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Important Announcement by Prof. Anil Kumar for 31st December Program in Prasanthi Nilayam

Today's Program in Prasanthi Nilayam was wonderful, but what is tomorrow's live program? To know, listen to this Audio and read the text given below.

(0:00 - 2:05 of the Audio In English) Now I have great pleasure making another important announcment..for the first time..for the first time, please note...for the first time, the alumni of sri sathya sai primary school will have their meet and a special program in the evening tomorrow the 31st Saturday at 5:15, we happily recall the moments when Bhagawan appreciates them and how he speaks very high of the children of Sri Sathya Sai Primary School and we will be too happy to know, these children are very well settled in their life, their children are studying in our schools now and it is also so nice to note, Sri Sathya Sai Primary School completed 30 years since inception. A wonderful school indeed!!!!! I am also sharing with you a statement made by Bhagawan (Anil sir spoke in Telugu) English Translation "it is impossible to get into school, into primary school, even for ministers", that is the standard for Sri Sathya Sai Primary School, Bhagawan really appreciates their English pronunciation, the diction, and the content and often they display here, in the Sai Kulwant Hall. Let us await for the event tomorrow in the evening at 5:15 in the Sai Kulwant Hall in the Divine presence of our most beloved Bhagawan. As usual we will have veda chanting from 4:30 to 5:15,

(2:05 - 3:45 of the Audio in Telugu)

(3:45 - 3:51 of the Audio in English) We welcome the Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Primary school meet tomorrow. SaiRam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​! (thundering Anil Kumar style).

  Important Announcement by Prof. Anil Kumar for 31st December Program in Prasanthi Nilayam

Shared by Mayur Madurai - 30.12.2011


..A journey with the Living and Loving Avatar for Four decades..

An article by Prof.Anil Kumar published in Telugu Sanathana Sarathi...

For part one and two of MEMORIES AND MEMOIRS please click the following link.. or read below


Meanwhile, our departure from Puttaparthi was for the next day. In those days, due to smaller crowds, we were blessed to have many darshans in a day. That evening, for the first time I sat in Darshan lines. Looking at Swami who was standing on the mandir balcony, I said within, " If You are God, cure my wife's illness. " Meanwhile, I came to know that the person sitting next to me, Mr.Naidoo from Chittoor, was working in Smt. Eswaramma School. Without any prompting, as if reading my mind, he said,"Sir, I am sure you must be wondering why Baba is calling everyone else for interview except you". This definitely was a question that was bothering me that day. Mr.Naidoo himself gave the answer thus: Only Swami knows whom to call and when to call. I will give you a small example. Let's say three people got stomach ache at the same time. The doctor asked one of them to skip dinner. The next one was given medication.

The third one was referred for an emergency operation. Just as a doctor knows the kind of medication to be given to his patients, Swami knows everything about us and He knows when to RESPOND to us. I was completely shocked to hear this man speak just what was in my mind.

Thinking that this was probably the POWER OF THIS SOIL and scared of any further disclosure of my thoughts, I took leave of him and sat elsewhere. As I was about to sit down, a gentleman came to me and after greeting me, he introduced himself as my former student. Looking at me a bit strangely, he asked, "Sir, why are you here?" Not knowing what to say, I said, "I have just come to see this place." After that, we continued talking to each other amicably. Then, to my utter surprise he said, "Sir, no-one is allowed to break coconuts here. No-one will come to you with an arathi plate. There is no donation box and you won't find anyone sitting with receipt books to collect donations. So I am sure you are wondering how all these beautiful buildings have come up." What he had just told me was indeed what I had been contemplating as I had exactly the same thoughts in my mind. Before I could say anything, he said, "A rich businessman from Mumbai came to Swami to seek his blessings for his ailing wife. She was cured by Swami and later had children. Prior to this, she had been taken to every reputed hospital with no improvement in her health. Swami's Divine Hand cured her. In gratitude to Swami, this businessman built all these buildings". I then felt sorry for myself for having such selfish and evil thoughts and I asked Swami to forgive me.

As our departure time was getting closer, I rushed to the Ashram book-store. In those days, the bookstore was being run in a very small room which looked like a store room. I bought SATHYA SAI SPEAKS VOL 5. As soon as I started reading this book, I was completely taken aback. I found no difference between Swami's teachings and the teachings of Brahma Samaj (which I had been following since my childhood days). The way Swami spoke about the FORMLESS and the way He explained about the Path of Wisdom was amazing. The moment I started reading Swami's book, I realised the similarity, the oneness with Brahma Samaj and the only thing I could do was to mentally do Padanamaskar to Swami.

All of us reached home safely. My family members then witnessed the FIRST miracle of Baba. My wife became completely healthy. This miracle happened without having any interviews nor any letters passed on to Swami. No one in my family got padanamaskar. It was just the darshan of our Lord that brought back happiness to the family. The second Leela that happened was my getting attracted to His teachings.

Swami's way of expression, story telling, innovative approach and the inner messages made me feel that He is second to none.I started attending bhajans everywhere. There were days when we dared a heavy downpour and went with my kids to bhajans. Mr. Sastri, a member of Guntur Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, used to wake me up early in the morning and take me to Nagar sankeertan in the streets of Guntur. My singing capabilities didn't match even a below average singer. In spite of that, Mr.Sastri used to force me to sing during Nagarsankeertans. Even after 40 long years, I still remember those songs learnt from him.

There used to be three great devotees of Bhagawan in Guntur. For 30 long years, no function took place without them in the Poornachandra. They were very dear to Swami. They were Sri.Karunasri Jandyala Papayya Sastri, Sri. Brahmasri Madhavarama Sharma and Dr.Amarendra. Karunasri and Madhavarama Sharma were my teachers. Later on, I had the great fortune to work with them as colleagues for 10 years. Dr.Amarendra who was our family friend was also a staunch follower of Brahma Samaj. These three great men were active in the Sai movement striving every second of their lives for the betterment and development of the Organisation. In my childhood days, I never won any gold medals or trophies. Even though I was very much active in my teaching, I had never published any research papers . But all through my academic career starting from Majeti Guruvayya High school to Andhra Christian College and later on to Andhra University, I stood first in Telugu and English elocution competitions. As a Professor, I used to attend all the functions and address the gatherings. In the meanwhile, three of them discovered my skills and motivated me by introducing me to the Sai Organisation and I was fortunate to share the dais with them. I toured extensively with the three of them and thus started my journey to Sai.

I used to come to Parthi for every festival. As if due to some kind of BAD LUCK brought forward from my previous births, Swami didn't speak to me for seven long years. Padanamaskar was my dream which was never realised during those seven years. I was always in the 20th or 30th row. In spite of this, I never stopped coming to Puttaparthi. The only trouble I had was when I returned from Puttaparthi, my center members used to ask me if I got Padanamaskar or if Swami said something to me. It was like catching hold of a failed student and asking him if he got first rank or second. Not knowing what to say, for some time I had to hide myself from the devotees.

Meanwhile, devotees from neighbouring districts started inviting me to address Sai gatherings. Probably some merits from one of my past lives, were now giving me the chance to share the dais with great men and learned scholars like Sri. Diwakarla  Venkatavadhani, Sri. Biruduraju Rama Raju, Sri. Veerabhadra Rao, Sri. Raghunathacharya, Sri. Sivarama Byragi, Sri.Balaraju, Sri.Mana Pragada Seshasai and others. Today, it is hard to find talented people like them. It was only through Swami's Grace that I had a chance to meet them in person. There was no village, no town that I hadn't visited. Just one invitation and I was there to address the gathering. It was only Swami's Sankalpa that made me visit all the villages.

There were times when I had to walk on bushy, thorny roads to reach remote villages. The conditions in those days, the transport system, the communication system and the infrastructure were nowhere close to thosein the present situation. When I look back to those days, I am very sure and convinced that it was Swami who made this possible.

By then things were looking very different for me. Through His Grace, my life was taking a complete U turn, of course towards the right path. After looking at my progress and after Swami had appointed me as the Principal of Brindavan Campus, my mother, Smt.Sarojini Devi, wrote an article in DHARMA JYOTHI magazine saying thus: When my father wanted my son Anil Kumar to become a Brahmo Missionary, I said, "Dad, I would rather want my son be a normal householder concentrating on his family life.” But who can know God's will? The one who was supposed to become a Brahmo Missionary has now become a Sai Missionary.

Once I got an invitation from devotees from Hindupur (two hours from Puttaparthi). At that time, Sri (late) Muddanna, was the president of Sri Sathya Sai Samithi. They were having RAMAYANA SAPTHAHAM (a week long programme to expound and enjoythe story of Lord Rama). I was asked to address the gathering on one particular day. When I received the invitation card, I was surprised and a bit stunned to see all the great scholars of that period who were scheduled to address the gathering.

With no options left, I called up Sri.Muddanna and politely asked him to excuse me as I was not confident enough to do so in the presence of such learned scholars. But they rejected my plea outright citing that my name had already been printed in the invitation cards. Not knowing what to do, I took out Swami's Rama Katha Rasa Vahini and some discourses given during Ramanavami and started preparing notes before I left for Hindupur.

The programme in Hindupur was a grand success. I was very much satisfied with my talk and I thought I had lived up to the expectations of the programme. As Puttaparthi was closer, I decided to have Swami's darshan before leaving to my native place Guntur. When my bus was halfway there, Swami's RED car came from the opposite direction. The bus driver said,  "Sir, Baba is on His way to Anantapur. It would be better if you get down here, take a bus to Anantapur and have His darshan there. "

As advised by the driver, I took another bus and got down in front of Swami's Anantapur Campus gate. As you know, Swami's girls' college is in Ananatpur and as soon as the watchman saw me, he stopped me and said no body is allowed to go in and men were strictly not allowed inside the campus. The college where I was working was a co-education college. There were at least 1000 girls in my college. But Swami's Anantapur college is a different campus. It is so strict that even a male mosquito cannot dare to enter the Anantapur campus. I once said the same thing in Swami's presence to which He said, " It is only because of such discipline that our college has a good name everywhere. There is not even one bad remark outside. It is not an easy thing to run a girls' campus.

Holding my bag, I was waiting outside the gate to get a glimpse of Swami. It was afternoon by then. Sudenly, in the distance I perceived some activity. As I was standing far away, I could vaguely see Swami getting down the stairs.

