being planned for the Birthday celebrations, be it dances, concerts, or fireworks. Swami’s love for His devotees are not comparable with anything.

Let us make His birthday meaningful with our dedicatated and devotional service. Let us take new steps to bring happiness among all Sai Children and work together to make our Swami happy. That will be an offering from all of us to His birthday which will inspire new generations to spread the Universal message and selfless love of Swami throughout the every corner of the world.

On 23rd of November, we celebrate the Birth Anniversary of the Advent of our Lord Sai amongst us. It is an opportunity for mankind to pay homage to this embodiment of selfless love on this special day when He took this Sathya Sai Avtar for the sake of mankind. Millions of devotees from all over the world throng to Prasanthi Nilayam on this day to catch a glimpse of this grand celebration and to feel Swami’s divine essence.

This is not only a celebration but it is an event for which devotees wait a whole year. They come and fulfilled their wish by taking part in this divine event. Swami always has said that the day when divinity will blossoms in our heart, that will be His birthday. Swami will be happy if we can follow His teaching and make our life His message. That will be a true offering to Swami on His birthday.

Bhagawan delivered in one of His Birthday discourse -"The day when you resolve to practice My advice; to follow my directives, to translate My message into acts of service, and to engage in spiritual discipline-that day is My birthday for you. The 23rd of November which you now honor as the day on which I was born, is only like any other day, even if you celebrate it in a routine, ritual fashion. Adore man: the adoration reaches Me. Neglect man; you neglect Me. Of what avail is it to worship the Lord and to suppress man, His counterpart on earth? Love for God must be manifested as Love for man, and Love must express itself as service."

Feel free to set it your desktop wallpaper and share Swami’s divine Birthday message among all. Make Swami happy by your devotial offerings and nobel service. Make your life His message by walking on the path shown by Him. Follow His teachings in every aspect of your life to avoid all obstacles. Chant His divine name and stay blessed by His loving care. Make your life the vehicle to spread out the universal message of Living, Loving Lord.


Radio Sai Special: Ringtones

On Bhagawan's 88th Birthday, Radio Sai is pleased to offer at His feet a special tone, and this one will be a perfect way to begin your day! Set this tone as your wake-up alarm and let Swami's gentle voice wake you up.

We are also offering at Swami's feet a ringtone inspired by His timeless bhajan, 'Love is My Form.' We hope you will like this one too. We pray to Bhagawan to bless all of you with His love and blessings on the most auspicious occasion of... His Birthday.

feel free to share to your friends and family ...

radiosai link :

download link:

Sai Alarm ringtone -
Start The Day With Love

for iphone:

Ringtone - Love is my Form

for iphone:

Alarm Ringtone - Start the day with Love in Swami's Voice

Listen to Radio Sai / Alarm Ringtone - Start the day with Love in Swami's Voice | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and .......

Message from Shri. Babu Puri - Medical Coordinator

"On November 23rd Sri Sathya Sai Baba's videos would be telecast on Sindhi Shajan channel at 9:00 am & 5;00 pm in Mumbai. "

Message from Shri. Babu Iyer, District President Navi Mumbai

Sai Ram

Bhagwan's Birthday programme celebrations at Sai Prem has commenced from 19th Nov. Today (22nd), we have a cultural programme by the Bal Vikas students of the District, in the evening from 6Pm to 8 Pm.

Tomorrow (23rd), on the Birthday, we have Nagarsankirtan from 5.15 am to 6.30 pm, in NERUL, commencing from the Shani Mandir, where all the devotees from the District will assemble. Thereafter, we have Laksharchana at Sai Prem from 10 am to 12.30 pm followed by Narayan seva. Simultaneously, at the same time, we will be having a Special Medical Camp at KHARGHAR, from 9.30 am to 2 pm, followed by Narayan Seva at the camp. Thereafter, in the evening, we have 2 programmes at Sai Prem, from 6 pm to 8 pm, consisting of Abhangs by the villagers from the adopted village Shiravali followed by Bhajans by the youth group from Navi Mumbai who have reached the finals of the ongoing "Bhajan Samrat" competitions, which was being telecast live on Sankara TV channel.

We, the devotees of Navi Mumbai, invite you to attend the above mentioned programmes. More so, we will be extremely happy, if you could grace your presence and enjoy with us, the 23rd (tomorrow's) evening programme of Abhangs and Bhajans.

