Ashaadi Ekadashi Celebrations 2006


The Divine Commandment






The morning of the Ashaadi Ekadashi celebrations began with the traditional Dindi comprising of about 400 warkaris starting from Dharmavarm on 3rd July and reaching the Divine abode on 6th July 2006. This journey is performed as a Sadhana by singing the name of Sai Vittala together with rendering medical service to several  villagers on the way and is symbolic of the journey of life. This was followed by a musical entitled “The Divine Commandment”, the cast comprising of 150 children (95 boys and 65 girls) of the Sri Sathya Sai Bal vikas, Mumbai, Maharashtra and about 150 participants (50 boys and 100 girls) belonging to the youth wing.


In the saga of the amelioration of Man, similes of animals have often been used to describe his negative qualities. However the state of Man today is such that even the Animals have taken umbrage to these similes.


The Conference of Animals convened by the Lion King has unanimously decried the overtures of Man and have put forth their case , that  the Animals are followers of Human Values and it is they who have successfully maintained the balance of Nature, while Man survives on exploitation of other creations. The Animals proclaim that they have a reason and season for everything they do, but Man has none.  Not only man but even animals have been the chosen instruments of the Lord, for rendering yeomen service in the form of the different Vahanas. Further, God assumed the animal form in several Avataars to reiterate the fact that animals are also children of God and that we all belong to the Kingdom of God. 


The wise Elephant , however, extols that Man is indeed a reflection of God , and that Man seems to have forgotten this Divine  Commandment “ I AM I – AHAM ASMI ”and the Lord God Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is here to remind him of the same and to redeem Man from the illusion. The spiritual regeneration of mankind can only happen through the divine programme of Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas given to us by our dear Bhagavan.  This programme awakens man to his reality by touching and transforming the lives of several children, parents and gurus.


The musical culminates in all the animals joining the Bal vikas children in their class, contemplating on their real nature. By the Divine grace of our Bhagavan, not only humans but even animals can realize that we all belong to the Kingdom of God provided we adhere to the Divine Commandment. 


The Ten Commandments - A Musical Drama 



The evening programme was presented by the Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas  children of Buldhana district of Maharashtra comprising of 67 boys and about  21 girls. Long long ago, the Hebrews came to Egypt, fertile with the magnificent river Nile  in search of food, during a famine, which affected the ancient near East. At first , they were  welcomed  but after about four hundred years, the Hebrews were perceived as a threat and were enslaved. Yet, there was a ray of hope. The Hebrews believed that a Deliverer, a Messenger of God would come, set them free and lead them to the Promised Land.


The Deliverer, the  Messenger of God who came to set free the Hebrews and lead them to the Promised Land was none other than Moses.


If one has to enquire why Moses was the chosen Instrument of the Lord for the deliverance of the people from slavery at the hands of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the answer will indicate that his principal qualification was his adherence to truth , his upright character, unity of thought , word and deed ,a great sense of justice and his ability to be equanamous both in glory and in fall.


Moses  was the rare combination of confidence and humility. Real humility means transcendence of the self. He lived with the slaves and worked with them.


Thus, Moses was for God -“a treasure out of all people ”– . Moses was exhorted by God to ascend Mount Sinai and receive the Ten Commandments .


So Moses went up Mount Sinai to receive God’s words. Two tablets of the Ten Commandments written by God himself and the entire Torah were given to him.


Moses is a great example of the teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai  Baba where Man is exhorted to manifest Human values in action and wear the jewel of character in day to day life.  

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