Suddenly, I heard a voice saying, "Anil Kumar, come here". I thought probably the watchman's name was also Anil Kumar and so I did make a move. I heard the voice again saying, "Hey, Guntur Professor Anil Kumar, I am calling you only. Come here". I couldn't believe my eyes to see Swami calling me. I thought, "Didn't Swami see me for seven long years? Has he come to know of my existence and my name only now?" Wasting no time, I rushed to Swami and stood before Him. Introducing me to everyone assembled there that day, Swami said, " He is Guntur College Professor Anil Kumar. Last night he addressed a gathering in Hindupur and he did a very good job.  Every one liked his talk". Swami then started naming all the scholars who were invited for the week long programme. I said to my self, Swami knowing about my talk is fine but how can He know all the names of the speakers? This was mind blowing to me. Looking to me Swami asked, " How is your wife?". With this query I broke down before Swami and said, my Lord, that is why I have come to You. Please bless her Swami!. Immediately Swami materialised vibhuthi and said, "Come for Dasara festival" .

Initially, I didn't want to come to Puttaparthi during Dasara celebrations as it was very difficult to get accommodation and minimum transport facilities. But What can stop us when Swami Himself has invited? Obeying the Divine command we reached Puttaparthi for Dasara festival.

Later I came to know the dignitaries with Swami on that day were Sri. Kraxi, Sri. Bhagawantham, Sri. Gokak, Sri. Chall Subbarayudu, Sri. Goldstien and others..

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Bhagawan

Satish Naik

Click here to view some rare and old photos of Swami..

Our wait for Swami or His wait for us?

The time when Swami was in the hospital was a very tough time indeed. What started as a minor health ailment, became a major one and today it becomes so hard to hold back our tears when we relive memories. All said and done, there was something very special about Swami’s form. And when I say I am crying, I want to clarify so that am not misunderstood.

I need not write anything about what Swami means to us or what He has done for us. Each person has his/her own experience to speak for. This much I can say that even for a single moment, Swami has not lived for Himself but for all of us. He has loved completely even those who have tried to harm Him or tarnish Him. And his love has been of Divine nature that anyone who has even had an iota of heart, has been overwhelmed.

God has a plan and that is all I need to know. That is all that is the basis of my Faith and Trust. That is all that is the reason for me to live. And so, even though feelings of sorrow and separation from Him envelop me at times, I tell myself that HE KNOWS BEST. And reaffirming my faith, I cheer up...........

But today, I cry because I realize how little I have imbibed His teachings and how little am like Him. Everyday, during those days when He was in the hospital, I was eager to get updates of His health and naturally so. Days passed and the updates became 'monotonous' and I was waiting for some positive change. I was wondering when Swami would will and come out of the hospital and lead life the way I would love to see Him?

It is then that it hit me - Was I ever so eager to know His teachings and follow them? How 'monotonous' it would have become for Swami to keep waiting for me to start living the life the He wanted me to? How long has He waited for some positive change?

I say that I have tried my best. From within, His answer is so straight, "You have not".

"But I have done everything possible. I feel I love You so much and have done everything the way You wanted me to!!"

"If you have been the way I would have wanted you to, you would never feel a moment of separation from me. You would never feel sorrow for Bliss is your nature."

"So I have not become what am ought to........What should I do?"

"Forget the past (but not its memories and lessons), don't think about the future. Live in the present. its my gift and its the omnipresent."

Swami has come with a mission and as He declared it, It will never fail. We have no choice but to evolve. And if we refuse to, we will be forced to!

Aravind B

Posted on 29.12.2011

The Leelas of Mischievous Kanna (Krishna)


“Kalthurangin akathua Amma Kani Kanda Dhinam Muthal,
Kaattaalan Eitha Kanayal Kal Vinda Dhinam varey,
Kannan Kapata Gopalan Chaitha Kaaryam sagalamum
Jagan Mohana, Mohanam!!!!

From the Day when the Mother had (kani) the first Divine Darshan, inside the (Kal thurangam) jail,

Till the day, His Lotus Feet was hurt by an arrow of a hunter,

All the Divine Leelas, played up by the mischievous Kannan (Krishna)

Were very very awesome and liked all over the world.

Further Notes:

“Kani” means the first Darshan.

This in essence indicates the Divine Leelas from the day of Advent till the day of Exit.

Lord Krishna was born inside a prison. The poet uses the word, “Kal thurangin akathu”. “Akathu” means inside. “kal thurangam” means a cave made out of stones.

That was how the prisons were built those days.

With Love & Regards,

"Mumbai" Srinivasan

Sathsangh with Sri Asharam Bapuji

Poojya Shree Asharam Bapuji:

Poojya Shree Asharam Bapuji is a very popular spiritual leader. Millions of his followers are attending his sathsangh, wherever, it happens.

This most popular Bapuji visited Prashanthi NIlayam, to pay his respects to Bhaghavan Sri Sathya Sai baba varu. Swami blessed Bapuji, and also showed him all regards due to a spiritual leader. Swami directed that a chair be provided for Bapu, to sit near Him. Swami also requested Bapuji to give a message to vast number of devotees gathered in Sai Kulwant Hall. Bapuji spoke at length on various spiritual matters, and paid glowing tributes to Bhagavan Baba.

I live in Borivali in Mumbai. Just behind my apartment building, there is a vast 13 acres sports ground owned by Bombay Municipal Corporation. In this vast maidan, Shri. Asharam Bapuji is scheduled to conduct a santhsangh meeting starting from 30th December till 1st January. The extended sathsangh meetings will commence from 9.30 AM till 3.30 PM.

As the preparations were going on, I entered the ground and could speak to few of the volunteers who are supervising the arrangements. They feel, even this vast ground may prove to be very small since they are expecting huge crowds on all these days. The entire ground is being provided with covered pandals. Some other nearby small grounds are being developed as temporary toilets and canteen facilities. Entry points in the approach roads are being beautified with large arches.

Sathsangh is a sathsangh, because the spiritual leaders only speak on spiritual matters.

With Love & Regards,

"Mumbai" Srinivasan

Announcement by Professor Anil Kumar for tomorrow's Christmas Program Dec 27, 2011

Announcement by Professor Anil Kumar for tomorrows Christmas program 27th December, 2011

Morning Program ► Now I am glad to mention tomorrow's program. tomorrow morning at 9:30 there will be a procession there, the procession starts from the birth place of Bhagawan and the procession will have a chariot, Jagannatha, Balavadhra, Subadhara, meaning Krishna, Balarama and Subadhra the brother and sister. All the three of them come in a chariot, which is pucca, totally, 100% orrisa style! Orrisa style! that what they are going to do. so they will be coming in a chariot and you will also be surprised to see, the music and the dance that we see often quite on the TV, the Puri Jagganathar yatra. the same replica, prototype, that procession you are going to see tomorrow morning, the procession starts 9:30.

The Evening program ► Jagannatha Leelamrutham Dance Drama in the Divine Presence at 5 PM in Sai Kulwant Hall.the second one, faristi sai gagan ke, that is also other drama third item being Bharat vandana, a music dance recital, that is the program to be staged by great devotees of the state of odisha.

Audio Recording of Christmas Musical program, Bhajans and Annoucement 26th Dec, 2011

May the Miracles of Christmas....

Christ determined to make the giving and sharing of Love his main objective in life. Such love was met with many obstacles and losses. Christ considered a true man to be the one who can face obstacles and move forward in Love. Do not give in to losses and pain. Do not be carried away with pleasure. Face everything with equanimity.

Christ could never see suffering passively. In Jerusalem doves were sold and killed as an offering. Christ decried the violence committed towards the poor creatures. He began to undertake the holy task of stopping such violence and freeing the captive birds. Some men began to cast aspersions, slandered him and tried to punish him.

"Salutations to any living beings go toward God," say the Vedas. ("Sarva bhuta namaskaram; Keshavam prati gachate.") We think there is no meaning in saluting both the one who praises us and the one who criticizes us. Saluting the one who praises us is understandable, but what is the use of saluting the one who accuses us? We must have continuous relationship with accusations, because without them there is no beauty or value to praise. Without criticism, appreciation loses its meaning. That is why every word, every thought, has some obstacle or no beauty or value to praise. Without criticism, appreciation loses its meaning. That is why every word, every thought, has some obstacle or other. For the good, bad is a shadow. For pleasure, difficulty is a shadow. All opposites are interrelated. The pleasure and pain, the profit and loss, exist together. Christ went on pursuing his path in the face of many obstacles with strength and endurance. He gave His life for the service of men, for the principle of Love and propagation of Love.

The season of Christmas is associated with Christmas Grandpa or Santa Claus. Tokovan was his original name. He was born in Turkey. He began his career as a priest and gradually began to attain spiritual heights. How did he become a spiritual giant? By the spirit of sacrifice. He used to give a chocolate or a doll or a gift to any child he met. All his life he kept on giving continuously. When Christmas was approaching, all the children used to run behind Santa Claus. He used to carry all the gifts in a bag and distribute to all the children. In what manner did he distribute? He said, "Here is a token of God's Love. Here is a token of God's Love," and thus distributed them. Eventually he came to be called Christmas Grandpa, and his original name was forgotten.

The important message which I want to convey today, which Jesus also propagated, is one of Love and compassion. So boys and girls, on this holy and sacred day, when we celebrate the birthday of that holy personage, we must conduct ourselves in accordance with his message. It is easy to celebrate birthdays, but we must also keep in sight the purity and message of the person whose birthday we celebrate.

Share Love, be united, consider all to be the children of God. Foster the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God.

Divine Discourse: December 25, 1995 (please click)

View the video

Posted by Mark Proctor on 26.12.2011

Christmas Eve 2011, News From Parthi

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Greetings and best wishes on the holy occasion of beautiful and Merry Christmas. Christmas is always special in every one's lives no matter they follow Christianity or not, as this is a festival which speaks about love and devotion. This festival is always colourful, with beautiful statues of Virgin mary and son of Bethlehem to be seen all over. Come Christmas, every one knows that the festive season has started.

Christmas in Prashanthi with our Lord is always special. How can we forget the beautiful candle lit balcony darshan in the wee hours of beautiful Christmas mornings in Prashanthi. How can we forget the beautiful discourses Swami gave with in- depth and thorough analysis of Jesus and His teachings with many facets of Christ unknown to the world.. How can we forget the beautiful souls, that fly from every corner of this world to sing in unison in the immediate presence of our Lord, How can we forget the beautiful darshans, sparshans and sambhashans our Lord blessed us with especially during Christmas.