Looking forward to seeing you at Sai Prem.

Sai Prem Akhand Bhajans reported in the Newspaper " Newsband". (shown below)

24 Hours of Divine Bliss At Sai Prem

20th November 2013 (page 8)

By Ashok Dhamija – For Newsband



Top Picture: Amidst divine chants and bhajans devotees perform aar­ti on the eve of Sri Sathya Sai Baba 88th Birthday.

Bottom Picture : Sai Bhajan troupe’s from various part of the city participated in the 24 hour Akhand Bhajan at Sai Prem Temple in Vashi.


VASHI: Thousands of Faithfull's congregated in a 24 hour marathon “Global Akhanda Bhajan'' for Universal Peace on the eve of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 88th Birthday at Sai Prem Temple in Vashi

The annual event which was organised by Sri Sathya Sai Trust and Sri Satya Sai Seva Organization , Navi Mumbai was initiated with vedic rites and was followed by non stop chanting of Devotional Songs by Bhajan troupes from various parts of the spiritual upliftment and self realization. "Hum-ko Tumse Pyar Kitna, Sai Him Hi Jante" by members of Sai Youth which was the final verse of the Akhanda Bhajan and was followed by a taped recital in Sri Sathya Sai Baba in divine voice "Subramanyam Subramanyam Shanmukanada Subramanyam". The event concluded with Aarti and distribution of Mahaprasad.

"Sai Prem is a Temple dedicated to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is situated in the new city VASHI, in Navi Mum­bai. It is worth report­ing that Bhagawan had blessed this mandir, by His personal visit , thus sanctifying the Mandir. Like every year, the 24 hour Akhajnd Bhajan at Sai Prem marks the series of programmes celebrating the advent of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on 23rd No­vember. It was started by Bhagwan himself for world peace and now has spread to all the parts of the world. In the words of Sri Sathya Sai Baba himself 'Sathsang or Divine congregation' like this is a very important requisite for moral and spir­itual advancement. If you keep on in Sathsang continuously, your hearts will maintain purity. But if you resort to it occasionally, then like the less used utensils in the house, your hearts will get tar­nished. You must take all the trouble and have all the patience needed to seek Sathsang and remain therein, shared one of the member of the Trusts organizing committee.

Pdf File: 8.pdf

20th November 2013 - Page 8

Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK

Dr Kiran Patel, National Chair Person
1 Thomson Close, Rushey Mead, Leicester LE4 7SX
Telephone: (M) 0742 913 8939

21st November 2013

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Loving Sai Ram to you!

As the holiest day of November 23rd approaches, I am sure that the hearts of all devotees in UK, like those of our brothers and sisters across the world, are dancing with great jubilation in celebrating the Divine Advent of our Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The National Birthday Celebrations this year in UK, commemorating the 88th Birthday of our Lord, are an expression of the collective gratitude of His devotees, a tribute from His Family in the UK. We are fortunate to have two very eminent personalities as our esteemed guests at these celebrations: Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker and Mr Sikkil Gurucharan.

Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker from California, our guest speaker, is a well-known and ardent devotee of Bhagawan since 1969. Along with Richard Bock, she was blessed by Bhagawan Baba with many rare opportunities and divine experiences which they were privileged to capture on film and share as memorable videos that gave the world glimpses into the Life and Message of the Divine Avatar, Our Lord Sathya Sai Baba. Aura of Divinity, Advent of the Avatar, Universal Teacher- to name just a few of their films, are treasured by the global Sai family with great joy and gratitude.

Mr Sikkil Gurucharan from Chennai, our guest musician, is a young but highly acclaimed and widely travelled vocalist from the Carnatic music tradition. He had the rare privilege during the 85th Birthday Celebrations in 2010, when he was blessed by Bhagawan to offer two concerts in His Divine Presence in the Sai Kulwanth Hall.

In the holy company of devotees such as our guests - who had the rare blessing bestowed upon them by none other than the Avatar Himself, to interact with Him closely, stay with Him, travel with Him, witness the divine manifestations, cures, conversations and guidance, and be key instruments in His Mission through art, film, and music – one feels strongly and experiences deeply the Presence of the Almighty. As Bhagawan Baba’s devotees, our hearts melt and rejoice when we listen to His Story and His Song of divine love. Devotees forget the physical separation from the Lord and unite in the Unifying Bond of His Love.

