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Sai Ram - Glimpses of India today Special Issue on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Life and Message.

Dear Sai Family

We recount and remember and admire Swami's miracles, so let us please add this remarkable miracle to the earlier ones. He has his reasons for allowing people to misunderstand Him, perhaps as one of the ways for people to become aware of
His existence. It is an unfortunate reality that too often negative publicity is followed and remembered more than reports of charity, spirituality, etc.

From there, once their minds are opened, change can happen more easily as has occurred in this case. Should we not give such people who have had the courage to change their mind encouragement and a welcome to the Sai fold?

Lovingly in Sai


Sai Ram brother ,thank you so much for sharing " Divine Grace" India Today magazine. it is Swami's leela that it got published and so many divine children of Swami who doesn't know much about Swami will get to read , to know Swami and His Divine Mission, Divine Love.

So much divine work has been done for schools, universities, water projects, free food to villages for so many people, free medical services from big operations to day to day medical help for all and totally free. Swami our Baba gave love to everyone who so ever come to Him or who so ever have thought about Him with full faith and total surrender. As Swami said you take one step I will take hundred steps toward you and Swami blessed people from all over the world. At Puttaparthi in my last 4-5 visits it seemed like as if United Nation conference was there to get blessings from Swami.

People from Russia, Italy, UK England, Canada, USA, Africa, Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand and so many more countries and everyone only focused on Swami's love, blessings and bliss. Everyone had some kind of miracle or experience in their life to share and they keep coming back again and again for Swami's blessings. Some came to Puttaparthi to see Him and some others prayed from their own countries. As an Avatar, Swami lived His life like one of us - for all of us for all His children and led a very simple life - nothing for Him everything for all us.

Now it is our duty to live our lives what ever we have learnt from Swami's teachings , very simple teachings like Love all serve all ,Help ever Hurt never ,or by ceiling on desires by living simple life and helping others whatever we can. Speak lovingly with our family members, children, people friends, relatives. We can learn to have patience slowly, speak softly and sweetly as much as we can. By spending some time in Namasmarana, we should have no ego at all. Swami we all are very thankful for giving us all comforts schools ,music school ,universities, hospitals, drinking water for so many villages and mobile medical services, and mainly your blessings and love. Swami please keep us always at your lotus feet, Swami we your children miss your physical presence but we also feel your divine presence by just simply losing our eyes and by meditation , by singing your glory and also by singing bhajans.

Koti pranams at your Lotus feet. I really was curious and wanted to see Divine Grace India Today. By simply seeing pictures from this link so many divine memories and one can only think this much work only can be done by Avatar not some ordinary human being.

Swami we knew you are God but sometimes we use to keep looking at you, sometimes we see divine Vibuthi , sometime divine aura around you then suddenly you looked like divine father I don't know Swami we knew you are God but how you brought us to Puttaparthi from thousand of miles away. Swami you heard our prayers.

We came first time in year 2003 July for Guru Purnima and we really wanted to see you Swami ,we used to pray and think when we will go to Parthi?. When Swami will call us?. But Swami in little time you made us like as if you were always with us. It Is just we couldn't see you before but you were always with us. We couldn't recognize you Swami. Swami sometimes I feel as if you are just listening to me and I am keep on writing and you are just listening to all of us. We pray to you Swami to be with us always , we your children Swami love you very very much. Only you are the One God who taught us how to love God as a God , as a divine father as a divine Param Pita Parmeshwar , as divine loving mother , You are omnipresent Swami.

Sunanda Anandambika.-Courtesy Saibabanews - 31.01.2012

An update regarding DIVINE GRACE -- SATHYA SAI BABA, an INDIA TODAY IMPACT Presentation...

Over the last few days there has been concerns about the availability of "Divine Grace". The present distribution system of India Today for their impact editions is based on firm orders placed by the dealers. On the basis of these firm orders the print run is normally ordered and the product distributed.

As this issue has exceeded all known demand patterns, we have held extensive discussions with India Today who have now agreed, based on estimates given by us on the potential of the market, that they will do a substantial print run starting from Wednesday. The first 25000 copies from this print run will be shipped to to satisfy the firm orders on hand. A substantial portion of this shipment will be export orders already accepted. From the continuing print run copies will be dispatched to India Today Agents and dealers, numbering over 1000 across the country, in an anticipated forecast of past sales. A bulk quantity will be retained by India Today to ship for any large orders in excess of 500 (contact Deepak Bhatt -919840662714, for which a 20% discount will be given .All export orders, unless the buyer wants to buy directly from India Today on individual agreed terms will be passed on to Sai Towers who will quote to the party and supply from their stock.

We trust by this arrangement, sufficient quantities will be available to interested customers

Prof A. Anantharaman
(Media Coordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust)

Posted on  31.01.2012 - Preetham Sai P.V

Blood Donation Camp held at Panaji - Goa on 26th January, 2012 .

Around 65 donors donated blood (Liquid Love)

Please click on the link of photos below

In Sai's service,

Pramod Divgi

Posted on 30.01.2012

Power Supply To Swami's Hospital

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Greetings from the abode of our beloved Lord. Swami's grace is so immense that Prasanthi is so busy with a series of programmes that are being conducted here at the Divine abode starting from the Chinese new year. The Delhi devotees cultural programmes were fantastic. There is another programme by the devotees from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are having a cultural programme on friday the 28th. Presently apart from the above groups, a group from Vizag steel plant, few hundreds of students from a school in Karnataka are camping in Prasanthi enjoying darshans.


Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram

There were so many reports in the media about Sathya Sai Central Trust on Friday, being served with a notice to cough up a power bill amounting to Rs.3.3 crore as arrears pending by the hospital.

Being a completely non-profit organisation and hospital being one of its kind in providing world class medical services to the poor and needy Until now, out of a unit cost of Rs.4.30/-, the state government was offering Rs.4/- per unit, and 30 paisa was paid by the Trust to the power department. Every thing was running smoothly until the government decided to treat Swami's hospital on par with other hospitals. This sudden move by the state government came into severe criticism from every one in the society including the opposition parties and ruling party leaders crying foul to the sudden decision taken by the State Government. On sunday, 22nd Jan the residents of Puttaparthi expressed their displeasure by voluntarily shutting down the business for a day. There were so many stories were written and said in the media about the decision taken by the government of Andhra Pradesh but to speak in our Swami's language it was just a PASSING CLOUD.

It was also not true that the power supply was taken off to the hospital by the electricity department

According to some reliable sources, the Trust expressed its displeasure about this and wrote a letter to the state government, on the same day, to re-consider continuation of the subsidy to Swami's hospital failing which it would be a heavy burden for the organisation.

The local ministers, MLAs also addressed these concerns to the Chief Minister and even though an official statement is expected, the government order has been taken back and the power subsidy will continue as usual for Swami's hospital.

This is also a result of prayers of millions of Swami's devotees seeking His timely interference to clear the air with the electricity subsidy. So brothers and sisters, to sum it up, we don't have to worry about this issue any more as the Government has responded positively. After all, many of the leaders in power have come to Swami for His blessings, have personally witnessed the fantastic service the hospital is doing to the society.


On a similar note, it would also be very nice if all the visiting devotees take blood donation as a prime duty during their visits to Puttaparthi. Probably ours is the only hospital/organisation which has so many potential donors. Our hospital is always busy with many operations lined up every day. There are patients coming from all parts of India and even from abroad with many ailments. Unlike other hospitals/organisations We all know that the Super specialty hospital never conducts mass blood donation camps in public as the blood bank always depended on the devotees coming for darshan.