For every Christian of our Sai Family, visit to Puttaparthi is always a home coming to see the Cosmic Christ in flesh and blood. For every Devotee it was a living vision of Jesus's love and compassion. Christmas over the years had its own specialty especially in Prashanthi. This year was equally special as we could see the MATCHLESS devotion and dedication of devotees who thronged in thousands on this holy occasion.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this year's Christmas. Many a times, we tend to under perform when we are emotionally stressed up, when our beloved ones don't seem to be in our midst. When our Lord Himself, left us (PHYSICALLY)  can there be any other SHOCK in this world but it is only His compassion and kindness that we slowly are realising the REALITY of His omnipresence.

This year's Christmas choir was directed by sister Sister Gisela from Germany. She has been in the Choir for so many years now. Apart from being a gifted musician she was also a keen student under the leadership of Sister Sylvia who did the previous choirs in Prashanthi.

This year the choir had 175 Ladies and about 60 gents singing in unison in Sai Kulwanth hall.

There were some emotional moments where it was very obvious that we tend to look at the Yajur Mandir hoping for Swami's arrival but as a whole every one put up a beautiful performance. It is always the DESERVING that come to Prashanthi and for a regular pilgrim like sister Sagnee Naidoo who brought her husband and kids for the first time to Prashanthi it was just fantastic. Every member of the family say with strong faith that they see and feel Swami and He has not gone any where.

For sister Trisharlia, a school teacher from South Africa who has been coming to Prasanthi for years, it is bit emotional but the energy and ambience is just fantastic.

The Christmas choir ended at 6pm which was followed by 30 minutes bhajans. The Christmas eve ended with a beautiful talk by Prof.Anil Kumar who explained the similarities, significance of Christ and Baba.

Later in the western canteen a sumptuous CHRISTMAS DINNER was served for just Rs100 with a variety of delicacies to choose from. While the dinner was on there was also a magic show by brother Ricardo from Italy who went to the devotees especially to children playing with them and making them thrilled with little magic tricks.

Here is a short video of one minute interviews of devotees' happiness for being blessed to be part of Christmas 2011 in Prashanthi and these interviews are followed by a video of complete rehearsal of Christmas choir shot on the evening of 23rd December 2011.

Just to let every one know that MEMORIES AND MEMOIRS, articles by Prof.Anil Kumar speaking about his experiences with Swami 4 decades ago are now available in website in the following link. So far Part 1 and 2 are available and the remaining are to follow:

It was for sure HEAVEN ON EARTH..

Thank You Swami..

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
R.Satish Naik

Posted on 26.11.2011

Recent Miracles In Puttaparthi (Dec 23, 2011)

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Swami's grace and tons of His blessings, Christmas festivity and gaiety has been enormous for the past week in Prasanthi Nilayam, the abode of our beloved Lord. The whole ashram has been beautifully decorated by devotees from Croatia duly supported by South Africa, with lights, Christmas trees, balloons giving a visitor a beautiful and nostalgic experience. Every one here feels His presence and why not, Swami has told on numerous occasions that He is Omnipresent and omnipotent.

The overseas adult Christmas choir is scheduled tonight (24 Dec) and about 275 of them are singing in unison. All of them had a final rehearsal yesterday and it was just fantastic. (Photos attached)

On the 22nd December the central Trust members had a meeting with all the overseas devotees presently camping in Puttaparthi to know and understand their problems, suggestions and views about the present situation.

The meeting which was held in Poornachandra Auditorium was presided by Sri.S.V.Giri, Sri.Chakravarthi, Sri.Rathnakar , Sri. Prasad Rao (secretary ) and every one of them re assured that every step that will be taken would be towards the betterment of the present situation and it would be more and more devotee friendly.

I am sure every one felt good about this meeting and they got a chance to address their concerns and suggest some important points and see in person all the personalities whom they would have just seen on TV or read about.

Meanwhile, particularly in Puttaparthi, Swami is very kind enough to show His omnipresence with numerous miracles after Mahasamadhi. This probably is to say He is very much here in Puttaparthi and has not moved (shifted) else where. He is in every one's hearts and probably more (easily) accessible to every one..

Please click the following link to know the more recent miracles that happened in Puttaparthi..

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our most beloved Bhagawan and wishing every one of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a SAI FUL, SAI TASTIC New year ahead....

Jai Sai Ram

Satish Naik

posted on 25.12.2011

MEMORIES AND MEMOIRS..An article by Prof.Anil Kumar (PART ONE)

Om Sri Sai Ram dearest Sai Family

Sharing with you an article of Prof. Anil Kumar which is being published in Telugu Sanathana Sarathi starting from November 2011 titled, "Memories and Memoirs", a journey with the Living Avatar for four decades.

This is the translation of the first part of the article which appeared in the November edition of Telugu Sanathana Sarathi

"Why would you think like that? Swami knows everything about you. In fact, He enquired about you many times. Don't feel upset." These consoling words from Sri.Kasturi are still fresh in my mind.

It was in the year 1977,during the second day of Dasara festival. I went up to Sri.Kasturi and said in a soft voice, "Sir, it seems you sent a word for me through the sevadals. It seems Bhagawan asked me to give a talk in the Poornachandra Auditorium this evening and as no-one could trace my whereabouts in the ashram, I lost this DIVINE chance. Sir! please excuse me. How can you back an unlucky horse? "

Kasturi who was trying his best to pacify me said, "Do you think Swami doesn't know who is worthy to be His chosen instrument? He knows every thing and He will do the needful at the right moment. Don't be upset. Be happy that you are at least in His Divine sight and thoughts. What else could any one need?"

Let me explain to you what happened that particular day. Swami enquired about me from Sri. Kasturi who in turn asked the sevadals and other officials to look for me in the ashram. The end result: I lost the rare opportunity to speak in the Divine presence on such a huge occassion. Don't you think I would not be disappointed by this? Prior to that Swami never spoke a word with me, never smiled at me, no padanamaskar, not even a first row seat was in my luck. I used to think that this was BAD LUCK which was brought forward by me from my previous births. If at all I was lucky to get a first row, Swami would either skip that area or would speak loudly to a person who was seated right next to me and many a times materialise something or other for that person. Many of my friends, who already knew my bad luck would say," Mr. Anil Kumar, we would sit next to you in the canteen or anywhere else but not in the darshan lines." Such was my reputation then.

After seven long years, finally when the DIVINE CALL came, I was not available. This would have been my first chance to see Him up close, to talk to Him, to have Padanamaskar. I was cursing my lucky stars. Sri Kasturi said, "Don't worry. In the evening darshan sit in the first row and see what happens."


Exactly at 4.50PM, Swami came out for darshan. Blessing, talking with all the devotees and gliding along slowly, Swami came and stood in front of me and said, "Where have you been this morning? I sent people to look for you in the canteen and your room. No one could find you. I thought of letting you speak this morning". My whole body started shivering. Did my Swami speak to me now? Is this conversation, is this moment, is this day REAL or a DREAM? Is this the END of my 7 year BAD LUCK episode or is it the START of a new beginning? After a few seconds of bombarding thoughts, I took some courage and said, "Swami! Please forgive me. I was in Sri Ammanna Sashtri's house outside the ashram. I was also joined by Podili Viswanatha Sharma, Purighalla Appa Rao, Sri Manchi Raju Surya Narayana Murthy. I was completely spellbound to hear the glory of of Shirdi from Sri Viswanatha Sharma. This made me forget the time. That is why I didn't come into the ashram on time." Our beloved Lord said, " No problem. Don't feel sad. Take Padanamaskar" Just like a baby deer jumping onto its mother, I fell on His divine lotus feet. I thought to myself, "Swami! what is it You don't know about this world? How could you call me when I am not present? Why is it that I was not present when You called Me? Is this not part of Your Divine Leela Swami!!"

Exactly after one year, in 1978, I got the Divine chance to speak in the immediate presence of Bhagawan. On that day, on prior intimation, I was made to sit on the dais. On the dais, Swami was seated on His throne and behind Him were Swami Karunyananda, Sri Kasturi and Sri Bhagawantham. As soon as Swami signalled me to speak I went up to Swami and asked,"Swami! English or Telugu?" Swami replied, "Speak in English" . Our compassionate Lord also gave me a second chance during the same year's Dasara Celebrations on Vijaya Dasami day when He asked me to speak in Telugu. This was my Debut in Puttaparthi.

In the year 1980, I got a telegram which said that I was appointed as the Zonal Convener of Andhra and Rayalaseema Sri Sathya Sai Organisations. Immediately I left for Puttaparthi. In darshan line,I said, "Swami! The Chairman of the World Council has sent me a telegram. I am very thankful to You. Please bless me" Swami said, "I have personally appointed you as the Zonal Convener and the telegram was sent by Me." Hearing those sweet words, my heart jumped in joy. I thought it was all Swami's wish and that everything happens according to the Divine Will.

Time was passing by. It was in the year 1985 when Swami's birthday celebrations were in full swing in the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View stadium. In the forenoon session of Swami's birthday, the then Chairman of the World Council, Sri. Indulal Shah,  was reading the names of newly appointed state presidents. When it came to Andhra Pradesh (the state I was born in) my name was read out. There were cold shivers down my spine. I asked myself, "Is that me? Or is it someone else with my name?"

That evening, while the cultural programmes were on, Swami called me closer and asked, "What, Mr.State President! Are you accepting this offer?" I politely replied, " Why not Swami! It is Your Divine command? I will definitely follow". Stretching both His hands forward and holding me He said, " Look. My protection will be stronger than iron fetters. Everyone will co-operate with you. Don't worry.Be expeditious and successful."

Those consoling and re-assuring words were the words of Truth and everything happened exactly as Swami said. Every activity was personally monitored and done by Him. I don't own any vehicles except a bicycle. In those days, I didn't even have a telephone. By profession I was just an ordinary Professor. I was wondering if I would be able to tour the whole state which was an expensive affair. I expressed the same doubt before my wife and she said," Let's just assume that we have one more child. Just as we would spend on his/her education, clothing, etc., let's consider the organisation as a child "gifted" by Swami and look after it with the same love and determination. I took her words as a message from Swami and didn't look back since then.

In this "memorable journey" there is no village or town that I haven't visited in Andhra Pradesh. Swami took me to the nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh. He made me travel in all modes of transportation. Those were the days when the communication and transport systems were in total chaos. I travelled for hours standing in buses and in jam-packed trains I tried to compete with cranes by travelling for hours standing on one foot. I travelled on tractors, in bullock carts, in horse carts You name the mode of transport and I can assure you I have experienced all the rides.