It is not very often, and perhaps only once in a lifetime due to His Grace, that we get a chance to bask in the company of such ardent devotees of the Lord. Let us therefore strive sincerely not to miss these rare opportunities. Those amongst us who haven’t registered yet, please do so as soon as possible:

We have two short sessions planned for the da; please be seated at least 15 minutes before start:

Programme - Morning Session

10.30 am Bhajans
Welcome Address
Invocation Dance
Cake Cutting
Dr Kiran Patel
SSE & Youth
11.20 am The Advent of Divinity
Song of the Soul' Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker
Youth Concert
12.50 pm ‘Language of the Heart’ Sikkil Gurucharan
2.00 pm Arathi

Programme - Afternoon Session

2.45 pm Bhajans
Welcome Address
Dr Kiran Patel
3.10 pm 'The Bond of Divine Love
Hearts in Adoration'
Cake Cutting Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker
Youth Concert
SSE & Youth
4.35 pm ‘Atma Nivedanam’ Sikkil Gurucharan
5.45 pm Arathi & Close

Mrs Janet Bock Bicker’s other Regional Sathsangs

Regions 6 & 7

Sunday 24th November 2013
12.30 – 16.00

Punjabi Community Centre, Cricklade Road, Swindon, SN2 8AZ Region 4

Tuesday 26th November 2013
19.00 – 21.00

Sri Ram Mandir, Lohana Mahajan Leicester, Hildyard Road, Leicester, LE4 5GG

For those devotees who are unable to be with us can still join in via the Live Video Stream which will be operated on the day:

To view the invitation please click on the following link:

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

With Loving Regards,
Sai Ram.

Dr Kiran Patel
Chair, UKCC


National Christmas Celebrations 2013 (Invitation)

Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK

Free Cataract Surgeries by SSSSO Washim

Cataract Surgery camp was organised by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Washim under Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Medicare Project Washim , in which approximately 2000 patients were checked at different villages & 202 patients were selected for surgery. The patients were operated in two phases. The First phase was held on 11/11/2013 & 2nd phase on 18/11/2013. 126 patients in the 1st phase & 76 patients in 2nd phase were treated. The patients were given goggles, medicines & vibhuti prasad. Food was served to all patients & their relatives.


Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh, Washim

Swami Birthday Invite 2013 - Pune SSSSO

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Celebrating An Exalted Event…

The District President and The Samiti Convenors of Pune District, lovingly entreat your august presence even as they reverentially assemble to herald in the 88th Year of the Supreme Advent of Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on 23rd November 2013 from 6.15 pm onwards at Mahavir Prathisthan Hall, Mahavir Institute,Opposite Maharishi Nagar Police Chowkey, Gultekdi, Salisbury Park, Pune.

Programme Highlights

· Lighting of the Lamp

· Veda Chanting

· Welcome address by the District President

· Vintage video footage of Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba

· ‘CONFLUENCE’ a melodious ensemble by Shri Girish Atre and Shri Mategoankar musical troupe, captivatingly conveys the confluence between Science and Spirituality

· Prashanthi Bhajans

· Jhoola Ceremony

· Aarati and Prasad Distribution at 9.15 pm

Kindly be seated by 6.00 pm.

Shri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation - Pune.

Contact Nos.-9405033354, 9421080561, 9922509165, 9404231499.

Given the adulation that SACHIN TENDULKAR has received all across the country last weekend, Sathya Sai with Students team has a rare collection of photos of the Master-Blaster with his MASTER...


This is a photo taken at Chennai in the Sundaram temple of Swami. Sachin Tendulkar had visited Swami during the Ati Rudra Mahayajna. In this photo, Sachin is showing one of the season balls from a set of 6 that he presented to HIM!



A MOMENT OF ETERNITY: When SACHIN looked into the eyes of GOD... And HE smiled...

Where all Roads End... The Destination of this Journey called 'Life'... The Feet of the Divine Master...


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19th November is being observed as Ladies' Day. Ladies' Day is celebrated to make you understand the value of mother's love and her concern for you. You owe your existence to your mother.

