A half page special advertorial in English,Tamil,Telugu appeared in leading newspapers like the

1) Times of India - editions - Mumbai , Delhi and Tamilnadu .
2) Deccan Chronicle - editions - Andhra pradesh , Karnataka , Kerala and
3) AndhraBhoomi - All editions of Andhra Pradesh .
4) The Hindu - editions - Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh .
5) Dinamalar - editions - Chennai , Madurai , Coimbatore and Pondychery.
6) New Indian Express - Tamilnadu , Kerala , Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.
7) The Speaking Tree - Mumbai , Delhi , Bangalore , Hyderabad, Pune ,
Ahemadabad & Kolkatta.

The draft advertisement is enclosed


Prof A. Anantharaman


Tribute to His Holiness - 24 April 2013

Apr 23 (3 days ago)

Loving Sairam to all of you on the eve of Mahasamadhi Day of His Holiness Revered Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba…!!!

On this occasion,I take this as an opportunity to forward herewith an article in the form of a letter addressed to all by Principal (Dr.) Shripad R Zarapkar, former Principal, Siddharth College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, India.

Dr.Shripad Zarapkar recalls and recapitulates Divine Messages and Teachings so as to enable us to reconstruct our minds in letter and spirit, for enhancement in terms of human welfare and peace.

This article will make the reader realise that the Avatar of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has not only preached the same universal teachings but also went miles further in implementing the same in terms of Educare, Medicare, Agricare and Sociocare and also towards spiritual upliftment of genuine seekers all over the world. The unifying force of Universal Divine Love reflected in the article, if practiced, will take the reader from Untruth to Truth, from Ignorance to Illumination and from Mortality to Immortality.

Drawing attention to our role in His Divine Mission,in one of the discourses Swami instructed,

“……. Active workers engaged in service should realise that there is ​no​ thing greater than service and seek to promote Love of God, Fear of Sin and Righteousness in society as the highest values to be cherished by all. Indeed if there is Love of God, automatically there will be Fear of Sin and when these two are there, Morality follows as a natural sequence ………… There should be no pretense in manifesting love. It should be based on the conviction that the Divine is present in every one, Do not arrogate to yourself any authority or power and claim credit for any achievement. All your name and fame are due to your association with Sai Organisations and the use of the Sai label. …….. It is the Sai Name that has conferred on you distinction and recognition. Therefore, bear in mind the Name Sai and carry on your work.

All should work together and share in harmony, act together, move together, grow together and share the common knowledge and experience with all. We want people who will completely identity themselves with the organization.

The direct individual relationship between each of you and Myself will remain always. If our relationship can be strengthened through the Organisations I shall feel happier.”

I think it would be appropriate for all of us to contemplate on what Swami instructed us while carrying out His Mission from time to time.

Warm regards,

Indulal Shah

Attached - Tribute to Bhagavan - 2013




Sai Ram,

The articles of Week 32 of the 'Sathya Sai with Students' Blog are focussed on the theme of Bhagavan's Maha Samadhi:

1. In a Discourse given to His Students at the Prasanthi Nilayam Hostel on Christmas Day 1980, Swami shared: 'The Divine Opportunity that the Avatar Brings Along for all Humanity'.

2. Brother Sunder writes on his experience one evening in the verandah: 'Swami... Please Speak to Me...'.

3. On this very day April 24th, 13 years ago, in the holy precincts of Trayee Brindavan, Swami shared in great detail about the various problems that the lack of knowledge of 'swimming' can lead to. We present this in a series of articles on the theme: 'Learn the True Art of Swimming - Part 1'.

4. In the section on Management Lessons, Swami's tells us the 'Management Lessons we can learn from the Sathya Sai Institutions'.

5. Half a century ago, in this very fortnight, a great saint of South India - Sri Ramana Maharshi attained Maha Samadhi. What happened at Puttaparthi at that very time?

6. In the section on the 'Song for the Soul', we have a song penned by Swami Himself highlighting the purpose of His Avatar: That Son of Nanda Has Come Again...

Click the link to read 170 full articles:

Visit us:




Please forward the link to your class groups, friends, Sai devotees and Samiti members. You could suggest to them to enter their email address on the home page of the blog (top right corner) so that they would get an update every Thursday.

