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The Morning session went off with the usual Aruna Parayana, Rudra and Chamakam - chanting 11 times and the regular Yagnam to Rudra and Sai gayathri.

Devotees who had thronged the venue even on this mid-week day waited patiently and fondly to have Swami's Darshan, but then that was not to be.

It was learnt later that He went over to Sankara Nethralaya, a charitable Eye hospital famous in the city to bless the venue. So there was no darshan in the morning session at Yagnam.

The afternoon session, of course started on time and with clockwork precision, Ritwiks now familiar with the routine made it a fine job with their enthusiasm and dedication. Swami arrived as a wave of cheer and alertness came over the audience at evening 5-45 PM. It was a late but welcome darshan for the day.

As soon as swami's wheel chair was rolled into the stage center, Music programme for the day commenced with the Malaysia Vasudevan and troupe. He rendered some soulful and melodious numbers with a great variety and full of devotion. He was ably backed by Tabla and other accompaniments. Many were composed on Sathya sai describing Him as Mata, pita and Guru and embodiment of divine Love in both Tamil and Telugu languages.

One would have thought the end of the concert marked the end of evening visit too, but Swami permitted some students from Prasanthi nilayam campus to render devotional songs as well.

The students introduced to us as Guru Prasad and Ashwathnarayana and Others gave a rousing and excellent musical programme. Their voices filled with love and devotion for Swami moved almost everyone to tears. Their Voices resonated and vibrated across the hall filling everyone with joy. The performances of our Sai students have been unparallel and match any veteran and popular Professional artiste.

Some of the memorable numbers rendered included 'Chintanai sei maname' and a popular Tamil fim song -" Amma endru alaikkatha uyir illeye".

Swami was moved too and beckoned them to sing one more song.

Later they were deservedly blessed by Bhagawan with golden chains as they prostrated at His feet.

This concluded the evening session at a time as late as 7-15 PM.

The surging crowds took a near half hour to vacate the venue and a sweet 'Kopra mithaai'( Burfi) was distributed by Seva Dal at the Gate.

More in next...

In sai service,

Swami Transforms Chennai - 2

Once just before the 60th Birthday Celebrations, Swami was talking to a Few boys in the Verandah of the Prasanthi Mandir, It was at this time that Free Food was served as Prasadam to all as part of Swami's 60th Birthday, Unprecedented Crowds, great Surge of Love and Devotion unseen anywhere. Swami was asking the Boys about the Food that was served as the Hostel boys also were taking the same Food, The Boys replied that "The Hostel Food was better", Swami smiled and said that "The Boys should go and see the people who had come for the Birthday Programmes and Swami would talk to them tommorow",

The Next day When Swami asked them, they said that they had never seen such crowds before, People were staying there for days together in the open (Prasanthi Nilayam was the coldest in those days ), Those crowds are seen today in Chennai during this Yagnam, every TV Channel has been showing these wonderful Pictures of Devotees staying for days together in the open to take part in the Yagnam and have Bhagawan's Darshan, Chennai is very cold in the morning, Very Foggy, But Devotees have settled in Chennai for Swami's Darshan.

Everyone other than a Sai Devotee has been wondering as to the Discipline that is maintained with so many people around, everything is in order and there is no problem, I told a Few people that they should come to Parthi and see much bigger crowds without the slightest problems, Also there is seemingly space for everyone just like there seems to be space for everyone in the Hill View stadium and in Kulwanth hall. People say that they have never seen such crowds outside Prasanthi Nilayam craving to have Swami's Darshan, That is how Chennai has been Transformed. Sai Ram is the manthra everywhere. A police Officer was heard saying that when there have been massive functions like this the two major problems have been Security and Accomodation, This is the first major event that he had seen which has no trace of these problems at all.

Swami's Two Divine Words of DEDICATION TO WORK AND DISCIPLINE Have been seen in Full measure in Chennai.

That is How Chennai has been transformed by Bhagawan's Divine Presence.

K. M

23rd January A R M Y update

Swamy did not go the Yagna Sala today morning and also did not give darshan at Sundaram.

He may go in the evening is wt all expect. ..pray for his Darshan


Krishna rao

Chennai - Day 1&2 - A R M Y Report

Bros and sis, sai ram to all from Chennai,

Om Namo Bhagavathe Rudraya!!

