Swami's Bio Data

This was sent by a Dear Sai Brother from Parthi.

A Long time back, Swami was talking to some Boys in the Interview Room and then Swami saw a Bio Data of a Boy sitting there and Swami started reading it as Bhagawan's Own Biodata, What Followed was a Most Wonderful Exposition of Swami's Biodata :

About Me( Swami): Prema Swaroopa, Embodiment of Love. Sathya Bodhaka, Teacher of Truth

Relationship status: related with entire universe

Birth: I am Param-atma, No birth - No death

Age: Infinite

Here on earth for: Establishment of Dharma - Fostering all mankind, leading all who stray away from the divine path.

Language: The language of heart

Children: All humans, animals and plants are My children. Including the non-living things.

Ethnicity: Cosmic

Religion: Love All Serve All

Home: Omnipresent - My abode is in the hearts of all devotees - Physically in my present form at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Desire : My only desire is to make you desireless

Sports: Creation, Sustenance and Annihilation of universe

Activities: transformation of human heart through my teachings : Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanthi and Ahimsa

Food : Bliss is my Food


emailed on 14.03.07 by KM

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