Happy Reading!

Loving Regards

'Sathya Sai with Students' Blog Team
Sri Sathya Sai Hostel for Senior Students
Prasanthi Nilayam



Second Mahasamadhi Day Comes to an End in Puttaparthi


Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:55 am

APRIL 24, 2013

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The second Mahasamadhi day, the most auspicious day when Swami decided to reside in His COSMIC FORM in the heart of our hearts was celebrated in a grand way in Prasanthi Nilayam. This day in the year 2011 was full of agony, sadness, disappointment and hopelessness. Exactly two years later, even though there was still that sadness some where in the heart, but we all are very much experiencing Swami within, Life has been very beautiful as we can communicate with Him very easily, So many miracles are just re-assuring that He is very much here and gone no where..

As He has said many a times, "Do My work and I will do your work much better than you would have done by yourself". As Swami every word is SATHYA, we have experienced this many times in our lives and more so after Swami's Mahasamadhi.

Puttaparthi woke up with beautiful memories of the HOLY SON of this blessed soil. It is a hair raising experience just to imagine Swami taking birth in Puttaparthi and sharing all the divine love over the years..

As I entered the Ganesh Gate this morning, the same thought came across the mind. I was imagining, over the years, how many millions would have entered this gate, which is verily the GATES OF HEAVEN, it is every one's dream to enter the gates of this heaven on earth every day..Every sadness of yours, every agony of yours is just vanished as soon as you enter this gate.

I remember one time in darshan, there was this western devotee who had a chance to speak to Swami when Swami came walking. This devotee, like any of us, was putting forth all his problems, his problems seemed to be like a perennial river. Swami: My parents are giving me problem, my children don't listen to me, my work is a problem, my boss is a bigger problem, my neighbors are giving me more problem bla.. bla...

Mean while Swami was reaching out to collect letters from other devotees, while He seemed to be giving a patient hearing to this devotee. When the devotee paused to take a deep breath, Swami looked at him and with a very mischievous smile said, "Ask your mind to shut up" and walked away..

As i was seated very close by to this devotee, i was very sure that Swami actually said those words and to me it was bit funny. I thought, what did Swami say? Is this how God answers? Only after few years that i understood how true Swami was.. Every problem of ours starts with the mind. Swami always said, "Master the mind and be a Master Mind", Don't become slave to your mind rather make it your slave...

Puttaparthi is one such place where there is every opportunity to master this art of Mind management as it is the Holy Abode of Kaliyuga Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Right from 3 am on wards people from neighbouring villages started to come in big numbers in auto rickshaws and mini vans to Puttaparthi. By 8 am the roads leading to Sri Sathya Sai Hill view stadium were full. Sathya Sai Central Trust authorities had made some excellent arrangements for the Maha Narayana Seva second time in a row marking Swami's Mahasamadhi day.

Considering the high temperature, huge tents were raised, with barricades all over. All the devotees were made to sit in the hill view stadium before the start of Mahanarayana Seva.

Mean while in Sai Kulwanth Hall, the concluding day of Viswa Shanthi Loka Kalyana Homam started at 6 am. As scheduled at 8 am "Guruvandana" a musical offering by Swami's students started. It was an emotional moment when they sang some very beautiful and memorable songs like Sai Rama Smaranam, Tu Pyar ka sagar hain etc.

After the songs a video recording of Swami's divine discourse was played on the big screens. Swami in that discourse spoke in length on I am I principle and how you should love even your enemies as the I in him and you are one and the same.

Swami concluded that particular discourse with Bhaja Govindam bhajan and the part where He sang Moodha Mathey (Foolish mind) He points out to the head which was very sweet of Him to that.

Later Prema Mudita bhajan was played and the Yagna continued, where in the pandits completed the 3 days yagna with Mahapoornahuthi.

The priests later sprinkled the holy water on all the devotees assembled in Sai Kulwanth Hall.


A Bird's eye view of Sri Sathya Sai Hill view stadium on April 24,2013


A little girl sharing the tamarind rice with her mother


Smt.Geetha Reddy serving the devotees in Sathya Sai Hill view stadium


In the Hill view stadium as announced the Maha Narayana seva started at 10am. A minimum of 35000 people would have attended this programme which really gave a festive look to Puttaparthi. All these are poorest of the poor villagers, mostly daily wage labourers. All of them skipped what ever work they were doing and came to Puttaparthi to show their respect and gratitude to Swami and partake His prasadam which is like a multivitamin tablet to face all the challenges of day to day lives.