The much awaited Athi rudra maha yagnam started off to a splendid start at 3 Am on Saturday (20.01.2007).

An ocean of devotees have been thronging the little known
Thiruvanmiyur's Dr Vasudevan Nagar Grounds. The road sides are abuzz with stalls selling photos and cassettes similar to Puttaparthi.

The first day started off with the festivities of Rudra sthapana, kalasa Poojas etc and the ritwiks dressed in yellow dhoti and shawl performed the Rudra parayanam with intensity, gusto , speed and volume that is nowhere to be seen.

The huge hall erected for this purpose in a record one month's time on an empty maidan with colourful decorations resembled sai kulwant hall of prasanthi nilayam on festive days.

Everything has worked with clockwork precision here. Seva dal and the organization are doing a commendable task managing this huge event as the venue and surroundings seem to be bursting with eager devotees and invitees. Police have pitched in a tent outside and are present in adequate numbers in managing the swelling crowds. No Untoward incident so far, by sai's grace..Two days and counting...

A subsidized canteen with Rs 2 coupons separately for gents and ladies is satiating the hungry palates of devotees with sumptuous tiffin and coffee from Morning 6-30 am itself. Enough drinking water with Mineral water containers are located at both Gents and ladies side.

True, many VIP passes have been issued and the front rows and chairs are all occupied by pass holders, relatives, artists and other invitees. But there is enough and more space for all devotes and almost every pillar in the hall sports a TV with colourful telecast shown Live from the centre stage. and strategic angles.

So it is not at all difficult to watch the proceeding clearly from any corner of the hall even if you arrive late.

The Morning sessions get over by 10-30 AM( starts at 5-00 AM) or so and evening sessions are from 3-30 to around 6-00 PM. There are interspersed Bhjans by the sundaram group as fillers and of course Mangalarathi at the end of every session.

First day's Rudra abhishekam holy water was distributed as Teertham the next day to everyone. Of Course, there is a mad scramble for sweet prasadam in the evenings as some devotees turn greedy and become indiscipline. We have so much to learn.

Swami has blessed the congregation arriving in a VIP Motorcade from Sundaram mandir to the hall daily for 30 mins to One hour . Last evening was a rare miss as Swami did not arrive, as he had returned late from a public function held in his honour.

This marks the end of a long 10 year wait for Chennai devotees together with the culmination of Chennai water supply scheme augmented by our Sai Trust at a whopping cost of Rs 200 cr. in 2004.

Swami is said to be here till the end of yagnam i.e., Jan 30.

More as the Yagna progresses....



posted on 23.01.2007

Swami Transforms Chennai

I had gone to Chennai with some Friends for Bhagawan's Darshan and for experiencing the Wonderful Yagnam. It has been a truly great and a lifetime experience for me and everyone concerned.

The Crowds for the Yagnam have been massive, overwhelming and Huge in every sense, thronging every single place available to have Swami's  Darshan and to hear Our Divine Lord Speak, It has been Prasanthi  Nilayam revisited in every sense of the word. People whom I know who have not even heard of Swami, and not even seen Swami have come and experienced Divinity First hand, People who have been just passing by the Busy Thiruvanmiyur area where the Yagnam is held have been  enthralled by Swami's and His Divyaswaroopa.

Two Wonderful things stand out in the past two days of Swami's Visit. The Complete transformation of a person who has detested everything that is Divine all through His Life, The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has been a born Atheist and no belief in anything Divine, He was in many ways directly responsible for putting the Statue of His Mentor Periyar right in front of the Mahadwaram at The most sacred temple at SRIRANGAM which led to massive protests and controversies.

When Swami went to His House on Saturday, The CM was for the first time Touched someone Feet and also Swami in front of him Created two wonderful Rings for the IT Minister in the Centre Mr. Dayanidhi Maran and when another Minister asked for a ring, Swami created one for him, For everyone there who had seen Divinity so close were too Stunned to react, One could see the Reverence and the change that everyone had for Swami during the Function on Saturday, It was a memorable transformation of people who had absolutely little or no faith in God, such is Swami's Divinity that it transforms everything.

Chennai witnessed Swami's Divinity to the full in the past two days.