As there are many Parthi Yatras lined up in the near future, the Sai center heads may make sure every youth of the group donate blood to Swami's hospital which inturn will benefit thousands of our own poor brothers and sisters visiting the hospital. There are many friends from overseas who always donate blood in Swami's hospital. I personally was inspired by brother Narinder Kanwar from the UK who always makes sure donates blood to Swami's hospital even if he had to stay for a day or two in Parthi. Let us all make sure we help our fellow brothers and sisters and earn His grace by donating blood..

Now that the issue of the power supply has been solved, let us thank Swami for His timely interference and also pray to Him to bless us all to be His chosen and worthy instruments to complete His divine mission.

With pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik

Posted on 28.01.2012


Email received on 27.01.2012 from Padmanaban Ranganathan <>

Dear All

Sai Ram and Greetings from Prasanthi!

We are happy to announce India Today's special 120 page issue titled "Divine Grace - Sathya Sai Baba" on the life and message of Bhagwan Baba has hit the newsstands yesterday and sold out within few hours after release.

The issue is in three parts. Following is the content of the issue
2.Part 1 Life and Legacy
This section gives a narration of Bhagawan's life story together with a Timeline of important Events.This is followed by write ups on all the Projects Swami has undertaken.
3.Part 2 Tributes
This section contains articles from about 40 eminent men and women on whom Bhagawan has made an impact.
4.Part 3 The Way Forward
This section contains present and future initiatives which will ensure that His mission continues.

The issue also contains several photographs and artistically designed collages. The issue, no doubt, a "collectors item" one of the very few books released after Swami's Mahasamadhi.

Please inform anyone else that you feel must possess the copy of this issue which is a precise consolidation of His life, His Message and His Legacy.

The book is priced Rs. 50. Please know the rate of Postal Charges vary from country to country and quantity ordered.

There is a heavy demand for this unique publication from all over the world and lot of orders quqeing up from all over the world. Due to the demand India Today has kindly agreed to go for another print run today.

Sai Towers will have the copies and will ship anywhere in the world. Pleases contact A. Gangadhri, Bookshop in charge at for your requirements.

The following are the details of Funds transfer:

Account Name: Sri Sathya Sai Towers Hotels Ltd

Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd

RTGS / IFSC: HDFC0001035

Branch Name: Puttaparthy Branch/ Prasanthi Nilayam

Location: Puttaparthy
Account Name: Sri Sathya Sai Towers hotels ltd
Account No: 10352320000013
Swift Code: HDFCINBB
We look forward to your confirmation of your order and delivery address.

With Best Regards,

R. Padmanaban


We have been informed that the special issue of India Today on Sri Sathya Sai Baba titled - Divine Grace: Sathya Sai Baba will be available on news stands across the country from today (January 26, 2012) onwards.

Please view the image below containing contact details about the distributors in major metro cities.

Please share the details with others.

Prof. Ananthraman

Media Coordinator

Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

Posted by SS - 25.01.2012

Demand free power supply for Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital, Andhra Pradesh.


I request you all to sign the petition.

Please read below for details.

Kindly also spread the word about this initiative. Lets get as many people as possible to make the effort a success!

You might not be aware, the state government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to rescind the discounted rate at which it supplied power to Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospitals and charge it at commerical rates retrospectively from January 2009.

As many of you are aware, the Sathya Sai Hopsitals have been providing the best of medical care to millions of poorest people at absolutely FREE of cost. To charge these Temples of Healing at commercial rates not only makes no sense but also sounds grossly unfair and unjust.

As a first step to mark our protest against this decision, and to request the Government to provide free supply (Like the State of Karnataka is providing to the Sathya Sai Super Speicality Hospital, Whitefield) we have created this online petition. Please sign onto this one. This petition will go to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Hon'ble Governor of Andhra Pradesh, and the editors of IBN Live and The Hindu.

Please feel free to share it with your friends. If you have a facebook account put it as your status message. We need to get as much support as possible so that the authorities take notice of our opinion.

Depending on the support we receive on this petition, we will decide on our next step.

Here is a link to the news report:

Here is the website for the mentioned hospital:


Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Here is a very interesting interview done by THE NATION, a Thailand based News paper with Prof.Anil Kumar during his four day visit to Thailand earlier this month as part of motivating the devotees and answering the questions of all the DOUBTING THOMASes out there in the world.

This email is re-produced for the benefit of every one of us, as many questions in our minds have been answered in this interview..

Attached to this email is also a PDF format of this interview in THE NATION.

Kumar Krishnan

The Nation January 20, 2012 1:00 am

'Love all, serve all' - Sai Baba's message lives on as an inspiration to millions

For millions of devotees of the Sathya Sai Baba, 2011 was the cataclysmic year in which the India-based spiritual guru passed away, unexpectedly, at 85.

Sai Baba had prophesied that he would live till 96.

His rise from a backward hamlet in southern India to preside over an empire whose net worth is estimated at some US$8 billion (Bt253.8 billion), with followers in more than 100 countries, is the stuff of epics.

Though even his baiters acknowledged the enormous humanitarian services provided by his organization - encompassing free schooling, free treatment at two state-of-the-art super-speciality hospitals, and an innovative water project - criticism and controversy trailed him even after his death, when huge amounts of cash and jewellery were found in his residential quarters.  

Professor Anil Kumar, a former doctor of botany, who translated Sai Baba's speeches for almost four decades and had close access to him, was in Bangkok last week. Here, he addresses the oft-repeated questions of skeptics and critics.

How do you explain the huge amount of cash and jewellery found in Sai Baba's room, which was unearthed after his death, especially as the Sathya Sai Organization does not seem to have a history of soliciting funds?

You know, [devotees], they're trying to hand it over to him personally. But he never accepts. They want to give something. He rejects it openly, throws it in their face. But these people don't give up. They send them by courier, they post it. And those that were received by mail were [left] lying there. But he had never looked at them. He never used that money. He never touched those packets.

There were many cheques for huge amounts that had not been cashed, some dating back to 1993. Had he been money-minded he would have got them cashed. Many [packets] were not even opened. Because he was not at all bothered. All the money and jewels found in his room have nothing to do with him.

Why was all the money not taken away? Why was it left lying in the room?

Because no one had access to his room. No official could go to his room. They had to wait for him downstairs. He came down and talked to them. No one knew what was lying in the room. It was news even to the officials. I, having had proximity to him for four decades, can categorically say that he never talked about money. Money was never a criterion for him for anything. Money was never a consideration for anybody to come close to him. He attached no value to it. If you take my example, I was an ordinary college lecturer, with a hand-to-mouth existence … so how could I be so close to him? I never gave him anything.

Among the jewels found in his room were gems apparently given by a king of Saudi Arabia. Can you throw some light on that?

I've no knowledge of the variety of jewels collected over there or the sources they came from.

Was there any meeting with the Saudi king or his representatives? I ask this because Saudi Arabia is a puritanical Islamic state.

Here I can say one thing. Sai Baba was very simple and so is his place, Prashanthi Nilayam [in Puttaparthi town, southern India]. It doesn't get any facelift just because VIPs or dignitaries are visiting. Prime ministers, presidents and other VIPs come but there are no special decorations. In all probability, he [the Saudi king] or his representatives must have come. Baba may not be accepted as an incarnation or as divine by everyone, but his teachings are universal. His educational system is universal. His educational system aims at total personality development, comprehensive growth. It is a value-based education. So, no matter what the religion, everyone can follow it.

A lot has been said and written over the years about the 'miracles' he performed - producing ash and trinkets, gold chains, rings and watches, etc. His devotees loved it, critics hated it, skeptics were unconvinced. Scientists and para-psychologists did studies on them. Some dismissed them as sleight of hand, others were unable to explain them. For someone who saw them at close proximity, how do you look at it?

