Bhumi Puja of the New Water Project at Palasdare Village near Khopoli


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Photographs posted by Mahesh Goklani - emailed on 18.06.2007

BHAGAWAN had blessed the Youths of Mumbai with starting a new Water Project at Palasdare Village which is near Khopoli / Karjat Area.

The Bhumi Puja Ceremony was held on Sunday, 17th June 2007.

A Unique Contribution for a Noble Cause - Water for Adivasi Villages

Water is the lifeline for human life. While most people in the urban areas take clean and pure drinking water for granted, there are many villages in the country, where availability of drinking water is a distant dream. Palsdhare and Verne are such villages near Karjat 75 Kms from Mumbai. These villages have abundant rainfall but due to poor conservation techniques face severe shortage post monsoon and the villagers especially womenfolk and children have to trek almost 2 km for drinking water is a daily.

The Sri Sathya Sai Trust Maharashtra is a service oriented spiritual organization, inspired by the monumental humanitarian work of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, undertakes many public service projects across the state of Maharashtra.

Over 90 projects have been executed in 36 districts of Maharashtra. The Youth Wing of Mumbai and other Samithis of SSSSO took up their first water project at Dudhani village, 25 km from Panvel in 2002, the second in Kombaltekdi, 25 km from New Panvel in 2003, Burujwadi, Karjat in 2005 with each project benefiting more than 1800 adivasi inhabitants.

Today marked a Dawn in the lives of the Villagers.

Bhoomi Pujan for the Water Project, estimated cost of Rs 18.00 Lacs, was performed amidst the Chants of Vedas followed by Nagar Sankeertan.The Youth Wing of the Sai Organization trekked up the hill singing the Glory of the Lord.

This organization will be digging a well and constructing an over head water tank with 1,25,000 litre capacity from where the water will be supplied to1800 adivasi inhabitants of both the villages

Free Medical Camp for the adivasi villagers was conducted.400 people were examined by 15 specialized Doctors, out of them 92 villagers were given free spectacles.

Group activities and games for children, with value education were done by the Mahila Youth.

An exhibition of posters explaining the ill- effects of alcoholism and tobacco was displayed.

Melodious Sai Katha Sankeertan was a treat for all the villagers.

The program concluded with Sai Prasad (Narayan Seva) for all.

This water project is slated to be inaugurated on November 23, which is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's birthday

Sai Ram

Mahesh H Goklani