Bhagwan Baba also personally approved the installation of Sanctified and Divine Energised Crystal Srichakra in each of the 11 Homa Kundam and also a Crystal Maha Meru. This is unique, and done for the first time in the world.

Holy water from Ganga, Yamuna, Godhavari, Krishna , Kaveri, Manasarover in Tibet etc., were collected from its very source of emergence. To this, for the first time in the world, the following ingredients have been added.

(1) Each Sanskrit Akshara – 51 in all – relates to a specific herb, a specail body part, a specific curative effect of the disease concerning that body part, a specific vahana – animal or bird - a specific mantra, a specific yantra and the 51 Sakthi Pitas. These herbs have been perfectly identified, and made into a fine powder, whose decoction is added to the holy water, cooked in pure rose water.

(2) Great efforts were made to collect the following “Pada dhuli” (sand from the feet) of the following animals and also from various points:

(a) Elephant right leg
(b) Lion right leg
(c) Tiger right leg
(d) Go shala (cow shed)
(e) Cobra living place (ant hill)
(f) River-sea sangamam
(g) Sacred river bed
(h) Sacred temple tank
(i) Meeting point of three streets before a temple
(j) Thulasi madam (where thulasi is grown)
(k) Pure saffron
(l) Pure pachai karpooram (mint)
(m) Pure cardamom/lavang/ nutmeg and netmet leaf powder
(n) Pure extract of Rose, jasmine, Sandalwood
(o) Pure sandalwood Powder etc.

These were collected, purified as per mantra sastras, then added to the Herbal Powder before making into a concentrate decoction.

The Decoction thus added to each of the Kumba containing the holy water ensures that all evils are warded off, the sacred and sanctified water receives the fullest divine energy both from Bhagwan Baba and those of the mantras of the Lord chanted continuously. This holy water would be sprayed (prokshanam) on all the devotees present on the concluding day of the yagna by the Divine hands of our most beloved Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Lucky are those who gets this blessing.

This information is provided with a view to ensure that every devotee fully utilizes the opportunity to be present during the Havan and receive the blessings of our most beloved Swami – Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba varu


As ordered this 51 matruka akshara powder is also being used as a material for Poorna Ahuthi on each day for 11 days – 11 x 11 – 121 Poornahuthis – and this cleanses the atmosphere of all impurities, impressions, sanmskaras and other pollutants and the spiral like divine fragrance emanating from the Havan Kund spreads all over the universe. This is unique indeed. Those who smell and inhale this holy herbal Divine fragrance and absorb the Divine energy thereto, will have a perfect health, Divine environment, freedom from mental worry and tension, wealth, prosperity etc.

NOTE: This specially prepared herbal powder is available for use in “kalasa stapana” and for doing Havan, in a limited quantity.


The crystal SRIYANTRA and crystal MAHA MERU represents the total integration of LATENT and POTENT DIVINE ENERGY – and helps one to interact with the Divine Energy – interaction for integration without body and mind contact, but with SOUL TO SOUL CONTACT.

The Crystal has an unique quality of vibrating pure energy wherever it is placed and this is further enhanced with pure Divine Energy and vibrations, when it is totally Divine energized, sanctified as per mantra-tantra- yantra sastras. They represent pure Divine Energy without any afflictions. There is no bar to keep these anywhere by any one, as it CANNOT be polluted by environments, No special puja is needed, as it is pure Divine Energy and integrated fully with the Divine Energy of our most beloved Swami.


This is one of the rarest Namavali on Lord Shiva. During the previous avathar of our most beloved Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as LORD KRISHNA , in the battle field of Kuru Kshtra, Bishma Pitamaha was lying on the bed of arrows. Dandhi maharishi with Lord Krishna were present, when the Dandhi maharishi requested Lord Krishna (our Swami) to initiate Bishma pitamaha into the 10,000 names of Lord Siva, which our Lord did. It is to be noted that these 10,000 names were coined by Lord Krishna himself and to this there is a significant reference in the Maha Bharatha text.

The publishers of this book have also added several texts – like Rudra trisathi, Shiva sahasranamam, Rudra sahasranamam, Mryutyunjaya sahasranama, mala mantras etc., both in Sanskrit and Tamil text. They are also trying to bring ouy the English edition of this rare text very soon.

NOTE; A small booth on the road to the Athirudra Maha Yagna is established on the platform, and interested devotees can obtain the Crystal Sriyantra, Crystal Maha Meru and the book.

Courtesy: saidevotees-worldnet posted by AkkannaPragada Anantha Vijaya on 19.01.2007

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