I'll quote him. He called it his visiting card. Once you give a visiting card to someone you don't have to introduce yourself again. He steps into your life as a visitor sending a visiting card through a miracle in your life. That which you think is impossible is made possible through a miracle and makes you believe in something transcendental, extra-sensual. The miracle is a bait to draw a person closer to God. He gives an example: to make a child go to school, what do you do sometimes? Give a chocolate. But it's the schooling that is important, not the chocolate. Similarly, a miracle happens in your life, so you will turn your mind towards the divine or spiritual life.

But magicians say even they can perform some of these 'miracles' and you don't need any divine powers…

Magicians do it as a profession. But in Sai Baba's case, miracles are not performed, they happen. The happening of a miracle is different from doing it. One is spiritual, the other is physical.

Can you expand on that?

A magician can perform under certain conditions. But Sai Baba, anytime, anywhere could materialize something for you. A magician will not be able to do that. He needs special conditions to perform. But Baba, by his will, could make things happen. Sai Baba's miracles have a higher purpose; a magician is only aiming for attraction with commercial value.

A leading Indian scientist, S Bhagvantham, who was the vice-chancellor of a university and even the director of India's defense research organization, stayed with him and studied the miracles and became totally convinced that miracles happened in Sai Baba's presence, at his will. One Italian doctor, who attended an international meeting of thoracic surgeons in Puttaparthi, said that though his reputation might be at risk, he would like to state that only Sai Baba could run such a sophisticated super-speciality hospital free of charge.

A BBC documentary on Sai Baba, called "Secret Swami", blighted his reputation with accusations of sexual abuse. If the accusations were false why didn't his organization or he defend himself or take action?

I, personally, would have liked to deal with it differently. But the thing is, Sai Baba never encouraged anybody to counteract [the accusations], especially on his behalf. He said truth is triumphant and spotless. It doesn't need anybody's support.

He went one step further and said to his devotees, "you're happy praising me, they're happy attacking me. I want both to be happy". He narrated a story from the Buddha's life. When the Buddha reached a village, all the youngsters there mocked him and made fun of him for abandoning his wife and child and walking shaven-headed, wearing ochre robes. The Buddha listened patiently and said "Is it over? Are you exhausted? My disciples are on their way. If they hear the things you said, they might beat you up. I don't want violence. So please finish whatever you want to say before they come". That's the compassion of the Lord. Sai Baba told us if you're pained to hear all the criticism, you have legs to walk away. He wanted all of us to develop a state of mind that does not become elated when praised, or depressed when criticized or blamed.

A lot has been said and written about his reported clairvoyance. Apparently in 1998 he told his inner circle that the world was headed for many natural disasters and that the earth's axis might even shift. We now know that during the Japanese earthquake/tsunami the earth's axis did shift. Are you aware of any predictions he made which came true?

He said long ago that Muslim nations will go through turmoil and terrorism. We've seen that in Afghanistan and Iraq; he predicted the unification of Germany, and long, long ago he said the Soviet Union will collapse. Then, he also predicted the decline of the US economy and the dotcom bust.

Talking about clairvoyance, he said more than once that he'd live to 96, but actually passed away at 85. How do you explain that?

Some Hindu scholars believe that, as per the lunar calendar, he did live to 96. According to the lunar calendar, a year has 324 days. Sai Baba never said he'd live to 96 according to the solar calendar.

Two years ago, he pointed to a spot and told me, "This is going to be my Samadhi [resting place]." When I told him "please don't say that", he said "why are you afraid? It's inevitable for anybody. Death is the dress of life".

The British architect Keith Critchlow, who was close to Prince Charles and designed the super-speciality hospital in Puttaparthi, reportedly advised Prince Charles to visit Sai Baba. And Charles was said to be keen to make the trip. There are two versions of this story: one said the British spy agency MI5 dissuaded Charles from visiting Sai Baba because of the sexual abuse allegations; another said they had a quiet meeting. Can you throw some light on that?

It's true that Critchlow wrote to Prince Charles [advising him] to meet Sai Baba. The authentic version I have heard is that the airport in Puttaparthi is small and was not in a position to accommodate the kind of plane Charles would travel in. Later, I heard that Charles regretted not being able to meet Sai Baba, and sent his respects through an emissary.

Since he encouraged everyone to practice their own religion, what kind of role did he envisage for himself?

He saw himself more as a catalyst; as a unifying factor; he wanted synthesis, not antithesis.

He has left an enormous legacy of free schools, educational institutions, free hospitals, social service organizations. His presence obviously helped raise funds all these years. But now, will these institutions be financially sustainable?

Right now, we're in a state of shock. But he has left us with principles to follow, and enough money.

The interest accrued on the principal amount will be enough for the [Organization’s] maintenance. There will be no shortage of funds.

If you had to sum up his message in a few words, what would it be?

Love all, serve all; the hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray.

Posted by Satish Naik - 21.01.2012

The Divine Temple of Healing - 11 Years of Love in Action

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Yesterday on 19th January, The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Whitefield near Bangalore completed 11 Years of Love in Action.

Dr. H. S. Bhat popularly known as the Father of Urology once said, he had the occasion to mingle with many multi-millionaires who had visited the hospital, whom he had taken for a 'walk through' the hospital. At the end of such rounds, he would often pose a question at these men, inspiring many such millionaires, as to why can't they start with such noble hospital projects. Replies would often sound convincingly interesting, "we can't run such a hospital even for a day"!!

A Divine Testimony to the Divinely Run Project of our Divine Lord.


Sai Ram

Posted by Kadappa Mannar - 20.01.2012

Sahasra Shirsha Purushaha

(The thousand Heads of the God.)


The first Sloka in Purusha Sooktham, reads as under:

Om sahasra shirsha purushaha

sahasrakshas sahasrapat

sa bhumim vishvato vritva

atyatishthad dhashangulam

The Purusha (the Supreme Being) has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet. He has enveloped this world from all sides and has (even) transcended it by ten angulas (Inches) .

Bhagavan Baba was once addressing a huge gathering of devotees, spoke about the true meaning of this Purusha Sooktha stanza.

The Cosmic Being has thousands of heads, eyes and feet). You have only one head whereas God has thousands of heads. What does it mean? All heads in the entire creation are His!

He explained that it is not necessary that God should always stand up with thousands of heads and thousands of eyes etc. The total humanity, why the entire creation, is the manifestation of God, and we should learn to understand the significance of god’s creation. He further clarified that the entire creation is in fact the true reflection of God, and that while we love somebody, it implies that we are loving God Himself.

Swami waved His Divine hands across the huge gathering of devotees, declared that these devotees’ heads are my thousands of Heads, and the eyes of these devotees are my thousands of eyes.

This is the true meaning of “Sahasra Shirsha Purushaha… That is why I always urge you all, to “Love All.” , thereby Loving God himself. – Baba

With Love regards,

Mumbai Srinivasan

Posted on 20.01.2012.


This humble effort is being placed at the Lotus Feet of Lord Ganesha with prayers that Lord Ganesha bestows His Grace on all the humanity by removing their “Chintha” i.e., worries, fears, poverty and sufferings.

This Gem is called “CHINTHAMANI”

This Chinthamani Ganapathi Maha Yagna has been conceived and is being guided by Poojya Sri. Srinivasan (most affectionately called as “Bombay Srinivasan).H...e had been initiated into Kundalini Yoga some 40 years ago. His Guruji, Dhyani Maharaj Sri Madhusudhan Dasji had also initiated him into many Sidha mantra deekshas. Sri Srinivasan had faithfully and reverently undergone the vigorous practice of many Upasanaas, and Anushtanams on each and every manthra into which he had been initiated. One of such manthras is “Chinthamani Ganapathi Moola Manthram”. This Manthram, invokes the Grace of Lord Ganesha to bless us to get all our desires fulfilled, and to invite Goddess Lakshmi to our home. There are many devotees who had undergone anushtanams on Chithamani Ganapathi Mantra, after receiving initiations from Sri Srinivasan, and have derived the desired results.

