For this Sunday, we have an excerpt from the book “Satyopanishad” by Prof. Anil Kumar.

Question) What is an ideal government?

Bhagavan: In an ideal government everyone willingly observes the rules and regulations of the State. Everybody discharges his or her responsibilities. ?Godment' is superior to Government. But, today we see people fighting for their rights, forgetting their duties. You should not give any scope for laziness. All employees should work most sincerely doing justice to the salaries they receive every month. Otherwise, they will be cheating or betraying their fellow-beings or the government. People should cultivate samarasyam, integration, samagrata, co-ordination, samaikyata, unity, and saubhratrata, fraternity.

Look at this piece of cloth. This is very strong because the threads are closely interwoven. But if you separate the threads, you can cut it with your finger. Everybody should know that strength lies in unity. India could achieve independence but not unity. You are free to walk waving your walking stick, so long as it does not hit the nose of another pedestrian and your freedom does not rob the independence of others. Fundamentals applicable to all must be followed. The individual is less important than the community or society. It is always better that you manage to employ yourselves in learning those things that are needed for society. Your education should help you to better the community.

Question) Swami, what is essential for us now?

Bhagavan: If you have love, it is enough. Everything will be added unto you. Service, sacrifice, humility, devotion, discipline, etc., are contained within love. It is only love that prompts and promotes all virtues. Where there is love, there will be no ego, hatred, jealousy and such other low and mean animal qualities. There was a lady in Paris. She led her life with the little money she had. One day she saw some helpless footpath dwellers shivering in the cold. She was deeply moved by this sight. Everyday she used to take a few blankets along with her and offer them to those poor, needy and forlorn. This had gone to the notice of the elders and finally the government. They decided to honour her. A few youngsters came to her to congratulate her. She said that she was not happy since she could not help everyone, when the compassionate Almighty God was helping everyone always. She further added that she felt ashamed and frustrated, as her help could not be extended to everyone.

I will tell you another story. There was in an army a soldier who lost both his legs in a war and had to move with the help of crutches. Since his service was relatively short, he was not eligible for all the retirement benefits. The Major of his unit gave him some money and asked him to return. The soldier, on his way back home, had to stop in a village and take shelter in a choultry (lodge) as it was raining heavily. The money on hand also was exhausted. Next morning, a schoolgirl who happened to pass the same street, saw this soldier, and made enquiries. The girl was deeply moved by his plight. Since then, she went to school an hour early everyday, collect some fruits on the way, sell them, and purchase a few chapatis (Indian bread) for the soldier.

After a couple of weeks, the Major happened to pass the same way and noticed the soldier. The major was surprised to see him, for even after a long time he had not yet reached home due to paucity of funds. The Major found out how the soldier was managing himself all these days. In the meantime, the girl came and served chapatis to the soldier. The Major followed her and went to her house. On seeing him her parents thought that their daughter must have done something wrong and so he had come to make an enquiry. When they were about to reprimand her, the Major intervened and said to her parents, "You are indeed very lucky! How many of us have such children with magnanimity, love, concern for the needy, and the spirit of service?" He was about to give some gold coins to her parents who said, "Sir! We don't want all this. We can live with our hard earned money. Who can guard these gold coins at home? Please leave us alone, Sir!" The Major felt happy and left for his native place where he found an eligible bridegroom for this girl and performed her marriage. This is the true wealth of love. ?Expansion of love is life. Contraction of love is death'.

With Love and Regards,

"Heart2Heart" Team.