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31st January, 2007-Swami's plane landed at Puttaparthi airport this afternoon - SAI BABA IS IN PUTTAPARTHI

After Noon - UPDATE: 31-01-2007: Swami's plane landed at Puttaparthi airport this afternoon at 12.12 p.m. local time! All the main roads were decorated with Mango leaves decorations & banners in Telugu and English language welcoming Swami back to Puttaparthi. Devotees mostly ladies decorated the road crossings and main gates with beautiful rangoli showing sign of joy and welcome for our Swami. Swami's drove directly to His ashram amid a cheerful crowd of of Puttparthi by Swami was carried in procession. Swami arrives in Puttaparthi

After 11 day visit to Chennai for Athi Rudra Mahayagnam, Swami just arrived in Puttaparthi. Swami left Chennai this morning at 11:30 a.m and reached Puttaparthi by 1:00 pm.

Posted on 31.01.2007

Courtesy SBOI

Swami's Divine Message on concluding day

Dear Sai family

Pranams to all our Sai brothers and Sisters.

Chennai was indeed blessed with Swami's presence for the last 10 days. On 30th Evening during his discourse, Swami said : " The whole Chennai is reverberating with Sairam.. Sairam.. Sairam... and is blessed. This must be practised daily.."

Dear Sai family, please note that till this time (at least to my knowledge) Swami has not uttered his name either in speeches or bhajans (even when he sings bhajans he avoids using sai.. in between).

Like in sai satcharithra when Shirdi Baba asked one of His devotees (Mrs Khaparde) to casually just start chant Raja.. Rama Raja rama, it just took me to take that it is our Swami's divine Manthropasana for all of us to chant "Sairam" always.

Bhagawan made me write this immediately after I reached home..

Let's feel His presence always in all our doings .... I Pray and Thank our beloved Swami for His Divine visit to Chennai and for Blessings after 10 long years....

Jai Sairam

Warm Regards & Love


Posted on 31.01.2007

courtesy: SBOI

Baba 1/30/07

Sai Ram,

It is tempting to say it is over. But it really is just beginning.

The yagna ended before noon today. At Baba's request we observed two minutes of silence at 11 A.M. - an auspicious moment. I think it was Baba's way of blessing all of us.

Later, Baba came down to the yagna area to participate with some rituals and proceeded to travel to the women's side then the men. Accompanying him were pundits carrying large bowls of liquid from the yagna.

When Baba returned to the stage, these pundits walked the same path sprinkling-blessing everyone.

There was a large crowd and prasadam in the way of rice and sweets on a leaf was provided for everyone.

In the evening Mumbai made a request to host the next yagna at whatever timing Baba chose.

Baba had stated that he wanted the yagna performed in every state in India.

Baba gave a short discourse.

I think everyone feels different. I understood that the yagna cleans all your sins. I think I am finally purer than Ivory soap.

The reason for saying this is just the beginning is we are going to see a new world emerge because of the yagnas. It will be peaceful, harmonious and environmental pure. The process has begun but the effects linger into the future. As more yagnas are done the effects get stronger.

I hope you are ready for that kind of world.

Coming soon to your local neighborhood.

Baba leaves the 31st to Puttaparthi.


Yagnam Poornahuthi


Update at 2.00 p.m of January 30th Poornahuthi Session.

The Yagna sala and halls were fully occupied before Swamy arrived at 10.45am.

After Swamy came, Bhajans, nadaswaram and Vedas were simultaneously on which sounded unique. Later Swamy came down the ramp to the Lingam and performed the purnahuthi.

The event was such a grand one and later Swamy went around all sides and gave a gracious darshan.

Later He had aarthi and left the site at 12.15 p.m.

Chakra pongal and Tomato Rice was distributed to all devotees as Prasadam. Every devotee went home with great happiness as Swamy gave a fine darshan.

There was an announcement that there would be programme in the evening and Swamy may give a discourse.

The Lingam is likely to be taken to Sundaram tomorrow morning and as at now Swamy is leaving by a charter flight before noon itself to Puttaparthi as per reliable sources.

Because Swamy had finished the private visits to the Residence of Chancellor of Ramachandra Medical University, Sankara Netralaya and State President Mr Ramani.

Chennai has been blessed by his divine presence and thanks to Swamy Chennai would not have any more water problem.


krishna rao

Baba 1/29/07

Sai Ram,


The free medical program for Chennai works differently than explained yesterday.