Sage Kapila began was worshipping Vinayaka as Chinthamani, as wish fulfilling God. “Chintha” means sorrow. Sage Kapila through the powers of penance, (Thapo Shakthi), was able to compose a rare Moola Manthra, known as “Chinthamani Ganapathi Moolam.

It is believed that there were THREE wish fulfilling items in the ancient days. They were, (1) The Kamadhenu (a cow), (2) Kalpaka Vruksha (Tree) and (3) The Chinthamani (a gem). All these three wish fulfilling items are now believed to be in possession of the Devathas.

Chinthamani Ganapathi Temple

Thevoorcha Shri Chintaamani is considered to be one of the Ashta Vinayak shrines of Maharashtra, celebrating eight instances of legends related to Ganesha. The temple at Thevoor, near Pune in Maharashtra State, enshrines the idol of Chinthamani Vinayaka. This temple and the deity relates to the legend of Kapila Rishi and the Chinthamani gem that he had obtained from Shiva. An east-facing image of Lord Ganesha is enshrined in this temple.

With Love & Regards,
"Mumbai" Srinivasan

Posted 14.01.2012

India Today Special Issue

We are advised by the news magazine India Today that a special 120 page issue titled "Divine Grace-Sathya Sai Baba" on the life and message of Bhagwan Baba is now under print and is likely to hit the newstands anytime between 23rd and 30th January.

The issue is in three parts. Following is roughly the content of the issue

!. Editorial.
2.Part 1-Life and Legacy-
This section gives a narration of Bhagawan's life story together with a Timeline of important Events.This is followed by write ups on all the Projects Swami has undertaken.
3.Part 2-Tributes
This section contains articles from about 40 eminent men and women on whom Bhagawan has made an impact.
4.Part 3-The Way Forward.
This section contains present and future initiatives which will ensure that His mission continues.

The issue also contains several photographs and artistically designed collages. We have seen the preprint version of the issue and from all accounts the issue is likely to a "collectors item".

Please inform anyone else that you feel must possess the copy of this issue which is a precise consolidation of His life, His Message and His Legacy.

Likely cover page of the issue

Makara Sankraanti

This festival falls on the 14th of January. On this day, the sun enters the house of Capricorn (or Makara as it is known in the Hindu Almanac), so it is known as Makara Sankranthi. It marks the commencement of the sun's journey to the Northern Hemisphere and is considered to be of great spiritual significance in the scriptures. It is also the time when farmers rejoice after the toils of the year result in a bountiful harvest in the fields, and is celebrated all over the country. Indeed, the harvest festival is common to many cultures all over the world and is an occasion of joyful celebration and warm conviviality. In Prasanthi Nilayam, the festival coincides with the valedictory function of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of Bhagawan’s educational institutions, when the prizewinners of the various events and competitions held during the year are felicitated.

Excerpts from Bhagawan’s Discourses:

“Makara Sankranthi marks the movement of the Sun from the southern horizon to the northern horizon. This northward movement of the Sun has immense spiritual significance. The north is symbolised by Himaachala. Hima means snow. It is pure, untainted and soothingly cool. All these endow it with the quality of Prashanthi (perfect peace). Achala means that which is steady and unshakeable. Himaachala does not refer to the physical Himalayan mountains. It represents that which is cool, peaceful and steady. From this day the Sun is said to move towards such a state. The Sun symbolises the vision of man. The northward movement of the Sun is a call to human beings to turn their vision towards that which is cool, peaceful and unchanging, i.e. towards the divinity within.

- Divine Discourse: 14 January, 1994

“Sankranthi day marks the arrival in the farmers' houses of the grains that are the fruit of their labors. It is also a cherished day of rest after a period of hard work when they can enjoy peace of mind. "Samyak kranthi iti Sankraanthi." Sankraanthi confers peace and heralds a welcome change. It brings out the inner joy in people. It effects a change in life-style. It generates sacred thoughts”.

- Divine Discourse: January 14, 1997

Pray wholeheartedly for the welfare of humanity - Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu (May all the people of the world be happy). You can be happy only when the world is happy. There is an intimate and inseparable relationship between you and the world. Chant the Divine Name. Pray for the welfare of the world and participate in service activities”.

- Divine discourse: January 14, 2002

“The Sankranthi festival should be regarded as the day on which man turns his vision toward God. Man's life may be compared to a stalk of sugar cane. Like the cane, which is hard and has many knots, life is full of difficulties. But these difficulties have to be overcome to enjoy the bliss of the Divine, just as the sugar cane has to be crushed and its juice converted into jaggery to enjoy the permanent sweetness of jaggery. Enduring bliss can be obtained only by overcoming trials and tribulations. Gold cannot be made into an attractive jewel without subjecting to the process of melting in a crucible and beating it into the required shape”.

- Divine Discourse: January 15, 1992

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" Each Guru who tried the Truth can guide you along the ways of the Sadhana. But the Guru only can inform and inspire, it is the disciple himself who must Walk and Act " .-Sathya Sai Baba - Embraces in the Divine Light of Sathya Sai Baba, Tagira Follow the Illuminated Way of the Guru... This is the Way...

Posted on 15.01.2012 - Tagira

Memories And Memoirs (Part 4), An Article By Prof.Anil Kumar

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

This is PART 4 of MEMORIES AND MEMOIRS, a translated version of Prof.Anil Kumar's article in Telugu Sanathana Sarathi Magazine. During his four decades of association with Swami and Swami's organisatin, Prof.Anil Kumar makes an attempt to recall, remind and appreciate the services of great men who served the Sai Organisation, important places which created a BENCH MARK for others to follow. This is one way of letting the present generation know the sacrifices and devotion of Devotees of yesteryears.

For the previous parts of Memories and Memoirs click the following links:


Year: 1975
Time: 10 PM.

The Rotary Club of Guntur was holding interviews to select individuals to send on a trip to the USA. Since morning they were having interviews and as I had just reached home around 10 pm a message was sent for me to attend the interview. I told the organisers, "After having a long day's work, can I attend the interview? I have just come home and haven't had the time to even freshen up."

In those days, there used to be a very famous coaching center called Ravi Tutorials which helped students prepare for Medicine and Engineering entrance examinations which were the toughest and have remained so even today. Ravi Tutorials was so famous that it has inspired all the present day corporate colleges in Guntur and elsewhere. Being a well known Professor of Botany, I was very, very busy giving extra coaching classes to students during the summer vacations.

I literally had to drag myself to Sri. Pangaluri Srinivasa Rao Hall, the venue for the Rotary Club interview. As I was not prepared for the interview before hand, I had second thoughts about my selection.

With almost no hopes of selection, I was sitting relaxed waiting for my turn to get in. In the interview room, I answered all the questions. After the interview, Dr. Nageswara Rao came up to me and said, " Is there anyone who doesn't know about you? As we all know very well about you, we have decided to select you for the USA trip on behalf of Rotary Club, Guntur."

I politely replied, "Sir, I haven't applied for the trip. Moreover, I don't have any desire to see America. If I did, I would have visited it long ago, with the help of my relatives who are living in America". My selection came as a big surprise to me as I was very sure that I wouldn't be selected. It was very strange that I was asked to apply after the selection but I was told that the final selection would be in Hotel Ritz, Hyderabad.

During those days, I was very busy coaching students who wanted to take up the medical stream . Those days were very hectic sometimes spanning 12 hours in a stretch. I didn't even have a second for myself. My mind had nothing in it but botany. At one stage, I thought, why am I going to Hyderabad with so much work in hand. Before that, my sister had her house warming ceremony which I couldn't attend. I thought, at least because of the interview, I could also visit her new home and make her happy.


