Paramam Pavitram Baba Vibhutim,

Paramam Vichitram Leela Vibhutim,

Paramartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradatam,

Baba Vibhutim Idamas Yami.



"BABA'S Vibhuti Is Immensely Sacred And Powerful; It's Effects Are Mysterious. One Should Take Refuge In The Supreme, Protective Power And Infinite Grace Of Baba's Vibhuti Which Enables One To Attain Moksha (Liberation)".




Vibhuti Is The Sacred Ash That Baba Creates To Give To The Needy Devotees. It Has Many Powers, For Example, To Cure Illinesses; Or To Obtain Peace Of Mind; Or For Baba To Confer His Grace Upon The Devotees.

The Power of Swami's Vibuthi Prasadam

Among All the Gods, Vibuthi dons the Forehead of Shiva, Lord Shiva stands for Patience and Love. Very rarely do you find Lord Shiva opening his third eye, Even when Ravanasura attempted to lift mount Kailasa even when Bhasmasura attempted to burn him, He did not open his dreaded third eye.

Every Person who gets or applies Vibuthi should inculcate this great quality of Patience, Why do people always put Vibuthi on the Forehead, it is where all the forces of the Body unite to create one's self. Putting God's sacred Vibuthi there makes one's thoughts, deeds and actions pure. Vibuthi should be applied with Good Thoughts only then can anyone feel its power. Telling lies, filling yourself with evil thoughts and applying MY Prasadam on your sacred forehead will not have any effect, Everybody applies Vibuthi after Prayer, let the good thoughts emanating during prayer continue while you partake of the Prasadam.

Swami does not give Vibuthi just for the sake of giving it, There is always a deeper significance when I give Vibuthi to anybody, I do not waste my Prasadam on everyone. Whatever I give from my hands should not be wasted, I always give everything for a purpose, Whatever I give to anyone, even the most smallest gift will protect him , Swami does not distinguish when giving his LOVE, All are one before me.

Just like when I give something it is filled with Pure Love,You should use whatever I give properly, Swami is very sad when the things he gives are not utilised properly.When I give Vibuthi to you , it is meant only for you, Does not SWAMI KNOW THE Problems of others, DO not question as to why Swami has given him and not me?.

Be happy with whatever Swami has given you, Do not ask for more, because I know how much to give each and everyone.

- Excerpts from Bhagawan's Divine Discourse on January'1963

Emailed by K. M

Vibhuthi stands for the divine. That Vibhuthi stands for divine strength is also seen in the various ways in which Iswara is described. One of the descriptions is that his whole body is coated with Vibhuthi and has the colour of Vibhuthi. This simply means that amongst the several strengths which Ishwara possesses is the strength of Maya. It is necessary for us to take one other meaning for this.

What remains out of our own life is a small quantity of ash at the end. Such a big body consisting of so many different organs, the working organs, and the sensory organs and so on, doing so many different things while it is alive, when it dies the whole body burns away like a piece of firewood and is reduced to a small quantity of ash. You can purify or transform any matter with Agni or fire and all matter reduces to ash.

Vibhuthi is sacred and its form does not change whatever you may do.

If you burn iron it reduces to ash, if you burn wood it reduces to ash, if you burn the human body it reduces to ash; if you burn anything it reduces to ash. It is only ash which does not change its form. When it is burnt, it remains as ash. The one thing that remains permanent and the one thing that does not change whatever you may do to it is the ash. There is a lesson in telling you this and that is ultimately everything reduces to ash. It is in this context that several Pandits take this ash in the name of all the five different elements, they use the ash and put it on their forehead. The meaning of this is that all the elements in the world are identical with ash and are essentially nothing else. What remains permanently as an unchanging thing is ash and this is the reason why Ishwara himself wears ash all over the body. Ash is the only thing which is symptomatic and equivalent to God.

THE MAIN REASON THAT I CREATE VIBUTHI TO DEVOTEES WHO COME TO ME IS is to convey to them that ash is permanent and even liked by Ishwara.

Because the aspect of Vasuvu, Aditya and Saraswati are all present in this ash, it is neither pure white nor dark but is a combination of both these colours and is described as Sasivarnam.

- From Bhagawan's Divine Discourse in Brindavan' June'1974

Emailed by K.M

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