Puttaparthi temperature which is averaging 40 degrees or so was very serene this morning. There were no one who suffered from dehydration as the temperature was manageable.

Every one were very happy with the arrangements and facilities provided in spite of the huge turn out.



Mean while on a sadder note, long time devotee of Bhagawan, Sri.Adikesavulu Naidu merged with Bhagawan on the same day of Swami's Mahasamadhi day which i guess is a recognition to all that he did for Swami and His mission.

Born in Chittoor in the year 1940, near the temple town Tirupathi, Sri.Adikesavulu Naidu was a very prosperous business man and a politician. Before starting any auspicious work, business etc he used to come to Bhagawan for His blessings. Swami also showered so much love on him on various occasions. Inspired by Swami's medical care, Sri.Adikesavulu Naidu opened his Vydehi hospital right next to Swami's super speciality hospital in Bangalore. He was also instrumental in providing free nursing courses to poor girls from Puttaparthi and surrounding villages who are now serving in Swami's hospitals. He is also providing free medical education to few of Swami's students in his medical college adjoining his hospital.



In November 2008, he was instrumental for successfully organising the Sahasra Chandra Poorna Darshanam a grand ocassion marking 1000 full moons of Swami's soujourn on this earth. Marking this ocassion, Swami blessed him and his wife along with Mrs Mr.Rathnakar to participate in the puja. It was Sri.Adikesavulu Naidu who co-ordinated with all the religious heads to come to Prasanthi which we all remember as one the most memorable days of Puttaparthi history.


After the demise of Sai Geetha, it was Sri.Adikesavulu Naidu who gifted little Sathya Gita to Swami so that He doesn't miss Sai Geetha. Very rarely some one is blessed with such rare boons in one life time and it is definitely His Divine Plan to take Sri.Adikesavulu Naidu away from us on Swami's Mahasamadhi day.

In the recent past, when ever ardent devotees like him pass away, I always think, probably Swami is preparing his next team and not to forget, those of us who are still here are very much part of His team and only need to perform much more better than what we are at the moment.

Let us all pray for the already blessed soul to rest in peace...

Praying Swami to guide us and protect us and offering most humble pranams at the divine lotus feet,

R.Satish Naik


APRIL 22, 2013,

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

The second Mahasamadhi day programme in Prasanthi Nilayam started off this morning with the commencement of three days Viswa Shanthi Loka Kalyana Homam A special ritualistic Yagna for world peace, in Sai Kulwanth Hall. There would be atleast 20 or more priests who came from Tirupathi for conducting this yagna in the Sanctum Sanctorium.

On this occasion the Sai Kulwanth Hall was beautifully decorated. A special Yagna place was erected in the middle of Sai Kulwanth Hall and the whole atmosphere was spiritually charged with the divine chantings.

The yagna which started at 6 am continued till 10 am. There are quite a good number of devotees who are camping now in Prasanthi. In the coming days many more are expected to pay their respectful prayers to Swami on the ocassion of Mahasamadhi day.

The afternoon programme started at 4 PM with rudram chanting followed by a talk by Sri. Nori Narayana Murthy who spoke in length on Ramayana with beautiful renditions. The way he narrated Sita Rama Kalyanam was very interesting.

Later a recording of Swami's divine discourse was played after which the Viswa Shanthi Loka Kalayana Homam continued and the evening session ended with bhajans at 8 PM.

A Special talk given by Prof.Anil Kumar on the occasion of Swami's Mahasamadhi Day.

On Sunday 21st April 2013 Prof.Anil Kumar during his sunday talk spoke in length the assurances given by Swami to His devotees. To watch or download this 40 minutes video please click the following link



On Sunday, Prof.Anil Kumar released his latest book, Divine Vibrations published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust. This book has the following topics covered:

Question and Answer Sessions, The inner meaning of Diwali, Your Life is my message, Sai Mission and its Continuity, One Guru, One Focus, One Goal, Ethics and Moral Values in Daily Life, Ideal Parenting, About Sai Baba, Christmas, Miracles in Puttaparthi after Mahasamadhi, a special interview by SAIWISDOM.