Quite hesitantly, I finally got into Krishna Express train. One of my seniors was sitting in front of me. Looking at me he said, "What, Mr. Anil Kumar, are you prepared for the interview?. I think both of us will be selected. If not you, I will definitely be selected." I politely replied, "If it is Baba's will, He will make sure that I am selected. If it is not destined, it won't happen. It's all in His hands. Because of the Coaching classes, I am going to Hyderabad with literally no preparation. I haven't studied any subject which would benefit me in this interview."

Those were the days, when I was completely immersed in the OCEAN OF BABA'S BHAJANS. I had this habit of singing His bhajans every time and everywhere. Not to forget, those were the same days when Baba was completely ignoring me and not even looking at me (at least on a physical level).

In the train, right in front of my seat was Dr.R.B.K Murthy along with his daughter who happened to be my student as well. As I was humming bhajans, they were looking at me a bit strangely. Probably I looked like a MENTALLY ILL FELLOW to them. After some time, I came back to reality and said, " Please don't look at me like that. I am mentally sound. I am just singing Baba's bhajans."

Meanwhile, a young man who was sleeping above my berth gave me a book called Manorama."ť Another young man gave me Competition Master Magazine."ť I would be completely mistaken to think that they gave me those books out of love for me. Probably it was a polite way of saying, "Shut your mouth and stop disturbing us".

Realising their intentions, I said to them, "Look dears! I will not disturb you again. I haven't prepared for the interview I am going for. Why should I need these books? You please study them. " Probably they would have heard my voice had it been sweet, but when my voice was competing with the sound of the train engine no wonder they coudn’t bear any more


Anyway, I reached Hyderabad and the same evening, I went to Hotel Ritz for the interview. As my WEDDING SUIT was still in good shape, I chose to wear it for the interview. After reaching the venue, I overheard other candidates' conversations and I started sweating. Those were the times when EMERGENCY was imposed in India. Apparently some questions were asked on Emergency. Those were also the days, when our scientists successfully launched the first satellite named "Aryabhatta."ť Some questions were asked about it and also about the present day crisis in India. In those days, the underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim was also in the news. The questions were also based on black money and the Don. There were also questions asked about the Indo-Russia ties and the treaties signed by both nations. After knowing the type of questions being asked, I had no clue what to do. I didn't have answers to any of the questions. I was wondering what would be my fate that day!!

Meanwhile, my turn was fast approaching. They just had to call my name.I frantically prayed: Baba! You don't have to send me to Vijayawada. You don't have to send me to America. But please make sure they don't ask me uncomfortable questions. PLEASE MY LORD!!. What should I say if they ask me the capital of Norway. I also don't know anything about Peru. What am I to say if they ask what Denmark is famous for? Swami, it is a matter of my reputation. You have to save me now Swami!. Moreover, knowing that I am a Professor in Bio-sciences, if they ask me to name the largest animal, smallest animal, animal with legs or without legs, with tail and without tail, it will only make my reputation go down the drain. What would happen to me, if they say : What kind of lecturer are you? From within, I started pleading with Swami to save my face and also my reputation.

Finally, my name was called. I started walking briskly towards the interview room. The panel of interviewers were all learned scholars and famous personalities. Leaving everything to Swami, I sat in front of them. Prior to this, I had been thoroughly reading Sai Literature for about three years and with Baba's grace all the questions that were asked were from the Sai Literature with which I was already acquainted and had been speaking about the same at various venues.

The questions they asked me were totally different from those they asked the other candidates.

Hoping that these questions would be of great interest to everyone of you, I am sharing a few of them with you.

The number of Gods and Goddesses in India are equal to the population of India. What is your answer to this question?

Immediately, I remembered Swami's words on this. "Gods may be many but Divinity is one. Forms and names may be different but God is one. The voltage in the bulbs may be different but electricity is the same.

Another elderly man asked the next question. "You say Divinity is one then why someone says RAMA and another says KRISHNA?

The same question was answered by Swami in one of His discourses. I immediately remembered it and said, "A pharmacist and a hotel owner got headache at the same time. The pharmacist went to the hotel to have a cup of coffee. The hotel owner came to the pharmacist to get a medication for his headache. One of them trusts in coffee and the other trusts in the tablet. So based on faith, name and form come into the picture."

The elderly man nodded his head as if he was convinced with the answer. Can there be any- one in this world, who doesn't like Baba's apt examples?

Another man asked a question. "Rama had a well built personality. Ganesh was a bit short. Mother Parvathi was adorned with beautiful jewellery whereas Shiva was Digambara. How will you explain this?

Long ago, Bhagawan had explained this on one occasion. " We give cloth material to the tailor to stitch. What does he do? He stitches the same according to your measurements. A fat person cannot fit into a dress sown for a thin person and vice versa.So we cannot wear one another's clothes. In the same way, the name and form, devotion and dedication change according to one's own belief.

Another interviewer asked a question thus: "Then why do we have so many mantras? Why Vishnu Sahasra Nama, Lalitha Sahasra Nama?

Again I remembered Swami's words: All the mantras do convey the message that God is all knowing, all pervasive and all powerful but there might be slight variations in the way the message is conveyed. Similarly, the same message is conveyed in various languages but Divinity is one and the same. For example, for WATER,

Telugu people say NEERU, in Hindi you say PAANI, VAARI in Sanskrit, Tamilians say TANNEER. No matter how it is named the substance (Water) is the same. The same is the case with God, in spite of different mantras, rituals, etc.

Another interviewer asked, "Do you believe in Avatars?"

My one sentence reply was "Yes, I

"Who is the present Avatar?"
I said, "He is in the form of Sadguru (Teacher of teachers). Teaching life's aim and taking us along the right path He is verily JAGADGURU.

"Do you think he is my Guru, Mahesh Yogi?". I replied,” Not necessarily.”

Another member asked a straight question, "Who is your Sadguru?"
My immediate reply was, "Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba".

Probably to inconvenience me, another elderly member said, "I don't have any Gurus. Does it mean there is no Avatar?"

Once again Swami's words came to my mind. I said, "God is Sadguru, the teacher of teachers. Your body is the chariot. The senses are the horses with chains of attachments and possessiveness. For the man who is verily the chariot, God has taken up the job of charioteer and has been singing a special celestial song of Geetha specially composed for you."

Everyone seemed to be shocked with this reply. By then the questions were slightly drifting apart. The next question was, "Why are Avatars born only in India?"

Baba says, "Bharath (India) is the land which has love for God. While the other countries ask for the WORLD, Indians ask for self realisation. While other countries are after desires and wealth, Indians concentrate on Dharma and Moksha. India is the birthplace of Vedas. India is the country which reminded the world that there is Divinity in Humanity. My reply which was full of devotion was liked by all.

There was one more uncomfortable question. "We are hearing about corruption every- where. On the other hand you are talking about spirituality and Divinity. Why this dichotomy?. I replied, "Where does a doctor stay? He stays with the patients to cure them and make them free from ailments. Similarly, to transform mankind, the sole goal of an Avatar is to teach us values and lovingly remind us of the ultimate goal of life.ť

By then, probably, Baba thought somewhere in my heart that I must be thinking that I WAS ANSWERING all those questions. In the end, one completely irrelevant question was asked which almost made my heartbeat stop. They asked me to name the Prime Minister of Israel.

I said to my self, "O Swami! What should I say now? I know this is YOUR doing. You deliberately made them ask me a TOUGH question".

I told them, "Sir, until recently it was a man and then a woman was appointed as the Prime Minister of Israel. I cannot remember her name."
The interviewer said, "You have given 50% of the answer. You may go now."


