Arpanam - 2 Sai Bhajans

Digital Audio CD

Arpanam -2
This wonderful Audio CD contains 17 tracks of Bhajans (devotional songs) and Mantras praising the Kali Yuga Avatar of the Age - Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba. 
Sung by Madhvi in her sweet melodious voice along along with her inspired chorus group from London.... and excellent music provided by Rajan Kochhar  ... this is a second bhajan offering released by her ........ commemorating Bhagavan's 81st Birthday !
The CD also includes Aumkaars, the Gayatri, Sai Gayatri & Maha Mantra, Asato Ma, Aarti, Loka Samastha & Vibhuti Mantras; as well as Baba's 'new' Birthday song released last year.
The Bhajans and Mantras rendered are truly the healing balms for our heart mind and soul....
You may write directly by email to the Arpanam team for the details and availablity of the above CD
Short Audio clips of 11 bhajans from the CD are given herewith along with the complete Birthday song released last year. To hear any of the songs , please right click your mouse on the Play buttons below and select "Target Save As" so as to download them on your hard disk and hear these songs directly from your hard disk.
Kindly note that due to the bandwidth and downloading problems  ...... these samples which have been streamlined......may not have the same sound quality as the original album which has a very high quality digital sound.

1. Aum Gam Ganapate Namo Namaha

2. Mohe ek Pal

3  Vahe Guru Satnaam

4.  Mara Ghat Maan

5.  Radhe Radhe

6.  Sai Japo

7.  Jai Nataraja

8.  Chhoti Chhoti Gaiya

9.  Sai Narayana Hari Hari

10. Jai Santoshi Maa

11. Hari Hari Vithala

12. Happy Birthday to You Sai Baba - Full Song Released Last Year


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