Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Medicare Project

Aum Sri Sai Ram

"Being of service to your patients is My Padnamaskar. I cannot give you anything higher than that."

Dr. Joseph G Phanenf in the book "Inspired Medicine" page 243. Baba said the above words to a group of doctors from abroad

The Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Medicare Project was launched on the 20th of April, 2007 is a shining example of the Immense Power of Bhagawan's Grace.

The project is proactive by nature with the basic aim of improving the quality of life of the poorest of the poor through various means in an integrated manner with prime focus on their health and physical well being, As Bhagawan has often said "Don't wait for the opportunity to serve, go out and grab the opportunity which is already available"

Starting initially in a very humble manner the project has moved from strength to strength. As of 31st March 2008, over 25447 patients covering 7103 families were provided with free medical aid and treated for various aliments. The medical dispensary visited 17 centres on a regular basis as per a fined timetable and more centres have been identified where regular service activities will be initiated shortly.

Keeping in mind Bhagawan's words that effort to serve must spring from a concern for the suffering of others and the service must be a genuine effort to get rid of that anguish, several new initiatives are constantly being taken to improve the range and quality of services under the project. A massive effort is being undertaken to fight malnutrition particularly among children and women.

No words are capable of expressing our gratitude to Bhagawan for this rare privilege He has given us of rendering selfless service to suffering humanity and to be a part of His Divine Plan as it unfolds,


Today, after 55 years of Independence of our country, it is indeed sad to see that a vast majority of our population does not have access to even the most basic of medical facilities and treatment.

The extremely needy and vulnerable sections of society either due to financial constraints, lack of information and/or non-availability of such services are unable to secure the barest of medical care.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Vision of "Free Education, Drinking Water For All" and particularly the Provision of Free Medical Facilities" can only be achieved if the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization takes proactive steps by going out and reaching (touching the life of the poorest of the poor, and the lowest of the low) the needy and sick at their doorstep.

Hospitals and clinics serve a very useful role in the provision of Health Care, but a vast majority of illnesses can be nipped in the bud by providing timely treatment thus preventing future complications. The provision of timely and basic medical care can provide immense relief and thereby avoid costly and complicated treatment in the later stages.

Further, the cost in terms of time/ money and effort in setting up clinics and hospitals are prohibitive- HENCE AN ALTERNATIVE, VIABLE AMD EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM IS MOST URGENTLY CALLED FOR.

Thus the Project envisages the provision of free Medicines and Medical treatment to the masses in a very professional, organized and systematic manner. The basic Fundamental idea of this project is very similar to Bhagawan's Water Project. That is, every citizen should have access to the minimum of timely health care irrespective of caste, color, creed or religion.

Features of the Mobile Medicare Project

   Acquisition of several mobile dispensaries fully equipped with necessary facilities available at a General Practitioner's Clinic.

   Envisages the provision of free medical treatment and medicines in a professional manner.

   Manned by professionals - supported by our seva dal and volunteers.

   Visiting fixed centres, orphanages/ destitute homes, old folks homes etc., as per a fixed schedule.

  Bone Density, Eye and Dental, Mother and Child Care Camps etc., to be conducted at regular intervals.

   Provision of Pathological tests where necessary.

   Directing serious cases to affiliated hospitals.

   Vaccination Camps jointly with Government bodies.

   Coordinating with local groups for a proper health plan.

   Eradication of malnutrition and providing nutritional support on a massive scale particularly to children and women,

   Spreading the Value Oriented Teachings of Bhagawan at all centres through Bal Vikas/Study Circles, Bhajans etc.

Photos of the inner setup of the mobile van



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