Just as a child who runs from the classroom after the last bell rings at school, I literally ran out of the interview room, thus finishing one TENSE passing cloud which Swami MANAGED very well. I thanked Swami for having saved me. Probably they asked me all the questions which, if I were selected, would be asked in America. There were so many ROTARIANS in my hometown. Everyone in my home suggested that I inquire from them if I was selected for the America trip. I didn't want to ask anyone about the result because I hadn't prepared myself for the interview nor had I applied for it. Moreover, should I come to know that I had failed, it would have affected my morale and confidence.

After a few days, all the leading newspapers carried the names of 6 people selected for the America trip. As if it were a miracle that paper came and fell in my lap and to my utter surprise, the first name I saw among the 6 was mine. I had no words to express my happiness. Luckily, all the questions in the interview were centered around Swami. All the answers came from Swami's discourses. Those interviewers who were asking the other candidates about social, economic and current affairs, due to courtesy of Swami, started asking questions from Sai Literature. Only then I understood how our beloved Lord can manage every situation and here apart from making them ask me questions from HIS literature, He also helped me to remember them spontaneously, impress the interviewers, and to not just get me selected but made me stand first in the list.


This leela happened during those days when Swami ignored me for seven long years. With His grace I even got the selection orders. They asked us to come for some training programme in Vishakapatnam. The date was also confirmed. Here Swami put me to a very severe test. The same day we were celebrating our college anniversary. My attendance was mandatory. I put forth my situation to the Rotary club members and they said, " No way. We cannot postpone the training."ť Mr. Isaac was the Principal of our college. I went to him and said, "Sir, With God's Grace I got this chance to visit America. Please allow me to attend the training programme organised by the Rotary Club." He denied permission right away.

Here entered our beloved Lord, showing His omnipotent power. The then district collector of Guntur, Sri.Chandrayya, was the chief guest for the annual day function of our college. All the arrangements were made for the same. Sri.Chandrayya was a very close friend of our Principal. Due to some important official work, word was sent that he could not make it for the school anniversary. As the college had decided to have him as chief guest, the whole programme was postponed. In the 100 years' history of the college, this was the first time that the college anniversary function was postponed. For a century old college with 400 students, Baba postponed the function in no time. Can anyone match Swami in this regard? As an icing on the cake, the Principal personally came to me and said: You may go for the training in Vizag. It is only the power of Baba that made the same person who denied me the permission, personally come to me and permit me to go.

Baba's Sankalpa is harder than Diamond. No-one can change His Sankalpa. I left for the training as


A special interview video with questions from all parts of the world, with majority from Italy has been uploaded. Devotees will find answers for some interesting questions like organ transplant, Prema Sai, re-birth, Isssac Tigrett's future project and a few on Swami's Mahasamadhi. Pleas click the following link to watch this exclusive interview of Prof.Anil Kumar for

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Bhagawan
R.Satish Naik. - Posted on 13.01.2012


Annual Sports Meet 2012 News From Prasanthi

JANUARY 11, 2012

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

The Annual sports and cultural meet 2012 was a very grand one. Slowly and slowly we are almost nearing the completion of one cycle of celebrating festivities and events in the physical absence of our Bhagawan and this particular day would have been an emotional one especially to the students. Some may say just a coincidence, some say pure academic merit, some say recommendation, some one else may say talent but every student of Sai would have been a very sincere and devoted Saint of the past with years of sincere penance in search of God, that they gained such a great fortune to study in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord with Him as the Chancellor of the school.

In Other schools/colleges it is a matter of competition, gaining upper hand over your own friend and many a times this will lead to rivalry and unhealthy competition but the Sports and Cultural meet in Sathya Sai Institution is a great occasion to show the love each one got for Swami, an occasion to UNITE with God, an occasion to thank God, an occasion to say We Love You Dear Lord...

Swami was always very keen about this particular event especially because He cared and loved them to His heart's content. Before the start of this year's Sports meet many people including locals thought this year we may not see the dynamism, zeal like the previous years especially because of Swami's physical absence but for those children who could see Swami seated on the dais, for those children who were personally, quite artistically designed by the Divine Himself, can there be a second thought of His PRESENCE? Surprising every one, this year's sports meet had all the risky stunts which were part of the Sports meet over the years.

Watching the beautiful programme, looking at their love and dedication, I got a strong feeling that today Vaikunta, the Heavens, would have been literally shut down as Swami would have brought all the Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Holy Souls, liberated souls to Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium to show every one the beauty of devotion of His chosen ones, those students for whom Swami is everything and vice verse..

To keep up the tradition of the Divine arrival, this morning, an open car, used by Swami on various occasions was brought in with a large photo of Swami placed in the car. After the ceremonial flag salute the proceedings started with march past by all the campuses, flag hoisting and also the lighting of the lamp and this year's mascot was Nandi the bull. The statue of Nandi is commonly seen in temples just before the deities as one enters the temple. It is told in Puranas that we are not supposed to see the deity in the temple directly but put your two fingers on each horn of the Nandi and peep through the fingers to see the deity in the temple. Even though there are various meanings for this particular action, I remember Swami once explaining this in one of His discourses. the two horns represent our EGO. By placing your index finger and thumb on two horns, you are actually suppressing your Ego and offering yourself (ego-less) in front of God.

Like in the previous years, the ceremonial light was taken on the hill top as the Nandi lighted the ceremonial torch placed by Hanuman statue, commencing the start of morning programme.

Morning it was the turn of Prasanthi Nilayam campus and Anantapur campus to steal the show. The morning programme included some marvelous yogasanas, dances, marshal arts, breath taking motor bike stunts. Riding the brand new TVS Apache bikes, supplied by the TVS company, students showed how one can do such stunts with utmost care and dedication with a mere 15 day training. There was one student doing Yoga while riding the bike, one was playing guitar, one laying flat on the bike then came the part where they jumped through the fire, there was one student who broke through a glass. Even though not to be performed or imitated at home my two and half year old son seemed very impressed with this bike show that he started imagining to be on of the riders and didn't stop making the noise of the bike the whole day till he fell asleep few minutes back. This is how much it was enjoyed right from a boy of such a tender age to an old man in his 90s.

The special attraction of this morning was also the small remote operated planes specially brought in from Singapore. This planes which are about 2 meters in length can fly upto 200 meter high but very difficult to operate from the ground. I was told that the students who operated these 4 planes this morning were even sent to Chennai for special training and then some trainers from Singapore and Chennai came down to Puttaparthi to train the kids. This item was actually planned long ago in previous Sports meets but couldn't materialise as it needed special training, cost effective and on many occasions got cancelled at the last moment. As they barely had two weeks to learn, apparently this programme was actually written off at one stage, but OUR DIVINE MASTER had other plans. He made sure this event was very much part of this year's sports meet. A special mention about these planes are that they are about $ 2000 each and in case they have a bad landing, it is very difficult to repair them. There needed some extra care to be taken along with God's grace (which was very much there) and this programme was indeed a grand success.

The Prasanthi Management made sure they maintained the tradition and custom from the past. Right from selecting the mascot to this year's theme was done with Swami's blessings. They had few replicas of this year's mascot and themes placed by Mahasamadhi for blessings. Later an elderly staff member was asked to take out the lottery from the basket which meant the Divine approval. This year's themes were two swans placed on either side of the Institute Emblem with Swami's photo placed in the middle (photo attached). Every minute thing was designed by students and I was told that this SWAN theme seemed to be toughest and the students were praying to Swami to get another theme to be blessed, but for our Lord who said LIFE IS A CHALLENGE, MEET IT, there is no easy path to success. When the lottery was taken, sure enough, the SWAN theme was finalised and the students worked till 4am on the morning of the Sports meet doing the last minute touch ups, which indeed brought joy among the audience.

The evening's programme was also equally thrilling from the Brindavan Campus, Eswaramma primary school and Primary School children. The final presentation with all the lights turned off, by the Brindavan campus, making amazing formations like Swastik, SAIRAM etc was just a perfect finish to such a beautiful offering by the Chosen children of Sai.