Sixty-one hospitals in the Chennai area, to be expanded later, will put one bed aside for a needy person. When the Sai organization holds medical camps, doctors who are part of the committee will screen for people who need special help. They will be referred to the hospital best suited for them. The hospital will pick up all cost including surgery, medicine etc. The Sai organization will provide transportation for after visits, home care and whatever else is needed until recovery.

It was announced today that Baba is leaving Chennai on the 31st.

I am 99% sure he is flying back to Puttaparthi.

Also, that Tuesday morning there will be a special blessing by Baba between 9:30 and 11:00.

Baba is scheduled to give a discourse in the evening.

This morning Baba gave a special darshan for those who were at the Sundaram.


Swami in Chennai

One of my Friends related a nice incident, The Corporation workers were asked to come and clear the area where the Yagnam was being held and the surrounding areas after the Second day of the Yagnam and they found it spick and span, After so many people have had Darshan and then Refreshments, Food etc., Incredible for everyone, but For Swami's Devotees it is following Swami's Discipline.

Darshan's queues start at 0.4.00 A.M in the morning, But there have no noise at all which disturbs anyone in the surrounding areas, Discipline is maintained everywhere. I sincerely feel that the impact of Swami and the Yagnam can be seen in Chennai even more than in Parthi, here in Chennai people  who have not seen Swami before and not even heard of Swami at all, have  Been coming for Swami's Darshan everyday, This is the impact Swami has had on people in Chennai, every road leads to Chennai. Things have to be seen to be believed.

Posted on 29.01.07 by K.M

A R M Y Update 29/1/07 morning

update at 12pm


Swamy did not go to Yagna but directly to the house of a devotee in Alwarpet who also happens to have given the place for Yagna

krishna rao

A R M Y Update 29/1/07 Morning


update of January 29th morning session 11.15 am

Swamy came out at Sundaram at 10.30 and spent 40 minutes giving darshan and enjoyed four bhajans and had aarthi. he is understood to have gone to Yagna site and thereon to two private visits .

V I Ps at Sundaram were: Sivaji Ganesan's son Prabhu and other family members , Singers P Susheela and Chitra

krishna rao

Update for 28th January evening session

Swamy got into the car at Sundaram and reached Yagna site by 4.30pm.

Today DOCTOR'S DAY was celebrated and hospitals associated with Swamy's samithis and some news ones also had committed a free bed for sai deviotee . Sathya Sai Health card was designed for the group of hospitals to render free service. more details are awaited.

Dr Rangabhasyam spoke and Swamy materialised a ring for him. Dr S V Chitti Babu former Vice Chancellor Annamanalai Unvy also spoke.

Swamy blessed around 60 sets of doctor's accessories like stethoscope etc to be given to the Doctors who attended the specially convened meet in the evening.

After bhajans and aarthi Swamy left for a private visit to the house of former President of L & T Mr A Ramakrishna at Anna Nagar.

In the morning Swamy did not go to Yagna site but went to the residence of Late Shri Venkatamuni at Maharaja Surya Rao road, Alwarpet ( this house was the one Swamy used to stay in his visits to Chennai till Sundaram was built). Mr Venkatamuni the founder of Mysore Fertilisers Co was a great devotee of Swamy for decade. Mr Venakatamuni's elder Son Mr Easwar was in Tamilnadu Trust as Trustee had passed away last year and the younger son Mr Praveen is actively involved with the Sai seva.

Since the yagna poornahuthi is on Tuesday 30th, devotees are waiting to hear Swamy's discourse that day.

krishna rao

A R M Y update at 12.00 p.m on 28/1/07


Devotees swarmed Sundaram from 5 am and by 6 am there was almost no space to sit. The roads were also occupied leaving some space for convoy to move.

Swamy came out at 10.15 and went around Sundaram and spent more time outside Sundaram going towards both the sides of the road. Devotees were so happy with the glimpse they had so close .

Swamy later came on to the dais and enjoyed four bhajans and had Aarthi. He called one of the video-grapher and materialised something and gave him.

VIPs today were Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, Chief Justice of Madras High Court, A P Shah, Executive Officer of T T Devasthanams Mr Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Madras University and many more.

Swamy left Sundaram at 11.15 but we were informed that Swamy had not gone to Yagna Sala but to a devotee's house.

Swamy may extend his stay to finish some more private visits.


Krishna Rao

Baba 1/28/07

Sai Ram,

Baba surprised the 400 - 500 people who were waiting for his darshan at Sundaram on Sunday morning. He went among the crowd.

Meanwhile to those of us waiting at the yagna, we did not get darshan. Instead some more of our karma and sins were washed away. The crowd was small.