"The Bhagavad Gita says that a woman has seven qualities, whereas a man has only three. So, never look down upon women. They are most virtuous. They are the very embodiments of nature.

Men should realise the high status of women and honour and respect them accordingly. They should not make women weep and shed tears. A home where the woman sheds tears will be ruined. Men should give an honourable place for women and a respectable life.


"The first title given to a woman is 'Griha-Lakshmi (the goddess of home). A woman is expected to confer all prosperity, honour and good name on the home and the family. She is characterized as ' Griha-Lakshmi' and not' Office-Lakshmi

Another title for a woman is 'Ardhaangi' (the better half). This means that she is better half of the husband and not partner in his job.

The third title is 'I...llalu' (the Mistress of the Home). She is the mistress in the house and not in the office. Dharma-patni is the fourth title conferred on a married woman. This implies that the home is the dwelling for all righteousness. The home is the birthplace of all 'Dharmas' (rules of right conduct). Hence, righteousness should be fostered at home. A home is no trivial place. The home is veritable university teaching many subjects.

The home is a centre of comfort and pleasure conferring joy. The home is a shrine that can make even the creator, Brahma, sing and others dance. The home with the husband is a school for the wife. Sai Baba, SS, 12/96, p. 333


"Among the mother, the father, the teacher and the God. the mother is given the top most priority. Modem youth do not care for the mother. They think they are highly educated and that the mother does not know anything. It is a great mistake to think so. Never look down upon the mother." Sai Baba, SS. 12/99. p. 367

"The welfare of the son depends on the mother. It is because of the love of the mo...ther that the son becomes great and eminent. So, the foremost duty of the son is to be I grateful to his mother, respect her and serve her. Divinity is immanent in every being. But who is responsible for this divinity within? It is the mother alone. The mother, who bears you for nine months with many difficulties, is ready to sacrifice even her life for your welfare. You owe your existence to your mother." Sai Baba, SS, 4/97. pp. 321 & 322


"The welfare of the son depends on the mother. It is because of the love of the mother that the son becomes great and eminent. So, the foremost duty of the son is to be I grateful to his mother, respect her and serve her. Divinity is immanent in every being. But who is responsible for this divinity within? It is the mother alone. The mother, who bears you for nine months with many difficulties, is ready to sacrifice even her life for your welfare. You owe your existence to your mother." Sai Baba, SS, 4/97. pp. 321 & 322


Women should change themselves and help to change the men and the children. They should develop qualities of sympathy, compassion, love and sacrifice. Study the lives of our great women, who were models of patience, fortitude, compassion and sacrifice. I desire that you should take the reins of leadership and bring peace and prosperity to the nation by leading ideal lives." Sai Baba. SS. 11/12-95,... p. 295

"If the nation has to prosper, improvement must start with parents. Without peace and harmony at home, there can be no peace in the nation. This message should be propagated throughout the country on every November 19th, by observing it as Ladies' Day. You should teach people how to run their homes well and how to bring up children on right lines. You must deal calmly and tactfully with the men, if they are not cooperating. Though Ravana was evil-minded, his noble wife Mandodari, tried to correct him as much as possible. She advised him strongly not to keep Sita in Lanka, but to restore her to Rama" Sai Baba, SS, 11/12. 95, p. 294


"Mothers in ancient days used to teach the children about right conduct, morality and devotion. The first preceptor for a child is the mother. For this reason, Bharatiya culture gave the first place to the mother among the four persons to be revered as Divine: mother, father, guru and guest. The mother gets the first place because she bears the child in the womb for nine months and nourishes him w...ith her own blood. Even in mentioning the names of deities, the first place is given to the goddess, as in Sita-Rama, Parvati-Parameshwara and Lakshmi-Narayana. The reason for the feminine name getting priority is that she is 'Prakriti-Swaroopini' the embodiment of nature. The implication of this usage is that you should realise God through the propitiation of Prakriti." Sai Baba. SS, 11/12, p. 293

"In this context, the role of women as mothers should be understood. The great hero, Shivaji, was moulded entirely by the teachings of his mother. Rama was taught by his mother Kaushalya to follow the sacred path of Dharma. The lives of me great show that to what extent they were the products of their mother. Gandhiji became a staunch adherent of truth after a lesson he learnt from his mother, who could not bear her son telling a lie even to make her break her fast." Sai Baba. SS. 11/-12-95, p. 293


19th November is being observed as Ladies' Day. Ladies' Day is celebrated to make you understand the value of mother's love and her concern for you. You owe your existence to your mother.