For both the sessions, the stadium was jam packed the serene weather also added joy to the occasion.

Swami is very much with us, in us, around us, below us, above us and within us.. Thank You Swami!!!

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,

R.Satish Naik

Live Video webcast of Annual Sports and Cultural Meet from Prasanthi Nilayam

Dear Reader,


It is January, and it is the time of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions. What started of as an in-house event in early eighties, slowly transformed itself into an important and exciting festival in the calendar of Prasanthi Nilayam.

It is one of those events where Bhagawan showcased to the world what can be achieved through integral education. For His students it is an opportunity to express their love to their Eternal Chancellor through a fascinating display of dances to daredevilry, aerobics to scintillating gymnastics, amazing drills to thrilling stunts, impressive dramas to elevating music performances and so on. It is a celebration of the sportive spirit that Baba inculcates in every student of His university.

Radio Sai is extremely pleased to offer to all, for the first time, the Live Video Webcast of the entire Annual Sports and Cultural Meet. It begins on January 11, 2012 with the presentation at the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium and culminates on January 15, 2012 (Sankranti Day) in the Sai Kulwant Hall. Please see below for the detailed schedule:

January 11, 2012 (Wednesday)
8:00 a.m.
March Past, Sports Meet Presentation by Prasanthi Campus and Anantapur Campus
4:00 p.m.
Sports Meet Presentation by Primary School and Brindavan Campus
January 12, 2012 (Thursday)
5:00 p.m.
Drama by Students of Brindavan Campus
January 13, 2012 (Friday)
5:00 p.m.
Drama by Students of Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School
January 14, 2012 (Saturday)
5:00 p.m.
Music Programme by Students of Anantapur Campus followed by Students of Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music
January 15, 2012 (Friday)
9:00 a.m.
Sankranti Day Celebrations and Sports and Cultural Meet Prize Distribution Ceremony
5:00 p.m.
Drama by Students of Prasanthi Nilayam Campus


Do not miss this event! For it has it all - the excitement of sport, the uplifting power of music, drama and dance, as well as the spirit of sublimating one's talents - performing every act only to please the Lord and nothing else.

As always, log on to our website  and be a part of this colourful event unfolding in Prasanthi Nilayam.

At His Service,
Radio Sai team


Thoughts for the New Year

(By - All India President - Sri V Srinivasan)

The Way Forward!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sai Ram to all of you

Let me first of all wish you and all the members of the Sai family, a much better 2012 than the traumatic year that has just gone by. I have every confidence that it will be so as our beloved Bhagavan is always with us. I feel his all the time and His guidance, just as He guides all of you, in all matters. Every moment that passes I feel His Grace. Every moment I experience His assurance "Why fear when I am here". When I travel to distant parts of India, I feel His presence in the faith and devotion that the devotees so wondrously exhibit. His manifestations all over the world are exploding, giving joy and reassurance to millions. Indeed, it is difficult to tear oneself away from the love and devotion of Sai bhaktas and the satsangh with them which is verily a festival of love. I feel humbled when I experience their steadfast faith in the Lord, which strengthens my own faith. This is Sai's way forward for all of us.

It is appropriate that we should think of the Way Forward at the beginning of this important year. It is my sincere belief that the Way Forward has to be collective and holistic for all Sai devotees and Institutions. It cannot be in parts or separate for different individuals and institutions. Let me recapitulate for you how the Sai Organisation is approaching this matter.

For the first time since its founding, the Organisation will be holding a 2 day Retreat for all its main office bearers for review and introspection as well as to plan for the next five years. The unique characteristic of this Retreat is going to be that the future plans with regard to the various wings of the Organisation are going to be projected by the Youth, both Gents and Mahilas. They will tell us as to how they would like the Organisation to go forward and the All India President and the State Presidents and State Trust Convenors will be listening to them. Bhagavan had enormous love for and confidence in the Youth and wanted the Youth to come to the forefront.

He will bless them as they now plan for the future and take leadership roles. This process of transformation has already begun in several states and we will see its acceleration going forward, at National, State, District and Samithi levels. This is not to say that there is no role for us elders: in the Sai Mission, there is a role for one and all. Positions and Offices are not important, participation is. We have to put aside our ego and be grateful that we have a chance to continue to be a part of the Divine Mission.

We have all to have the firm faith that Bhagavan is with us as He was before-He knows everything that we do and everything that we think. We cannot act or talk or think differently than what we used to do when the Lord was with us in physical form. If we depart from this principle, we are not qualified to say that we are devotees of Bhagavan. The same discipline, the same self conduct, the same sadhana, the same relationship with others, the same attitude toward prayer, the same faith, all these have to be there.

Bhagavan always emphasised the importance of collective action rather than individual action. He directed us to love and respect each other. Disagreements have to be resolved face to face with Love and Humility rather than criticism behind the back. He repeatedly said that Whatever the question, the answer is Love.

The greatest Legacy of Bhagavan is the lamp of selfless Love that He has lit inthe hearts of millions of people all over the world. Through this, they realise that He is present wherever His work is being done and where His name is being taken.

So the Way Forward is to do His work in greater and greater measure and to take His name more and more. This is the way to constantly experience Him and His Love and Grace. For 85 years, Bhagavan has taught and guided us, taken care of us, and inspired us. We have now to make our lives His Message to the World. He wants our lives to be transformed in order to motivate and inspire others to transform themselves. The World has to see, experience and be inspired by the way we conduct our lives and to understand that this has become possible only by the Grace of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is not by our wearing white dress and proclaiming we are Sai devotees that we become devotees.

It is by our behaviour, our speech and our actions that others have to say that we must indeed be Sai devotees. This verily is the journey to Sai, the Way Forward!

Each one of us has had wonderful experiences with Bhagavan. Now is the time to reflect and recapitulate these signs of Divine Grace. Every experience was not just to save us from some calamity, not just to give us a proof of His Divinity, not just to demonstrate His Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, but it had also a teaching for us. If we have not thought about and absorbed what that teaching was, it is not too late: we can still reflect and learn now. It is the doctoral degree of Bhagavan's Cosmic University and it was meant to prepare us for our role in the Sai Mission.

I would like to share with you an experience which taught me an important lesson. Once when I was in Haryana, some of the devotees there said that people who stay at Prashanti Nilayam are really very fortunate, while we who are so far from the Lord are most unfortunate. When I returned to Prashanti Nilayam, I mentioned this to Bhagavan. His reply was "The Truth is that several persons who stay at Prashanti Nilayam are spiritually very far from me while thousands of persons who live in distant places are spiritually very close tome." The lesson here is that what is important is the closeness to the Nirakara Avatar of Bhagavan, which is obtained only by implicit obedience to His teachings.

We do not serve Sai just by building temples to Him. Bhagavan once said that the temple to Ram has to be built within our hearts. We have to build Community Seva Centers which enable us to carry Bhagavan's Message of Love All, Serve All to every nook and corner of India. These Centers should definitely have a provision for all to collectively sing Bhagavan's glory and offer worship to Him.

We cannot compromise on the core principles and values that Bhagavan has taughtu s. At the same time, we have to understand that our Kurukshetra is this World which we have to strive to make a Dharmakshetra. We have to boldly engage with the World. We have to understand that we are a part of the Society and we have to perform our sadhana in it, not away from it. Our Organisations and Institutions must have the faith, confidence and courage to be more open to the world with all its vicissitudes. We must constantly pray to Bhagavan that we be in the world and at the same time not in it, that we transform ourselves and by that transform the world, and not get drowned by the world. It is here that we have to follow the Master, face the Devil, fight to the end and finish the Game.

