God, The Avathar and The Doubting Thomas

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Sairam. You must have noticed that though it was Sunday yesterday you did not receive the Sunday Special article along with Sai Inspires email. [We have received many emails from readers expressing concern about the ‘missing’ article]. We did not send the write-up for two good reasons. One, it is a special article (and a rather long one at that) which we wanted to send as a special downloadable link you can save it and read at your convenience. Two, it is a very important document and we wanted to inform you about it in a separate mail so that you do not miss it for any reason.

So here it is, the article, “God, The Avathar and The Doubting Thomas”.  This special write-up by Prof. G Venkataraman is a detailed and strongly reasoned rebuttal of some of the recent misinformation and disinformation about Bhagavan Baba in some Indian and Western media. We request you, dear reader, not only to carefully read this article and use this wherever and whenever appropriate to rebuff false information, but also to pass this on to as many possible so that it will save them from any possible disillusionment. This article will also help all of us make use of the greatest opportunity that is now available and redeem our lives.

We would also be glad to know your feedback on this exclusive article. Thank you for your time.

Click Here to download the Article “God, The Avathar and The Doubting Thomas.”  (Right Click Your Mouse and Select Target Save As.....PDF Format - Required Adobe Reader.)

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