This book priced at Rs.75 can be purchased in the ashram book store and also by your local Sai Book center in your country.
With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik



1. State President and Members of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Delhi-NCR, invite you for a Musical Concert by Sunanda Sharma on Sunday, 28th April 2013 from 5:15 PM to 7: 00 PM at the Auditorium, Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, New Delhi. To download the e-Invite, please Click Here

2. The Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, an important arm of Sri Sathya Sai Mission at Delhi-National Capital Region, has been offering training programs on Human Values since 2004. Till now, the Centre has trained more than 1500 people, especially teachers, principals and professionals across Delhi-NCR. With the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Centre launched an ‘Online Program in Human Values’ three years ago, to cater to a global audience. This certificate program has received an excellent response from people of various educational backgrounds, age groups and nationalities. More than 1370 people from across 60 countries have registered for the course. The course gives you a good theoretical background in Human Values and encourages you to introspect, practice and manifest your latent Values. Every chapter presents a good mix of theory, interesting stories, relevant quotes, and questions along with further readings at the end of the chapter. The course consists of 18 chapters divided under 3 modules. The registrations are open throughout the year. For details, please go through the PDF file by Clicking Here.





Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Greetings to one and all on the holy occasion of Sri Rama Navami, the day when Lord Rama descended on this earth in Treta Yuga. It is our great fortune to have experienced the love and blessings of Sai Rama in Kaliyuga.

Marking this holy ocassion, Sai Rama's Abode, Prasanthi Nilayam, was beautifully decorated and as it is also end of academic year in India, many students on a 45 days summer vacation are still here in Prasanthi to take part in the 2nd Mahasamadhi day celebrations and then head to home.

In India one would hardly find a village or a town without a Rama Temple. That is how much people love Rama in this country. If not Rama's temple you would at least find Hanuman's temple.

Many villagers also show keen interest in learning Rama Bhajans which are unique in its rendition. Those were the days when our Lord Sai Rama, used to narrate His own story in a very different style, giving the inner spiritual significance of Rama's story if not just narrating the story of Rama like the priestly class.

Marking this holy occasion Prof.Anil Kumar, whom many devotees call as Lord Sai Rama's Hanuman was given the opportunity to address the gathering.

Speaking mostly in Telugu, the blessed Translator for more than 20 years narrated the beautiful story of Ramayana from Swami's discourses and enthralled the audience.

Just few months ago, i was watching a spiritual TV Channel where one scholar who is also very well versed in Hindu and Christian literature was giving a talk. As i had seen him talk before and being a good speaker, i was listening to him. Suddenly he started narrating the incident of Sita asking for the golden deer and Rama and Lakshmana running after it and the subsequent kidnap of Mother Sita happens.

Taking this incident, this speaker was telling that, this episode is enough proof to show that Sita was a non-vegetarian. I was kind of shocked to hear this. Where is the comparision and relation to brand some one as non-vegetarian.

Quoting the same example from Ramayana, in today's talk, Prof.Anil Kumar repeated Swami's version saying, As long was Sita was with Rama (God) she was very safe. As soon as she started longing (desire) for the deer she was running away from God. The inner significance from this episode is that we shouldn't crave for worldly things when we have God who can give any thing that you can ask for under the sky, seated right next to you.

This small comparison, did reiterate the fact that we all are blessed to have our beloved Lord as our God, Guru and a friend. There is no use of running after any other Gurus who will only confuse us if they can't convince us.

In the short 30 minutes given to Prof. Anil Kumar he tried his best to bring some very important anecdotes from Ramayana which infact was very inspiring.

He ended his talk explaining the role played by the dear devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman. When the meeting was going on as who should be assigned the duty of searching Mother Sita in Lanka, Lord Rama, turned to Hanuman and asked if he is willing to go to Lanka. the immediate answer was YES from Hanuman.

Quite astonished Lord Rama asks Hanuman if he ever had the experience of crossing the ocean because to reach Lanka one had to cross the Indian Ocean. Hanuman replied in negative. When Lord Rama asked him as how he volunteered to go to Lanka, he said when my God Himself has ordered, He will give me that courage, intelligence and strength to finish the mission. Prof.Anil Kumar narrating this episode, reminded all of us to do His work with much more vigour and courage as His blessings are always with us..