No one should come to any Sai Institution and go away dejected. No one should feel unwanted. There is room for all in the Sai Durbar. Everyone has a role to play. It is the duty of those who have been fortunate to have been with Bhagavan to make this possible for all who come to the doors of Sai. We cannot be dogmatic, fastidious and fanatic. We have to radiate Love towards all, even to those who apparently do not wish us well. Bhagavan has amply demonstrated that Love is the greatest energy in the Universe. Love can change all! We must have shraddha and saburi (faith and patience) as Shirdi Sai told His devotees. Self Confidence and Prayer are the paving stones on the Way Forward.

When I reflect now on the 40 years that I have spent with Bhagavan, it dawns on me that this was just a period of preparation. The real work of Sai starts now and He has prepared each one of us during the time that we spent with His physical form. The Sai Youth have real work to do. The baton has to be gradually and steadily passed on by each one of us to the others who must take it up: the race never ends: it goes on and on, till Humanity merges with Divinity. This is the Way Forward.

So, Brothers and Sisters, it is my humble request that we collectively reflection these thoughts that I have placed before you. It is for us to decide with Sai on the Way forward: no one else can do it for us.

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted on 04.01.2012 by KARTIKEY DWIVEDI through Sangram Kondel

New Year Message from Prasanthi Nilayam

Sai Ram

Do not waste time speculating over what would happen in this New Year. If your actions are good, your future is bound to be good. The future of the nation depends on your actions. God is a witness; He neither protects nor punishes you. Each one is responsible for their pleasure or pain. In this New Year, develop new and sacred feelings and make everybody happy. Do not struggle for money; strive for love. Once you develop love, there will be no scope for evil qualities like anger, jealousy, etc. If your thoughts and actions are good, your future will be good. Then the whole country, nay, the whole world will prosper. Pray for the peace and prosperity of the entire world. Peace can be attained only through practice of human values.

- Divine Discourse: April 5, 2008

in Sai service,

Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust - Publications Division, Prasanthi Nilayam

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Owner of Bhagawan’s Rolls Royce-Drive Through In Rolls Royce Car Video


Sai Ram - Owner of Bhagawan’s Rolls Royce

A drive in the Rolls Royce which was owned by Bhagawan in 1972 which now belongs to Shri Irphan Mogul from Mumbai. The first number of the car was “ADA 9″ )

Irphan believes that the first owner of the car made it divine. “When we were buying this car, my father did not agree with the quoted price. However, just out of curiosity, he decided to go through the registration papers. He was a devotee of Bhagawan for years and was astonished to see that the first owner … of the car was none other than Baba himself. Needless to say, he bought it immediately,” says Irphan.

“The most interesting part about the car is that it has been very lucky for our business. I am the proud owner of this Rolls Royce Saloon in which Baba used to sit on a daily basis. This may be just another vintage car, but its registration number and first owner make it extra special,” says Irphan.

The royal peacock-coloured car stands at the garage of Irphan Mogul the owner of Toyota Tech a high-profile car mechanic from Bandra. Irphan has a scanned copy of the original documents of the car.

For the Interview with Shri.Irphan Mogul, Please click or follow the Below Link :

Posted by Kadapa Mannar - 01.01.2012

Please distribute the following inspiring and uplifting letter from Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Chairman, Prasanthi Council.

I wish you and your families a Happy, Holy New Year filled with Swami’s Love, Grace, and Blessings.

Prasanthi Council

Narendranath Reddy, MD


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings of loving Sairam to all of you.

I wish all of you a happy and holy New Year 2012 filled with Divine Love, Peace and Joy.

The very first message to humanity from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was “Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam.” Holding on to His divine lotus feet when we sing His sweet name and glories, contemplating on His beautiful form and leelas, and doing His work while taking refuge in Him, the goal of eternal bliss and peace that passeth understanding is assured. We could witness this message of love in action during the recent Christmas celebrations by devotees from 40 countries around the world in the holy land of Prasanthi Nilayam. There was a festive and sacred atmosphere pervading the ashram. Sai Kulwant Hall was decorated beautifully by the devotees from Croatia and South Africa. There was an excellent music program of Christmas carols, an adult choir and an international children’s choir. Two ardent and longtime devotees, Ms. Sylvia Alden and Mr. Arthur Hilcoat, shared their experiences of Swami’s love and message. Through the hard work of Radiosai Global Harmony, a great number of devotees around the world watched the programs broadcast live from Prasanthi Nilayam. Christmas was also celebrated with similar enthusiasm and love in Sathya Sai Centers in many countries around the world, demonstrating Swami’s principle of the universality of all faiths.

In this time of buying gifts and presents for friends, family, and other loved ones, we should remember that the greatest gift is the gift of love. Jesus said, “When you serve the least of your brethren you are serving me.” In His Divine Discourse Swami exhorted, "The best way to love God is to Love All and Serve All. God is interested only in Love and Service. If you can recognize the importance of these two and conduct yourself accordingly there can be no greater Sadhana." All of us as devotees should strive to continue the legacy of our dear lord Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by spreading His message of love through selfless service to all. An act of service can be as simple as a loving word or an encouraging pat on the back. Swami’s love as manifested through loving acts of service have helped and transformed millions of people.

I am very happy to share that currently many devotees from the Sathya Sai centers around the world are engaged in service projects such as distributing blankets to homeless people sleeping on the streets, distributing food through food banks, providing medical service to the sick and singing carols at convalescent homes. In continuation of the relief efforts started in January 2010 in Haiti, food, toys and 2000 gifts were given to children this Christmas. I am also very pleased to note that the youth are taking active part in all of these service projects.

With the advent of New Year 2012, I would like to recollect His Divine Message – “Treat every second as new. Sanctify every moment of your life. This has to be done by realizing the unity of Sath (the Divine) and Chith (the individual Consciousness). When this union is achieved, Ananda (Spiritual Bliss) is experienced. This is the primary task before everyone. Every second should be regarded as an expression of the Divine.”

When we practice this message of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba we feel His omnipresence in everything, everywhere, ever. There are miracles galore experienced by devotees all over the world - materializations, visions, cures, protection and guidance. This shows that He was with us, He is with us and He will be with us for eternity.

Devotees are taking active part in the festivals and events in Prasanthi Nilayam – the abode of supreme peace. Devotees from 5 countries will be celebrating Chinese New Year on 28th January 2012 in Prasanthi Nilayam. Also Buddha Purnima celebrations will be celebrated by Buddhist devotees from 12 countries on 7th & 8th May 2012. These celebrations are an opportunity for everyone to work in unity and harmony and express their love for Swami.

Having the greatest divine grace of being the contemporaries of the avatar, having seen Him and heard Him, let us practice His teachings in our daily life. Swami said that the best way to spread His message is by being an exemplar of His teachings. Swami says that we should not become platform heroes and practical zeroes.

On 25th December 1978, Bhagawan Baba said:

"When Jesus proclaimed that He was the 'Messenger of God', He wanted to emphasize that everyone is a messenger of God and has to speak, act and think like one… When progress is furthered, Jesus asserted, each one can recognise all as 'sons of God', children of God… Finally, knowledge ripens into wisdom and the goal of Jnana (wisdom) is reached, when each one realises, 'I and my Father are one'.

So too, let us go forward from being messengers of Sathya Sai to being the children of Sathya Sai and finally realize that Sathya Sai and we are one. It should not be business as usual. Let us wake up from the slumber of ignorance and march on to the light of wisdom. As brothers and sisters let us all work together and share how to attain this goal in this very lifetime. ‘If not now, when? If not us, who?’

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for blessing all of us with the unique and unparalleled opportunity in the history of mankind to participate in His avataric mission. Let us redeem our lives by the practice of His universal and eternal message of Divine love.

Samastha Lokah Sukino Bhavantu (May all the worlds be happy).

Jai Sai Ram

With loving regards

Narendranath Reddy MD

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