Since 1979, Swami used to give me the chance to speak in the Divine Presence at least four to five times a year. Once there was a meeting in a place named Kurnool organised by the Sathya Sai Organisation. That night there was a very heavy downpour of rain. The bus stations and roads were transformed into lagoons. All the buses were cancelled. Expressing my inability to attend, I sent a telegram to the organisers. The next morning, there was this Inner Voice which said, "No, you shouldn't stay back. Go!" I thought that by the time could reach Kurnool, it would be late and everyone would be heading home and that it would be useless to continue my trip to Kurnool under such circumstances. But the Inner Voice was strong and was telling me again and again to go.

Obeying the Divine command ( the Inner Voice), I left for Kurnool. By the time I reached there, everyone was heading home after Mangala Arathi. When the devotees saw me, everyone was surprised. They started thinking: How come he is here when he sent a telegram that he could not make it to the programme. Is he the real Prof.Anil Kumar or is Baba coming in Prof. Anil Kumar's form? Anyhow, everyone went back to the meeting hall and after addressing the meeting, I went back to Puttaparthi.

In those days, bhajans used to go on till 11 am. One Mr. Majeti from Eluru saw me and gave me a seat in the veranadah. Swami came out for darshan and in His usual style said, "What, Mr. Anil! Did you think of skipping the meeting in Kurnool? See how I pulled you there. Swami's programmes will never get cancelled. No body can skip Swami's programmes". Of course I sat there with my mouth wide open listening to and looking at our All-knowing Lord. Moreover, Swami added, "There is one Dr. Krishna Rao who was the first sevadal from Kurnool. Holding a little torchlight, he safeguarded Prasanthi during the nights. By your absence, would he not feel disappointed?" Only then I understood the seriousness and importance of Sai meetings, how our Omnipresent Swami watches us all during such Sai meetings and knows every minute thing about us.

There is one place by the name of Giddaluru in Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh. Dr. P.C.Ranga Reddy was the district president then. A huge meeting was planned and I think it was held in Vivekananda College grounds. I was also invited for the meeting. On the same day, all the buses and trains were stopped as there was a huge political protest challenging the Governor's decision to remove the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri. N. T. Rama Rao, from his office. His party, Telugu Desam Party was protesting against this decision and the whole state came to a standstill. I was wondering how I would travel under such tense moments.

The same morning, one sevadal from Giddaluru came to my house to take me with him. All my family members who never said no for any Sai meetings, were considering the "tense moments" outside and asked me to stay back. When all the trains and buses were on strike, they didn't feel comfortable to let me leave the house. Understanding their sentiments and also keeping in mind the "practical" problems I would face in my journey, I went up to the sevadal and said, " Sir, there is no way we can go to the meeting in any mode of transportation. Please excuse me. I cannot make it". I remember his strong reply even to this day. He said," There is no way we can cancel Swami's work. You are coming and I am taking you with me".

Immediately, I packed a few pieces of clothing in a small suitcase and unsuccessfully failing to convince my family members, I left home with the sevadal. Both of us sat in the train not knowing when it would start. Will this train reach Giddaluru? I was not sure at all. I had completely surrendered to Swami. The train started moving slowly, slower than a snail. Mr. Sathyam, who was accompanying me, stopped at every station and updated the people of Giddaluru over the phone about our whereabouts. To me everything seemed to be in turmoil. My mind was very busy with all kinds of thoughts.With much difficulty we reached a station called Vinukonda. There in Vinukonda it was announced that the strike was called off. What more, the train picked up speed. In no time we reached our final destination, Giddaluru. In the station there were hundreds of devotees, old and young, men and women waiting to receive me. As announced, the meeting was arranged in a vast ground which was jam-packed by then.

From Giddaluru, I reached Puttaparthi. Our All-knowing Lord asked, "Did the meeting go on very well? After having your name in the invitation, devotees would have felt bad if you didn't turn up for the programme. Our (Sai Organisation) programmes are for every one's spiritual development. They should start on time. We should be role models to everyone."

Hearing all this, it was my turn to be surprised and speechless once again.

When I think of Giddaluru, I always remember this incident which happened long back. In those days, there used to be only one bus from Machilipatnam to Puttaparthi. It would easily take 17-19 hours to travel from Guntur to Puttaparthi. Every time we travelled, there was a definite chance of at least two flat tyres. On one such occasion, the bus stopped for lunch at Giddaluru. As we were all hungry, we rushed into a nearby restaurant and asked the waiter to tell us the menu in the restaurant. He said," We've got chicken biryani, chicken pulao, omlette, etc., etc. Being pure vegetarians by birth, by merely hearing those names made us run away from the restaurant. Later, we found another Brahmin vegetarian hotel and got back to the bus after lunch. As the bus started moving, I looked through the window. The signboard for the first restaurant we went to read "Military hotel" ( a common name for a non-vegetarian hotel). As we were hungry we didn't bother to read the board.

Back in Puttaparthi, Dasara celebrations were on. The stage was well set for Swami's Divine Discourse. In that day's discourse, Swami said,"In this temporary, worldly universe where will you find real happiness? There is a board written in this universe. The board says, " momentary, unhappy" and if we look for happiness without reading the board it will not serve the purpose. For example if the board outside a hotel says "Military hotel" we cannot go and ask for idli, sambar or upma." This definitely was a message for me. This was yet another example of Swami's Omnipresence.

There exists a V.S.N. College in Visakhapatnam. In that college Sri.G.V.Subramanya Sharma was the head of the department of Sanskrit. He was a very active member of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. He was an erudite speaker. His satsangs on Bhagavatham were matchless. If he started to talk comparing Krishna and Baba, the listeners would definitely transcend time and space listening to him with such rapt attention. He was a very close friend of mine. One day, both of us had a memorable experience when we were returning from Sirisilla in Karimnagar District after attending a meeting organised by Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. We came to Kajipet railway station to take either Narsapur express train or Godavari express. Both of us had to attend the college the next day. While we were waiting for the train, the station master recognised me and said," O Mr. Anil! I had to miss your talk because of my duty here. Come. Let's have coffee and talk about Swami."

When we talk about Swami we always forget the time. With lots of enthusiasm we were talking about Swami. Meanwhile, the Station Master said," Ok. Let's go now as it is time for the train to arrive." By the time we came out, the train had already come and left the platform. Sri. Subramanya Sharma was very worried. He was wondering how he would go to college the next day. In fact, both of us were thinking along the same lines. Suddenly, the train which already crossed the signal light started to come back to the platform. We were completely shocked to see this wonder. Without inquiring how and why, we jumped into the train.

Afterwards, I went to Puttaparthi for some festival . That evening, Swami came up to me smiling and said, " You senseless fellow. Don't you know to come on time to the platform? You know, you would have missed the train that evening."

Once I had this beautiful experience. When I went to a meeting in Karimnagar District, the devotees from Adilabad requested me to attend a meeting in Ramakrishna Puram. That day was a bit weird as our car was interrupted many times throughout the journey. Getting a tip-off about some anti-social elements trying to dismantle the administration, the police were on high alert and our car was stopped many times to go through the security check. Every time the police stopped the car they would see Swami's photo in the car and let us go. That scary drive had a happy ending and finally I reached home safe. After a few days, when I went to Puttaparthi, Swami came to me and said, "I have told you not to travel at midnight. Now do you know how many obstacles you had to face?" Thanking Swami for saving me, I fell at His Lotus feet.

It was during the silver jubilee celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. All of us were travelling in a van arranged by the President of Guntur District, Sri.Kovela Mudi Narayana Rao. On both sides of the van were two loud speakers, Swami's quotes beautifully written on either side of the van and above all the van was beautifully decorated with Swami's photos as well. We toured countless villages in this van. That day we were supposed to visit Palakollu village in West Godavari. Again we were in th e middle of a strike. The public transportation came to a standstill. Ours being private transport, we managed to travel with fewer obstacles as far as Bejavada. There in Bejavada the strike was intense. They didn't allow us to travel even an inch further.

We were playing Bhajan cassettes in the van. Everyone were questioning us as why we were travelling in spite of the strike. Some miscreants holding flags even tried to stop the cassette player in the van. Not knowing what to do and a bit frightened, we started singing within ourselves. Meanwhile, from nowhere, came this hefty man on his motorbike. He had a huge flag on his motorbike and had a very strong voice. It looked like he was their leader. He peeped into the van and looking at Baba's photo, he said to his men to let us go. Turning to us he said, "You may go now. No-one will stop you. I will make sure nothing will happen to you. Come on. Start the van."

Due to the road bloackade, we reached Palakollu a bit late. Those devotees who were going back to their homes, after seeing our beautifully decorated van which had bhajans playing on the loud speakers, came back to the venue. Even though we were hungry, we skipped our meal and went directly to address the gathering. While I was giving a talk, someone in the crowd passed a little paper which said, "Dear Sir, we have a wedding scheduled in the same meeting hall tonight. You would be doing us a big favour if you stop your talk now". When I read the letter aloud, someone from the crowd, in a typical Godavari accent asked, "What is it you are going to stop? If you want the wedding to be successful you should have Baba's blessings. Mr.Anil Kumar, please continue your talk. They will make the wedding arrangements at the back. "I was surprised to hear this. I saluted and bowed down to their devotion.

In my 20 years of service as a teacher in Guntur, I spent all my weekends and holidays in travelling to villages, spreading Swami's messages and sharing His love. I had to balance college hours, manage the travel iternary and prepare for talks. My life was a perfect example of Swami's Divine will, where He can let the work done with even a very ordinary person, that I am. At this juncture, I recall yet another peculiar incident that happened years ago. After participating in some Sai Programmes in the Telangana region, I reached the railway station only to know that I had just missed the train. I was terribly worried as I had to attend the college the next day and with no options left I literally ran to the college directly from the railway station the moment I reached Guntur. More over, I was scheduled to teach in the first session of the day. When I reached the college, I noticed the gates being locked. Curiously I inquired the watchman as why the whole campus seemed to be empty and he said, as our students won the inter-college cricket match, the college management has declared a holiday today. It was indeed a great relief to me. I wished that our students won more matches so that I can allot more time for Sai activities.

On another occasion I was 'saved' as one of my colleagues was getting married. I said: Swami let all my bachelor colleagues get married soon, so that i will have more time for YOUR work.