Posted by Mahadevan on 22.01.2007

Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam Seeks Fund From Swami

January 21st - Tirupathi Devasthanam request Swami help with the water project

Yesterday officials from Tirupathi Devasthanam in Tirupathi were here in Chennai to meet Swami and request for Swami's help with the water project to supply drinking water to the devotees in Tirupati. They asked for donation of 800 Crorers for the water project and Swami's blessings to complete it. The official also said that Swami enquired him about the free weddings that Tirupathi Devasthanam was conducting. The official said that Swami smiled and accepted their request.

Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba

A Anantha Vijaya

Posted on 22.1.2007

Chennai Update (2) at 7 p.m. on 22nd January, 2007

Swamy had come for the evening session of Yagna at 4.30pm . Two students spoke, after which a Pandit addressed.

Later an instrumental music concert was presented by Sivaraman and group and Swamy had enjoyed this beautiful concert which also comprised Umayalpuram Sivaraman on Mridangam

Swamy stayed till 6.30 pm .

More in the next update tomorrow


Krishna Rao

Chennai Update (1) - ON 22ndJanuary, 2007


Yesterday after the program at Stadium, Swamy was at Sundaram and did not come to Yagna site for evening darshan and many devotees went back disappointed and the crowd was huge as it was also a sunday.

Today (22nd) Swamy gave good darshan at 9.00am at Yagna sala and left after 10am .

There has been very good coverage of Swamy's program at stadium.

more updates later


krishna rao

Baba 1/22/07

Sai Ram,

Today Baba more than made up for his physical absence yesterday afternoon. He gave the most incredible darshan. After sitting on the stage for a few minutes, he came down the ramp to the men's side went through making a square U ending up in the middle where he continued to do the same on the women's side.

When he returned to his starting point he mad a turn to bless the pundits doing the Yagna by going down the men side and up the middle of where the fires were.

He returned to the stage.

He filled us with love, peace, joy and happiness. It was great.

He seemed in a different spirit today from the weekend. He was happy and blessed all of us.

This afternoon, after he came, there were three very good speakers. Baba left the stage and the crowd rushed to see him ride out in the car but he didn't. After about five to ten minutes, Baba reappeared on stage to a audience that was less than half full. People rushed back to their place.

I realized that listening to three speeches after Yagna chants that our energies were running low. By doing what he did, Baba rejuvenate the crowd. When they returned to their places, it was with joy.

At this point, an Indian music group played music that elevated the body along with the soul even further. The Yagna is not just for world peace and personal improvements but it will clean up the physical environment. Mother Earth is being soothed by the chanting. Also, the vibration is so strong that it is penetrating other level of existence and the universe.

I saw some moment by Baba that I interpret as him communicating with invisibles.

Television sets have been set up all over the place as it is hard for most people to see the actual yagna and even Baba.



Baba 1/21/07

Sai Ram,

Baba came to Chennai on the 19th. He went to Sundaram in the afternoon. It was the first time I had been there since 1981 when Baba dedicated the place.

Security was tight. There were sharpshooters on the roofs of buildings.

Baba gave a beautiful darshan by coming out onto the second floor balcony for about ten minutes. He blessed everyone.

The 20th it was to be at the yagna at 3 a.m. Big crowd. Plenty of seva dals. They are doing an excellent job. Baba came both in the morning and the afternoon.

However, in the morning he went around the crowd making a square. it caused a bit of a pandemonium. However, everything remained under control. Baba blessed everyone. I am sure he would had walked it but his attendant made him sit in the chair.

All of the hotel within a 5 mile radius are full.

Baba came the 21st morning but not the afternoon.

He inaugurated the water project in conjunction with Chennai. This was done elsewhere.

The building is a temporary structure with the center part, where the fires are raised higher. There are many ceiling fans going all the time. But we still get smoke in our eyes and elsewhere. At times the fires are intense.

The yagna is dedicated to Shiva and bring world peace and personal improvement. The energy and vibration are very intense. The chanting raises me to higher levels.

I sense many invisible being present. I caught a glimpse of Shiva.

Baba's hand gestures have been unusual. I hope when the video comes out that you might catch a glimpse of that.

He also looks sad. But what doe that mean? It could just be the intensity of it all.

No one is sure when he is leaving. Word here is that he is staying the full 11 days.


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