In the afternoon, the crowd was comparable to last Friday. Baba came at 4:30. It was physicians day.

The Chennai Sai Baba physicians announced that all the hospital in Chennai, and this will eventually include surrounding areas, will sponsor a one day a year free medical day. Anyone identified as needing medical help will receive free medical care until the illness is cured or under control.

Baba gave physicians representing each hospital a brief case with a new stethoscope and blood pressure unit along with a picture of himself.

When Baba enters the ground and leaves, he moves very slowly. It seems like less than 10 miles an hour. One may say that it because of the huge crowd for safety reasons and others might add that it gives people a good darshan. However, I suspect that it is more than that.

It may have to do with the intense energy that he radiating and blessing everyone with.

There is a police car in front of Baba and about ten vehicles behind him. Some carry police but other are for students and guest.


Posted on 28.01.2007

Yagnam updates

SWAMI came to the Yagnam by 5:15 in the evening! SWAMI gave discourse!

He spoke in Tamil for two-three minutes! The SWAMI laughed and said that Naaku tamil theriyaadu (I don't know Tamil) and spoke in Telugu! In his discourse Swami talked about doing service and about youths! He also said that obedience and one should give respect to their mother! He also said that if we keep our mother happy we will be blessed with his grace!

He stressed on service and wanted all the youths to indulge in service!

Swami was there for nearly two hours! Then SWAMI'S student sang SWAMI'S favourite bhajan song PREMA MUDITHA MANSE KAHO RAM RAM RAM....AND GOVINDA KRISHNA JAI GOPALA KRISHNA JAI !!!!!!

Swami is expected to stay here ( Chennai) till 1st of February!

R Gowrishankar

posted by K.M on 28.01.2007

Punya Theertham for Athirudram

Sai Ram.

Punya Theertham

Punya Theertham

The above beautiful picture is kept in a prominent place in the left side, facing the stage in the Athirudra Yaaga Shaala.

Lord Shiva is is shown in the place of Himalayas of an Indian Map. And below there are several "Punya Nadhies" (sacred Rivers).

Punya Theertha from various Punya Nadhies have been specially brought for this great decoration of the Photo of Lord Shiva.

On the last day of the yagna. Poorna Ahuthi will be offered at Sacred Homa Kundas. After that there will be Kumbhabhishekam to the "Shiva Linga". Kumbha Abhishekam is done with the water kept in various Kalasaas near the Homa Kundams, and then the sacred water from various Punya Nadhies (sacred Rivers) will offered to Shiva LINGA as a culmination of the Yagna.

Those who stay back till the end and watch this memorable occassion are blessed indeed !!!

With Love & Regards,
Bombay Srinivasan,

Posted on 28.01.2007


A R M Y update on 27.01.2007 at 7.00 p.m.

As mentioned this morning, Bhagwan rendered his first discourse at the Yagna sala this evening for about 30 minutess. He emphasised the importance of Prema and asked the Seva Dal to work with Love.

Prior to going to Yagna Sala, Swamy came out in Sundaram and got into the Car after a brief talk with a couple of V I PS.

Since there has been un certainty about Swamy's program, the crowds are swelling at Sundaram in the mornings and are waiting for Bhagwan to arrive braving the scorching sun.

For the information of Devotees, the second episode of SHRIDI SAI PARTHI SAI DIVYA KATHA in Hindia with Enlish sub titles, would be telecast on Sanskar TV at 9.15pm on Sunday 28th January and the other 28 episodes would be telecast the same time every Sunday.

Please watch this beautiful serial which has been produced by veteran actress Mrs Anjali Devi under the direct guidance of Bhagwan.

more updates tomorrow.

krishna rao

Swamy's miracle...


Swamy's miracle : Swamy visited Karunanidhi and later both of them were on same platform and now Mr Karunanidhi is now sharing platform with Mata Amritanandamayee:

Karunanidhi to share public dais with Amritanandamayee

Chennai, Jan. 27 (PTI): Close on the heels of sharing a dais with godman Sri Satya Saibaba, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, a hardcore atheist, will be seen with another spiritual leader Maata Amritanandamayee at a public function at Nagapattinam on January 31.

Justifying his decision to participate in the function at Nagapattinam, Karunanidhi told the state assembly today that 'Amma', hailing from the backward fishermen community, was doing a lot to society, like running hospitals and colleges.

He said he will be handing over keys of the houses constructed for the tsunami victims by Maata at the function.