Many a times mostly out of ignorance we tend to think that we are the doers. We think that no one can be so perfect as we are. Ego elates us to think that we alone could do such great things; impossible for others and we pride on our intelligence. Yes it is natural. After all we are humans. Further we think that without us, those great things could not be accomplished. If opportunities are given, there are several others who can do much better than us. If Swami wills even a blade of grass will become a powerful instrument.

Once there was a meeting in a place called Ponnakollu village organised by the Sathya Sai Organisation on their anniversary. But on the same day, I had to attend a meeting of State Presidents of Sathya Sai Organisation in Puttaparthi. I was wondering what would have been the 'plight' of the meeting in Ponnakollu without me. Finally when I went back, I came to know that three famous stalwarts of Andhra Pradesh, Sri.Karunasri, Sri.Madhavarama Sharma and Sri Amarendra attended the meeting even though their names were not mentioned in the invitation card and the programme was a grand success.

Swami's programmes will never stop. It is just that we would be losing golden opportunities by not attending but our absence will never make any Sai meeting smaller. We should always realise this fact that there are umpteen number of competent, talented, devoted and inspiring people ready to do Swami's work.

Another incident happened in the same Ponnakallu village. Many years ago I attended the anniversary of the local Sai center there. To give enough time for the farmers to return home after a long day's work, generally such meetings start at 7pm.  While I was talking in the village a big rich villager got up and said: Have you come to propagate Sai Baba? I replied: Sir, please don't misunderstand us. We are Sai Devotees and we are celebrating our Center's anniversary. Later on Ponnakallu village became a center which always came up with innovative and uplifting Sai activities. During a group photo session in one year, Swami appeared to be seated on His throne in the photo which speaks high of their devotion.

Once I visited 'Donepudi' village. It was too late by the time I finished my talk. Eventually I had to miss the last bus as well. With no options left, I slept in the temple that night and left for Guntur the next day. Similarly after the meeting at Thulluru, there were no buses to go. Luckily I got into a tractor and reached Guntur.

Several years ago, I attended a Balavikas meeting at Rajahmundry. There was no train till midnight. I travelled by a lorry upto Eluru, from there by another lorry to Vijayawada and finally reached Guntur by a state transport bus.

I have used all means of transport to carryout Swami's work. I should keep up the promise I made to Swami. In the year 1980, during Dasara celebrations, after the divine discourse, Swami took me to the first floor of Poornachandra and blessed me with silk clothes, a safari suit and a shawl. Placing His two palms on my head He said ˜Have a long life with a noble character. May you spread Swami's message touring throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.

How can I forget this blessing from the Lord of the Lords! After being blessed profusely, will I still have any strain? Will there be any irritation? Can I ever take rest? No. Sai's power is undaunted, unparalleled and matchless beyond comparision

(To be continued......)

Translated from an article by Prof. Anil Kumar published in Telugu Sanathana Sarathi (November-2011 edition)..

Posted by Satish Naik - 14.12.2011

Memories And Memoirs (Part Two).. An Article By Prof.Anil Kumar

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

"Memories and Memoirs (Part two) is an article written by Prof. Anil Kumar for telugu version of Sanathana Sarathi Monthly Magazine (December 2011) published from Prasanthi Nilayam. where he shares his journey with the Divine for four decades. These articles are translated into English and later in other foreign languages for the benefit of Non-Telugu speaking Devotees.. (Please scroll down at the bottom of this email to read part ONE or read my previous postings)

Venue: Guntur Medical College. Time: 4pm. This incident happened four decades back and is still fresh in my mind. The chief guest of that evening's programme, Mr. Valluri Parthasarathi, said, " I have not come to this programme in the position of Chief Justice of the High Court. In fact, the day when I was appointed as the President of the Sri Sathya Sai Organiasation of Andhra Pradesh is more memorable than the day I was sworn in as the Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High court."

At the same meeting, yesteryear's eminent scientist and great speaker, Sri. Suri Bhagawantham was also present. He said, "You have introduced me as the Vice Chancellor of so many universities that I work for, you have introduced me as a great scientist and as the secretary of Home affairs. All these (positions) might be true on a worldly level but I have come to this meeting as a Sai Devotee and all those worldly positions don't matter to me as they are momentary."

My father, Sri. Kamaraju Bapayya, who retired as Joint Director from the Education Department was a student of Sri.Suri Bhagawantham. My father attended this meeting just out of respect for his teacher. In those days, my father had neutral views on Swami. In fact, no-one in my family had any views on Baba. I just "accompanied" my father to the meeting.

Sri.Suri Bhagawantham's talk on that day was very unique. He was sharing the beautiful experiences he had with Swami. After every narration, he would ask, "What would you do if you were in my position? If you were a scientist like me, how would you look at such a phenomenal happening?" He was trying to say that no matter who you are in your professional life, be it a learned scholar or a scientist, at the end of the day you are nothing without Swami.

One day, Sri.Bhagawantham and Swami were walking on the bank of a river. Suddenly, Swami stopped and asked, " Bhagawantham,can we sit here?" He thought," Baba is capable of doing so many miracles.Let me test him now." He replied to Swami saying , "Swami, let's walk a little bit further." After walking a bit, he said to Swami," Let's sit here."

After a short informal talk, Swami removed some sand from the river bank and took out a mini Bhagawat Gita and gifted it to Sri. Bhagawantham to which he was completely taken aback.When he asked where this mini book was printed, the reply came," In the SAI PRESS."

On another ocassion, walking along the seashore, Swami asked ,"What is the other name for sea?" Bhagawantham replied, "Ratnakar". Swam then said, "In that case it (the sea) should be full of GEMS" (Ratna also means Gems).. Just as Swami said these words, a huge wave came from which a garland with precious gems adorned Swami's Lotus Feet.

On that day, Sri.Bhagawantham also explained a strange leela that happened years ago when Swami visited a Shirdi temple where He materialised a diamond and stuck it on the marble statue so easily as if the statue was made of very soft material. When he saw this rare leela, he was surprised to see how Swami could fix the diamond so easily on a marble statue and reading his doubtful mind Swami said, "Can't the creator glue on the diamond?"

After that evening's meeting, my father met his teacher Sri.Bhagawantham. That was the first time that we saw Swami's photo placed on the dais. Probably it was a TEST DOSE sample prescribed by Baba for us. After about two years our BOND with our beloved Swami started to grow. Our family was a staunch follower of Brahma Samaj. Both my paternal grandfather,

Sri.Kamaraju Hanumantha Rao and my maternal grand father Sri Palaparthi Narasimham , were very well- known activists of Brahama Samaj. Both of them were multilingual with very good command over English, Telugu and Bengali. They were also close associates of Sri.Kandukuri Veeresa Lingam Panthulu, the man who first brought about a renaissance in Telugu people and Telugu literature. Both my grandfathers published two magazines Dharmasarathi and Dharmajyothi respectively, for fifty long years. Being followers of Brahma Samaj, they were completely against idol worship, rituals and other such deistic spiritual activities. We believed in the formless Brahman. My forefathers also tried their best to abolish the caste system by educating and letting people know its ill effects on the society. Neither did we have any photos of Gods or Goddesses at home nor did we pray to any Gods. But we did have a collective family prayer everyday at 7 p.m. and we attended the local Brahma Temple every Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, in the back drop, the DIVINE PLAN was slowly making its way. Swami had all His strings tightened to pull us towards Him by bringing this one "excuse" into the picture. This "Excuse" was my wife's ill-health. My wife had a cyst in the uterus and the doctors suggested to remove it as it could lead to cancer. My native place Guntur is well-known for its world class hospitals and schools. With no other option left, a famous doctor of those days, Dr. Y.V.Subba Rao, an ardent devotee of Hanuman operated on her. The operation went on very well but Baba put a small twist here. She started experiencing excruciating pain. Every doctor we went to used to do the tests and say every thing looked good and that there was nothing wrong. From outside everything looked good and many doctors were looking at us strangely when she complained of unbearable pain when the reports said everything was perfect.

Then one thought came to me. I told my wife, "You come from a ritualistic family who believes in visiting temples and undertaking rituals. Why don't you start doing your routine from now on. Let's go to one temple every day. You may meditate or circumbabulate around the temple, which is up to you, but please don't ask me to come inside the temple. I belong to Brahmasamaj and it is against my upbringing.

In those days, it cost one and a half rupees to hire a rickshaw for two hours. We started spending our evenings in different temples. To maintain my "discipline" I never stepped into any temple.I used to stay out side the temple playing with my kids. Mean while she was becoming more cheerful even though the pain still existed. This came as a big relief to me to see her in her normal self. One day as we were passing by Rama Vysya Dharma Satram near Guntur Railway station in a rickshaw, we heard a group of people singing bhajans. Suddenly, my wife said, "lets attend the bhajan today". As I went into the hall and saw Swami's photo on the dais, I was completely taken aback. Immediately my thoughts went back to that day that happened in my college, when I sent a girl out of the classroom for wearing a Sai Baba ring. Another girl was sent out of the classroom by me for wearing a Sai baba locket. On another occasion, when a student asked me to give the important questions that would be asked during the final exams I said, "I am not Sai Baba to guess the important questions which would probably appear in the final exams."

After the arathi we went home. My wife who looked content and much relaxed said "I am very peaceful and happy,". From that day on wards, we started attending bhajans at various homes.Our children started to join us as they liked the prasadam served at each venue. Being a joint family our absence was not noticed at home. Just as Kaika of Ramayana asked Rama to fulfill her only wish, my wife asked me to fulfill her only wish and that was to take her to Puttaparthi. I felt as if a thunderbolt had hit my head. Being a cent per cent follower of Brahmasamaj, moreover, being one of the key preachers, I asked myself why I was allowing myself to go through all these trials and tribulations. In fact, when I am actively spreading the message of Brahmasamaj in the society, will my family heads allow us to visit Puttaparthi?. With great difficulty we convinced my maternal grandmother. After she was able to tactfully convince my grandfather, it felt as if we had a huge mission accomplished.

I started for Puttaparthi on three conditions with my wife. The first condition being a member of faculty in the Christian college in Guntur,I could not stay there (in Puttaparthi) for months together. I could not be in Puttaparthi for more than four days." The second condition, you should not pressurise me to do namaskar to Swami." The third condition, "You should not ask me to come inside the darshan hall." After getting reassurances to my three conditions, we left for Puttaparthi accompanied by my children and mother-in-law. Just to play it safe, we packed mango and tamarind pickles in different containers.