Later, an edited video of Swami's divine discourse was played on the big screen after which prasadam was distributed to every one in Sai Kulwanth Hall.

The villagers of Puttaparthi outside the ashram, a beautifully decorated bullock cart, carrying huge photos of Rama was taken in procession as the villagers offered coconuts and arathi to the diety and sang Prasanthi Rama bhajans.


Time just flies and its already two years since Swami left us physically. On the occasion of 2nd Mahasamadhi Day which is termed as Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam, there will be a Yagna for World Peace called as VISWA SHANTHI LOKA KALYANA HOMAM which will be done by a group of priests mostly coming from Tirupathi.

This Yagna which will start on April 22nd 2013 at 6 AM will be done in two sessions on April 22nd and 23rd and on April 24th the Yagna will start at 5am and culminate with Poornahuthi at 8:45am.

At 10 am, a mass Narayana Seva will take place in Sri Sathya Sai Hill view stadium where in sumptuous food will be served to one and all including a saree for women and a dhothi for men.

In the evening programme on April 24th will have a Sarod recital by Pandit Narendra Nath Dhar at 5:20 PM for about one hour.

A similar seva is being planned by Bangalore Rural and Ramanagaram Districts together by performing Maha Narayana Seva (food Distribution) for about 45,000 people were the food will be prepared in a central place and will be taken by different Samithis for distribution

Many friends were asking if they can do a Yagna for Swami marking the second anniversary of Swami's Physical withdrawal. Swami is God and we cannot follow certain rituals that are followed for human beings. The VISWA SHANTHI LOKA KALYANA HOMAM, scheduled in Prasanthi Nilayam, is a prayer to Swami to safe guard Mother Earth and also an occasion to pray to Swami to bless us all.

With prayerful pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord, to bless us all with His choicest blessings..

R.Satish Naik
Posted on 19th April, 2013 - Courtesy Saibabanews


Heart check up camp at Udaipur Rajasthan by Rajkot Sathya Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot



Loving Sai Ram to all of you,

A Heart check up camp was successfully organized by Rajasthan State Sri Sathya Sai organization on 14 April 2013 with divine Grace of Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba at Udaipur (Rajasthan) which was mainly sponsor and guided by Sri Sathya Sai Rajkot heart hospital team.

Approximate of 1100 patient were registered from all over Rajasthan (Prior to camp ) and 750-800 patient attend out which approximate 150 -175 patient were selected for operation at Rajkot heart Hospital and given date in coming months to come.

A massive campaign program was launched by all Samithis to advertise for noble cause and to make event successful.


Highlight of the program:-

There were about total approximate 20 persons in which 15/16 Doctors team (3/4 Senior Cardiologist and Other Medical Staff) came from Rajkot Hospital.

Rajasthan State Health Minister was called for Inauguration. Mr Minister accepted during his speech that he was astonished to know that there is an organization which is doing heart operation free of cost. And very much impress to see physically arrangement , the love and service provided by our Seva Dal volunteer to the patient

Patient start lining up in the morning from 6.30. They were from 5 months old baby to 60 year old man. And Echo and ECG were last completed till 7.00 PM. Not a single patient were leave with unattended

Approximate 80 Patients from KOTA-BARAN-DIGOD-ATRU_ANTA-PALATHA. 200 Patients were from Bhilwara regions. 250 were from Udaipur and its near by. Many more from nearby by state.

Bhilwara Sai Samiti brought the entire patients in 4 buses and taken back.

A nearby by community hall was also arranged for Patient and their attend to stay

Free food was provided to all of them. A mini bus and tempo was also arranged to drop the patient back.

A beautiful tent all its materials were sent by Ahmedabad devotee with 5 truck of load with 40 laborers in bus.

Cold Butter Milk was continuously distributed for peoples and patients.

Approximate 80-100 Seva dal volunteer from Rajasthan to organize the entire event successfully.

It is exactly unknown to me the amount but SBI, Hindustan Petroleum, Mirage Group contributed for the noble this cause. Many of HP petrol pump displayed the Heart camp Banner for advertisement.

