As per reports received from the District President, SSSSO, Mumbai, the Parthi Youth Yatra 2009 has indeed been eventful. The Grace of Bhagawan flowed profusely on about 2200 youth brothers and sisters for three continuous days.

Swami accepted the 27 lamps of divine light which were lit from a single flame from the Divine Precincts of Dharmakshetra and which had traveled through 27 Districts of Maharashtra to Puttaparthl where a beautiful ceremony was held at the Sai Kulwant Hall on 2nd Jan 2009. The 27 Jyotis merged into one in the Divine presence and Swami lit one lamp with His Divine Hands and handed it to the Youth representing Maharastra. It is indeed apt that in turn this Jyoti be carried all over Maharashtra as an Akhand Jyoti to be lit in every home of the State.

This Divine light lit by Bhagawan is indeed a rare symbol of His Divine Love entering every home in Maharashtra and this opportunity must not be missed.

As such without wasting a single moment it is decided that all samithis with the members and Devotees will meet at Dharmakshetra on 11th January 2009 at 10 am at a Prayer Function to hand over 15 lamps from the Jyoti lit By Bhagawan so that the same can be spread throughout Mumbai in as many Homes as possible. The goal being that we reach this Jyoti to every home irrespective of colour, caste and religion.

The detailed significance and instructions will be given on the ceremony day. It will be a unique occasion as this is a golden opportunity which the Avatar rarely gives and Mumbai must take a lead in this respect.

Dharmakshetra for this purpose will be having a programme on Sunday 11th Jan 2009 at 10 am sharp. All are cordially invited

Received on 06.01.2009 from DP of Mumbai