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Ugadi in Prasanthi Nilayam


Celebrate Ugadi by Sacrificing Selfishness and Embracing Selflessness


The Eight Flowers That Please God - Talk by Dr. Narendranath Reddy on New Year’s Eve, 2014


RADIO SAI RINGTONES, Wallpapers & Calendars


Transformation through Innovation


Eternal Honour For This Almighty Advent


Gratitude Offering by the Passing Out Batch of Brindavan Campus…

Kaajal Chandiramani Videos - Cheti Chand Celebrations at Dharmakshetra (Updated)


Invitation for the Cheti Chand programme on 31st March 2014 at Dharmakshetra




Swami's life episodes at Uravakonda and Hampi - a time travel Part 2 (penultimate climax) - By Aravinda Balsubramanya



Now Live - Video Streaming (Current Time IST 9.50 pm dated 22.03.2014)


Important Announcements - Press Releases


Beware of Pride - Radio Sai Picture Story - 07


Gratitude Offering by PG Students…


International Sri Sathya Sai Organisation - UK - Love & Light: UKCC Newsletter - March 2014

Please click here to Download the Love and Light UKCC Newsletter of March 2014

We Adore Him True…Only Through Samastha Jeeva Sukhino


Graitutude Offering by UG Boys Of Prasanthi…


"Baba, Jesus And The Self - I See No Difference" - Conversation with Catholic Priest, Father Charles Ogada


Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom - Bhajan - Madhuvana Sanchari Shyama Murari


Time-travel to the days of declaration of Avatarhood of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Part 2 - Aravind Balasubramanya


Guidelines for Sai Bhajans - Download Pdf file either from Google Drive or Dropbox





Radio Sai Bhajan Classroom - Bhajan - Hara Hara Shankara Samba Sadashiva Eesha Mahesha





YES! Issue 11 - English (Right click your mouse and 'Select Target Save As")


YES! Issue 11 - Marathi (Right click your mouse and 'Select Target Save As")


Statistical Report Mobile Medicare Project - December 2013 - Web link


Statistical Report Mobile Medicare Project - December 2013 - Print link


Brother Satyajit in USA


Brother Satyajit on a short 10 day trip to USA, got a chance to meet fellow pilgrims in the New England area. In this first part, Satyajit shares 3 profound instances, when he was asked that most difficult of all questions ever put by Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba - "What Do You Want?". As much as the attending fellow brethren benefited from this talk, we pray that all of you too would benefit likewise.

Satsang with Satyajit Salian - Feb 16, 2014. Venue: Boston, MA, USA

What was planned to be a 15 minute answering of questions, turned out to be an insightful 43 minute session, where Satyajit kindly took the time to go into his learnings received at the feet of the Divine Master.

Satyajit Salian Boston, MA, USA Feb 16, 2014 - Part II (QnA)



Anil Kumar English Videos from


Welcome to the Voice of Sai


YES Issue 12: Holi & Gudi Padwa Special


Kya Aapne Bhagawan Ko Dekha Hey?


Sathya Sai Avatar Has Come To Fulfil…


Holi Reminiscence - Special flip book on the occasion of Holi

Holy Special - Wallpapers


Holy Holi at Prasanthi Nilayam…

Oh! Krishna…I Am An Eternal Bride Of Eternity…

Omniscient… Omnipresent… Ever-Compassionate Lord!

Time-travel to the days of declaration of Avatarhood of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Aravind Balasubramanya


If you were God, what choices would you make - a thought experiment ( By Aravind Balsubramanya)


The 'D' Continuum Leading to Duty


Life is a Challenge, Meet it!


Radio Sai picture story- 06 - Akbar's Dilemma


Growth, Stability and Order in Human Society by Prof. G. Venkataraman


Brahma Jnana…The Royal Path


An 'Apple' of His Parents' Eyes


The Omnipresent & Omnipotent Sai


A Divine ‘Crow’ Play…


The Interview…


An amazing experience with Sathya Sai and the Suka Nadi - By Aravind Balasubramanya


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