"The Bhagavad Gita says that a woman has seven qualities, whereas a man has only three. So, never look down upon women. They are most virtuous. They are the very embodiments of nature.

Men should realise the high status of women and honour and respect them accordingly. They should not make women weep and shed tears. A home where the woman sheds tears will be ruined. Men should give an honourable place for women and a respectable life.


"A mother is ready to sacrifice everything, even her life, for the sake of her child. Such a spirit is to be found only among women. If the child is grievously ill, the mother wilt try to save the child at any cost. It is for this reason that woman is described as ' Tyaagamurti' (embodiment of sacrifice). Men do not have the same spirit of sacrifice as women." Baba. SS. 11/12-95, p.293


What a grand start to the 88th birthday celebrations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! The ashram is beautifully decorated on this holy occasion. Its just amazing feeling looking at the beautiful coloured papers, the huge tree infront of Ganesha now has a beautifully renovated platform. The Ganesha Statue has also been lit up with beautiful lights. The unique thing about this year's lighting is that it has bit of antique look. The lightings look like the one's in 80s or early 90s, with regular 60 Volt bulbs lighting in random and small lights lighting in sequence. Even though the modern day lights are bit flashy but old is gold. If we go little bit further towards Swami's Residence, the two eyes are not enough to see the beauty especially in the nights. This year's special attraction are the big flashy lights (fitted near Swami's residence) in the sky which spreads for few kilometers. Its just amazing to see this in the night sky

This morning (November 18th) it was the day of the traditional Chariot festival where the idols are taken on a chariot from Gopuram gate to the Old Mandir and back. The whole of Puttaparthi came to a stand still to witness this. It was a divine morning with lots of music as well.

The evening programme was equally interesting and the first one to start with was the " Whistle concert" , a one of its kind concert by Sri.Siva Prasad, who was also blessed to " whistle" in the divine presence on one occasion. It was just fantastic as he " whistled" beautiful Prasanthi Bhajans.

The next programme was by the students of all campuses titled, " Bhakthi Bhava Pravaham" a beautiful dance which looked very professional in its narration and enaction.


Like it happens every year, on the occasion of Swami's 88th birthday celebrations a free medical camp has been arranged in the Ashram in N4 block where in 13 doctors from USA, UK and Australia are serving the needy patients.. They are also giving out free medicines.

Interestingly there are two very experienced Oncologists in the camp to guide cancer patients. The Medical camp is open the whole day till 8PM and will be operating till November 25th. (Even though most of the locals are aware of it, just in case you have any freinds in Puttaparthi, please pass this news so that people can get benefited).


After so many years, the ashram authorities have given a go ahead for the establishment of a ATM within the ashram. A new ATM operated by Canara Bank is almost ready for inauguration right infront of North Indian Canteen.



As mentioned earlier, requests you all to share the photo of your altar (it can be your home, Sai Center, group meeting etc) so that we can share the same with the rest of the world. All you have to do is take a nice picture (only of the altar with no one else in the frame and should be taken on November 23rd), with your name, country and send it to


All the photos received will be compiled and shared with the rest of the world so that we can see how our brothers and sisters celebrated Swami's 88th birthday.

May Bhagawan bless us all to celebrate His birthday with joy and peace in our hearts... because He said, My birthday is when you all are joyful and peaceful..

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik


Posted on 19.11.2013


88th Birthday Celebrations at Dharmakshetra



Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Greetings to one and all from the abode of our beloved Lord,

The busy month of November has arrived and Puttaparthi is gearing up for the 88th Birthday celebrations of our beloved Lord which will be held in Sai Kulwanth hall starting with Ladies day celebration on the 19th.

The atmosphere is already looking festive and vibrant as always..


The Akhanda Bhajan was a grand one with thousands of devotees attending. As it always happens on the second saturday and sunday of November, it gives chance to many Indian job holders to attend this programme as second saturday is a holiday to most offices in India. All the campuses of Swami were also present and the bhajans were too good. Like every year, the western canteen, south and North Indian canteen, schools were given slots for bhajan singing. Devotees were practicing for the bhajans atleast for 10 days.

