SWAMY: Nostalgic bliss part 01 (preserve these photos ... CONSIST of Young Sai 18 + !!! never seen before )


Hope the following images bring refreshing rewinding memories (if you are 60+) and for the young generations, its a blissful tonic a nostalgic Encyclopedia


Photographer's delight . He has captured Bhagawan materialising a Krishna Idol from a Torch Light . You can the expressions of astonishment of devotees around him. Please capture the delight of Sri Kasturi - the biographer of Sai to the immediate left of Bhagawan. This happened while Bhagawan was travelling to Badrinath in 1960's If I am right ..Happy Mother's day in Sai Organisation.

The Lord decked in Garlands ... perhaps this was the only time that Bhagawan had allowed all the devotees around him to garland Him. Blessed are those souls who got this opportunity to garland HIM and blessed are WE to see this photo which is a rare one ! This happened in the 1960's during Swami's visit to Kerala ... Enjoy the bliss with bountiful blessings

Here is a beautiful picture of the Lord on a beautifully decked horse ... How blessed is this horse ! This is a masterpiece ... Kaliyug Avathar - The apostle of Love - Sri Sathya Sai


See the grandeur of the Avatar ... You can feel the effulgence of the Love ... This picture in particular was clicked in Prasanthi Nilayam on 7.7. 1960 ... Bhagawan is 34 years old ..

Bhagawan with his pet dog - Jack ? Its a great dane ! Guess this photo was taken when Bhagawan was in his 40's... the background is the old mandir which now houses the Pedda Venkappa Raju Hall opposite to the Satyamma ( Satyabhama )temple .

Zoom the image and see ... both the paws of the dog is on swami's divine lotus feet..

Lord Sai Shiva @ Shikara Darshan of Sri Sailam Temple. It is said that pilgrims going to SriSailam to see Mallikarjuna Swamy first have to go to Shikara Darshan point near Srisailam and have darshan of the Feet of Lord Shiva there... Lord Sai Shiva has recharged this holy place by placing His Divine Lotus Feet.


Foundation stone of Auditorium - Oct 1959...by the then Governor Late Dr Burugula Ramakrishna Rao ... Bhagawan's biographer Late Sri Kasturi garlands the Governor as the Divine Dramatist looks on...

Ps: See the foundation stone of the earlier days ... A small curtain on a spring ... the stone lettering written with a pen.

Bhagawan Sathya Sai a la Lord Krishna - The Lord of the Universe playing Kolatam ( see the dandiya sticks ) ...with His Kaliyuga gopikas ... Mudumalai forests i guess. Enjoy the Divine Bliss .

The Young Man of yesteryear in the picture is Mr. Mohammed a well known person to Puttaparthians who just retired as a postman with a 40 years experience under his belt. I thought of meeting him and getting more info on that memorable day. After retirement, he now lives with his eldest son and family in a small house behind the post office in Gokulam.

He then said," Being a local postman, i had the opportunity to see Him so many times. As the number of devotees were very few in those days and no strict rules and regulations, there were times when i personally delivered letters to Swami (both official and personal). He used to joke with me saying i already have bundle of letters and you are giving me heavy "work load" by bringing more. I couldn't say a word but laugh at His timely joke. He used to give me new clothes for Dasara and Ramzan and I knew it was a rare thing to happen. He said long ago, that the whole world, including the Muslim world will come to Puttaparthi and i was fortunate to witness this with my own eyes" .

He continued to say, " As years passed by, things started changing and number of devotees were increasing day by day. The chance of delivering the letters personally to Swami was not possible any more but in the heart of my heart , even today, I know He is verily My Allah who came into my life, made me happy and content"

Isn't HE SO CHARMING AND DIVINE ? Well ... He has always has been ... and is .

The Lord in a relaxed pose

Man is consumed by time;
God is the Master of Time.
So, take refuge in God.
Let Him be your Guru, your path and your Lord:)
Adore Him, obey His commands, offer Him your grateful homage, and hold Him fast in your memory...:):)
This is the easiest way to realise Him as your own reality:) This is the one and only way.

Voila ....The young Shri Anilkumar Kamaraju with Bhagawan

Bhagawan in 1944 with the royal family of Mysore ... Swami was just 18 years old then... it was in the year 1940 that he had declared the avathar saying that it is second avathar in the trinity avathar. The Mysore Royal family were one of the first few who realised the divine aspect of Sathya Sai... A Very rare collection photo... See how handsome the lord is !!! 18 Years OLD !

Shared by B.Chandrasekaran - 04th September, 2013

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