A banner form SBI for their Contribution and well wishes also displayed.


Anil - Courtesy Saibabanews - 18th April, 2013




Sai Ram,

As we celebrate the auspicious festival of Shri Rama Navami - the brith of Lord Rama, on Saturday, April 20, 2013, we present the articles for Week 31 as 'Rama Navami Special Edition':

1. Swami shares with us: 'The Glory of Lord Rama's Name'.

2. Brother Krishnan writes on 'When I was waiting for the arrival of the VIP...'.

3. In the portico at Prasanthi Nilayam, Swami shares with the students an incident from Lord Rama's life which is an ideal worthy of emulation by the modern youth. Then He tells the students: 'I am watching over you from several births'.

4. In the section on Management Lessons, Swami's gives details as to how Lord Rama is an Ideal Leader for modern society.

5. We reminisce the Rama Navami celebrations in Puttaparthi in 1931 and 1948

6. In the section on the 'Song for the Soul', we have a song often sung by Swami Himself glorying the Divine Life of Lord Rama: 'Rama, Rama, Rama, Sita'

Click the link to read 170 full articles:

Visit us:




Please forward the link to your class groups, friends, Sai devotees and Samiti members. You could suggest to them to enter their email address on the home page of the blog (top right corner) so that they would get an update every Thursday.

Happy Reading!

Loving Regards

'Sathya Sai with Students' Blog Team
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A tablet which all of us will love to have :)

Sai Touch Tablet:

Product review video from Radiosai studio:

Specifications -

Key Features of BSNL Penta IS701C (White, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4 GB)

Specifications of BSNL Penta IS701C (White, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4 GB)

1 GHz Cortex-A8

Video Call

Supported Networks

In The Box
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Built in Microphone, Supports 2G and 3G USB Dongles (GSM and CDMA), Compatible Dongle List for T-Pad 1S701C Tablets: Tata Photon (EVDO) EC156, Reliance -ZTE MF190, Airtel - Huawei E1731, Idea - Huawei E1732, Huawei E1550, Huawei E173

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1 Year Domestic Penta India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance

This product is available now at the Sai Blossom Store (opposite Radio Sai Global Harmony, Prasanthi Nilayam) for a Rs. 4,500

Feel free to share this to your friends and family .....

-Radio Sai


Email shared by Sucha - 14.04.2013


Sai Touch - Touch Screen Radio

Sairam All,

Radio Sai is grateful to Bhagawan and is pleased to announce the release of the Sai Touch Tablet - Bhagawan's blessings to the entire Radio Sai family on the occasion of Ugadi.

This is a 7 inch android tablet customized for and preloaded with content from Radio Sai Global Harmony. When connected to the Internet through Wifi or USB dongles (Tata Photon, Relience Net Connect, BSNL 3G dongle, etc.) you can connect to the various streams of Radio Sai, watch Radio Sai videos online and also watch the Live Video Webcast of programmes from Prasanthi Nilayam.

The tablet comes with close to 1GB of audio content which is a good sample of the variety of programmes offered by Radio Sai. There are also four videos and over a hundred beautiful photographs of Bhagawan. The Tablet comes with 4GB of internal storage but has a Micro SD slot, through which the capacity can me increased to 32GB.

Though the highlight of the product is the special Radio Sai customization, it can perform all functionalities of a regular Tablet. This product is available now at the Sai Blossom Store (opposite Radio Sai Global Harmony, Prasanthi Nilayam) for a Rs. 4,500

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Thank You
RadioSai Team


Posted by Darshan Kulkarni on FB 13.04.2013



Sai Ram - Samadhi and its Spiritual Vibrations...



Posted By: Shivakumar Gopal
March 18, 2013
The Below Article has been forwaded by a Sai Brother many months ago..:

In India, according to Vedic tradition, Samadhi’s are often seen as MORE powerful spiritual portals than when the Mahatma/Avatar was alive.

The reason being is that when They are alive a lot of energy is always being dispersed…..

For example when Swami's Physical Body was alive and walking, eating and talking with people, the strength of His consciousness would fluctuate according to time place and circumstance….its only when He would be alone would He really go off into His own universal supreme consciousness without reserve…….ie His wattage would increase when He was in His own four walls……. if He would be like this while giving darshan, people would probably die at the jolt of lightening being emitted from His body……so many a times Swami would ‘tone Himself down’ according to how much the person in front could handle.