In those days, we had to take Amaravathi Express train, alight at a place called Guntakal (about 8 hours from Puttaparthi), take another train to reach Dharmavaram railway station, take a horse cart (locally called as Jataka) to Dharmavaram Bus station and then take a bus to Puttaparthi. Somehow, we reached Puttaparthi safely. Being a newcomer, we had to rent a room outside. This room was a bit weird. All the doors and windows would come out into your hands. You could easily carry them in your hands and put them back in their positions. They used to charge half rupee for a bucket of hot water. In those days, the ashram cleaning used to start exactly at 3.30 a.m. By 4 a.m., one would see the devotees lined up for nagar sankeertan amidst the chirping of birds, sweet fragrance of the flowers, and not to forget the sound from the brooms sweeping the ashram premises which also made a sweet melody. The atmosphere was very pleasant. In those days the discipline in the ashram reminded one of military discipline. They used to send you out even if you coughed. In those days, there used to be one elderly man, Sri. Narayanayya, completely bent over with a big torchlight in his hand. If anyone whispered or murmured or jumped the lines, he would immediately catch them and send them out.

One fine morning, I met a person from my hometown, and unable to control my happiness, I loudly said, "O friend, how are you?" My friend immediately said," You are not supposed to talk loudly." In the ashram silence is important. That was my first lesson in the ashram. On another morning, as I was in the ashram, my children asked for drinking water. In those days, people lived in small sheds right next to the Mandir. Sri. Kasturi's house was the first one. While he was about to leave home for darshan, I went to him and asked, "Sir, My children are thirsty. Could you please give some water?". He immediately gave us water and quenched our thirst. I politely said," I apologise if you were late for darshan." "To me giving you water is more important than darshan" replied Kasturi. For the first time I learnt what real seva means.

According to the prior agreement, I stayed with the children outside the darshan hall playing with them. Unhappy with me, my wife used to ask," What will you lose if you come and sit inside the darshan hall for bhajans?" But I stuck to my promise and stayed outside the darshan hall.

Meanwhile, our departure date was getting closer. Not sure why, but somewhere in my heart I felt even if it were from a distance, it would be nice to see Baba once. That evening, I was standing by the Gopuram with my children. The Poorachandra auditorium was still under construction. Swami seated far away on the throne was hardly visible. The bhajans were on and suddenly Swami rose from His throne and started walking towards where I was standing. My heart started beating faster. As He came closer and closer, my heartbeat became so loud that it was clearly audible to me. Baba came directly to me and stood in front of me. My legs started shivering. My mind was full of negative thoughts. I thought He would ask about all the negative articles that I read in Blitz magazine .

If He does ask what should be my reply? I felt like running away from there. Baba who was standing right before me, stood still and started gazing at me from top to bottom. Every cell in my body started to fear and not knowing what to do, I stood in front of Swami. Slowly Swami moved towards the Poornachandra auditorium to oversee the construction work. What a great surprise!! While I was curiously watching Him, suddenly a plate appeared in Swami's hands. The plate was full of laddus. He started distributing one laddu each to the workers there. I thought we also would get one laddu if there was any left over. There was one laddu left in the plate and Swami gave it to the last workman. In no time, right in front of my eyes, the plate disappeared. I was disappointed not having gotten the laddu but I was wondering where the plate and laddus came from and where the plate had vanished to. I didn't get any answers to my questions. This was the first miracle I witnessed by Swami.....


Posted by Satish Naik - 14.12.2011

Love is God - Live in Love. - Baba
Dear Reader,


There is Christmas joy everywhere and it is more so in the heavenly hamlet of Prasanthi Nilayam. To enable every devotee to be part of this Joy, Radio Sai will offer Live Video Webcast of the celebrations from Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam from December 24 till December 26.

Please see below for the detailed schedule of Christmas Programmes (in India time) which you can Watch Live on our website

December 24, 2011 (Saturday)
5:00 p.m.
Cultural Programme by International Sri Sathya Sai Organisations
December 25, 2011 (Sunday)
8:30 a.m.
Christmas Programme by students of Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions
5:00 p.m.
Talks by Father Charles Ogada and Ms. Sylvia Alden

Recording of the Divine Discourse delivered by Baba during Christmas 1996

December 26, 2011 (Monday)
5:00 p.m.
International Children’s Choir


On the morning of December 27, there is a Multi-faith Mass with Father Charles in the Double-Decker building in Prasanthi Nilayam. We will offer you the recorded video of this programme at the earliest possible on that day itself.

Please do share this good news with your family and friends.

Wishing you in advance a Merry Christmas and a lovely New Year!


At His Service,
Radio Sai team




Sthapana of Idols of Shirdi Sai Baba & Sathya Sai Baba at Sai Prem on 14.12.2011 from SAIRAM on Vimeo.


Bhajans at Sai Prem on 14.12.2011 on the occasion of Sthapana of the idols of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba

Sai Ram Dear Sai Sisters and Brothers,

This is a request for your help and I am sure we can count on you to lend us a hand.

We would like to increase the number of subscribers to Radio Sai's daily Sai Inspires Message, which is essentially a thought for the day from Prashanti Nilayam with some cool links to a Radio Sai Program and a Heart-2-Heart article, including the latest ones and popular classics.

With your help, we wish to cast a wider net to cover the globe with the divine affirmations of our sweet Lord. This is wonderful service we can offer our Master this Christmas and New Year's day.

All of us and our loved ones can benefit from the protection of His Divine Messages as we enter 2012.

The higher the number of subscribers to Sai Inspires, the better our ranking in a Google search and such.

Now a number of our subscribers forward their Sai Inspires Message daily to their friends and family on their personal email trees. May we request that you instead get each of your friends and family members to sign up for the same individually. That way everyone reading it is accounted for in our subscribers' headcount.

Please click here to sign up every interested member in your family, circle of friends, Sai Centre, SSE/Bal Vikas group and workplace.

With gratitude for your patience in reading this email and doing the needful.

Sai Ram,

Post received from a sai brother from Prasanthi Nilayam on 22.12.2011

Christmas evening in Dharmakshethra

Sai Ram.

Mumbai city in, a for feast of Sai Bhajans during the Cheristmas days. The Eradi Brothers are expected to arrive in Mumbai on the 22rd, December, and they are participating in 3 major events of Sai Bhajans, in the subsequent days.

The main leading bhajan singers are Shri Krishnadas Erady and Dr. Nedungadi Haridas, popularly known as ERADY BROTHERS who are privileged to lead Bhajans in the Divine presence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for more than four decades. They started singing Bhajans at the age of four and still continue to sing in their 70s. They are the direct disciples of Swamy Abhedanandaji Maharaj who was supposed to be the reincarnation of Sree  Krishna Chaitanya Swamigal and who was very famous for his RADHA PREMA BHAKTHI. Both the brothers have visited Sabari Mala for more than 60 times in their life. There are more singers of the highest order in Bhajan style and the orchestra group is professionals but devoted to the Bhajan with mind and soul.

The programme is:

23.12. 2011
10.00 AM Lighting of lamp, Introduction,
11.20 to !2 Noon –Bhajan , Aarti
Bhajan Programme for the youth at Seminar Hall, First floor Thakur College of Science & Commerce, Thakur Village Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101

7.30 to 9.30 PM
Ayyappa Seva Samithi, Jaigrudev Bhavan,Near society Stores, Opp jyothi Vidyalaya, Borivali West , Mumbai 400103

6.15.00 to 7.45 PM
Parthi Bhajans at Dharmakshetra, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093

With Love & Regards,

"Mumbai" Srinivasan

Important Announcement By Anil Kumar After the Evening prayer sessions - "Christmas commences..." by alwaysinananda

The whole nature rejoices, the birth of Jesus Christ. the redeemer. the celebration of Christmas in Prashanti Nilayam is unique. It is celebrated in all sovereignty, dignity and sanctity. It's not merely one of festivity and gaiety. the observance of Christmas in Prashanti Nilayam under the divine direction and blessings of our most Beloved Bhagawan is celebrated with a difference because we will have all the awareness of the birth of Jesus Christ, His Mission and Message.

It is in this context we have number of occasions to meet here, observing Christmas. The Christmas celebrations begin from tomorrow, December 20th, we have choir, right here in Sai Kulwant Hall in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan. As usual as you know we have devotees, representatives all over the world participating in the choir. we have the participants from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia tomorrow at 5 o clock in Sai Kulwant hall. around 200 devotees will b participating in the choir. "

May Bhagawan Bless all of us, Happy Christmas! Sai Ram!

Shared by Preetham Sai P.V - 20.12.2012


Not only Jesus, But every Human Being is a Messenger of God - Swami by alwaysinananda

The family of Sri. P.Srinivasa Raghavan

In this photo you see two persons flanking Bhagavan Baba, on either side. On Bhagavan’s right side, yours faithfully is seen, and on Swami’s left side is Sri. P. Srinivasa Raghavan. I am dedicating this article to this friend of mine. It is very interesting to know that these two Sai sevaks are having the names of Srinivasan, and Srinivasa Raghavan. Thanks to the kind gesture of Sri Sai Padhuga Trust, and its President, (another Srinivasan, here, Sri. Srinivasan Chettiar), we two could work as twins on various assignments, especially in the Gold foil fixing works in Sai Kulwant Hall.

Sri Srinivasa Raghavan’s family are dedicated devotees of Bhagavan Baba from the early years. His sahadharmini, Mrs. Kausalya Rani was one of the few chosen devotees to lead Bhajans during Nagar sankeeratan, in Prashanthi Nilayam.

Smt.KausalyaRani’s Mother Smt.Kamala Rajagopalan, .affectionately called by Bhagawan as “Suprabhatham Kamalamma”, was an old time devotee, from the days of Swami’s youthful days. She was chosen by Bhagavan Baba, to do various meritorious Sevas, incuding rendering “Suprabhadam” daily inside Prashanthi Mandir, till a few years ago.

Bhagawan Sri Sathys Sai Baba had specially blessed Smt. Kausalya Rani to attend the Summer Courses. Prompted by Divine Will, she started writing a Book, “Guide to Indian Culture & Spirituality”. The book contains valuable Treasures of Indian Culture and Spirituality which she learnt from Bhagawan’s lectures in Summer Courses.,

Later, she went to invite Bhagawan to the Grahapravesam of their newly built house at Madras. To her utter surprise & delight, Bhagawan Baba, told her, “What you are writing now is very good , and will be very useful for Balavikas, Samithis and School & college students and even for elder Sadhakas .PRINT THE BOOK AND BRING IT HERE “

By Divine Grace she battled alone and brought the printed book titled,” Guide to Indian Culture & Spirituality” within 2 weeks time. When she arrived with the books at Prasanthi Nilayam, it was one day before the 50th Birth Day of Swami. She could not even approach Him and literally cried as to what to do, standing 30 Feet away in the pathway from Poornachandra Auditorium to Prasanthi Mandir. In that crowd, Bhagawan spotted her and asked devotees to give way for her, and graciously took one copy of the Book from her with a big smile.. Half-an-hour later, Bhagawan specially sent the great Scholar, Sri.Kasturi to her and to tell her that Bhagawan was all praise about the Book and wanted him to personally convey His happiness. Can there be any greater happiness than this? And what greater proof one can quote for Bhagawan’s Omnipresence!