Exactly at 6 PM, the big screens in Sai Kulwanth Hall showed Swami singing Govinda Krishna Jai and Subramanyam bhajans. The whole atmosphere became refreshed and energised watching the Divine singing His glory and letting us soak in His love..

Mean while the sevadals were busy making every one of us sit in rows leaving a path in the middle for serving the food. After arathi, the students started bringing food and sweet pongal and tamarind rice (polisadam, pulihora) was served to one and all. The students were so generous to serve more food for people who wanted to take home.


It reminded the days when Swami used to make sure even the last person in the hall got the prasadam. Swami used to be (is even now) happy looking at His children enjoying the sumptuous prasadam. The students are doing the same by making Him happy by serving the devotees stomach full. What a great joy indeed!!


Ever since the students took up the job of cleaning up Chitravathi river, things are moving very fast. The cleaning of the holy river is going on and unfortunately there are still few people dumping the waste on the banks of the river every now and then.

The number of devotees attending the Chitravathi arathi every Thursday is increasing. If you are planning to be in Parthi, you may make it convenient to attend the arathi on every Thursday starting around 6:30 PM.

The Samadhi of Swami Karunyananda is looking new thanks to two brothers from Hill Side Sai Center, South Africa (who preferred to anonymous) took up this task of painting and giving a facelift to the Samadhi of a great devotee who had the great fortune to stay with Swami for four decades..




The schedule for the 88th Birthday celebrations is out. Even though the name of the chief guest for Convocation is not mentioned yet, its going to be a very interesting and spiritually uplifting week long celebrations.. For those who are planning to visit Parthi for the birthday celebrations please find the programme below:

SHARE THE PHOTO OF YOUR BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED ALTAR FOR THE 88TH BIRTHDAY OF OUR LORD:  welcomes every devotee (Sai Centers) to share the picture of your beautifully decorated alter during Swami's birthday celebrations. This is to share with the rest of the world..

How to send the photos?

Sai Centers, Individuals, small and big groups are welcome to send their photos of the altar. Take a proper picture (make sure there is no one posing in the photo, just the photo of the altar is required). Email the photo (s) to  and please don't forget to mention your name (of the center or group), country and a small write up like number of people attended, speakers, plays etc..


All the collected photos will be posted on the website so that entire world of Sai Family may watch them and appreciate the beauty of the work and also the love of His devotees. Only the photos taken during the birthday celebrations are requested.

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik

Post received on 11.11.2013



Global Akhanda Bhajan Today…

Radiosai Special Wallpaper: “Global Akhanda Bhajan 2013”

We can observe a lot of devotional essence in the air for the anticipation of the 24 hour Global Akhanda Bhajan that has scheduled to begin from tomorrow Saturday, November 9, evening at 6:00pm. Prashanti Nilayam will be transformed into the nucleus of a Global Sadhana in ‘Namasmarana’ which would continue till November 10, 6:00pm throughout all the parts of the Globe.

Click here to get the high resolution wallpaper... for your desktop background from Radiosai Google+:

As part of the Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan Baba, on the second Saturday-Sunday in November, Bhajans (devotional singing) are conducted continuously for 24 hours at all Sathya Sai Centres on a global level praying for peace, harmony and bliss to all mankind.The significance of community singing is immense, according to Baba. It is the easiest way to reach God in the present age.

Speaking on the efficacy of Bhajans, Baba says, "The spiritual vibrations produced by Bhajans confer great joy both on those who sing them and on those who hear the songs. Bhajans remove all negative thoughts, soothe the nerves, purify the mind and fill the body and the heart with sweet love for the divine. As one sings Bhajans, the mind is saturated with God Consciousness and a great ecstasy wells up from within. No mental or intellectual effort is called for, as there is no need to understand anything while uttering the holy names of God and singing His glory. The singing and the atmosphere created by Bhajans takes one beyond the realms of the body, mind and intellect and helps to establish communion with the Higher Self (consciousness) within. Therefore, singing Bhajans becomes a beautiful and blissful experience. Many great composers and musicians like Thyagaraja established communion with God through devotional music.”

“Singing the name is liberating. You needn't worry about tune and beat. The beat and tune of the heart is one - So Ham - "I am that". Keep that tune, its enough. It is a great fortune to do namasmarana. We have bhajans here everyday. That is a great fortune. Do not miss and spoil that fortune granted to you. It will lead to fulfillment of your lives.”