At the point of death, less energy is being dispersed by way of talking, interacting and organs functioning… all the energy can be harnessed and focused very sharply on Supreme Universal Consciousness….. therefore at the point of a Mahama’s/Avatar’s death….. their cellular structure gets an almighty blast of consciousness for the very last time with no holds barred…… which is then the very last imprint to remain on the cells of the body.

Science has proved that DNA within the billions and billions of cells within the human body act as receivers and transmitters for the consciousness and other etheric energies…..

The cells in Swami’s body have been exposed to incredibly intense spiritual vibrations over a period of decades which have flipped His cellular structure into another quantum dimension of existence permanently.

Quantum physics shows us that when a subatomic particle is exposed to extremely high frequency of energy for a certain period of time it will flip into a quantum state or another dimensional state. Theoretical physicists now believe there to be at least ten dimensions of reality and have recognised that consciousness is the most powerful force in the known universe.

Consequently the cells in Swami’s dead body are still situated in that almighty quantum state!!…. and have received an extra blast at the point of His departure….. which renders the cells within His ‘dead’ body absolutely perfect transmitters/ receivers……. Each cell in His dead body is a sublime portal from this dimension to the dimension of universal supreme consciousness…. more so now than ever before!!

This is why the body is completely surrounded by several hundred kgs of salt to preserve the cell structure as much as possible…. and not cremated as is normally done in Vedic tradition…… By burying his body it is known that great emanations will still be omitted and purify the earth, its lay lines and also all those who pray earnestly infront of it.

In addition, the Atma of a Mahatma or Avatar…will always stays close to their own Samadhi…..and will use the quantum cells of their ‘dead’ body to receive and transmit powerful divine consciousness without any distraction or interruption…..this is why In India Samadhi’s are seen to be so auspicious…even more so when they were alive in certain departments.

This is why many disciples throughout the ages of India feel to live and do sadhana near the samdhis of such great souls.





Sai Ram,


As the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Assam and Punjab celebrate their new year this week, the 'Sathya Sai with Students' Team from Sri Sathya Sai Hostel, Prasanthi Nilayam, wishes all its readers a Very Happy New Year!

We present the articles for Week 30:


1. We herald the new year with Swami's Discourse to students on the theme: 'A New World'.


2. Brother Praveen Sachwani writes on 'Swami and His Students: The Eternal Relationship'.


3. As the students in Swami's University complete their examinations this week and leave the Institution for the summer vacations, and some others for the next phase of their life, we have Swami giving them a 'Farewell Message'.


4. In the section on Management Lessons, Swami's highlights the importance of Faith in God as a pre-requisite for success.


5. The foundation stone of the new building of the Sri Sathya Sai College is laid on the Ugadi Day.


6. In the section on the 'Song for the Soul', we have a Stotram (hymn) glorying Lord Sai in this auspicious week: 'Sayeeshwara Ashtakam - Eight Verses on the Glory of Lord Sai'


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Sai Ram,

The 'Sathya Sai with Students' Blog Team presents before our readers, the articles for Week 29:

1. In this week's Discourse to students, Swami answers the question: 'Should I respect my Parents?'.

2. Brother Neilank Jha writes on 'The Lord watched me in Faraway Frankfurt'.

3. This week's conversations with Swami continue in the interview room. In this examination season, Swami tells us why: 'You should be happy to write exams'.

4. In the section on Management Lessons, we continue with the series on Swami's Discourses on Chanakya given to Management students at SSSIHL almost 2 decades ago in 'Management Lessons from Chanakya - Part 3'

5. Did Rama visit Ayodhya in this Kali age? Indeed He did. It was in this fortnight, 52 years ago that Sai Rama visited Ayodhya and Varanasi for nearly 2 weeks. We explore that trip on the theme 'When Rama visited Ayodhya in Kali Yuga'.

6. In the section on the 'Song for the Soul', we have the oft-sung song by students -'We Love You Sai'

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Please forward the link to your class groups, friends, Sai devotees and Samiti members. You could suggest to them to enter their email address on the home page of the blog so that they would get an update every Thursday.

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