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Sai Baba Meets CM

Sri Sathya Sai Baba's visit to Chennai that started on Saturday 20th January, 2007, had a surprise element in it, Contrary to the usual practice of people going to Baba for darshan, it was Baba who decided to call on Tamil Nadu chief Minister M. Karunanidhi at his residence in Gopalapuram in the city.

It all happened suddenly. Around 4,00 p.m. word spread that Baba was visiting Karunanidhi's residence at 4.15 p.m. The meeting went on for close to 45 minutes, during which they discussed the repair works of Telugu Ganga Canal, carried out with financial assistance from Sathya Sai Trust, for bringing Krishna river water from Andhra Pradesh to Chennai for meeting the city's drinking water needs. Karunanidhi also presented Baba two books, an English translation of ancient Thirukkural and a Tamil book written by himself,

The Chennai Citizen's Conclave, a forum floated by Baba's disciples, will organise a thanks giving ceremony for him on Sunday for funding the repair works of Telugu Ganga project and Karunanidhi, a hard-core atheist who will present,

Taken from Mumbai Mirror Edition , Sunday, January 21st, Page 17.

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