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Guru Poornima Celebrations (Evening Program)

Radiosai presents some glimpse of Guru Poornima Celebration (Evening program at Sai Kulwant hall, 22 July) The program started with veda recital, talks by Sri Hemant Patel (Gujarat), Ms. Divya Tyagi (New Delhi), Sri Sundar Anantaraman (Karnataka), concluding with Musical presentation by Smt. Soumya Srinivasan.

Excerpts from Divine Discourse on 12 OCT 2002

Published on 22 Jul 2013

As a part of GURU POORNIMA - 2013 celebrations, this video clipping was shown in Sai Kulawant Hall.

Every Guru is known for following a particular line of Sadhana. He/She attracts disciples who are interested in that line of Sadhana. The specialty of a Sadguru, when the Lord descends as a Guru, is that that the Sadguru attracts people of all kinds of propensities. He has the capability to guide and take everyone along to the Ultimate Goal. While a Guru can be compared to a boat, a Sadguru is a ship ferrying people across the Bhavasagara (ocean of worldly existence).

In this discourse excerpt presented as Guru Poornima 2013 special, Bhagawan Baba explains the actual meaning of the trinity - Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Further, He dilates on the Sohum principle advising aspirants on the proper technique for Pranayama and the chanting of the Aumkaara. Then, there are also tips for Bhajan singers and some practical advice for one and all.














Guru Poornima Celebrations (Morning Program)

By Radio Sai

Radiosai presents here some glimpse of Guru Poornima Celebration (morning program at Sai Kulwant hall, 22 July)

The Guru Poornima festival started with a veda recital,followed by "Guru Vandanam" by the students.

After that Satyajeet Sailan talked about Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini Project and Vidya vahini books inaugurated.

The Talks by Dr.Srikanth Sola, SSSIHMS-WFD & Shri Dalto de Souza Amorim, Zonal chair, South America.

The Discourse by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is followed by Bhajans and Mangala Aarathi with Prasadam Distribution
















“Glorious Guru Poornima” – Brand new Special wallpaper for the Holy and Auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima.

Tomorrow on 22nd July, we are going to celebrate auspicious occasion Guru Poornima.

This year Guru Poornima occasion is very special for us as it is completing 50 years of Sri Sathya Sai Shiva-Shakthi Swaroopa declaration. In 1963, 6th July on Guru Poornima day Swami revealed for the first time that He is none other than Shiva - Skthi Swaroopa Himself and His Avatarhood mission. That was a historic day when He cured Himself from partial paralysis and announced the cause behind that incident and declared His identity, His Advent to the whole world.

Radiosai team going to celebrate this great Glorious day with great happiness through this wallpaper which is specially made for all radiosai listeners and radiosai facebook followers.

The first message that beloved Swami gave mankind was "Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam Dusthara Bhava Saagara Tharanam" meaning - "Meditate in thy mind on the Feet of the Guru. This can take you across the difficult sea of existence in birth after birth.”

He sang this as a boy of 14 and thus declared His mission of leading Humanity back to its connection with the cosmic creator. Taking refuge at the feet of a Master is not anything new among those who are familiar to spirituality.

Speaking to some of the students in a private session, Swami had said, "People today learn Baa Baa Black Sheep! This Baba is a 'white ship'! A ship to take you across the troubled waters of Samsara (worldly existence).

With great pleasure here we are presenting some excerpts from that divine discourse for you all.

Baba's Identity, Mission and Advent revealed.

This is perhaps the longest period when I kept the devotees wondering and worried. That was because of the heart attacks which had to come later on the Bhaktha, from which also he had to be saved. Then, there is another reason too, why the 8-day period had to be observed. Well, I shall tell you why. That means I must tell you about Myself, about something I have not disclosed so far, something which I was keeping within Myself, for the last 37 years. The time has come to announce it. This is a sacred day, and I shall tell you.

You know I declared on the very day when I decided to disclose My Identity, My Mission and My Advent, that I belonged to the Aapasthamba Suuthra (Code of conduct) and the Bharadhwaaja Gothra (lineage). This Bharadhwaaja was a great sage, who studied the Vedas for full one hundred years; but, finding that the Vedas were ananta (endless) he did tapas for prolonging life, and from Indra he got two extensions of a century each. Even then, the Vedas could not be completed, so, he asked Inhra again for another hundred years. Indra showed him 3 huge mountain ranges and said, "What you have learned in 3 centuries form only 3 handfuls from out of the 3 ranges, which the Vedas are. So, give up the attempt to exhaust the Vedas. Do a Yaaga (ritual sacrifice), instead, which I shall teach you: that will give you the fruit of Vedic study, full and complete." (Sathya Sai Speaks, 6th July 1963)

Rest of this sacred discourse read here:

Schedule of GURU POORNIMA DAY 22nd July (Monday)
Morning -
8:00 AM To 8:20 AM Veda Recital
8:20 AM To 8:50 AM Guru Vandanam by students
8:50 AM To 8:55 AM Introduction
8:55 AM To 9:10 AM Talk by Dr. Srikanth Sola, SSSIHMS, Whitefield, Bengaluru
9:10 AM To 9:25 AM Talk by Shri Dalto de Souza Amorim, Zonal Chair, Sathya Sai Organisation, South America
9:25 AM To 9:45 AM Bhagawan's Discourse
9:45 AM To 10:15 AM Bhajans & Mangala Aarathi

Evening -
4:30 PM To 4:50 PM Veda Recital
4:50 PM To 4:55 PM Introduction
4:55 PM To 5:05 PM Talk by Mr. Hemant Patel - Gujarat
5:05 PM To 5:15 PM Talk by Miss Divya Tyagi - New Delhi
5:15 PM To 5:25 PM Talk by Mr. Sunder Anantraman - Karnataka
5:25 PM To 5:45 PM Bhagawan's Video
5:45 PM To 6:35 PM Music programme by Smt. Sowmya Srinivasan
6:35 PM To 7:00 PM Bhajans & Mangala Aarathi

Tune into to watch the live webcast of Guru Poornima day program direct from Prasanthi Nilayam.

Feel free to share this great news and feel free to set this wallpaper as your desktop background. Celebrate this Guru Poornima with radiosai and take blessings from our beloved Guru – Sai Sadguru. Hold Sai Sadguru’s lotus feet and they will help you to reach the bank of Paramananda (Eternal bliss).




Musical Presentation By Students of Nursing college, SSSIHMS (13 photos)


The programme started with the veda recital followed by talks of Shri Amey Deshpande (from SSSIHL) and Shri Manoj Kothekar (from sai schools).

The Students of Nursing college, SSSIHMS Whitefield, presented a songs programme.

The Programme concluded with Bhajans and Mangala Aarathi.

Courtesy: Radiosai (FB)















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