By Divine Grace, this Book “Guide to Indian Culture & Spirituality” in English got translated in a few Foreign Languages also and serving the Divine Cause from 1974 till this date as one of the Trust Publications.

She has also wrote another book, “Daily Prayers to Bhagawan”. It contained all the Slokas of Prayers on Bhagawan Baba. with meaning in Tamil. Later the book with Eenglish meanings was also published. The Book with English meaning with a C.D, is a very popular in the Trust Publication of Bhagawan.

In one of my earlier postings, I had given a photographs of a Padhuga Peetam, in Ananda Nilyam, Madurai. This padhuga peetam, carved out of granite stone, originated with a firm resolve of Kausalya Rani, wife of Sri. Srinivasa Raghavan. After obtaining the personal sanction of Sri. Srinivasan Chettiar, the devotee couple took lot of efforts to get the Padhuga Peetam sculpted within just 5 days, and transport it to Ananda Nilayam, in Madurai in time before Bhagavan’s arrival there.

This Padhuga Peetam was shown to Bhagavan. In spite of some inconvenience, Bhagavan Baba suddenly climbed up and stood on this Peetam. Swami insisted that a photo be taken. Since there was no photographer was available, a photographer from a media took the snap.

Later on, Swami told Sri Srinivasan Chettiar,

“After long years, during the next generations, if you say Sai Baba had stood on this Peetam, nobody may believe your words. Hence I insisted to take the photo. Display this photo in the Mandir”.

Yes, you can see the original photo in Sri Sathya Sai Ananda Nilayam, Madurai.

Sri. Srinivasn Chettiar had given a photograph of this Padhuga Peetam on which Bhagawan Baba was standing to Srinivasa Raghavan. Later during the gold fixing days, Sri Raghavan showed this photograph to Bhagavan Baba, during darshan rounds in Parthi. I was also sitting beside him. Immediately, Swami’s Divine Hands caressed the photo 3 times and blessed the Photo and both of us.

Mrs. & Mr. Sriinivasa Raghavan feel very humble, whenever they recall the great opportunities Bhagavan had given them to do seva, either in Ananda Nilyam or Prashanthi Nilyam. These sevas are like the sevas rendered by the squirrel, and caressed by Lord Rama during Lord Sri Rama’s advent. I felt very happy to have teamed up with him, in some important sevas.

Ever in Sai seva

Mumbai Srinivasan

New idol of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Installed in Sai Prem, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Sai Ram. Today, the 14th December 2011, was an auspicious day for sai devotees. The new Moorthy (Idol) of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was installed amidst chanting of vedic Mantras, in the altar of Sai Prem mandir, in Vashi, New Mumbai. Our Bhishma Pithamahan, Sri. Indulal Shah and Mrs. Saralaben graced the occasion in spite of their advanced age. Sri. Ramesh Sawant, State President of Maharashtra and Goa, and almost all Trust members, including Sri Nimish Pandya were present with their families.

At the appropriate auspicious moment, the curtains of the altar were pushed away, and we could see the glimpse of the altar. Soon, the colorful clothes covering sacred Idols were also removed to give a magnificent darshan of both Sai Babas; one from Shirdi, and another from Puttaparthi.

Tears of joy and devotion were visible on all sai devotees gathered in huge numbers to witness this holy event.

My thoughts went back to the day when the curtains were put to cover the veranda in Sai Kulwant Hall, and Divine Body was taken inside. When the curtains were pulled back after some time, Sai was nowhere to be seen. Crying and sobbing devotees could not come to terms for many days. Today, when the curtains were pulled back in Sai Prem Mandir, everybody could see of our Lord sitting majestically on a throne, smiling and blessing every one.

Apparently, what we seemed to have lost in Prashanthi Nilyam, we got back in Sai Prem in Vashi!!!

I congratulate the scores of volunteers and office bearers from Navi Mumbai who had made, excellent arrangements. A record crowd of devotees were in attendance in the vast prayer hall of Sai Prem. Devotees were eagerly waiting for the advent of Prem Sai, but in Sai Prem, our Loving Sathya Sai had taken His place.

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu.

With Love & Regards,

Mumbai Srinivasan

Installation of Moorthis at Sai Prem







Live Link direct to Sai Prem, Navi Mumbai:

Live WebCast of Sthapana of Moorthis of Bhagawan Sri Shirdi Sai Baba & Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sadar SaiRam SaiPrem ,

Pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet of Our Most Beloved Lord Sai.

With Swami's immense blessings, there would be live webcast of the Sthapana of the Moorthis Bhagawan Sri Shirdi Sai Baba & Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as per the schedule - please click on the link -  Sthapana of Moorthis at Sai Prem - Detailed Programme & Invitation

Please connect your computer/laptop to the internet and Click the link below to see the Live Webcast from SaiPrem:

Please note: The webcast is being telecast on Our Test account on Ustream/TV, so there will be 30 second advertisement every 15 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience & request you to please bear with us.

The backup link for Webcast will also be available on the following link:

Sadar SaiRam SaiPrem.


Letter from the State President - Shri Ramesh Sawant

Dear all,

Saprem Sairam!

As many of you may have heard, by Swami’s grace His idol will be installed at Sai Prem Mandir, Navi Mumbai on December 14th 2011. Please take part in the ceremony on Dec 12th, 13th & 14th (Invitation attached).

Sai Prem was inaugurated by Bhagawan Himself in 1995. Though many of the devotees do feel his Omnipresence, to make Sai Prem a Teerthashketra, we all need to get together and energise the mandir so that the vibrations have far reaching effects that will help generations ahead. To achieve this it is suggested to have few hours prayers everyday for 108 days apart from the normal bhajans held at Sai Prem.

The regular bhajans at Sai Prem are from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm except on Thurday’s & Sunday’s. On these two days (Thurdays & Sunday’s) the bhajans are held from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Hence it is suggested that over and above the existing bhajans, Ashtotara shatanamavali, Sai Gayatri chanting, veda chanting and bhajans should be held by various samithis / districts from all over Maharashtra & Goa for 108 days, which ends on Sri Rama Navmi, April 1st 2012.

Groups coming from outside Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane can come in the mornings if that is convenient. Time slots and number of hours can be decided by the group that wishes to come and pray at Sai Prem Mandir.

Whichever group decides to and perform should inform in advance to Shri R.C. Menon (,, 09833388530) and / or Shri. R.M. Rao (,, 9920375550).

Please spread this message to all samithis in your district. Let us all get together and make these 108 days very special. Ending with prayers to Bhagawan to give us the strength and energy to pray more & more.

With respectful regards & Sairam,

Your's in Sai service,

Ramesh D. Sawant

The Story of Tulasi Leaves

In every home of a Hindu community, you can always find in the portico or backyard, a small “Tulsi” plant. In modern days, when people are living apartments, they still find a small place in the corner of the balcony, to keep the Tulsi plant. Every day morning the ladies will be offering kumkum and after watering this holy plant. Why? what is all this about? And what is the spiritual significance for this ritual?

One day, while speaking to the group of students, in Thrayee sessions, Bhagavan Baba touched upon this subject. He narrated a wonderful story.

“Tulasi” was a chaste woman, a “Pathivratha”. The Pathivratha women, worship their husbands much more than the God. The extreme love and devotion towards their Pathi (Husband), make them spiritually very strong, and even the Gods recognizes this special spiritual powers, of such chaste dynamic women. There are several such notable Pathivratha siromanies in our Hindu Mythology.

“Tulasi” Matha was a devoted wife of the Demonic King (Asura), called Jalandhar. In some stories, the name is given as “Shanka chuda”. The demonic king, derived immense strength from the Pathivratha Dharmam of his wife, Tulasi, and the Celestial Devas could not win him or kill him. The Pathivratha Dharma of his wife was shielding him.

Left with no other way to conquer him, The Devas as usual approached Lord Vishnu, the Protector. And Lord Vishnu always finds some unique way to overcome the Demonic kings (Asuras). There are several mythological stories to prove this. Lord Vishnu had to device some new method to conquer King Jalandhar. With no other way left, Lord Vishnu decides to break the pathivratha Dharma of Tulasi. While Jalandhar was engaged in a war with Devas, Lord Vishnu assumes the form of Jalandhar, and spends times with Tulasi Devi. This dubious relationship breaks the Pathivratha Dharma of Tulsi, and this great shield of protection was denied to King Jalandar. Instantly, He was killed by Devas. The severed head of Jalandar falls in front of Tulasi. She was frightened, but nevertheless she had lost her pathi, the husband. She now realizes the trick played by Lord Vishnu, and she cursed him to become a stone, (a saligrama).

The devas were alarmed at the turn of events and prayed to Tulasi, for forgiveness. Left with no other way, she decides to give her own life to Lord Vishnu. Carrying the severed head of her husband she enters the funeral pyre, and gives up her life.

Lord Vishnu, regains life. The Lord recognizes the extreme devotion of Tulasi, and gives her the status of one of His own consort. After the fire in the pyre died down, from the ashes, a small plant grows up. And this plant is called “Tulasi”.

Lord Vishnu exclaims the advent of this Holy plant and wished that He be always, adorned by garlands made from this Tulasi leaves. Tulasi leaves become a part and parcel of worship in all Vaishnavite temples!!!!

With Love & Regards,

"Mumbai" Srinivasan

Bhagawan's samadhi features in Time Magazine

The ‘death of Sathya Sai Baba’ has been named as one of the ‘top ten religion stories’ by ‘Time’ magazine.

The death of the spiritual guru saw the entire nation in grief, including famous celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar in tears.

The magazine says, “Sathya Sai Baba was the most famous guru in India, the most prominent of what are called "godmen," with millions of devotees, many prominent and prosperous, throughout the country and the rest of the world.”