Some excerpts from the Divine Discourse delivered by Swami on November 13, 2007 after the conclusion of Global Akhanda Bhajan.

Radiosai team will be offering Live audio and webcast direct from Prasanthi Nilayam for all devotees and listeners. The timings of the public address and Live Audio broadcast during Akhanda Bhajan will be as follows:

Saturday November 9 Evening: 6 pm - 8 pm
Sunday November 10 Morning: 7 am - 10 am
Sunday November 10 Morning: 4 pm - 6 pm

Catch the live vibrations of Global Akhanda Bhajan Saturday and Sunday evening through our website

The lord is Gaana Priya-Lover of music. He himself once told to Celestial sage Narada-“Mad Bhaktah Yatra Gayanti, Tatra Tishthami Narada”- Oh Narada! I install myself, wherever my glory is sung.

Bhajans are not only the vehicle for the description of God’s glory but it also elevates and produces divine ecstasy. It makes the devotee forget oneself and get totally immersed in divinity. Singing His glory is equivalent to making pious pilgrimages and reading sacred texts. It is both contemplation and meditation at the same time. In this Kaliyuga the ‘Naama Smarana’ and singing Bhajan is considered as greatest Saadhana.

Feel free to set it as your desktop background and Let us loose ourselves in the manifest melody of Akhanda Bhajan and nourish the sublime of devotion in our heart.

- Radiosai facebook team.
See More



Hear the wonderful story of the first Akhanda Bhajan where just a few families started with the love of Swami and love of Namasmarana, Swami traveled from Puttaparthi to Bangalore and sat through 24 hours of the Akhanda Bhajan. The speaker Geeta Mohan Ram also shares many miraculous incidents that occurred during this historic event.

Video Courtesy of Radio Sai Listener Andres Zambrano






  88th Birthday of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba 
Saturday 9th November
Evening Akhanda Bhajan begins
Sunday 10th November
Evening Akhanda Bhajan Ends
Monday 18th November
Morning  Rathotsavam and Seetharama Kalyanam
Evening Cultural Programme-
      Music by Whistle wizard Sri Sivaprasad
Tuesday 19th November
Morning Ladies Day: Panel Discussion on "Bhagawan's Teachings with reference to role of women
Evening Carnatic concert by Priya Sisters
  Primary School dance drama
Wednesday 20th November
Morning Bhajan and Darshan
Evening Music Programme 
      by Padmashri Padmaji Phenany Joglekar
Thursday 21st November
Morning Bhajan and Darshan
Evening Cultural Programme - Carnatic Classical Music by Chinese artist, Mr. Chong Chiu Sen
  Talk by Dr. Choudary Voleti, Director,  SSSIHMS-Prasanthigram followed by a Video show 
Friday 22nd November
Morning University Convocation (XXXII Annual Convocation of SSSIHL)
Evening University Convocation Drama
Saturday 23rd November
Morning Birthday Programme
Evening Music Programme 
  Classical Carnatic by  Sri Bharat Sundar 
Sunday 24th November
Morning Bhajan and Darshan
Evening           Sai Symphony Orchestra by Overseas Devotees
Monday 25th November
Morning Bhajan and Darshan
Evening           Talk by Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, Prasanthi Council
  Music program - Veena recital by Smt Saraswati Rajagopalan


Courtesy: Mayur Madurai



Invitation for program on 16th Nov at Kashinath Ghanekar Hall, Thane

Thane Samithi is starting celebrations of Swami’s birthday with an elaborate program at Kashinath Ghanekar Hall, Thane on 16th Nov, from 10 am to 1 pm. The program is aptly named “Sai Parivartan” with a focus on value-based education.

Several key dignitaries including the collector of Thane district, school principals and their teams, & government officials from education and village development will also participate in this program. Shri Nimish Pandya - All India Vice President SSSSO, Shri Ramesh Sawant-State President SSSSO Maharashtra & Goa Shri Naresh Chandra, pro-VC of Mumbai university will also grace the occasion. In addition, Shri Nimish Pandya has kindly consented to address the gathering. There will be presentations about Vidya Vahini, Samithi activities and Bal-vikas skits by both city children and village children of Thane.