Karunanidhi had participated at a function last Sunday organised by 'Citizens Conclave' to thank Saibaba for laying concrete on the Telugu Ganga canal, which carried the Krishna water to the city from Andhra Pradesh.

The state had sought the help of Saibaba to cleanse the Cooum river, running across the city.

posted by krishna rao on 27.01.2007


Baba 1/27/07

Sai Ram,

On Saturday evening, Baba blessed us with a discourse. It was wonderful. He sang a bhajan afterward and let his assistants take the lead for another.

Yesterday's crowd was the largest yet. This morning was the smallest. Sunday's crowd I expect will be the largest ever.

Don't believe all those numbers that are being spread about the size of the crowd.

When I get through counting the number of legs on the men's side and dividing by two, I will give you a more accurate count.

It is crowded and that makes for difficulty getting in and out of the yagna area and for getting a rickshaw. I now live in an area that is five minutes away when there is no traffic and about 20 to 30 when there is. It is too far to walk.

I have not been eating properly or getting enough sleep. Four A.M. entrance with departure between 11 and 12. Re-entrance at about 1:30 or 2. and departure at 7 with arrive at the hotel at about 8.

I am doing well but I feel numb. I know I will feel better after returning to Puttaparthi with my body having a chance to absorb what happened.

The yagna chanting is very powerful. I could listen for long times to the melody and the vibration created.


posted on 27.01.2007

Chennai-ARMY day 7 and 8 Report

Day 7:

The Morning session went off well but the devotees had to endure another make do without Bhagawan's Divine darshan. The activities are said to have been concluded at around 11 AM after Mangalaarathi to shiva lingam

Evening session had packed crowds filling every available inch of space in the venue so much so that hundreds had to stand outside the mantapam including 'yours faithfully'. I managed to get into the hall somewhere down the side flank by 5-30 and listened to some wonderful narration of Ghanapatham.

Bhajans by Sundaram group was as melodious as can be expected, a fine mix of good and old.

As the number `Aao aao Sai natha' ended and another Bhajan started, there was a flurry of activity that marks Swami's motorcade entering the premises.

Swami arrived to the huge relief of the mammoth crowd at around 6-15 PM and the evening programme started with speeches by two members of the Sathya sai organizations.

The leader of Sai Youth the main Organizers of this excellent event spoke on their experiences during the execution of this Yagnam at Swami's behest. He explained that almost every member felt the flow of His divine Love during their three month hard work.

The second speaker was sri Krishna murthy, Ex sathya sai organizations TN.

Soon after, Swami permitted Ustad Rashid Khan of Hindustani Music fame to render a programme.The Revered Ustad presented some marvelously devotional and melodious pieces with lyrics that "sainath/ sairam..Tere Bina"? etc

The Swami called him over and presented him with a ring that He  materialized for his finger which the singer accepted with utmost humility and devotion.

A Tabla artiste Bandhopadhyay was also called over by Swami Himself and offered one more Swami's materialized finger ring.

The concert ended with the evergreen Bhajan -Ram rathan dhan paayo.

End of the day's proceedings and the enchanted huge crowd took more than an hour to clear out.

Day 8:

The Morning's Aruna parayana was being recited as I entered a near empty hall at 5-45 am The Morning's Aruna parayana was being recited as I entered a near empty hall at 5-45 am, quite a contrast to last evening's almost unmanageable rush.

The eleven time Rudram with clockwork precision and like machine gun speed rang out wonderfully from the throats. Each recital of Namakam follows ioth one anuvalla of Chamakam and the finale was of course rudra homam and Sai gayathri Homam.

It was nearing 11 am and crowd was getting desperate for Swami when He arrived to bless the gathering and took Mangalaarathi and left. It was a brief but fulfilling darshan of our Swami.

Nagesh Kumar - posted on 27.01.2007


A R M Y update on 27th January 2007 update at 11.45 a.m.

Swamy had given a very gracious darshan to all devotees at Sundaram. He came out at 10.20 a.m. and went around even on the road to give drashan to thousands of devotees in and outside Sundaram. He spent almost 20 minutes in rounds and settled on the dais and enjoyed Bhajans and had Aarthi at 10.50am

Justice A R Lakshmanan, Hon'ble Judge Supreme Court of India had visited Sundaram and Swamy materialsed a ring for him. Swamy also materialised a ring for Mr Sabaretnam (formerly with Chettinad Group), (I saw this materialsiation being done as I was just sitting behind Mr Sabaretnam)

Swamy went to Yagna Sala and was there for hardly 10 mins and had Aarthi. and left for a private visit to devotee's house.