It also says “And after his death, devotees flocked to his coffin and tomb to pay their respects and obeisance, believing he was still able to bless them from the great beyond.”

Preetham Sai - Posted on FB - 09.12.2011

Bhajans by Erady Brothers


The Erady Brothers who are privileged to lead bhajans in divine presence of Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba are coming to Mumbai and one of their programme shall be held on 23.12.2011 at Seminar Hall, 1st Floor, Thakur Collage of Science and Commerce near HDFC Bank and Siddhivinayak mandir Thakur Village, Kandivali (EAst). The details of the programme are as follows:

Lamp lighting - 10 AM

Introduction and Veda Chanting - 10 minutes

Presentation by Doctor N Haridas regarding importance of Bhajans - 10 minutes

Bhajans - 90 Minutes

Mangal Aarti - 12 Noon.

It is requested that the same may kindly be widely circulated.

Respectful Warm Regards


Invitation for Installati​on of Bhagawans idols at Sai Prem, Navi Mumbai

Sthapana of Moorthis at Sai Prem - Detailed Programme & Invitation

Saprem Sairam,

The grace of the Lord continues to shower in various forms and events. With HIS grace & love we are happy to inform that Bhagwan's Idol will be installed at at Navi Mumbai at a grand ceremony in the coming week.

It is our pleasure to invite you and your family for a 3 days programme of pujas/ havan, at Sai Prem (our Navi Mumbai centre) for the re- installation of the idol of Bhagawan Sri Shiridi Sai Baba and the installation of the idol of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, on 12th, 13th and 14th December 2011 (Monday to Wednesday). The main installation programme is on 14th December (Wednesday) morning. Please find the detailed programme attached in this mail

We will be happy to see you and your family & friends during this 3 day festival. Please spread this message and the attached card to everyone in your circle and encourage everyone to come and partake Bhagawan's blessings.

With respectful regards & Sairam,

Your's in Sai service,

Ramesh D. Sawant

Om Sri Sai Ram

An email from Ganesh L:

With blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, divine form of Swami will be installed at Sai Prem, the program is from 12th to 14th December 2011.


Bhagawan inaugurated the Sri Sathya Sai Sevakshetra called "Sai Prem" on 13th May 1995. Please find attach the divine discourse given by Swami during the inauguration of the center.



13TH MAY, 1995

" Sarva Roopa Dharam Shantham

Sarva Naama Dharma Shivam

Sachidaananda Roopam Advaitam

Satyam Shivam Sundaram"

The lord who is all truth, auspiciousness and beauty and one without a second, the abode of all peace: all the forms are His, all the names are His. He is the very ocean of being, Awareness and bliss.

Embodiments of Love: Man has today achieved immense progress in the material and scientific ways. But religiously, spiritually and morally we find decline of human values. Whatever work man undertakes, whatever effort he puts in, the only motive is selfishness. If at all man loves another man, it is not for the sake of that man, but out of his selfishness. Man is living like a puppet in the hands of selfishness. There will be peace in the world only if man sacrifices this selfishness and dwells in spirituality.

Many types of problems are emerging in the world today. More physical problems arise now-a-days when you try to solve one problem. What is the reason ? Man is developing a very narrow mindedness. One should have a broad minded feeling. The spirit of thinking with discrimination should be developed. The equal mindedness that all are children of God should be cultivated. We should firmly believe that every man is the son of God.

Every Indian knows the sacred story of Ramayana very well. In every human endeavor we find selfishness, ego, pomp, jealousy and exhibitionism coming to the fore. Man is not ready to hear good things in life. He is ready to hear only wicked things and about wicked thoughts. Man has polluted his power of speech and is criticising others. Man's thoughts are also becoming wicked. You know that when Dasaratha was making preparations for the coronation of Sri Ramachandra, jealous Manthara went to Kaikeyi and told her many things which were contrary to the truth. Kaikeyi was a great queen and was also very intelligent but the wicked teachings entered her mind easily. Kaikeyi fell into the wicked path instead of correcting Manthara. Manthara who told Kaikeyi wicked things and Kaikeyi who listened and fell into the wicked path earned a bad name.

There was Keechaka. He was a man of character but his vision was bad. Many people have suffered because of their bad looks. Does anybody have the name of Keechaka today ? Any person with bad talking, bad listening, bad vision and bad thinking will never have peace and happiness.

The life which is given to us should be used in a sacred way. Talk no evil, talk what is good. Talk only that which is good. Don't talk about wrong things. See no evil, see what is good. The eyes are given to see sacred and beautiful forms of God. Nature is full of beauty. Nature is the very embodiment of God. Viswam Vishnu Swaroopam. We have to develop this type of good looks. Hear no evil, hear what is good. The heart is the temple of God. "Hrut yat Hridayam". Hear is that which has compassion.

The essence of the eighteen Puranas summarised in two sentences is Help Ever, Hurt Never

What we have to do nowadays is not poojas and bhajans but transform our hearts. Man does not have enough time for his daily activities. Therefore, speak good, listen to good things, have good thoughts, do good actions. This is the goal of mankind. But being born as a human being, man is troubling others as he is full of jealousy and egoism. A person who troubles others cannot be happy.

Therefore, you should develop devotion to God. Our material, physical and spiritual prowess has no value if we are devoid of devotion to God. There is no difference of caste, creed and religion in the matters of the divine. Christians, Muslims, Persians, Hindus all should have a sense of unity. Hatred is the greatest enemy of man. It is for this reason that Jesus said "All are one, my dear son. Be alike to every one". Even in Indian culture it is proclaimed 'Isa Vaasyam Idam Sarvam'. Names and forms are different but God is one. You all know that we make sweets at home like Gulab Jamun, Barfi, etc. The names and forms of sweets are many but sugar is one. Names and forms of God are different but divinity is one. There is cure for every disease but not for jealousy and hatred. These diseases of hatred and jealousy are developing in the world today. How to cure this? By Naama Smarana chanting the nameof God, faith in God and believing in the unity of all beings.

Uthishtatha, Jagratha, Praptatha. Wake up from this darkness of ignorance. Narrow mindedness is ignorance. Develop expansion of love, not contraction of love. We have narrow minded love today. Such a broad principle is on the decline today. Embodiments of Love: Body is like a water bubble. Mind is like a mad monkey. Do not follow the mind. Do not follow the body. Follow the Atmic principle. That is Follow the heart, face the devil, fight to the end and finish the game. Follow the heart, follow the conscience. Conscience will not change. You set high ideals for humanity in every matter. Today's youth argue against true values and put forth many wrong arguments in matter relating to God. They do not recognise the truth considering such wrong arguments as modern fashion. That is not good.

Many say that humanism lies in Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi and Prema. But all these values are not different but one. The current of Sathya flowing through the wire Dharma enters the bulb of Shanthi and gives the light of Prema. Therefore, to receive the light of Prema, the bulb of Shanthi should be kept in good condition. There should be the wire of Dharma. Dharma should be unshakable. Only through these, current of Sathya will flow. Truth is our breath. Righteousness is our life force. That is why Indian culture proclaims Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara. No religion teaches that you should reject truth and righteousness. Religions may be many but truth and righteousness are one and the same. The religion which does not teach truth and righteousness is no religion at all. What is religion? Religion has to be useful to everybody and should give peace and happiness. There should be no differences among religions. Differences in religions arise because of narrow minded feelings. We should not hate any religion. We should not criticise any religion. Love everybody. Everyone should develop this religion of love."

Swami concluded the divine discourse with the Bhajan "Prema Mudhita......"


Regarding, Shri.Manoj Kumar’s movie “Shirdi Ke Sai Baba”, not many know that the movie was made because it was Shri.Sathya Sai Baba’s desire for a movie to be made on the Life & Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba.

And it was Sathya Sai Baba who had sent Shri.Chandulal Shah to meet Shri.Manoj Kumar in this connection.Thus, the movie was made in just 2 months time flat and for which none of the actors took any money for acting in it, while all the revenue from it was donated for various charitable organizations. Speaking at Shirdi at the occasion of Ramnavami,

Shri.Manoj Kumar recently had expressed his desire to make a movie on the Life & Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba.

Now, the veteran filmmaker and former MP, Shri.Harirama Jogayya has announced the production of a Telugu devotional film titled “Sri Sathya Saibaba Mahimalu” that will showcase the Life of the spiritual guru from Puttaparthi.

This Telugu film will depict the transformation of the young boy into an enlightened soul and how the spiritual guru attracted crores of devotees with simple but profound philosophy.The film will be factual and will showcase Baba’s life from the beginning to the end.

Another film on the Life of Sathya Sai Baba is also being planned in a big way by Anita Bajaj and A.K.Sidhu. This Film will be a periodical film and will cover all the major milestone of Baba’s life. With an international cast this movie will be a multi-lingual film made in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Kannadaand will be released worldwide.

Posted on FB - Bharti Sai Om

Makrand Deshpande turns spiritual with 'Satya Sai Baba' - Bollywood Movie News

Ayyappa Pooja in Borivali - Mumbai Srinivasan Video

Swami Sathya Sai Baba's Sthapan Programme Details at Sai Prem (Please click to view)

Videos of the Sai Idol installed in "SAI PREM" Mandir

Sai Idol Video Part - 1

Sai Idol Video Part - 2

Sai Idol Video Part - 3

Sai Idol Video Part - 4

Wonderful Idol of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to be installed in "SAI PREM" Mandir, Vashi, Navi Mumbai


Sai Prem is a Mandir dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is situated in the new city VASHI, in Navi Mumbai. It is worth reporting that Bhagavan had blessed this mandir, by His personal visit, thus sanctifying the Mandir.

Apart from regular Bhajans, this Mandir is a nucleolus for various service activities, such as Medical aids etc. After Bhagavan’s Samadhi, the Organization wished to install an idol of Bhagavan Baba. Soon a design of the idol was selected and orders were placed with one of the best Idol makers in Mumbai.

It is a good news that the Idol is now ready, and had been taken delivery by the Sai Devotees from Vashi. The heavy Idol had been transported to Sai Prem Mandir. Soon there will be installation ceremony with all vedic rituals and other formalities.

I take pleasure to furnish some snapshots of the beautiful Sai idol. More and more Sai centers across the country are likely to follow suit in installation of Swami’s Idols.

I am living in Mumbai, and if any help is needed in procuring the Idols, I shall very happy in negotiating with the idol makers, on your behalf and also in other follow up matters including the progress of Idol making.

Ever in Sai Seva.
Mumbai Srinivasan

Posted on 01.12.2011

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