Please do join in for the program with your family and friends.


Please click on the following links


Bal Vikas Leaflet


Invitation Leaflet




24 hours Non-stop

Global Akhand Bhajan for Peace & Prosperity of Humanity

Venues in Mumbai

"Akhanda means uninterrupted, without any gap. "Akhanda-Bhajan" means that it should not be just a twenty-four hour, or even a seven-day affair. It must go on from birth to death. Bhajan (devotional song) has to start in childhood and continue onward. It must be constant companion of man, his solace and strength. Do not postpone it until old age, for it is the essential food for the mind." Sai Baba, SSS, Vol. 1, 125

"The recitation of the Names of the Lord will help to purify the atmosphere as a result of the sacred sound waves getting absorbed in the atmosphere. The power of the sound waves is evident from the way radio Waves are transmitted and received over long distances. The atmosphere that has been polluted by impure sound waves can be purified by chanting the Divine Name. Likewise, sacred thoughts, pure speech and pure actions will purify other polluted elements. There is no better purifying agent than this." Sai Baba. SS. 4/92. p. 71

"Those who sing Bhajans get what can be called 'double promotion', for they derive joy and distribute joy. Life today is filled with sorrow. It is beset with fear and despair. The only time you can forget these thoughts and strengthen yourself to meet the hard times is when you contact the source of all strength. God. You cannot get that peace while you bend under the burden of daily life." Sai Baba, SSS. Vol. X. p. 81

You should sing whole-heartedly with the desire to please God. God makes no distintion between a proficient musician and a beggar in the street. It is the devotion and sincerity that matters. Merge your soul in the Bhajans you sing. Spiritualize your Bhajan-singing. Then you will experience real bliss."

"Once Emperor Akbar asked his court musician how he would account for the fact that a wayside beggar's music moved him more profoundly than the music of the state musician? The latter replied that while the beggar sang from his heart to please God, his music constrained by the desire to please the Emperor." Sai Baba. SS, 4/97, p. 96


"The word "Bhajan" has been derived from the Sanskrit root "Bhaj" which means to render service. Bhajan singing is indeed a mode of providing service for the audience to purify their head and heart." Sai Baba

"Community singing sets up vibrations which will cleanse the atmosphere." Sai Baba, SS, 2/98. p. 33

"When all the devotees participate in the Bhajan, the vibrations that are produced will generate joy and harmony." Sai Baba. SS. 11/86. p. 280

"Bhajans have to be sung to please the Lord, not your fans. With each Bhajan sung, the mind must be rendered purer, freer from passion, and stronger in faith." Sai Baba. SS. 12/74. p. 297 & SSS. Vol. IX, p. 162

"Bhajans have to be sung and offered to God in an attitude of utter humility. They are not to be taken as exercises in an exhibition of talent and competitions for mastery of musical skill." Sai Baba. SS, 12/74, p. 297 & SSS, Vol. IX. p. 162




'Sathya Sai with Students' Blog Update - Week 60

Sai Ram,

'Sathya Sai with Students' Team presents articles for Week 60.

1. Discourses to Students: The new academic semester begins today at the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions. The students and staff now return to the college and hostels and begin afresh. The rigours of Hostel life modelled on the ancient Gurukula system always intrigue the minds of young students. The common question is - "When I can enjoy myself at my home with parents - Why is the Hostel Schedule so tight?" Swami answers this very question for His students... 

2. Experiences of Students: Brother M. Sai Roopak writes on the theme: "Love is God. Live in Love."

3. Conversations with Students: It is but rare when we get the distilled essence of the most abstruse texts through simple conversations with the Master Himself. In one such conversation on November 9, 1998, with the staff of His University, Swami gave 'The Essence of the Upanishads...'

4. Management Lessons: The problem of modern business and management or for that matter any profession is that the individual is disconnected with the institution. There is lack of alignment between individual goals and institutional goals. In the concluding part of the two part article, Swami tells how 'The goals of human life are connected with the world of business'.

5. This Day That Age: We reminisce a day in November 1949, when Swami took devotees along with Him to the banks of Chitravati and blessed them with many miraculous experiences: 'On the sands of Chitravati...'

6. Song for the Soul: This week we have an English song: "When the footsteps follow me..."

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