Swamy is likely to give his Discourse at Yagna sala this evening (he hasnt given one so far at the Yagna site )

Most of the devotees have started swarming Sundaram to have a glance as his visit to Yagna Sala has become uncertain.

more updates later

krishna rao

posted on 27.01.2007

Day 5 at Chennai Ati Rudra Maha Yagna.

The Morning session ( with inputs from others) went off on schedule with Aruna parayana, Rudra and Chamakam chanting and the two Homas to Rudra and Sai gayathri.

Swami arrived at around 11 and stayed for 45 minutes , Bhajans were sung in His presence and Swami took Mangalarathi and left. The sounds and vibrations are thrilling everyone and the crowd seems to be constant during working days or otherwise.

The evening session after the one round of Rudra and chamakam started with Swami's arrival at 5-40 Pm or so. Two students were allowed to speak.

One of them spoke with passion in Telugu (Quite a few understood that here too) about sai mata and his benevolence..

The speakers do a good job but their voices seems to me to be unusually high pitched and loud. May be they carried away in His presence.

The second speaker, also a student spoke in English with the standard phrase and expressions we hear from Prof Anil Kumar usually during translations, which seemed to have been integrated by this speaker truly.

He said that Swami asked him during a recent Sports day practice, whether he is speaking, the answer to which of course was, "He" was speaking and we are only his mouth pieces.

There was no other programme for the evening.

The wait for a Swami's discourse still continues with fond hopes. Only He knows when He will deliver a speech.

"Om Jai jagadeesha hare", the mangala arathi was sung and swami blessed everyone and left at around 6-45 PM

Again coconut barfi was distributed as Prasadam by Seva dal at the exit.

Some notes to Visitors:

One cannot be too careful about their footwear though.

There is no standard chappal stand here and we have to use the road side.

The Mobile phones can be carried inside but needs to be switched off.

Books can be carried inside too with request.

The Police have put up an outpost just at the entrance and they have microphones to announce and we can use their help to search for missing ones and for informing someone to come over there.

Please visit the Photo exhibition put up by Prasanthi Digital studio at the left side of the entrance explaining starting from Sai Avatar to Bal Vikas to Swami's various mandirs in the country, His Service organizations and Chennai water supply assistance project ".Great stuff!

Medical assistance (Doctors and a clinic) and of course Toilets available.

In sai service

Nagesh Kumar

posted on 25.01.2007

January 24th 8:30 pm - Day 4 at Athi Rudra Mahayagnam in Chennai

The Morning session went off with the usual Aruna Parayana, Rudra and Chamakam - chanting 11 times and the regular Yagnam to Rudra and Sai gayathri.

Devotees who had thronged the venue even on this mid-week day waited patiently and fondly to have Swami's Darshan, but then that was not to be.

It was learnt later that He went over to Sankara Nethralaya, a charitable Eye hospital famous in the city to bless the venue. So there was no darshan in the morning session at Yagnam.

The afternoon session, of course started on time and with clockwork precision, Ritwiks now familiar with the routine made it a fine job with their enthusiasm and dedication. S a wave of cheer and alertness came over the audience at evening 5:45 PM. It was a late but welcome darshan for the day.

As soon as swami's wheel chair was rolled into the stage center, Music programme for the day commenced with the Malaysia Vasudevan and troupe. He rendered some soulful and melodious numbers with a great variety and full of devotion. He was ably backed by Tabla and other accompaniments. Many were composed on Sathya sai describing Him as Mata, pita and Guru and embodiment of divine Love in both Tamil and Telugu languages.

One would have thought the end of the concert marked the end of evening visit too, but Swami permitted some students from Prasanthi nilayam campus to render devotional songs as well.

The students introduced to us as Guru Prasad and Ashwathnarayana and Others gave a rousing and excellent musical programme. Their voices filled with love and devotion for Swami moved almost everyone to tears. Their Voices resonated and vibrated across the hall filling everyone with joy. The performances of our Sai students have been unparallel and match any veteran and popular Professional artiste.

Some of the memorable numbers rendered included 'Chintanai sei maname' and a popular Tamil fim song -" Amma endru alaikkatha uyir illeye".

Swami was moved too and beckoned them to sing one more song. Later they were deservedly blessed by Bhagawan with golden chains as they prostrated at His feet. This concluded the evening session at a time as late as 7-15 PM. The surging crowds took a near half hour to vacate the venue and a sweet 'Kopra mithaai'( Burfi) was distributed by Seva Dal at the Gate.

Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba

A Anantha Vijaya

Posted on 25.01.2007


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